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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 8, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. we begin tonight with live look at doylestown. no major snowfall or any absurd cold out there today. the issue was rain that turned to ice had a lot of slipping and sliding out there. thanks for joining us at 11:00. i'm iain page. that ice made for a dangerous and tricky evening commute. schools and even some workplaces letting out early so people could avoid that ice. some schools have already reported delays and closings for tomorrow and you can see those at the bottom of your screen. let's get right over to kathy orr. >> i'll tell you iain temperatures right now below freezing pretty much everywhere. they'll be falling overnight. the precipitation finally moving offshore in the form of mainly rain in atlantic city and cape may. but everywhere we'll see the deep freeze. you can see around the circle on the parkway, it's a slow go. there's few cars out there.
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everyone taking their time. icy conditions on those untreated parking lots, overpasses, sidewalks, step outside and you'll see even in your driveway. 33 in philadelphia. 34 in millville. 20s to the north and west. but overnight tonight, 30 in the city. 30 in millville. 30 in wildwood. so freezing everywhere and subfreezing temperatures. so this means we'll have sme problems. temperatures mainly in the 20s come in the morning. a glaze of ice on anything untreated. the roads, the sidewalks, the parking lots, even the buses come tomorrow morning and temperatures are going to take their time warming up. so we'll start off in the 20s and then slowly work to freezing and above by 11am and then by the 1:00 o'clock hour rising even more. so it's definitely going to take some time to get above freezing. coming up we'll talk more about what's coming in your seven day, a major warmup but then a little bit of a rain event and will it be out in time for eagles game day? i'll be back with that iain? must a few minutes. >> kathy, thanks. that wintry mix and cold
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temperatures are causing some struggles for a lot people tonight from flight delays at the airport in philadelphia to the evacuation of a nursing home in montgomery county. it's been rough day and night. our bruce gordon joins us live at philadelphia international airport. bruce? >> reporter: iain, with the temperature this evening dancing right around 32 degrees, that rain has been coming down as freezing rain for a good bit of evening. the sidewalks here at airport absolutely treacherous. as you said earlier in the day, icy cold temperatures created problems for a more than 100 seniors it has as you say been a rough day and night. things were pretty quiet at philadelphia international airport monday night but the few air travelers who were here got an icy reception. as freezing rain fell, cancellations began popping up on message boards and early evening flight delays averaged 45 minutes. >> you're from greensboro, south carolina. trying to fly back there tonig tonight. >> yes home to be at work tomorrow. >> reporter: what happened to
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your flight. >> it was cancel. i was just texted it was can he would due to weather i think. >> reporter: in glenside montgomery county, monday afternoon, a pipe burst in the basement of the fairview care center on paper mill road. in inundating the boiler and electric rooms. mayor power was shut off and emergency generators switched on. more than 100 nursing home residents were moved to other genesis health facilities in the area. >> just need to get people to facilities where they can be comfortable until repairs to this facility are effectuated roar report wheelchair lift equipped school buses from the springfield montco district pressed into service to goat those wis mobile issues out of the nursing home and to more comfortable digs. >> you took seven or eight people out of there with heavy coats on, bundled up? >> yes. yeah. >> what was their demeanor? >> they were pretty quiet. all but one gentleman. he was a little upset for leaving. >> reporter: obviously everyone's routine disrupted with all of this nasty weather. iain, no time frame yet on the repairs to that basement mess at
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the nursing home but again all of the seniors are accounted for. safe and sound and hopefully warm in those other facilities throughout the area. >> all right, bruce, that is good news. thank you. some residents in port richmond are hoping the city steps up to help them with some problems from this wint weather. they say they're cars have been frozen in ice for more than a week. our dave schratwieser joins us live from port richmond with more on this tonight. dave? report roar iain, the water department says there's not much they can do about this. they're not in the business of breaking up ice and digging out cars and with more than 20 water main breaks day, now being reported, we might see more of this. with rain freezing as soon as it hit the ground monday evening, sarah vogel was out salting her sidewalk on richmond street. just across the street, these two vehicles have been frozen in place by ice for days now. the owner sent fox 29 this vid video. >> my truck is frozen solid to the ground.
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my neighbor's across the street's car is frozen to the ground. >> there's definitely a water leak, um, it's been coming out pretty bad it got worst last three days report roar neighbors say the two vehicles have been ice bound for over a week after a water main break somewhere on the block flooded the street and it froze. >> like about eight or 10-inches of ice over there. >> yeah. i was thinking in the middle about foot. >> reporter: owners say they called the water department and the city's 311 line for help without any success. >> it's been leaking for almost a week now. we've called several times about it. >> reporter: water department spokesman says they have no reports of a break on that blo block. and while they can have roadways sauled after a break, smashing ice and digging out vehicles is not something they do. >> the water department has to melt the ice. >> reporter: water department has averaged about 20 water main breaks day for the past week with well over a hundred breaks already repaired. a spokesman says, cars are being locked in by ice after breaks all over the city.
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>> get it fixed. get it fixed. >> i would call 311 like 20 times a day. >> reporter: now the water department was expected to have a crew on the scene sometime tonight. if they can find where that water is coming from. they'll shut it off. iain? >> let's hope they do, dave. thank you. as we take live look at rehoboth beach, remember "good day philadelphia" starts at 4:00 a.m. we've already got dozens of school delays for tomorrow. they're sure to be some more in the morning. bob kelly will be watching for all those jammos. happening right now, funeral range. are set for the philadelphia firefighter killed in the line of duty over the weekend. mourners will pay their respects for lieutenant matt letourneau at two public viewings at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. the first is thursday evening from 4:00 hit to 9:00. the second is friday at 9am followed by funeral mass at 11:00. for lieutenant matthew letourneau cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. septa officer is back on the
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beat protecting others. tomorrow empties something he didn't done in year and a half. i was hit by car while jogging in 2016. chris o'connell sat down with the officer and his family tonight and joins us live outside september plea police headquarters. chris? >> reporter: that's right, iain. a year and a half ago, doctors didn't even think he would survive. well to, night, he is defying the odds and he's on his way back to protecting the public. >> going to be nice to put that on again. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: for the first time in 18 months, septa transit police officer gary miller will be wearing the badge once again. >> it's hard to imagine miller is even alive today. moments after this picture was taken in june of 2016, miller was on a run with his wife through mayfair on roland avenue miller was struck by a speeding car. the driver took off. the impact left miller in critical condition, broken legs, collarbone an concussion.
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>> he broke my tibia here and here. my fib beaulah he broke in half. it gist shattered. >> reporter: a few week after the crash, police arrested and charged 35-year-old jeffrey sickle in miller's hit-and-run and believe it or not, both miller and his wife forgive sickle and still pray for him. >> i far gave him because if i don't, how am i going to move. >> miller spent months rehabbing at home. these medals show the races he's run to get back in shape. he says he wants to put the accident behind him and focus on getting back to work protecting the passengers of septa. >> we're going to go through things in this life, you know, that's not going to be pleasant so we got -- it's how we respond to that. >> reporter: now the man arrested for the hit-and-run is currently serving a five to 12 year prison sentence. miller will be back to work tomorrow at the frankford transportation center light
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bright and early at 7:00 a.m. if you see him, tell him welcome back. iain? >> all right, chris that is good news. thank you. three teenaged boys are recovering after a fight near a school has -- left them stabbed. philadelphia police say that fight broke out between a bunch of kids around 2:00 this afternoon on the 6700 block of rising sun avenue and ended with a 15 year old and two 19-year-olds stabbed in the lower back and tholed all ended up jeans hospital. bam margera facing d. i tonight. police in california arrested the former mtv star yesterday morning. he got out of jail after posting $15,000 bail. this is margera's first dui it comes less than month after he welcome his first child with his wife nicole boyd. more than 700 pounds of cocaine seized near the port of philadelphia. u.s. customs and border protection officers say the drugs came from puerto rico and hidden in furniture cabinets and fake walls and shipping
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containers. the street value about $22 million. officers say it's the largest local cocaine bust in ten years. let's hope the third time is the charm at atlantic city revel casino has new owner. colorado developer bought the revel from glenn are glenn staub. price 200 million bucks much that's a steal when it consider it cost $2.5 billion to bill. it will reopen this summer with new name, ocean resort cassone know and with it comes 2500 to 3,000 new jobs originally that casino opened back in 2012, went back rupp and shut down in september of 2014. iphone addiction. couple of major apple investors say too many kids are addicted to their i phones and they're asking the company to do something about it. dave? >> reportr: five fighter loses everything in a fire. but you'll never believe who steps up to help her family out. that story one we come back. ♪ ,000in america last year.
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we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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check this out. caught on camera, guy use a crowbar to steal from an atm in southwest philly. it was at the george smith towing company on south 61st. the guy pulls up, walk over to the cash machine, price it open, police say he got away with 5,000 bucks. it happened in the early morning of christmas eve. they are still looking for this guy. south jersey a community stepping up to help a local firefighter donna parisi work hard to protect her up to but she's in in need. she and her family lost their home in a fire yesterday. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at the william town fire company station two. her fellow firefighters are helping out in a big way. >> reporter: they really are. they all see so much they put on the uniform and they answer those calls for distress and they try to prevent destruction. in this case they were unable to save the house belonging to this firefighter stepping up to help out in different ways. >> it's sad. pulling up to the scene and realizing, um, whose house it is
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you first deal with the situation and take care of that. it's sad for anyone. >> reporter: nancy perez had dole deal with rush of emotion fighting to save this monroe township house which ended up being a total loss. she would soon realize it was the home of her fellow williamstown firefighter donna parisi. >> donna has given one 10% of herself to us and to this community. and we can't ask for a better person to help represent us and be a part of our family. >> reporter: and now this fire fighting family is stepping up to help one of their own accepting donations and gift cards since donna and her family lost everything. >> that money will go straight to them. 100% of that money will go to them as opposed to other donat donating sites where there might be a percentage taken out. >> reporter: fire company leader sauce donna's parents and brother thankfully got out of the home without injuries but the loss of their home is still an emotional struggle.
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>> she's a trooper. and she is doing the best she can, and, um, her and her family are pulling together. >> reporter: working for a williamstown fire for over a year, department leaders say donna parisi embodies the spirit of family and service that is coming back around to help her in her time of need. >> one of us goes down, we all go down, and we need to all pitch in and help and make sure that the person who is in crisis at that time really gets our full support and knows we're there and this truly is a second family. >> reporter: donna's three dogs also surviving that fire thankfully. now, it appears at this point the fire started in the chimney area. the cause still under investigation. if you would like to help her family, you can go to our website fox we have information on how you can assist there. iain? >> dave, thank you. well seems kids getting younger and younger when it comes to getting that first iphone are phones actually dangerous for them.
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that's what two apple's biggest investors are saying tonight. luclucy noland joins us from the operation center to explain it all. >> two major apple stockholders are asking the tech giant to address a public health concern. at issue are the children, phone addiction want it does to their mental health. invest many term jana partners apple high flying stock could be hurt in coming decades fit faces a pr backlash. partners co-wrote an open letter with california state teachers retirement system. they want apple to develop new software tools that would help parents control and limit phone use more easily. they also want apple to fund research on the effects smart phones have on children and their mental health. now together those two major invests control about $2 billion in apple stocks. they've got some big say here. back to you, iain. >> all right, lie see, thanks. in your health tonight knew stud shows ibuprofen could be linked
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to mail infer will the. the study finds young men who take that papery lever can develop a hormonal condition during middle age linked to refused fertility. the hormones secreted by the pituitary gland become coordinated with the level of ibuprofen and the ray shoeff testier roane hormone decrease. researchers say further studies are still necessary. manage governor christie signing alleges laying today prohibiting workplace discrimination against women who breast feed. under the new law employers would be in violation of the state' civil rights law for firing or discriminating a woman over breast feeding businesses have to provide break time and suitable location for breast feeding women to express milk in private. let's head down the shore a live look at wildwood they saw so much snow last week but could we be in for a major melting, kathy? >> we could be, iain. we're talking about major warming of temperatures and one to 2-inches of rain coming our way to add insult to injury.
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but first let's talk about the outside. we had snow in the poconos. this is live look at blue mountain. all is good for now there. the temperatures 33 in philadelphia much the wind chill 25. winds out of the west southwest at 10 miles an hour. now take look at these temperatures. 34 in millville. 35 in ac. arthritic in mil wildwood. guess what overnight everyone goes below freezing watch the precipitation move offshore as light rain. skies will begin to clear overnight. 23 in the poconos. 30 in philadelphia. 30 in wildwood. wrightstown 30 degrees. that is the air temperature. taking at about 4 feet. the ground temperature is colder because of those cirrus subfreezing temperature the past couple of week. tomorrow the temperature will warm to 42. any salt that is on any type of surface will be working had ard to the sun will help to melt that ice as well. winds will be out of the northwest at just five to 10 miles an hour. then we see a nice lift in the jet stream at least along the coast and that means warming
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tepp hers. not the 20s, not 30s but the 40s the 50s and maybe touching 60 but you know it always comes at a price. the price is going to come in the form of rain friday and into saturday. bad news for our ski areas because even the poconos unfortunately we're going to see some rain. our american model says about an inch. european model says 2-inches somewhere in between there for rain friday and some lingering rain on saturday. so seven day forecast shows some increasing clouds for your wednesday. the high 40. thursday a chance of afternoon showers the high near 50 then by friday rain is likely the high near 60 degrees. for the birds there will be rain in the morning. by the time they play, skies will begin to break there's a chance of app afternoon shower. the high 52 then a cold front pope francis through. temperatures dramaly down 20 degrees to 32 for sunday. monday sun and cold, 31. but iain, 42, 59.
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>> may hey, this is a hit wave. >> those numbers are crazy. bring it on, melt, baby, melt. >> that's right. a quick note to let you know check our website for school closings of course we got those for you at i know kristen the linc will not be closed on saturday. >> no the linc will be open and eagles aren't favored this weekend against atlanta. some fans are giving up. why azar this won't be a reflection of remember our special night?
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♪ by now i'm sure you've heard that the eagles are 2.5 underdog to the falcons this weekend first number one seed in the nfl play off game.d in their first- it's surprising and for a lot of fans it's been disheartening. so take a deep breath with me all. here's why it is going to be okay. first of all, we knew this was going to happen kind of. the eagles haven't been the same team since carson wentz went down. but the eagles have been here before. they like playing with chip on their shoulder as fletcher cock said earlier today this is just fuel to their fire. secondly, eagles defense is one of the best in the country.
11:25 pm
and they're well rested. they were able to shut down atlanta last year and, yes, they have new offensive coordinator. chris long said today he couldn't really see a difference in their style of play. finally eagles are playing at home i don't neither to tell you hail inn tame dating the linc can be for opposing teams. rest up, fans, you are going to be playing a big role on saturday. iain? >> they sure will. kristen thank you. pink will get the party start the at the super bowl this year. nfl announcing the pop star will sing the star spangled banner before the game february 4th at us bank stadium in minneapolis justice tin timberlake will headline the half time show. pink releasing her seventh studio album and the lee single what about us nominated for grammy this month. kensington palace released two pictures of princess charlotte started her first day at nursery school all dressed up ready to go pictures were taken by her mother, of course the former kit middleton before charlotte went
11:26 pm
to will licks nursery school. looks very sharp right there. the did you dutchess of cambridge the middle of preparations for her birthday tomorrow the mom of two notice the best gift is yet to come. she's expecting her third child of course with princess william late this year in april. >> so much going on with the royal familiarly. >> they are. a lot going on. >> bustling. >> wedding, birthday. good a birth. >> birth. right. great looking family though. >> they sure are. >> they're good and we hope the eagles are going to look good on saturday. >> i'm sure they will. >> people -- there's been doubters for like the second half of this entire season much these guys like it it's bulletin board material for these guys. they are ready to go. there's no pout you doubt about it. >> sounds good. remember to check our fox for all those school closings. join good day am for the latest
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: there is a huge, huge development after oprah's speech last night because she's always said she's not going to run for president. stedman now says she absolutely would if the people say yes. >> we've got a bunch of celebrities out after we got her best friend gayle king, we got laurence fishburne. seems if it were up to them, oprah would be running in 2020. >> does anybody know what oprah's policies are on anything? >> no, you get equality and you get equality and you get equality. >> sean penn had his annual charity event. one of the items at the silent auction was to watch a "game of thrones" episode with emilia clarke. one of the high bidders was brad pitt. >> he outbid himself because when kit harington offered to join them. >> when kit harington joined, he upped the offer to 120.


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