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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 5, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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fter she never makes it home from the airport. the coldest days are yet to come. we will see temperatures below zero this weekend. your news and weather coming up in just 30 with dunkin' deals, you get two egg & cheese wake-up wrap sandwiches for $2. and two of those for two of those means you deserve a few of those. stop in for the latest dunkin' deal two egg & cheese wake-up wrap sandwiches for $2. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ it's falling and no, we're not talking about snow. we're talking the temperature a bitter blast. so cold it could break records. plus a family frantic.
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a woman flys into the philadelphia international airport but never makes it home. now police are investigateing. >> now fox 29 news at 10:00. a cold bleep cleanup in rehoboth beach a wick winter storm now arctic plunge plaguing our area. be aware of that black ice under all that snow frozen streets and sidewalks in new jersey more than a thousand calls to state police for help. major mess on our hands from the shore to the city and the suburbs. and if you think it's unbearable out there right now well, just wait until the morning. thanks for joining us. i'm dawn timmeney. tumbling temperatures that will send chills down your spine and this weekend we could break records that could back decades. we have live team coverage tonight. jeff cole is covering the cleanup efforts. brad sattin talking about heat problems and meteorologist scott williams will let us know how much layers we need to put on this week. scott we're talking about wind
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chills below zero. >> already below zero right now dawn. take look at the bone-chilling cold. 12 degrees the air temperature in philadelphia. but factor in that westind at 21 miles anr feels like 7 degrees below zeroht philadelphia. look at the air temperatures. north and west. newtownquare.macungie checking 8 d. 11. we mesouth jersey right now vineland 10 degrees. moorestown brne checking in at 12 degrees. overnight low temperatures near records for many into the single digits. four that will be a new record in trenton. 5 degrees tonight's slow wilmington a new record. four atlantic city. that would be a new record. 6 degrees below zero expected tonight in the poconos. so near record lows for saturday morning in the single digits across the area. but those are the air temperatures. look at the current feels like temperature. it feels like five below atlantic city. feels like 23 degrees below zero right now mount pocono. that's why we have wind chill advisories and warnings for feels like temperatures along
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the i-95 corridor, five to 15 below zero and look at the pono mld feel cold as 30 deee zero. so dangerous conditions for the upcoming weekend. we'll talk about when to expect that january thaw coming up. >> all right remember to bring your pets inside in this weather don't forget to wake up with "good day philadelphia" scott will be back in the morning it all starts at 7:00 a.m. the snow and ice grounding flights for travelers. philadelphia international airport says right now about 50 flights have been canceled. remember always a good idea to check with your airline before heading out the door. happening right now, have you seen this bucks county woman? her family says she arrived at philadelphia international airport from orlando last thursday. she was headed home to falls township but she never made it. dave kinchen has the details he's live at philadelphia international airport. dave? >> reporter: well, dawn, you can only imagine the stress and the emotion this family is going through and now police are working this case and they're hoping someone nose something out there. it has been more than week since
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31-year-old janine presley has seen her two kids. >> my nephew he kept asking me where she was. and i couldn't give him an answer. so i felt really bad. i kind of just told him i said, you know, aunt riri is doing everything that i can to, you know, find your mom. >> reporter: brianna williams has been going through waves of emotion every since her falls township sister disared l from after f philadelphnternational airport from f onecember 28tht year. >> she was moving down to orlando, and she was trying to find an apartment down there. she would come back up to philadelphia to see her kids. >> reporter: she says janine dshe'dll her b after gettingerbag at the airport. >> 15 minutes went by. two hrs w by. they didn't hearnything.ed alli and n answer the next day her phone was completely off. and nobody could get a hold of her. >> reporter: falls township police pick up the case hoping to hear from anyone who has heard from her.
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>> those who know her if they have any contact with her facebook text message phone calls, letter correspondence, if she sends a postcard to somebody let us know that. >> reporter: we don't care if she made any mistakes in the past. it doesn't matter what happened. just a phone call. just to know that she's okay. >> reporter: falls township police say there's a chance that she could have been spotted somewhere in center city philadelphia with a suitcase of some kind. if you have any information call falls township police. back to you. >> all right. let's hope we find her. with wind chills tonight well below zero, it is not a good time to have heating problems. but it's been an issue at a west philadelphia apartment complex still actually under going renovations and it's not just heating problems. fox 29's brad sattin is at the west lost apartments in west philadelphia with more. brad? >> reporter: dawn, this old high school behind me being convert to do reasonable lost apartments people started moving in over the summertime.
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but it took this cold weather to realize there were indeed some heat problems, people are feeling it now and they say that's not all. the old west philadelphia high school building over 100 years old is being transformed into an apartment complex about 70 people live here but last week several complained to us that they had little or no heat. >> individual units are without heat haven't been without heat for multiple complaints to management. >> reporter: one tenant took video last week of the heating devices set up around his apartment to keep warm and wondered is this safe? nick and ashley moved in with their little girl six months ago paying $1,200 a month rent and say it's not what they signed up for. their apartment and section of the building weren't completed when promised. >> we were, you know, absolutely guaranteed that everything would be cup by the time we moved in which it wasn't obviously. >> reporter: other tenants telling us about problems with poorly insulateed windows perceived fire hazards and unusable elevator exposed wires and chipping paint being blown around during construction that
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they worry contains lead. >> i moved in knowing that this was a construction zone and september things i expected like noise or dust but when it comes to basics like heat or october november we had water pressure issues to the point where we could not shower at all. for the kind of money we're paying here, that is a little bit insult insulting. >> we understand that this is frustrateing project manager tells us the heating issue is the result of the defective manufacturer part that couldn't be known was broken until it was needed. >> the belief was when you install a brand new system you assume everything is going to work. you can test the heat in september. >> reporter: he insists the problem is a top priority parts were ordered. the units are being fixed. as for air quality -- >> in terms of living in the environment if there is construction dust and everything else but there is no, i mean, all the -- the remediation asbestos remediation was done and signed off on. there was testing done and everything saying it's safe. >> reporter: you think general
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generally thinking this is a safe environment for tenants to live. >> yeah. i mean there's certain -- there's other tenants here that have no issue. as things have come up we've tried to address what it is. >> reporter: now the project manager says if tenants are unhappy they are allowed to break their lease. some of the tenants say it has not been that easy. we also talk to the city's l andism license and inspection. they tell us this property does have what's called a partial certificate of occupancy. but codes have to be followed. l andism is promising to investigate and of course dawn we'll keep you posted. >> all right brad, thank you. mother nature not making it easy for people to get around down at the jersey shore. bomb cyclone hitting shore towns the hardest yesterday. leaving some places with a foot and a half of snow. not all the roan owed completely and ourcameras caught this bread truck struggling in strathmore this morning stuck right trying to dig out by high winds blowing that snow around and he can treatment cold are making it little tougher for people to get the done. a venturing out into the cold after the snow. ifhink
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these temperatures are coll spoke to some folks bracing this bone-chilling weathe >> on main street in norristown, montgomery county, pennania workers are pumping water fro b a 6-inch iron wa murn t sidewal an ice ng pedtrians needing help to keep from tumbling wate at deli but business is brisk. >> people may come in to get out of the cold. >> yea that. a of that in here. see all those bums over there. [ laughter ] >> no, just kidding. >> reporter: local water company expects full service for the 30 customers impacted back by friday evening. up the hill from main street, linda robinson is taking on the drifts with her snowblower and bear hands. she's thinking of vulnerable loved one. >> i want to try and make sure i can get in and out of the. i have handicapped granddaughter and once this freezes it's not going to be able to be moved. i mean, they can't do but so much. i mean it is what it is. norristown is norristown. >> reporter: biting cold is
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bursting water mains and punish punishing pedestr across the region tonight. in chester pennsylvani soniting forhe 17 b tak to nearby grocery store. shopping is limited in this struggling delaware county community. thed iishgs the pair wait. >> it's notd. it ain't good, honey. >> reporter: how long you been out here. >> just a couple minutes. >> r jus minutes. how long are you willing to sta out here? >> just couple minutes. >> reporter: nearby city workers are scraping at the hardened ice snow the walkways. the 17 bus pulls up for frances& and h brooks wath wondering what's all the fuss about one of c peo wanto move to alaska. reporter: you want to get to aorter: you d mo l>> not dyou'ut tt. >> reporter:ristow the water company says the water was restored at 5:30. with the water so cold and the soil frozen those bursts are likely to come again. jeff cole, fox 29 news. a local volunteer firefighter rushes to a house in flames on the finds out its his
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own home and now the community is coming to his rescue. our shawnette wilson talking about lottery fever. hey there. reporter:. two jackpots this week tote link more than a billion dollars. who is playing to win
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storm caused a lot of traffic problems in hard hit new jersey. state police received more tp. ne 400 ac biggest oblems. feelingell yms a multi millionaire can still come true. you never know. with no one winning tuesday or wednesday's mega millions or awings the combined total over a billion dollars. up for grasps fox 29's shawnette wilson spoke with some people hoping to win big life in wyncote.tte. >> reporter: well, dawn, idon't i feel lucky but i can definitely say i feel cold right now. so it's too cold to go out of the house tonight for a lot of things but not too cold to go out to get a winning lottery
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tick. the line inside this wawa behind me was pretty long throughout the night and it is the same at other stores in the area. >> you got scratch offs, too. >> yeah. >> you're professional. >> oh yeah play all the time. >> reporter: this weekend mega millions and powerball jackpots combined exceed a billion dollars which has jim thinking about getting ghost if he wins. >> disappear. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you taking anybody with you? >> probably not. >> reporter: 7eleven on easton road in glenside had a steady flow of people tonight looking for the winning ticket. >> powerball tomorrow mega for tonight. >> one of each. >> one of each sure. >> reporter: tonight's mega millions worth $450 million much the fourth largest jackpot. night's pow drawinas soared to 570 million makingt the fifth largest ever. >> one for powerball please. >> reporter: players are already making plans. >> definitely stop working. do something for the kids. travel. get out of the city. go somewhere warm. [ laughter ] >> reporter: paul joseph came in to buy two bottles of water
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but at the last minute decided to buy two tickets. >> you have to try. that's live. when you dry try you never know when you can get win. report roar his plan if he wins to help people in his native country haiti. >> give some people that got the cancer for the children have them -- help them to survive. >> reporter: rosslyn bought two tickets and she's sticking to her routine despite what people say. >> i pick birthdays i hear that's not a good thing. >> reporter: others are more confident about their ticket. >> there it is. you can come back and film us when we win. >> reporter: all right dawn, the good thing when you leave work and remember that you forgot to give your money for the office pool, that was me today, so i'm on lottery story and now i'm in. ticket for myself and our photographer. >> good for you. i forgot to give my money. all right. shawnette, thanks. right now investigators are looking into what started a bad fire at a south jersey restaurant. firefighters battling the names in these bitter temperatures at vitale's italian bistro in
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gloucester city. that two alarm fire started around 11:15 this morning. fortunately no one was hurt. it is difficult enough forter in these extreme weather conditi but imagine rushing to a burning home only to find out that home is yours. that's what happened to one burlington county firefighter. but the community is coming together to help the family thatg. foxs dave schratwieser has the story from southampton. one overwhelming. >> reporter: for tabernacleason pinll and his it's been a we'll to remember. first they lost the home where they lived in a fire. then an entire community stepped up to help them out. >> they've all pitched in to help a family they have never met. >> reporter: jason was at the firehouse this week when he heard a call come in about a fire on north fire lane road in southampton where he lives. he and several firer ove only to learn over it was jason's home that was on firesoon as they started describing it i okay, you know this is my houen gave the house number. >> jason frantically
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searched for his children w the fire scene. they were due home from school at the time of the blaze. then he learned they were okay and his son trevor had actually entered the burning home alone to raise of reshe family's four dogs. >> when he told me what he did that's when you know, i gave him a huge hug and, you know, so proud of him. >> reporter: since the fire folks have been dropping by with donations at the firehouse where the family has stayed the last two nights. a gofundme page has generated over $16,000 in just two days. >> heart warming? >> it's humbling. that's the only word i can come up with because i don't know th peopl they're helping me. >> we were in shock. is everyone okay. is everyone out. >> reporter: robert long actually owns the house. he was on home on leave from his air force base in germany when he learned about the fire he and his wife are devastated. >> it's pretty heartbreaking. this was my wife and i our retirement nestou will. we love the house and it'sarak hech it. b s goes out to the penwell
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family. >> t lost boardsms and they lost dreams inside of that house. >> reporter: fire investigators have not detrmined a cause o blaze at. theal being put taupe hotel and officia have put a schedule volunteers to bring the family food. in southampton, new jersey, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. taking a live look at blue mountain from our pocono mountains camera, ski resort closing earlier tonight due to the frigid temperatures. this weekend won't be any better. scott williams tracking wind chills 20 below zero in your forecast in 15 seconds. it's been frigid friday but it will get even colder by tomorrow morning. feels like temperatures right now below zero, but get ready because we are looking at some
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dangerously cold conditions. 3 degrees right now in pittsburgh. off to the west, look at international falls current air temperature almost 30 degrees below zero. head into canada look at the arctic assault right now. temperatures anywhere from 20 to almost 30, 40 degrees below zero it it will be dangerous for a part of the weekend. overnight low temperatures look at this pottstown three. five allentown. four atlantic city. near record lows. the record for philadelphia is four for tomorrow morning the forecast is seven. but look at sunday. the record low is four. the forecast 1 degree below zero. the last time it got below zero in philadelphia you have to head back to january of 1994. wind chills once again that will feel like below zero. look at the clock. 4:00 a.m. ten below philadelphia philadelphia. drive blow mount pocono 7am almost 30 degrees below zero. atlantic city it will feel like
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11 degrees below zero at 7:00 a.m. so remember the p's. people pets, pipes. you might want to drip them and then really not much recovery throughout the day. just a dangerous situation. so once a stay safe, frost bite that can occur in less than 30 minutes. dress in loose fitting layers and also check you tire pressure, car batteries those are going bad. we're dry and quiet tonight for the bulk of the weekend we're dry but watch what happens we're watching a system monday that could bring maybe a wintry mix. so that will be the next key to watch as far as the precipitatio. so bitterly cold air blu it will be frigid tomorrow. temperatures in the teens but just really ignore those because the wind chill how your body reacts once again we're talking 20 to 30 below in the poconos. philadelphia south jersey up to 15 degrees below zero. once again we're looking at that
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wintery mix on monday mid 30s. 40s back for tuesday. then a little colder wednesday. and then get ready for that january thaw. look at temperatures by thursday into friday. upper 40s to, yes back into the 50s. back over to you. >> please get me to that friday as soon as possible, scott. the eagles have the weekend off but the sixers were back in action tonight. coming up see if joel embiid was able to keep this parade going as the sixers try to extend their winning streak over detroit. keep it here.
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overthanded spurm. t streakam to 2017. time that flow going in the newr. sirst sixers up 13. joel embiid big block on dwight. bail list to jj reddick. he finished with 21 points on the night. sixers go up 16. third quarter sixers 27. blow away. ben simmons monster. knocking over everyone in his path. he had 19 points on the night. sixers led by as many as es season they win 114 their fourth straight win now. waiting is the hardest part especially for the eagles. either play the winner of carolina and new orleans which you can watch sunday afternoon here on fox 29 or falcons if they beat the rams tomorrow. but since they don't know yet they look at a little film of all three teams and of course they'll watch this weekend as well. not with note pads in hand but with their feet up on the couch like a lot of us do every sunday at home. >> i'll probably sit back, enjoy enjoy. right to sit and watch games for a and um, last game.
10:25 pm
i've always been a fan of the game. regae 1:00 o'clock i'm trying to atchha 4:3 o th night gamay nighga.ays football being keyed in andose teams sure. >> watch fe day live" at 10am on sunday morning. we have fox nflday later panthers and saints battle it out potentially play the eagles next week. the weather looks like it will be good for that game. which buy might not be the best thing for the eagles they want a lot of teams to experience the cold. we'll see what happens. >> yeah. >> we're experiencing the cold now. >> absolutely. it's colder here than it is in juno, alaska, would you look at the temperatures. >> wow. >> 12 philadelphia. 35 degrees right now in juno, alaska. but look at what it feels like. it feels like 23 degrees belowow in mount pocono. >> wow. my mom lives up in the poconos i feel bad for her. i got to call her. >> that will do it for us tonight at 10:00. up next is our report on chasing the
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♪ this is fox 29 news, the chase for championship sponsored by nissan. the regular season is over. the eagles are the number one overall seed coming out of the nfc nowy wait to see who will stand in their way in their hunt for the lombardi. welcome to the chase for championship i'm kristen rodgers rodgers. the anticipation is rising here in philadelphia as the eagles look to make the most out of this opportunity. ♪ >> we need to play our best footbaou know, every team has got to get betteroing into the playoffs because whoever you play will be the best team you played all year. ♪ you never know when you'll get this opportunity again. right now i think the mindset on this team is to get every little
10:29 pm
bit of ounce of everything, everybody on this team, you know know because i mean like i said you never know when you'll get this opportunity. ♪ biggest thing just trying to get to the super bowl. that was alshon jeffrey saying what the rest of this team knows. it's now or never i'm joined now by eagles insider dave spadaro. thanks so much for hanging out with me tonight. >> my pleasure. >> the eagles have a bye they get an extra week to prep for the playoffs all eyes on nick foles. >> yes, they are. >> are you at all concerned about how he's played the last few weeks. >> the whole offense has played poorly. they made too many mistakes. nick has not played well. nick has not looked comfortable particularly in that oakland raiders game, and i went back and looked at everything. 48, first and second down plays in that oakland game. they had five penalties turned the ball over twice against dallas in that first quarter. they had two penalties and a turnover in four possessions.
10:30 pm
you can't win that way. nick has to play better. but so does everyone around him. and so does the play calling. kristen it has to be better. >> what did you want to see him do this week? what do you think he should be focusing on to make sure that he is executeing better come saturday? >> i think just getting into a comfort zone building chemistry with his wide receivers. let's remember did he not play in the preseason. he did not play through 12 games games. he stepped in los angeles and came out loose. gun shrinking went to new york, loose, loose. then he kind of just -- it all happened against oakland where the offense just went into this shell. it was conservative play calling calling. it was sloppy play and i thinkic kr just gettiack to the basics. very.>> exactoh theme for a second as we talk bout and tire offense but since carson wentz went down, eagles run game hasn't basketball as effective. >> correct. >> do you think it's a lack of commit many or a lack of ex execution. >> defenses are playing the eagles differently. you'll see a loft eight men in the box as the eagles have seen. receivers being challenged at
10:31 pm
the line of scrimmage. defenses are saying, hey nick foles, you're going to have to beat us. we're not going to lose to the run game. >> take look at some of these stats the first 13 games 143 yards averaging per game on the round. last three just 85.3 about a difference of 58 yards so, again, doesn't feel like they're committing or executing to this run game. >> i think it will help instead of fan wisnewski back in the lineup. chance not the athlete that stephen is. that will help. they'll ajay. work clem mon and legarrette blount into the mix they'll be committed to the run game than they've been f you're not gaing yards on first and second down, if you're committing penalties you'll be third and long eagles have been terrible in third and long. >> eagles have been great in terms of physicality they wanted to put on the pads and get more physical at practice. doug pederson listened to his guys put on the pads this week upping the level of competition. do you think that speaks to the
10:32 pm
character of this team. they're the guys that wanted that. that and the cause of this lack luster play was a bit of a drop in intensity in practice so they wanted to get back to higher tempo more physical play put the pads on, everything that i heard kristen everybody is very pleased with the practices this week. we'll see how that translates into practice next week and the game on saturday. but i think they realized that they need to get that edge back. >> um-hmm. >> they've been missing it the last couple weeks. >> lane johnson was about. he spoke about that earlier this creek week. >> we had pretty much a training camp practice. i think it's good for us. um the best way to simulate a game is by practicing hard and that's what you do in training camp and we had a few weeks to kind of get our legs back under us and it was good. >> we just kind of kept our focus on like i said the preparation of it. wanted to put the pads on and compete against each other and get those reps in. we feel like we get better as team when we compete against each other. >> you heard lane johnson there.
10:33 pm
these guys wanted simulate game type situations. why is that so important for them right now? >> they need to get their timing down. nick needs to get this timeing down. his confidence. he knows to throw in challenging situations where the windows are small f you're having a half item pole practice you're in the really gaining that experience with your quarterback and your receivers. so very important that they get the timing down. they get the gameg down a jay fresh in the run game taking a couple of weeks here in terms of hard work, so theyl him. kristen, i think it's tim get really nasty time to get really physical. it's playoff football and you can't -- i think for doug i think what he wanted to do was get everybody's energy back up after the three game road trip. now it's time to focus and in take the intensity up another level. >> you feel like putting those pads on that's able to -- >> it should help. it should. it raises the level of competition. >> yeah. it. >> raises the urgency. the eagles didn't have that the last couple of weeks. >> that's something i know fans are going want to see a lot of
10:34 pm
too. >> yeah. >> dave, when we come back, it's almost game time for the rest of the teams around the league. we'll take a look including andy reidnd the chiefs going to break down those matchups coming for this when i would cardekend theyel: broke, homeless, selling my body to get high, locked up, a slave to heroin - that was my life. married, a homeowner a professional, recovering and thriving - that's my life now. i got help. you can too. new years means a new day for those struggling with addiction. don't suffer. don't wait.
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♪ welcome back to fox 29 news
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the chase formpio. it's wild card weekend as eight teams get cut down to four. those that don't make it will see their season come to an end. we'll start with the first game of the weekend. tennessee at kansas city saturday at 4:30 and a guy who is very familiar with the playoffs, andy reid and the chiefs. having begun there for four of the last five years with kansas city gives him a bit of an edge. >> since you've been you kind of know what to expect. the games are ae faster, so maybe experience helps you with that as a player and coach but um, you know it's good competition once you get to this level it's good competition all the way through and make sure you may well. >> later on saturday the falcons head to los angeles at 8:15. the rams haven't been to the playoffs since 2004. so there are a lot of young guys on this team who haven't experienced what this kind of play is like including
10:38 pm
quarterback jared goff who admits he has a few butterflys in his stomach right now. >> i'll be nervous. of course, yeah, you always get nervous but i think it's more excitement and more anxiety and you want to get out there than true nervousness and, you know, you may have that little pitt in your stomach at the beginning of the game but it's no different than any other game for me. i feel the same way every week. approach this one the same way. >> on sunday the bills and jaguars get things going at 1:05 and how about buffalo. first time in the playoffs since 1999. players and fans alike have been partying like it's 1999 since they clinched that play off berth but don't under estimate them especially quarterback tie rod taylor. jags head coach doug marone got that reminder from someone pretty close to him. >> last night my wife called me and asked me the same question. [ laughter ] >> i'm telling you the truth. she's like, hey listen, you know this guy is dangerous. so i'm like yup um-hmm. >> and rounding out the wild card weekend a game a lot of
10:39 pm
eagles fans will be tuning into the panthers and saints face off winner potentially coming here to the linc next week to take on the eagles. these teams are two teams led by two great quarterbacks who have been here before and have pretty well versed takes on how to prepare for the playoffs. >> trying to start fast, you know having all peaces that i believe we will have and um, just getting in the rhythm. that's going to be important for us. >> i prepare like every game could be my last. where it's a playoff game. i've got something to prove. i've got an edge. you know so it's not like the playoffs are here, okay, time to wrap it up things are a little more important. it's all important. you know. >> i'm joined once by dave spadaro. dare dave before we get to the panthers and falcons and saints because obviously that's who the eagles eagles fans want to see. what other matchups are you looking forward to this wild card weekend? >> i think the afc is interesting with so much new blood there.
10:40 pm
>> yeah. >> but i really find it hard to see how these road teams in the afc have a chance to win the game. buffalo without will he show mccoy. tennessee wasn't impressive i'd love to see andy reid make a run in the playoffs. first round win, second round losses seems to be the mo in kansas tee these days. >> exact the i was going back looking at tenure there they seem getting that level four out of the last five years andy reid and the chiefs made it to the playoffs but haven't been able to break through and obviously afc has power houses with bye weeks with steelers and patriots taking a break off. >> we know about andy reid in philadelphia. >> just a little bit. >> getting there and not breaking through. >> bills fans have to be excited though. >> totally what a great season, huh. >> speechless when it comes to them. >> kristen in the nfl12 teams make it out of 32. if you get to the tournament, you have a chance to win the game. crazy things happen as we know. injuries weird bounces missed tackles. so the bills have a shot just
10:41 pm
like everyone else. >> eagles could find find out who they're playing in falcons falcons/rams again. if the falcons beat the rams, the eagles will play them play the lowest remaining seed aft this weekend. what do you see in that matchup right now. >> a lot of scoring. >> yeah. >> i think the matchup is an experienced falcons team, against a super talented and inexperienced in the playoffs rams team. they're wheeling out snoop dog to play at half time. >> yeah. isn't at the la memorial coliseum they'll have a lot of fun. to me if you start quickly against the rams you put them in the hole you put a lot of pressure on jared. good off this is not like every other game. this is a different level of tempo. a different level of pressure. you win you go to the next round. you lose you go home. i think at land has a shot to win that game a slim shot but a shot. they're defense is better than people think. >> eagles fans would like to see that. >> snoop dog very familiar with the coliseum.
10:42 pm
>> why mott. it will be a party. >> they play the rams, saints or panthers. they played carolina earlier this year when it comes to the saints though everyone knows about drew brees but we need to talk about that run game because they've got two great backs who have been so strong for the saints >> mark ingram, alvin kamar row a rookie. first team all pro. they run with power they run power and illusnessin the receiving game. mark ingram la a lot of people have seen you. camaro made the difference for the saints this year. averageing 9 yards a touch. in the the highest number of yards per touch in the last 25 years in the nfl. he's really the safety valve for drew brees. extremelyd offense. theyill be a different difficult. we saw brees in 2013 he game to lincoln financial field and beat eagles. i think it will be a great matchup. the panthers physical against theaints. they know newrleans played them twice this year. can newree times in a season. >> that's the big question.
10:43 pm
>> that's the question. if new orleans does come in great run game eagles with the best run defense in the league that would be fun matchup to watch. >> chmura in the pass gam really tough. >> that would be great. on m thing about drew brees we're talking so much about the run game because he's not the same drew brees any more. >> he's not but he's also really kind of quietly had a very nice season. leading the saints to the second ranked offense in the nfl. he's got a dynamic receiver in michael thomas. they still make plays to the tight ends. he won't be too deep down the field he gets rid of the ball very quickly. we saw what eli manning manning did owe eagles defense a few weeks ago. that would be tough one for the week. >> our sports director tom srendenschek goes one-on-one with eagles cornerback douglas. >> how important word when you use the word fun. >> people get the idea the playoffs and stuff. they think more than what it is. they're not having fun. i want to be the one in the newspaper the next morning.
10:44 pm
from hearing the super bowl champions that we have in our room the play have come to you. long talk about the playoffs. i always wanted to make the play. i never could. third down play where the team was in field goal range and he got a holding call they brought him back and they kicked a field goal and tom brady went down and scored. you have to be with dunkin' deals, you get two egg & cheese wake-up wrap sandwiches for $2. and two of those for two of those means you deserve a few of those. stop in for the latest dunkin' deal two egg & cheese wake-up wrap sandwiches for $2. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ look at the teams we facing and the players we faced we faced some of the top running backs, um, to do some of the things we did man i mean it doesn't go unnoised by us maybe it goes unnoticed by other teams. >> defense playing with chip on their shoulder heading into the playoffs. welcome back to fox 29 news the chase for championship. rookies and nfl aren't rookies any more at this part in the season. they have a full 16 games under their belt. sports director tom srendenschek sat down with las sewell douglas to talk about his first season and his path to the nfl. ♪ >> last couple of days you've guys had to practice guys have kind of sensed it was like going back almost to a training camp atmosphere. >> hearing it was going to be full pads was kind of like we
10:48 pm
haven't been in full pads pads for a long time. the way coach set up the practices it's fun. the situations that he put us through. you need to stop here or they have to score. things like that are just fun. >> you the kind of guy it sounds like it wasn't all l always easy growing up in east orange. your grandmother raised seven of you. >> days i didn't have anything especially when i went to -- sleeping on floors not eating some days. so now i get food it's like i appreciate everything. >> there were nights i was told that you would take half of value meal and safe half of it. >> i went to mcdonald's. i spent ten dollars on dolphin crew eat a few things throughout the day and save some later for. my grandmother still helping out my other siblings. there was really no money on my end. >> i want to give prop to mike davis. i understand was pretty important. >> growing uping tothing that it, mike davis was a coach get into sports, like told me don't go the route a lot of kids went through. >> you can have gone a lot of
10:49 pm
different ways in life. >> i had no father figure everything i learned was withboys anyth i felt that's no i w sup h coach through don't do that kind of lessons l to peoac some day. >> when i aske how did you m it i tell them hard evea questsk fro. aof it. the guys see me not trying to be part of it they won't allow me to. >> when you have the kind of success you have to see yourself get drafted all those life lessons let you enjoy the success a little bit more. >> who would have known i would have got drafted to philly and number one seed i got a few boys draft to do cleveland i'm pretty sure they're season adored over. they're thinking about where they're spending their vacations here i am sitting at a bye week with ava playoff game in front of me so --ing. >> absolutely unreal story from douglas. coming up our final thoughts on the eagles including a look at which matchups eagles fans should be rooting for this weekend. keep it here.
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
♪ welcome back to fox 29 news the chase for championship. the eagles are off this week. we've got you covered for everything you want to watch on sunday 10:00 a.m. fox 29 nfl sunda sunday. later panthers and saints go at it wit a spot in the divisional round on the line. the eagles could play the winners of the panthers and saints game or get the falcons. so i asked our nfl insider gary cobb which matchup he thinks would be best for the birds. >> i would say the atlanta falcons because they're playing inside and i don't know that they are going to really cherish
10:53 pm
comeing up here playing in the cold but really all three of those teams have an experienced quarterback whose taken team to the super bowl so the eagles really are playing against themselves. they've got to play their best if the ball joins m aga dave same question to you. who do you want to see here at the linc on >>'dit goi the panthers. a one dimensionalffense. you stop c you stop carolina panthers. they have running back whose out standing pass game but i think eagles matchup better with the panthers than the other two teams. >> eitheayt's going to be great matchup. >> still got to play great football. >> dave, thanks so much. >> that will dot onox chase for champiohip. "game day live" sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. fox 29 news at 11:00 is next. ♪
10:54 pm
,000 deathin america last year stand ud say enough. the onlys problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helples hopene over ma lives we've lost wiain. adctio disease. awhor help, e for you.
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