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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 29, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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out coming forward to complain about sexual behavior and now new video that may make you see him in a whole new light. >> your news starts in 30 se >> developing now, who knew what and for how long? >> the matt lauer fired. >> tmz video showing a very
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different side of the today show host. >> we are devastated and we are still processing all of this. fired for inappropriate sexual behavior. america stay tuned. >> now fox 29 news at 10:00. the bombshells keep droppi dropping. matt lauer accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. americans woke up to find out the beloved tv host is out of job. >> and tonight we know a lot more about the decision to fire the today show host. thank you for joining us at 10:00. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. just before they went on the air, many today show staffers found out the man who's been the face of that show for 20 years would not be sitting in the anchor chair. >> and tonight new video and& allegations about what lauer did behind the scenes at nbc. >> chris o'connell its has been following the story for us all day and joins us live in our operations sent. chris. >> reporter: iain, even more women have come out tonight with new allegations against nbc's
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matt lauer for sexual miscondu misconduct. tonight one of the most recognizable faces on television is without a job and under fire. >> welcome everybody to christmas in rockefeller center. >> tonight disgraced former nbc anchor matt lauer noticeably absent from the rockefeller center's tree lighting ceremony after the bombshell news this morning. >> we just learned this moments ago. just this morning. as i'm sure you can imagine we are devastated and we are still processing all of this. >> today's show co-anchor is he van in a visibly shaken. nbc fired lauer one of the network' most recognizable names n2 month long investigation variety magazines reports three women accused of lauer of sexual harassment. allegations shocking. one accuser saying lauer once gave a colleague a sex toy as present. a second accuser says, on another day, he summoned different female employee to his
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office and then dropped his pants showing her his penis. and this report that lauer had a button under his desk that allowed him to lock the door from the inside without getting up according to nbc some of the misconduct reported started when lauer was away covering the sochi olympics back in 2014. and tonight, tmz posting this 2006 clip of lauer commenting to then co-host meredith veiera as she was leaning over. >> for years, tabloids like page six had reports of lauer's conduct with co-workers but today nbc says it's the first official complaint they had against their star anchor. >> whenever we would get scoop or any stories per taping to nbc news or the today show, they went to the end of the earth to protect matt lauer regardless of what it was. >> accusations come just days
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after lauer hosted the macy's thanksgiving day parade since it's news broke the new york times is reporting two more women have come forward with similar claims against lauer. >> now, lauer who is married didn't work in philadelphia for a short time before moving to new york has not yet commented on his dismissal or the accusations. iain? >> chris, thank you. another notable media figure garrison keeler has been fired after accusations of inappropriate behavior. his duties as host of the show a prairie home companion ended last year when he retired but minnesota public radio confirms it fired him effective immediately after the station received the allegation. the 75-year-old was still producing the sinned indicated show the writers almanac. >> keeler, lauer, just the latest in growing list of rich powerful and/or famous men brought down by accusations of inappropriate behavior or worse. which some say could impact the upcoming retrial of bill cosby.
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fox 29's bruce gordon has more. >> reporter: not so long ago popular culture often depicted sexual misconduct in the workplace as coming from buffoonish loud mouths check out this youtube clip of the office's todd packer. >> suddenly for no reason this bimbo belows the whistle on the whole thing just to be a bleep. >> they're behavior was obvious to anyone in the room. nbc matt lauer seemed so professional which may explain this colleague's shock. >> it's hard to reconcile what we are hearing with the man who we know who walks in this building every single day. >> reporter: cbs charlie rose left his co-workers feeling the same way. this professional, this seeming gentleman did what? >> he doesn't get a pass because i can't stop thinking about the anguish of these women. >> for me i'm always thinking, you too. >> dr. monique howard is executive director of women organized against rape.
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>> how common in this behind closed doors mo. that's exactly what we're seeing right now. >> reporter: dr. howard says the allegations against harvey weinstein led to light bulb moment among the many women victimized out there and silenced. >> the support group phenomenon i'm not the only one this has happened to or happening to every day and i will now tell my story because there is safety in numbers. report roar sex assault allegations against comedian bill cosby were for years treated with scepticism by many. cosby' first and so far only criminal trial resulted in a hung jury last summer. but recent events may make his retrial next spring an even tougher fight for the defense. >> this post weinstein mentality is going to grow. veteran criminal defense attorney bill brennan. >> almost overnight sea change in the way entities, organizations and basically the public are handling and viewing
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allegations of sexual miss kick. >> i'm speaking in broad strokes here but it went from come on, why would you they will ridiculous story to oh, no, whoa something must have happened here. >> reporter: this sib growing in intensity. doctor how howard is as we speak working with state lawmaker to combat so called street harass. abusive cat calls from men at work sites that cause women to alter their travel routes to avoid the inn to dating behavi behavior. i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> matt lauer's firing evidence of a cultural shift changing everything. we have a lot more to look at in the next hour. happening right now one big glitch in american airline computer systems behind what could be big issue for travelers and it could make the holiday travel season just a nightmare. thousands of american airlines flights scheduled for december have no pilots scheduled clea clearly. that's a big problem. our dave kinchen is live at philadelphia international airport. dave what's going on here? >> reporter: it's a massive
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problem and he were talked to lot of people who plan to fly american over the holidays, and let's just say they're watching this closely hoping their flight isn't up in the air. >> i think it's remarkable that something like that can be so pro found. i mean especially with the holidays. >> she was flying american airlines to miami over the christmas holiday wondering if she'll get off the ground now that american is dealing with a sudden pilot shortage on thousands of nights. >> you always have to rationale am i going to take vacation during to time because it's going to cost three times as much now to fine out you won't have your flight is -- i don't know how you'll make that okay. >> reporter: more than 15,000 american flights from mid december to the rental of the year are reportedly now pilot less just in time for the busiest travel season on the cal length. the problem blamed on glitch in computer network that handles pilot time off based on seniority according to the allied pilot's association. suddenly thousands of airmen now
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find themselves on vacation. >> hopefully they hurry up and fix what's going on man. >> andrew is supposed to be traveling to minnesota via american around christmastime but he's not sure how things will pan out. >> i've been traveling with them for while and that's where my comfort is so i think it's dull going to change a little bit of my travel experience. >> reporter: inner loop says it's offering pilots time and a half to pick up open flights but that's creating a contract issue with the pilots union adding to the turbulence. >> can end up being disastrous if in fact they have to start canceling flights as they may needed to if they can't get staffing. >> reporter: peter levinson runs united nations national in old city. he's book numerous clients on travel on american for the holidays can he handle a mad dash to change plans. >> yeah, we would handle them. whatever requires for us to do day, night. >> reporter: well he would have a busy job ahead of him. american airlines says it does
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not expect any cancellations to take place. they said they have reserved pilots to help fill in the gaps but customers, well, they're just going to keep watching this to see how it actually work out. iain? >> all right, dave, let's hope it work out thank you. three to six years that is the time one man will spend in prison for an attack that outraged many people in our ar area. a judge has sentenced 29-year-old barry baker for sucker punching a man with cerebral palsy outside a 7eleven in west chester back in may. surveillance video shows just before he attacked the man baker was actually mocking him. he plead guilty to simple assault charges. in september. a candlelight vigil tonight for a man brutally beaten to death in mayfair. dozens gathering to honor the victim who died on monday from severe head injuries. he happened to be homeless. fox 29's dawn timmeney talked with those who remember the 57-year-old as a kind and gentlemen soul. >> kevin was son arc brother, an uncle arc cousin, a nephew, a
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friend. >> tom cullen choking back tears as he remembers his brother kevin. the 57-year-old homeless man was brutally beaten around 6:00 o'clock sunday night by teenagers. he died the next day. just a few nights after the vicious murder a vigil right at the spot on the 4200 block of loring street in mayfair where his head was smashed repeatedly against the outside of a house. >> even if that wasn't my brother, i would be sick to my stomach and outraged what had happened. >> reporter: cullen was one of six children. refusing to leave his beloved mayfair where he was born and raised. his family expressing heart ache over their loss and thanking those in the neighborhood who tried to help cullen as he lay unconscious on the sidewalk. >> especially the woman donna who you know sat with him in his dying to know somebody was there give him compassion when he was dying. >> reporter: milt often helped out cullen and says he just gave him a haircut last week. >> i had seen him saturday night
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the last time i saw him. i bought him and dave brought them up something to eat. hello and i said guys be caref careful. >> police say a group of five teens behind the brut attack. robbery the apparent motive. they say they've identified one teen who left his cell phone behind but so far no charges. >> i hear they were laughing and they thought it was a joke. it's just disgusting. >> reporter: neighbors some who knew kevin cullen and some who did not taking up a collection to help post a reward the victim is being laid to rest on saturday as police work to try to find the teenagers responsible for killing him. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. this is nuts. that guy on the left war criminal and he's about to drink a bottle of poison right in court. and both sides of congress agree lawmakers actually need anti harass many training and matt lauer out at nbc. and the nation
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♪ the news of matt lauer's firing sending shock waves through the nation. nbc's bombshell announce many has everyone talking each week sometimes each day more sexual misconduct allegations are coming out. today many people of course have taken to social media to talk about matt lauer from news anchors to actresses to the president of the united states. actress olivia munn rights for those who never knew how bad the abuse of power has been there's understandable shock and horror with every news story but for those of who've had had to endure and been punished for
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humiliated for speaking up, this day of reckoning is a blessing. >> like savannah i'm having trouble processing this news. congressman conyers fighting sexual misconduct allegations his attorney says he has no plans to resign. so far two women have accused john conyers of making unwanted sexual advances. conyers wife monica coming to his defense tonight dismissing both claims. in the wake of the outpouring of the allegations lawmakers are now taking action. the house passing a measure that requires annual anti harass many training for lawmakers and aids. we have breaking news out of washington, d.c. special council robert mueller's team questione questioned jar ry kushner sometime this month. reports tonight say investigators questioned the son-in-law of and adviser to president trump. the focus a meeting he had with russian ambassador and former national security adviser michael flynn. now that meeting reportedly happened during president trum
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trump's transition into the white house. a late night fight outside a university city pizza shop took a deadly turn. 24-year-old joseph hollin ski faces charges after police say he stepped in thinking he was protecting a woman. they say he ended up shooting and killing 21-year-old man. >> jeff cole has the details. >> reporter: cell phone video captures the moments after the gunplay on lancaster avenue just before midnight near the drexel campus. >> no! >> that's the voice of the victim's girlfriend shrieking say witnesses drexel students live on third floor apartment heard the gunfire. >> and we heard thee consecutive gunshots, and then afterwards, um, we her the woman screaming what did you do? and she was screaming a lot. >> reporter: police say female drexel student was having loud argument with her 21-year-old boyfriend. the boyfriend walks away. that's when a 24-year-old drexel graduate with a nine mill
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neither glock pistol and a license to carry approaches the woman. >> he walk up to see if the woman was okay. boyfriend returned and assaulted the 24-year-old who had the permit to carry. >> reporter: police say after being punched the gun owner fires into the chest of his attacker killing him. >> we just heard people screaming and running in every direction, and we heard like car horns and stuff, and then the police are here within like a few minutes. >> reporter: detectives were seen moving in and out of small businesses along the block late this morning at midday drexel students complained they hadn't heard from the university. >> nothing from drexel. no not a text not an e-mail nothing about it which is weird. >> reporter: upsetting to you. >> you want to feel safe on campus. drexel uses alert system in on going threat in university committee. safety is always our top priority. tonight some of its students are stun. >> we hear like muggings and drunk people out here all the
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time, but never something like this. >> reporter: jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> tell pell students grieving after one of their own was found dead in the library. 24 year old michael payt a. s was found unresponsive in the library monday morning. he was taken to the hospital where he died. he was a fourth year marking major who tran fed to temple from delaware county community college back in 2014. no word yet on how he died. at his hearing today, a judge ruled 29-year-old joshua hup per terse will be held for trial. killed 20-year-old jenna burr lay after he met her temple campus bar on september 2nd. her body was found in wayne county days later. charged with murder, tampering of evidence, abuse of a corporation and other related charges. >> septa police surveillance video shows 15 year old boy disappearing on train platform before officers found him electrocuted on top of a
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regional rail train last week. security cameras at suburban station show jones late thanksgiving night on the platform. officers say after he disappeared from the view of the camera. the electricity surged knocking out power. they found his body the next morning on the roof of a train at jefferson station in center city. he was lying toward the back of the train near its power lines. police say jones had been missing from his foster home since september. croydon bucks county right now sky fox over the 900 block of street road where a peco pole crashed on to the road thank goodness no one is injured. holiday season is here and that means for some a lot of shopping but the irs warnings you to look out for your wallet. it says the number of data breaches so far in 2017 has hit nearly 145 million americans. it says you can prevent that from happening in three simple ways. first protect your computer use that anti virus software and fire walls. second, don't use unprotected wi-fi and lastly, try to learn
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to recognize those exams. >> while your shopping for gifts, criminals are shopping for your credit cards. your financial account information. your social security number and other important personal identifying information. as the holidays approach, people should make sure their family, friends are well aware of these types of activities. >> financial experts say the most common way hacker get your information is through fishing e-mails don't click on those links. this next story is crazy. a convicted war criminal decides to end his own live in the courtroom. it happened just moments after a panel of judges upheld a 20 year prison sentence for war crimes during the bosnia serbia war former bosnian military chief yelled i am not a war criminal and drank the contents avenue small bottled. he poison himself. an ambulance took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> nbc shows matt lauer the door
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after allegations of sexual misconduct come to light. >> for the moment all we can say we're heart broken. >> and that was just the beginning. >> he came to philadelphia with his family after their home in puerto rico was destroyed by hurricane maria. now thanks to a fox 29 viewer he's got a job just in time for the holidays alright, off you go.
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worker is recovering tonight after a construction accident in new jersey.
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this happened around 4:00 this afternoon in woodbridge township when trench collapsed and buried a worker up to his waist. emergency workers eventually got to man out after about an hour. hurricane maria left behind a trail of destruction. family after family ended up with nothing. one man who we introduced to you last week decided he had to do something about it and he moved his entire family to philadelphia searching desperately for a job and as our joyce evans shares you, you our viewers stepped up big time. >> ready for big day. >> reporter: crisp new button down black slacks all brand new. clean, comfortable new shoes, perfect for hours of standing and walking. >> all set. >> reporter: gene's loved ones couldn't be more proud. and gene, he couldn't more nervous. >> yes. a lot. >> reporter: a lot has happened in just a few days. >> i'm starting from scratch over here from zero, yes. >> reporter: we first met gene
10:25 pm
at philadelphia's disaster assistance service center a week ago. >> just for help, you know. >> reporter: they lost practically everything when hurricane maria slammed into the island of puerto rico. the proud young husband, father of three with another on the way stuck it out for as long as he could until he was forced to gather his wife, kids and grandmother and head to family in philadelphia. >> i was really nervous to be honest and i was -- i was heart broken i left puerto rico. i was crying on the plane and everything. >> reporter: life became more stressful. >> we're just trying to find a job much it's really hard. >> reporter: fox 29 viewers responded to gene's plea for work saying he'd take any job at all. >> i knew i was going to get a job and thanks to you guys that's like -- that really hemmed me out lot to be honest. the same exact day the news went up on news, um, i had a bunch of calls. >> reporter: gene went on back to back interviews. >> custodian, there was a truck
10:26 pm
driver position and the check filet. >> reporter: he really impressed one of them. >> can you believe it? >> no. to be honest, no. i'm shocked, you know. especially at this position. >> good morning. >> reporter: he's assistant manager at the cheltenham chick-fil-a. >> clock in. >> reporter: he says he feels at home here already. and he'll take all the overtime he can get. >> things are coming together kind of fast. >> yes, thank god. >> reporter: gene credits his grandmother for his determination and great sense of responsibility. and his faith in the kindness of other people. he's got his five-year-old in kindergarten prenatal care for his wife and next we'll be checking out to see what housing may be available to him and his growing family. nice family. joyce evan fox 29 news. the bombshell that stunned the nation. matt lauer fired. the allegations inappropriate sexual behavior. did we create a culture that this is okay and how do we
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we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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♪ tonight more women are coming forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against matt lauer in a bombshell exclusive variety reports former today co-host gave one woman at nbc a sex toy and exposed himself to another then scolded her for not responding sexually. the magazine says the women filed complaints with nbc but nothing ever happened. the new york times says former staff told the network lauer's summoned her to his office in 2001 locked her inside then sexually assaulted her. she says she complied out of fear of losing her job. the news of his firing accept shock waves across the nation. among the stunned his former co-anchor savannah guthrie. >> all we can say is that we are heart broken. i'm heart broken for matt. he is my dear dear friend and my
10:31 pm
partner and he is beloved by many, many people here. and i'm heart broken for the brave colleague who came forward to tell her story and any other women who have their own stories to tell. >> lauer has not yet mentalled on this -- his dismissal or the allegations. almost seemed inevitable as american turned a blind eye to alleged sexual misconduct from politics to clarence thomas and bill clinton and harvey weinstein d we create a culture where men believe it's okay. the culture is shifting women are stake taking a stand saying enough is enough and calling out the men who have been inappropriate and worse of the in light of today's show host matt lauer's firing hank flynn traveled to delaware to find out if our society a finally writing the wrongs of the past. ♪ >> we put up with it every day. i mean that's just how it is. >> reporter: it's hank. i if new castle delaware. this whole sexual harassment ball keeps on rolling, doesn't it? do we bring it on
10:32 pm
ourselves? my take is yeah, we did. it's a long way from being over. i ran no cam march rah at battery park in new castle she says people like matt lauer and anyone else who allegedly engage in sexually inappropriate behavior are going to pay the piper. >> yeah. i mean, obviously if somebody just lost a 20 million-dollar job, that should be awake up call to be like anybody. >> reporter: she adds it's been a long time coming. i caught up with delaware november nor john carney who is touring new facilities at william penn high school. afterward i asked him about lauer garrison keeler and others he says he's never seen the likes of it. >> i think it's unprecedented. obviously, but it's message to us as the state's largest employer that we need to take a really hard look at our policies as it relates to sexual harassment. >> reporter: he adds protecting people who come forward is crucial and so is setting guidelines for what's unacceptable in state workplac workplaces. that's the rub though and that's how we've brought this on ourselves over the years workplaces have not been safe
10:33 pm
places to come forward. philly attorney says she still aren't. >> in the workplace if you explain you're taking yourself off the team it's very bad to your career. úso what needs to happen there s that women in the workplace have to take advantage of what's going on now. have to take advantage of this covering and work together. they have to work collectively. there's safety in numbers. >> reporter: alice adds we'll be seeing a lot more women come forward sip me because so many more have stories to tell. listen i agree. it's been building up for generations this thing. so settle in. we've got a long ways to go. if you're a workplace abuser, i got nothing for you. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ our coverage continues in just few minutes as news about alleged sexual misconduct dominates the headlines. how are you handling the questions from your kids? happening right now, white house senior adviser kellyanne
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conway is now america's new opioid czar. what does that mean? conway will now lead the federal government's response to the drug overdose epidemic. the opioid crisis as you well know has devastated families, neighborhoods and communities across our country of course right here in our area. last month president trump declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. and the president is in missouri tonight pushing the republican tax plan which he says will offer the largest tack cuts in american history. the stitt's version of the tax bill cleared another key procedural vote today. they voted 52-48 to start dough baiting the bill. it lock like it could head to vote as early as tomorrow. democrats are expected to unanimously oppose the bill. crit tuck say it will hurt the middle class in the long run and only benefit the highest earners and corporations. now those in favor say it's high time america stream line its tax code and help american families start saving now.
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>> it's not enough for the middle class to keep getting by. we want them to start getting way ahead. >> if pass the measure would be the nation's first tax overhaul in 31 years. the man who lost a ring that's been in his family for almost a century is now offering a reward for its return. paul verna will give a thousand dollars to anyone who returns his family ring. he lost the ripping at a flyers game last tuesday night when he was drying his hands in the bathroom. verna says the ring is gold with the initials nv engraved in it. it long to do his late father and has been in the family for almost 100 years. for more information head to our website fo >> a special family paint night in cherry hill to raise awareness for a good cause. peen though's palate welcoming 90 kisses for kyle family members tonight. each family got to paint they are own section of a family tree with their name on it. kisses for kyle program that
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supports families of children battling cancer. >> get ready to say cheese because facebook could require you to do this. take a selfie. yeah. >> it wasn't a very good self tee either. take a good look. you see that guy. he just robbed a big vegas casino. kind of pink panther style. he got away. ♪
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about going above and beyond. but for some of these police officers it's just another day at work. it's what they do. the philadelphia police department honored some of its officers today in a merit commendation ceremony. the top brass recognized 82 police officers for their service to the people of philadelphia. this is kind of like ocean's 11 vegas casino gets robbed and gate who did it is still out there on the loose. police say this masked man walked no a poker room at bell latch yo yesterday pointed a gun a tepp dan and demanded money. after getting the cash he takes off. it's not clear how much money he got away with. >> say cheese. facebook wants to see your face. wired is roaring the site may soon demand a selfie if it
10:40 pm
detects suspicious activity on your account. some of have already report add prompt asking them to up load a photo that clearly shows their face. facebook guarantees that it would check the picture then permanently delete from it its servers. facebook says the new system is intended to help catch suspicious activity. the question how does it know it's not a stock photo. got to wonder. you know when you're an eagles fan you bleed game especially when the team is ten and one. you can be in the middle of enemy territory tower dallas and still rock the love of your team. ♪ >> fly, goals, fly, on the road to victory ♪ >> james the rock poeed that facebook. that's the eagles fight song. performed it right in the wal*mart in arlington, texas. near dallas. cowboys fan even tried to photo bomb video posted with the
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caption we killing them in wal*mart in arlington. eagles fans we killing it yo. >> fly eagles fly. not again. work on the beach in margate. that dune project. remember all the flooding the big mess? it's on. again. this summer. speaking of summer, this has been a wonderful summer we've been having this fall, kathy. [ laughter ] >> you know that song. >> she's dancing. it is back to reality. it's almost december and guess what it's going to feel like it. come on, iain. >> love this song.
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celebrities, co-workers and fans stunned by the sudden firing of matt lauer. nbc announced lauer would be let go from the today show after a complaint of inappropriate sexual behavior but now more women are coming forward. variety says lauer gave one woman at nbc sex toy exposed himself to another. the new york times says a former staff reported lauer summoned her to his office in 2001, lock her inside and then sexually assaulted her. she says she passed out and had to go to a nurse. she claims she complied
10:45 pm
because of fear of losing her job many lauer has not yet commented on his dismissal or these allegations. stories about sexual misconduct harassment and assault have been dominating headlines of course and that raises serious questions about how we discuss all of this with our children. our bill anderson spoke with experts about those conversations for goodness sake. >> reporter: perception or reality seems like sexual harass many allegations are at an all-time high and with that, how people particularly young people are being prepared for it it's changed. >> people would look at it as you should be flattered as woman that a man was making unwanted advances. those are not the conversations that i'm having with my daughter. >> reporter: today was matt lauer but he's not the first and lyingly won't be last because of that parents across the country are wondering when and if they shall be having these difficult discussions with their children. >> we give girls from a very young age the tools to grapple with and deal with the privacy
10:46 pm
of their own selves mentally, physically. maryann is an interesting pig assistant director of agnes irwin school she prepares young women to deal with society but as a parent of a teen daughter she also has the challenge of how much of these discussions are just better left at home. >> it's important for schools to partner with parents so that we are speaking the same language. >> reporter: dr. foster is another person preparing young people to deal with sexual harassment on several fronts as a therapist but also as parent. >> is this new? >> no. it's not new. i've been hearing it for many, many years. i think it's the first time that the public is hearing it, and i also think it's the first time that like the golden boys in the public are getting caught. >> reporter: what she's been hearing from patients for years as a therapist is now fairly common knowledge. that parents are forced to deal with and she admits the necessary coverings they're sad. >> never go into a room that
10:47 pm
compromises someone unless you have a witness there to say okay everything was okay. so -- sad we have to do that. >> it's very sad. it's sad that people are doing this to other people too. >> reporter: even in the darkest of situations, doctor at a leib believes this painful time can improve society. >> what's happened is people are starting to question hey the guy next door could actually be someone who we don't know he is. >> reporter: as hard as it may be experts say have the difficult conversation with your kids and provide them the tools they need to cope for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ bad news for beach lovers in margate much the dune project is back on next summer. most likely. says u.s. army corps of engineers the solution to draining issues at the beach might up end the 2018 beach season.
10:48 pm
project will begin a new in january and it will take year to complete. the orange pumps on the beach will remain until the five permanent drainage pipes are up and running. the mayor wants construction to stop during the summer but the army core has yet to get back to him on that. here's live look at blue mountain now in the pocono mountains. temperatures are going to be cooler as november comes to a close. so what can we expect for the start of december? that comes your way in just 15 seconds. >> in wet tonight we're talking about clear skies and light winds and mild temperatures. too mild for the mountains unfortunately. we do need the colder air there. it's 49 degrees in philadelphia. the high today 64 degrees. that's running 13 degrees above average and as you look at the country as a whole, temperatures even now pretty mild in the 40s
10:49 pm
to the north. 50's and 60's even 70s to the south. and we'll have another decent day tomorrow although clouds will be rolling in. clear skies with high pressure dominating the northeast and mid atlantic. some clouds moving in from the south and west. and then we'll be sealing seeing some showers they'll be holding off till tomorrow night at about this time. so we go hour by hour and you can see the clear skies giving way to some clouds tomorrow. and then during the evening period after 9:00 o'clock some showers moving that was. not a loft rain. tenth of an inch or less in most spots moves through during midnight, 1am, 2am and it's out of here by 4:00 oclock in the morning start to so those skies clear out and by friday, late morning we're talking about wall to wall sunshine but cooler temperatures in the wake of this front. then we'll continue to see sunshine over the course of the weekend. when you consider the normal high is 51, yesterday 61. today 64. still going above average thursday. temperatures begin to drop off friday in the wake of that fro front. current snow coverage over the
10:50 pm
continental u.s. only about 8%. and above average temperatures expected through early next we week. so we'll be able to see another rise in temperature getting close to that 60 degrees mark yet another time before an arctic blast moves in midweek next week around the sixth going through the ninth and you can see that colder air moving toward the midwest and spreading east war and this is when we'll definitely be seeing a change. could stick. overnight 37 in philadelphia. they are in pottstown. i should say 30. 27 in the poconos. and allentown 29. 27 is a pretty decent temperature for snow making in the poconos overnight and tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, 54. increasing clouds. easterly winds becoming southerly. five to ten and that's not going to have an impact as far as any chill. that's got news. so 54 during the day tomorrow. friday 53. cooler saturday and then sunday, monday and tuesday we start that rise again that arctic blast out to the north and the west begins on wednesday and we begin to
10:51 pm
fall off as well and that could be a cooler change. we'll be in december. that's a look at your seven day forecast. we'll send it over to kristen. >> thanks kathy. the sixers are still úwatching load management with joel embiid as he's expected to sit tomorrow against boston we got to watch him tonight. check out the inevitable entertainment that embiid brought against the wizards. ♪ michael: i'm thankful that
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here's what's coming up on fox 29 news at 11:00. who knew what? and for how long? >> matt lauer terminated. tmz video showing a different side of the today show host. >> fox 29 news at 11:00 is neck. your nissan sports wrap on fox 29. the sixers had a tough loss to the cavs on monday but with ben simmons and joel embiid on the court for philly and john wall off the court for the wizards, they should have been able to bounce back. they should be able to bounce back i should say right before the half embiid comes up with a big-time block. ben simmons taking it up and em bed slams it home. sixers went up 20. third quarter now ben simmons nice move gets down low here
10:55 pm
finishes with a dunk himself. he had a career high 31 points. sixers win it 118-113. there's nostalgia today about college basketball in philadelphia. a game was made at the jake nevin field house for the first time since 1986. villanova/penn playing today. nova in the first half jail lynn brunson shoots from behind the arc drains the three. he had 17 on the night. nova beats penn 90-62. local scores tonight st. joe's beat bucknell 83-70 and drexel come from behind to sneak by lafayette 68-67. the eagles have only beaten one winning team in the last 12 weeks. now they're about to face two in eight days. seattle isn't the team they've been in the past because of injuries. but they'll present a tough test for the birds. carson wentz did have the chance to play at century link field last year and experience just how loud the 12 many man is. he says that gives this team little bit more comfort ability. but this should be close game.
10:56 pm
wentz really respects what seattle has built. >> they're great team offensiv offensively. defensively, special teams they're coached well. they've been in the play off the last five years so a lot of respect for them. they'll present a challenge especially going into their stadium out there. it's loud and quiet atmosphere that that is again it will be really good challenge for us. >> the eagles may be ten-one right to you were you they need to face stronger competition because it's sure coming their way in the playoffs. perfect example they got away we three fumbles lost and 11 penalties again the bears but that's not going to cut it any more. >> as we go down the stretch and we get into these playoff type atmosphere football games, particularly this week, on the road that we have to -- we have to take care of the football. can't -- you can't fumble it four times and give it up three and, you know, penalties, you know, penalties at this stadium are going to hurt you. hurt us last year. can't do it. >> and tune in this sunday fox
10:57 pm
29 "game day live" at 10:00. one viking falcons and later panthers and the saints. going to be good. >> good double header. >> oh yeah. that will do it for us here at 10:00. >> we'll we'll see you back here at 11:00. remember your powerball lottery drawing is next. i think it's really? really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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