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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 24, 2017 10:00pm-10:36pm EST

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live from center city in philadelphia. this is fox 29 news at 10:00 here's a live look at the
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blue mountain. if you're dreaming of a white christmas, look no further, old city studios that may take a little more dream, no snow yet on our philadelphia streets, the big guy can get through any kind of weather, fox 29 tracking santa's across the globe. he left kingston jamaica on his way to haiti, we will check in with st. nick throughout the newscast. i'm iain, we're looking at wet weather and some could turn into snow, let's get you over to monica cryan. let's get the morning forecast >> we have the snow and rain and people are starting to see a bit of a switch over, so here we are looking at scattered to widespread activity on your radar. so we'll zoom in there and it is all rain for south jersey and into delaware for parts of dover, millville atlantic city we're looking at anywhere from moderate to lighter rainfall, but further north we're talking through parts of southeastern
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pennsylvania. at first in philadelphia, this did start out as a bit of a mix, like a sleet, and then, as it moved a little bit further north now we're just seeing all of this talking as rain, it is continuing to see some of that white snow through allentown and areas north of trenton. what we're talking about when it comes to the rest of your overnight for that white christmas, it's mostly in the lehigh valley and the poconos that are going to go see accumulations the rest of us allentown and areas south we're going to expect trenton philadelphia, and into wilmington, this is going to stay as rain wash out anything that did fall as snow. and so then as we wake up early tomorrow morning, all of this will be on and exiting the region, so that by tomorrow morning, our christmas morning, you're waking up getting ready to unwrap presents it's cloud cover that we'll be worried about, we're talking partly cloudy conditions at least tomorrow. snow accumulations less than an inch in parts of montgomery
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county. back into berks and then through the poconos, one to three inches is expected i got the whole forecast coming up in a bit, iain >> we'll look forward to that. . the calm after the storm is that last minute shopping as you can imagine, malls were busy as people got those last minute gifts hoping to find perfect present and a few good deals, now the shopping is done, time to celebrate the holiday with friends, family and food. all sounds like fun and our joanne pileggi joins us outside philadelphia's city hall. joanne? >> iain let's talk about right now, if only it was a few degrees cooler we might have aed that white christmas, instead we got a wet christmas eve, either way, you'd find many people who would call today kayak, others who would call it calm. we found linda rich mond >> i was fully done last night
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or so i thought. and my husband said, we need new stockings. and we need to get them embroider embroidered. >> reporter: getting the last gift or something else. time running thin as malls and stores were ready to lock the doors. they kept a steady calm >> shopping is definitely relaxing to me. i'm having a good time. despite the crowds, but the shopping part is fun. >> trying not to spend too much. get out of the mall. go home and hang out with the family is what matters. in center city they were getting ready to turn out the lights at reading terminal market. it was definitely a busy day for vendors and shoppers >> we ran out of time and rosemary sage and time? we ran out of two of three things >> last minute with the family, we love reading terminal, the place, we're going to go to macy's and you know, spend time with the family. ♪ . >> reporter: and no better place
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two drop the shopping bags and ease into the actual holiday spirit >> we kind of make it a tradition to come in every year, walk around, and have a little fun, once the storm is done at home, we come in here for a little relaxation >> you enjoy yourself, enjoy the lights, the people, enjoy the kids, the music, the skating, the shows. >> reporter: of course, we went looking and we found the chaos and we found the calm and the peace and the happiness that come with this holiday. the happiest of which is to all of you tonight. back to you in the studio, iain. ♪ . not everyone out last minute shopping on christmas eve, some connecting with their faith, the cathedral basilica of st.s peter and paul in philadelphia holding two christmas eve masses
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building up to midnight mass, a tradition among catholics all over the world and sabina kuriakose was there and is joining us live those who gathered reflected on the pope's christmas eve sermon which reflected the message of being kind to refugees, song and praise coming from the faithful echoing through the rafters of the cathedral basilica of st.'s peter and paul, hundreds gathering this christmas eve and their prayers and well wishes heeding the call of pope francis to remember the refugee >> if we don't open our hearts to those people, we're not opening our hearts to ourselves. >> reporter: the family, mom, dad and teenager girls, grad ended by the pope's message, likening the path of the stateless and unfortunate immigrant to the journey of mary and joseph, no room at thein for the strangers, the savior jesus
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born in a barn >> he is preaching us every week, but people i suppose can hear it easier on christmas day, but i mean let's hope january 1st and february 1st and march 1st people are still hearing that message and opening their hearts. ♪ . the pope's apparel for inclusion and and community not lost on the youngest members of this family >> we come together and support each other. >> reporter: as rain fell outside, inside the basilica, there was warmth and holiday spirit. the aslands say while each family member approaches religion differently. tonight all found something to celebrate >> everybody looks happy in that they want be there. so it's nice. >> the miracle of being human, we share that, how different can we really be? >> reporter: and in just a few hours, the archbishop will celebrate christmas day midnight
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mass here at the basilica, iain? >> thank you. here's video of people shopping for seafood at the reading terminal, christmas eve and also marks the feast of the seven fishes a tradition among many italian americans, a meal that typically consists of seven different seafood dishes although some families prepare as many as 13 different dishes and speaking of christmas traditions is always people lined up at termini brothers in south philadelphia with many coming from far away to grab all the cookies, cannolis and all the other goodies. jennifer joyce has the story. >> reporter: next stop, front counter at termini brothers bakery in south philadelphia, a sweet, sweet moment for these people, who waited in line for hours all before sunrise. >> we get up at 4:00 from baltimore and come up >> we woke up at 3:45 in line at 4:30. >> reporter: the doors opened 6:00 a.m. sales immediately slamming with a line that snaked through the
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back of the bakery. >> reporter: you knew this was going to be a wait >> i did, i knew when we get tired of standing we take a chance a piece on the chair. >> reporter: how long will it take? >> two hours, three hours. >> reporter: two to three hours and you don't mind waiting >> absolutely not. >> reporter: why not? >> cannolis, the cookies, almond cookies, me can bar >> cannolis a clear favorite. >> reporter: you've been open about an hour and a half now, how many cannolis would you say you filled >> about 150 pans times three dozen, give or take, 54, 5500 cannolises. >> reporter: how many more do you think you'll do throughout the day >> we'll probably triple that. >> reporter: holy cannolis. >> that's what we're here for. >> reporter: more than the treats, it's the tradition. >> come every christmas eve, i got engaged here. >> reporter: how long have you been coming. >> about 50, 60 years. this is my son, this is my daughter, that's my grandson >> we see people once a year, it's awesome the way, it's such
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a tradition, it's part of the it. his shirt is we've had this 20 years. >> reporter: vince termini senior a second generation owner leads the tradition, he's at the bakery christmas eve to greet customers and make sure they get their coffee and complementary cookies while they wait >> some of them come 35 years they've been coming here. so you know, i see the families grow. >> reporter: it's also where he sees his own family grow, at 13, grandson john is the youngest termini brothers's plea >> it's great that i can be part of this celebration for so many families and have my -- just to see my family business work its way into traditions of families all over the city. >> reporter: the termini family calls this an annual holiday party. there's fun live music and warm familiar smiles everywhere you look. >> it's the atmosphere. it gives you just a christmas feeling, no matter how long you wait in line. it's just a great thing. >> it's christmas, south philly style. jennifer joyce, fox 29 news.
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the biggest question on this christmas eve, where is santa? we can help you out. here's a live look at norad's santa tracker, this is breaking news, santa just entered u.s. air space ewe've gotten word he was sighted in boca raton and norad spotted him over miami, he's on his way to tampa. so far, santa has delivered more than 4.9 billion gifts around the world. he is a busy man. norad is, of course amilitary group that typically tracks air threats to north america, on christmas eve they expand, they've been doing it more than 60 years, rumor has it there's a gps in rudolf's nose, he usually comes between 9:00 p.m. and midnight and you got to be asleep for santa to stop by >> sometimes we find out santa might pass up a house or two in
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the neighborhood because the kids aren't asleep yet. he'll come back and he'll drop presents at the house as long as the kids are asleep. >> get so sleep kids. president trump helped out norad's mission. fielding calls from kids asking about santa's whereabouts. tens of millions of people going somewhere for christmas and that raises security concerns, what are officials doing to keep you and everyone else out there safe? get tensions in the middle east
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. kids at st. christopher's hospital for children got a special visit. santa claus stopping by the hospital. he and other volunteers delivering presents to the kids and they met with family and staff to boost their holiday spirits. it's a tradition put on put by the committee to benefit the children, they have been doing it now for more than 40 years. santa not the only one traveling around this holiday more than 100 million people out there on the roads and in the skies. fox correspondent david lee miller takes a look. >> reporter: according to aaa, an unprecedented 107.3 million people will be going to grandma's house or the likely out west, tough highway conditions heavy snow in colorado combined with so many people on the roads forced the shutdown of parts of i 70, more people flying this year compared to a year ago, improving the economy. if you waited until now to
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travel, smart, today and december 30th are expected to be least congested for air travel. busiest airports will be atlanta followed on a like chicago dallas and new york's jfk and in new york, they're expected to be 6 million visitors during the holiday season. there is hor security throughout the entire city, including the nypd state police and the national guard, andrew cuomo said there's no known threat but ads it's best to play it safe. >> reporter: given recent events, we believe it's prudent to increase security at the major crossings and the major transportation hubs. >> reporter: it is expected to be a wet christmas and cold enough, possibly a white one. other parts of northeast could also experience slippery road conditions. remember though, it's the
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journey, not the destination. in new york, david lee miller fox news. president trump sent holiday greetings to the military from the winter white house, the president reaching out to troops across the globe from his mar-a-lago property in florida. each unit got thanks for their sacrifice and protecting the country. members of all five military branchs heard from the president. overseas the men and women serving the u.s. are doing their best to keep the holiday spirit alive. this in cobble afghanistan where troops had a holiday party, no the quite home for the holidays but they're making due far away. in washington state, special citizens making it home for the holidays smiles and tears as dozens of u.s. soldiers reunited with family and friends this morning. a service members spent the last nine months in iraq and other parts of the middle east and north africa, they say they couldn't be happier to spend the holiday it's with the ones they love. >> it's amazing. i still don't even know what to
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say. the best thing i could get. that was the only thing i wanted for christmas. >> soldiers say they weren't sure if they'd make it back but they are glad they did the christmas eve there are tensions in the holy land after president trump recognized jerusalem as the capitol of israel. it's making things difficult for people who want to visit the places important in the life of jesus. fox's conner plow explains. >> reporter: the christmas season has been marred by weeks of violent protest by potential stentians and christians following president trump's decision to declare jerusalem the capitol of israel. today with christmas eve celebrations well underway, bethlehem has been peaceful, but the mood is much different than past years with president trump's decision front and center. signs all over the place reading, jerusalem is the capitol of palestine. and palestinian president issued
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a christmas message, calling on the international christian community to quote, listen to the indigenous christians from the holy land and reject president trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capitol. with the top rome man catholic priest in the holy land who has been vocal in his criticisms of president trump's decision making a very public display by crossing through an israeli military checkpoint to enter bethlehem from jerusalem. despite today's calm, protests against the u.s. decision are expected to continue. in jerusalem, conner powell fox news pope francis led midnight mass at st. peter's basilica and the vatican. a crowd of 10 thousand are inside the massive cathedral and outside in st. peter's square during the homily. the pope strongly defended immigrants comparing them to the story of mary and joseph traveling from nazareth and finding no place to stay in
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bethlehem. happening, a search for a suspected killer, philadelphia police say this is the man responsible for a quadruple shooting in southwest philadelphia thursday. 21-year-old kennedy wanted in connection with a murder. she called family members who showed up to help and that's when police say he pulled the trigger one person died and three others were injured. this was the scene of a two-car accident early this morning in philadelphia. it happened on the 5100 block of torres in east frankford. one person was taken to the hospital. and this, the scene of an accident in delaware county. this one happened around 2:30 this morning near the intersection of greenwood and church lane in upper darby. no injuries so far have been reported. history will repeat itself washington will once again cross the delaware how a local nonprofit helped save an annual tradition. and the one check you may want to write this week,s thanks
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to a big change in the tax law. and we'll continue to track santa across the globe. here's a live look at norad. santa was just seen over charleston south carolina. norad said he's on his way, sounds like philly could be soon. remember be you need to be in bed and asleep for santa to coming don't worry, he'll circle back if he has to.
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♪ ♪ an annual christmas tradition will take place after all, organizer, of the reenactment of george washington's delaware river crossing were concerned they would have to cancel, but local nonprofit called philadelphia water board saved the day, lending organizers six hand made row boats that can float in shallow water. there could be a major job opening at the fbi with reports that deputy director andrew mccabe is planning to step down as growing allegations of political bias have turned into a lightening rod for criticism. fox's ellison barer reports from washington. fox learned that acting fbi
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director andrew mccabe is eligible for retirement in march. for weeks there have been rumors about a potential mccabe retire meant. almost immediately president trump fired off a number of tweets attacking mccabe, the white house defended them on fox news sunday >> the president is saying we need to know our civil servants are doing the honorable thing and it's important the american people know what happened in that investigation. >> reporter: mccabe spent two days and over 14 hours testifying last week. democrats said the closed door meetings and other attacks on the fbi are less about the integrity of the bureau and more about the special counsel's investigation >> this hearing is part of an at me at a lot of diversion from the real issue. which was the russian attempt, to subvert the last election, the possible collusion, the
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certain collusion by many members of the trump campaign and the possible collusion of the president himself >> i think it's critically important that we respect the independence of the department of justice and the fbi, no one is above the law, let mr. mueller do his investigation without interference from the president >> mccain has not commented publicly on any of this, in washington, allison barber, fox news. north korea is calling a new round the international sanctions an act of war. a foreign ministry statement said the measures add up to a tomato economic blockade. the u.n. security counsel imposed new sanctions friday in response to pyongyang's ballistic missile tests. the u.s. drafted resolution unanimously backed by all 15 security counsel members includes measures to/petroleum imports by urge to 90%. people in new jersey are rushing to pay property taxes ahead of schedule because of the tack
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overhaul. there will be a new $10,000 cap on deductions for state and local taxes starting next year. that could cost many taxpayers thousands of dollars and high tax states like new jersey. a man in cherry hill said he paid his 2018 property taxes on friday for 15,000 bucks, he said it should save him more than $3,000. we continue to track santa across the globe. here's a live look from norad santa spotted over virginia. you need to be in bed and asleep for santa to come. don't worry, he'll circle back. monica, how is that flying weather >> not so nice, he's dealing with rain as he flies through charlotte and some of it could be falling as snow but it will replaced by the wind,
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. the cold made for perfect conditions for ice skull'sing in
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philadelphia, took place at the market street pavilion, families and people from the community celebrating in the best of their neighborhood with philadelphia police officers, the events was organized by the people's emergency center. let's get a check of your fox 29 weather authority as we take a live look at reading, merry christmas to all our viewers there and all over. a lot of us going to bed dreaming of a white christmas tomorrow. will it happen? let's get you over to fox 29 meteorologist monica cryan > it's not going to happen for all of us, some of us are at that freezing mark but many of us above it like in philadelphia at 38. millville, it's 40. allentown, right at about freezing, little bit above at 33, pottstown at 32, the poconos obviously into the 20's and that's why they're seeing snow. and accumulating snowfall one to three inches possible. areas like trenton, philadelphia, wilmington, all the way through atlantic city, this is falling as rain. but the good news is, all of us
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overnight, this will start to move out. we have this winter weather advisory that is in effect through tonight into tomorrow morning, again, that's through berks, up into parts of carbon and monday low county. and back into lehigh, north hampton, through tomorrow morning, that could see accumulating snowfall, rest of us waking up with wet weather overnight and into early tomorrow morning, the ground may still be wet but then as we head into our afternoon, of our christmas, things really start to clear out nicely we're expecting a lot of sunshine only problem is that wind really starts to pick up for tomorrow. your temperature tomorrow morning unwrapping presents 34, plenty of sunshine. we get more sunshine by the afternoon, factor in that wind with temperatures into the upper 30's, it's definitely going to feel cold out there and colder than those temperatures actually are. wind pick up around 9:00 tomorrow morning, again, we'll be waking up tomorrow plenty of sunshine it will look nice but it will feel colder than it actually is.
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because of those gusty winds. we're thinking 25 even 30 some areas getting to near 40, 45 miles per hour, make sure some of those christmas decorations we still have out there if you can bring them indoors as the winds kick up for the christmas forecast and for the eagles forecast, it will make it feel more like the teens, for those of you tailgating and heading to the linc, bundle up for temperatures not just in the 20's but what feels like the teens, then we'll see the temperatures drop through the afternoon tuesday into wednesday, we're talking highs own the only in the upper 20's and low 30's, 29 on wednesday, that's it. overnight temperatures even worse. we're only in the teens, it's definitely going to feel much colder and we're setting up the chance for a snow shower, snow system, moving in as we head into our weekend, iain >> thanks for the warning, monica. we're considering to track santa's progress, getting
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closer, he's in the washington, dc area. so he's close, remember, kids, you got to be in bed. and asleep for santa to coming don't worry, he'll cycle back. that will do it for us, but keep it here for sports sunday for the chris stevens core tet performers, enjoy. ♪ . ♪ . endorse ♪ . ♪ .
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♪ . this is fox 29 sports sunday presented by nissan. >> it's the holiday season and good old st. nick is coming to town. coming up, the keys for the eagles getting their christmas wish of home field advantage in the playoffs, plus a look around the


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