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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 23, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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♪ stylish sound, distinctive desserts and a secret solution for gear to get you through the holidays to the gift to give when they've got it all. this is the fox holiday gift guide and we've got the yule tide tilings you'll love. >> i'm steve noviello and it is gift giving time. we are back here at the gale gaylord texan resort and spa where the holiday lights are set to shine and so are our great gift ideas. 15 categories this year chosen by you starting with those tough to shop for tweens. ♪ >> from tom ford five a clock shadow, your tween will love crafting 3d models of their favorite fashion icon with paper made. break the rules of boring school supplies this ruler adds high
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fashion to homework. or create your own design with a jelly patch printing kit. these mono printing plates turn the ordinary into awesome. get up and get moving with sound moves much this motion activate the device plays music when you move. it's like your own personal sound track. batteries included. you supply the power for the whirly board practice balance, strength and endurance with a full 360-degrees of movement. change your mind? change the design these books are meant to be as every changing passion your tween the little silicone clips can be tacked on anywhere. design your own friendship bracelets with ditch this app controlled loom puts the power of cree grave have the close at hand. and at the tips of your fingers, love beeline in a crit tal nail polish zodiac themed colors are infused with real crystals. >> step signed your own virtual reality maze from seed link at walls stickers and traps then pair the vr with the app to step
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in and run the maze yourself. >> all right. next up, seniors. i know you think they want nothing or have everything, right? well, think again. ♪ stand up or sit down shower safety is always easy even in bathrooms shared by users of all ages. the water pick magnetic adjustable shower head adjusts easily and features five different spray settings. organized pack and label pill suite make it ease city deliver daily doses even when traveling. ceiling and opening is a snap. >> check out this easy open umbrella the fully motorized and rechargeable shed rain emotion opens and closes at the touch a button. one charge lasts you for months. arthritis or parkinson's no problem. button down shirts have the same outward finish as traditional but town down but they close with magnets. making getting dressed a one
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person process. no mess or stress this easy open can opener and citrus press particular kitchen aid makes the job almost effort less. magnetic lid remover reduces the risk of getting cut on sharp edges. no more bending over to reach and clean with a shark i couldn't flex you will at a light vacuum. this cord free leaner that is a dual clean technology and two rechargeable batteries keep one charging while you clean with the other. keep in touch with the grand pad simple and secure tablet connects seniors to family and friend. view photos and videos or play games and listen to music. even makes calls and has an e-mail interface, too. ♪ coming up, gadgets for gifts like never before. and you say they already have everything? we doubt it. >> kids of the '80s are parents today. remember these guys? just two of the toys getting a retro redo. see the rest of them right now in my complete online shopping
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guide links on our station website. ♪
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♪ anyone can tell it to go out and get the latest smart phone our tech guy digs deeper to get you ideas that are whole lot smarter, too. ♪ never take your eyes off the road with hudley this heads up display projects apps and information right in your line of side site. see everything always with the bling outdoor camera. completely wireless, easy to use and now weatherproof. motion sensors and alerts keep you connected and the battery
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runs for year. swap out that old-fashioned flood light with latest from ring. their flood light camera is the first security camera with built in flood lights two way talk and a siren alarm. access it all from your smart phone or tablet. boost your home's wi-fi with euro it's designed to completely eliminate dead zones around the house and good thing because connected home technology has never been bigger. watch video briefings, access amazon content, even make video calls. the echo show is everything you love about alexa now with visuals, too. take alexa on the go the ovi head set is the first alexa enabled dictate directions, listen to mu sick even order your starbucks in advance. ov works with all voice assistance. ♪ docket to play on your tv or take it on the go the nintendo switch is perfect for playing video games anywhere. comes with two detachable
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controllers, keep for held held play or did he taj and share with a friend. no more hiding the kids favorite console in a cabinet. now you can match your technology to any decor. toast covers are peel and stick row wood covers made right here in the usa. the pick virtual touch projector features the word's first patented virtual touch remote. inter ability act with the screen from up to 20 feet away you're never casting a shadow on what you're showing picture is super sharp and the size is compact enough making it easy to carry in the board room to the family room for movie night. get pictures and video like you've never seen before with at polaroid pl3000 drone. the wi-fi camera live streams hd video to your smart phone. flight stabilization and auto return makes this one a must. two functions, one compact size. this hp printer at a speaker, too. it plays music and even takes phone calls all while printing and scanning.
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high humidity is no problem for the hee crows one this portable speaker has a special enclosure for damp environments. use wi-fi, blue tooth or pair a few around the house at the go pack battery base and it goes where you do. and so do these ear buds sleek and truly wireless. they're housed in their own charging case and on board audio transparency let's you shut out or mix in background noise. the touch controls are customi customizable which is why they're one of my four favorite products of the year. see the other three right now when you come see me online. steve. it's also where you'll find great gift ideas for the person you think has everything. they don't have one of these. jerry kramer elaine and george look close just might see them all in this scale replica of the seinfeld set. only 5,000 will be produced and every detail is accounted for, right down to the bike on the wall and the cereal boxes above
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the sink. four in row never looked so good. unlike that game they loved as kids, when this game is over, it's a piece of decorative decor too. i know i know you were the beer pong champion in college, right well now this robot is ready to add real challenge because now the cups actually do move. even when you squint one eye. ♪ >> keep the cork in the bottle and the wine fresh for months. the core wine opener gives you the perfect pour right through the cork. just insert and tilt. this is a dish they definitely don't have. the levitating x plate uses electro magnetic suspension to float above the base. comes in cups and billows for display, too. bright for mornings or warm white to wipe down the say the soul from c by ge has all the functions of amazon alexa and is a smart light, too. you can set alarms and timers even add items to your shopping list. it's an industry first so
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they're sure not to have it yet you may have heard we had our first baby this year our son was born back in february so that's give haven't me plenty of time to check out whole new category for this year gear for babies that parents will love, too. ♪ the nothing stick light up rattles encourages babies. the light encourages visual tracking has a soft rattle noise and easy to hold handle to master gripping. sitting sup a search with the hug a boo. this stylish seat provides 360 degrees of support so they'll never slide out or away. sophie the giraffe handmade in france from 100% natural rubber and painted with food grade die so baby can chew to their heart's delight. teething toes are silicon toys attached to a sock so baby can self sooth through teething pain it's mom invented and baby approved. the baby jack blanket is covered in tags. soft and supple it's got plenty
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of the part that baby seems to always go for first. and once the bedtime stories done get the best view of baby day or night with nana stream hd live video sound, motion even monitor temperature right from your smart phone. it features music an soft glow which makes finding that lost pacifier a whole lot easier. coming up, tis the season of giving and these gifts gift twice. plus, great gifts for any guy next. >> toys that teach today make the leaders of tomorrow like this coding robot designed specifically for girls. it and the rest of our stem toys right now find out full 15 category gift guide when you come see me at steve. ♪
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♪ the best gift to give one that gives back. take look at these great gifting ideas that make the season a little brighter for someone else, too. ♪ humble brush polishes your smile and creates one too for each one sold a child in need receives a toothbrush or alternate oral care. pay it forward with a happy act. each kid includes a 30 day calendar of inspiration. happy notes, facts, wild flowers seeds and paints all included to get you started.
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giving for gift cards are just like regular retail gift cards except their value is redeem as a donation to the recipient's favorite charity. the trail toes tire trainer will help you strengthen your core while building your commit many to giving. proceeds go to the jar of hope. do good and look good too proceeds from these hair on hide shoes benefit empowering african children which fosters education and leadership skills. >> for every pillow of help sold another one is donated to a child with cancer, plus they are completely custom eyesable each one comes with an extra bag of fill you can add or remove to your desired firmness. sooth your child feed another. polly pine al apple is the all natural teacher and each one purchased triggers a donation to feed a hungry american child for an entire week much these gorgeous cuffs are stitched with happy literally. proceeds from happy cuff go to support the hearts fund which rebuilds savory silent schools
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in areas impacted by natural disaster. makers of vibes ear plugs partnering with the hear the world foundation. their ear plugs don't just block sound it actually filters it to reduce decibel levels your purchase though increases funding to provide hearing aids and education. want a great gift for guys? how about taking a listen to some of these. ♪ modern technology meets vintage classic sound the edison amp gram phone amplifies music from your phone through a hand spun copper bell. he'll love the sound. everyone will love the look. not copper but steel. fisher blacksmithing tools are hand forged using traditional blacksmithing techniques. making them as classic and beautiful as they are durable and functional. he'll never miss a light bulb moment again with aqua note each waterproof pad features 40 perforated sheets so idea ideasn be captured in the shower.
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luna two for men is an enhanced facial scrub brush and anti aging system designed to prep your face for this smoothest shave ever. the prep is set to help razor blades last longer and that saves you money, too. fresh from the shower and into a parachute robe it's the perfect weight for year round use with plenty of pockets an cozy collar. plus arrow cotton technology allows air to bass through for a quick dry. the ogo locker bag another favorite this year whole thing sits in your locker but inside an extensive organization system shelves and internal compartme compartments perfect for everything you take with you. his look like no other. the lapel project offers custom and pre made lapels to add some style to the season. open one pre measured and can stick on or be zone. turns any ordinary suit into the smoothest piece in this closet and under that suit, this perfect fitting shirt.
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the secret it sips to pree create close fit without pulling around the buttons top it off with perfect accessories. hot socks add a fun punch of style and color and come in all kinds of designs. and say goodbye to that boring business card holder. this one from pixie mood caught our eye and is packed with color. ♪ coming up, company is coming and we've got your holiday entertaining all wrapped up. plus, it's top ten toy time when we come right back. >> game night is back and now you can have all of the fun and adventure of an escape room at home with exit. take look. it will take team work and creativity to discover the hidden clues. crack the code on this and other great gift and entertaining ideas right now facebook.koch com/safeme steve. dang.
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ok, i gotta run... hey wait. there's something i need to tell you. dang. dang. dang. dang. daaaang. see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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♪ family coming, friends dropping by? these products are meant to make hosting no hassle. ♪ pull the trigger on last minute touch ups with the sprayer turns it in paint into a spray to easily transform your diy projects and final hour fi fixefixes once company comes fot the mug we found a flight. this mini beer flight let's you serve like a pro as they sip and sample. these astro picks and stirrers adds sparkle to the season. a chunk of raw geo adorns each one. perfect for finger foods and cocktails. set the table with these knitted mini mitten nat wear holders. they're classic cable in it is sure to bring a smile to each guest. >> how about that holiday recipe sweeten the season with nature made honey made from american bees and comes right from the hive. >> if all that holiday company has you stressed out, pack along
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the port owe vino wine purse with all the function of traditional purse it skeetly hold as wine bladder and pouring spout. go ahead we'll wait. it will be our little secret. ♪ finally toy time and hundreds of submissions later only handful can be called our top ten. ♪ it's teddy ruxpin live you've never seen him before. new technology like led eyes react in fun and surprising ways. teddy's mouth moves as he reads to you to help improve your own skills. plus companion app brings this classic cup into the 21st century. talk about live like. baby born grows with your child. nine life like features create true to life role play and include eat, drink, sleep, bathe and more all without batteries. in a world of digital domination, this beautifully hand crafted giant jenga by simon gray designs caught our eye. each one made to a flawless
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finish. add a name and monogram or choose from lawn dice and tick tack toe, too. ever step on a toy car or building block? real working mr. dusty to the rescue. he will eat up, sweep up and dump out most small toys making cleanup fun. fingerlings keep friendship at your fingertips. these cute collectibles clinic to your fingers wherever go. they react to sound, motion and touch, and they're reactive noises will make your kids squeal with delight. wonder crew dollars are designed to help little boise themselves as important creative ad strong. designed by a therapist, they have got all the adventure of an action figure and the oh motion al connection of a stuffed animal. the folks at will he nova just won gift giving. star wars jedi challenges august menned reality immerses in you play. and ar head set tracking beacon and light saber combine for hours of play time.
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it really has to be experienced to be believed. every princess on your list will love the disney princess travel vanity. it opens to reveal a light up mirror, accessories and plenty of storage. when play time is over, it's seize to clean up and take on the go. our answer for little girls who say princesses don't wear glasses, well top ten toys do. positively perfect four eyes high five is the coolest girl on our list. her name is emily and she is perfect in her uniqueness as are the rest of the dolls in this collect. and finally, get the ultimate unboxing experience with lol surprise big surprise. inside you will discover 50 limited edition goodies with exclusive dolls and accessories. exactly what you'll find, who knows? it's a surprise. ♪ amazing. that's going to do it for our half hour. but not for our guide. we have more than 100 and 50 great gift and entertaining ideas this year. each of them with their own
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unique shopping link. you can follow me on social media me steve or head to our station website or access our entire 2017 fox holiday gift guide. until next year, i'm steve noviello wishing i was happy and save holiday season. ♪
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. many of us haven't even finish thanksgiving dinner yet and the push for black friday bargains is already on. good evening, thanks so much for joining us on this thanksgiving. úwe begin tonight with a quest question. how relevant is black friday especially since it seems the deals start days before? fox 29's chris o'connell is live at the toys r us in king of prussia with more on this. chris? >> reporter: well, dawn, the holiday shopping season 2017 has
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officially gun. yeah, black friday that's so 2016. check out the scene here at it to r us not the huge mad rush as you'd normally see in years past. of course, you have those internet deals ungot things happening all year long but here's toys r us the register started rinkin rinking at 5:00 , yes, on the dot on thanksgiving. now there's some of those diehard shoppers who finish off their turkey early and got that head start on shopping. now, about half of these people say they are here to get one of those coveted hard to get items. the other half tell me they just like the tradition. they like coming out. first things first getting those in store deals but listen to this. we talked to one woman who tells us she will be literally shopping for the next 36 hours. >> adrenaline like pumping in me that keeps me up all night. the deals i'm a crazy coupon they are.
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>> i'm guessing you already had some coffee. >> i had some coke. coca-cola. [ laughter ] >> reporter: hey you got to get, you know, get that caffeine and take a look dawn this what i'm talking about. the aisles not that busy. i've been doing this for years and usually you see tons of people out it is thanksgiving but the deals are out here. moderate amount of people. many retailers will be open through starting tonight but here toys r us no rush to get here that's because they will be open until 11:00 o'clock tomorrow night, dawn. not tonight. tomorrow night. they're staying all the way through. >> unbelievable. all right. chris, thank you. checking in now with roar fox 29 wet authority a chilly night out there. if you want to get a head start on your black friday shopping you'll want to bundle up. this is a live look at wilmington and this thanksgiving night. meteorologist mike masco here now with first look at the forecast. it's cold out there, mike. >> it's cold


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