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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  November 21, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 nauseated 11. >> one busy night. breaking news out of plymouth township montgomery county. police are on the scene at ridge pike and linda drive scene a includes a body. fox 29's dave kinchen live in plymouth meet township what you got. >> police continuing to investigate this very close. let's go to new video we just shot this not too long ago. it shows everything on the ground at the scene here at the 400 block of ridge pike. here's what we can tell you police say they found the body of a man who was killed possibly stabbed. they're calling this an apparent murder that took place. they do not know who the suspect is. or how this happened but this all coming in around 5:45 this
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evening. we can tell that you the montgomery county district attorney's office is working this case closely with plymouth township police. all they are telling us at this point is that a man was found dead possibly stabbed to death. there were several pieces of evidence that police were picking up from the scene, and evidence that also faced up against a subdivision where you can go take the pike all the way in from a shopping center and into a residential area. but police couldn't to go work this case right now. one person dead. they don't know who the suspect is and whether they're still out there at this time. so that's all the latest we have here. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get on fox 29 news online and on "good day philadelphia" tomorrow. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, dave. just in we now know more about what roy halladay was dealing with right before his plane crash two weeks ago. the retired phillies ace was climbing quote sharply in the
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final seconds before he, his plane dove into the water. federal investigators is reviewed the plane's data recorder and interviewed witnesses many now halladay's icon a5 took off just 17 minutes before he crashed. he'd flown as high as 1900 feet as low as 11 feet skimming the water also flying in a circle. of course, so many questions remain. the final report could take as long as two years for investigators to finish. you know you don't expect demolition derby to break out when you head to your wawa. police in buck county investigating what happened after an argument broke out. the two people involved have different versions of what went down. police say one driver rammed his pick up into the other guy's car twice. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in feasterville. dave. >> reporter: part of bizarre road rage incident took place at street road and philmont in feasterville around 3am sunday morning much now police have identified both drivers but they still are trying to get to the bottom of this.
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>> who doesn't something like this? >> reporter: at the wawa on street road. drivers were scratching their heads monday after police put out a picture of this truck they say was connected to a bizarre road rage incident that may have started here sunday morning. >> really there's no need to take it on the road. >> reporter: police put out the picture of the maroon ford f150 pickup truck aft they said an argument between two men here at the wawa ended with the pick up ramming the man's vehicle as it exited the wawa and then again at the intersection of philmont and e street road much it's kind of wild and you hit somebody in the parking lot and then come out of the parking lot and go hit him again. >> it's really aggressive. >> reporter: while drivers in wawa customers reactioned to the angry roadway encounter, police told fox 29 the driver of the pick up showed up at police headquarters monday with his truck offering another version of what happened. police are now trying to sort it all out. >> clearly there's something
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wrong with that person who would do something like that. >> you don't know fit started in the store or prior to, right. >> reporter: early morning incident had drivers concerned about anger on the roadways and people using their vehicles or even a weapon to settle matters. >> it's just really unnecessary. i mean, people need to learn how to control their temper. >> reporter: no doubt about that. no charges have been filed at this point. police have examined both vehicles involved in this incident and spoken to both of the drives. they expect to talk to them again before made making a final determination on this case. lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. after five days of investigating police made arrest in the stabbing death of 80-year-old robert girard. the person who they say kill him his granddaughter 21-year-old patricia dyson. now sources tell fox 29 she claims her grandfather physically abused her. investigators say surveillance video from the scene of the crime led them to girard's granddaughter. happening right now, new
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sexual harassment bombshell. cbs suspended charlie rose. pbs pulled the plug on his show and bloomberg has taken him off the air after eight women toll the washington post he sexually harassed him. they work on his pbs show. former assistant says he walk around nude in front of her while she worked in his home and repeatedly called her at night to describe fantasies about her swimming naked. rose has issued a statement saying in part "it is search that these women know i hear them and that i deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior. i am greatly embarrassed. i have behaved incentively at times and i accept responsible for that. though i do not believe all of these allegations are accurate. i always felt i was pursuing shared feelings, even though i now realize i was mistaken "rose now suspended from cbs this morning. 60 minutes, pbs and bloomberg along with him as iain page runs down new harass many accusations
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against actor jeffrey tambor and minnesota senator al franken. >> 33-year-old lindsay men says the senator grabbed her butt while the two were posing for a photo at the minnesota state fare back in 2010. she says she immediately told her family and posted about it on facebook. her father mark brown says he vividly remembers that day. >> i just remember lynn say was really upset it was over and i walk around and talked to her and her husband jeremy, and she goes, he just pitched moabite report roar this is the first allegation against franken. accusing him of improbable behavior while in office. >> shocking that somebody did that let alone a guy who our senator. >> reporter: the allegation comes a week after los angeles broadcaster leanne tweet den accused franken of forcibly ki kissing her during a 2006 u.s.o.
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tour. franken issued a apology to tweet den. franken already been removed from a pbs special honoring david letterman. it was taped last month and producers say franken's participation has been substantially reduced for the broadcast. >> and now the show transparent loses its lead over claims of sexual harassment. the news comes as jeffrey tambor is accused of harassment from two members of the transparent camp. the pair specify several incidents both verbal and physical. tambor denies the claim but suggests he will not be returning to the amazon show saying "given the politicize poe atmosphere that seems to have a flicked our set i don't see how i can return to transparent". >> law enforcement is investigating more 20 cases of hollywood harassment. the new york times fizzes sexual misconduct allegations and the
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times has suspended again thrush. the search continues tonight for four people still missing after thursday's fire at an assist living center in west chester. video shows the moment firefighters arrived at barclay friends, and how the driver of a fire truck jumped out, ran into the center then carried a woman to safety. investigators say the missing residents are in their 80s and 90s and they include a married couple. all of 133 residents who made it out safely are in new housing some of them are still in the hospital, though. officials say as tragic as all of this is, if it weren't for the heroism of so many it could have been much worse. >> based on the speed of this fire, and based on the condition of the residents, we would have expected to lose 40 to 50 people in a fire like this. >> all right. so crews have finally been able to sure up what's left of center which has allowed investigators it with the atf to get into the building. search for victims and zero in
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on what started that fire. now police are hoping you can finger the man behind home invasion in cheltenham. here's police 67 of the man who they say broke in a home on asbury avenue friday night. he push a woman on to couch demanded money she said no. he eventually took off with nothing. got information call cheltenham police. so the last time the eagles started nine and one was in 2004. and of course the birds went to the super bowl that year. zen this town into a frenzy. well once again the city of brotherly love is end trenched in eagles fever and the fans are hoping like 13 years ago we can make it to the big game. >> if you woke up in a good mood for a monday morning, there's probably a good reason why. nine and one the nfl best, certainly does a lot for your outlook on life. how many eagles fans do you know have a party to watch the rerun of last night's game? meet john
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mull holland. >> for nearly 20 years, he's been building the ultimate eagles fan cave. two giant screen tv' as custom bar, if it says eagles on it, it's here in the basement. he says these days it's good to be an eagles fan. >> it's in the psyche. and, um, people getting along. holding doors for people, and every time i see somebody they see my shirt and it's like nicer. i go yeah. go birds. >> mulholland is not alone. >> i feel fantastic. >> reporter: why. >> the birds are winning. >> reporter: if you got an extra pep in your step feeling good for monday there's a good reason. people are happier. >> yes, definitely. >> absolutely. p food tests better. >> fad tastes better. the drinks are better. severing better. >> reporter: sports psychologist dr. dalton says plain and simple if your team is wiping fans like john mull hold land are happier in other parts of their lives. >> it's true if they're serious fans it does change their day to
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day live when they go to work and they're talking about that important win being at the stadium or watching the game on tv. they're riding the wave the way the team and players are riding the wave. >> reporter: if you want to feel even better, consider this. of all of the nfl teams who started their seasons at nip and one, half of them went to the super bowl. we'll see you in minneapolis. in somerdale, new jersey, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. that is one fan cave. he shoots, he scores ! it is all net. the half court shot everyone is talking about. but you don't know what you don't know here this guy has quite the back story. it's a great one. all right. kathy. [ laughter ] >> isn't that great. >> i can watch that over and over. >> it makes you happy. >> absolutely. take look. clear skies out there right now. and cool temperatures but temperatures are going to jump up plus we'll take look
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>> four, three, two -- buzzer. >> ben ring. >> it is a beautiful thing. unbelievable half court shot at the sixers game this week. the crowd went nuts when that kid made the shot which is seconds to spare that is just
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the beginning of one amazing story. the you go behind the half court line had quite the year. more than some of us will deal with in lifetime. and when the sixers heard his story, they knew they had to do something amazing. our shawnette wilson joins us live from the wells fargo zen. all right, shawnette, make us happy here. >> reporter: yeah, this is just an incredible kid lucy. you know, you mentioned what he's faced all year long. beating the odds off the court as well. this is a teen who was diagnose with stage four cancer when he was just 14 years old. he got a cancer free diagnosis a year ago. and rebels brother that he lost three months ago was the angel he needed when he made that winning shot. >> five, four, three, two -- oh! >> buzzer. >> a nail biter gone viral. 17-year-old mike shelly wins half court shooting contest at saturday's sixers game. >> did you see it? congratulations.
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>> the challenge sponsored by chick-fil-a cave michael 45 seconds to make a layup, a free throw, three-point and the half court shot. the prize chick-fil-a biscuits for the entire arena. >> ben simmons told me i had nice shot. so that was -- that was pretty cool. >> 76ers invited michael at senior at marple newtown high school back tonight to ring the ceremonial bell. >> right when i got towards the three pointer i wasn't making them i could feel like quieted down. right when i hit the half court. i was looking. oh, god n might go in. honestly didn't expect it. high to chuck it up real quick. it was the loudest i heard the place all night. >> after the winning shot, mike revealed to sixers staff why this meant so much to him. he's a cancer surveillance have i and lost his brother andrew to a car crash three months ago. >> after what i went through, um, stuff like that wouldn't -- that's not like a worry to meme it's more like blessing. >> reporter: the sixers and
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chick-fil-a invited mike, his mom, dad and sister amanda to sit court tide side tonight and flying him to at hasn't at a witness team in march to face the hawks. >> i'm so happy for mychal. >> it's got to to be emotional much it's okay. it's okay much it's okay. >> he's been through so much. >> he has. if night one deserves this it's him and everybody rallying around him just means the world to us and it just gives us hope. >> reporter: and with all of this attention lucy mike says that all he really wants is for this video to reach kids dealing with cancer. he says that he hopes it inspire them to let them know even after cancer good things can certainly happen. great example, great role model this kid. so. >> inspirational like you said. keep on keeping on. live it, shawnette. >> talk to you soon. fox 29 work to go get results for a philadelphia woman with a very frustrating problem. her name is ivana pain schenn tess us the parking authority
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slapped her with tickets for car she never even own. earlier this month the ppa towed her ford focus because of unpaid violations dating back to 2015. those tickets they're legit. but while talking to the authority pain learned she has nearly a dozen other tickets dating back more than a decade. she says those are for a buick she never own. >> that's all i have. so now you mean to tell me i'm not going to have nothing for me and my daughter to get back and forth. >> you can understand how emotional this is for her. pain told us she has to pay up or the ppa is auctioning her her impounded fort focus this frid friday. once fox 29 started making some calls the auction date moved to the end of december much bruce is on top of this, bruce gordon. we'll keep you posted as to what goes on. former pennsylvania gov and homeland security tom ridge's family is hopeful cautiously
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operate miss tech he'll make a full recovery from a heart attack. he was attending governors association conference in austin texas when it happen. remains in icu. let's hop outside right now. in fact let's get to allentown if we can. chilly start to the week but guess what? lots of sunshine even more in store for tomorrow. and meteorologist kathy orr is here with us. is it going to warm us and is the sun going to be able to warm us you. >> it is. look what i'm showing you much this is blue mountain. >> my goodness. >> cold enough to make snow in blue mountain. forty three 41 degrees in philadelphia. the high today 48. temperatures will jump 10 degrees tomorrow it's not going to last all that long at least a nice warmup. right now we're ranging from 33 degrees in allentown. 30 in lancaster to 43 in millville. it's 41 in philadelphia. look at these wind particles. moving up from the southwest. it's a warm wind for us even in november. so as we look at ultimate doppler skies are clear a few clouds to the south high clouds
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associated with some warmer air. high pressure will take control of the region that means sunshine and some warm temperatures because it's to our south it's drawing up those southerly winds and it's going to make for very pleasant day tomorrow. those winds will push up ahead of this cold front the cold front moves through tomorrow night and with it there will be a few showers. but dry overnight and by tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. bob kelly sue serio and "good day philadelphia" will be talking about sun, sun glare, pack the sunglasses. by the evening, still dry. and then as we work our way through the overnight, into wednesday morning that's when we see few showers. look this is 7am wednesday. and it's already out of here. so that system will speed up and move out. so that rain will be falling when most of us are sleeping much during the overnight, 30 in the pocono. 39 in philadelphia. 38 degrees in millville. 43 in wildwood. during the day tomorrow, beautiful. you'll see the blue skies some high cirrus clouds moving in the temperature 58. southwest winds about five to 1. just a nice day to be outdoors. the day before thanksgiving
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wednesday travel philadelphia in the 50s northwesterly winds partly sunny so good travel weather f you're heading to places like at land tax boston, chicago or dallas sunshine. cold in chic c shock but it is that time of year. dallas and atlanta in the in the 60s for us on thanksgiving looking decent. morning lows in the 30s. afternoon highs in the 40s. little bit below average but at least it's partly sunny and dry. no rain and no snow. here's a look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority. wednesday clearing skies after some morning clouds. thursday your thanksgiving day looks good black friday the sa same. saturday sun, cool, sunday for the birds increasing sun, 48. so a chill. and next monday temperatures in the lower 40s. once we get highs in the 30s then you know it's winter. not just yet. that's a look at your seven day forecast. >> sounds like a good one, too. >> thank you very much, kathy. >> you bet. >> so kristen you've the go the sooners on your radar. >> lucy, okay objection quarterback did not act like a team captain this saturday. this week he won't be a captain.
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some people are upset about it, upset about the discipline.
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♪ oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield had pretty unsportsmanlike conduct this weekend. most notably he grabbed this groin and started swearing at the kansas side line. as a result the sooners will not start may feel this saturday nor will he be a captain for senior day. personally i think the funner many fits the crime. may feel has been repot offender this season. first it was planting the nag at ohio state. then there was some inappropriate smack dog against baylor it's all part of hyping up your team but it's not no you want from a team cap. that should be a leader with grace and class. now may feed did apologize today and was pretty oh motion al to the media saying he understand what he did was wrong. it's not like he's not going to play on saturday. this is going to have zero effect on his mice man trophy. he is by the clear favorite to win this year even with conduct issues we've seen plenty of
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other players johnny manziel come away with the trophy at the end of the season. lucy. >> that is true. what was that guy's name the last one you mentioned again, johnny manziel. >> sounds familiar. i vaguely remember that name. beyonce' earns more money than any other woman in the music industry. shocker of shocks. forbes mag seep says the sager raked in $105 million between june of 2016 to june of this year. how did she survive on stuff like that. >> what do you do with all of that. >> that's tough. use a budge. >> i'd share with you. >> i'd share with a lot of people. run are in up adele also enjoyed successful year on the road. her tour helped contribute to $69 million in earnings. if any lore swift, celine dion, jennifer lopez top five highest women in the business. >> these
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developing overnight a murder investigation in montgomery county after a man 's body is found outside a plymouth township strip mall. and rescue, after rescue look at this amazing video of the people that lived there in the house that caught fire assisted living facility trying to make to it safety and fire fighters scooped them up and rescued them from the conditions they were facing and much more of this drama particular rescue. also no brotherly love here a big fall for, a big man , the drama on the court that joel embiid, well, landed him on the floor and he wasn't too happy, a few choice word. love you brother, love you man. >> thanks for joining us on this tuesday, holiday week,
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thanksgiving, thanks for joining us. >> rush is on. i'm thomas drayton. here's karen hepp. let's zoom out and introduce you to the other two that you already know, bob kelly and sue serio. we have to get the wd40 out. >> everybody squeeze in and say cheese. >> cheese. >> there you go. >> yes. >> good morning, everybody. >> get a check of the road in a moment. welcome back. >> great to be back. >> as i said, quiet when i came in here this morning. >> yes, we will try to yell. >> yes. >> did you book the marching band. >> they are coming. >> marching band. >> we have a look at our number of the day and it is one higher then yesterday. yesterday we had a seven. today we will give you an eight out of 10. looking good today. we're off to a cool start not as cold as it was yesterday, and there is nothing to show you on radar today, we had a little bit of lake effect snow in the mountains, nothing
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today, dry, dry, dry, that is good if today is your getaway day because some folks are doing that. 40 degrees feels like 35. still on the cool side, chilly side, whatever you want to call it. temperatures are ranging from 27 degrees inial own town and reading, it is 29, but now to 45, in millville, so, big descrepancy in temperatures. look at how we will get so much mild tore day, 55 by lunchtime, 60 degrees our high today but don't get used to it , we will change things up for you just in time for turkey day, and that forecast, bob kelly is coming right up. >> we're counting on you, good morning. 4:00 o'clock on this tuesday, live look at i-95 south philadelphia, between stadium area and walt whitman bridge. flares are still down, from an early morning accident so it looks lake they have just cleared cars out of there so just watch that. ninety-five your normal construction mess there


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