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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00.
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a massive inferno torches a west chester senior living facility inside more than 150 elderly residents and staff and tonight investigators are still trying to figure out if everyone did make it out safely. thanks for joining us. i'm dawn timmeney. that fire was so intense, almost 24 hours later, it's still not safe for crews to go inside. leaving many questions for families. here's what we know so far. that fire started last nightie ryan 11:00 o'clock at the barclay friends senior living community. right now, chester county emergency officials only say that at least 27 people were taken to the hospital for treatment. but it's not clear if every win is accounted for. the blaze so destructive that the atf national response team is being called in to investigate. our shawnette wilson is at the scene in west chester with the very latest. >> reporter: crews remain on scene spraying water on the building but tonight the main concern is making sure that everyone who was inside got out.
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skyfox flew over barclay friends senior assisted living center in west chester as crews were into a new day working to put out a fire that reached five alarms. tonight, firefighters were still hosing hot spots from the fire that started before 11:00 o'clock thursday night. >> we're family oriented. we're their family when their family is not around many. >> reporter: tammy young had the day off but heard through other employees that the place she's work for over 21 years as a nursing assistant was burning. >> it hurts. it hurts. just making sure that everybody is safe. because we really care about our residents. >> reporter: vest gathers say the building is too unsafe for crews to go inside. and they still don't know if everyone made it out. >> first responders along with volunteers frankly, um, worked to evacuate, help evacuate the residents and the staff members at the sent. um, at this point we're still compiling list and working the lists with the owners of the facility itself. >> reporter: the fire was fast
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moving and eventually forced firefighters to pull out. >> to the extent that one of our firefighters went as far as he could until he started feeling his helmet actually start to melt. >> reporter: 27 people were treated at three area hospital. at least report, 17 were still getting care. during a late news conference, officials said they didn't know if sprinklers had gone off or if the building had fire walls. officials say it could be monday before they have an official headcount couldn't philadelphia international airporting that everyone who was inside did get out okay. shawnette wilson fox 29 news. while investigators continue to look into what exactly caused the fire, residents every the barclay friends facility are just happy to have escape the flames. more than 132 people live at that facility and will now be looking for new home. while many lost all of their belongings, they are certainly grateful to be alive and grateful for the neighbor who's came to assist them with warm clothing and blankets. one resident needed a wheelchair and a neighbor was kind enough to find one for her.
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>> got blankets around some of the residents who were out there in their robes, their slippers, no coat, um, no shoes. >> reporter: what was their demeanor at this point. >> you know, their demeanor was calm. they were calm. i just felt like i had to do it. i'm a neighbor here. i'm a community. they're part of the community. >> one neighbor even brought her cell phone over to victims so they can call their loved ones and tell them what happened. police make arrest in the murder of a south jersey woman killed while house sitting. 19-year-old brandon wilson is now charged with killing 26-year-old shaunique carter. carter was found beaten to death inside the woodbury home she was watching for friend back in september. at a news conference today, the gloucester county prosecutor said the suspect actually lived in the home as a foster child back in 2015. still no word on any connection. we'll wilson charged with first degree murder, second degree burglary during which a death occurred and other related
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charges. philadelphia police warning parents about man going around trying to abduction boys and showing them pornographic pictures. it's happened not once but multiple times. our dave kinchen has the creepy details live from philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: dawn, it appears that the suspect struck once months ago then took a break for several months only to strike again twice in the same week. >> i just hope the cops catch him real soon because he shouldn't be out on the streets doing stuff like that. >> until then robinson will be watching her two boys extra closely after learning a man is accused of trying to lure young men thursday evening at haines and stenton in west oak lane. >> you know, kids out here so we got to protect our kids at all times. >> reporter: physical police say on thursday a man in two-door dark gray nissan offered a victim 20 bucks to expose his genitals and drove along the victims repeating the fervered offer while raising the am of cash.
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>> i always tell my kids to protect themselves and do not talk to strangers at all. for example they can pull up in a car, hey, i'm looking for my lost puppy. no you scream and run away and tell another adult what happened. >> reporter: creep got away but police say he did something similar on the 6600 block of stenton this past monday approaching victim asking for weed, then asking if he wanted to make some cash performing a sex act on him or the other way around. that's before he allegedly showed the victim porn. this is the suspected vehicle scene in surveillance images. >> it's so weird. it's so weird. it's just disgusting. >> reporter: vest gathers linked the suspect to case back in may captured on video where boy gets into a car only to be assaulted by the driver who then goes after the boy's younger brother. >> the descriptions are very very similar. the mo is very very similar so we believe it's the same offender in all three these jobs. >> what kind of person do you have to be to find in measure doing stuff like that? it's just so odd.
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>> reporter: police say the suspect is a blackmail between 25 and their years old. they say he has a light complexion and also has long chest length black hair and a mustache plus a beard. if you have any information, give police a call. your tips can be anonymous. back to you. >> all right. dave, thank you. a retired cape may police officer is sentenced to six months of home detention for embezzling money from his own union 49-year-old john campbell plead guilty back in august to embezzling over $100,000 over period of five years from pba local 59. campbell would use the union's checking account for personal purchases like times shares in mexico and in order. following home detention campbell will also have to complete five years of probati probation. it may be the off season for the phillies but that's certainly not keeping children from having a terrific night at the ballpark. fox 29's joanne pileggi is live from citizens bank park with this story. what night, joanne.
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>> reporter: it is, dawn. of course, as you said it's off season so it's quiet around the ballpark, different story inside. there's a slumber party going on and you know how that goes. it's all for a special group of kids. kids who have been spending a lot of time at the doctor's office or in the hospital and they needed a break from all of that. on the ball field and in the fancy phillies clubhouse, nine children getting a much needed break from cancer treatments and other doctor mandated rules they are on the phillies roster tonight. >> this night is so special because me and my friend derek here have been friends for a very long time and we're here together. >> reporter: seven year old kiernan clark from runnemede, new jersey, selected for the party and sleepover. he's been through so many surgery. >> he's getting ready for his 37th surgery on the 28th. he has an intestinal disease and eat getting his bag back. we've been without it for four years but it's the best thing
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for him physically. >> reporter: then there's nine years old patrick sander slice diagnosed with a rare leukemia last summer. >> if i'm in the hospital i can't leave the noor if i have very low counts. >> this is awesome. this is really outstanding thing that the phillies put together. >> what was it look when you saw your name up there? >> um, i couldn't say a word. >> reporter: the kids treated to the goofy antics of the phanatic and getting their own space in the clubhouse, and a chance to hit balls in the ba batting cage. and get one-on-one time with phillies pitcher zac evelyn who happily von hun teared to be here. zac lost his sister to leukemia and this is important to him. >> just to be able to be with these kids and honor my sister in a way, um, that, you know, i'll be doing, um, really just, you know, touches my heart and i know it touches all the kid's hearts. >> reporter: those kids how resilient they are after all
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they've been through, but tonight, they're in there watching movies, eating, having popcorn, hanging out with zac. what could be better. they'll be here through breakfast tomorrow. live at the ballpark joanne pileggi fox 29 news. >> red lights a and stop sign that usually means stop, right? well, this driver decides they don't have time for that. >> it's hank. i'm here in chester with chef lamont harris we're throwing together peanut and butter jellies for hun grease folk but he does a whole lot more. find out about it on hang's take coming up. >> and mike masco could be a wet and cold weekend. >> yeah, the rain is not too far off tour the west. in fact you can see that rolling through the midwest as we speak. it's clear, it's cold for tonight. the rain comes in saturday. big winds by sunday. those details all coming up. and pennsylvania state police are looking to pick up the spirits of a trooper who was shot last week in the line of duty. the retire state police
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association of pennsylvania organized a car drive for corporal seth kelly. kelly was shot during a traffic stop and is still in the hospital. for more information on how you can send him a card head over to
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♪ flames rip through a manhattan apartment complex tonight. check it out. intense flames and heavy smoke could be seen from block away. officials say the fire broke out in the six-story building around 3:00 o'clock this afternoon in the hamilton heights neighbor. 200 firefighters responded to the fast growing fire. that building is 100 years old and the fire chief fears the structure would collapse much only four my more injuries reported so far. >> police mini station and two police cruisers were trashed overnight and investigators want to know who is behind the vandalism. authorities believe a group of ten to 12 men dressed in all black vandalized the cars in the mini station about 11:00 o'clock last night in the 900 block of south street. now police say they also
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recovered glass bottles filled with red paint, a detonated smoke grenade an hammer protruding from a smashed police car window. >> they're willing to do that to police officers who are asked to protect and serve, people they don't know, what are these people capable of? to me it's anarchy. >> this incident comes after repeated acts of vandalism directed at police in the past few months. some scary video tonight shows a car passing a stopped schoolbus as children are bout to cross the street. watch. you can see the children on the right side of your screen there. then a car just goes around the bus narrowly missing the children. this all happening in plymouth township off of germantown pike on wednesday. fortunately the students are okay. but tonight police are reminding drivers it is against the law to do this. the penalty 250-dollar fine. 60 day license suspension. philadelphia police and fbi need your help in finding a man
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who robbed td bank this morning on ridge avenue. authorities say it happened about 10:00 this morning. a man dressed up as a construction worker entered the bank placed a small black revolver on the counter den manned money aft getting some cash he made a run for it on foot. anyone with information is urged to call philadelphia police. thanksgiving is less than week away, and you're probably already thinking about what fo foods to prepare and your menu but tonight there are people in our area who are starving and a new report says it's only getting worse. our hank flynn went to chester where one man is wage agalwar on hunger. >> when i got off the train i'll see people i'ming out of the garbage can. instead of bringing san witches home start giving it to them. >> chef lamon harris feeding people a long time in the navy and now with his super saturday's winter soup program in chester he's seeing more and more hungry people. >> very depressing sometimes. you know, they come here. some haven't eaten all day. i'm that one meal they might get
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that one day. >> he and ooh it were paying peanut butter and jellies by chester train station. earlier in the day i had basketball at shop rite they drop the ugly news food insecurity is up in philly 5% over the last six years. >> it's actually gone up here in philadelphia because wages are so low and jobs are still too scarce. so it is national problem in all 50 states but particular problem here in philadelphia and not just in the city. but throughout the philadelphia metropolitan region. >> reporter: he called for sub substantial increase in the minimum wage. the states who increased their have senior hunt hup good numbers die. a republican plan to cut the food stamp program is a bad ca call. >> forty dollars month to most people mason like not a lot of money when you're trying to feed your family on $50 a week it's enormous amount of one. >> one in ten working adults struggle against hunger and philadelphia is the biggest poor
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city in the country is a key factor in its grumbling belly this level of hunger in a country like this one unacceptable. so much food gets waisted he says. >> that food can be taken to food shelters, food banks. it could be passed out to the homeless. or me. i would gladly -- i would love to do this every day if i had the sponsor hip to do it. >> lamont will be out there saturday in front of the chester train station. stop for soups if you like. guys like lamont are the conclusion to the problem. along with the things that the experts recommend. hungry people do desperate thing it's in al of our best interest to make sure people eat. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ i love this story. in your health tonight if you want to live longer, just adopt a pup. a new study finds owning a dog is associated with reduced risk for heart disease and early death. experts believe it's because dog owners are typically more social and active and than non do you
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go owners. keep your health on tight leash a pup might be just what the doctor ordered. i guess i'm going to live a long life. taking live look at reading to night. chilly weather to kick off your weekend and mike masco, well, he's track something rain for tomorrow. i don't know if i like the sound of your forecast mike. >> it's not all doom and gloom. i promise. the rain -- rain is going to hold off until the afternoon on saturday. sunday, though, might be little annoying with the winds that could gust around 40 miles an hour for a time. so it's 39 in town right now. the southwesterly wind coming at three. winds are starting to relax with relaxing wind we're going to get cold once again our suburbs are going to be right around freezing once again most spots at freezing currently then the saturday rain we're pinpointing that to arrive around lunch ti time. but here's the big issue it will be the winds boy sunday morning into sunday afternoon they'll gust around 25 to perhaps 40 miles per hour. so in the meantime we're into the 20s and 30s as you get north and west of town. pretty cold night.
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40 degrees or so in town even into new jersey wrightstown down towards millville you're sharing 29 degrees. so just thin veil of clouds coming across the skyline right now. we go out to the west. two part system. first a warm front that will bring us rains for saturday. and then it's a cold front up towards the midwest into and up of michigan that brings us the winds as we go into sunday. if you look at the temperatures, these numbers are not too bad to the south and west. we'll get a piece of this 50s and 60-degree weather as we get into tomorrow before we get into the cold that's now starting to bottle itself up up towards, you know, parts of international falls or prince albert now at zero. so just a taste of that arctic air comes back into play by sunday and monday. so fox future cast 10:00 o'clock in the morning we'll see the clouds increasing there's the rain showers coming in four, 5:00 o'clock. then another band of rain showers coming in as we go into the overnight hours saturday into sunday morning. then the winds really start to scream in fact the winds some of the models are now saying 30,
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40, perhaps 50 myhr winds for a period of time sunday morning going into monday. so just be aware of that. forecast for tonight, temperatures falling back into the 30s. 36 in town but upper 20s for outer suburbs. now tomorrow 57 degrees eventually that's a late day high with mild conditions and afternoon showers. so 57 we'll go to 53 degrees on sunday. sunny and chilly conditions on monday. tuesday it's at 56 degrees. if you are getting at out of here and you have travel plans just be aware up towards the pacific northwest we could be talking about rain showers down across florida that's another spot we'll watch but if you're in town things are pretty comfortable. temperatures upper 40s to low 50s. dawn? good all right, thank y you. and sean bell is in the house with what's coming up in sports. hey, sean. >> dawn, the sixers look like they're about to be ridiculously good in the future, but for some reason fans can't just appreciate what they have before they just move on to the next. i'll let you know why they need
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to calm down, relax and stay focused. that's coming up next in my sports commentary.
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>> okay. some of you sixers fans need to chill out relax okay. it's like folks just can't appreciate what they have. okay? wednesday night the sixers showed exactly why they're the team of the future. i mean it was ridiculous. joel embiid had historic game. 46 points. 15 boards. seven blocks. seven assists. ben simmons messed around and almost got a triple double. the next day on the and that thing i could hear is about lebron james and how lebron james should come to the sixers next year. man who who carries about what lebron is going to do. yes, it would be great to get the guy. all-time great. but listen, let's focus on what we have now. in this off season when that comes then we'll worry about lebron. enjoy what you have because we're about to have shack and penny 2-pint zero that's ridiculous. embiid simmons are that great.
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appreciate i sit back, relax and enjoy the show they're about to give us for the rest of the season. i don't want to hear anything about lebron. i don't want to hear about him coming to the sixers. just focus on what you have and what we have could be hitter tory cal. dawn. >> all right. thank you. you got to see this one. we've seen police and firefighter calendars right but how about new pin up calendar this one turning some heads. it features new york taxi drivers more playful light the tongue and cheek calendars teaches a dozen taxi drivers around their yellow cabs. a pouring of the proceeds from sales will go to charity that helps low income new york city immigrants. >> can't unsee that. >> whoo! [ laughter ] >> that will do it for us tonight at 11:00. um next tmz followed boy page six at midnight stay tuned for "the q" at 12:30 then the simpsons. we're back here at 7am philadelphia weekend. thanks for watching. really?
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: serena williams got hitched last night. big shindig. >> it was master themed. also kim kardashian was there,& ciara was there, kelly rowland was there. >> her choice of music, you guys. you could shuffle. >> guys, that is so cheesy. that's like doing the electric slid >> this is awesome. why don't you like it? >> the backlash for blake shelton being "people's" sexies man alive has not slowed down at all. people are bashi him on twitter so much soe made a video and he started reading some of them. >> blake shelton the sexiest man alive was above dire or -- i woke up and blake shelton was the sexiest man alive. did


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