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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 22, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EST

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>> nearly 50,000 haitians are here in america as a result of their displacement from the devastation from the earthquake in 2010. well their time here is coming to an end. the temporary the temporary law that allowed them to stay is expiring and the trump administration is saying it is time to go home. we'll have the full story. charlie rose, the iconic morning anchor, he is out at cbs after now 13 women have come forward and accused him of
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sexual harrassment. some of the behavior, wait until you hear what he accused of. segregation in our schools. we talked about on this show, how new jersey is labeled by one report in california one of the most segregated civil in america. there is lawsuit. some of the families say you don't let our kids in honor classes. i'm bill spadea. this is a "chasing news. in 2010, tens of thousands of asians were displaced by devastation of an earthquake. many ended up here in america. as a matter of fact, now nearly 50,000 haitians are facing a return trip to haiti because the temporary order that allowed them to stay is going to expire. trump administration says, it is time to go home. george cowski has all the details. what have you got for us? reporter: close to 60,000 haitians living in the united states are facing removal. why? well the trump administration has said that a temporary
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residence program enacted in the wake of 2010 earthquake is no longer necessary. haitians living here under temporary protected status have until 2019 to gain legal status or return home. naturally the news is not going over well with everybody. >> this is heartless move that will tear apart families. causes unnecessary turmoil in our communities and damage our economy. this decision is callous, unprincipled and wrong. reporter: this temporary status is offered when citizens of another nation are affected by things like natural disaster or war. currently immigrants from 10 nations reside in the united states under this program. for "chasing news. i'm george feloski. >> thank you, george. let me introduce our a-plus panel to take on this interesting and pretty divisive issue. we're john joined by jenette hopkins, always great to have you on though. >> thank you.
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bill. >> and immigration attorney. >>ed into good to see you. >> this is cries ace across the globe, this is nice thing american government did letting folks come in. they have another two years. what is the problem? >> the problem is haiti is still the poorest country in the western hemisphere and 30,000 u.s. citizen children were born of these haitians. so number one the trump administration hasn't laid any plan for these u.s. citizen children. number two, there is no reason to send them back right now. they are promoting the economy. they're working lawfully. they are here lawfully. >> janette that is good argument. the administration said through the homeland security, there is pathway for ones that have kids. there are immigration laws in i don't see the problem. we can't open to every single person every crisis area across the globe. everybody would be in here. >> the key word here is temporary this is temporary status given seven years ago.
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it has been seven years. look the administration said you can work to obtain legal immigration status by 2019 or you need to go back to the home country. they also, administration put this on congress to fix our immigration laws. there is nothing compassionate about the uncertainty that a lot of these people that are here have because our congress has failed to act. >> that is good point. nine years is a long time to get stuck together. why hasn't congress acted for decades that they haven't fixed this problem? >> we'll agree there. congress needs to step up to the plate it is time to pass legislation especially for daca recipients facing deportation. and the haitian tps gamees. >> do you think we're doing disservice to some country around the world if we don't force issue competent, able-bodied people that can create a thriving economy in their open country not give them the opportunity to go back? >> haitian government said they weren't in the position to take
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back 50,000 people. yes, we want that but now is not the time. >> they're in him before. i think our government fix it. congress needs to act. >> thanks. what seems to have started with hollywood mogul harvey weinstein has hit almost every facet of society, another iconic news guy going down on accusation of sexual harrassment. iconic charlie rose, who has been in the news business for what spans almost three decades, accused by now 13 women of lewd conduct including walking around naked, grabbing their breasts and their buttocks. just awful accusations. his co-hosts reacted. they were on the air after charlie rose got fired. >> i'm trying to process this i'm trying to sort it out this is the not man i know. but i'm also clearly on the side of women who have been very hurt and damaged by this. >> i want to bring in the a-plus panel. jenette and hopi to weigh in.
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let me start with you, accusations started with harvey weinstein. this is a tidal wave. there is broad range of activity. we talk about al franken and these are very specific accusations if true, should have been fired. >> absolutely. it is appalling. these women have no reason to be disbelieved. i think the common thread in all these cases we're seeing, men in positions of power, really abusing that power, and you know, acting as sexual predators in some case. >> if that is all true, jenette is spot on and right. as attorney if you take the side of somebody being accused at what point do we move from the court of public opinion to what is justified accusation and aren't we innocent until proved otherwise? >> we are innocent until proven otherwise. were i defending one of these individuals i would first ask for evidence and proof. >> take al franken. al franken's accusation, you had dozens women come from out "saturday night live," wait a minute he is good guy.
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all they have so the one picture, you could argue not good, in context of horsing around going on allegedly it's a little different to digest. but what do you say to somebody like that? >> character statements from people he worked with don't carry so much weight. >> why do accusations carry so much weight? >> they are first-hand accounts of the activity that took place f someone says oh, you're a nice guy. but if i was with you and you did this to me, that carries much more weight. >> in a lot of cases like harvey weinstein and roy moore, charlie rose, there are, just not one person coming forward and making an accusation. it is like dozens of people, which certainly give as lot more credibility to the volume of victims coming forward. >> but at what point is there a line has been crossed where a male coworker touch as shoulder, gives a hug? >> it can be gray area. >> when has it gone a little too far? >> i don't think it is gray if you're grabbing certain private
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areas of a woman. >> if you're grabbing a woman's breast there is no gray area. i agree with that but a shoulder touch or comment that is open to terp tanks. >> it is setting. >> knows of what i read ask pretty black and white. the evidence will tell. >> there are a lot of good guys out there. i'm concern ad lot of men are painted with broad brush of being abusers. >> we'll leave it there, thanks. as we enter the holiday season even the simplest things cause controversy and sometimes lawsuits. the bergen county animal shelter has a tradition of bringing in a fransiscan reverend to blesses the animals. well not so fast, say the american atheist head quart he had in cranford, new jersey where they say this is a violation of the first and fourth amendments and they're suing to stop the practice. they have even named the shelter, the reverend and the director in their lawsuit. i'm joined now by the head of american atheists based in cranford, new jersey, nick fish.
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welcome to "chasing news. how are you? >> i'm really good. great to be here. >> first question, who is being hurt that this smiling priest comes in and bless'ñ dogs an cats and bunnies, who is being hurt that you had to step in and say, enough of this atrocity? >> well, it is not an atrocity. no one is being obviously hurt physically by this but the fact is, that the government shouldn't be spending our tax dollars to promote or host religious activities. i'm sure people would be ticked off if they went into the dmv and priest walking around blessing your cars or you know, holding blessings with members of the staff. no different here. >> was anyone excluded from this? was there an imam was told you can't show up at the blessings of the pets? >> well, so, there are sort of two-ways you can resolve these issues. you can allow everyone in. if you don't have a problem with satanic priest coming in doing a black mass, with your animal
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shelter that might be one way of resolving it. but the problem here is that the animal shelter is exclusively promoting one particular religion ceremony. >> nick, really, literally you went from a priest promoting a black mass? do you see that you have kind of lost touch with the average person out there that will roll their eyes at this lawsuit? >> there is no constitutional difference between a satanic priest and catholic priest. there is just no difference there. under the constitution. and so, allowing one religious activity to be promoted in a public facility, using government money, using our tax dollars, means that you have to allow everyone. all we're asking for neutrality. the animal shelter should be doing what it is set up to do, which is find homes for animals. period. not promoting certain religious practice. >> all right, nick i think we'll have to leave it there. but, hey, we'll pray for you anyway. thanks, nick. >> thanks. >> bring in our a-plus panel. joined by jenette hoffman and
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hofiunis. let me start with you. you heard what nick had to say this is bit after skewed if not warped interpretation of constitution. the first amendment is there to prevent establishment after state religion. i don't see how this crosses that? >> yeah it does prohibit the establishment of a religion. i think there is fine line between establishing religion and establishing non-religion. so in this case i do think the bergen county animal shelter can resolve the entire situation, hey, if any religion wants to come in and such as imam or rabbi to bless their animals that is fiber-optic with us. >> jenette you look like you're ready to explode. >> i don't think i could roll my eyes any harder. this destroys nomination for the dumbest lawsuit of the year, bill. only november. we still have another month. >> i would agree with you, but how do you stop it? we've gotten to the point now where you know as an attorney, how do you stop this? i mean, at what point is someone going to say, we need a law that prohibits this.
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something could be stopped before it gets to court? >> one way the bergen county animal shelter could have respond toddler. there was the letter sent by atheist association. they didn't respond. i'm advocate of discourse. there should be some type of discourse between the organization, maybe bergen county said other organizations are allowed. >> jenette. victim shaming? blaming the victim. >> poor atheist. holidays, atheist feel to relevant with this kind of nonsense. i think judges should have no tolerance for this. ♪ >> coming up we have a lot more "chasing news for you. some reports say that this area, very segregated when it comes to schools. as a matter of fact a couple of parents are thinking about suing over the fact that their kids did not get into the honors classes. they say race has everything to do with it.
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>> welcome back to "chasing news." i'm bill spadea. we have a lot more show coming up including your weather forecast with meteorologist dancer row. will we see know. check in with diana blast on a school system in maplewood under fire for what some are saying racial segregation, including kids being kept out of honors classes because of the color of their skin. diana? reporter: parents of students at this south orangewood school district say their children were intentionally left out of honors courses because of their race.
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this is walter fields. he is the chairman of black parents workshop. he is leading evident to bring a lawsuit against the district. >> we really don't have confidence in the elected leadership of this board of education. they have failed time and again to do the right thing. and we believe that intervention is necessary. reporter: according to field there has been a racial achievement gap in the district for about 20 years despite the district being racially diverse. that claim is backed up in a report released last month by the district. it shows a deep racial divide at columbia high school. ninth grade honors courses like language arts and biology, as many of 90% of students are white. this comes after a separate complaint was filed in 2014 by the aclu and the black parents workshop, that pushed the district to end a tracking system in 2015. that change allowed all students to sign up for honors courses rather than being assigned to them. but according to mr. fields, many colored students are not
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signing up because barriers still remain, leading to a large racial achievement gap. >> we have a system that has low expectations of african-american students. it begins at the earlier ages, in k-5 system. by the time the student gets in middle school, they're well on their way to be trapped in lower level courses f you look at data provided by the school district, it implicates the school district. it is self-incriminating. reporter: one way mr. fields says the school could close the racial gap by redefining district boundary lines that would make elementary schools more demographically even. they didn't respond to a request for comment but in an interview with wt they said they're working to address these concerns. i'm diana blast. reporting for "chasing news." >> thank you, diana. let's bring back the a-plus panel, jenette hoffman, hof iunis this is the way i look at
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this, kids denied entrance you could make argument if there was discrimination there that is one thing, test scores i don't see where there is lawsuit. >> i don't really see it f there was specific criteria the students met and denied they have a case. usually in ap classes it is years of building a foundation of test scores, of grades, of academic progress to get into an ap class. you can't just show up to start taking ap classes. >> take that premise. what if this is problem that is real and worthy after lawsuit, how do you deal with different kids with economic disadvantages and family situations? maybe some kids have more parental guidance in the daily school work, how would you solve something like this with dumping it down and lowering the bar? >> we need to look at levels in middle schools to go back a few years to see whether there is an or goonic process or whether --
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organic process or defacto discrimination by the the administration. >> thank you. governor-elect phil murphy have not taken office yet, yet two out of three big promises are in trouble. we already know, we talked about this yesterday on "chasing news" about the minimum wage and his push for it. but other two things he promised during the campaign, a millionaires tax and legalization of marijuana, both are seeing some blockades among the democrats in the legislature. ashley johnson has the full story. ashley? reporter: new jersey governor-elect phil murphy ace promise to legalize marijuana was a cornerstone of his campaign but one prominent black political leader says not so fast. state senator ron ryce, a former cop, legalizing marijuana with only hurt minorities. at chairman of the legislative black caucus, rice plans to hold public hearings on issue in january. >> to be quite frank bit, like the war on drugs, that we call
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the jim crow law of this time, it will be a jim crow law if we don't get it right because it will be more impacts on minority communities and urban communities with culture disadvantaged whites and latinos. reporter: he says from studies worries about more children born with birth defects and adults paying for marijuana instead of paying rent and becoming homeless. one of his big problems are the cornerstones right along the avenue outside of his office. >> what we don't need out here is bunch of stores selling gum and cookies and cakes that happened in marijuana. what happened in colorado, they're taking marijuana and sharing with friends in school and people are getting sick. reporter: rice has confident that the government-elect will do due diligence before signing a bill. he wants to make sure all black lawmakers have a say in the matter. rice is not opposed to legalizing recreational marijuana. he needs to be done correctly.
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but doesn't fall in line with murphy's initial time frame. he is facing opposition with his millionaires tax. the marginal tax for those those making over a million would rise from.9% to 10.75%. i'm ashley johnson, reporting for "chasing news." >> thanks, ashley. bring back the a-plus panel. jenette i will start with you, is this administration dead on arrival? >> listen i could have predicted there would be problems with phil murphy's agenda within the democratic caucus. this is not a big united team. there is still bitterness from the election with the senate president steve sweeney. we have a new speaker coming in, craig coughlin. very different personalities with very different ideas how the state should be governed. this is not very populist agenda here. >> does senator ron rice have a point saying legalizing marijuana could unfairly target minority communities? >> i do think he has a point with doing more research into how legalizing mayor one affect
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communities in other states that needs to be done. to say he is dead on arrival, he hasn't even arrived yet. >> he is not even governor. >> give the man a chance. >> are you concerned looking at this from the democratic perspective, you have a guy that pitched $1.3 billion in new tax, millionaires tax was a billion. and pot washundred million. -- 300 million. if you take that way he has no additional revenue to fund any project he talked about. problematic. >> it is problematic. it hasn't been taken away yet. so let's see what happens. i'm open to seeing that. i'm sure very intelligent man and has -- >> he will have a hard time getting his agenda past the legislature. >> thanks, guys. leave it there. always good to see you guys. check in with meteorologist dan zarrow with your weather. >> one of the busiest travel days of thewer coming up on wednesday. withwer will mostly cooperate and we rain and cool-down talking about as thanksgiving approaches on thursday. here is a look at the setup. cold front moving in and coastal
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low sliding up atlantic seaboard. this will bring us a chance for rain overnight. further south and east you are, closer to the coast, more likely you are to see rain drops through wednesday morning. you have the rain will come the cool-down. temperatures will probably fall throughout wednesday afternoon. if you're traveling on wednesday, here is what that looks like. most of the country is green. that's good news. we find ourself in yellow fair area because of early morning rainfall. additional rain and snow possible to the north and northwest. you see the northern tier of states, things are little tricky during the travel for thanksgiving. here is the forecast. low temperatures openly fall it in lower to mid 40s. well above freezing. talking about rain and nothing wintry here. the rain moving through until early wednesday morning. we'll clear out the skies and temperatures start to fall. temperatures mid 50s hundred of time. tumbling. thanksgiving, mid 40s in the afternoon.
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with lots of sunshine. 50 digress with more sunshine for your black friday shopping frenzy. i'm meteorologist damage zarrow. >> thanks, dan. we have all the headlines coming up.
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♪ >> welcome back to "chasing news." i'm bill spadea. let's check out all they pmj4(p& headlines we're chasing for you tonight. robert mugabe resign ads president of zimbabwe, seeking end to turmoil that gripped his nation following last week's seizure of power by military chiefs. lawmakers were seen cheering. president trump was joined by the first lady and their youngest son baron for turkey pardoning. he pardoned drumstick the turkey in a ceremony outside the white house. >> i'm pleased to report unlike millions of other turkeys this time of the year, drumstick has a very, very bright future ahead
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of him. >> that is look at some of the headlines we're chasing today. [applause] >> when is it going to stop? you get a handful of athiests that look at something on television they don't like or something on social media, and right away they decide to sue. no matter that there aren't any victims in alleged infraction of the constitution. i'm talking about the bergen county animal shelter that has this great fransiscan reverend to comes to bless the pets. you know what? it's a nice thing he is doing. it has nothing to do with the first amendment, with the separation of church and state, and all these other convoluted ideas from the atheists. they go after christmas every year as you know. there is no religious holiday that they like. they can't take a good thing and just leave it alone. as far as i'm concerned, they are completely misinterpreting the intention of the first amendment which is to prohibit the establishment of a state religion. two very different things.
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i'm pretty sure the founding fathers did not intend to prevent religious figures from blessing your pets. enough of the nonsense. have a happy thanksgiving. ♪
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. police say an 86-year-old woman was packing armed with revolver and her walker. she is quite possibly the last person you'd expect would hold up a bank. and she end upped handcuffed after police say she did just that. demanded cash. thank you for joining us at 11:00. i'm lucy noland. our dave schratwieser is live at philadelphia police headquarters with this exclusive story. dave, you've been reporting a long time. thisne


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