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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a body found in the mall in montgomery county. a murder investigation, man's body found in the strip mall, plymouth township last night what we're learning about this moments of heroism, new video shows conditions that first responders were dealing with, when it comes to the inferno in west chester what we're learning now about four people still missing including an elderly married couple. well, i'm not sure you can get much bet they are ben simmons guy record another double/double and sets a career high in points in the win verse jazz and now, joel embiid, that guy there at every game. we must like him. joel embiid gets income to the
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floor by one of the jazz players. what is that all about? good day everybody it is tuesday, november the 21st, 2017. hi, i'm mike she's alex. >> well, thank you. >> i'm loving that purple tie by the way. >> why don't you marry it. >> maybe i will. >> you will tie the knot. >> and we're off to a great start. >> here's sue. >> it doesn't get much better then this. >> today's number is better than yesterday, eight out of 10 is what we are trying to say. sixers won last night. we have sixers cap. making sure buddy's dressed nice and warm, temperatures range from the 20's to the 40 's. we're at 42 degrees in philadelphia feels like 37. little bit of the breeze out of the south but bode well for high temperatures later on in the day. forty-two here but 34 in mount pocono. twenty-seven, all we have, walking out the door in allentown it is 46, for you,
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good morning, millville, new jersey. 60 degrees our high, mostly sunny, breezy today, much milder then yesterday but don't get used to it. rain moving in the overnight hours with the cold front. we will talk about what that does to turkey day temperatures, coming up, that is your forecast for today. 6:02, bob kelly, what is going on. >> good morning, everybody. tuesday morning just after 6:00 o'clock live look hello collegeville, 422 starting to see volume pop coming into kop i think a lot of unusual volume delays today and tomorrow. some of the kid are off from school. others have a half a day. it is that getaway week with the short week every where. northbound on the black horse pike still closed right at ganttown road. police investigating an early morning pedestrian accident, and in east mt. airy accident on stenton off not crescent valley road. heading out of the town via philadelphia international they say arrive at least two hours in advance. i have who hit spell check on my arrival spelling there but at least two hours for
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domestic flights, three hours for international, and pay attention to the tsa checkpoints, certain terminals are designated for certain statuses with the tsa. get ready to practice. parade practice. it is tonight and tomorrow down here long the parkway. they are setting up for the big parade on thursday. mike and alex, back to you. >> bob, this just came into us you will talk about tonight just a second. washington township northbound side of route 42 is closed. >> exactly. i just mentioned that. northbound lanes of 42, local 42 as you work your way up toward the actual atlantic city and 42 freeway interchange really black horse pike local route 42 in washington. a pedestrian struck and killed on the overnight. it is right in front of the shopping plaza that holds the new jersey motor vehicles, check in point, you know, store there. >> yeah. >> police are blocking the northbound side and that will cause delays for everybody
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coming in toward philadelphia this morning. >> okay, got the video, thank you. shopping center becomes the scene of the murder investigation in montgomery county. >> yes, a man's body is found inside of a car and if you are just walking by, there he was, steve's in plymouth township this morning. good to see you, steve. >> reporter: yeah, they had a long blood trail in two parking lots. first one behind the out back where this man may have been attack. either the passenger and driver gets out and takes off or he is the driver and then maybe a passenger attacks him or maybe attack outside car gets in and tries to drive around. we just don't know. out of the outback in the back you have to move to get out of one parking lot to the another and ends up in front of the nail salon and allstate insurance office. as you look at the video of the car both from the air and ground you can see headlights on just before 6:00 when they discovered this guy here. it is rush hour. businesses, just getting real busy like a steak house dinner place that would be busy around that time, or these
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other business that is may be closing up for the night. either way this guy is stabbed so, chances are in the past 12 hours, alex and mike, authorities have gotten some of the answers that we just do not know yet like who he was and what he may have been doing around here at that time here in plymouth township. >> okay, update us throughout the morning. thank you for that. 6:05. this is a shocker. police made an arrest in the death of that man 80 year-old robert girard. they say, that they know who killed him. it was his granddaughter. twenty-one year-old patricia dotson. sources tell us that she claims her grandfather physically abused her. investigators say surveillance video from the scene of the crime led them to her. well, new surveillance video shows the moment fire fighters arrived at the barclay friends senior living community. you can see that the fire ran out and carried a woman to
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safety. look at that. five days later the search is on for four residents we have learned that are still miss being. >> all right, sabina, bring us up to dayton what we learned yesterday afternoon and in fact late last night. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, guys. we will take a look the scene here is still closed off, we went all around the area and all of the road leading to the facility are still blocked off you can see sheriff's van right there. again, this is five days we're going on since this fire happened last thursday and just yesterday, authorities held a press conference and that is first we were learning of those four missing people, they are presumed to have perished in this fire and authorities say due to weather conditions they were not yet able to continue searching the rest of the building and they hope to continue that search today. now again we're told it is an eight five-year old woman. nine three-year old woman and married couple wife, 89 and her husband 92. those are people missing and presumed to have died. let's go to the surveillance
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video that authorities did release to us just yesterday, showing us first responders the first fire fighters to get to this scene. it appears as they drive up they see these elderly residents fleeing fire, solve them you can see one in the wheelchair and another woman just in her robe because these residents were in bed asleep when all this happen. authorities say that the first firemen there, some without their equipment. they just jumped out, ran over and grabbed as many residents as they could. authorities say that is one of the reasons why, they were able to avoid a mass casualty situation, let's listen. >> based on the speed of this fire and based on the condition of the residents, we would have expected to lose 40 to 50 people. in a fire like this. it was only the heroic actions of the first respond their prevented that. >> reporter: you can see that on the video here. back out here live four people remain unaccounted for they
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are presume to have died in the fire, prosecutors just releasing that information, at a press conference yesterday where they took no questions, right now, cause of the fire remains under investigation, back to you guys. >> of course, it does, thank you, horrible. overnight in cobbs creek fire crews battled flames at a vacant building on 60th street and locust. fire was placed under control around 1:00 a.m. an investigation is underway into how this fire started. how about this investigators have provided new details now about what roy halladay was doing, moments before he crashed his plane. this happened two weeks ago. retired pitcher for the phillies was climbing sharply quote unquote sharply in the final second before his plane did a dive into the water. federal investigators reviewed the plane's data recorder and interviewed some witnesses from the shore, his icon a5 took off just about 17 minutes before it crashed.
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he had flown as high as 1900 feet at one point is what the data recorder show and as low as just 11 feet off the surface just skimming water. flying in circles, the final report they say may take two years to finally figure out exactly what happened, that is the ntsb. 6:09. allegations keep rolling in, was a big one, yesterday. now a prominent journalist they is right there, charlie rose, he is responding to claims of eight women, who used to work for him. and a wild ride who is behind the wheel of this police car, as it crashes through fences and backyard, following a traffic stop, in through fences and backyard, following a traffic stop, in no matter how you holiday, through fences and backyard, following a traffic stop, in where you holiday, or who you holiday with... stay bright with dunkin's holiday coffee flavors like brown sugar cinnamon, and peppermint mocha. grab your favorite and make your holidays happen. the holidays run on dunkin'.
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$1that's like a big yummy hug.? so hug it up! hug more. hug large. hug medium? hug that. live it a hug life with $1.99 medium or larger hot chocolate. america runs on dunkin'. i he aid wheel i don't know. he didn't make it very far. he jumps a sidewalk, crashes in two fences and end up in a difficult he then climbed out and ran off he was captured within moments and now he is facing even more charges. i guess what happened they put him in the back, popped open the seat and somehow got in the front, you understand, anyway, he ended up in the ditch. what is wrong with bob kelly. is he scratching himself.
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>> last saturday i had a similar scenario, just showing you how that could work. >> you have been in handcuffs on a saturday night. he just escape. good morning, everybody. we have a water main break downtown here jfk boulevard shut down that will cause big problems for folks trying to get into 30th street station we will check rest of the jam cams and sue has really? really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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it is exactly 6:15. we are taking a live look at the annual john dibella turkey drop, thinks largest one day food gathering event in philadelphia. so, dibella's right there broadcasting live from outside kimmel center. we love this event. we love to make sure we show them because money, turkey donations are accepted there, and such a great cause, and it will benefit city team philadelphia so we are glad to be part of it. so, the donations will be collected until 9:00 a.m. so stop by, we'd like to collector donate. all right. sue? >> it is always nice to see people up as early as we are out and about. >> true. >> so you are traveling tomorrow perhaps just like these little turkies. well, lets talk about our getaway day forecast. this is wednesday, tomorrow. we have showers in the morning really early.
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over by 9:00. sunshine in the afternoon. temperature an early high of 54 and temperatures falling throughout the day. in atlanta it will be partly cloudy. 62 degrees tomorrow. boston will start off with rain and early high of 53. chicago very cold high of 36, and heading to dallas, texas like somebody's hometown although for alex dallas is coming to you, right. >> dallas is coming to me today. >> but it will be 58 degrees in case you are wondering. >> high pressure in control right now just moved off shore so that will change our wind direction. we won't have chilly northwesterlies but southeasterly winds and that means it will be mild tore day but is there the cold front that will really chill us out in time for thanksgiving day. we will say milder for a day because the cold front comes through late tonight in, to tomorrow morning. we have 8-mile an hour breeze in philadelphia right now and 42 degrees but only 27 in allentown and 46 degrees down in millville. big temperature range this
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morning. as we time out this rain for late, late tonight probably starts around midnight, it looks like it could get heavy through five or 6:00 and then out of here by nine, that is it for that, then we will bundle up because temperatures will drop once again. here's your seven day forecast , planning it out, 60 today. fifty-four tomorrow. temperatures fall throughout the afternoon, thus the arrow, 45 on thanksgiving. fifty-one on black friday and 55 degrees on saturday. late saturday night another cold front comes through, 43 is all we will get for sunday and then even colder, on monday. so that takes you through ups and downs of the next seven days as you plan your holiday activities, bob kelly. >> 6:17. good morning, everybody. update ago this accident, actually, pedestrian struck this morning along black horse pike. here's a live look at 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia. lets roll video when we arrived on the scene. pedestrian struck right in
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front of the shopping plaza along the black horse pike also known as local route 42 right at ganttown road right in front of the shopping plaza , the new jersey motor vehicle building is probably the best locater there traffic diverted through the shopping plaza at least for this morning or beginning of the morning rush hour. lets come back to the maps because now we have a water main break. i got updated location. it is actually jfk boulevard behind 30th street station. coming off schuylkill and get around 30th street and you try to work your way over into university city jfk boulevard is block, you have to use market street. this is already a hot mess because of the construction around the station, they have jfk boulevard closed. so if you are traveling for out of 30th street give yourself plenty of extra time because is there construction zones, and all new patterns down there, and live look here at the schuylkill looking good in and out of the city no problems at all in or out of
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downtown. accident off east mt. airy stenton avenue at crescent valley road. in about 45 minutes even if you are thinking of going to flip over to cbs to see charlie rose. he will not be there he wasn't there yesterday. he will not there been today. i doubt he ever comes back. news anchor charlie rose suspended for cbs after eight women tell the washington post newspaper he sexually harassed them. >> pbs has stopped production on his show, women tell paper they worked on his pbs interview show from the late 90's to 2011. former assistant said wow walk around nude while she worked in his home and repeatedly called her at night to describe fantasies about her swimming naked. charlie rose has issued a statement saying in part it is essential that these women know i hear them and deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior. i'm greatly embarrassed. i have behaved insensitively at times and i accept responsibility for that but i do not believe all of these allegations are accurate.
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i always felt that i was pursuing shared feelings, even though i now realize i was mistaken. >> the writer, author, we will move on because second woman is accusing senator al franken of sexual assault, alex. >> so woman claims he grabbed her during a photo opp at minnesota fair. franken took thousands of photos at the fair and does not remember taking one with her but he feels bad that she went away feeling disrespected more on that from d.c. because everything changes now because he was a senator then. other accusation was before he was a senator. well, no brotherly love, in philly. a big fall, watch this, nice block. you didn't like that. take that, joel. we will explain this whole thing that happened at wells fargo center last night, come on. >> the drama, oh, the drama. we win, we win though.
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good morning i'm kristin rodgers. eagles are finding success right now. doug pederson says it is because they are in the
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relying on anyone player to be a star but rather the team as a whole. >> winning is contagious. the guys feed off that. it really doesn't matter who makes the play. it is just at the end of the day finding a way to win the game. >> after going down against cowboys jake elliott is in concussion protocol. caleb sturgis is close to being back to the eagles but they say if elliott's healthy, he will get a start on sunday. sixers hosting utah, third quarter, ben simmons went off, drives in between three defenders, simmons had 27 points, sixers win 107-86. >> ben, i thought was excellent, attacking, as a team, it was a point of emphasis in the scouting report. >> he has taken off. he is ready to just run it down somebody's throat, and he did that a few times but now starting to be able to come to jump stops. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm christian rodgers.
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>> that guy at yellow sweat shirt, matt cord told me, you know who that guy is. >> how often does he wash that yellow sweat shirt. good luck thing it is really stinky down there. speaking of sports and that basketball game last night there was drama with joel embiid. >> so, joel comes up with the block or donovan mitchell. >> yes. >> there it is. >> embiid had some word to say he shoves him. yes, that is how mitchell respond. you see joel embiid hit the ground. embiid is like it, telling everybody to get louder and mitchell gets technical foul. >> that is right. >> there was a debate whether, joel, felon purpose or if he actually fell because of a shove. it was a light shove. >> joel said he flopped, but i think he is embarrassed because did he fall down. that doesn't look like a flop
6:26 am
to me. >> sixers win. sixers win. former phillies great is one step close tore >> jim thome was named one of the 19 former players on the 2018 hall of fame ballot for the first time. jim's eighth all time with 612 home runs over his 22 year career, first businessman played with the phillies from 2003, a couple years into 2005 he had a short stint with the team for a little while in 2012, good guy. 6:26. he shoots, scores, crowd goes wild. it is half court shot that everyone was talking about, but what you don't know is this local team has quite the back story, we have been following him for a while. >> that is right. >> here's steve. >> well, just 12 hours ago after the sun went down that detectives from montgomery count write here behind the outback trying to figure out who it was that was stabbed to death behind the wheel of the car and new trying to figure out who did it and
6:27 am
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a disturbing find at a local mal a man found dead in the montgomery county parking lot and police are trying to figure out who killed him. >> it was at a mini mart. facing the flames, video shows first responders running toward this assisted living center in west chester. what heroes we have living in
6:30 am
our area. now we're learning that the four people have been missing presumed dead. ♪ >> remembering a hollywood icon, the entertainment world mourning loss of the della reese. this morning we will take a look back at her life, legacy, she grazed us with 86 years. >> that is right great life, great career, we have ray special tribute coming up later in the show. probably in the 9:00 o'clock hour today. well, the life, circle of life, we just had a baby born a few minutes ago to kevin h art and his wife. >> kevin hart just announced that kenzo cash hart was born at 1:45. he is healthy and already smiling. we love and appreciate you. >> that is 4:45 our time because that happened in los
6:31 am
angeles, california. >> they were waiting kenzo took his time. >> yep. >> taking videos. they had a false alarm, supposed to have a radio appearance. >> kenzo is here, has arrived, sue. >> new is there so much gratitude in this coming thanksgiving day. >> thank you, sue. >> i mean how corny. but we're happy for them. we are happy we have eight out of 10. it is better to day even though temperatures ranged from the 20's and 40's. you still need to bundle up. sixers won. it will be milder later on. forty-two. feels like 37. 8-mile an hour breeze and we are almost at sunrise time, 42 here but only 27 up in allentown, 44 in atlantic city and just a degree above freezing for you in trenton this morning. so close to 40, throughout the rest of the morning drive and then 55 degrees by lunchtime, high temperature close to 60 for much milder afternoon and then that early sunset time of
6:32 am
4:41. remember get that very same forecast on 101.1 more fm, in between all of the holiday music, bob kelly. >> wear your reindeer ears too when you give your forecast. >> every dayy saw that. >> 6:00 two. here's a live look, 422 eastbound before you get to king of prussia this guy pulled off to the shoulder. not sure fit is accident or disabled. but that will cause brake tap the old gaper delay here. over here in new jersey, they have just reopened the black horse pike. lets roll video from our news van this morning. a pedestrian struck and killed on the black horse pike right at ganttown road in front of the shopping plaza that houses the new jersey motor vehicles store there. so, traffic has been detoured through most of the morning, we don't have anymore information at this point but at lee the traffic is getting by this morning, now on the freeway and black horse pike. water main break jfk boulevard closed right behind 30th
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street station, so anyone who typically tries to go around the station here you are not able to make that right to get into university city. you have to use market street. this is already a hot mess to begin with all of the construction. this is a busy week for travelers, not only at airport but here at 30th street station, so give yourself extra time. philly international says arrive early two hours for domestic flights, three hours for international and terminal c, that checkpoint is only for the tsa precheck only. so if you are flying out of terminal c you have to go through one of the other terminal checkpoints and then walk back to terminal c once you have cleared security, mike and alex, back to you. >> i'll just drive. >> okay. >> good luck with that. >> a lot quicker. well, we have a murder mystery on our handness montgomery county after a man is found dead at a shopping center. >> the trail of blood crossed the parking lot leading to the man's body, and steve's very near that parking lot right
6:34 am
now, steve. >> reporter: it starts in the outbackpackerring lot and then comes across a side street and you have to move to driveways do not mesh so you have to go out one make a right and then left in this parking lot and end up in front of the nail salon. you will see our video. his car looked like it was just barely moving because it didn't crash into these cars, it just stopped there. lights were on. wipers were on. engine on. question more than 12 hours after he was found did he work around here? live around here? was he shopping around here? maybe on his way home from work and then found apparently stabbed to death at the end of the typical workday just before 6:00 p.m. to start any of those questions can answered it starts with the detectives, figuring out hoe was. they have likely done that by now. was it his car he was found in was he trying to drive away to get help? or was he driving during the attack? all of those questions, likely still to be answered. for sure, to us. but you can bet, the
6:35 am
montgomery county district attorney and their great detective team has zoo of the answers right now and may be looking for the person who did it. and they know who did it. they have a long list of evidence markers like a couple hundred yard. this is a large crime scene. we will figure out, what happened when they talk to us probably later this morning, alex and mike. >> okay, steve. 6:35. >> four people are still missing after thursday's fire at barclay friends senior living community in west chester. >> of course, they are presumed dead. sabina, what else are you hearing. >> reporter: so, also this morning we do know ages and genders of those victims. we are told it was an 84 year-old woman, nine three-year old woman, and a married couple, 89 year-old wife and nine two-year old husband. those are the four people presumed dead in in this fire. their bodies have yet to be recovered. that all came out in a press conference yesterday, out here at the scene, you can see
6:36 am
sheriff deputies still holding a wide perimeter around facilitate here. as the sun comes up we can see police tape that remains on the scene here. but something else to come out of that press conference, lets go to the video surveillance footage taken at the scene, of that fire, it appears to show that the nurse fire fighters to arrive on the scene, responsibility go to this five alarm fire at barclay friends nursing home on thursday. you can see fire fighters rushing over to help these women and men trying to flee that burning building. some in wheelchairs trying to get out of that fire. authorities say it was quick responders, that led to dozens more people being able to be rescued. in fact, 133 people were rescued and now as it stand many who live in this building have who everything. here's one woman talking about her mother who did survive the fire followed by the district
6:37 am
attorney. >> it brought me to tears so many times because we need everything. >> we have to have her placed somewhere else because she need 24 hour care. >> the police are sifting through the wreckage and ruble of that building looking for those four people. >> reporter: and authorities have said little about the fire, in fact, yesterday was really the first time we were get something more actual information, on exactly how many people were inside of the building and how many people were rescued but again, four are missing this morning presumed to have perished in& this fire. for now guys, back to you. >> yeah, two of them a married couple, for a long time. >> i know, some of the officials who spoke at the press conference yesterday said they had been in touch since the fire happened with those families checking on them. you have to think about them. >> horrible. >> yes. >> the family members. i got a bizarre road rage incident, you have to be
6:38 am
careful sometimes in the wawa parking lot. this is up in bucks county. >> police say one driver rammed his pickup truck into another car, twice. >> twice. >> it started an argument between two drivers at this wawa on street road in lower southampton on sunday. driver of the pick up showed up at police headquarters yesterday to explain his version of what happened. investigators are trying to sort it all out. incident has drivers concerned about the anger that is outside on the roadways. >> you never know what somebody is going through, somebody might have a bad day and take down somebody else. >> it it is is just unnecessary. people need to control their temper. >> no charges have been filed. police say they will speak with both drivers again to determine exactly what happened. quick update now from the family of former pennsylvania governor and former home land security secretary, tom ridge, they have given us this update his family says they are cautiously optimistic that he will make a full recovery from
6:39 am
a heart attack. doctors say tom ridge is making some pretty good progress but there is a long road ahead for him. tom had been attending a republican governor's association conference in austin, texas on thursday, felt ill in his hotel room and rushed him to the hospital where he remains in icu. u.s. government is coming down hard on a pest control company for using restrict pesticide that injured a delaware family. the department of justice, the d o.j., has ordered terminix to pay american nine million-dollar in criminal fines, community service, and restitution payments. in march of 2015 steve espond, his wife and two teenage sons became very sick while vacationing in the u.s. virgin island. d o.j. says that the pesticide left the family with horrific and life altering injuries.
6:40 am
6:40. colin kaepernick joins ranges of celebrities speaking out begins meek mill's prison sentence. >> colin says he is standing beside philadelphia rap inner his fight begins extensive probation and harsh sentencing practices. former nfl player recently spoke to meek mill and shared an update from the it prisoned rapper on social media. >> this was his tweet he had out there. he spoke to meek mill and he wanted people to necessity regardless of his unjust situation he is in good spirits and humled by support that the people have shown him we'll continue to fight begins harsh sentencing practices that have affected meek and other millions of people of color of for generations. >> jay-z had something to say as well. >> um-hmm. oh, man, this is sad yesterday, she had a long, good life, della reese has died. lines.
6:41 am
>> ♪ >> o, indigo. discovered by mahilla jackson. she starred in songs like that reminds me, don't you know, and eventually she made transition to tv, becoming first african-american woman to guest host tonight show when johnny was on vacation, she made frequent appearances on shows like chico and the man, the a team and landing her signature role on touched by by by an angel. my kid loved that show. >> i used to watch that with my parents. >> she died at her california home, sunday night, della was 86 years old. >> so, little bit later in the
6:42 am
show we will share some people who worked with her and what they had to say about her passing. she was a beautiful woman. sense of humor too harlem nights. people bring up harlem nights in person she was a stitch. you know i love that. she was great. >> 6:42. big moment for a local teen who has been through a lot in his life. i had no idea about what we call his back story before he makes this shot. why saturday's half court shot meant so much to
6:43 am
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well, it is a special deliver that i will be happening later this morning. philadelphia police officers as you can see they are packing up thanksgiving dinner for today some of the items that will go in the basket. and then they will give them to local families and they are stocking everything outside, and this will be, annual operation thanksgiving project and, they are scheduled to drop off turkies just outside police headquarters. they have been making some drop offs. and they will collect it, gather it all together. we love to see so many people doing great things this morning for others as we get ready for for the thanksgiving holiday. >> nice little, you know, operation they have there, boxes right down the line, turkey, little stuffing, carrots, what else, green beans. >> yes. >> what else do you want to have? mack and cheese.
6:46 am
>> dinner rolls. >> um-hmm, don't forget butter turkey. >> and cranberry sauce. >> oh, cranberry sauce, um, making you hungry. here's a live look, this is chester county main and markly , in norristown, the traffic lights have been defective. police on the corn here. it looks like where you are stuck on red or they just hit that, there they are, they hit reset button. hats off to the streets department in norristown. we have problems on the regional rail lines. septa says 10 minute delays on all of the lines this morning because of the slippery rails, a water main break right behind amtrak's 30th street station. this will cause delays for everybody. coming up around the station that first traffic light is jfk boulevard, you are not able to go over into university city. you have to use market street this is already a hot mess here to begin with because of the construction. so give yourself extra time working your way in to 30th street station. flying out of town for the
6:47 am
holidays two hours for domestic, three hours for international flights. that is the time that philadelphia international suggest you give them to get down there and terminal c that checkpoint is for tsa precheck only. so, if you are flying out of terminal c, you will have to check in, to security over here at a or b, and then walk, over to c. so that will need some extra time. craziness is underway for holiday travel, and, you have your lights up yet? come on, snap a picture and powe to it facebook, instagram , facebook using that #fox 29 lights contest. starting next week i will jump in the news van and get to somebody's house and broadcast live during our evening newscast so get your pictures in and i could be knocking at your front door. sue has the forecast in 15.
6:48 am
6:47. it is almost time for pumpkin pie, we will talk about that, an eight out of 10 in weather by the numbers. today is, ginger bread cookie day, bus stop buddy is ready for it. it has a little ginger bread, it seems early, christmasy or thanksgiving but we will take it. temperatures in the 20's to the 40's, and then just about ready for that sunrise time, at 6:53, 42 degrees is our current temperature. feels like 37. we have 20's to the north of us, 40's to the south of us and we expect a milder high temperature. yesterday we got to 48. probably 59 or 60 by the time all is said and done today. sunset time 4:41. seven day forecast is coming up, and that will include, and , it looks like.
6:49 am
five, four, three, two, one... >> oh, man he did it. so, a newtown square team wins a half court shooting contest on saturday, sixers game. >> and at first we will see someone just pick from the crowd, we didn't know, but karen, we actually are learning more about him. we have been following him a little bit. >> he has a remarkable story. when you hear all of the things he has been through it makes it all of the more special. his name is mike, mike shelley , he is 17 years old and become an overnight sensation. challenge high school senior 45 seconds to make these shots , a lay up, free throw, three pointer and half court shot. only wish prize was more like $10,000 or something but everybody got their pry which was a chick-fil-a business death as he made it.
6:50 am
everybody jumping up and down, so excited. >> when i got to the half court i was feeling it quiet. when i hit half court, i was looking saying that might go in. i didn't expect it. i just chucked it up. when it went n it was loudest i heard the place all night. >> it did go in. >> sixers later learned about his history. been through a lot. he just survived cancer and who his blotter andrew in the car crash over the summer. so sad, but he hopes that this video reaches out to anybody going through a struggle in their life and shows them that good things can happen after dealing with the health setback or tragedy and he is coming into our studios. >> great. >> he will be in good day in a matter of minutes. >> they gave him great seats last night. >> court side, baby. >> wow. >> fabulous. >> i love camera and that will shows his face watching it and like wow and freaks out. >> it took him five or six
6:51 am
times from half court to make it. he was running out of time. >> he did it. you would think, i'm in the saying anything against sixers because i love sixers and i could use some seats but you think he won $50,000 or something. >> but he knew going in that wasn't the case. >> he knew what the deal was. >> you wish there was a better prize. >> he had floor seats, he got ring the bell, pregame bell, you know, that breaks up the floor and then they are flying into atlanta and go with the team in march, he is getting a trip out of it, gets to see it >> that wasn't the original prize, this is the change. again, i love the sixers. the original prize was everybody in the arena got a chick fill he will biscuit sandwich. >> doesn't love biscuits. >> but for doing all that, he
6:52 am
got a sandwich. >> they didn't know wow make it i'm sure they didn't think wow make it. >> they can get expensive. >> for everybody, yes. how many people was at wells fargo does it hold. >> 20,000. >> 21,000, something like that >> that ace lieutenant of biscuits. >> yes. >> so now, they are going to be here, to tell his story. >> ask him about how he feels about the biscuits. >> i'm sure sixers will already text me get off our back. a popular chain giving you a new way to get your flap jack fixed. you'll soon be able to ihop or go and promise your pancakes will not be soggy. have you ever had a soggy pancake. >> have a it sits for a while, yeah
6:53 am
6:54 am
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alex have you ever driven down a road and there is a wasp or bee in your car. >> an annoying fly. >> ever have a spied their big in your car. >> look at that my gosh. >> yeah. this is in australia. she drove around like this because she said she was so scared she didn't want to stop for 20 minutes. her name is bianca morerick driving home so she just kept
6:56 am
going and going, and when she got home, what did she do? she ran. she ran into her house. >> i would dot same thing. >> would i just pull over. >> i would have pulled over too. >> tried to get something to reach in there to flip it out. >> i would worry, it will leap on to me. >> but also she's video taping it, i didn't see the thing move, is it fake. >> it looked real to me. >> it looks real but would you take out, should you be driving and video taping either. >> that is true. >> scold this woman. >> all right, sabina give meehan update. >> well, five days after a massive nursing home fire, four people remain missing and coming up we will have surveillance video that shows first responders springing into action.
6:57 am
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a body found in montgomery county, a man found dead outside of a plymouth township strip mall. >> we would have expected to lose 40 to 50 people in the fire lick this. >> amazing acts of bravery new video shows fire fighters running toward danger to rescue people from the barclay friends senior center, as it burned to the ground. off the air. prominent cbs news anchor
7:00 am
charlie rose, is now suspended , after eight women accused him of sexual assault. now he is responding to those claims. that nine-one feeling. >> you are the best team in football right new but hey, we still have a long way to go. >> eagles flying high after their big win over cowboys, are you enjoying this ride or are you waiting for the other shoe to drop. hey, everybody welcome. it is tuesday, tuesday before thanksgiving straight up 7:00 o'clock it is tuesday november 21st, 2017. oh, one you can tell us more about this, septa is concerned we will role footage of people falling on the tracks. do you know why they are falling? they are on their cell phones, texting and walking. couple things on twit tore day , wow, wow, wow, what experience have you had with bumping into people, people on their phones. you cann


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