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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 1, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ loo live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 nouse at 11:00. 2018 getting off to icy start. snow is blanketing the pocono mountains and we can see the snow fly as cross our area this week. you're not going to find that right now in the streets of old steel but the bitter wind chills blasting our area it will get even colder. can you imagine because it will be awhile before we feel any assemblance of warmth. thank for joining us at 11:00. i'm lucy noland. happy new year. meteorologist kathy orr is talking about a chance for snow this week. kathy, this could be big one? >> yeah, we're talking about a nor'easter and you know there's a lot of things swirling around on twitter on facebook on instagram going out to sea it's moving east, it's moving west never out of the woods until the storm is north of our latitude it will be a strong storm. take look outside we're looking
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at pennsylvania lanning where temperatures are frigid so it's going to be cold enough everywhere for snow. it has been. it's 15 in philadelphia. four in the poconos. 13 in reading. it feels like it's blow zeros in many of these locations. four below in lancaster. one below in atlantic city. how about 14 degree below zero in the poconos right now. so overnight tonight, temperatures in the single numbers. but for the most part all the wind chills are going below zero even in philadelphia. so this area of low pressure this nor'easter develops to the north of the bahamas by tomorr tomorrow. wednesday, thursday intensifies and moves up the eastern see bore. so there's a good chance we can be seeing some snow out of this. how much it's still determined by the track of this storm we'll know much more tomorrow. bone chilling cold, bitter wind chills next couple of days for sure and we'll continue to track that nor'easter talk more about the timing of this coming up in just a few minutes. lucy. >> bot too many line it will be even colder than it already is and we could could be dealing with snow? >> that's the bottom line. >> all right. not surprisingly these bitter cold temperatures are behind
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some big problems all across our area. in south jersey, for instance, a burst pipe forced the partial evacuation of a senior living center. fox 29's brad sattin is live in viewer hess with more. brad? >> reporter: lucy, the good news is, things are getting back to normal. the residents once again back inside. we are here at the brook dale voorhees senior living sent a scary seen a few hours ago with lost firefighters here. let us take to you that scene. cold weather appears to be the blame here for a pipe to a spring kerr system that was in the ceiling that caused a flood below as a result of that residents were forced to evacuate that area. the initial call came in that there was a ceiling collapse and injuring a firefighter and that was the real concern here, but we quickly learned it sounded much more serious than it actually was. some good news, the turns out that some of the sheetrock did come down. a firefighter was just slightly hurt.
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doing okay d not need medical attention. residents were just moved to another part of the facility. >> pipe burst. pipes go up in the attic. obviously it's very cold out. year in arctic blast. pipes contracted. water floods down. >> the the fire protect system. so any time that a building has a fire protect system that's gown down we look to get people out of the affected area for their own safety. >> reporter: and so the last of the firefighters left just a few minutes ago. contractors here are still on the scene working on that pipe obviously cold water and pipes -- cold temperatures and pipes don't often work well. these contractors really busy but again the bottom line here is that all of the residents are back in and no one was hurt. lucy? >> and that is key. thank you very much, brad. well, the bone-chilling cold temps staying wuss and making matters worse back to work and school for most of us tomorrow. so there is no avoiding the weather. we caught people around center city layered up tonight. most of them dreading strong get
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out of bed in the morning and back at it in subfreezing tepp hers. >> like a mile and a half walk i work over at chop it's a long walk. >> mile and a half to and mile and a half back. >> yup. >> reporter: in this weather. >> in this weather, yeah. whether it's raining, snowing, i usually walk. >> basically my business is talking to people it's so hard to get people to stop. they don't weren't to stop in this cold weather. >> reporter: it's too cold good way too cold. i agree with that. tonight bonus days for students tenches who don't have to report back to school till wednesday much this biting cold couldn't keep the mummers away from broad street on this new year's day. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> philly' long runging known as the mummers parade strutted along south broad. this week we heard quite a bit of talk about whether it would be just too cold for the annual parade of music and dancing and satire but after a vote the parade was on and the city turn
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out. with at least one mummer not just turning his back on the cold but showing hit his back and front shirt less. >> one time year to go out and have fun. cold, rain, snow, we do it. two street stoppers we fire up, we bring the crowd. >> we're enjoying ourselves. we can't ask for nothing better. great new year's. so we're just out here having fun. trying to stay warm. >> so all in good fun. parade goers made signs mocking city politician. others poked fun at chris christie and that whole vacation on the beach thing. tragic scene in costa rica after a small plane carrying 12 people crashed into the jungle killing everyone aboard. families with ties to our area in fact. ten of the people who died were americans and since six of them have connections to here including the university of pennsylvania which is where we find our chris o'connell. chris? >> reporter: lucy, it was a
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new year's tragedy for two families who were just taking their kids on a holiday vacati vacation. among the dead a university of pennsylvania freshman and two doctors with ties to local hospitals. inside the burning wreckage of the single engine charter plane that went down outside of san jose costa rica, 12 dead. including two american families with philadelphia area ties. killed the steinberg family of scars dale, new york. bruce and irene along with their sons, 13-year-old matthew, 20-year-old zac and 18-year-old william. a freshman at the university of pennsylvania. the student government posting on facebook, together we mourning the death of a friend, a peer and a promising scholar who would have went on to change the world. the family's long time nanny just finding out the devastating news the family was killed during their holiday vacation.
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>> translator: they call me grandma. my boys would call me grandma. i was there everything. they were my everything. >> reporter: also among the dead two doctors mitchell and leslie weiss from clearwater, florida. along with their two children. the weisss used to live in montgomery county. leslie a pediatrician. mitchell a radiologist. both once work at thomas jefferson university hospital and very active in the jewish community. >> the neighbor that's a good neighbor down the street that you sit and you talk to and you find out about their kids and what's happening in school and work and, um, it is heartbreaking. it really is. >> reporter: right now the cause of the investigation is still on going by companies at a recant authorities but right to you they're saying high wind and possible mechanical failure may have led to the crash, lucy. >> thank you very much, chris. investigators in abington
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township tonight are looking in what star add house fire broke out at a home in 2200 block of pleasant of a just past 4:00 this afternoon. firefighters got it under control fairly quickly. and no one is hurt. philadelphia police warn don't do it. some did anyhow and so tonight those philadelphians who fired off guns into the air during new year's eve reveling and got caught now face charges. police made arrest in west philadelphia, another in south philadelphia. they also arrest add couple of others for weapons violations. overall though police saw a big reduction in partiers firing up a guns from previous years. well with homicides up 14% in philadelphia in 2017 a new gun task force in the city will focus on criminals who use guns and illegal gun sales. it hopes to keep the most dangerous gun offenders off the streets. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at philadelphia police headquarters breaking it all down. dave? >> reporter: lucy, a new year
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and a new plan to attack gun violence here in philadelphia. the mayor and the police department putting in place a new gun task force that will go after violent offenders and illegal gun sales across the city. there's no question gun violence is a major problem in philadelphia. with 314 murders in over 1200 shootings last year, philadelphia police are hoping a new gun violence task force could be part of a solution. >> this gun task force will allows you to be laser like in our focus and targeting the most prolific offenses. >> reporter: police are using intelligence information to identify suspects, gang members and violent criminals. district attorney and the courts are expected to join in initiative to will target illegal guns and the criminals into reusse them. >> he we got to get these guys that have guns and inclined to use them off the street. >> reporter: the new gun task force will detectives in each di s divisions i was cot the city and focus on gun arrests and the sale of illegal guns. >> when you arrest someone for a
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gun, when someone is shot or commits a shooting, right away information starting to be collected and disseminated so we know where then on the operation side to put the boots on the ground. report roar those boots on the ground will include 370 new police officers by september of this year. many of them will be deployed on bikes. the department's most affective anti crime tool. >> because the bike cops can get behind those, um, you know, those alleys and driveways and things like that and get to places that the officer in vehicle can't get to. >> reporter: new gun task force is expected to work clos closely with state and federal officials they're also hoping to reduce -- excuse me increase some of the arrests on homicides. last year only 45% of the homicidehomicides were solved wn arrest. luce glee let's hope it all works. thank you much, day. levittown police now say the driver who crashed into a home that overdosed and was unconscious when he drove off gun road. he hit a tree stump went
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airborne. and crashed into the home sliding glass door. a man inside the home was near that door. part of it hit him in the head. during all of the chaos, his dog got loose and a car driving by hit and killed the pup. so did you go to bed a little too late last night? well, you're not the om one. and now doctors are warning you might want to crawl into bed just a little earlier in the new year. bone-chilling cold is not just unpleasant it is dangerous. everyone is trying to escape the numbing temperatures what if you don't have anywhere to go? and local family has an adorable new addition to kick off the new year. say high to little alaya. with her mommy jasmine she born one minute past midnight at cooper university hospital. we wish you her good health and happiness. well up to oh our world, little one and congratulations to the family. with dunkin' deals, you get
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♪ no surprise subfreezing temperatures are behind some big problems especially in one northeast philadelphia neighborhood. a water main break yesterday was just the beginning. now a number of neighbors are having all kinds of issues with their utilities from water to power. but when it comes to that water main, the philadelphia water department says though it did shut it off, the day before when it was leaking that water all
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the water in the area in behind site that wasn't necessarily warranted especially since hundreds of homes ended up without water. >> we had planned a party up here and whatnot. we to call up the people and let them know not to come because we couldn't do anything in there. >> city officials say the homeowners will still have to contact their owns insurance companies while they work out all of those repairs. the biting temperatures are enough to make pretty much anyone rush indoors but some folks just don't have that option. and with bitter wind chills and machinery so low, it's dangerous but our bill anderson found a safe mace to escape the bitter cold for goodness sake. people are coming in to heed the call to help people survive through these frigid temperatures. >> reporter: hearing an out reach worker speak bow how getting inside could dave your life should hammer home how dangerous the weather we're facing is.
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>> people who are unthe influence are at grave risk. they don't feel the cold the same way that anyone else. >> reporter: everyone was talking about stay inside, try to stay warm, it's a code blue. but what happens if you don't have anywhere to go. >> telling people come inside or you can pass away. >> yeah. >> you would have stayed outsi outside. >> i slept outside last night. >> reporter: paul is one of the far too many who live on the streets of zen ting ton and one of the people that the city is trying to help when they decided to open a local rec center as an emergency warming sent. i been sick, and i came here to stay warm. >> reporter: it was obvious talking to paul that if the warming center wasn't available, he would have just tried to tough it out but sips it was -- >> i came here this morning. got something to eat and i laid down and just beg warm, i went right to sleep. >> reporter: there are mats and blankets, food and warm drinks this is a safe mace to come. during this bitter cold weather. >> everyone is welcomed.
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come as you are. we just want to save your life and make sure you are going to be okay. >> reporter: the sent has been open for week and scheduled to stay open another day. the challenge they're facing the rec center can't be a permanent location because children's classes there a few days ago week. carol says they'll figure out. our role is just call if we see someone in need. >> we need the public. we need concerned citizens. we need people to really step up and call. >> reporter: city open the doors to the rec center and saved lives for week. hopefully that expanse to them and all of us thinking how to save them for the remaining week for goodness sake. i'm bill ant son. ♪ you know what, bill won't tell you is that he was so worried about them he gave everybody a hat that he had made himself and -- i thought he was really cool. dropped them all off for them. live look at reading berk coun county. the arctic blast is so intense
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the streets are nearly empty and i can barely talk. kathy, talking about, um, when you say nor'easter and snow and you're still working the numbers and it's coming up from the ocean. it's all very hmm to me. >> it is hmm. >> yeah. this is a coastal storm it's a nor'easter. we're watching the track it's always determined by the track of the storm. we're still a couple days out. it would be hitting on thursday. we'll talk more about that. first let's talk about the cold because there's no doubt if any precipitation falls it's going to be snow. 15 in philadelphia much the wind chill is one. winds out of the west at 13 and temperatures are going to continue to fall witness clear skies in the teens and single numbers route in you but when you have any kind of wind you don't pay attention to the temperature. you just pay attention to the wind chill it feels like 14 below in the poconos. this morning it felt hike twenty seven below the same tomorrow morning. sore zero in pottstown. one in philadelphia. four below in lancaster. it's going stick. there's more arctic air that's
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going to be spilling in to reinforce what's already here and that means temperatures staying in the freezer. right through saturday. maybe by sunday january 7th we will see those colder temperatures retreat. now overnight, three in the poconos. eight in pottstown. millville ten. wildwood four. wind chills between zero and ten below zero tomorrow morning. by the afternoon the temperature is 21. so still below freezing. it's been over week. and it will feel like it's 200 to four below during the morning and wind chills in the teens and single numbers but it doesn't take much winter to get those wind chills down and tomorrow we're out of the west about ten to 15 miles an hour. then we're watching this area of low pressure. it starts just to the north of the bahamas interesting to me. usually you see the storms form over the gulf, cross across the panhandle of in order and then move up the coast of the this is what a miller a storm. it's a textbook example of a nor'easter that has that whole coastline to strengthen and pull in moisture so watching the track of the storm.
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the winds are going to be incredible with this. that's going to be probably the biggest story with the storm and it's going to move toward the northeast. how much snow still to be determined. we have to nail down get better idea about the track of the storm but the snow would begin wednesday night into thursday best chance of seeing accumula accumulating snow and heaviest snow closer to the shore. the least in the pennsylvania suburb. if that storm shifts westward which tends to be the trend, heavy snow would be pushing inn land we have to key an eye on that for tomorrow. the snow would be ending thursday night. by friday wind chills would be brutal. well below zero for everybody. take a look at your seven day forecast. wednesday, 31. tracking the nor'easter for thursday. bitter cold onofre day. wind chills probably the least ten below on friday the same for saturday. sunday five below. and then by monday we finally get into the 30s. wow. the high 36. the morning low 19. where are we? >> minneapolis. >> alaska.
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>> s were going on here. >> it's feeling like home to me. my years in alaska. >> thanks, lucy. >> you're welcomed. i like to spread the joy. in your health tonight if you're looking for a last minute new year's resolution here's one for you. just get more sleep. health experts say getting the right amount of sleep is lawsuitly critical to your overall health. in fact you can only live 11 days without it. which brings me up a subject. how did they know that? >> who went oh, 11 days and he's gone. i guess we can't go 11 days. somebody figured this out. the question is how. researchers say the process of sleeping cleanses toxins from the brain. if you don't get enough sleep those toxin kill you. what's the right amount of time. >> many experts say you got to have a solid eight hours. are you an it hour a night person? >> kristen? >> um, i wish. >> you don't even get that. >> not quiet. have to work on it new year's resolution for me. >> there seems to be grumbling and lack of confidence in nick foles from eagles fans. as they head into the playoffs
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but this talk of a quarterback controversy new york city, i'm shutting it down aft the break. ♪
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♪ we can't win in the playoffs if nick foles is at quarterback. that was the most popular response i got on social media last night. all of a sudden, there's rumblings of a quarterback controversy for the eagles. this a little silly, people many here's how pederson should handle his quarterbacks. you start nick foles. simple as that. let's put to bed any talk about sudfeld starting right now especially in the play us a offs. foles has played in 49nfl he's played in the playoffs he had 9.3 passer rating eighty three against dallas but the guy has experience and despite not executing, he says he feels great. there is only one case besides injury to foles where nate sudfeld should come in or see time on the field.& if foles isn't connect with guys. if the eagles are down and if they somehow need a last ditch spark. then maybe give sudfeld a shot. there are no more dress rehearsals the playoffs are
11:26 pm
coming but nick foles will be the eagles guy on january 13t january 13th. lucy? >> all right. there you go. thank you very much. first full moon actually first moon of 2018 just happens to be the biggest super moon of the year. so what's so super about super moons? our resident meteorologist and scientist in chief kathy orr knows all about it. >> it's the closest it will be all year. >> right. >> it looks bigger than usual because of that. it's big and full but 14% bigger want did you say about brighter. >> 30% brighter. we'll have another one on the 31st but not going to be as big and bright and it will be blue moon. >> right. >> because it's the second full moon in month. >> in that cool and there's gob lunar eclipse possibly associated with it in the morning hours. >> i don't think we'll see it, though. >> all right. >> good day starting at 4:00. ♪
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