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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 2, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news
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at 11:00. good evening to our friends in cap may county as we take live look at ocean city. hey, shore residents everyone really you ready for snow? it's coming along with some of the coldest temperatures many of us have ever seen. thanks for joining us at 11:00 tonight i'm iain page. this is the type of the cold we just don't normally get here. the stuff that people north of us are kind of used to but not us. yet here we are. we begin tonight with kathy orr who's got an absolutely frigid forecast. kathy, let us have it if iain we've been in the frees sr. we'll stay in the freezer it's going to get colder and tracking a storm. winter storm watch in effect for south jersey and delaware for half a foot of snow possible by the time thursday is over. it's a nor'easter. and temperatures are cold enough for all snow. right now we're in the teens in the single numbers but the big story has been and will be the wind chill. it's 12 drove blow in the poconos. past couple of nights ten below, 20 below. it will feel like it's in the single numbers in philadelphia. right now ten in pottstown. it feels like it is 6:00 in wilmington and those numbers
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will be going down. we have our storm system nor'easter we're watching the track so the next 24 hours will be critical. regarding snow accumulations. we do know that snow is going to begin tomorrow night continue through thursday we know that the heaviest snow undoubtedly will be down the shore closer to the storm where they could get three to sick inches of snow. least amount of snow in philadelphia and heading into the philadelphia suburbs. also the snow will be ending thursday evening across the region. now, most likely we're going to be seeing some changes in this forecast. i'll be back with with those snow estimates. new information coming into the weather center as we speak. >> down the shore people aren't taking chances were it comes to severe winter wet heading our way they are bracing for what could be a significant storm along the coast. fox 29's chris o'connell reports from ocean city which could get a half foot of snow. >> reporter: preparations for winter storm at the shore in full gear tonight. residents bracing for snow, wind
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and high tides. here we do again. the bread aisle is bear, so is the water. milk, even the fire wood is scares at ocean city acme. all shore signs snow is on the way. >> fierce weather, high winds, and flooding. >> reporter: this is what the cape may lewes ferry look like as it was cutting the ice on the delaware bay. and take a look at the frozen bay off the docks of the surfing pig in north wildwood. and this is just a sample of what's to come. >> the winds blow all the tides in. so with the full moon, we're in trouble on this one. >> i'm going to be inside all the time. >> reporter: although it looks warm and peaceful. jersey beaches are like a frozen tundra. and with a major storm off the coast, beach erosion could be a major problem. just two weeks ago ocean city finished a two-month multi-million doltz beach replenishment project. although officials say they're
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not concerned about losing more beach with this storm, long-time residents are bracing for impa impact. >> i want to leave. yeah, you do. you panic because you don't know what effect it's going to have on this island. >> reporter: and the snowfall is forecasted to begin about this time tomorrow night. we've already seen new jersey department of transportation crews already out brining the highways in preparation for what's to come. in ocean city, before this accident o'connell, fox 29 news. malfunctioninmalfunctioningr apparent school clothing policies has students and parents grumbling in upper dar darby. students at beverly hills middle school tell us that conditions inside the school were really frigid in the days leading up to the holiday break in late december and eighth grader tells fox 29 she stayed home today after seeing some school officials refusing to let students wear coats or hoodies signed the building to stay wa warm. >> some kids were told to take
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off their hoodies if they didn't they were zen to the d.c., the discipline center, where you get like a detention. >> the school district did acknowledge that some classrooms are colder than on thes because of malfunctioning heaters and say students are allowed to wear coats in the building if they felt it was necessary. well two women found dead in our area just hours apart. one of them in northeast philly. the other wawa parking lot in new castle. while police say there are no science of foul play could the cold weather contribute to that cause of death. >> dave schratwieser is live over on the parkway with details tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, delaware state police and philadelphia police are awaiting autopsy results in the death of both of these women just hours apart. they're also trying to determine if these freezing temperatures may have played a role in their deaths. as the temperatures drop well below freezing tuesday, delaware state police made a tragic discovery in the parking lot at this wawa on dupont highway in new castle. a 49-year-old woman dead inside
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her suv. >> that's really sad. >> state police say the woman was unconscious inside a ford explorer park here just before 7:30. as customers came and went gassing up their cars, and grabbing hot coffee, paramedic tried unsuccessfully to revive the woman. police do not know how long she was here. >> we need to make sure that everybody is taken care of i think that's probably the reason why. >> reporter: police say there was no foul play involved and they wouldn't be sure of the cause of death until the medical examiner rules. the extreme cold is a possibility. a few hours later philadelphia police found a 53-year-old woman unresponsive inside a van here on the 4,000 block of fair dale road in the northeast. once again, attempts to revive her proved unsuccessful. >> you can easily freeze to death in a car like that. i heard on the news that you can get frost bite in 30 minutes. >> reporter: police aren't sure if the plunging temperatures may have also played a role in this woman's
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death. they say she had recently been evicted from home and may have been sleeping in the van. medical examiner will determine the cause of death. >> what are the odds? two alike cases and the same day. that's crazy. >> reporter: now police say autopsies are scheduled for tomorrow morning. we should get the results of those sometime and we will report those to you tomorrow. they have not identified either of the two women publicly. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. water is back on in northeast philadelphia but folks are still cleaning up a mess after a huge water main break. many people waking up to floods in their homes this morning. the 8-inch water main break medford and minute den roads led to mud, water and ice and affected about 125 homes. though the good news is service is back on. well three kids dropped off at a local mcdonald's told to walk home in the frigid cold. two of those kids didn't have coats and now the man who dropped them off in jail. fox's dave kinchen has details
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in easton, pennsylvania. >> reporter: it was just 14 degrees out when police say a man dropped off three kids at this mcdonald's and told them essentially they were on their own. >> the last week and a half we've had subzero degree temperatures, you know, you got to bum up. you know, you can't stick kids out here and let them fend for themselves. >> reporter: but that's exactly what easton investigat investigators say 55-year-old craig, did leaving three kids at this mcdonald's advising them to walk home in the arc tech air. >> people like that that just, you know, don't give a damn about their kids. that affecting me. >> reporter: easton police say they were called friday night about the three children left at the mcdonald's near downtown easton without an adult for more than an hour. what's worse cops say only a ten-year-old boy had a jacket. two girls, ages ten and 11, did not have coats when it was 14 degrees outside.
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>> a traumatic bad time for the kids especially out in this cold weather. >> it's disappointing. it's embarrassing as a parent to know that other parents can act like that. >> reporter: police say the suspect sat outside the restaurant for 20 minutes after leaving the kids there and then drove off to an amazon warehouse reportedly telling the cops he had somewhere to be. the upper nazareth man is jailed on three counts of inn dangering the welfare of children. >> it's not right. he should be locked up for child abuse. >> reporter: police did not say whether the three kids were related to the suspect or whether they were his kids. the case is on-going. in easton, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. happening right now, a pet owner's desperate search for her cat. the montgomery county woman's vatican initiate weeks ago right aft she adopted him. she can hear him. the problem is actually figuring out where he is. our shawnette wilson is on the hunt tonight in jenkintown. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, you know, we stuck it out for hell while
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we didn't hear the cat but the own are in says she and her neighbors above her have actually heard it crying from the walls and side the home. >> you know, we know he's here. it's just where? >> reporter: carolyn withers diamond is worried sick about her four-year-old tabby tommy. she recently adopted him but 30 minutes after she brought him home -- >> opened up the crate and he went downstairs into the basement, and i couldn't find hem. >> reporter: carolyn searched the basement. >> i was looking all around and the next thing i know, i see him in one of the rafters, and i'm like come on baby. come on, tommy, and i go to reply for him and he shot up into the wall. >> reporter: that was three week ago. and since then, carolyn says she and her neighbors have been hearing tommy in the walls. and her foster cat pip pip has been darting around. she shows us where she's hammered in one wall where she's heard tommy crying. she also says firefighters came with special equipment to search in the walls and vents but detected nothing. >> we don't find help riata were
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to rescue tommy, he's going to be with a freezing cold, you know, weather and i can't imagine there's too many mouses -- mice left in the building and i know that there is some like little leaky pipes. >> reporter: she says animal rescuers have set cats can survive for like a month or so but she hopes tom knee finds his way out soon. >> it's very short amount of time left. we've only got days. >> reporter: and in case you're wondering carolyn says that she has put out food but so far no luck. she believes that tommy may actually be in the walls just lost between two different floors. iain? >> shawnette, thank you. he never thought he'd make it to 18. drugs were literally killing him. now, one man's birthday wish to help other addicts a workout unlike any other stripping naked and exercising, yeah, people are unlike any other stripping naked and exercising, yeah, people are actually paying forel: broke, h, selling my body to get high,
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today we which youly got some heat which is a miracle. but otherwise the oven goes on all the time to keep us warm. >> philadelphia housing authority says they found nothing wrong with the building's system but they are overriding that are energy saving feature to help heat the apartments. birthday wish up like any on the. he's asking for donations to help recovering drug addictions hope hug own live story will inspire others for goodness sake. here's bill anderson. ♪ >> every day using up to 26 bags heroin. using anything i can get my hands on anything to alter my mine. >> reporter: brian messick has been through more than most 18-year-olds he wasn't sure he would make it to another birthday so this year is a little differ. >> i expected i was going to die from using drug. for awhile i was okay with that. >> reporter: after teen years filled with addiction struggles he's been drug free for nearly eight months and has clarity on
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his life that was absent for some time. >> one day, you know, something hit me, i called my parents and told them that i needed help. i decided to turn myself in and ask for treatment. >> reporter: marijuana at 13. heroin and meth by 16. and on the run for months after a drug related parole violation it finally clicked for brine. so as he approaches his 19th birthday, he decided to share his story. >> i fell like my story can help other people. >> reporter: part of that help is asking anyone who sees his social media or this story to donate in honor of january 11 many birthday to non-profit that helps people in recovery. brian's mom believes the donations and openly sharing the story may offer support for recovering addictions and their families to know there are people who can relate. >> not knowing if i'm going to get a phone call. good phone call or bad phone call. whether he's alive or dead. dreading when the phone didn't ring. >> reporter: but even with all they've been through she said the family never stopped praying for and believing in bryan.
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and hopes other also embrace that message. >> i hope you never have to experience having a child that becomes addicted to any kind of drugs. but just care. bryan's birthday next week. a 19th birthday they didn't expect to see and because of that, he's asking all of us to donate to his chosen cause and try to save more lives that may also recover and pay it forward for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ in your health tonight as many as 36 states across the country reported widespread cases of the flu. the early start of the outbreak could be due to those temperatures gripping much of the country. the cdc says the strain h3n2 is response al for the majority of the deadliest cases reported so far. more than 30 people have been reported dead from the new this season.
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how about this a gym in new york city really trying to get people pumped um for the new year launching nude work out sessions this week. we've got video but you can use your imagination. so one will be just for men. one for women and one for both. the jim says stripping down before exercising makes you more aware of your body and gives you unrestricted movement. you don't want to be nude outside tonight. let's go to berks county because here's live look at reading. we know everywhere along the rest of the sea feeling the freeze tonight. kathy is here with your forecast at 11:00. >> how can you talk about nude workouts and transition to weather? >> bun up i guess. >> i guess so. >> i wouldn't suggest that this week. take look outside old city philadelphia. looking good. temperatures are cold though. it's 19 the wind chill is six. winds out of the southwest at 1. when you have these type ofs temperatures and a little bit of wind meteorologically we don't even look at the temperatures we look at the wind chill because that is what it will feel like. the wind chill temperature when that cold air just pulls that
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warmth away from your skin and that's why you just have to cover up everywhere. it feels like 12 below in the poconos. tepp in pottstown. six in philadelphia. six in wilmington. basically those feel like readings around zero tonight in the delaware valley going well below zero later in the week after a nor'easter moves in. so overnight, temperatures in the teens and the single numbers but wind chills tell the story. much colder than that at the bus top. by the afternoon tomorrow, mostly sunny. but a few clouds rolling from the south. the temperature around 31. so not a bad day. we'll see the sun melting some of the ice that's still around on sidewalks and driveways. and then it's going to be refreezing. winter storm watch begins tomorrow night and goes that was thursday for our south jersey counties and into southern delaware also through maryland if you're headin heading towarde carolinas any travel plans i would wait because you're going to be driving right into the storm. it's coming up from the south so everyone is impacted. snow as far south as the panhandle of in order into georgia, into the carolinas,
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this a monster storm. the good news is, the strongest impact going to be offshore. that's the good news. we'll keep an eye on the track of this storm. just to mack sure it stays that way. it will will bomb off the coast that means rapidly intensifying it drops about 24 millibars in about 24 hours. that's what we call a bomb. now, snow accumulations generally three to 6-inches in that watch area. one to three in the philadelphia area less than an inch towards the lehigh val. new coming into the weather accept shows that some of this could actually shift a little southward and we could be on the low end of these ranging but we still have a wait for few more models to come in overnight before we make a change to that map. things can flip flop over the next 24 hours. your seven day forecast nor'easter brings whipped and that wind will be a killer friday morning. we'll have wind chill advisories friday morning, saturday morning, it will feel like it's at least ten below in the city. that's not even the suburbs. 18 the high.
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16 for saturday. sunday 26. i mean this feels like northern new york or canada. sunday 26. transitions into 39 for monday and tuesday finally out of the freeze. can you believe it? >> no, i can't. i don't weren't to believe it. [ laughter ] >> if i didn't have to say it i wouldn't believe it either. >> get me to monday when it's 39 it will feel like heat wave. >> it will. >> kristen what's coming up in sports. >> we got another injury update on the status of markelle fultz. tbd had he'll return. my take on why we're to the going to see him in game for awhile next. ♪
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gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement. ♪ markelle fultz is making process to return to the court for the sixers but how soon until we actually see him in game? i think it's going to be while. earlier today the sixers said he's been cleared for the final stage of his rehab.
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"the program consists of gradual reintegration into team practices and training. clemed with additional conditioning work to support fitness readiness for game play ". >> could we get that explanation in english maybe. seriously it feels like the sixers are purposely trying to make it too worried to throw us off the scent that fultz is still in rehab. still aways out. i don't wanting to kim kardashian and pull out the receipts here but sixers said back on november 19th that fultz was quote beginning to progress toward full basketball activities. i feel like we've been getting a lot of two, three week val weighings but no actual return dates. i guess you want to ease him back until someone gives a direct yes or no on fultz, i'm not buying anything. iain? >> kristen thank you. rose mcgowan one of the faces the me too movement part of the cerci reece on e network call citizen rose. following her along with her activism the release of her memoir and her clash in those in
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hollywood. e announced it will air the first part of citizen rose january 30th. >> funny moment this dog just saw her reflection for the first time. the mini lab bra doodle owner says her pup finally able to walk past a mirror now without doing that all the time. the dog named jolene got quite the instagram following as well. more than 43,000 followers. not sure how she posts and all that but any way. >> that's a smart dog to realize that's your reflection. who is that? >> right. >> that's so cute. >> i remember my son realized that when he was a tiny to the. >> who is that person. >> that's me. >> that's you. >> that's me. >> all right. thanks for watching up next tmz followed by page sick at midnight. thanks for
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> we are two days in. we already have our first villain for 2018. >> i don't feel very good. >> you never have stood next to a dead guy? >> logan paul is one of the most famous youtube star. he's under fire for posting a o celebrities in hollywood are calling him a scumbag. is calli scumbag. piers morgumbag. it's only january 2nd and we have the trash human being of the year. >> jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez are ready to take on 2018 t we have video of them. they were doing burpees and then they were also throwa-inrod loo shape. >> come on! [laughter] >> holly holm is possibly the toughest per. she did nole


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