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tv   Teen Kids News  FOX  December 30, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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(upbeat rock music) - welcome to teen kids news, i'm livia. let's begin with our top story for this week. (upbeat pop music) tests, sats, sports, extra-curricular activities, bff drama, parents. we certainly face a lot of pressure. and that pressure can lead to, well, we'll let our amelia tell you where that pressure can lead to and how to avoid it. - it's a feeling of fear, like you can't escape. - it's like someone creeping up your back with their fingers and trying to reach at your neck and get into your brain.
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- fear, panicking, bone-crushing, heart-stopping. i don't know, it just makes you feel. - being really stressed out about a lot of things at all at once. - they're describing anxiety, that awful feeling one gets in the pit of their stomach. feeling under pressure is just one of the causes of anxiety. to learn about dealing with anxiety, we're speaking with psychologist dr. susan heitler. she wrote the book prescriptions without pills. hi, doc! - hello there. - so, what exactly is anxiety? - anxiety is that scared feeling that you may be aware of in your stomach or in your chest or like something's stuck in your throat. it comes up when you see something ahead of you that looks like it might be dangerous or hurt you. - but it's not just something you see, it's also something you're thinking about, right? - yes, it can come from thoughts, it can come from an actual situation.
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- interesting. so, besides things like having to worry about tests or having to worry about making it on the sports team or having to deal with parents, what are some of the other things that can cause teens to be anxious? - one big source of anxiety is college, "what am i going to do after high school?" another big source may be, "what's going on between my parents, "as well as how they react to what i do." probably the biggest source though is friends. "do they like me? "will i get a boyfriend?" those are all anxiety-provoking arenas. - how about the thing called performance anxiety, what exactly is that? - so, performance anxiety comes up when you're going to be in front of other people. some people just get scared because people are watching them. others get more scared because they're thinking "(gasping), this is my big chance." any thought about the bigs increases nervous feelings.
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anything new, like, "oh, this is the first time "our team has played against that team." another big way to feel anxious when you're going to be in front of people, "what do they think about me? "how am i doing in their eyes?" so instead, in performance situations, just focus on what you're doing. keep right in the present and in the flow. - so, how does information help fight anxiety? - getting information is the first step toward problem-solving. anxiety alerts you that there's a problem ahead. let's take the simple example of a test coming up. if you're anxious, figure out precisely what information you need. "oh, i need to know what the test is going to cover. "i need to know how long we'll have to do the test." the more information you have,
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the more likely you can then go into planning how to prepare. preparation makes a big difference - are there any other things we didn't talk about, that can help reduce anxiety for us teens? (laughing) well, just remember, anxiety's there to help you. it alerts you that there's a problem ahead, so pay attention. think about what's triggering that anxiety when you have that anxious feeling. get information and come up with a plan of action. - good information, thanks doc! - you're welcome. - if all this talk about anxiety is just making you anxious, remember, knowledge is power. the more you know about what's causing your anxiety, the more you can do to get it under control. for teen kids news, i'm amelia. - exploring the final frontier or wiping out poverty: what should government spending focus on? we'll get your opinion next in speak of the week.
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- speak of the week is when we get to hear what you have to say. here's this weeks question. (slow rock music) - a couple of years ago, the space probe new horizons reached pluto, the furthest planet in our solar system. and yes, it is a planet.
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after being demoted in 2006, pluto was recently reinstated as our ninth planet. while studying pluto, the probe sent back amazing pictures. the probe is now flying even deeper into space on a mission to study objects floating in what's called the kuiper belt. the nasa mission to pluto cost almost a billion dollars. so, what do you think? should the government spend money on missions like this? or would the money be better spent on education and wiping out poverty? - probably getting rid of poverty and all of those other things because i think that that's more important for us right now. - i think the government should give the funds to education. - it might actually help us in the long run and it might improve upon education; we don't know until we try. (laughing) - i think that they should spend this money because they should explore the new planets and try to figure out if there's life on there or if there's water or anything like that, so, yeah.
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- saving the earth right now is a better idea. - of course, the government will be quick to point out that many of today's must-have products came from the space program. for example: paint that protects against rust, eyeglass lenses that are scratch-proof, the insulin pump used by millions of people with diabetes, solar-powered devices, highly-efficient filters that protect our municipal water supplies, and even the personal computer. guess you could say that list is literally out of this world. with speak of the week, i'm eden. ("hail to the chief") (thudding) (springs boinging) - it's not unusual for the daughter of a president to get married. it is unusual when she marries the grandson of another president. julie nixon married david eisenhower, just before her dad became president. their families were already connected, by politics.
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- julie nixon and david eisenhower met when david's grandfather, dwight david eisenhower, and julie nixon's father, richard nixon, teamed up for a presidential ticket duo. - later on, julie's big sister, tricia, got married in the white house rose garden. that was way back in 1971. there have been no weddings at the white house since. with white house kidz, i'm lila. - this important message is brought to you by the national road safety foundation. (upbeat rock music) (horn honking)
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- injuries happen. when they do, we'll show you what you should do.
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- we all should know what to do in a medical emergency. that's why we're bringing you tips on first aid from the american red cross. (light upbeat pop music) - sprains and strains are a pain, but a little first aid can go a long way. lipica shah is an instructor for the american red cross. what is the difference between a sprain and a strain? - a sprain is the stretching or tearing of ligaments at a joint and a strain is the stretching or tearing of your muscles and tendons, so just different body parts. - [alexa] so what do we do? - so, lets all get on the ground,
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because if you hurt your ankle, you'd be on the ground, right? regardless of whether it's a sprain or a strain, we treat it the same way, using the acronym rice, r-i-c-e. that stands for rest, immobilize, cold, and elevate. rest just means stay in the position that we found it. if it's at an awkward angle, i wanna leave it that way, 'cause straightening it out could cause the injury to be worse. immobilize really only comes into play if i need to move cammie somewhere else, like if it's unsafe where i am. i wanna make sure her injury isn't gonna move from its position while we are moving, so i might have to do something to keep it in place. cold is really one o of the most important things, and that's exactly what it sounds like. take something cold: an ice pack, a bag of frozen vegetables, anything to help reduce swelling. so, i'll put a towel or some other material between her skin and the ice and put the ice right over the injury site.
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and elevation. elevation's another way to reduce swelling, but it should only be done if it won't cause more pain. so, if i can, i'm very gently gonna lift up her foot. and can you got that backpack right there? you can really use anything to elevate the injury, and gently place it back down. so, that's all you would do for a sprain or strain. r-i-c-e: rest, immobilize, cold, elevate. - rice is good to know, but remember: even with relatively minor injuries, it's important to get proper medical attention. for tkn, i'm alexa. (upbeat pop music) - coming up, we'll show you some easy ways to put a smile on your face. teen kids news will be right back.
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that's all about spreading good news and inspiring kindness and compassion. we like that idea, so here's our hooplaha pick of the week. (soft electric guitar music) - me and my family went to tanzania. i had seen a lotta people in poverty and a lot of people struggle during their daily lives, and i wanted to find a solution. i'm maya, i'm 18 years old, and i created bands4change. (upbeat rock music) (audience cheering)
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the way that it started was that me and my mom and my sister, we went to lollapalooza. i had the idea that music is a way to bring together big groups of people. so, why not utilize that and try to make something out of it that'll better the world? and so, bands4change was created. it took us a long, long time to get somebody to say yes. and so, when kesha said yes, it was just an amazing opportunity, 'cause she herself is a big activist for women's rights and for animal rights. and so, when she finally said yes, it was kind of confusing 'cause we had heard so many nos that it was just kind of like, "oh, what's happening? (laughing) "this is a shock to us." but it was really great, 'cause she took a chance on us and nobody else had done that for a really long time. (soft electric guitar music) my mom's gone through a lot in her life and she's been like a really supportive parent for me and my sister. she makes me wanna be a better person. they just wanted us to appreciate everything that we had
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and wanted us to understand the issues that people go through. they wanted us to have an open mind, essentially. you kind of feel like, although i couldn't really make big changes, i just wanted to do something that has a possibility to help make a difference. everybody can make a difference, no matter your social status, no matter your location, no matter your age. there's always something that you can do, whether that's helping somebody else out or giving money to a homeless person, planting a tree, or even just helping out your local farmers. there's something that you can always do to help better the lives of somebody who needs it. - if you have a video you'd like to submit to hooplaha, write to them at for teen kids news, i'm daniella. - when teen kids news continues, i will show you a snack that's as much fun to make as it is to eat. we'll be right back.
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to impress your family and friends with, courtesy of the culinary institute of america. - consider the mango. it's the national fruit of india and pakistan. but in america, the mango doesn't even make it on the list of our top 10 fruits, which is a shame because mangoes are sweet, tasty and really good for you. so, today i'm gonna show you my secret recipe for making mango roll-ups. here's what we need. surprise, just one ingredient. for this recipe, i'm gonna use two mangoes, and that's perfect for one sheet tray. all righty. so, first, before we cut into anything, we're gonna turn our oven on and preheat it to 170 degrees. it's a perfect low temperature to cook our roll-ups at. all righty. and now, we're gonna peel our mango. it's just a regular peeler that you have at home,
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nothing special about it. this does get really slippery, so be careful. all righty. i wanna be sure to get all the skin off. get the peels out of our way here. and now, we're gonna cut our mango. so, for this, you definitely want your parents' permission to use a knife or just ask them for help, really. the mango, it has a funny seed in it. it's oval and it's flat-shaped, kind of like the mango, and so you wanna cut along the seed. all right. if you do hit the seed with your blade,
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don't force the knife through. you wanna start all over and come through again. there you go. and you can see here, this is the seed. you can't see it that much, but this is the shape of your seed. and we're gonna go ahead and cut the other side. all right, perfect. all right, next we're gonna cut this into big chunks before we put it into our blender. when you're using your knife, you definitely wanna make sure you tuck your fingers in and you don't get 'em in the way there. perfect. all right, so i already precut one of my mangoes and we're using two for this recipe. so, i'm gonna combine it here.
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and we're gonna go into the blender now. all right, you add it all in there. and mangoes are really sweet, so you don't have to any sweetener, any additives. it's gonna be sweet all on its own. all right, and we're gonna turn our blender on. just start with a low speed and you can increase as needed. (blender whirring) all righty, perfect. okay, so what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our mangoes, all blended and nice and smooth and we're gonna go right onto our sheet pan here. i lined it with a parchment paper. you can use wax paper, whatever you have at home to help it prevent from sticking to the pan.
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all righty. and you just wanna smooth it out as evenly as possible. get it towards all the corners. look at how good this looks, it's a bright yellow color. get a little more in there. all righty. okay, so you wanna smooth it out to about an eighth of an inch thick. okay. now that it's all even, we're gonna tap it twice before putting it into the oven. and this helps with getting all the air bubbles out. all right.
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so, we're gonna leave this in here for two hours. you wanna check it after one hour and rotate your pan, just so that it cooks evenly. all righty, so i took this out of the oven after two hours and i let it cool for about 45 minutes, and now we're ready to make our roll-up. so, what i'm gonna do here is i'm just gonna cut the edge off so we get a nice roll-up. and we don't need this part here. okay. and then you're gonna make about an inch to an-inch-and-a-half roll-ups. little strips here. look how fun this is. let's do about two.
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all right, and then we're gonna roll it up. and you can put these in your lunch box so you can take it to school. it's so easy, just one ingredient. all righty. if you wanna store them, you can put them in a ziplock bag so you'll have them for the week. and there you go. so, besides helping to fight diseases like cancer, mangoes help improve memory and concentration. so, before your next test, try munching on a mango roll-up. at the culinary institute of america for teen kids news, i'm gene'e. - that looked pretty easy to make. can't wait to give it a try. teen kids news will be back with more news you can use next week.
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see you then. (upbeat rock music)
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