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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 19, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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of the fire hydrant and firefighters say it just keeps happening. >> your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ a normal tuesday turns into anything but in delaware county. customers getting their nails done and end joining a cold drink told to stay put. there's guy and he may have a bomb. ♪
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a wild scene when an suv barrels across yards slams through trash cans, hits an 83-year-old man and the driver took off. neighbors want to know how did this happen? >> now, fox 29 news at 10:00. not what people were expecting out running errands. bank robber with what he said was bomb. thank you for joining us at 10:00i lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. turns out that bomb was fake, but the crook got away and people out enjoying their day were left terrified. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at pennsylvania state police barracks with this story tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, the suspect with that so-called bomb caused the bank to be evacuated and nearby stores to be placed on lock down for 90 minutes as the bomb squad was called in tonight the state police, assisted by the fbi are going for some leads looking for the suspect and the get a way vehicle. it was a typical tuesday afternoon at the polish lounge
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nail salon on baltimore pike in concord township when a state trooper walked in with an urgent announcement. >> the cops came in and told us not to leave. the bomb squad is coming and there was a robbery and something with about a silver pontiac. >> reporter: the reason for the lock down an arm suspect had just walk into the malvern federal savings bank just across the parking lot. troopers say he showed the tellers a gun and demanded money. he also placed a two tube with some wires attached on the count and said it was a bomb. >> i would have been scared. i would have freaked out. i would have panic. i would have left the building. even if they told me not to leave i would have left the premises. >> kind of scary knowing it's right across the street. >> reporter: the warning and word of a possible explosive device 100 feet away rattled employees at the nail salon and smoothie king next door. the bomb squad later determined that while the device look like the real deal, it was a hoax. >> what do you think when you see the bomb squad show up and
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all those cops? >> we're going to die. and we didn't even know it. >> that's not good. especially in this neighborhood. to be a bank robbery you had to be not plotting oh and that bank. >> reporter: state police say the suspect escaped in four door silver pontiac this surveillance photo looks eerily similar to the straw hat bank bandit arrested this year after allegedly robbing 11 banks. 58-year-old richard boil is behind bars awaiting trial. >> just imagine he could have came in here didn't the same thing. >> reporter: now the state police tonight say no one was injured. one bank employee did require some medical attention on scene. they are reviewing surveillance video from nearby stores looking for a shot of that get away vehicle. again to, night the suspect still on the loose. lucy. >> all right, thank you much dave. 85 years old he made it through so much but his live ended in west philly at the hands of a killer. police say just past 3:30 this afternoon someone stabbed him over and over inside a home on
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the 5300 block every addison street. his family who gave us these pictures say the man who died was willie cooper. >> how could anybody hurt him. he was such a nice person. he took care of most of the people on the block. he never hurt no one. >> so far police have not made any arrests. we've all seen it. someone parks in front of a fire hydrant what we all thought was taboo is becoming an epidemic and putting families in danger. fox 29's brad sattin has more in berks county. >> reporter: well most of us would probably never consider it, but it wasn't hard to find here in reading. in fact it took us all of five minutes to find a car park in front of a fire hydrant. deputy tee fire chief ronald banks has been fighting fires in reading for 25 years and notice ago disturbing trend. he took us on a ride to show us this, a car park direct until front of a fire hydrant in the city. >> we drove around about five
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minutes and found one. does this surprise you? >> it does not surprise me, no. >> reporter: what if there were a fire like there was just a week ago not far from here. >> here's where the fire was the other night. this is the hydrant. >> reporter: cleared of cars now. here's what firefighters were up against then with people trapped in a home across the street. >> the car was park right here. >> reporter: reading firefighters show up to fire with just three to four minutes worth of water in their trucks. which means if a hose isn't connected to a hydrant by then, the water stops. so a car in the way wastes time. >> with the hose hooked into it. it's kind of off balance that you don't get the straight hook up if you do when you're standing in front of it. so it puts a big impact on getting water supply into the fire. >> reporter: there have been at least two other cases of cars park in front of hydrants in recent weeks during fire calls here. the photos have made their way on to reading fire facebook page with hundreds of mostly supportive comments from bust the windows to run the hose through it to charge the driver
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with attempted murder should someone die. because a blocked fire hydrant could mean the difference between live and death. >> what if this was your house? what if this was your son or daughter trapped or your mother trapped? >> reporter: if that's not enough consider this. the fine here in reading about 100 bucks if you're win 15 feet of a hydrant. in reading, brad sattin, fox 29 news. here's the deal. reading firefighters can get permission to break windows to run their hoses through a car. but they always try to avoid that. develop to go night in washington state, investigators say an amtrak engineer may have been distracted before the train he was operating tumbled from the tracks on to the interstate. authorities say the train was going 80 miles an hour in 30 miles an hour zone when it went off the rails along a curve near tacoma killing three and injuring dozens more. fox did talk to local soldier who helped some passengers to safety aft. >> i couldn't afford to be scared. i couldn'te shocked.
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i had to do what'm to do, and focus and channel that into helping these people around s best as possible. >> the train was carrying 86 its first trip along a new route from seattle to portland one passe quote like bg inside of an exploding bomb. here in philly an curb caret lawns and hit guy who was standing in that driver ran off. tonight police say they are still questioning interviewing witnesses while the victim is in the hospital. fox 29's joyce more from west oak lane. ratic. we're not used to seeing this happen every day. >> reporter: nod enough to get out of the path of this kareening out of control. >> i heard it. i heard it boom, boom, boom. >> i figure, okay,
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trash. then i heard screaming, yelling. my dog was going crazy. >> jumped the curb obliterating trash containers barreling up 1 yard, mowing down metal railings and 83-year-old joseph williams who was sweeping up leaves. his wife watching in horror. >> she was like freaking out. like hysterical like someone like help her husband. >> reporter: james haze lives next door. i even seen a guy laid out right in front of my step. i'm like oh my gosh. >> the. >> reporter: chevy blazer crossed two more yards before slamming into a fence much the driver took off running. >> they was taking joe out on the stretcher. >> he said the blue car was chasing the white car and we don't know if there were drag race if there was a road rage a combination of both. >> reporter: northwest detectives picked up the suv owner nearby at home. >> basically, he did not give us any indication he was driving at this time. >> reporter: there was lots of conflicting information at
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first, then what about that white car involved. >> we have no knowledge who the owner, who,, what type of vehicle it is. we're hoping that if anybody was out there we hope they would give us a call. >> reporter: captain jones says, unless there's surveillance video that can department if i that other car, police may never know. meantime, an 83-year-old man is paying a huge price for something stupid between complete strangers. in west oak lane, joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> happening arrive now, time is running out. if your christmas shipping done you got those gifts on the way? you got a few days at best to get it figure out if you don't but tonight we've got you covered. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at pennsylvania lanning. dave you found procrastinators& out there. >> reporter: i must admit i'm in that category, too. so we are a proud but very nervous club when it comes to making sure our christmas gifts are delivered on time. but we tried to help some people out with some important dates also.
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>> i'm getting tech messages it might not come on christmas. >> he's running behind in getting holiday cargo on time. >> we wanted to help him out with delivery deadlines. but don't worry, we've got your back, too. fed ex and ups say you have until december 21 for overnight delivery and the cut off is 12:22 if using priority mail express courtesy of the us postal service. antonio is going for ups. >> you helped me. you just saved me. >> that's what we're here to do. >> i appreciate you man. >> we found shoppers who got their gifts out just waiting for prompt arrival. >> i don't know if -- it said it will be there on time but i'm not sure about it. i hope it will be. >> reporter: lena sent a package all the way to germany. >> makes i was little nervous. >> a little. definitely. because germany has christmas a day earlier than here. we have it on 24th. >> reporter: of course, these days amazon is the big favorite. >> i was just hoping to place a
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couple last minute gift orders in through prime i'm hoag hoping that what i'm looking for is still available with two day delivery. >> reporter: we wanted to make sure michelle he is new the amazon deadlines. up to christmas eve for same day delivery in philadelphia. >> i think it's great. i noticed some of the products the deadlines are changing the availability is changing. >> reporter: of course some people like antonio are quite ready for the delivery stage just yet. >> i'm going shopping again tomorrow. yeah, i'm really bad with this shopping thing. i do it ever year. it never fails. i think i got worse this year. >> i'll be going to the tomorrow morning, too. i hear you man. >> ups is expecting to make 750 million deliveries this christmas season they're warning already some deliveries could be delayed. so we need to get on it. back to you. >> i'd say so. you better do so, my
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procrastinating friend dave kinchen. >> early morning at the store. >> there you go. >> thanks dave. for years, they have fed 100 familiar unless burlington county every single week. these families depend on it. but now this pantry is getting the boot. days before christmas. think that camera you bought will keep crooks i way. turns out you are
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local pantry keeping south jersey families fed this holiday season just got an evict notice. fox 29's shawnette wilson spent the night in burg here now with the story. shawnette. >> iain the food isn't the issue
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here pantry is state and federally funded and it gets regular donations from restaurants and businesses. the mall where it operates however has little to know stores remaining and the pantry is now in search of a new home. some people doesn't know what next meme kell coming from. >> pearl is worried familiar who's rely on the burlington township food pantry could go hungry because it's being force the out of its home. >> i've been coming here four years almost. it's very helpful we got to give best for it. >> she comes here to get food of wednesday when the pantry is open for nearly three hours. she has six children. the youngest michelle is tepp years old. this place has kept her family fed and less stressed after shoulder injury that keeps her from working as much as she used to. >> knowing after tomorrow that it's not going to be there what do you tell the kids next week? >> dominique sill la runs the pantry on the lower level of the burlington center small mall. >> when they left here they actually thank us because it's like going to the supermarket.
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>> reporter: he says november 22nd he got a notice in the male saying the pantry had 30 days to vacate the mall space. >> i have no place to go. we have a pantry with no home. >> reporter: moving day is now just a few days away. >> i'm trying to empty shelves to lick quick date to have less things to move and store wherever we're going to go. >> reporter: dominic gets emotional thinking of the hundred plus families they won't be able to feed. >> a lot of families that depend on us and that bothers me. that's how i got into this. when i saw the need, i thought i can full fit. >> reporter: he doesn't know where he can store 24 refrigerators and freezers of meat and boxes and shelves of food. >> it's tough. we're not giving people things that you wouldn't yourself. >> reporter: dominic an dozen volunteers do this from the heart. >> no pay. no pay. this is all about feeding the
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families. >> reporter: he's hoping someone will donate temporary space or struggling families will suffer. >> i don't know what they're going to do. >> reporter: heartbreaking so we left message for mall management we're wait to go hear back from them. dominic says he he wasn't given reason why they have to leave. the space we know was donated were you the pantry pays for the electric. if you have a warehouse or two oh 3,000 square feet of space they can use temporarily in burlington please contact fox 29. we'd love to help. lucy. >> it would be great thing if we can. thank you much shawnette. breaking news out of philadelphia grays ferry. police say someone has shot a 17-year-old boy in the head. this happened inside of the twin dragon restaurant. skyfox over the scene. this is dickinson street. it happened less than an hour ago. the teen a now at penn presbyterian medical center in critical condition. police do not have anybody in custody as of yet. we'll bring you more than as soon as we get it.
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>> congress getting close to passing its largest tax reform in decades. the house voting along party lines to pass the bill this afternoon with senate vote schedule for lows to midnight tonight they were hoping to get the bill on president trauma p's desk as soon as possible. three provisions in that bill violated senate rules haven't to be removed so the house will have to revote tomorrow. president trump did sweet today congratulating paul ryan and other house republicans who voted in favor of in his words cutting your tacks. some good news home burglaries in philadelphia are way down over the past five years. one probable reason you just basically is to look up. santa claus isn't the on one watching. security cameras are all over our city. our bruce gordon has more. >> reporter: they seem to be everywhere. security cameras hugging the walls of row homes all over philadelphia. natasha picket made her purchase back in april. >> when i lived in south philly i had someone break in to our
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front window. so i bought it shortly after that. >> reporter: at home improve many stores like lose on columbus boulevard the number and variety of home security cameras have exploded over the past five years. >> there are hundreds of choices. >> reporter: brandon mcdonald is store manager ignore the sweatshirt it's a christmas party thing. >> different vendors are getting involved. more product selections are becoming available. what you're saying the fact that they tie into people's perm technology what creates a very affordable convenient means to provide additional security to someone's personal home. >> reporter: last week we showed you security camera footage of a city of philadelphia recycling grabbing a package off a front step. the video went viral. police tell fox 29 the package was later returned and the homeowner is not expected to press charges. but the cameras do seem to be making a difference. from 2011 through 2016, a number of residential burglaries in philadelphia dropped by a
10:19 pm
whopping 43%. >> yeah, there really are cameras everywhere these days. i mean we just -- we're amazed by the am of footage that is turned over to the police. >> this time of year much of that footage features holiday home did he go race thieves like the man we showed you money cleaning out a display in south philly. as for nat at a pickets camera the one she bought in april,. >> just haven't installed it etiquette. that's neck. we will. >> you'll get to it. yes. >> given the growing number of home security cameras maybe the real question is, with more burglars aren't looking for a new line of work? at police headquarters, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. collect this out. a guy caught on camera starting a dumpster fire last monday night. surveillance cameras caught the man lighting a couple of dumpsters and a pile of trash on fire on aramingo avenue in the city's port richmond area. police say the guy was wearing a black hat, black jacket and blue jeans. police are searching for two men who robbed a 7eleven and two employees at gun point.
10:20 pm
one of the men carrying rifle as they walk into the store on the 3900 block of kensington avenue in the frankford neighborhood of philadelphia. this happened just before 5am sunday morning. police say they ordere ordered e employees to drop to the floor. took about $1,600 worth of cigarettes, money from the register an phone. police say they forward the two employees into the office. then bolt goods we now know three people died in a car crash in tabernacle, new jersey that started a as police chase. skyfox was over the scene yesterday after the car slammed into a pole then caught fire. police say the car was stolen. authorities saw the car on route reported it was stolen. they tried to stop it. investigators say the person behind the wheel then started driving erratically. lost control and hit that utility pole. officials say the car then caught fire and killed all three inside. ♪ this lehigh county boy is nine and he's already a ceo. feeling just a tad lazy? well this young boy is on mission,
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helping people one bow tie at a time. >> it's hank i just got moo pants all muddy climbing a around the bank of the delaware to try to find out how shallow or deep it is. there's a reason for it. it's history. hank's take my wish was a clubhouse, but we call it "the wish house." people visit national parks from all over the world. food tastes better when you don't have to cook it. he was just supposed to be my dog. i don't know why. (vo) we're proud that, on behalf of our owners, the subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars in just ten years.
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shaft. firefighters had to get busy to free the man in the dupont building on north market street. waits in the shaft had somehow trapped him. took about 20 minutes but the fire fights freed him. paramedic took him to the hospital. we don't know the extent of his injuries as of yet. some of the images that you are about to see could be tough to watch. at first the owners of a north philly auto lot thought it was a bad joke but then they say it was just disturbing. our jeff cole has details. >> reporter: it was late tuesday at thee in the afternoon when kevin entered his bosses north philly property from the louis street entrance. >> i thought it was bare. i walk over and tried to touch it see if it moved here it was dead horse laying there. >> reporter: small, brown horse deceased curled up along the stone support of a rail bridge. he told his boss' son joe holt holton. >> did you believe him. >> not really. because he's kind of a goof ball it. i thought he was joking around. >> reporter: animal app peaches pierce to have been there for while before discover and the holtons who run an auto
10:25 pm
storage yard say the people who dumped it would have had to carry it past the heavy metal gate here to keep out intruders. >> what did you think when you realized it was horse? >> somebody going to be ignorant and dump a poor animal right there. >> holton who's hold a towing contract with the city struggle with vandals sneaking on to their property and damaging vehicle but this hasn't happened before. >> guess vandalism is disgusting. it's sick honestly. >> reporter: holton called city animal and received no response. we called and holton tried again. within an hour they showed up to investigate good we pick up ca cats, dogs, raccoons, possoms, skunks, business doing -- on occasion a dear but never a horse. report roar workers from animal arrived and the more was moved by lift from the property. disposing of a dead horse is a
10:26 pm
significant expense but this isn't the answer. >> the horse could have been alive when it landed a that the spot. somebody could have dropped it there after it died. we don't know the answers to that. of course it's just very sad that, um, that he was found deceased there at all. >> reporter: the holtons are pleased dead animal has been removed it seems unlikely anyone would be are a are arrested for dumping the horse's body. animal control hopes on the horse owners will make a better decision. jeff cole fox 29 news. >> it's tradition, history right here and it may not happen this christmas. george washington may be stuck in the mud. >> he's only nine but this lehigh county boy is already running his own business. look at that. helping people one bow tie at a time. yup. bow ties. ♪ michael: i'm thankful that
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i'm alive and have a second chance. james: i'm thankful for the help and the opportunity that i received. darlene: i'm thankful to be able to help people in crisis. vanessa: i'm thankful that addiction is treatable, and that help is available. christie: new jersey is experiencing a heroin epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. but if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, i want you to know: we are here for you. this holiday season, choose help. call 844 reach nj or visit with a dozen dunkin' donuts for $6.99.
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12 tasty treats with with holiday flavors sprinkled in. grab a dozen holiday donuts or any classic donuts for $6.99 and make some merry out there. the holidays run on dunkin'. ♪ annual tradition in jeopardy george washington may not cross the delaware this christmas like he did in 1776.
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the problem is the weather. our hank flynn went to washingtons crossing and found out you've got to have water to float your boat. we've got some other tricks up our sleeves. we may be able to get george across still. >> reporter: how? >> that's secret. >> reporter: come on. we're friends here. >> it's a secret. i'd hate to see we can do and disappoint me people if it doesn't work out. >> reporter: it's hank. i'm in new jersey at pretty much the exact spot on the delaware river where reenacts of general george washington's historic christmas crossing would be pulling up. they won't likely make the crossing this year. river is too shallow. my take is sometimes you just need a little more holiday cooperation from mother nature. >> typically the bottom steps would be covered you're telling me. >> yes. >> joe capone wants good weather for christmas the head of the friends of washington crossing park like sunshine for the animal christmas reenactment of washington' crossing of the delaware.
10:31 pm
until then he needs rain and lots of it. >> we need 18-inches and this area of the river. we need 18-inches to float a dorm boat. we prefer 20 to 24. right now the average is about nine to ten. >> reporter: one out of the five years it happens he adds either not enough water or too much moving too fast. langhorne borough police chief plays george washington in 1776 what would general washington have done? >> if the river is low enough back then the the life or death situation. they're probably go to go weighed across the river at least find something to get them across. >> reporter: but this is reenactment the mission is recreate history safely for thousands. >> it's the pinnacle of our year at washington crossing historic park. when he have 10,000 people there to see this, see the crossing they're not disappointed. >> reporter: while louie runs the patriot pay tree crossing tn where reenactors gather for
10:32 pm
christmas libations after the crossing he's expecting the same victorious general washington he sees every year. >> he'll be here. he'll be walking across the bridge but he'll be here. >> reporter: washington troops have crossed using the bridge before. john says it won't happen again. he calls it a back look from reenactors standpoint all the activities leading up to the crossing are still on and if do you go to the crossing on christmas, for history, you'll be in for treat. high water or not. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ what started as arrest of a fugitive in mercer county ends with three people in handcuffs. all three police say had several weapons when officers showed up at an apartment in trenton yesterday. they found the trio police say they each had an sks style assault rival on them as well high capacity magazines some and hand guns. they're now all facing several charges.
10:33 pm
happening now, new developments in the harvey weinstein scandal. page six is reporting that weinstein was trying to raise $25 million from netflix to save his own skin. weinstein reportedly was aware of the new york times impending bombshell report and wanted emergency cash to deal with the fallout. weinstein tried to sell the rights to part of his movie catalog in exchange for the money. netflix passed. reps pour weinstein say those allegations are not true. troops heading for mayan never made it their bus killing 11 people injuring 20 more the bus was filled with cruise ship passengers and it flipped on highway. seven americans and two swedish citizens are among those injur injured. we do not yet know the national will thes of those had died. >> trump administration blaming north korea for ransom wear attack that infected hundreds of computers worldwide back in may. in a news briefing today, homeland security adviser tom bowser says the ransom wear
10:34 pm
attack was careless and reckless and pang i don't know was directly responible. he says other government agencies and private companies have confirmed that north korea is responsible for the attack. north korea of course has denied the allegations. new york city stepping up security over the holidays andrew como says there's no specific threat but given those recent events it's important to be proactive. cuomo also says there would be increased police presence at all cash less toll areas around new york city conducting vehicle stops. nine years old, allentown boy is the talk of the town. he is a ceo of his own company. but it's his giving spirit that is really so impressive. fox 29's don tim 19 has his story from allentown. >> i wear like different bow ties like every because i want to switch out my style. >> reporter: nine-year-old rocco ramos of allentown is all about the bow tie. tie trend since he was three years old. >> i just like the patterns and
10:35 pm
it just makes me feel good when i wear them season report his pint sized entrepreneur and his mom decided to make a mission after he saw a man down on his luck and offered himbo tie. >> next thing you know i'm coming back to td bank to give somebody a bow tie that he just met because he wants people to feel good he think as bow tie makes somebody happy. >> and that was the start of rocco's bow ties. seam stress carmen nunez helps make the magic. >> he is a fabric connoisseur. he knows what he likes. he knows what he wants. >> reporter: even the family dog his own bow tie. they have girl bow ties and boy bow ties each one is ten to $12 for everyone who b byes a bow te rocky will give it to person who needs a pick me up. >> i have never seen a child at his age do so much for those who don't have. >> reporter: rocco volunteers in the community. tutors children at school, and is donating his allowance to buy christmas gifts for others. no surprise he was just honored
10:36 pm
by the union baptist church. >> i said he will be such an inspiration. not only to our youth but also to adults. >> he's always been very selfless. i always appreciate about him. >> dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. that is awesome. if you'd like to get one much roccos bow ties go to for all the detail. see that tuxedo looks kind of normal, right? except that it can stop bullets. bond, james bond. except this is real. a little boy calls 911 he doesn't want the grinch to steal his christmas. so cops help him lock up the grinch. ♪
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♪ a local restaurant spreading holiday cheer. nick's bar and grill in old city search serving up free christmas mel for vets. this tradition has been going on for more than ten years. previous owner of nick's start the annual meal while the current owners couldn't to do carry it on. one woman's good deeds going viral tonight. she says she spotted this man
10:40 pm
walking down a snowy connecticut road without coat. it was 18 degrees by the way. she drove to burlington ton coat factory, raced back to the same spot and there he was. the video has more than 2.000000 views. a store near washington, d.c. selling clothing that serves both function and fashion. the store called aspetto sells high end bullet proof clothin c. their covert clothes attracted government officials, celebrities. >> we're getting into armored helicopters, armored vehicles in 2018 adding cyber security, too. >> we're really excited to take this brand and continue to make it a global brand. >> despite the growth of the business they've got no plans to move their brick and mortar store that will stay near washington, d.c. walt disney magic kingdom park reopen hall of presidents after year long ren know vague. president trump is now part of the attraction.
10:41 pm
>> from the beginning america has been a nation define by its people, and our founding it was the american people who rose up to defend our freedoms and win our independence. >> this all began in the '60s with animated figure of president lincoln for the world's fair. >> arrest in mississippi. little boy calls 911 trying to stop the grinch from stealing his christmas. then he gets the chance to throw him the grinch in the slammer. >> close the door. there's a lock right there. >> lock him in. >> all right. let's make sure. >> all right. look at that, he's locked in. hotdog. >> after the 91 weren't call police showed up at his home with guy dressed as a grinch and they let the boy arrest him and as you saw lock him up. the grinch later apologized for trying to ruin the holiday. the boy says he wants to become a police officer when he grows
10:42 pm
up. >> i just love that. it's so cute. our hearts just grew about three times i think. >> they did. >> you know what it's easy for your hearts to grow when it's so warm outside. >> makes it a lot easier, doesn't it? uh-huh. iain is like not listen bag he knows it will get colder. >> eventually. >> la, la, la remarks. >> we'll have ups and some downs but there is a warming pattern over the holiday weekend. it is going to be wet
10:43 pm
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philadelphians are demanding safer streets for cyclists and pedestrians. a bicyclist was struck last friday. 100 people created a human drive between the cycling lane and driving lane at 13th and pine were a truck hit a cyclist on dough 15th. she ended up in the hospital with a broken ribs, pelvis and foot that. crash was blocks away from garbage truck killed and another cyclist november 30th. >> in other cities around the cup tree and around the world there are different kinds of barriers whether those are flex posts or concrete, um, like sort of small sidewalk, bricks,
10:46 pm
there's a whole bunch of different examples that week we're asking the city to take a look to provide more protect than just paint. >> this new group called vision zero direct action is asking for action to protect pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. santa claus will make many stops this holiday season but one today in philadelphia was little extra special. that's because santa made a stop the frankie's world in northern liberties. frankie's world is a specialized daycare center for kids with special health care needs and today they got to meet santa, open some gifts and sing christmas carols. kids at frankies world get skilled mel treatment but education, art and music thera therapy. >> we were little worried about santa, because santa had a back operation just a month ago, so we weren't -- it was -- had an accident with the sleigh. >> um-hmm. >> we weren't sure he was going to come this year, but did he show up. >> frankie's world has been operating in philadelphia since
10:47 pm
2,006. there's a new look on the b street beach in kensington local artist along with members of the community designed this vibrant mural the b street bridge project was started as part of a larger effort to make the surrounding kensington community more colorful and inviting to neighbors. live look at wilmington, new castle county, of course. warmup today. i actually saw a woman iain in tank top and shorts jogging. >> i don't know if it was that warm. >> tank top -- some was in a tank top and shorts going down fourth street. so what can we expect for the rest of the week? kathy has got the forecast in 15 seconds.
10:48 pm
[ inaudible ] >> all right z we're obviously having some problems listening to kathy right now. i will say one of the most important thing she believed me when there was a person running down the street in a tank top and shorts. let me know when we got kathy's mike back on. are you there, kathy. >> i'm here i got little unhook. >> okay. >> i tell was, the weather has been unhooked late until a good way. >> it's been off the charts. talking about temperatures that have been about 15 degrees above normal for this time of year lucy. look at old city philadelphia. the high temperature near 60. i do believe that they were jogging in their t-shirts and shorts and tank tops. why not? near 60 in philadelphia. 59 in wilmington the same in atlantic city. upper 50s as far north as reading in allentown. right now, the poconos we're at 44. 44 in allentown. 48 in wilmington. 50 degrees in dover and in wildwood it is still 52 degrees. look at where that cold air is. it's north of minneapolis. you do have that core of the
10:49 pm
cold air remember the old polar vortex will be back but not in the next week. you can see those temperatures still in the 50s and 60s close to philadelphia. tomorrow will be a seasonal day. just a little bit cooler than we've seen in the past several days. so we'll go hour by hour overnight tonight with clear sky. during the day tomorrow, with a partly sunny sky, with temperatures that will still be in the 40s. today it was a little bit of a bonus but it stays dry right through wednesday even thursday it's friday night we begin to see some rain move in. the pattern is going to be warm a huge ridge in the east. but it will be wet. saturday into sunday looks like we'll have some wet weather. we need the rain. well get it many people wish it were snow but it's not going to be the case this year. so overnight tonight, low temperatures in the 30s for the most part. 40 in philadelphia. 42 in wildwood. little bit milder down the shore even dover overnight temperature 41. in the poconos 26 degrees. so at least cold enough to make snow. during the day tomorrow a partly
10:50 pm
sunny sky. breezy though that northwest wind will gust to about 25 miles an hour. the temperature frick. normals is 44 so at least it's a couple degrees above normal. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority thursday wint begins the temperature 42. by friday more clouds, 48. saturday rain is likely. could be a good dose of rain. sunday a chance of a shower. and by christmas day, mostly cloudy the high 47. then this is what many people aren't going to like. that cold air really comes in. it will be sunny for tuesday that day aft christmas. the morning low 25. the afternoon high only 32 degrees. that's going to be pretty cold when you see just few days before it's going to hit 60. almost 30 degrees cooler. that's a look at your seven day forecast. i don't know, kristen washington do you prefer. >> that is cupping in quick. i don't like that 60 to 30. just keep it at 60 for me. the sixers have had some close games lately they've been competitive but nothing showing up in the win column. see if they were able to finish
10:51 pm
game without joel embiid on the court coming your way next. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. construction is back with us eastbound on the schuylkill closed overnight till about 5:0e at the vine expressway. so either forced off around 30th street or use the 59 to cross town. they're also working on the rows vessel boulevard southbound right on the rap ands to the schuylkill expressway and hoe hoe who in delco much check out the best of delco. come on we're looking for your christmas lights this is a cool shot even from the weekend with the snowstorm. get your pictures in. we'll broadcast live from somebody's front lawn thursday night. it could be yours. fox 29 lights contest use that hash tag. we'll check the jam cams and sue has the forecast when we see really?
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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a normal tuesday turns into anything but in delaware county. customers getting their nails done enjoying a cold drink told to stay put. there's guy and he may have a bomb. fox 29 news at 11:00 is neck. your nissan sports wrap on fox 29.
10:55 pm
♪ the sixers dropped six of their last seven games. they kept it close but tonight they needed to finish a game even tougher to do with joel embiid not on the court tonight sixers are one of five without him. sixers hosting sacramento. second quarter, jj reddick drains the three right here. drains a long three. sixers go up nine. that lead stayed to the half. fourth quarter philly down two drives, fakes, gets the shooter to go. he had 22 on the night. sixers drop another one, 101-95. the pro bowl is funny thing you want to be selected to go but you don't want to be able to actually play in it. players would much rather be preparing for the super bowl instead of playing down in orlando. the eagles had six players selected cox, jenkins, ertz, brooks, johnson and carson wentz. this is the theirs selection for all players exempt jenkins and cox it's their second and third
10:56 pm
respective congrats to them. jason kelce and bran dom graham shouldly be on that list. eagles defense looked truck trouble in the meadowlands. his guys can't get bunched in the mouth with three straight touchdowns before they say let's place some football. that is the biggest thing they node to focus on before the playoffs. >> were got us out of that was the urgency and -- and the feeling of giving up three straight touchdowns, um, it shouldn't take that. it shouldn't take giving up three state touchdowns to get that urgency. we need to come out with more fire. if we're disappointed in aig let's be disappointed in that. >> eagles fans weren't questioning after the game nick foles. he he looks the foles of old together for four touchdowns more importantly it looks like he found his rhythm. >> his poise and his play making obviously you could tell right away he had been there before, and then he did what we needed him to do. place good sound football.
10:57 pm
but also be ready to make big plays and he provided that as well. >> six eagles on the pro bowl. >> i saw that tweet. >> that's why they're 12 and two. >> but they just don't want to play in the actual pro bowl. >> exactly. super bowl, minneapolis. >> don't get hurt. ttp://>[a5df]
10:58 pm
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox


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