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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 28, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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loose. day of relaxation turns into a nightmare for hundreds of women including at lee one in our area. victim shares her terrifying story, after a trip to massage envy. plus royal family just got bigger as you know prince harry and meghan markle well, her real first name is rachel, i don't know if you know this or not but they got engaged. >> really. >> i haven't heard. >> yeah. >> their story has caught peoples attention. >> really. apparently some eagles players have taken an interest in this story as well, even our eagles , good day, it is november 28th, 2017. now this is a new suit. >> i was going to say, lou great. >> thank you. >> i had it fitted a month and a half ago and now it is busting at the seems because i'm bloated and i put on wait over thanksgiving, so i promised myself yesterday i will eat properly and it is
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national french toast day to day. what are we doing. we are bringing in french toast from all over today and we are supposed to eat it which i'm happy to do so i'm starting this diet tomorrow. is what your go to french toast place. >> don't you say that every day i'm starting it tomorrow. >> i have said that for 30 years. >> you should be like me and wear loose things. >> just go tunicks. >> i need a mumu. >> if you send us a picks door or where you go for french toast use the #fox 29 good day >> sue, i know you love french toast. >> who doesn't. >> my dad doesn't actually. >> he should be deported. >> we will help you out with french toast, plenty of us around. you know what today's number is. >> a 10. >> yes. >> wait did this get upgraded wasn't it nine. >> thank you for watching at 4:00 a.m. then i change my mind. i had nine at 4:00 and by 4:30
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i said what the heck it will be a 10 even though it is cold to start, bus stop budd which his plate of french toast this morning as well all ready to go, with his warm coat on as well because it is 37 degrees in the city and a little bit of a wind chill feels like 33, sunrise time 7:00 o'clock on the dot, planning out your day , another chilly start, we will be at 40 at 9:00 o'clock and lots of sunshine, taking us by 55 by lunchtime, high of 60. we will a milder afternoon but still a short day with sunset time 4:37 p.m., love those short days, of almost winter, bob kelly. >> short stack of french toe, everybody slap butter, syrup on there, live look, westbound right here near city line starting to see volume popping up. we have a disable crane on sixth street, new we don't have our camera there yet mike and alex but i'm thinking this is what it looks like, a
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disable crane here sixth street blocked between race and arch which is right there in front of the national constitution center. so anyone coming south, past what is that franklin square there where they have lights lit up, you want to use fourth or eighth street and it will give us a delay for anybody over ben franklin bridge because when you loop around in front of the lightening bolt that is where close another is, so give yourself some extra time on the bennie, it will be out there until 8:00, our news van on the way, we will take you there, and we are a few spots over here short in lindenwald construction in the parking lot at lindenwald high speed line train station, we will make things tight for folks through friday, otherwise mass transit looking good, mike and alex, back over to you. well, a driver hits two people and then leaves them badly injured in the street, a hit and run. >> the driver also left behind evidence, and we are hoping it will help them catch them and steve keeley at the scene now,
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steve. >> reporter: you can see how dangerous this is in this spot where this happened in front of the wawa. you have got a curve and a hill, so these drivers, headlights, that is direction, that this hit and run driver was going and if you are going 45 miles an hour which is speed limit or maybe above that you only will have a couple seconds to see anyone crossing the street, crossing the street or even the light you bet are be hussein bolt because you don't have time getting over there with these drivers coming over that curve we can see police had street shut down 10 hours ago at quarter after 8:00. they were on the scene. what they have found were pieces that told them this was a 1997 ford pick up, and with the pieces, witnesses and surveillance video they have learned that this pickup truck where driver stopped and got out, had a ladder rack on its back, two tone in color, maroon and gray or tan, they could not see in the darkness
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and missing its passenger side mirror found in the street along with the passenger side head lamp glass which broke off during impact, alex and mike. >> be careful, folks. we have had so many type of stories over last six months or so. lets get to this two alarm fire that swept through a vacant home overnight in delaware county. multiple fire departments were call to the scene to put out flames. officials say it started around 2:30 at an abandoned home on the 400 block of bickley place. nobody injured. nobody in the house. two fire fighters had minor injuries, they were taken to the hospital. and blind old man targeted by a robber happened on sunday at 2:30 in the after noon. this is as he walked out of the unit block of glendale man caught up to him beat him and robbed him. paramedics transported victim to delaware county memorial hospital where he underwent surgery for a broken femur.
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>> this was a vicious, violent , sadistic attack for no reason other than pure simple robbery. the guy that did it, i call him a scum bag. he is a predator. he noise good. we need to take him off the street we have to get him off the street. >> if you have any information please call the upper darby police. a day of relaxation turns into a nightmare so for hundreds of women including at lee one in our area speaking out about this and this is a very popular massage place. there are 26 different locationness our area a lot of women and men go there. >> yeah. >> to get massages and treatments. >> a lot of women. buzz is report ago this close to 200 women have said that they were sexually a ultimate sad by employees at massage envy is a cross the country. >> massage therapist who work at west chester spa is serving more than six years in prison for sexual assault. chester county prosecutors say james deeter has been linked to nine victims. susan ingram said she received
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several deep tissue massage from his deeter with no problems including blind sid ing attack that happened back in may 2015. >> i didn't understand me any more, i was confused why i didn't fight back, i was& feeling shame, which i understand from lots of therapy is very common. >> massage envy's corporate offices issued a statement that read in part each of these incidents are heart breaking for us and for franchise that he is operate massage envy locations. we will never stop looking for ways to help our franchises provide a safe environment at massage envy franchise locations. susan will join us in the 7:00 y to discuss her experience and really tried to raise aware ness. >> susan, the person you saw there in that quick tease story. well, still ahead the president of the united states honor navaho code talkers but then jokes about pocahontas in front of all of them. the backlash coming up.
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taking a look at philadelphia international airport it looks busy there, things starting off. >> oh, yeah, people flying westbound, would i think this time of the day. >> 6:10. >> l.a. gym picking up pieces after a truck came crashing through the wall. >> camera captured the violent crash on sunday, the truck was airborne at one point, wow, as it came all the way into the building. police say driver lost control no kidding. because of a medical condition he was not seriously hurt, gym employees say a exercise class had just ended before the crash. >> thank goodness it just ended. >> well, yeah. 6:10. coming up new study shows our area is home to most dangerous road in the country. >> we knew that. >> we will tell you where, i'm sure you can guess before you start your morning commute. >> yes we have known that for 20, 25 years. doug pederson busts out
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laughing during yesterday's press conference, so, what was so funny. live look at the freeway heading toward philly we are seeing volume here but coming in philly over bennie could be a problem this morning as we looking live from philly international platt bridge. grab a cup of coffee we will be right back. if your skin had a wash tag
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you know, i don't watch these live tv shows, i watched grease but i find them boring but this one i will watch. no, i do. >> thanks for being honest. >> this one i will watch because i loved a christmas story and i want to see it live on tv it is curiosity you want to see how they will do it. >> would i like to see it in person but i'm not allowed to do that. we here at fox you get your chance to see christmas story live at warner brothers studios in los angeles burbank , california, the prize includes airline flights, two nights in a hotel, transportation, all you have to do is go to our web site
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fox and the rules are right there for the contest. >> get your chance to go to l.a. because we were supposed to go to the eagles game and now that is not happening. >> that was back on but now nfl will move it to the night game, prime time game so that preincluded us. >> excuses, sue. >> 6:15. >> if you get tickets i'll go. >> i could not get tickets last night for sixers. >> why don't we just talk about the weather. they are talking about the weather. sorry. we have jet stream to our north, we have cold air, staying to our north which means we have got a nice weather pattern with milder temperatures going on, it is clear sky on radar, boy, just a nice stretch of weather here our next chance of rain, not today, not tomorrow, thursday and it looks like a quick shower maybe after 8:00 o'clock in the evening, moves on through a couple
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snowflakes in the mountains and then it gets us back to average temperatures. so for today and testimony we should above average but it is cold now 28 in allentown. twenty-six mount pocono. thirty-one millville. thirty-two in wildwood. not much wind to talk about. yesterday's high in philadelphia was 54, today we will beat that with a high of 60. sixty tomorrow as well, talk about the showers thursday into friday so back to seasonal temperatures but it looks like a very nice first weekend of december, bob kelly , how sit looking on the roads. >> not that bad 6:16. sue, good morning. everybody getting up, moving around, you know what else moves around, overnight, elf moves around. started dipping in my krimpets , chris crime pets. okay. >> sorry bob. >> crinkle instead of chris crinkle, it is chris krimpets.
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>> get it. >> yes. >> now is he sitting down or relieving himself. >> he is sitting down. >> in the morning overnight they move. when folks get up in the morning reminding everybody that the elf need to move, hint. accident front and olney in the neighborhood. we have a camera on the way but here's what i think crane looks like a disable crane. >> bob, you who your mine. >> right between race and arch >> is there a toy crane at sixth and -- >> we are trying to get our camera over there. it looks like a tonka crane. >> it is kind of far from our location here. >> yes. >> you might want to use fourth or eighth. >> and new jersey transit bows work their way over bennie will have some delays as well. south on the boulevard, heavy from the kelly drive down through schuylkill as we start that rush out of town on the schuylkill, mike and alex, back to you. i will start listening, right now.
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6:17. >> here's some news for those traveling through bensalem, new report says country's most dangerous intersection is in bucks county, a chicago law firm's report appeared in time magazine claiming intersection of the knights road and street road is the most dangerous. survey analyzed data from 2003 through 2012 and in that time that intersection has seen seven fatal crashes. experts blame high traffic, poor signage, aggressive driving and other factors. >> the most dangerous in the country. >> knights road and street road. >> people were thinking of the roosevelt boulevard because there are so many accidents. >> street and knights road. >> 6:18. there is buzz over comments from the president while honoring navaho code talkers in an event in the oval office. >> the president used what some consider a racial slur to take a shot at democratic senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts referring to her by a certain nickname that he
6:19 am
gave her, while on the campaign trail, pocahontas. the navaho nation has released a statement saying the prejudice that tribal nations continue to face is unfor the nate. >> you have very, very special people. you were here long before anyone of us were here although we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time, they call her pocahontas. but you know what, i like because you are special. you are special. >> president trump said that he gave elizabeth warren the nickname because she claimed to have some american-indian an zestry. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders told reporters that it is warren's claims that are offensive, the president pointed them out in
6:20 am
front of the world and these world war two code talkers was appropriate. 6:20. >> maybe some day we can explain what the code talkers did. >> we can do that later in the show how about that. >> very important. meanwhile minnesota democrat senator al franken said he won't step down, four women accused the senator of touching them in a prep eighth ly at campaign events. they surfaced after a los angeles radio host said franken forcibly kissed her during a tour 11 years ago and grabbed her chest while she slept. instead of resigning franken says he wants to build back trust. >> he says he will start doing that today because he is keeping his job. >> he will still cooperate with the investigation. >> so. albeit internal possibly, yeah he says he is a cowboys fan but could lebron james be
6:21 am
jumping ship? who he says his new favorite player is. >> is this after playing last night in philadelphia after wells fargo certainty. >> le bronze james and calves were at wells fargo center did we come close to beating them. >> no.
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good morning i'm kristin rodgers. eagles heading west to take on a experienced seattle team and rising rams in l.a., a stretch doug pederson says is crucial for the bird. >> great test for us in the month of december, teams need to be playing their best football and it will be a great opportunity for our guys , to start something and continue what we have begun hopefully this week during this stretch. >> sixers/calves fourth quarter cavilers in control, lebron james 11 with joel embiid, hits long two here, calves take down sixers 113-91 >> we need to pressure. we need to be more active and disruptive and they need to feel us and they didn't.
6:25 am
that is first thing that comes to my mind in how you can still play our style. >> flyers/penguins in overtime sidney crosby scores for penguins, flyers, now their eighth straight game without a win, that is sports in a minute. i'm kristin rodgers. back to the sixers, lebron james was asked before the game how he kind of compared some of the sportswriter what do you think of ben simmons like they were comparing the two. >> they are saying ben simmons could be the next lebron. >> lebron didn't want to hear. that he faced them all last night, comes out firing. ben simmons, we loved him, but he sprained his ankle he has a sprained ankle now. sixers looked scared to death. easy for me to say. >> they missed 25, three's, that is almost unheard of. they were tight. they are still in the process of the process.
6:26 am
>> they are learning. >> we're still growing. >> i don't have much time left , i want to get this going >> so last night after the game they didn't just talk to lebron about basketball and ben simmons. >> they knew better to ask him about ben simmons after he faced him so they went to football and said hey, lebron, who is your favorite football team. i like the cowboys. but there is this. >> my favorite player is carson wentz. i told my brother that early in the season that i just love the way he plays the game . >> who wouldn't say that. who doesn't like the way he plays the game. it is not breaking news. >> fact that he is a cowboys fan and giving props to the an eagles player. >> did i mentioned the sixers missed 25, three's. >> yes. >> and we're still trusting the process, sue. >> indeed. >> our process is a number of
6:27 am
day to day's number is 10, we will tell you why coming up, lauren. good morning to you, sue the police chief here in upper darby township has strong word for a suspect who violently beat a legally blind man on sunday we will have details after the ♪ this holiday season, my good friend gave to me... ♪ ♪ 7 powerball tickets, 6 match 6 chances, ♪ ♪ 5 cash 5s! 4 cash4lifes, ♪ ♪ 3 pick 3s, 2 mega millions. ♪ happy holidays, rita! thanks, joe! what a great gift! pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts. like the new merry millions. happy holidays! ♪ and best wishes from the lottery. ♪
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how you can help next. new details about that massive, fire, at a senior living home was there foul play? doug pederson bursts out laughing, during yesterday's press conference? what was so funny there. he just kept going. >> dougiep. >> dougie fresh. >> good day everybody it is november 28th, 2017. >> i'm really liking this suit >> are you. >> vibrant, look at that. >> it is electric blue. >> it brings out your eyes. >> i have bright blue eyes. >> it makes your eyes look bright. >> they are in the bloodshot. >> well, a little bit. >> oh, don't, don't. >> i asked for that, seriously
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>> please. >> sue, please take ate way. >> sometimes that is all it takes. >> happy holidays, happy holidays. >> stop, stop. >> who is that, because they all sound the same. >> johnny mathis. >> when you go like this it has got to be sammy. >> that is why i'm confused they are all of the same, all of his impressions. >> why do i keep laughing at this. >> i don't know french toast day hopefully you didn't spit out your french toast, dress warmly wind chills in the 20's and 30's, 37 degrees but feels like 33, we are half an hour away at sunrise time at 7:00 and we will have a beautiful day, with shortened day, 55 by lunchtime and 60- degree high temperature, sunset at 4:37, 101.1 more fm is our radio partner. you will get the forecast again on the radio plus
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christmas music too, bob kelly >> 6:31, everybody back at it, live look at 422 eastbound between collegeville and king of prussia picking it up a notch hitting the breaks toward king of prussia, coming in from south jersey 42 freeway, again volume popping between black horse pike and the approach to the walt whitman bridge, an accident at front and olney, watch for police on the scene there. septa bus could be on the detour as well, traffic lights out, boulevard at old lincoln highway, causing delays for folks trying to get in the turnpike interchange there at philadelphia bensalem interchange and that disabled crane sixth street is closed between race and arch, right there, alongside of the national constitution center, and anybody that comes off of the vine street expressway and tries to come into olde city will be forced over on to race and use fourth or eighth street to get into downtown, mike and alex, back to you. >> that is how i came into work today. >> right here.
6:33 am
>> camera is on the way i'm trying to give an idea, this is how i envision it, my tonka crane at home. >> thank you for your vision. >> at this particular time we have mailed the camera over there, so it will be a few days. >> from the ben franklin post officey saw the horse. >> nation's first powe office, yes. >> we should be over maybe on friday. >> search is on for a driver who struck two people right in the mid many of the street. >> before the driver pulled away police say he stopped briefly to see what he had done so he knows he struck two people and still decided to drive off, steve. >> that is right. >> reporter: you have to wonder if the driver would have been charged if he just stayed by because look at how dangerous this place is. this is where it happened here fillmont avenue better known as where the wawa is on street road right on a curve, right on a hill. you can see as the cars are coming at you head lights those cars are slowing down to
6:34 am
go to this light but when you have the light speed limit is 45 miles an hour that gives you one and a half two seconds at most to see anybody running across the street and remember thinks quarter after 8:00, it is dark out, we don't know if the folks were wearing dark clothes or not but you can get a sense of how fast cars are going in morning rush hour traffic but what they are looking for is a two toned, 1997 ford pick up that had a ladder rack on the back, it is maroon, gray, maroon and tan the person that got outlooked to be about 30 years old a black male about 6-foot one, but it has been 10 plus hours since they searched for this truck an good thing that they have is evidence is the passenger side mirror got torn off during impact and passenger side front lens of the headlight was broken apart so that is how they could tell make and model with the witness descriptions,al he can and mike. >> come on, somebody you know who did this.
6:35 am
6:34. two alarm fire swept through a vacant home in delaware county multiple fire departments were called to the scene to put out flames there, that is what nair officials do. officials say it started around 2:30 at an abandoned home on the 400 block of bickley place. couple fire fighters had minor injuries and went to the hospital but then left almost immediately after getting some bandages put on. 6:35. another senseless act of violence, a blind man was target. >> ridiculous, lauren's in the upper darby police department right now. lauren. >> you know michael chitwood the police chief here never mi nces word. he has choice word for the person responsible for this violent, vicious attack. it was sunday around 2:30 in the afternoon a seven five-year old man hoist a creature of habit. he was just walking. this routine he had could have cost him his safety.
6:36 am
someone attack the man from behind leaving the 69th street station. he was then to the ground violently beaten and then the attacker took his cash, hundred dollars, a flip phone and backpack. man was left on the ground suffering in silence because the attack left him with a broken leg and injured hip. >> this was a vicious, violent , sadistic attack for no reason other than pure simple robbery. the guy that did it is a scum bag, a predator, no good, and we need to take him off the street. we have to take him off the street. >> reporter: so the chief is asking for public's help, he said basically we have nothing last night they were back on the scene of the attack hoping to track down surveillance video in that area they also went back to 69th street station looking for video. they are trying to see if that man was followed get this, the victim told the chief he was always so afraid to walk through west philadelphia that
6:37 am
is yes took the train, el, so many times never did he imagine upper darby would be the place he would be a victim of such violence. >> somebody had to have scene this, in the middle of the afternoon, all right lauren, 6:37. massage becomes a nightmare for dozens of women who said help were sexually a ultimate sad. local woman spoke to us about what happened when she went for a massage at massage envy in west chester. here she is. >> i was thinking i was going to be raped or strangled. i felt presence of evil. >> masseuse, who assaulted susan ingram was convicted and serving more than six years in prison. he was linc to the sexual assault of nine women. susan, women speaking just a second ago will join us in the studio in the 7:00 o'clock hour of good day to talk about her story and what she's doing make sure this doesn't happen again. close to 200 people said it happened to them at these
6:38 am
massage envies, we have 26 in our area. police say a homeless man was beaten to death by a group of teens. it happened sunday night in the 4,000 block of lawrence street in the holmesberg section of the city, police say 57 year-old man was found lying on the ground with his pockets pulled inside out, bleeding, unconscious, man was taken to the hospital where he died yesterday morning. police have two suspects in custody. >> good. >> my god. investigators are ruling out foul play in the massive, inferno that ripped through the barclay friends senior living community in west chester, fire broke out two weeks ago now forcing dozens of residents out into the cold , and killing four people. officials plan to release more information on how fire started and how quickly it spread and whether the building's sprinkler system malfunctioned. that report should be, out by friday.
6:39 am
update on a story we had here yesterday on good day, a man is in critical condition at the hospital of getting stuck inside of that garbage truck for about two hours. it happened yesterday morning, alex. >> this is outside of the kent ock group home on erie avenue. police say he was sleeping inside a dumpster when a garbage truck lifted it and dumped him out. >> 6:39. new details this morning after a three-year old accidentally shot herself, another story we were covering yesterday morning. >> we have another update for you. the father on have that little girl is now facing charges, and so is the grand mom. >> so prosecutors have charged terence williams and barbara mcgrill you see there their mug shots, child's grandmother and her father both face charges of endangering welfare of the child and recklessly endangering another person. mcgill faces tampering with evidence after she hid gun from paramedics. toddler picked up the gun and shot herself in the leg on
6:40 am
their home on the 1300 block of wilton street. she's recovering still in the hospital. see al sharpton was in town this morning, incarcerated rapper meek mill remains in jail. >> so, the reverend al sharpton dropped by the state correctional institution in chester long side mill's attorney. sharpton believes mills sentence on a probation violation ties harsh and working on getting presiding judge replaced. >> meek represents thousands of people in pennsylvania and even tens of thousands around the country that have been victimized by abusive, probationary and parole systems. >> as you know meek mill is serving a sentence of two to four years for repeated violations of his parole which went back to 2008.
6:41 am
well, royal family just got a little bigger. >> soon it will be. >> yeah. >> i mean this is not exactly news to you because everybody was talking about it yesterday closely. >> but they are still talking about to it day. >> you have more details and information on the couple. >> we have six months of this. >> get ready. >> my god. >> their story was caught, well, what am i saying, i'm saying obvious things. >> interesting thing, there is a connection to the eagles, a lot of players believe there was a connection. >> we have discovered this two years ago when we did eagles drafted him, to this day we say he looked like carson wentz. >> well now we are talking about it again. >> people are trying to catch up to the she we like to call. >> the program. >> we call good day philadelphia yes. >> by the way do you remember thanksgiving was last thursday >> yes. >> thursday almost every year. thinks something called tuesday giving. >> yes, giving tuesday. >> not thanksgiving. >> it is giving tuesday. we are supposed to do
6:42 am
something nice. >> if you are not sure what you can do we have ideas, great cause toss donate too and we will tell but them. >> i will do something nice for you today. >> no you will not? will you. >> probably not.
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unlike ordinary toothpaste colgate total... fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums for a healthier mouth. so you're totally ready. colgate total. be totally ready for life. good morning, everybody. we have problems on i-95 this disabled off to the shoulder here near betsy ross adding to a 28 minute delay southbound from woodhaven into downtown
6:45 am
as you work your way through neighborhood coming from new jersey, gloucester county delays from the black horse pike in toward the walt whitman bridge. we have a disable crane get an idea what it looks like old tonka crane, metal one, sixth street between race and arch and that will be here until 8:00. they have to get another big crane to come into pull it out of there traffic lights are flashing along the boulevard at old lincoln highway right out there by philadelphia bensalem interchange of turnpike. september, trenton, doyletown line running with delays this morning. a few spots short over at lindenwald station due to construction on patco high speed line and, are you ready for some lights? come on, frankie, thanks, from blackwood, new jersey, frank put his lights up over weekend have you done your lights yet? come on snap a picture and e-mail it, post it to facebook , twitter, instant gram and use the #fox 29 lights contest so i can show
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pictures on tv and you are then eligible for a very special visit, i will hit the road thursday night maybe coming tour front lawn, sueby has fourth cast in 15 seconds 6:46. excellent start to the day as you can see a beautiful sunrise over, thinks our camera which is at philly international airport looking, very good this morning. that bode well for rest of the day, our official sunrise is 7:00 o'clock on the dot today. high pressure is our weather maker once again but even after we get a couple cold front is it will not change a whole lot, decent weather on the way, radar, current radar is fine, rest of the day looks good, plenty of room for sunshine there for wednesday,
6:47 am
also good, and then get to thursday and late in the day included role in about five or 6:00 we could get a couple snowflakes on thursday night, maybe about midnight, a quick shower rolling through the area with the cold front taking us back to normal temperatures, they are in the 20's in pottstown, allentown, mount pocono. thirty-seven in the city. thirty-five in atlantic city. good morning wilmington delaware at 39 degrees. not much wind to make it feel any killedder then it actually is, 54 was yesterday's high and if you like that you'll love today with a high of 60. 60 degrees tomorrow as well, and that late rain we talked about on thursday and back to seasonal temperatures in time for the weekend, mike and alex , everybody on twitter is driving me crazy because my suit business to pop. my waist band. people are sending pictures of
6:48 am
french toast. look at that. >> do you know which one that is, that is from cuba libre they are bringing that into the studio. it is unusual, odd taste, is odd bad? >> yeah, it doesn't sound right. >> doesn't make you want to try it who but this mike because i care for you, you are such a dear friend, co-worker, i will dot work, i will eat these french toasts so you don't to have and you can keep your suit. >> that is nicest thing you have ever done for me. >> thank you. >> a lot of people are saying sabrina's, aloft people love sabrina's. >> we are learning more about how prince harry popped the question, the couple sits down for their very first tv interview and meghan markle said she barely let prince harry finish proposing before she said yes, i bet she did, yes, i will do it. interesting what they were doing when they proposed. they were baking chicken.
6:49 am
they were making chicken. >> they were baking a chicken. >> yes, who knew chicken could be romantic. >> this dude, he could do anything, he could take out the trash, he is a prince. it will be special. >> people are still talking about this. meghan markle addressed scrutiny around her ethnicity and i don't know if people were talking about it. she's biracial. she talks about the fact that the news first broke, some people had things to say about her race, here it is. >> it is the shame that is the climate, in this world focus so much on that. that would be in that sense but i think, you know, at the end of the day i'm just proud of who i am, where i come from and we have never focused on that. we just focus on who we are as a couple so when you take those extra layers away and all of that noisy think it makes it really easy to just
6:50 am
enjoy being together. >> yes. >> it was just noise. >> i don't know if people were saying things. >> no. i don't know. >> so, he also made sure to include his late mother princess diana in the engagement. he designed meghan's ring by sourcing the main diamond from botswana and incorporating diamonds on the side. >> he designed it? this guy could do no wrong. i love it. he design the ring himself. >> yes. >> just the way they look at each other. >> loved it you don't think he , designed it. >> no. >> maybe a net to one of his people. >> take that one big rock and put other two on the side of it and put the thing around it and you got it. >> i don't know, i never had to worry about a diamond engagement ring. >> people are bringing up race , i don't know why. i saw, the royal swirl. >> someone said that.
6:51 am
>> yes. >> what is this eagles thing. >> there is in question carson wentz looks like this guy harry, prince harry, right. a little bit. >> they are both red head, yeah. >> but eagles got their pictures mixed up you have to see this. >> now i use mouthwash. >> did you. >> normally. >> twice a day, in the morning and at night. >> yes. >> now there is new information saying you shouldn't be doing that you are washing your mouth out too many times. it should be once a day but doctor mike will talk to us
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
torey smith. >> he started it up again he started it up again. >> i have never seen prince harry and carson wentz, at the same place, at the same time. >> i don't think i have ever seen that at an eagles gamey don't think carson's ever been to kensington palace. he has been to kensington no doubt. >> yes. >> so, on twitter, twitter. >> they did a side by side comparison. >> and then the eagles they tweeted this out. one of the things it is one of
6:55 am
the things wherever week we just come in and ready to work >> here's the thing that is prince harry. >> yes. >> is that a real mistake by the philadelphia eagles. >> yeah, then later they posted, oops, sorry. i don't think it is a real mistake. they were trying to be funny. >> do you think they were trying to be funny yes, they can be funny. >> you really thought they confuse that had. >> i think some people. >> why would you have stock photos of prince harry laying around in your eagles repertoire for tweets. >> this is not what i'm saying i'm saying it was written in some news reports that it was a mistake by the eagles. of course, it is just a joke and again, we noticed this, why do i keep saying that. >> i don't know. >> nfl game day got on the fun posting this photo with the caption you verse the guys who told you not to worry about. >> we get it. >> carson wentoks like prince harry. >> okay. comi up, our coach, doug pederson burst out laughing
6:56 am
during a news conference yesterday. so what was so funny. we will play the question, and listen to him laugh. hey, steve what is up. >> reporter: well, we are on another case of a hit/run in lower southampton trevose bensalem area where all three areas police departments are looking for an old pickup truck, that hit a couple looking for an old pickup truck, that hit a couple people last night in prime hey, guys. where are the cookies for the... bake sale? bake... bake sale? need to bake in a hurry? use new country crock buttery sticks with sunflower oil. there's no softening required. so baking is delicious and easy. ooh, cookies! ah, ah, ah! (laughter) ooh, cookies! alright, i brought in high protein tot us moving.
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a day of pampering and relaxation, turns into a nightmare for hundreds of women. one local woman joins to us share her terrifying story. after a trip to massage envy. king james reigns in south philadelphia. the sixers are smothered by the calves, how the sixers lost one of their star players in the process, and the process. and when you are on a winning team you are allowed to relax and laugh a little bit. >> all right, let's regroup here. >> the question that caught doug pederson off guard.
7:00 am
>> over last few days we have done a whole lot of shopping. it is time to give back. it is giving tuesday. we have just the thing to help your heart feel whole. >> did you see what i did there, make your heart feel whole. >> sunrise time, officially is 7:00 o'clock on the dot and look what time it is and look at is what happening. >> that is right on time, sue. >> beautiful. >> i wonder what johnny mathis might sing. >> what would he sing. >> here comes the sun, yes. >> do you think the chances are. >> chances are. >> mike? >> anyway it is national french toast day. >> it was a nice sunrise, very beautiful. >> screwed up the


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