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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 27, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> that is orange street there in media. >> everybody's hometown. >> delco. is an good day fail today. >> out to delco. >> leading the way are the flute players. >> when i was in tonight grady would be a flute player when you tell your parents which instrument you will use. i chose the flute. >> did you actually play. >> no. >> you have to do that, i just remember recorders and that was done. >> we had to choose a instrument and i just wanted to say i'm a fluteest and the remember the nun it is like blowing in the coke bottle. >> okay, yeah, we get it. >> hi everybody it is monday. >> it is monday. >> you talk about love, one couple is proving just how much they enjoy their favorite restaurant. why they name their baby, after olive gander. start thinking of the
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different ways you can do that we will tell you what the kid 's name is, it is not bread stick. >> their already legal name helped with that. >> should we stop tickling our kid. >> yes. >> one mommies pose ago this question. within she says that the laughing here is misleading. >> and also, it is time to get a christmas tree. our thomas is out there at a christmas tree farm. hello there, thomas. >> just call me lumber jack tom, we have a perfect location here in burlington county, the do's and don't's and what this thing has to do with a nightmare that i went through several years ago, you don't want to do what i do, cutting down your own christmas tree, that is coming up. >> that is why they call him one digit drayton. >> yeah. >> it is official, prince harry, has, he has gotten engaged to rachel markle. >> you may in the know that name because, well, that is her real name but we know her as megan markle an actress or
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was an actress on the show suit. >> is megan her middle name. >> megan is her middle name. >> rachel meg hand -- megan markle. >> she will be a duchess. >> we will have to figure it out. >> kensington palace, a little while ago announced their engagement on twitter. they became engage earlier this month in london and we did not know it. it was just rumors, alex. >> they will make their official engagement a little bit later. wedding date will be in spring 2018. we are showing this video this is one of the few times we saw them out in public holding handing showing we are a couple. they will live in nottingham cottage where prince harry currently lives. she will currently move in. >> that ain't no cottage. >> we have them right now. >> look at them, there they are. >> this is a live shot of harry and rachel. >> his soon to be bride. >> lot her in all white all ready. >> drop that lower third to
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see what she has got on. >> she is gushing. >> that is cottage, nottingham cottage. >> she's rubbing his arm. >> she's rubbing his arm. >> they look so in love. >> i like that coat that she has on. >> look at them. >> here they are posing together. >> congratulation from his all of us, how are you guys feeling. >> megan, how are you feeling? tell us us how do you propose? >> unoughty was it roman particular? >> unaudible. >> here goes the ring. >> it was from princess diana
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's gem. >> really. >> he helped design the ring. >> look at her. >> it all is new for her. she's an american actress and she will be part of the royal family, like that is so exciting. you know, a while ago this wouldn't have been allowed because she's a divorced woman but rules have changed. there have been other divorces they are like come on n because, prince harry is like sixth in line to the thrown, he is still, sixth is cut off for you get approval for the queen so did he have to get approval from the queen. she obviously approved. >> he has got five people in front of him to be king. >> yeah, his dad, it is his brother, his brother's three children now. >> the third in line. >> it ain't happening. >> charlotte the other one and other one. >> because it can be a girl now as well. >> do you think he had kid to
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block his brother. >> it is an heir and extra. three deep now. >> he did go to her parents and ask for her parent's approval. >> they are like yeah, yeah. >> they were like come on. >> that is pretty cool. i don't get excited and i'm not excited. but i'm interested because she's an american. >> that is right. >> she's a couple years older. >> he's 36, she's 33. >> and she's good looking isn't she. >> so he is. >> most eligible bachelor in all of britain. >> megan is this where we tell you about the unknown stuff. >> yes. >> i don't care about all. that we just saw them. what will top that. >> all right. >> it was cute to see them together. >> they tweeted out, blah, blah, blah we saw the whole thing right there. >> i want to see ring up close >> this is what fascinates me. you know i was a big fan of the show, deal or no deal with howie march dell. then it lost favor and went
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away. you get a call from your agent , an actress, up and coming actress, i got a shot for you, you will be on a show with a bunch of briefcases and you will hold one. >> what is this. >> stand on a show and hold a briefcase. >> look where it led? if she didn't get that and she was number what, 24. >> she's 24. >> up at the top. >> we will not put you on the front row like number one here >> that is claudia jordan. >> is that who that is. >> yes. >> we are going way up top, we will shove you in the back not last one but 24. >> she was quoted because in the recent article, of variety , she talked about that i was just standing in those heels for five or 6-inch heels and hoping someone would pick her briefcase. >> she got noticed from that. >> there she is. >> she got noticed, got a role on tv, became and actress,
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suits, which led her to a meeting with chuck. no, what is his name. >> hardy they were introduce by mutual friends. >> yes. >> now she will get married to the dude. that is a long way from holding a briefcase. dreams do come true. >> so it is a dream with a cost. she has to give up acting and that kind of thing. >> for some people that is what she always wanted to do. she finally got your big break you are on suits and now you are on love. >> this will be a huge tv audience. it will be early next year. 175 million people watch his brother get married to kate. >> we will do it again in the spring of 2018. >> that is two brits. >> this is an american. >> that was for royal succession. this will be a lot less formal and a lot less because they don't have, the follow. >> thinks record breaking because she's divorced, she's an american, her mother is black and her father is white and she's very proud of being
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a biracial person. >> now rachel,. >> yes. >> megan, what town was she born, where did she grow up. >> california. >> for summaries own thought it was california. she is one of the college people could not keep your real name because everybody else already has it, in los angeles. >> her father was a lighting director and he just won a emmy for the duchess of sussex >> i like how that sounds. >> her mother is a yoga instructor. they are very close. >> i'm going to be the duchess of sussex. duchess of sussex. >> anyway she grew up in los angeles wanted to be on television. >> here we go. >> she went to northern western to study communications as did you, went to the university of missouri, studied communications. >> well, broadcast journalism. >> they are different. >> but they are great school, you went to the university of missouri. great schools. so she wanted your job
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basically. she has a black mother. you have a black mother. >> yes, i do. >> this is so reaching. >> what else do you have in common. >> that is bit. >> she's a -- >> do you have a duke. >> you're gorgeous. she's beautiful. and here's the thing, if you blur your eyes don't you kind of look like megan rachelish standing next to carson wentz. >> no, i don't think so. >> you and carson wentz are in the same city, you two can meet. >> he is already with somebody >> thinks as close as i will get. >> it is purple, there is that >> you wouldn't be the duchess of sussex, you would be the princess of kensington, not palace but kensington. >> i will take that. >> we lost the crown. >> she'd already given away the crown. it is cyber monday but
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amazon's keeping deals coming for days with cyber monday deals, monday, i sound like i'm from kansas, monday. >> cyber monday deals all week long. >> you can take the boy out of kansas. >> monday, tuesday, wednesday, it is okay. >> so they are breaking out price cuts on a wide range of items, there are deals infer department, and jenny has been at amazon fulfillment center in new jersey. >> lets see some more, jenny. >> yeah, good morning, guys. so amazon is calling this the turkey five. they have been rolling out deals since thanksgiving through today, cyber monday so jacob bushnorris joining us live. jacob you are the area manager you are in charge of managing all of this, this 28 football fields worth of stuff. >> yes, it is. absolutely. aim one of the area managers here. it is amazing to be able to be part of just leading the team to fulfilling all these
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amazing customer orders and making dreams happen for this holiday season. >> we have been touring this facility. we are trying to show the viewers and our anchors how it all works but it is hard to understand. can you break down the process for us, people at home participating in cyber monday they click by and then what happens here. >> what we do here is very simple. it is something, it is as simple as comes in the door, we put it on the shelf, someone wants something we take it off and ship it out the door. amazon is just good at doing that as fast as possible. now you can see we have gotten to the point where we can have robotics and humans work together to make this whole thing better for at associates , better for customers and making this whole thing great. >> reporter: 4,000 people work here. we understand 5,000 including seasonal workers. this is a really wig production but this is something you said you have been preparing all year for this day. >> oh, absolutely like right in the beginning of the january, after the last years
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super bowl, we're back in the play books making things ready for next year. it is amazing scene, thousands of people coming together with one mission, filling these order and making dreams happen and having it all come together beautifully. >> reporter: thank you so much thinks amazon's super bowl. we are ready for our own eagles super bowl. you i have lived in philadelphia a little while. how are you feeling about the bird. >> this is very exciting. thinks our year. >> this is our year and we are feeling it. mike and alex, we will send it back to youy still find it fascinating how they do that. >> thanks, jenny. >> can i go back to the, well, can i go back to this real quickly here. >> we cannot stop talking about megan markle. >> she was married before to a producer out in los angeles. they were married for two years. they started to break up. thinks how i imagined it went in the living room as they are breaking up. megan, rachel whatever the heck your name is you'll never find somebody better then me.
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you'll never fine somebody better than me mr. producer guy. is she getting her revenge or what she's marrying a prince. >> she dated someone in between who was a high profile person before. she may not do too shabby. she knows what she wants. there she is. yes. >> yes. >> we dent know their story. we will get more details. >> i don't know. >> that is why they said earlier this month, was it at thanksgiving, when dit actually happen. we will have to find out. >> is what your favorite restaurant say it right now. >> taco bell. fast food, right. >> no, your favor restaurant, do you love your favorite restaurant that you would name your child, your new born child after that restaurant. well, this couple loved going to olive garden, the guy's name is justin. so he said this on twitter, we spent first part of our lives loving olive garden and now we spend rest of our lives loving
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olivia garton. their last name is garton. >> um-hmm. >> but they named her kid olivia. >> it is beautiful, great and funny, italian baby, i love it >> they will eat, eat forever. >> olive garden better come in and make this happen, free bread sticks in the just for lunch because those bread sticks are good. >> one of my favorite places are el ves, evves jerrick. >> you don't have any j's. >> your daughters both start with j. >> that restaurant, is good, and, jessica and jill, both start with j. >> keep that going. >> any j restaurants in town. >> we have to do some research >> jim's steaks. >> jim's steaks jerrick. >> jim jerrick. >> yes. >> i like that place double k not, double knot jerrick.
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>> that is not a j. >> so some concerns about ticklin your kid this morning a lot of people do when you see babies you want to make them smile and laugh you tickle them. >> i tickle my kid every day, it is a little bit part of the torture when you get them and they cannot getaway and they squirm and they hate it and love it they say stop but they are laughing. >> no, no, if i can get anything done in my life it is the stopping of tickling little kid against their will. >> i'm guessing you didn't like this scene in liar, liar. >> it took me back. >> nothing can stop the claw. >> run, boy, run, save yourself. >> i knew somebody was going to do research on this because when i was growing up i had four sisters and i still do because they would pin me down and tickle me merciless even they i had said i can't
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breathe, i beg you stop, i cannot breathe and to this day when they see me when we have family reunions they will say, it is mr., i can't breathe, i can't breathe. here's the research. psychological reactions as humor. >> the same as humor. >> that is positive. >> what is the issue. >> we can look like we are having a great time but instead we are suffering inside, experts say tickling does not create a pleasure feeling but instead just gives the appearance of a good time when in reality, we're being these kid. >> put this story out and send it to them. >> i plan to do that. >> it is so much fun. you want to be tickled up to a point. that is the truth with everything. you want to be able to let them breathe and have a space to get away and they come back and you get them in. >> karen's an avid tickler.
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>> but when i'm screaming, i cannot breathe, please stop, you would think they with stop >> you cannot tickle yourself, and i always say you know it is coming. >> i have tried. >> it is like a super mom power only person that can tickle me is my mom and when my kid try to tickle me they cannot. you cannot tickle me because you came from me. your mom can tickle you but they cannot tickle me. >> what? >> you try this. >> the rules of tickling with karen hepp. >> you cannot tickle yourself. i'm in the making that part up >> god, i hate that. >> it is a flash back, all these years later i cannot stand it. >> the claw. >> nobody can take the claw. >> getaway from my karen you are out of your mine. i hate being punched in the side it is not a punch it is a
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poke. >> i don't know a difference between a punch and a poke these days. >> while he is getting himself together. >> don't touch me. >> let's talk about this tree cutting ceremony, because these are certainty of agriculture is visiting this years grand champion christmas tree farm, it kutztown tree and big ceremony and, stop the season, right, people picking out their trees. >> thomas drayton is in his lumber man t-shirt, or cute flannel shirt, hi there, tomorrow as. >> i think thinks mike's off. >> audio. >> is that a little mini saw he has. >> he looks like jay son. >> turn your mike upside down. >> we can see saw you. >> he looked great.
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>> new hampshire flannel on there. >> we saw him. >> we saw him. >> do you got me now. >> we hear you now. >> oh, my gosh, all because of this thing right here that little battery, darn it, i put tonight my pocket. i showed you this, what looks like a large butter knife but carving knife. i went to chop it down tree farm. i didn't realize they didn't have saws provided. so i had this in my car left over from thanksgiving. what is supposed to take you two to three minutes took me over an however to cut down the tree. i put it on the roof of my car i went down the highway and the bad boy flew off on the side of the road. anyway, you don't have to worry about that at spruce goose tree farm in burlington county. my new friend john benton good morning to you. >> welcome to the farm. >> 15,000 trees here on 10 acres. >> yes, plenty of trees,
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plenty of supply, lots of different species of theresa veilable, douglas fur, canadian fur, blue spruce, norway spruce, white pine,. >> like forest gump here, you have this, and that. >> eight different tines of trees here. that is a what. >> light burr. >> this would be. >> that is a white fur you can tell i don't my trees here. eight different types. fifteen you this to choose from. what you do you will come out and help them with the process chopping down the tree. >> we provide everything you need, a saw, wagon, we shake trees, we net trees and we load and tied them up. >> this is an ward winning farm. >> yes, we won the new jersey grand champion tree, it is middlesex county fair this past summer and new jersey christmas tree growers association competition, best of the best, basically they come out, look at size, conditions of the trees and find nothing but the best here
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>> we will cut this down. when you come out here you will basically you provide them with the saw, correct. >> yes. >> what you will want to do is >> all you do is cut the tree straight across the bottom. >> hold this and put my might into this. >> just go back and forth. >> this is a douglas fur, one of the most popular species that we have. >> this would go for 55 to 60 bucks. >> this would be $55. >> we will donate this one to charity so it does not go to waste there. you are located with. >> in chesterfield, new jersey just outside bordentown in chesterfield, great on route 545. >> if you cannot find perfect tree here you will not find it anywhere, mike, alex and karen >> i have so many questions, and wheat get to them later. do those trees have 24,000 bucks and we have learn that karen hepp is allergic to live
9:22 am
christmas tree. >> one and only allergy when you are decorating them. >> so, of course, we bring in a tree. >> come closer. >> i got something for you. >> lets go to delco where jen is. more madness where jen is, it is a party. >> so, she has been here since 6:30 painting this we will see the final in about a half an hour but of course we cannot do anything without our favorite choir from pen crest.
9:23 am
i'll take that. hey, l'eggo my eggo. i don't see your name on it. really? ba bam! know the rules. keep your eggo. l'eggo my eggo. okay.
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♪ >> look at the open tree tops. >> the sunlight. >> aloft people were skiing this weekend. >> is there already snow we can see it on the ground. this is shawnee mountain ski area. we will get weather in 15 seconds with sue with a guest
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it is 9:26. the camera is at addison high, so i will just bend over, a little bit. meet eight year-old addison miller. >> addison is going to be our guest weather presenter today and you're eight years old and you go what school. >> saint catherine. >> in the northeast. >> um-hmm. >> so she will be at school, teachers, just a little bit late because your mom and dad won this opportunity, for you at a benefit for a laid hoy used to be your baby-sitter, um-hmm. >> benefit to help her medical expenses. they want, they are helping your baby-sitter and you will be on tv right now. are you ready to do weather. >> um-hmm. >> before that i understand
9:27 am
you watched eagles game yesterday. >> um you what did you think. >> i think they did good. >> you think they do. >> do you think they will go to the super bowl. >> um-hmm. >> you love to cheer you are a cheerleader. >> um-hmm. >> can we do an eagles cheer. >> yes. >> ready. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, go eagles. >> yes. >> yes. >> now, i will step out so you can be in the spotlight, miss addison and i want you to tell me what the weather going to be like today. >> monday. >> manor today will be sunny, breezy, 53. >> that is right. >> what about tomorrow, will it be milder. >> it will be sunny, nice, 58. how about wednesday, it will be sunny, nice, 60. >> and then thursday, cooler. >> yes, sunny and cooler, 54. and when will it rain. >> friday. >> what about saturday and sunday looking good. >> it is mostly sunny saturday
9:28 am
and it is 51. and sunday it will be mostly sunny, and then 53. >> are you sure you are only eight. >> adorable. >> lets hear it for addison, can you take a bow. >> very good. >> thanks, mom and dad for the opportunity for addison and congratulations you are now officially a superstar. >> wow. >> nicely done. >> thanks, laid is. >> so cute, i love it. 9:28. are you sick of the left overs are you still eating left overs. >> i love them. >> but you want to switch it up do something different. we will show you where you can get best, unique sushi in our area, mike. >> some of the biggest rolls unique sushi. >> most transformative way not your very traditional looking sushi. >> but that is our show right jen? >> absolutely, we're in delaware county in media where the shopping is always great, always small business saturday
9:29 am
here. >> year round, you can come in for small business saturday, every single day of the week, you know, much better to find these small shops when it is not shoulder to shoulder crowd ed. >> you can escape as well, we have a delaware county escape
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>> do you have try this, i'm so stuffed as you are with turkey and mashed potato. we need to clean our pallets today. so, i've invited bin in, binuen in is that correct? >> that's correct. >> i've gill you her handle. look at this, this is what she
9:33 am
is famous for. she has studied the art of sushi in the delaware vale, even taken courses in it, this is unique sushi, i bet you've never had. welcome to "good day" philadelphia. >> thank you. i'm happy to be here. >> nice to have you here. >> yes, i'm glad we're talking about something other than turk. >> i oh,. >> we switch to fish, because i've been eating turkey for the past three days. >> i know. let's cleanse ourselves. all of us on the staff love sure. >> i that looks like a donut. >> not sure if you had breakfast yet, it is early in the morning, we start you off with a sushi donut. >> what do we have? >> sushi, so the base is made out of white sushi rice. and then there are sesame seeds, avacado, salmon, tuna. >> where did you get this. >> kai japanese cuisin locate in the center sit. >> i i have to try it. >> delicious, another
9:34 am
transformative way to eat the sushi roll. >> i love it. >> if you love to go on adventure tasting. >> you talk about adventurous, this is the biggest sushi roll i've ever seen in my life. where is that from? >> so this is called a sushi burito. this is from high street kitchen. >> i've had it. >> eighteenth and chestnut. >> yes. >> that's gorgeous. >> specific one called the slamming salmon. >> okay, it is beautiful. >> salmon, tons of good stuff. >> what's that. >> poke bowl, which i believe you have tried before. >> i've done that one, too, basically sushi dinner in a bowl. >> yes. so, i mean, look at this, this is like over a pound. >> what's in there? >> octopus, salmon, tuna, crab meat, there is a spicy glaze soy on the top. >> crispy rice. >> pod's been around 20 years,
9:35 am
i think. >> yes. >> over there university city? >> yes, exactly. >> is that where you learned about sushi? >> that's where i actually learned how to make my first sushi roll. they had a sushi class, it was called sushi school. and they taught you how to roll and all of that fun stuff. >> cast that? >> that's called spicy tuna crispy rice. so the base is rice. they fried it. so you have to try it. >> all right. >> topped with spicy tuna and jalapino. >> now, next up the last one here, something i've never heard of. >> looks like a hamburger. >> it is everything would you get in a burger, except in sushi form, sushi buryinger. >> what's the up? >> the bun is the white rice. the meat, there is a steak tartar, also spicy tune, a spicy crab, avacado, and fried onions, so it is filled with goodness. i think you're going to have to try this one. >> by the way, what's your handle in case people want to get ahold of you?
9:36 am
>> so for my sushi lovers sushi under score sushi on instagram, where i'm constantly posting the latest mouth watering sushi. >> so this is cold. >> yes. >> yes, and it should be. >> uh-huh. >> this is why you're called the sushi queen. >> yes, i mean, i'm self proclaimed sushi queen. >> that's fine. >> so do you have try t let me know how it tastes. >> that's fantastic. >> i'm tasting tartar. tuna. >> yes. >> i also taste beef little birds. >> seeds steak tartar. and there is also the crunchy tell poor a. you get a lot of texture with that. >> oh, my god. sushi queen? i love you. >> i love you too. we love sushi. >> thank you very much. >> your welcome. >> that was fantastic. have you ever done soul train line? dancing? >> no, i think so, i might have. well, the soul train awards
9:37 am
were last night. and it was something special! we will play some highlight for you after the sorry. i can't make it.
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it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> save onward robe expense when you don't have to wear a shirt. >> his name is tank. yes, it is. >> so, this is from this year's soul train awards aired last night, celebrate r&b and soul music. so, everyone, well, you would be surprised. you never know.
9:41 am
>> she was host, more than just on. but, everyone talking about the fact she was kneeling in solidarity with colin kaepernick, a lot of people, i believe stevie wonder did this at concert, where he kneeled, snow is becoming a thing. audience members also raised their fists and sign of unicent, then closed out with addition, also president drum before getting into the awards. so, the star of the night, though, apparently was toni braxton. >> okay? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i love this song. he wasn't man enough for me. look at her go. go, toni braxton. all right, now. so, she took home the don done cornelius legendary award, also starting the speculation when a lot of people noticed big rock on her left hand, like oh, oh, because you know,
9:42 am
she's been dating birdman. now they're saying maybe they got married? what? >> she and birdman, i just don't -- i just don't see those two together. >> i used to have this single, you know, used to buy the cd's of the single, instrumental, and over and over, i loved it. >> toni braxton never ages, either. man she, looks good. >> you know i thought was funny, she was in the black and her dancers in the silver, normally toni braxton would want to be in the silver and her other dancers in the black. she is an amazing woman. >> jen still? delco, i don't believe she is coming home. >> what? no. >> there is no reason to come home. let's hear you guys, come on, the pen krass bands is here. so there is no reason for me to leave delaware county ever.
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9:45 am
>> we started the hour, your choice here for our eagles touchdown celebrations, which was your favorite? p>> yes, strike a post. you got the bowling, which i love, you got the baseball from a few weeks ago, and then you got the -- >> electric slide line dancing. >> the line dancing, electric slide. >> the final counselor, bowling came up little bit. but the electric slide is your
9:46 am
choice for favorite celebration, maybe have to bring it back. >> so much fun. i just love that their team ensemble, just everyone having fun, and you just know teams do well. i remember back in the day, donovan mcnabb having fun, when the team was doing well. >> that's right. >> every week with carson like they're having fun, having great time. firing on all cylinders. >> look already we are again. >> all over again. except i think the team is closer, like you said. >> yearn having great time in delco. >> if you want to have fun, in their sweet kitchen, michelle, i have to say, first of all, thank you so much. >> you have tolerated us since 4:00 a.m. >> more than tolerated. >> this has been so much fun. you can come back again next week. >> you love media so much, you're going to let me go talk to another restaurants your?
9:47 am
>> absolutely, when we opened our restaurant, all of the other restaurant owners came in, welcomed us, and it is an amazing place to do business. >> all right. this is mac and cheese? >> yes, table side mac and cheese. new menu starts from december 1st. >> okay. tell me what's in it? >> this one, parmesian cheese, cheddar cheese. >> plaque and cheesey make at my house, looks like garbage compared to that. >> oh, my gosh. but, hey. >> all right. is it normally this loud in your kitchen? >> of course it is, i know, i know. >> al morning long you've been painting, first of all this is
9:48 am
beautiful. tell me this is? >> thank you so much. this is the good day in philadelphia, and people cheering, and so i wanted to show -- you. >> say it is everyone very happy and looking out on the city of philadelphia. >> yes, this is the most iconic view of philadelphia, looking from the museum of art museum. >> i love it. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> beautiful. thank you, thank you, thank you. you guys are leaving? >> you're so loud. and now you're leaving? >> are you breaking up with me? is delaware county breaking up with me? michelle? >> coy still come here and eat all of the food whenever i want? >> we want very long relationship with you, we want you to come again and again and again. >> how much food did our photographer eat? >> i think he had seven of our entrees maybe, was it seven? >> mike, great relationship, we hang out a little bit whether we're not here. you know, at work, it is sort
9:49 am
of like how the philadelphia eagles are getting along, malcolm jenkins says they're just loving life right now. special, i think guys are enjoying the process every week. and so we will get here sundays, game time, you know, we cut it loose, we work hard, so we feel like we deserve at least the least we can do is have fun out there. >> i just love all of the segways, i don't actually watch. >> you do watch the eagles. >> get back in the kitchen. you're done. she is done. come on, now. again, thank you so much, delaware county. >> i have to say, karen, alex, and mike, what's your name again, mike? >> it is mike. >> go to my instant story. and you'll see people begging for bob kelly. people begging for sue serio. people begging for mike g the camera guy.
9:50 am
>> we want jen. >> we want jen. >> oh, except for michelle. seriously, they love every member of our team. yes. >> that's great. >> it is amazing. >> thank you so much for coming back. i can't even thank you enough. >> apparently she cannot thank you enough. jen, great job. >> thank you. >> six hours out there. did you notice this? i used to watch glee all the time. and there is this nia rivera. she was on the show. >> one of the stars of glee. >> man, she got in trouble. she has a mugshot. >> more than trouble. she got arrested over the weekend. >> not bad looking mugshot apparently. >> not looking at the camera, though. >> oh, lord.
9:51 am
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9:54 am
>> so this was casino every shocking for a lot of people, she a glee star. >> she was arrested for domestic battery. nia charged with misdemeanor after a fight with her husband, ryan dorsey. >> well, police charged her with domestic battery, after she allegedly hit her husband, ryan in the head. and right in the face. cut his lip. the incident reportedly happened while they were taking their two year olson, for a walk. so ryan told police about the assault, and even had cell
9:55 am
phone video video of it hang, released on bonds pick up at the courthouse by her father-in-law. >> in west virginia so i think she was, there he's from there, then you know her ex, big sean. >> big sean. >> he tweeted out i told you all. he tweeted out a video that the person was saying i told you so. >> oh, i wonder if issues of big sean, if this is a thing. >> but she was pick up from the pokey by his dad. >> she is in west virginia, whatever. the family, can't just love her there. >> the mother of his child, right? >> i'm not picking you up. uber. >> grandpa left, my family all left, but he is watching right now, hi, grand am they made it back to texas safely. we had great time. great trip. and we didn't take any good-bye pictures this time because it is not good-bye, we will see each other later.
9:56 am
had great time saturday at the sixers game. >> oh,. >> this was my grandfather's first nba game. we couldn't believe it. like really? he's like no, i've never been you. >> got him down on the court? >> just for a picture. right back up into the stands. so we got him all dressed out in his sixers swag, trusting the process, i said, grand parks do you have trust the process, that's what we say here, all big sixers fans. so when you really trust the process you know what can ham? >> what? >> you actually get to meet the process? joel embiid? >> yes. grandpa got to meet joel embiid. i don't think i've seen him smile that big, i can't remember the last time. he never smiled that big for my. joel embiid didn't get the smiling memo. >> but embiid never smiles, and he's proud of that. >> he likes to give that face. >> so thank you everyone who sent nice messages, we went to new hope, a lot of fun stuff. until next time. so i'm little sad. >> he's great. what a great attitude he has. >> seven years -- 87 years old. >> beautiful grand caughter.
9:57 am
>> thank you, mike you. >> know i'm kind of on zested when this this time of year, the little debbie christmas tree snack. your favorite. >> not ever producing it ever again. >> no. >> yes. >> so, one of our viewers sent in, she went as that snack. >> oh. look at that, that's great. >> thanks, kelly. >> how many have you had? >> oh, equal amount. >> kelly? >> you're looking like a snack. >> (laughing). >> literally. >> literally. >> so, hey, today was a fun show, mondays are normally hard, but i thought this was real nice and fun. >> so let's do it again tomorrow. what do you say? no? >> tuesday's. >> forget that then. >> philly dill i. >> philly dill i. >> oh, my god. have a good day everyone.
9:58 am
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