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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 5, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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we have fox 29 winter tonigh col theo elem the cold. while they're still digging out. but let's start wit scott williams and up to the minute forecast. >> hi there dawn tho15 degrees the current air temperature in philadelphia. but you really have to factor in that west wind at 24 m it f zero rig now ia. low tempe ds. four that will be d trento be a record in whim wilm nd in atlantic city. seven ins below zlirting withacro regtlanc city your record is 4 degrees. philadelphia the record is four for saturday morning. wilmington the record is seven and trenton the record is 5 degrees. still pretty blustery right winds gusting to 45 mounton poc n hoown the shore. watch fure ftee go hour byur. hereanger i o ton.0 o'cl k 10:0 feeling l es bunt ow millville a it worse. sateativ ty we,o coming u talut a warmup come soonugansct. youo jerseyho bomb citting shore towns hardest le some pla a footandalff not all the roads down there are plowed very well.r cameras caught this bread truck stuck in strathmere thirning.sidents today the pla t 've the he can treatment colding a little tougher for them to get the done. the storm may be over but the
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coldest days aren't even behind us yet. lots of people bracing the bone chilling weather and strong winds and this weekend is be brutal. jeff cole is bracing the bitter cold for us. he's live in media jeff? >> reporter: well, dawn i think every day tasks waiting for the bus waiting for the train, walking to a friends house walking to the market, these are all sort of every day tasks that you have to consider you have to think about how long they will take, how much of this bitter cold can you actually, you know handle? that's the problem we think that we saw as we moved about the region this day. it was ten friday mor- when a 6-inch cast iron water main began belching along main street norristown montgomery county. the spewing water quickly formed treacherous coating of ice along the sidewalk. thisoman just crept along. at lou's deli the water pressure was weak but business was flowing.& >> people may come in to get out of the cold. >> oh yeah. definitely do that.
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a lothat in here. see all those bums re. [ laughter ] no, jus kidding. r:pralhe company. on aillboveaitrtndar itth nt in her fr homeshe fir a py challenged loved one. >> i wt to try and m sur can get out. i have handicapped granddaughter granddaughter. once it freezes it won't be able to be moved and i mean, they can't do but so much. i mean, it is what it is. norristown is norristown. >> reporter: as temperatures dip, water mains burst and tasks of every day live can bring pain hike waiting for the 17 bus to go food shopping in the next town over from chester delaware >> taking her shopping. mack sure she gets there safe. try to get her as quick as possible. get her back home safely. >>orter: chester has workers out pawing at the frozen sidewalks with their shovels. while the 17 bus saves billy and his mom from the biting cold. >> now the water company says they're in norristown restored
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water there to the 30 customers at about 5:30. but with the ground so hard, so frozen with these cast iron pipes so brittle they'll be more water main bursts to come. live in media, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. folks, back to you. >> all right jeffrey stay warm out there. thank you. the snow may have stopped falling but the philadelphia streets department is still out in force clearing away prior c to a once. ey hav about trucks get back thehat ma up thatlowing snow out . c the coloes make it aittle h get job h>>av dounhat's wil at. even thougoesn't getfectedn i gets that sun will still aivate the saul we'tle bit of melting also the salt that's in the is keeping it soft so we will be able to push k. fee lia str t be retreated the num t > is staying during tps you see l peo outng tempe enjoying time in the snow. why notight tids pe piping the to belmaufairmount t sunshine. of course, fox 29 is your winter weather authority. be sure to stay with "good day philadelphia" weekendgrrt or7: a.m. la johnson and scott williams will have you covered for the weekend.
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tonight investigators are looking into what started a bad fire at a south jersey restaurant. firefighters battling flames in bitter temperatures at vitale vitale's italian bistro in gloucester city. two alarm fire broke out on ninth street about 11:15 this morning. fortunately nos ar injurbeing reported now a to community steppin up hel local volunteer hisamily respond to homeently when he found as hom on fire. siese us reporhi impacted not one but two families and tonight refigh j pe new jerseywell tells me the help from the communitys ay thnever met. >> reporter: for tabernacle firefighteron pennill a hi family it'een a week they f first they lost the home where they lived in a fire. then an entire community came forward to help them out. >> the response to the community has just been overwhelming. >> reporter: jasonas at the use this week w he heard call in about a fire on north fire lane roa ut where hees ersaded over only to learn over radio it jason's home oir.s soon as he started describing it, i knew.ok tay, you
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know, my house. then he gave these number. >> rep frantically searched for his childrenhe arrived at the fire. ey wer home from school at the time othearn theyy and his trevor had actually enter the the burning home alone to rescue theamily's four dogs. >>when he told me what he did that gave him a are hug, so p ofhe b wittidona their theheigahtener over $16,000 in just two days. >> heart warming? >> it's huming.'s the only w ith, don't know these people. yet they're helping me. >> in shock immediately is everyone okay. everyone. >> robert long actually owns the house he wndtated.y wif ame esg, ul the akoatch s heart goesut the pen >> t everything. we lost and beams and they lost dride of tha ho.orsee has been determined at this point. the penwell family being put up at a hotnel the lakehurst naval air station. they're alsoling me tonight that forunteily food. dawn? >> very heart warming dave, thank you. we're following a developing story oh night new philadelphia distri larryti of t ande couldn't philadelphia
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inational rporti1 aske for their resignations effective immediatelykrasner is a formeril rights he philly took offside tuesday promising to reform the city's criminal justice system. his office just a statemtem f inart change i never easy but da crass are in was clearransformation al change.o necessary ident mp dealexpl new tell all book which portrays an unflattering look at the commander in chief. the book writt byrl wolf called fire and furyinside white h store sour dshan planned after the president's personal lawyer sent a cease and desist letter trying its release. the presidentalling the book full ofice. the white house says wolf neversidnt trump for the book while wolf says he spent about three hours with the president before and a inaugution. >> i work likevery journalist recordingve notinlyany every wortabl w i've reported in this. >> president trump will be at campid this weekend where hed administration officials will with gop congressional the the second straight year turnpike are going%for all vehicles.increase
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goes into effect on sunday. offi annual toll hikes ar likely toe as turnpike commission meets its obligations to generate funds for transportation and infrastructure. coming up a couple finds a man's gold wedding band at a delaware gas station and now the search is on to connect it with it own kris all the eagles have to do is wait. comeg a the potentiop popes for pluwhat's motating their defense in the place off. >> daw it's c t r f i this lite dog not phased by the youee he absolutely loves it. frolicking in the fresh white stuff this is in massachusetts. look like aittle golden retriever puppy. so c ♪
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can fox 29 and social media help reunite a desperate husband with hisofg. delaware coupes s theys afting thed band is a delawa gas sta bruce gordo joins us in our studioere arelues to us mystery. >> dawn, there sure inscnitials plumablely the bride and the groom and of their wedding date. now get this story in front of the right set of eyes and ears. quinn family is in good spirits in their home i booth wip delaware county. but chanel and arthur suspect so great for a husband and wife their one ary was tuesday after hubby's gold wedding band disappeared.
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>> i would devastate i lost >> i know he's going thr it. she's his ear every d where did y lose iing backtrack. r 26th day aft christmas the quinns were filling their tank at this bp gas station on philadelphia pike in claymont, delaware, when arthur looked down into a decorative plant of sorts next to the pump. >> i seen a cold so i pick it up. my first thing is i like to return this like whoever lost this i'd like to get it back to them. >> reporter: yellow gold ring engraved chr to ang january 2nd 2016. before contacting fox 29, she posted news of the find to face bock page her post had been shared more than thee hundred times. >> quinns know the trouble a lot of wedding ring can generate. while back arthur damaged his ring while at work. >> so he had to take it off and get another one and i was so furous. about the situation. i just want him to always have his ring so everyone knows he's rep not hav band aoption for any length of time.
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>> n all n you doin'. >>eporter: quinnope between facebook and fox 29 right person will hear about the found ring and reach out to be reunited. >> just trying to get it to the rightful owner so they can cherish and never take it off again. it's just like a good dode. it feels good to get it to its owner because who knows. he might be in some hot mess over this. >> reporter: i know what you're thinking. yes, it is possible the ring was deliberately tossed. diss cared after a gas station argument between husband and wife over, i don't know, why he never asked for directions. but the quinns areding out hope this was an accident and that they can reunite a couple with hubby's ring. dawn? >> let's hope so, bruce. camden county workers and residents rolling up their sleeves today tlood. then red cross says the holidays pose a threat to the am of blood they have on hand a with the flu season upon us and all these freezing temperatures the blood supply is depletingth wi bes red cross about 800units of bloodroeingecte as weive look at berks at.of oneing when will
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utal come tonnd he's gotour answer insecond. dangerres for the upinkend.tooksomhat seven day this isow should dress for below zero in philadelphia. that's how feels. it feels like 23 s belowntono lancaster feels like six below. iteel like 4 degrees zero down the so air temperatures in the teens but really ignore tha this ishe line. what it feels like. how your body reactios. how you s dress.n o city. and you can see f of bundleed up eaded out to dinner for their friday so takeat the record territory this weekend. the record low for tomorrow morning philadelphia is 4 degrees. the forecast is seven. so coming within a few degrees of that but then look at sunday. the record low is 4 degrees. i'm forecasting o below zero. it hasn't been that cold really below zero since 1994 so we are talking about records going back
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decades as far as the cold air. the wind chill danger into the weekend. take look. charleston, south carolina, wilmington, north carolina wind chill advisories posted here up and down the eastern seaboard. warnings north and west toward the poconos. it could feel as cold as 30 below 0o5 toees below zero elsewhere across the delaware valley. so bone-chilling cold, wind chill values once again dangerous territory for saturday morning philadelphia could feel cold as 15 degrees below zero and down the shore bitterly cold air settling in in the wake of that nor'easter. we're dry through the weekend. but early next week a disturbance will rapidly move through. there could be a wintry mix. so just a heads up once again this is monday temperatures will be marginal as we start to try and recover but we still have to talk about that threat for more wintry precipitation early next week. overnight low temperatures into the single digits. fi wilmington. four in trenton.
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we'll be the overnight low temperature along with atlantic city near record territory. tomorrow once again high temperatures in the teens. but feels like temperatures much of the day will be below zero. so check on the elderly. check on your pets. children and w looking at that wintry mix 35 degrees on monday for the high temperature. then back into the low 40s for tuesday. a littl colder on wednesday upper 30s but then take a loo at the upper 40s. low 50's it's a heat wave as we move towardrsda andday it looks like we'll have some moisture moving back in by the end of next week t be in liquid form. so we have that frozen chap chance as we move toward monday and then watching for some showers by thursday and friday of next week.kristen? >> g to those later days scott. eagles defense statistically speaking one of the best in the league b they say they're playing with a chip on their shoulder. coming up why they'otivated a lack of respect plus which eagles were name to the all pro list earlier
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like trd-winningedda anning puffs.nts?! we're an awards family. l but loveur pripuff ly smarter shopping. the a eag kickiey deserve tave theeek offfterhe wayyed the regular s. but despite their number one overall seed, they're 13-three record they're still somesm abo team.the eagles have t run defense in the league. yet people keep doubting the birds defense. all of the talk is about how
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is andng be p it's put irn thoheulderto the playoffs. >> i think it's it just keeps motivating us at the end of the day. i mean because you go and look at it. i mean you look at the teams we facedhe p we faced. we faced some of the top running backs. to do some of the things man, um, in, it doesn't go unnoticed by us maybe it goes unnoticed by other teams. >> if you need any more proof on how good eag offensive is j kelce and lane johnson were name to t ap all fst team rounding out the representatives for the eagles carson wentz fletcher cox were named to the second team aswell. be sure t start your day off with fox 29 "game day live" 10:00 a.m.nunng we have fox nflunnthers and saints b it it potly comingere to o theeagle nextwe gruden iseacto raide be oakland new head coachontr expected to be the longest coaching deal in nfl historyn about s reportedly to be introduced on tuesday. well great fights in hockey expected
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great beards also expected.t were one aeardrexpected. that's what happe withhe maple lstn joe thornton it we. he came away a chunk's we're going to take another look there. yeah he's a little bit lighter. that's the beard there he pull ou. little bit lighter. whipped it out rip it. >> that had to hurt. >> don't miss with the facial hair. >> it looks likes >> i feel like it's sacred in hoey and going after i come on.>> crazy. >> wow! >> tonight at 10:1-two punch a brutal winter storm now stinging temperatures and listen to this. some families are having serious problems with their heating at an apartment complex that is still being built. so now the steve philadelphia investigating and scott how low are we going to go tonight. >> we'll go into the single digits. near record territory. right now dawn, look at this, 15 degrees in philadelphia. it's 37 de in juno, alaska. how about that? >> what? >> my gosh g we're coldern s o alaska, guys. the e next that >> yeah. that does i us here 6:00. page six followed nation and at 7:00 stay tuned. atel: broke, homeless,
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right now on "page six tv" who is britney spears secret girl crush. >> what about chrissy and john breaking up. all of the answers right now on page six tv.
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>> a very special episode of page six tv. le the rest ofur cast is at home for the holidays i elizabeth. nd your host bevvy ith counteddown heravorite things from "pagetv." so today we are going to do our own version.
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