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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  November 30, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> disturbing. >> plus the search continues this morning shall for the teens responsible, for beating a homeless man to death. how friends, family, are remembering the victim. >> and down big last night. the washington wizards were using that haak a ben strategy to stage a come back, with the sixers, almost got it done. did it work? did it work? good day everybody, it is thursday, november the 30th, i'm still here. >> oh. well, yes. >> and we're glad for it. >> the new morning television game. is he still there?
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good morning, it is thursday, november the 30th. so tomorrow's the first? >> tomorrow is the first of the month. >> oh, good lord. >> so get your bills in order. >> got to pay the rent. >> let's get with weather, yesterday, sue, was amazing. >> right? i know, 64 degrees was our high temperature, it was very nice, and it will be a little chillier today. but still, pretty nice. so we go with a nine out of ten, on national mouse day. now which mouse is it? it is this one. it is the chocolate mouse. but this mouse is very sad. because he wishes it was his day. temperatures in the three's, 40's, sixers cap on bus stop buddy, 37 degrees, is our current temperature, feels like 32, so, it is chillier than yesterday at this time. sunrise time, 7:03 freezing in lancaster, down in rehoboth, we have 47 degrees, mays
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landing, 32, wrightstown, 34. pottstown, 31. and, below freezing, 30 degrees, in doylestown. as go out the door this morning. so, we'll have a decent amount of sunshine, until late, probably, after that early sunset of 4:37. and then we get some clouds in here. but 56 degrees. still above average. but, definitely, chillier than yesterday. still, not bad at all, bob kelly. >> not bad at all. sue, 63:02, hello bensalem. live look route one up near neshaminy mall there in the background, interchange of the pennsylvania turnpike, everything moving good this morning. coming up and over the ben my downtown, no problems at all. you got the lightning bolt there, as you swing around the circle and hello northeast philly. live look, at i-95 again starting to see volume pop for the beginning of the morning rush hour. couple every delays on few of of its regional rail lines this morning, about ten, 15 minutes, nothing major. doylestown, thorndale, warminster, had person struck by an amtrak train last night down in chester, good news, all of the entire northeast
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corridor back to normal. amtrak says they expect no problems chester south of philadelphia for the morning rush hour, and other than those regional rail delays, mass transit looking good. mike and alex back over to you. >> okay, we've got to find these people. homeless man beat tone death by teens is being remembered as kinds, gentle souls. >> relative are saying he is getting the respect in death that he didn't get in life. but, police are still continuing to search for his killers, they believe, are group every teenagers. >> so generally they any closer? >> we believe that they are closer, mike. because, police have identified at least one of the teens, believed to be involved in these attacks. so while no charges have been filed, we do believe that they're inch. closer to that arrest. the brutal murder of kevin cullen has impacted the mayfair community, last night, neighbors, friends, and family members, gathered at the scene, of sunday attack, and held vigil to honor cullen's memory.
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the 57 year old man was a graduate of father judge high school. born and raise in the mayfair, never strayed far from the neighborhood. sadly this is where he died. police say group every teens smashed cullen's head into the side of a house, on the 4200 block of logger street. he was transported to the hospital. where he passed away. people who knew cullen say he was a very kind man, and they're horrified by the detail every his death. >> we can't continue to hide behind our curtains and be afraid. this was a very cowardly act. and it is a shame it, cost someone their life for us to be out here on a night like this. >> it was real shock to hear yesterday that, unfortunately, a bunch of young punks, you know, beat him up to, you know, to kill him, right here, on this block right here. and it is just so tragic. >> and police believe the motive was attempted robbery, while they continue to look for the teens involved, people3 in the neighborhood, those who
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knew cullen and those who did not are collecting money to offer a reward in this case. >> hue are the papers handling the fire of matt lauer by nbc above the fowl here of the philadelphia inquirer, interesting editorial on the sidebar column here. as always women do the clean up ellen gray with her interesting editorial about his firing. and then the daily news here in philadelphia, today's creep. so just somebody every day, play on words there, the name of his show, today's creep. >> that's what it is starting to seem like. >> yes. the new york daily news, and the new york post, kind of had the same thing going here, today's perv, and then the new york post dirty robin stead of 30 rock, where he used to work. so, more details coming out. >> and this is all while matt
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lauer was noticeably absent from rockefeller ceremony tree ceremony last night. that will two month long investigation, variety magazine reports three women accuse matt lauer of sexual harrass: since the news broke the new york times is report that two more women have come forward with similar claims against matt lauer. and ironically just two month ago, matt lauer build bill o'reilly about similar accusations, at fox. >> you were accused of sexual harrassment. you said at the time you did absolutely nothing wrong. >> correct. >> do you stand by that? >> i do. >> so did you provide fox news any evidence, any information, that you think could have changed their mind as to what you were guilty or not guilty of? >> my legal team was very aggressive in putting for the our point of view. and that's all i'm going to say about it. >> okay, there is better clips. he goes on to say you were such a powerful position at fox news channel, some women probably would be hesitant to
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come forward, you know, the same question could be asked of him, certainly, today. >> all right. it is 6:07. yet another person with the same allegations. >> another notable media figure. garrison cooler has also been fired, after accusations of inapropriate behavior. his duties as host of the show ended last year when he retired. but minnesota public radio now confirms it fired him effective immediately after the station received the allegations. the 75 year old was still producing the syndicated show the writers almanac. >> i think that's one of the more shocking ones. and let's get to politics, alex. >> michigan congressman, john conyers also been fighting sexual misconduct allegations and so far two women have accused him of making unwanted sexual advances. conyer surrendered his post as top democrat after the report surfaced his attorney says though he is no plans to resign. >> okay, well, temple student grieving after one of their own was found dead in the
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library. the university says 24 year old michael paytas was found unresponsive in the library monday morning, he was returned to the hospital where he died. so he was a fourth year marketing major who had transferred to temple from delaware county community college back in 2014. no word on how he died. that's what they're trying to figure out. meanwhile a man accused of killing a temple student lent stand trial. police say 29 year old joshua killed 20 year old jena burley after he met her at a temple campus bar september the second. burley's body was found at the man's grandmother's property in wayne, county, days later. so this joshua is charged with murder, tampering with evidence, abuse after corpse and other related charges. >> coming up on 6:09.
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vip visitor for rapper meek mill. learning sixers star joel embiid went to see meek mill in prison last friday. sixers co-owner michael ruben tanking along, embiid the latest to join the public outcry for meek's two-four year sentence for violating parole. ruben has been vocal about friend of his, so he went to go visit him. >> a lot of people fly out of philadelphia on american airlines. which is merged with us air. the planes are ready took. they're just underneath pilots to fly you to your christmas holiday celebrations. see, that is a key. you really have to have a pilot. >> you need somebody to fly on the plane. >> that would be helpful, ya. plus: how you can get your hands on pope francis' fiat. well, one of them that he used to crews the streets of philadelphia. >> ♪ philadelphia. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> oh, a little over two years, now, since the pope was here? well the second of the two fiat's, up for grabs, will auction it off, al next. >> bidding continues through december 20th, on charity buzz. com. and the proceeds will support organizations, programs, and ministries, throughout the
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archdioces of philadelphia. >> that would be pretty cool. all right, coming up on 6:12, in fact it is. >> well, tonight could be the night. what needs to happen for the eagles to clinch the nfc east. >> yes, pretty simple michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit
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>> 6:15. last day of november is the last day of hurricane season. so, with nothing in the offering for today we got all the way to the r's with the named standings, rena was the last one, arlene started back in april before the season start. season officially starts june 1st, so the forecast for 14-19 named storms, we got 17, the average is 12, we had ten hurricanes above the average, six major hurricanes, memorable season for many reasons, the fifth most active tied with 1936. all ten of the hurricanes that we were in a row at $367 bilion plus, it was the costly he is hurricane season ever, sadly, because of harvey, irma and maria mostly those storms that a lot of lust not forget for long, long time, probably ever. >> thirty-two in lancaster, 31 pottstown, 29 mount pocono,
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41? dover, 39 in wildwood, but all of these temperatures are chillier than we were yesterday. as we look ahead to today, the future cast shows, sunshine, until well after dark, not until when we get the showers rolling through, if you get one at all will happen between 9:00 and one in the morning, then sunshine again for tomorrow, but will be a little bit cooler. so, temperatures in the 60s yesterday, and the day before. not going to be the trends as we look ahead. 64 degrees was our high yesterday. today not bad, rain at night, 63 degrees, ooh to start the weekend on saturday, 54 on sunday, and staying in the 50's, through the middle of the week, but after that rain on wednesday, we expect a very cool change see about that in the coming days. >> 6:16. good morning, look at the shenanagans happening here at desiree house. she woke up and found the elf
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painted little mustaches and devil ears on all of the kids. so move that elf if you are waking up early this morning, thanks to desiree, sent us pictures there. hello bucks county, live look, southbound, 95, right near 413, this disable truck, partially blocking what would be that right lane keep in mind headed south, construction comes into play, no overhead street lamps so just be careful. >> the benny looking good coming into philadelphia, the pyramid club all lit up with red and green light at the top of tower here center city this morning, looks pretty cool. i59 out of the great northeast past the camera at cottman avenue. septa winning delays, the doylestown, thorndale, warminster line, and amtrak says they expect normal service on the northeast corridor after that incident last night in chester, delaware county.
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>> 6:17. this is out of dc. special council robert muller's team questioned jared kushner sometime earlier this month. new reports say investigators questioned the son-in-law. >> the phoning us meeting he had with russian ambassador, michael flynn, the meeting reportedly happened during president trump's transition, into the white house. >> stirring up controversy. he re tweeted several videos showing what looks like muslims, in acts every violence, the original tweets come from a right wing british group. theresa macon determined the president for retreating videos calling it wrong but the trump administration disagrees. >> whether it is a real video, the threat is real, and that is what the president is talking about. that's what the president is focused on, is dealing with those real threats.
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>> those are real no matter how you look at that time. >> calling it anti-muslim, questioning their authenticity suggesting the videos are fake. >> yes, so, but, his spokesperson says fake, or real, he's focused on terrorism. so, i guess real doesn't matter any more. the next story is absolutely crazy, convicted war criminal decides to ends his own life, in front of everybody in the courtroom. >> so this is it, happening now, this is after panel judge's upheld 20 year prison sentence for warm crimes during the bosnia serbia war, he takes little vial, and he drinks it, a lot of people in the court trying to figure out what was going on, before he took that vial he said i am not a war criminal. the defendant said he poise orthopedics himself and an ambulance returned him to the hospital where he later was pronounced dead. >> so there are lots every questions how did he get that in the courtroom. >> yes. >> and how did he have access to it? >> things are different over there, in their judicial system, but still, somebody thought he was doing a shot.
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>> it was a shot of poison. >> flying out to see loved ones? >> a lot of people have already bought their particular. >> the true. you may have take there may be a plane. but there is knob to fly it. >> uh-huh. >> yes, the flight -- >> up in the air. >> up in the air, i like it, airline doesn't have any pilots for 15,000 flights over the christmas holidays. the busiest travel week of the year, what are they going to do about it. >> caused by computer glitch allowed each and every pilot to take time off during their busiest time of the year. so, flights between december 17th, and december 31st, don't have any pilot. the air lean working tragically to find a solution for this. >> you always have to rationalize, amy going to take vacation during that time? it will cost three times as much, now to find out you won't have your flight i don't know thousand make that okay. >> it can be disastrous if
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they have to start cancelling flights, as they may need to do it, they can't get staffin staffing. >> american airlines says they have reserve pilots, but still a lot of flights to cover, also will offer pilots time and a half if they pick up certain dates and trips. but also, if it is like the busiest time of year, don't you usually have an idea that we probably can't take off around this time? i guess oh, i'm try it anyway. computer says i can. >> and they all started talking. you got christmas off? you got christmas off? you got christmas off? >> everybody thought they were lucky and it turns out everybody has it off. >> you get it off and you get it off and you? okay. >> i hope they figure it out. >> still, on this program, we like it call. >> good day philadelphia. >> we will tell you why facebook could soon lock you out. if you're not willing to up load a selfie. oh, gosh. i've got to up my selfie skills.
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>> the sixers look to bounce back, special bonus, both joel embiid and ben simmons were active.
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sixers, wizards, right before the half. joel embiid comes up with big time block. ben simmons taking up the court. going to give it back to embiid. slam it home big man. sixers wins it 118-113. the eagles can clinch the nfc east tonight with dallas lost, but looking into bigger picture, they say that would just be step one. >> there are a lot of things you're staying mail for, even though you have checked the box for your first goal, it is great. love it, but the eagles won a bunch of nfc titles here, too, we love it, tribute to the players, but something bigger out there that we strive for. >> villanova, penn, at the jake nevin field house. nova up in the first. pumps, shoots from wrapped the arc, he had 17 points on the night. nova beats penn 90 to 62. that's sport in a minute. i'm kristin rogers. >> boy that game last night, the sixers were way up and they almost lock the game because of the wizards
6:26 am
planning to stop ben simmons by sending him repeatedly to the free throw line because he's not good at shooting free throws. >> like we've learned his achilles heel or something. >> yes, indeed. simmons, a 56-point, 6% free throw shooter this season, made 15 of 29 last night. he came through at the end. he had 24, free throw attempts, in the fourth quarter, alone. most in a quarter, nba history. fans say the foul shot slowed the game, way down, and showed where simmons weakness is. that heal you call achilles. >> a new rule passed before the start of the season, aimed to limit this hack a player strategy. remember back in the day, it started with shaquile o'neil? the hack-a-shack. he was so bad at fro throws, you just foul. i think there were 97 free throws last night.
6:27 am
that just slows the game way down. >> ninety-seven? >> yes. >> that's no way to play b-ball. >> no. >> no. >> all right, we have eight got cold front on the way. are we going to get any rain from this? are we going to get anything from this? we'll let you know that, what's ahead for the weekends, weather authority forecast, coming on up. >> ♪ >> ♪ no matter how you holiday, where you holiday, or who you holiday with... stay bright with dunkin's holiday coffee flavors like brown sugar cinnamon, and peppermint mocha. grab your favorite and make your holidays happen. the holidays run on dunkin'.
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>> the pinch that angered the delaware valley. remember how mad we were at this? now the man behind that blow learns his fate. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ >> eagles fans, taking the love for their team, to another level. but, it is where this was recorded that people are saying, okay, these are some diehards fans. >> oh, kudos to them. >> oh, avenue idea. i see a shirt there. >> oh, there goes a guy. oh, oh, cowboys in the house. good day everybody, it is thursday, november the 30th, 2017. >> the weather yesterday was beautiful. i just know it won't last. but -- >> it was gorgeous sue, today will it be another gorgeous day. >> oh, yes, weaver nine out of ten. it won't be as warm as
6:31 am
yesterday, but still really nice. sunshine, temperatures in the 50's, certainly not the deep freeze that we will be getting eventually. it is national mouse day, sorry, not this mouse, this one. chocolate mouse, yes. bus stop buddy has got frozen dessert out there. temperatures in the 30's, four's, of course he's happy about the sixers win last night. temperature right now, 37 degrees. starting to see the very combination of our sunrise, which is official at 7:03 this morning, feels like 32 out there. so little chillier. notice, as you walk out the door, reading has 33, we have 41 in dover, delaware. moving up into the shore points, brigantine, at 42. doylestown, 29. and perkasie, good morning, 34 . lower 50's by lunch time. high temperature of 56 degrees, cooler, but still, better than yesterday. still better than average, i should say, average high 50 degrees. so yes, see the forecast right there? get to hear that forecast on
6:32 am
101.1. more fm. inbetween all of the great holiday music. >> and wear your reindeer and the letters, too, when do you it on the radio. >> oh, you got a mess. 6:32, hot mess, right here, the eastbound schuylkill expressway right at the dreaded south street onramp comes in from the left here. only have what looks like the far right lane and shoulder getting by. got couple of vehicles involved. so again, eastbound, schuylkill expressway jammo, if you're going to be headed down toward the airport use the vine street expressway at 95, that will avoid the mess here. even got the olds gaper delay coming out every south philly on the flip sewed. disable vehicle, south on the boulevard, at grant avenue. one of those busy intersections, for accidents up there in the great northeast. and then, let's go to chester county. west chester pike route three, right at stoneem drive in willis town chester county. another accident, this 422, eastbound, right before you get into king of prussia at the ramps for 202. so, slow your roll there,
6:33 am
gang. we've had a lot of accidents in the last ten minutes. mike and alex back over to you. >> slow that roll. community pays tribute to homeless man who was beat tone death by a group of teenagers. >> those teenage remembers still out there. but police expect to have some of them in custody soon. but in the meantime a community coming together to remember this man. >> here is jenny. >> reporter: good morning, mike and alex. so no arrests yet. we do believe police are getting closer because they've identified at least one of the teens believed to be involved in this attack. meanwhile, the family and friends of kevin cullen say they're anxious for justice. it was around 6:00 sunday night, cullen homeless mayfair was brutally beaten by a pack every teens, he later died last night. people who knew cullen and even some who did not attends add vigil, to honor the life of a man they say was very nice. police tell us, he suffered a violent death. the man's head was smashed against the side after house on the 4200 block of logger street. one woman found him, and stayed with him, until help
6:34 am
arrived. but curl end did not make it. people in the neighborhood say they're discussed by kevin's murder. >> it is just a horrible story. i hope the people are put to justice, i would not want anybody to have to go through this, or these individuals to hurt anybody else. >> it is too much. it has to stop. we have to come together as a community. i want to organize a big, bigger town watch, better town watch, do whatever i have to do to stop this bull crap from happening. >> police believe the motive was attempted robbery, and while they continue to look for the teens involved, family members are planning cullen's funeral. which is scheduled for saturday morning. mike and alex. >> okay, keep us updated. more shocking details unfolding about now disgraced anchor matt lauer. >> new accuse very come forward after nbc fired him over alleged sexual misconduct. matt lauer noticeably absent wrong fell err tree lighting ceremony last night. there was two month long investigation.
6:35 am
the variety magazine was reporting on, three women accuse matt lauer of sexual harrassment, since the news broke, the new york times is reporting that two more women have come forward, with similar claims, against matt lauer. and ironically just two months ago, on the show, matt lauer grilled bill o'reilly about accusations when hosting fox news. >> you don't let your number one guy go. >> sure do you. >> unless you have information that you think makes him -- >> that's not true. >> there are billions of dollars at steak in business deals. and they made a business decision that they could, you know, possibly prosper more without me. it was as simple as that, it was a business decision. >> so, matt lauer has now comment bad his dismissal. and the allegations, we're waiting for that, he is still not issued a statement. apparently he is talking with his family about all of this. >> yes, and as well as he has hired pr firm, as well, to
6:36 am
help him get through this situation. >> coming up on 6:36. three to six years, that's the time one man will spend in prison for attack that outraged people across our area. oh, you remember this? a judge sun tensed 29 year old barry baker for sucker punch a man with cerebral palsy outside of 7-eleven, in west chester back in may. surveillance video shows right before he attacked the man baker was mocking him. baker pled guilty to certainly assault charges, in september. >> oh, all right. 6:36. >> septa police say surveillance video shows a 15 year old boy disappearing on a train platform, the night before officers found him, electrocuted on top of regional rail train last week. investigators say camera shows ray consequence late thanksgiving night on the platform. officers say, after he disappeared, from view, the electricity surged knocking out power, and they found his body the next morning on the roof after train at jefferson station in center city. >> well, the man who lost a
6:37 am
ring that's been in his family for almost a hundred years is now offering a reward. we got to find this thing for this guy. >> paul verna will give $1,000 to anyone who returns his family ring. paul lost the ring at flyers game last tuesday night when he was drying his hands in the bathroom. the ring is gold. with the initials nv engraved on it. they belong to his late father, and has been in his family for almost 100 years. for more information, go on if you would like to return it. >> come on, flyers fans, a guy in the men's bathroom, let's return that ring. >> back in fill toy tell us what happened, the name of her book, hillary, of course, her memoir released in september. she will be promoting the book tonight at the academy of music, the very personal memoir re counts the outcome of the 2016 election in her eyes, in her words. philly is one of eight cities
6:38 am
she is stopping on in this book tour. you can still get tickets to this vernon line, there are 60 bucks. >> new castle county, a draft proposal aimed at improving student's success at schools in wilmington. it could mean a major school merger consolidating student at five schools, fewer buildings, move will impact about 1600 students, the proposal calls for merging bancroft, albert pal any, pulaski, stubs elementary school along with bayard middle school. school officials say k through eighth grade school will allow poor more resources and stability for student. >> yesterday, information was released publicly about a draft proposal produced jointly by the governor offers. christina school district, the delaware department of education, the office of innovation and improvement. the draft proposal memorandum of understanding between the partners listed and so it is not fully reviewed. a lot more details on, that
6:39 am
i'm sure we have more information as well on our website all right, there you go, the holiday season is here, that means for some, a lot of shopping. for all every us. but the irs is warning you to stay cautious with your money. >> it says the number of data breaches so far in 2017 has hit nearly 145 million americans. >> well, that would be about half of us, alex. >> but it is news you can prevent from happening to you in three simple ways. first protect your compute where anti-vie just fire walls, second, don't use unprotected wifi, lastly, learn to recognize those scams. >> while you're shopping for gifts, criminals are shopping for your credit cards, your financial account information, your social security number and other personal identifying information. as the holidays approach, people should be making sure their family, friends, are well aware, of these types of
6:40 am
activities. >> financial expert say the most common way hackers get your information is through fishing emails. >> well, bad news for some beach lovers in margate. the do you know project is back on next summer. says the us army corps every engineers says the permanent solution to draining issues, at the beach, might up end inched up in the beach season, the view they never wanted in the first police will begin a new in january, just weeks away, and take a year to complete. >> orange pumps will remain until the drainage pipes are up and running. they want the construction to stop during the summer but the army corps that is yet to get back to him on that idea. we will see. >> coming up on 6:41, shaking up the tree tradition this year. and we're not talking about
6:41 am
the ladder tree. >> are you turning this tradition upside down, alex? >> literally, yes. >> i thought this was just a stupid stunt. but it is catching on. and it is not from the ceiling any more. it is grounds-up. >> sometimes there are things you can't un see. >> fox 29 always has you covered. >> i did that part. >> oh,. >> iaian, are you okay? >> i believe kathy orr, she is the weather authority. >> i believe kathy orr, she is the weather authority. >> oh, dude. i'm a small business, but i have... big dreams... and big plans.
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>> weaver a pedestrian accident along route 38 right at longwood. this is right at a busy interchange, that is famous for pedestrian accidents, you have the mcdonald there on the corner, right between chapel and cuthbert boulevard. it looks like the eastbound side of route 38 heading in toward new jersey, mcdonald's right here on the upper corner to a locator. the eastbound side is closed. the portion of 38, heading in toward the ben franklin bridge, and in toward philadelphia, has one lane getting on by.
6:45 am
a pedestrian crossing the roadway here, two vehicles are involved, and i'm kind of blocking it, so let's just go to the maps here. because, route 38, between chapel, and cuthbert boulevard, will certainly be impacted throughout the beginning of our morning rush hour, right now, you're leaving the house, no matter which direction you're going, head for route 70, that will get you through cherry hill, and around that delay, for the rest of the morning rush hour. otherwise, east on the skunk schuylkill, an accident right at the base of the south street onramp. and an accident out here, in king of prussia, this is a live look, at route 422 eastbound, accident right before you get at the 202 interchange, leaving college forward, royersford, jammed up trying to get in toward king of prussia. in northeast philly, disable south on the boulevard, right at grant avenue, the left lane taken out, take a look at this set up of lights. sixty year tradition, over 40 homes, we're going there live, tonight, very kelly christmas.
6:46 am
the 2700 block of smedley street, we're going to do it south philly style when we go live tonight during both the 5:00 and the 6:00 newscast. so come on, snap a picture of your light, post them to facebook, twitter, instagram, use the #fox29lights contest so i can show the lights on tv and maybe you'll be the next homy jump in the news van and visit. looking for good weather tonight, sue. she has the forecast in 15 seconds. >> walking out the door little chillier than it was yesterday. the actual temperatures, are in the 20's, and 30's, got 41 degrees temp in dover. and these are nine, ten, 13 degrees chillier than it was yesterday at this time. but, as we head into next week. looks like monday, will still
6:47 am
be okay, with seasonable temperatures, and then the jet south. by thursday, arctic brags, thursday of next week, and the next weekend, not this weekend should be nice and cold for you, if you're wondering where the december chill is, oh, it will be here. meantime, today, we look fine, until tonight, when we see a cold front coming through with couple of showers, you may even sleep through them, maybe about ten, 11:00 tonight, through about 3:00 in the morning should be finished by the time we get started when good day tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. but you will in the, slightly cooler temperatures, some breezes, on friday. yesterday, 64 degrees, but we don't have any 60s in our seven day forecast. mid 50's today, lower 50's tomorrow, around 50 on saturday. and 54 degrees on sunday, but it is a nice dry weekend. then, that weather extends to monday, tuesday and wednesday we have a chance of showers,
6:48 am
then it gets cold, after that. >> thank you, sue. >> let me out of the building, i'm going to be at jersey bagel cafe and pizza hopefully celebrating another eagles win, for the whole show, four to 10:00 a.m. we will be in willingboro on route 130 just over the burlington bristol bridge. >> burlington bristol bridge. >> yes. >> for bagels. >> please come so i look good. like somebody likes me? >> always look good. >> oh, i'm going to fill that place up. >> yes, we will. >> even the wholes will be filled. >> of the paying else? >> of the bagels. >> alex has been trying to teach me how to take a better selfie, because yourself east are fantastic. you say go to a window where there is daylight coming in? >> light something key. yes. we have good lighting here. but why are you taking a selfie? >> because facebook wants a selfie now. >> facebook asked you for a selfie? >> yes. in fact, a lot of russ going to have to say cheese.
6:49 am
wired is reporting, that's wired. com, is reporting that the site may soon demand a selfie if it detects suspicious activity, on your facebook account. some have already reported a prompt asking them to up load a photo that clearly shows their face. facebook guarantees that it would check the pictures, then permanently delete it from its servers. do you trust them? facebook says it is intends today catch suspicious activity, but, how does it know it is not a stock photo? something someone else grabbed off the web? >> or there is the show -- >> like that. >> i could pretend that that's me. >> would you? would you do that, though? >> well, just to screw with them i would. >> also catfishing, like i could put up photo of tyra banks, ya, that's me, when it
6:50 am
is clearly not. >> alex whom. >> i you're prettier. >> oh, that's nice of to you say. i know that's not true, but that's nice of to you say. >> it is true. i think you are prettier. not that it is -- in this day and age, i don't know what to say. all i know is i still have my job. >> for now, it is thursday. >> stop it. >> okay, and moving on. >> okay. >> 6:50. one of the seasons most popular christmas commercials has a sequel. >> you know, i don't remember this commercial, but i bet you do. i know i -- >> i thought i remembered it either but once i see this i'll remember it. >> the classic m and m commercial stars red and yellow. okay. it has run every year for the past 20 years. >> so we should know it. >> i guess. >> here it is. >> so you think santa will like these red and green m and m's? >> i don't know, i never met the guy. >> he does exist. >> do exist.
6:51 am
>> all right. i don't get. that will so i don't get -- >> you don't remember it? >> no. i think i've had too much eggnog this time of year. so this year, i'll be able to understanded this. we finally finds out what happens next. red and yellow return to santa's helpers. but, they run into some trouble. >> present. >> yes? >> they're going to the wrong people. >> what? >> what have you done? >> did i ruin christmas, red? >> actually buddy, i think you made it even better. >> oh, i still don't get it. it all ends well, as the tag line said, m and m's bring everyone together. well, there is a minute i won't get back.
6:52 am
>> i love the first commercial. >> i truly blame this on eggnog. >> do you? >> where i would miss all of december for probably the last 20 years. >> we'll have to watch it after the show, can really pay attention. >> let's gather around our monitors on our desk and watch them over and over. >> exactly. >> christmas spirit. >> you know, december starts tomorrow. the most beloved christmas movie, every all time, in my book, is a christmas story it becomes the season's biggest television end. i'm looking forwards to seeing there is christmas story live, it is live, at the warner brothers studios out in losses angeles, california. so, we're going to send somebody, the prize includes airline tickets, if we can finds a pilot for the plane, two night, two nights in a hotel, and transportation. ya, you won't be stranded on the streets. just go to and there is some rules there and you
6:53 am
simply click ton. >> that's luther vandrose, he is a great christmas songs. oh, my gosh and i love the mistletoe jam. >> i miss luther. and look at that pink sky. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ michael: i'm thankful that i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit hey, guys. where are the cookies for the... bake sale? bake... bake sale? need to bake in a hurry? use new country crock buttery sticks with sunflower oil. there's no softening required. so baking is delicious and easy. ooh, cookies! ah, ah, ah! (laughter)
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>> ♪ >> listen to this real quickly. >> fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ >> so, that's james drocks posted this video to facebook. yes, that's an eagles fight song, being performed in a wal-mart, in arlington, texas. see the cowboys fan? no, photo bomb that. that's great. >> and the they're running things. >> they're running things even in dallas. >> i remember a woman, who was an eagles fan, to shoved a flag into the grounds, right in front of what's the name of the field there? >> cowboys stadium. >> cowboys stadium. >> jerry as palace in dallas, if you want to call it that.
6:57 am
>> it was you. >> new allegations again matt lauer, more coming in, as more women come forward just hours after his firing, for sexual misconduct. there at the "today show
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> knocking new details about disgraced anchor matt lauer's workplace behavior. >> you co-hosted the "today show" with matt lauer for 15 years, what's matt's most
7:00 am
annoying habit? >> he pinches me on the -- >> this has more women come forward accusing him of very inapropriate behavior. >> a computer scheduling glitch leaves thousands of lights without -- flights without my lots. >> by the way is there anyone on boards who knows how to fly a plane? >> the eagles don't play until sunday but could clinch the nfc title tonight. >> what has to happen tonight before we even get to december? >> cowboys need to lose tonight. i'll be watching that game. i don't normally watch thursday night football, but i will a watch anything where i think the cowboys will lose. >> and they have a good chance every losing. >> very good chance, playing the redskins, right? high shall everybody, it is thursday, we've made it to thursday, straight


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