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tv   Teen Kids News  FOX  December 9, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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sic) aft live llestown, bucks the sw congown oon. leig and the t a as weiladelphiart, sock inith the cloudsand also thenow fa we'll take torsakes fly and elaw newcastle country looking that snow accumulpecially oy surfaces. as you t loot whating withedarndomays ver two hourk. atladelphia but still kind of monitoring thelity and as ultimate doppler you can the snoworth and west. the lehi valley ponountain asn thec delawarightcontinues ac much o region at thi we'l c findsnowfall for t of day l. visity gedere ooki at th light to moderate busf snow and improving visibility right now in wildwood at 5 miles. 2 " for philadelphia. light snow picking up into the eaernoon time frame a far as wilmington 2 to 4" for you and temperatures hold steady in low 30s with snow and down the shore right now immediate shore point 1 is higher amounts inland up to four. we'll have another update at the top of the next hour live look ablackwood new.
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skl pass evertz test text1 underline evertz test text1 italics all correct. gluten may also be found in pretzels, doughnuts, waffles, granola bars, soups, even candy, just to name a few. so should everyone stop eating things that have gluten? not necessarily. first of all, you need to speak with your doctor to find out if gluten is a problem for you. if it's not, cuttit all gluten from your diet may cause you to miss out on getting the fiber and nutrients you need. and that just might make you a gluten for punishment. for teen kids news, i'm daniella. (upbeat music)
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- ever take a clt your state flag?ld, because you might urprisedat how much you can learn from it. (upbeat music) - if you ask someone what state they're from and they hold up their hand like this they're from michigan. det the state isped like a mitten with a t on michigan is made up of two peninsulas. the lower and the upper, called the u-p. - in english, the michigan motto means
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"if you seek a pant peninsula, look about a peniy of land,rrounded on three sides by water. and michigan has an extensive coastline. there are the four great lakes. they are michigan, huron erie, and superior.- [ellie] and it's right there on the flag, the latin for, "if you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you." you'll also see lots of water. michigan has more coastline than any state, but alaska. - and this is actually how the missionaries and the fur trappetled the land first got there. - [ellie] that's one of them on the shore in the center of the flag.ough he's holding a gun, he's waving. a peaceful gesture you might say. but then there's thi - tuebor means, "i will defend," andes back to when tensions rose so high between the neighbstates michigan and ohio, thatmost went to war.there's more latin across the top. you'll recibus e from many.salute to the diveat helps make this country great. oh, alst forgot. move over diagon all the michigan tow is home to theof magical supplies. ie. nt to do school?
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myis to take all the advice you can get. here's christin with some tips to help you make grade. - teachers, guidance counselors, and parents will give you lots of good reasould try hard interest in applying to. for example, it's the best way to see what the campus is like, fromoms to d recreateas.t there's another big on to visit a school especially if you're n a high school junior yet. the visit may help give you a better idea the kind of student that collegking for. luence the choices you make in high school. you may opt for more science classes or join the debate club or model un e for more leadership s. the earlier you know those things, the better ylf the school's ideal student. i'm christin, here to help you to make the grade. (upbeat instrumental m
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series called, guess the presid i'up wit see if you can come up with the answer. this virginian's nickname was oly.rough th a slave owner he te rnainsso that wan he s years in the army es idss ts. he died in office after cherries and milk at a fourth of jullebration.h pres chary he most penny pinching presid. arrived ancing he had woon there was postage due. that meant he would hato rteecr.eive the l refused. and as res he found outat hofe highest nd. the president,- tipsd usiness, when teen kids nntinue we'll be right back!
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- have you ever set up a lemonade stand or a car wash in your t yard for the day? or thought of a great idea for a company? eden gets some advice on how to turn your ideas into a money making enterprise. - over the years, we've introduced you to teens who started their own businesses. (upbeat music) there's maddie who sells jewelry made from bottle caps. and mary grace has stores selling her various embroidered items. these young entrepreneurs all have two things in common: a good idea and the passion to implement it. o be a to become the next steve jobs or mark zuckerberg, do need a good busan. and to tell us more about that, is terri liselle. she's an author and an expert on young adult entrepreneurs. hi!
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- hi! - what got you interested in teen entrepreneurship? - well funny story when i was really young i started a bake sale with my friends and we actually made a profit from it. and later on down the road when i was an older teen i decided to start my own tronic t-shirt business which was a lot of fun. so, an entrepreneur is someone who starts a business and a teenpreneur is a teen entrepreneur as their own business, makes their own money, and they solve a real life need. - so let's say i want to create a business. how do i start? - well, the first thing i like to ask is what is your hobby or talent? are you good at dancing? are with computers? or also, take a look at your environment. ething in your environment that if you came up with a solution it will fulfill a need? - you recommend creating a fiess plan. let's walk through that step by step, starting with, the idea. - alright, the idea. the first thing you need to do is figure out the who, what, when, where and why of your business
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and how you're gonna do it. so write down who you are, what you're doing and how you're going to do it. and what i would like to recommend is create a one sentenceon statement of your company. and what you're going to do, and how it's going to help so many people out there. - the second point in your business plan is somready do for school projectsand that's research. - yes, research. researching your business is a lot of fun. it's like being a detective. first you may want to find out who your competitor is. what they're good at and how you can do it even better. also, find out your customer. talk to your friends and family of what you're doing and start building a list of customers for your new business. - [eden] the next is the daily plan. - yes, the daily plan. and what i like to call operations. you want to work on your business every day. it's like a plant. you want to water it everyday to see it grow. and then you want to fout what yd to d and how you're going to do it. need to make a video?
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do you need to talk to more friends about your business, or do make a cool dget? - what about the fourth point, the future? - the future. now you're going to be in or the long haul. so you want to project what you're going to be doingover the next five years. write down your goals for the first year, second, third, and fifth yed lp yur growth over time. - and that brings us to the last and possibly the most important part of the plancash. - every business needs cash. and we like to call it start up capital. talk to your friends and fam about them investing into your company and reassure them that you'll pay them back. ok into your savings r allowances. and i like to say, focus on very three important things in your business. the first ce. what you'll sell i the cost that it will take to make your product, and also the quantity of products that you like to sell. with these things, you've figured out your profit. - okay, so now we have our business plan. any suggestions on some of the ways teens
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can become teenpreneurs? lutely.the first thing to do is take a look abies. if you're really good at pia create piano lessons asr business. if you're good at writing, there's plenty of opportunities to write blogs. and if you're computer savvy you can create websites as a business. you can take a look at more opportunitiesideas on my website. - of course starts rolling in, we need a way to manage it. what do you think about setting up a student paypal account? - there are a lot of ben d suggest, talk to yoents about tt first. - thanks so much. your advice certainly makes sense and hopefully lots dollars - thank you. - no question, starting your own business takes lots of work but it can be lots of fun, and great for your college application. in fact, it might even help you pay for college. for teen kids news, i'm eden. (upbeat music) - therlots more ahead on tee
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don't go away. we'll be right b
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(silly m) ea obably the greest sculpt in history was michelangelo buonarroti. and he wasn't shy about it. while visiting st. peter's basilica he overheard some visitors admiring his work. the marble sculpture called the pieta showed mary tenderly holding jerist after his crucifixion. unfortunately, the admirers mistakenly credited another artist it. his pride hurt, milo came back at night quietly snuck h, and carved a message in thecross mahest. itelangelo arroti, florentis." he later regretthis imtuous and never signed another s.but th proba nbly di michelangelo became so mous during his lifetime was kno and wide. , i'm katie.
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- t's time for word! here's a chance tovocabulary. find the real meaning that matches the word. let's start with this one, ephemeral. is it an adjt means having to do with art painted on a wall. is it an adjective that means lasting only a short time. or a noun that means the generic name of a pain relief medicine. the answer is lasting only a short time. this game of word is ephemeral but the lessons la we hope. one irri it's a verb. maybe it means to annoy constantly. or it could mean to make wet or supply with water. or it means to drill with a rotating tool. ouch! no, irrigate i it means to make wet or supply with watfa their land so crops will let's try this superfluous. it's an adjective that means either beyond w extremel or being r really sick with the flu.
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means beyond what is necessary. just your thanks for this game of word is enough ything more would befluousll tak meral. lasting only a short time. to supply with water. ous. beyond what is neces ds news! - it's time for another important me from the national safety foundation. (upbeat rock music) i'm ready - dude i'm running late. ll bs) (sonitee - noll your owin pplang u n got ata t ork.
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that's famous fong and one those chefs-in-training is goinghare another great recipe. i can't wait. - sometilittle of while mework. well, my choorange ebites, should hehad.'re going totart vanilct.ange zest whicis je peel of the orange.
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and use a cheese grater to just ght off of orange. followed by orange juice edde peanter, instant oats, and chocol w, the first thing you'reoing t ising to a sheet t with parchme pto the side. and thou cl of youients iname bowl ce for tte. the ingredients. make sure you cl you go. the honey.get in theremakeu get . ed coconut. the peanut butter. an leaststant oats. and you're just going to combine all of these ingredients the bowl with spatula until it is so once you hat alined here, t in.e this over, bring our co on to our counter here. and this is wht your hanhere. e at theor the culinary institute of am it's a rule ar glove
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whing food f but e i'm jung you how to ing to wear wng to take about golf ball size of the ll tnice unialls. trying to make sure that each is exactly the same size. this is where the fun part comes in. it's a little messy, 're not having fun in the kitchen. and there's our ten bites.t step is to drizzle ocolate the etes. and i'm going how technique on how to drizzlo start with a ri trianglechment pnd ymply going to on itself king a cone shape. and then taking the tarollinrolling it up htening and then bending it inside of one another. now this is how you make a cornet, but ve one here full of chocolate u're goingto tnet and take a pair of scissors to snip of so the chocolate can flow freely. and then once you do that you're slowly just going to
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put a little pressure on the cornet and start drizzling. back and forth nergy bite until they are all complete. now that you have put the chocolate on the energy bites, these energy bites will go in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes just to set up. hese are the finished energy bites after they've been chilled in the refrigerator. and these energy bites get me through a long day of school or just give me that extra boost to finish throughout the day. at the culin institute of america kids news, i'm cody. - that's a recipe i've got to try! that's all for's show,
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bee in next week for more teen kids news.(upbeat music) - [host] write to us at,
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hey guys, charlie here you know my sister kirby. hey guys! - [charlie] today we're hanging out 250 feet up in the air at the top of a giant sequoia. do you know some of these trees are over 2,000 years old? which means this one might have started growing when cleopatra was ruling eg it's time for weird but true! rping) (soft electr - [astronaut] gonna try a little sand trap shot here. (frogs croaking) (lighting zapping) - [man] the african viper cautiously approaches his next meal. hey kirb, when's your show over? shh. (groaning) guys, we've got a big problem. per obsessed with this big budgdocumentary called planet world. - [manns africa, slow motion, planet world. it's cool, but a little too cool. watch
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