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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 29, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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out a gun. >> she just graduated from high school. and now she's gone. what we've learned about a young couple hit by a car, as police search for the driver. and it is beginning to look a lot like wentzynaia christmas. i don't know if you saw it, but there is a sweater called the wentzyvania christmas sweater f you're on the wentz wagon, you might want it. >> and where you can get it. >> good day everybody, it is november the 29th, 2017. >> good morning. >> hi, alex. >> mike? >> see big ugly compute nerve front you have again. >> well, this is the only one that works. i used to have smaller one, but i'll move it aside. >> no, it is fine. here's sue. >> boy, cranky already?
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>> i know? >> 542nd in and i'm cranky. >> grr. all right, well, maybe this will cheer you up. it is a ten. >> dah- dah. >> again! it did cheer him up. he's smiling, folks, smiling. it is not as cold as yesterday, despite the clear science skies. bus stop buddy has a jacket on, temperatures still in the 40's, but we will 20's, 30's at this time yesterday. 46 degrees in philadelphia. sunrise time 7:01. today, we have some 30's to the north of us, 37 lancaster, reading, pottstown, in wilmington, good morning, it is cents 42 for you. fifty-one in rehoboth beach. up in atlantic city, it is 50 degrees. and doylestown, starting the day with a chilly 35. plenty of sunshine, already be at 60 degrees by lunchtime, and probably top off with another beautiful day at 62. for your high temperature. but we will go back to the 50's, we will tell you when, coming up in the seven day
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forecast, bob kelly? >> sue, coming up on 6:02 this wednesday morning, actually, kind of quiet this morning, here is a live look at the schuylkill expressway. out near king of prussia. 202, the headlights are coming around the fly-over ramps, headed out in toward the course, with the holiday season all of the areas around the shopping malls, little extra heavy. look at the benny come hadding in from south jersey, skyline all lit up this morning, and all of the construction from the overnight pick up, and gone. one accident though, out here along 422, the eastbound side, right at stowe. taking out the right lanes. so keep that in mind. and if you're using patco, high-speed line, they're doing construction in the parking lot at the lindenwold station. there are fewer parking spots, the first ones in get the best spots. otherwise, mass transit looking good. mike and alex back over to you. >> bob, thanks, 6:02 this wednesday. we begin with breaking news out of university city where gun fight well started with a argument on drexel's campus, has killed a 21 year old.
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>> and the victim, the 21 year old, was a new jersey college student. so we're still trying to figure out the detail. steve keeley at the scene. steve? >> reporter: it happened here on the sidewalk on lancaster avenue at 1135, when the 911 calls came in. the shooter has a permit to car a gun, and he had it with him. and he stepped in, between this guy and his girlfriend, having what police called allowed argument. now, we don't know if that involved anything physical with her being hit. but the guy with the gun, apparently, felt that this 24 year old was threatening either his life or the girls life and fired three times killing him. >> the victim along with his 22 year old girlfriends walking down the street, may have been edge guage in the some type of loud argument. we have a male, who is armed with a gun and permit to carry, for some reason, intervenes, into the situation, and at some point pulls his gun and fired three shots into the victim. well, the shooter, his gun, that 22 year old drexel
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girlfriends of the dead man, and along with any other witnesses, all at homicide at last check, talking with detectives. and alex, mike, it will be up to the detectives, probably consulting with the da's offers, once they get in at 9:00 to determine whether charges are warranted, or whether the shooting was, in fact, justified. okay, keep us updated there. 6:04. police officers in stable condition this morning after being hit by a car during a traffic stop. happened just last night around 8:30 on valley forge road in upper gwenned. authorities say the driver of the vehicle did stop, no word if they will face any charges. >> she just graduated from high school. and now she is gone. a life taken too soon by a hit-and-run driver. >> now the search for the driver intensifies, lauren johnson, lower southampton police department, lauren? >> reporter: hey, good morning, mike and alex. so, mr. is say the tips have been pouring in, but still not enough to identify the driver who was in that pick-up truck.
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and now, they're asking people to continue to call them and provide information to help them figure this all out. had he her life just beginning. jess kurtz graduated from bensalem high school, her young life tragically ended monday night, walking home with a friend trying to cross street road when they were hit by the driver every an older model pick-up truck. the driver, seemed to be doing the right thing, stopping at the scene, getting out the truck to help move the girl out of the road, but then he got back in his truck and left. now, police want to know who he was. they released these photos, hoping someone might know the man who was driving, a mid 90s ford f250 similar to the one pictured here, red with light side panelling. now missing a passenger mirror, headlights malfunctioning after the accident. >> she is just a sweet girl, loved her family, friends, and beautiful, very vibrant, very dear. used to kind of -- the kind of girl would you like to have
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living next-door to you. >> and all of her neighbors describe her exactly the same way. police able to speak to that 18 year old man who was with jess kurtz that night. they say he was distraut, completely in shock, understandably so. they're giving him a few days to get himself together. they want to talk to him again. hopefully to get more information about that driver. police do tell us that they have video of that truck. they've not released it to the media just yet. they're still asking for more tips to help hope kate the driver and the truck. mike and alex. >> okay, 6:06. later this morning shall here in philly, people will gather to remember 24 year old woman killed when she was hit by a garbage truck, she was on a bicycle. happened while she was riding near 11th and spruce yesterday morning. officers say the truck trying to turn right onto 11th street from spruce street when the woman was hit. thomas jefferson university hospital. very close by, where she did
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die. police are expected to gather along with a lot of bike riders at spruce and 11th about 7:30 this morning. they're going to be discussing how we can make this bike riding in the city of philadelphia, which is trying to become a bike city, much more safe for bike riders. >> needs to be some changes. >> yes. if you want your voice heard, i would get out there, 7:30 this morning, 11th and spruce. 6:07. meek mill's pursuit for freedom from jail. hit a roadblock yesterday afternoon. >> the pennsylvania superior court has denied the rapper's request to get out of prison, instead directing lower court to handle the case. a court you might be familiar with, the same judge who put him in jail. mill's lawyers consider it a window that the court order presiding judge, denise brinkly, to rule on the bail petition mill's lawyers filed two weeks ago. the superior court told her to explain herself without further delay. mill's lawyers want brinkly to recuse herself from the case. >> so that case has not come to an end yet.
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okay, seriously, that computer? >> i mean, i don't know. >> i have to be able to read ahead so i know it is coming. >> true. you need the computer. no question. >> and my eyes, instead of glasses, just make it bigger. >> so big. >> all right. so, i know it is early. we normally get a snowfall about mid-december. you want to see some snow? that is where you're going to find snow. why don't you ask me, what are you talking about, mike? >> ya, what are you talking about, mike? >> that's where it is snowing. >> it doesn't snow in hawaii. >> oh, yes it does and i have video proof fish face. doctor this december, the most beloved christmas movie every all time becomes the season's biggest television event. >> i love christmas photo time. >> say cheese. >> fox 29 has your chance to see a christmas story live including airline flights, two nights hotel, and transportation, enter at
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>> it is 10:00, dramatic video from ohio, officer injured after his partner accidentally tazed him. >> you got to listen to this carefully here.
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>> he shoots his partner instead. >> office nerve riverside is the name of the town. responding to domestic violence call, thanksgiving day. >> say the suspect resisting arrest, so one of the officers deployed his taser as you see here one probe when it came flying out of the yellow gun hit the suspect in the officer was checked out, said to be okay. what i wanted to you hear there was the guy that shot the taser goes oh, sorry, nick. to hills partner. >> he better say sorry. he goes oh, sorry nick. >> but such a fluid situation, he wasn't counting. >> north korea making claim after launching another weapon watcher it means for the united states. >> it could go a long, long way, bob.
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>> getting ready to make that long commute down to the schuylkill expressway, hello reading pennsylvania waking up on a win morning. sue has got your forecast grab a cup michael: i'm thankful that i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received.
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>> you've been talking about this. okay, so, where is the snow? >> look on your computer. >> give me a second, one second. >> there is snow in hawaii. now, i know what you're saying, alex no, it doesn't snow in hawaii. oh, yes it does snow. look on your computer screen. roll it on your computer. okay? there is snow. it is time lapse photography. and it is really slow time lapse at the observatory there. this is on top after mountain in hawaii. see it? see storm coming in? wait for it. >> this looks like fog and rain to me. >> looks like fog and rain now, okay? >> this is fog and rain. >> oh, oh, look at that. >> snow. it is snowed in hawaii. now, you know i have ' done -- >> is it real snow? >> yes, it is real snow. >> okay. >> i've been to a ski resort, not a resort, it is a little area where you can ski and there it is.
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>> in had a we me? >> yes, i've been to that joint. >> is that you? >> that's me and my little dog. >> now we know it is not you if there is a dog. (laughing). >> ya. >> i feel bad. i always thought -- i never new it snowed in had a we glee yes, it does, it is rare, but throw have a little ski area where you can actually rent skis and ski. >> so how do they stay in business if it is rare? >> they also have bicycles. >> what? >> no, they also rent bicycles, and you can ride down kill a way an on a bike, i've done that, too. >> oh, okay. >> i've done it all. >> you've lived, man. >> let me live. sue, you do you. >> da, da, da. what do we have here on radar? hawaii. >> is that a volcano errupting or a storm? >> i don't know it said volcano, i thought oh, all right. >> killawaya. >> yes, ranking right now, part of the higher elevations last december, that got 2 feet of snow. >> 2 feet.
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>> in parts of hawaii, yes. if isn't as unusual as you may think. you know, higher elevations, colder temperatures. but we don't see any snow just some rain showing up on radar at the moment. maybe some more in the forecast. meanwhile, back on our side of the country, we've got high pressure in control. milder than usual temperatures for late november. couple of cold fronts that will be headed our way taking us back to seasonable 50's, before too long, but today, yesterday, and today, really nice, with temperatures in the 60s and then cooling off by thursday and friday, here are current temperatures, and they're not as cold as they were yesterday. in fact we're at 46 degrees in philadelphia, and that is 9 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. so where are we headed, to about 62 degrees today, 53 tomorrow, with rain, at night, first cold front, 52 degrees, seasonable on friday. then, little chillier on saturday, by sunday, back into the 50's, and it looks like we have another chance of showers
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on tuesday of next week. but nothing extreme in our forecast, including, no snow, bob kelly. >> sounds good, sue. 6:18. who is ready for a bubble bath? >> i am. >> ready for little bubble bath? check it out. ashley sent this one to me. the elf. >> awe. >> bubble bath this morning waking up. >> i love it. >> cotton balls in there, you know the elf moves on the overnight, snack a picture of where your elf moved. sends it us to. we'll have fun in the mornings, south on 95, live look at fishtown coming through the construction zone starting to see some volume between cottman and girard. coming in from gloucester county, live look at the freeway, all of the headlights headed in toward the walt whitman bridge. septa running with some delays on both the airport and the trenton regional rail line this morning. east on 422, accident right at the stowe interchange, that's taking out the right lane, sore foe the gang coming in from pottstown you'll have symptom delays, south on the boulevard, head the kelly driver down through the schuylkill. mike and alex back over to yo
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you. >> bob, thank you. >> it is 6:19 united nations following emergency meeting today following north korea most powerful nuclear launch to date. >> analysts say this latest test shows north could core ear has the potential to hit any city in the united states this missile can go over 8,000 h war head, but go over 8,000 miles. yesterday's balistic rocket traveled than any previous, off japan coast. that despite the test, trump administration officials say nothing will change about its approach in dealing with north korea. >> research and development effort on their part, continue building balistic missiles that can threaten everywhere in the world, basically. >> so, yesterday afternoon, just after this happened, president trump says, quote
6:20 am
unquote, we will handle the situation. global leaders are calling for tougher sanctions against north korea, a calling the missile test a serious threat to world peace. >> france's ambassador to the un urged security council to impose sanctions on people involved in libya slayed trade of african refugees and my grant. his comments commas human trafficking in libya has become burning topic since produced footage of west african being sold at slave markets, some being sold for $400, france wants to assist the sanctions committee in identifying responsible individuals. how this happens, they think they'll get ways to europe on facebook or different ways hey if you come here we'll help you get to europe instead get sold into slavery. >> unreal. >> or worst things, yes. >> in 2017. >> all right. let's lighten things up a little. would you like a christmas sweater with carson wentz's face on it? we will show it to you. it is light green in color.
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it is very pretty. where can you get it? how much is it? i'll let you know.
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>> good morning, the eagles may be ten and one but they need better competition, only beaten one team over 500 this year. so seattle will provide that much needed challenge. >> you just got to account for him a little bit more. i feel a lot more focus goes to him as far as it would as during the game itself. because he does everything. and he's the leading rusher right now. >> flyers-sharks tied at one. sharks on the power play here. joe thorton scores for san jose. changes out one more. flyers lose three-one, now nine straight games without a win. >> if we were playing poorly, i would be the first to say we're make poorly. i would be. okay? we are not playing poorly, to look at objectively at our team right now, and to say we're playing poorly, no. are we shooting ourselves in the foot at times? yes, we are. >> the new york giants are benching eli manning for gino split, a decision that's getting a lot of backlash,
6:25 am
manning started 210 straight games for the giant. that's sports in a minute. i'm kristen rodgers. >> let's go back to the flyers therefore a second. look at the headline in the paper today. skid at nine. they've lost nine straight. fans call for hack stole's firing. if ed sniper -- snyder was still alive you know we would be talking about this morning, he had a tendency to make changes pretty quickly whether things going this far south. >> but they're not playing poorly. >> they're shooting themselves in the foot, is that what said? >> there is a difference. >> is there? what's the difference? eagles fans, we like to have some fun. so, if you're looking for an ugly sweater, this holiday season, well, some people might not call it ugly. here we go. the company generation. it is selling this carson wentz sweater for $75. >> what? >> i've got couple every questions. >> okay, lay it on us. >> that looks like buddy ryan on the bottom of the sweater.
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why? >> and is that veterans stadium? carson wentz hasn't been there. >> where is veteran -- >> at the top. >> oh, the vet is at the top? >> yes. >> well; this maybe made overseas and they don't understand that he hasn't been here a long time -- for a long time. >> or maybe the vet is easier to draw and put on a shirt than all of the little, you know, solar panels, all of that kind of stuff. it is easier, it is flat, let's just put that on there. >> if you can explain that, let me know. >> how is it connected? >> i don't get it. so also, let's put up a picture of a tatoo of carson wentz. now, does that look like -- that's a fake tatoo, right? >> there has been a debate in the news room whether this is fake or not t could be fake. what if it is real? >> that's what i want to know. do you know anybody that already has a carson wentz tatoo? if you do know someone, we would like to meet them. we saw this on philly influencer. com. that's our friend sean brace
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of course. do you know anybody that's gone this far? >> it is pretty. that one was prep. >> i sure, it is pretty, but is it real? here's somebody pretty. she's real. >> i thought it was a tatoo of prince harry. >> oh, i get it. >> look at our high temperatures for later on today. we will be in the 50's and 60s, a bit unusual for late november. but we will give you the forecast headed into december, coming up. blank no matter how you holiday, blanwhere you holiday, or who you holiday with... stay bright with dunkin's holiday coffee flavors like brown sugar cinnamon, and peppermint mocha. grab your favorite and make your holidays happen. the holidays run on dunkin'.
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>> continuing to search for the driver. >> okay, we may have a game changer here. it was all about an all-out brawl on the ice. but this was no normal hockey fight. prosecutors say it was planned. and now there are charges. >> and if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, how many cups of coffee does it take? we have the number, and it might shock you. >> i was a little surprised, too, this new latest recommendation, we do this about once every six months, recommendations, how much coffee you should have, or no coffee. >> sometimes they say coffee, then they say keep it minimal. >> this new study says bring it on, big time. >> drink up. >> hi everybody, it is wednesday, november the 29th, 2017. now, in about an hour, in fact, exactly an hour, a lot
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of people are going to be gathering right here. this is a live shot of 11th and spruce. yesterday a 24 year old woman was killed when a trash truck, garbage truck, hit her there. we're trying to figure out today, than is the question we're posing, how could we make philly, which is trying to become a bike city, safer for bicycleists. a lot of you weighing in on twitter. there are two camp, people say bike riders don't obey the traffic laws, and the bike paths should be marked better, starting to fade. >> or make them more consistent. >> yes. >> so, we will talk about it, get over there if you want to voice your opinions, 11th and spruce, 7:30, here's sue. >> it is a tranquil morning out there. and we're going to give you another ten today. because we'll have very similar day basically, if you liked the weather yesterday you should enjoy today. it wasn't as colds a start. temperatures mostly 40's, bus stop buddy not quite as
6:32 am
bundled up. sixers have home game tonight with the wizards, so wearing a sixers cap. we have 46 degrees at the moment, moments away from sunrise, it is 7:01, officially, but already starting to see daylight. and these are your temperatures. as you're walking out the door in phoenixville, good morning, 38 degrees, outside your door in bethlehem. thirty-six. but in the 40's in allentown, and plymouth meeting. and we head down to the south, 50 degrees, in wildwood. forty-five in trenton. 47 degrees dover, delaware. sixty-two is our high today. mostly sunny skies, another beauty. but it doesn't last long. with these short days. sunset time is 4:37. 101.1 more fm is our christmas music partner. >> single rock all morning long. live look at the schuylkill, westbound starting to see delays, rush hour underway, oh, hello gloucester county. live look at the freeway, working your way in toward philly up and over the walt whitman bridge. now, septa running with kim of delays on the first trains out
6:33 am
of the gaeton the airport and the trenton regional rail line. accident for the gang in pottstown. eastbound lanes of 422, right at stowe, now, they were doing some construction on the overnight. as they were picking up the construction, bamm, that's when the accident happened. so it will cause delays eastbound, coming/every pouts ton, headed into king of prussia. crash at lansdale, north line street, right at sixth. got a vehicle, smashed into a parked car there. and speaking of parking the cars, the lindenwold station, the construction in that parking lot, is taking out some of the parking spots. so, get there early, to guarantee yourself a spot if you ride the patco line this morning. otherwise, we're looking good on mass transit. mike and alex back over to you. >> 6:33,. >> following breaking news out of the university city. where shooting on drexel campus killed a young man. >> yes, victim's 21 years old, student, but from a college in new jersey. apparently an argument between he and his girlfriend got this thing started. steve?
6:34 am
>> reporter: well there is happened at 11:35 p.m. last night right across the street here on lancaster avenue from the drexel university on campus high-rise apartment housing. this is where you see in our video, you'll notice in the street, four chalk circles, three smaller ones, that had surrounded three bullet shells just 10 feet away from the bigger circle where this 24 year old man shot, fell, and was found by police, who got here, just moments after the 911 calls came in. they say it was allowed argument, with his 22 year old girlfriends, a drexel student, and that's when a third guy tries to help and at first intervening, and for some reason, feels his life is threatened, or the girl's live is threatened, and he pulls out this gun that he has a permit to carry, and fired those three shots, killing this 24 year old. >> still interviewing witnesses and trying to gather as to what happened. what caused these two, these three individuals, to come together, and what caused the individual to fire the gun to
6:35 am
fire. >> drexel police usually keeps it safe. but you can't really prevent everything. you know? stuff happens. >> well, both drexel and philadelphia police quickly got over here, and instantly returned this guy with the gunshot wounds to penn presbyterian. that emergency room is only three blocks from here, so when speeding police car, that is probably a minute drive at most we have very experience surgeons who handle shooting victims almost daily but still couldn't save that man's life, because basically point blank to the chest. the girlfriend, shooter, the gun, all of it along with any other witnesses around here at the time all at homicide, whether or not this shooting was justified or whether or not weaver a case every murder here. >> okay, let us know, 6:35. well, here is a quick update on a story brought to you yesterday morning.
6:36 am
the teenager struck by a hit-and-run driver monday night has died of her injuries. >> the search for the man and person responsible continues. so, lauren johnson at the lower southampton police department, with more on the search for him, lauren? >> jed police released photos of the truck the driver was in monday night, near at the lower southampton township police department they are working to piece together tips they're -- people are calling this. we learned they have good video of the truck bus have not released that, while the search continues for the driver, family and friends of jess kurtz are trying to come to terms what happened to her monday night. police say she and friend were trying to cross street road after dark. well, before they made it across the road they were violently hit by the driver of a truck. eighteen year old male victim distraut and shock by the accident tells police what happened next. >> he pulled over. he assisted the male victim
6:37 am
and in moving the female victim to the side of the road. then he left. >> we say the young man should come forward because, i mean, he is going to have a conscious for the rest every his live. >> that's fred clayton, neighbor who says he watched her grow up, she graduated from bensalem high school in june, another neighbor tells us she was working at a restaurant as a waitress to make money, they all call her sweet, breitbart and kinds, loved her family and friend and very beautiful soul. now all of them hope that police will be able to identify the driver of that truck, so that can he face the charges against him. mike and alex. >> just horrible. >> 6:37. a lot of people watching the show have kids who play hockey. well, hockey players, women, fights on the ice do happen. but this went too far. criminal charges were just
6:38 am
filed against six members of last season's ridley hockey club. >> because after brawl with cb west players this past march. prosecutors say the attack in hatfield went beyond a new york al hockey fight. they conspired to beat down the players even calling out the names of the opponent they were going after. >> my helmet was off. some other kid was coming at me. they started throwing punches at my head. next thing i know i was bleeding all over the place. >> hockey fights do happen all the time and fight in football happen, too. but when it is a planned event, and you have conspiracy to go after the other team and fight them, that's when it crosses the line and that's when assault charges are appropriate. >> officials think the case could serve as a game changer, when it comes to high school sport. the players will face a formal a ranment in january. >> i think this may become a national story. because of charges against these young people. >> yes. >> all right, 6:38. we now know who the teen was
6:39 am
who died after getting electrocuted on top of a septa regional rail train. >> fifteen year old rayqon jones somehow got on top of the train friday morning, septa police found him lying on the train at jefferson station in center city. he was toward the back of this car. and apparently came in contact with the train's power lines. >> what was he doing up there? >> 6:39 now. >> tonight, a vigil will be hell in holmesburg for kevin cullen. the homeless man that police believe was beaten and killed by a group every teens in northeast philadelphia. they found the 57 year old on the 4200 block of luring street sunday with his pockets turned inside out. police say a group every teens they were walking away from the spot where they found cullen. horrible. 6:39. again, well, still 6:39. how many times can i tell you
6:40 am
it is 6:39? >> hole on n about 42nd it is 6:40, then you can say that. >> 6:39. 6:39. 6:40. >> all right, so how many cups of coffee are you going to have today? how many? >> i should ask you that. you're a big coffee drinker. >> i have one giant, i would say, it is equal to two conditions of coffee before 7:00. >> and then do you drink any more the rest of the day or that's it? >> no, i'll have another one since i don't drink alcohol any more. i drink a lot of coffee. i'm going to the bathroom constantly. >> this might actually and good thing for you. >> i say i have probably four a day. >> four a day. researchers claim now you can have more coffee during the day. >> okay. >> because according to new study drinking up to four cups may have substantial health benefits. >> oh,. >> the research from the southampton is suggesting overall benefits every drinking coffee outweighing the risk, so we've -- i feel like always do story about the risk. they're staying is bert keep drinkers were less at risk of liver disease, type two diabetes and dim schenn. >> now, do you trust the study from across the pond?
6:41 am
from glands? >> you tend not to. >> well, i don't know. i always question any stories that come out of england or florida. >> okay. >> yes. >> you think they trust store that's come out of america? >> probably not. >> but you got to admit the florida thing. 64:00; looking for the perfect hairdo? for the holiday season, al next. >> yes, we've got you covered, because those party, the invites starting to go out for those holiday work parties, with your friends, so we will give you the latest trends and tricks coming up. you haven't received any? >> of ' received zero invitation toss parties. >> this is awkward. >> hey, thanks a lot. apparently you have. >> but first, the over the top social media stunt, that is getting a lot of attention. why carl, jr. giving the employee discount to those who work for their
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michael: i'm thankful that i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is
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experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> the most beloved movie of all time, according to me. a christmas story becomes the season's biggest television event. now, fox. >> you have your chance to see christmas story live at the warner brother studio in los angeles, it includes airline flights, two night hotel, and transportation you simply go to our website bunch of rooms there and all do you is just, you know, click on it and enters to win. >> bob, not included in this.
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>> employees and families are inch develop i am. >> 6:45, exactly, good morning, everybody, accident out here, along route 100 the pottstown pike just off of eagle view road, one of the cars being towed away. early morning crash. live look at the freeway, coming in toward philadelphia. gloucester county. headed to work there, septa running with some delays on both the airport and the trenton regional rail line. east on 422, an accident, at the stowe interchange, it is right there where they've been doing the construction, and then out here in lansdale, a crash, along six street, just off of north line street, and you got your christmas lights up, come on, take a look at this guy, decorated the porch, i don't know but, but does it look like he just kind of took the whole bowl of lights and just went whoosh? >> flung them. >> just flung them up there? >> i like the big light, too. you. >> know we take our cues from di the floor director, right. >> right. >> come here, di. she gives me signals, as to
6:46 am
what's coming up next. i got her something to remind me. >> oh, that's beautiful. >> that we're doing a kelly christmas, what does that mean? roll it. we're getting ready for very kelly christmas tomorrow night. i'm hitting the road. i'm going to south philadelphia, where they have an entire cul-de-sac that's decorated for the holidays. wait until you see this joint. post a picture of your christmas lights, use the hashtag fox 29 light contest so i can show the cool pictures on tv and maybe come to your house, and broadcast live. and maybe i'll even bring mike with me one night. would you like to go for a ride? >> i would love to see a cul-de-sac. >> am i eligible for this contest? >> employees and their families are ineligible.
6:47 am
>> 6:46. high pressure still our weather maker. couple of fronts headed our way. all they'll do is get us back to seasonable temperatures, nothing extremely cold in our forecast at all, even with three cold fronts coming through between now and the weekend. so, we've got milder temperatures today, then back to that closer to seasonable temperature by thursday and by friday. wow, thursday tomorrow, we're getting there. ooh degrees atlantic city, 42 mount pocono. in the 30's in lancaster, reading, allentown. these temperatures as much as 15, 17 degrees warmer than they were yesterday at this time. just 9-mile per hour breeze out of the southwest. that's what makes for a milder day. and we will have a similar day to yesterday, with 62 degrees, 53 tomorrow, with that rain, probably in the overnight hours. seasonable 52 friday, chillier saturday, still in the 50's on monday. hopefully we will be celebrating another win for the eagles, shower chance on
6:48 am
tuesday, of next week, so mike and alex, out of your weekend, the chillier day saturday. so if you do want to put up the outdoor lights even though not eligible for the contest, go with sunday, sunday might be your day. >> i'll light up my cul-de-sac this weekend. >> hey, di, you're in the shot. di? you're in the shot? what's weird, is that our floor director wears those year around. >> oh, really? >> just not in the christmas season. very odd. i have always wondered about that. >> oh, we have an update on the royal engagement. i have six more months of this. >> get ready. probably going to be daily these updates. so it will be a late spring wedding on the ground every windsor castle. >> oh,. >> and this will be of course for prince harry and meghan markle. fifteenth century chapel where the couple wed. more intonate than westminster abbey where harry's older brother william married kate middleton. >> it is more intimate. like a chapel. this yes married in
6:49 am
westminster abbey. >> really? >> you're not listening. so the question now is will the archbishop of counter bury married them like did he will and kate? stay tuned. we do know it is happening in may. but the couple yet to choose exact day. people are so excited about this at one point, mike, they were creating like a fake facebook event for his bachelor party. and they had like almost 30,000 people sign up to go, even though it was created by a fake person. they wrecks cited. can you badge what his bachelor party will be like? >> well, i saw some of the parties when he was single. >> oh, well. >> that he went to. >> we all so those, didn't we? >> better check out the uniform in case you wear a costume there, harry. he's more mile now, i hope. >> are you okay. >> i'm okay. i love that color on you. >> oh, thanks. >> all right. so, betsy thorton tweeted this. the marriage of the ginger prince and his all american beauty means there may soon be red bones in buckingham
6:50 am
palace. i'm thrilled to my core. >> oh, she is one of our viewers tweeting couple of time about this, very excited. >> very into it. >> she said it shows that there will be someone who looks like me there. >> yes. >> she is very excited. >> looks like you or betsy. >> she is a red haired, yes, red hair. i don't have red hair. >> no. >> but -- >> well, you know? >> all right. let's just move on. >> yikes. >> kevin hart is still gushing. he's gushing over his baby boy. >> why do you say still? time limit on how much you can gush about your new baby? >> yes, i think about seven months in the gushing ends, and then you realize you're just covered in do do. look at his wife. god she looks good. anyway, he says he doesn't change diapers. >> what? >> well, he has people for that. >> like his wife? >> i'm going to admit something that's horrifying after the break. >> oh, gosh.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i'm feeling foggy today. and i actually a lot of sleep. >> that really bothers me, when you go to bet early, oh, i'm get more sleep, and you wake up and you're just as tired as fugue no sleep. >> let's ask doctor mike. >> maybe too much sleep? >> that's what i mean.
6:54 am
what is that syndrome called? we do have carls juniors in our area, don't we? somebody just told me there was 32 every them or something, right? >> excuse me, sore. >> i what? >> there are 34 of them? anyway, there is a burger battle going on, it is carls junior and hardy's are the latest fast-food giants to take a shot at competitors, this is interesting, the two brands are discounting burgers, 50%, any guest who comes in wearing a competitor's uniform. so let's say you work at mcdonald's, if you go over to carls, you get 50% offer on anything you eat. >> but do ou have wear the uniform when you walk in? >> the goal to get people talking about their food, the discount will be going on from 10:30 a.m. this morning until closing time at all locations. >> oh, just one day? >> just one day. but it is fun. >> do you think could you get fired for, say, wearing mcdonald's uniform but eating at carl's junior and someone takes a picture? >> legally i don't think so, but i think you would be round
6:55 am
upon if you took advantage of this. if you work over at mcdonald's and go over to carl's junior and somebody gets a picture? >> and just going in, oh, this is so good. >> and your carl's junior stuff dripping on your little name tag that says mcdonald's, i think that's frowned upon. >> it would be kind of fun toy see though. >> well, they're trying to get pictures like that and put them on social media. put you on blast. >> remember on the battles, used to be burger king and motorcycle done al eights? >> that was it. >> and where ever you see mcdonald's burying king was across the street. >> here is how it works, motorcycle done al's came in first, then your burger king, right? then here comes this, wendy's. ya. charbroiled, you know, versus -- >> and their burgers are square, aren't they, wendy that's. >> wendy's are square? i haven't had a wendy. >> who has the whopper? is that burger king. >> burger king, babe. >> i then jack in the box. >> yes. >> yes. >> and then what came after? when did hardy's and cure's junior? >> all before this was white cast. >> i oh, white castle. do you like white cast snell. >> i do, lil rounds square
6:56 am
pucks. >> i don't think they have white castle here. i think that's like a midwest. >> no, they have one, one down on south broad street. and you can get white castle burgers at 7-eleven. >> and then grocery stores, get the frozen ones. >> get eight of them, sometimes, you know, i would eat all eight. >> like miss youry? >> i don't know down on south broad but used to be one down thereby the rite aid. you don't need to know any of this. the play that has us doing -- >> oh, my gosh, i'm on zested when this, sorry to get excited. when say it, what, is this even real? how is this possible? so you have to see this wide receiver. okay, he falls oh, okay, good, we tossed, because the way he gets back up after falling, it is not real. they say it is real but it doesn't look real. how is this possible? he's a magician. >> so what you're saying is he actually levitates off the grounds? >> yes, to get himself back up. it is crazy. >> okay. >> steve? >> reporter: well, we've got sad story here on the drexel campus, a fight between a
6:57 am
boyfriend and girlfriend, she is a drexel student, third person intervenes, and ends up shooting the boyfriend and killing him. we will tell you the details we have from sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine.
6:58 am
you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more.
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7:00 am
>> kevin hart can't stop gushing about his new baby boy. >> but apparently daddy duties for the philly native and father of three. don't include diapers. >> that would be daddy dootis. > thank you, di. >> i just spit, sorry. >> it is a ten. >> there it is, ten again. this will be the warmest day of the


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