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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 9, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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♪ charged with murder. nearly six years after a popular south jersey dj's death investigators now say her husband hired someone to kill
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her. plus, you paid for it. but you're never going to see that new computer you ordered because you didn't do anything. it was an imposter. yup. someone out there pretending to be you. >> now fox 29 news at 10:00. brand new developments in the case contracted wide open. the husband of a popular radio host now faces charges for her murder. this day was more than five years in the mak making. in 2012 april kauffman died at the hands of a gunman in her linwood home. thank you for joining us at 10:00i i'm lucy noland. prosecutors now say dr. james kauffman a inch rad the murder of his wife and used a biker gang to carry it out. fox 29's dave schratwieser is in atlantic county, dave? >> reporter: lucy, investigators broke this case wide open today on what sounded like made for tv movie involving drugs, greed, the pagan's motorcycle gang and a murder for higher plot by a doctor who wawa
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phrased losing everything in divorce. >> as you can imagine today is a very very difficult day for me and for my family. >> reporter: for kimberly it's been more than five agonizing years waiting for justice in the murder of her mother popular jersey shore radio host april kauffman. >> i think for the first time today i can actually breathe. for the past five and a half years i have dealt felt like i've been holding my breath. >> reporter: now april's 69-year-old husband dr. james kauffman stands charged with her brutal murder along with pagan motorcycle club member ferdinand missable or jell-o. paul and glenn were charged with racketeering as part of a drug ring tied to kauffman and the pagan's. >> every person to be involved in the drug enterprise was either a pagan, a former pagan or an associate of the pagan outlaw motorcycle gang. >> reporter: prosecutors say dr. kauffman hired a hit man with ties to the pagan's to kill
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his wife after she threatened to expose his illegal pill mill drug operation that he ran out of his office with the pagan's. >> he was intent to rather have her killed as opposed to losing his financial empire. >> reporter: investigators say kauffman used pagan's associate joseph mulholland to recruit frank mulholland rp land to commit the murder inside the kauffman's linwood home. >> the doors were left open and frank mulholland was given a gun to carry out his task. he wept inside, end shot april kauffman twice. >> i think it's very surreal because the details that emerged in that press conference obviously was not privy. to it really takes -- takes, you know, all of your words away. it's such a gut wrenching thing. >> reporter: now, kauffman remains behind bars, his lawyer was not available for comment tonight. frank mull holland the shooter in this case died three years ago of a drug overdose. he was paid $20,000.
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finally investigators revealed today a plot to actually kill dr. kauffman himself they wouldn't say how they uncovered that. lucy? >> so more to come. thank up, dave. take look at your screen. police say this man robbed a church in northeast philadelphia, very clear picture of him. they say this isn't the first time that yesterday afternoon he used a key to get inside of calvary roman catholic church on knights road how he got that key is a very good question. once inside he took bags of donations filled with money and checks. police say he shoal stole from the church at least two other times in december. happening right now in west philadelphia, a 16-year-old shot in the leg. police raced him to the hospital but as they did, another emergency. another car slammed right into them. our dave kinchen has the details now live at penn presbyterian hospital. dave? >> reporter: lucy, police are known for quickly rushing to a shooting scene. loading up the victim in a squad car and taking them to the
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hospital. but they had trouble on the way to this hospital. >> skyfox over the 1200 block of south 58t 58th in southwest philadelphia where a 16-year-old boy was shot once in the thigh. police officials say cops were rushing the boy to penn presbyterian medical center when a 55-year-old man driving a silver mitsubishi hit the police car on the back side at 57th and walnut. witnesses say it was clear the police car was in emergency mode. >> everybody saw the lights. the lights was -- cop was coming down 57th street coming up water net street but he hit this war he was trying to make light. the light turned yellow he was trying to make the light instead of slowing down the cop car already entered the intersecti intersection. instead of slowing down, he sped up and hit the back of the cop car and the cop car spun around. >> police tell us at this time it appears that the gunshot wound was self inflicted.
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that it was an accident at shooting. they recover the weapon at the scene. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, dave. a state of emergency about to be declared in pennsylvania. governor tom wolf tomorrow will call the opioid crisis a state emergency which means officials can override rules that may hinder the ability to address the epidemic. officials say they don't believe a governor has ever declared a state of emergency because of a health crisis in pennsylvania. we'll bring it to you when you it happens. if you are one of the millions who shop and amazon thieves may be target your account you might not even know about this much that's what's happening to people in chester county. tonight police say you can help catch the crooks. fox 29's chris o'connell live in west whiteland township with investigators are calling a sophisticated identity theft ring. chris? >> reporter: that's right, lucy. police here are calling this an organized ring of thieves that are somehow hacking into amazon accounts and ordering high-end merchandise. although they don't know the
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suspect's names. tonight police do have their photographs and they need your help in finding them. west whiteland township police say a well-organized theft ring is targeting chester county amazon customers. it all started this weekend when police say thieves hacked into victim's online accounts and in every days case ordered a $2,100 mack book pro computer. >> sophisticated. that's more than a few people. that's several people doing this. >> reporter: here's the scary part. before the victim victims even w their password that been change the the crooks had already called amazon to change the delivery to this ups pick up center in west chester and take it even further they even had fake pennsylvania licenses with the victim's names on them to add credibility to their story. once police started investigating they found four other victims. two live on the same block. >> in this case, they presented the id with the victim's name
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and address which matched the package. so they were able to get away with. >> reporter: regular amazon customers are checking their accounts. >> i'd be really angry, you kn know, it's front offed service especially people in my situation moms with lots of kids that don't want to go to the store all the time trust and use pretty frequently. i'd be extreme the irritate glad seems like very complicated exam. the fact that they're get aig way witness it's no good. >> reporter: police working with ups and amazon to help track down the crooks in the meantime they're trying to figure out,. >> where are they getting this information it's not that rand random. two people on the same block or win the same vicinity and in the same county. >> reporter: so far no word from amazon. but investigators are telling us those victims are being reimbursed for those fraudulent purposes but also saying that they're almost certain there are other victims out there. if you are one of those victims, please call the west white land township police. lucy.
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>> guess we ought to check our amazon accounts right about now. thank you, chris. happening right now, many questions remain in the fire that killed a philadelphia firefighter an person in a fire ravaed home. the investigation into what wept wrong is expected to take weeks, or onths to complete. our joyce evans has more from north philadelphia. >> reporter: insuring up the collapsed structure for investigators to get inside. and get to the bottom of what caused a deadly house fire on the narrow 2200 block of north colorado. the scene where a man was trapped inside. >> when we get a report of people that's trapped we make every possible effort we can to get to the person. >> reporter: that rescue effort ended with fire lieutenant matt letourneau trapped under collapsing debris. another firefighter inside was hurt but managed to get out. >> and eventually, they located the individual, removed the person. he was transported but he also passed away too. and then, you know, there's --
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it's had a toward speculate what happened after that. >> reporter: the atf national response team on scene helping local investigators figure out why it happened. their primary goal is to help with the forensic mapping of the structure, a digital reconstruction that could help lead to exactly where the fire started and then on to how it started and how letourneau died. the man initially trapped inside the burning house his name is still not being released but the family who was forced out next door, they have now been placed in another house on the block. in north philadelphia, joyce evans, fox 29 news. family friends and fellow brother and sister first responders will pay their respects to letourneau this week at two public viewings at cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. the first is thursday from 4:30 to 9:00 p.m. the second is friday at 9:00 a.m. followed by a funeral mass at 11:00. it is a one way to kick off
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rob breach philadelphia police say a woman simply asked what time the rite aid she was targeting was closing then the robbery went down thursday at the store on aramingo avenue in port richmond. last woman left a man walked in and asked for pack of cigarettes. when the employee turned around to get it police say he pulled out a knife and demanded cash. the two made off in a silver jeep commander which you'll see right there. if you recognize this of this give police a call. skyfox flying over camden tonight. we have learned that camden high school will be closed through next tuesday. the reason why is something that's been happening left and right throughout our area. a burst pipe. students and staff will go back to class next wednesday unless we all hear otherwise. live look at doylestown. what do you think? wasn't today glorious? temperatures above freezing. sunshine. really rather remarkable. especially since, kathy, we've been enduring deep freeze but temperatures dropping back aga
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again. >> um-hmm. they sure that's the big problem tonight lucy. you can see outside little bit of reflective have the on the sidewalks in center city philadelphia. that's icing going on overnight lows in the teens and the 20s so anything that's melted today is going to freeze immediately over it in. so some slick spots tomorrow morning. keep that in hyped before major warm up. we'll talk more about that coming up with the seven day. >> cannot wait for the warmup. thank you kathy. first devastating wildfires. now rivers of mud ripping homes right from their foundations. it has been a terrible couple of months in california. lost in the snow, a teen's phone could have been gone forever but bruce gordon, man, the right person found it. >> reporter: you got that right. it's not what you do for a living, it's how well do you it, lucy. the man we'll meet in just a minute is not a hero but we sure could use a lot of more like him around here. >> nick foles, we're used to seeing helmet, jersey and game face today
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13-year-old girl thought she would never see her phone again. but philadelphia sanitation worker came to the rescue. our bruce gordon is live outside philadelphia city hall with a story we do not tell often enough. bruce? >> report roar lucy, no question about it. philadelphia city worker sometimes get a bad rap. sometimes very justifiably so. we certainly tell our share of stories when they fall short or failed to their job but there's another side to that story. one very much worth telling. >> usually put the trash right here. >> reporter: glenn drake says his 13-year-old step daughter's iphone disappeared last friday presumably lost in a snow bang near the roxborough home. they weren't sure they'd ever
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see it again. >> these phones are not cheap. >> no, they're not cheap at all. >> reporter: the idea of having to buy a new one. >> kind of disheartening. >> reporter: then early the next morning, came the philadelphia sanitation crew from nearby domino lane station with 53-year-old derek phillips on the back of the truck. >> so as i was dumping the cans, i looked, you know, watching my step i seen this phone down there. i said oman somebody dropped their phone. >> reporter: phillips took it home, dried it off and tholed it out and help from co-worker found the phone's number and called the drakes sunday morni morning. >> i said, i'm a sanitation worker and i found this phone and you know it said if lost, you know, call this number. >> reporter: phillips and drake ran did he viewed domino lane and the phone was return. >> i said, this somebody's and i'm going to turn it in because people have a lot of information stored and they need they phone, you know. >> reporter: both drake and phillips saw our december report
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on the city recycling truck worker who snatched a package off the front steps of a philly row home. phillips in particular crimpled. he's ban trash truck laborer for dozen years. up well before dawn in the bitter cold and the ice and the snow to keep city neighborhoods clean. that theft footage made him angry. >> that's now how you want to be identified. >> no, not me or the whole sanitation department, because -- >> reporter: doesn't reflect you. >> doesn't reflect me. >> reporter: drake is a retired city firefighter he posted news of this incident on his facebook page offering phillips a big thank you for what he called a simple gesture which saved us a bum of money and hassle. >> what's your message? >> good people. good people everywhere. just have to find them. >> reporter: maybe they'll help you find something. >> yup. exactly. >> reporter: this is not the first time phillips has played lost and found. he's returned a woman's driver's license arc child's toy. even an expensive box of silverware. mr. drake offered phillips a reward for his phone return
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kindsnes. phillips turned him down. just doing his job the right way. lucy? >> i think hearts just grew about two sizes, thank you very much, bruce gordon. eagles getting ready for the playoffs. four days away after a stumble end to the regular eagles concerns might be amplified in the post season. kristen rodgers has more on where nick foles is finding his strength, kristen. >> lucy it's no secret all eyes will be on nick foles this saturday at the linc. he'll be the first guy to tell you he hasn't execs cuted like he's wanted to the last few games but in no way has he lost his confidence in himself or in this team. foles knows that criticism will always be there. his goal now is to just stay in the moment it's reflective of what dr. pederso pederson's mess to just be nick tom foles that means getting a win. that would be a good performance it's his family that's inspiring him in these trying times. >> it's not really recess. it's my life. that's my life. my family is my life.
10:18 pm
i'm fortunate to get to go do this but i want to give everything i have to this game because i know my family is there watching and supporting me and that gives anyone strength in their life to go out there knowing their family is right there. for me having a daughter, you know, like it's unreal. like i go home every night i see her it puts life in perspective, and like i'm getting emotional talking about her now and she's only almost seven months old. just wait until she gets older. >> coming up later in sports doug pederson talks about preparing for his first play off game as head coach plus the sixers are in london and brett brown's take on is priceless. that's still ahead. >> can't wait. thank you kristen. the death toll is rising in southern california. this time around it's not wildfires but it is the aftermath fire ravaged land combined with rain eagles mudslides. crews are now working around the clock to rescue people trapped in their homes. iain page is our operations center with what's happening right now. iain? >> lucy, at least 13 people are
10:19 pm
dead. some homes just torn right from their foundation in southern california sees its first heavy rains in nearly a year. >> it's been very stressful. so it's been a long four plus weeks. >> more problems for california after the worst fire season on record residents across the state are now dealing with deadly flooding and mudslides. several homes swept from their foundations as mud flows into southern california neighborho neighborhoods from mountains scarred by recent wildfires. >> we have some of the steepest terrain of what was burned in the fire incident. so three of our canyons are identified produce significant amount of mud and flow. >> state of emergency declared in several counties as huge winter storm soaks much of the california. >> we have a little bit of a sponge here can absorb some of this run off once it reaches the saturation point things will start to move. >> it's not just the mud. rain and flooding contributes to dangerous driving conditions. in glendale, one died when a big rig overturn. farther north in the bay area,
10:20 pm
police report more than two dozen accidents on one highway alone. >> roadway conditions are going to change. when those conditions on the road change the driving habits need to change as well. >> these storms comes on the heels of wildfires that destroyed more than 1.3 million acres across the state leaving some burn areas vulnerable because there's no soil to absorb the rain. >> fire, flood, what's next mess still lense? >> forecasters say there could be some relief on the way, lucy, drier weather expected later this week. >> well, hopefully it happens very soon. thank you much. well that is not a river you're looking at. it's major flooding in las vegas. the city got unusually heavy rainfall leading to this mess remember what headed in la it headed east. flood waters through a parking garage at the link hotel on down the street. it measured more than 1 inch of rain in 24 hours. why is that significant, that's
10:21 pm
nearly half the amount of rain vegas got in all of 2017. ♪ did you see that? those are bats flying in a walmart and no one seems to care. it's hank i'm at the state house in trenton. governor christie gave his last state of the state address tod today. i'll tell was he said and more importantly what his legacy will be pro tip: giant has great prices on produce.
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raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! amazing produce prices. only at giant.
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here's something you don't see every single day. shoppers and employees at a walmart in alvin texas little south of houston got quite a surprise. do you see what's going on there? it's kind of hard to focus new jersey looks like spar rows or something. nope. those are bats. last night they were swooping through the store. a little colon knee nearby the distraction wasn't a distracti distraction. because most folks just kept on shopping. in bucks county, neighbors found an 88-year-old woman dead in the snow. police say they have no evidence of foul play, but they do not understand why she went out into the cold with barely anything on. our jeff cole has the story from northampton. >> reporter: it was 10:30 this morning when the folks living in this free man's lane holland township home opened the shades, the back window to a startling sight. their elderly neighbor was stalled in the snow. police were quickly call. >> and for some reason, she exited the back of her house and apparently fell in the snow and i guess was unable to get up and
10:25 pm
expired outside of the residence. >> reporter: the woman was 88 years old and lived in a home directly behind where her body was found. police say the shower was running in her residence and night clothing was found nearby. this woman who spends time in this complex says she knew the spry elderly woman. >> she was very nice woman who had lot of energy. she liked to go outside and feed the birds and got around quite often and was in great shape. >> reporter: police say the woman picked up her mail monday afternoon and must have ventured into the cold last night or in the early morning. there's no evidence of foul pl play. >> there's no indications on the residence at all of any forced entries or anything like that. house -- the front door was secured. back door wasn't unsecured where she exited the house. >> reporter: clark asks neighbors and family members to check on the elderly highly vulnerable to the elements no matter their health. >> i just seen her recent al few weeks ago and she seemed to be in very good health. >> reporter: you said to her,
10:26 pm
boy, i hope i look like you when i'm 88. >> exactly what i said. i hope i look just like when you i'm 88 and get around like do you. >> reporter: fox 29 has been told the woman had little if anything on when her body was found. the coroner will try to determine the time of death investigators why she ever went outside. in northampton township, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. about to pass the baton. governor chris christie says he has no regrets as new jersey's governor for the past eight years but how will you remember him? a space mystery, space x launched satellite into space. we don know why and now that satellite might just be lost. so what happened? we may never know. ♪ ,000in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough.
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the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you. i no wondering, "what if?" uncertainties of hep c. i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people.
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>> get the hell off the beach. ♪ >> that quote definitely one of the more memorable moments of new jersey governor chris christie's past eight years. it has included very public
10:30 pm
battle with new jersey's teachers and an overhaul the state's pension system. whether you like him or you didn't, governor christie will go down in history from the fleece he wore on just about every news conference after hurricane sandy to him sitting on the beach alone during a shut down that photo made lot of people mad and bridge gate scandal. prosecutors argued this was his administration's way of punishing the mayor of that town for not endorsing christie's row action lid b governor christie said today he has no regrets over his past eight years. >> today is my 2,900 as governor of new jersey. big calendar in our office. i have loved the job. and i am so grateful to all the people of new jersey for giving me the chance to serve the state where i was born and raised and where my four children were born and raised. i wish governor elect murphy and his family every success and
10:31 pm
every joy that is possible for them over the next four years. next tuesday at noon, he'll be my governor, too. his success will be our success, and i hope for him and our state nothing but blue skies ahead. >> christie gave his final state of the state address today. the speech was his last chance as governor to set record straight about his time in office. our hank flynn was in the room. here's hank. >> the fighting attitude weren't the policies we have fought for an chief together i'm proud to be here today to tell you that the state of our state is very good and without question much,. better than it was eight years ago. [ applause ] >> reporter: it's hank i'm at the state house in trenton. governor christie is giving his state of the state right now. >> my take in time maybe, just maybe, he might prove himself to have been a better governor than
10:32 pm
right now. ask the governor he rolled into assembly chambers a short time only a week left in office he didn't mince words christie spoke of caps to spending his administration had made, cuts he called unpopular but necessary, and he rightly through previous governors unthe bus for not dealing with the state's bloated pension obligations. >> in our eight years we have cribbed $8.8 billion in cash to the system. this represents two and a half times more than last five governors before me combined. if such contributions had been made all along our problems would almost be non existent. >> christie's approval rate sag business mal, 15% by some estimations i asked senate president steve sweeney a democrat work closely with the republican governor about that low level of popularity and what christie's legacy will be. >> i don't know. time change. governor florio was not well liked when he left office and revered and respected right now
10:33 pm
as governor that did a lot of good things. like i said there were some controversial around christie and that really hurt him. but he did a lot of things. >> i check in with another democrat, majority louie green waffled voorhees look at cam. >> i see the turn that city has made and when president obama came to camden city two years ago and said that camden is now a national model for urban redevelopment, that is the legacy that i look when i see my work with governor christie and bipartisan effort. that's what i'm most proud of. >> greenwald sweeney smart enough to know when they discuss christie's legacy they're own discussing their own which make it years to be generous christie has been criticized from his weight to bridge gate and he roots for the cowboys. good night. christie never ran from a fight and he will be around and anybody seen jon corzine lately time will tell christie was far from perfect but he might have been better than what the polls say. i'm hank and that's my take.
10:34 pm
>> ♪ right now space x is saying it's rocket performed flawlessly at mysterious u.s. satellite launch on board the mystery shrowded satellite zuma. u.s. government contracted space x to sent the satellite low earth orbit its third classified mission fort feds but then the satellite disappeared. so what happened? well a satellite tracking site says craft made at least one loop around the planet then nothing. no signs of it. no one knows what happened. or at leave the governments not saying. here's fun bit of trivia for you. did you know the first manned flight in america happened 225 years ago today? people really dunk? 1793 the year. juan pierre blanchard took off in hot air balloon from philadelphia landed in deptford township. isn't that cool tonight people celebrated that moment in history and got to check out these incredibly cool modern day
10:35 pm
hot air balloons. we've got a winner camden county gas station just sold a golden lotto ticket. one ticket match all five winning numbers in yesterday's cash5 drawing. so it's worth $640,000. the woodland petro on aunt mt. ephraim avenue in woodland sold the ticket license get $2,000. hopefully, there were recently. president trump versus steve bannon. after that bombshell book about the president, the former white house chief strategist is out at breitbart news. now, not the monorail that these people expected at disney world. the doors they wouldn't close. and the train kept right on going. ♪ next time, i want you on my bowling team.
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[ laughs ] rodney. bowling. classic. can i help you? it's me. jamie. i'm not good with names. celeste! i trained you. we share a locker. -moose man! -yo. he gets two name your price tools. he gets two? i literally coined the phrase, "we give you coverage options based on your budget." -that's me. -jamie!
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-yeah. -you're back from italy. [ both smooch ] ciao bella. [ both smooch ] welcome to epcot. >> everybody wave and see if they notice it. [ laughter ] >> they certainly didn't sound like they were in nikkei injury they were saying everybody wave. passenger captured a walt disney resort monorail on the move with a door open. wouldn't shut. everyone arrived at their stop just fine and told disney
10:39 pm
employees about more than the adventurous ride. more than 150,000 passengers take the monorail every day. you know it's another fall for steve bannon president trump's one-time chief strategist. days after bannon expressed regret for controversial remarks quote the in the new book fire and fury, he's now out of a job. iain page joins us from the operations center with those developments. iain. >> lucy, six days after the president an world learned steve bannon call the meeting at trump tower treason us in steve bannon is out at breitbart news. bannon stepped down from breitbart news network he serve as executive chairman since 2012. bannon also out job on radio. he hosted breitbart news daily on sirius xm they're programming agreement is with breitbart not
10:40 pm
bannon. >> now he's a man who still views himself as a revolutionary this great historic figure but finds himself without a media vehicle, without a platform. >> bannon is extensively quoted in the new book fire and fury. in it, bannon talks about that june 2016 meeting between russian lawyer, donald trump, jr., jared kushner and then campaign chair paul manafort. bannon quoted as saying the meeting was quote unpatriotic. suggesting the president's son planned to take the russians straight to his father. the white house called the book garbage quickly punching back. the president saying quote steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. >> should breitbart part ways with steve bannon after the comments in this book. >> i certainly think it's something they should look at and consider. >> bannon does not deny the quotes a tributed to him in the book but after all the push back
10:41 pm
he did release a statement seems to backtrack a little bit. he says don, jr. s a patriot and his comments were aimed at paul man any fort not the president's son. in the operations center, i'm iain page, lucy back to you. >> it continues to unfold. all right, thank you iain. breaking news earthquake in the caribbean sea the united states geological survey says the 7.6 quake hit in the sea north of honduras. seismologists consider that a major quake and so it is triggered a tsunami advisory in puerto rico and the us virgin islands as this continues to develop we will bring it to you. so have you a little car trouble in the bitter cold? join the club. so many drives needed help triple a set a new record and that was just yesterday. i got to say, kathy, today, today felt good. >> it sure did. temperatures well into the 40s. it's going to get even warmer but we have clear skies tonight and that means a refreeze. we'll talk about that plus the fo
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10:44 pm
every day their job to put their lives on the line for ours and today we're honoring our law enforcement officers for all they do. but one retired officer says it's about more than just a pat
10:45 pm
on the back. it's really about community. our bill anderson has story on this law enforcement appreciation day for goodness sake. >> reporter: january 9th, national law enforcement appreciation day is a day across the country where we show our support for officers who risk their lives on a daily basis to serve and protect. >> today meaning is that people appreciate law enforcement and the sacrifices they have done throughout the years. ♪ >> reporter: but a day one people are paying attention to law enforcement at a time when there's so much division between police and some communities, i wondered if the day could or should move from symbolic support to substantive actions. >> change the narrative and just police police only and make it a community day with the police. >> reporter: rochelle is an interesting figure in police community relations. she's retired officer after serving for nearly their years
10:46 pm
and president of the guardian civic league but as community activist she's been outspoken in the importance of police accountability and she sees no conflict with that even on law enforcement appreciation day. >> i've never been angry with the police. i am anti bad cop. i'm a person from the neighborhood. so i know what bad cops can do. bad cops make all good cops look bad. >> reporter: upper darby police superintendent mike chitwood is well known for being supportive of his officers. >> i think the fir thing law enforcement appreciation day means to me is that the community should be thankful for what the police do day in and day out. >> reporter: as he joins us today in celebrating those officers, he also agrees that we need action at the same time as symbolism. >> philosophy in policing has to be that you as a police officer must treat anybody you encounter
10:47 pm
the same way you want your family treated. treat them with dignity, treat them with respect. i don't care what they did. >> reporter: retired officer and community activist and long-time police superintendent and their message was pretty much the same. >> we are the community. we are the police. they are the community and we got to support them. >> nobody in this city is anti police. we just anti bad cop. >> reporter: on day when we say we celebrate cops, i wonder if we'll heed their advice and make law enforcement appreciation day about more than blue lights or ribbons or free coffee and actually rededicate ourselves to working together to improve communities for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ bitter cold hasn't been the only thing breaking records in our area this first week of the new year. aaa says the deep freeze had crews rescuing nearly 17,000 drivers in our area since new year's day.
10:48 pm
half of those calls were battery related. aaa says that number is way up from this time last year of course last year it was very mild, remember? the most calls on a single day yet was yesterday. which isn't surprising because we big old ice storm happen. live look down the shore rehoboth beach some of the snow melt dad but now we've got yet another problem what's left is going to refreeze. kathy's forecast 15 seconds aw away. a pleasant night across the delaware valley but those temperatures are falling fast and right now in the parkway you can see little bit of a slow go. the roads are good but anything that is melted today is definitely going to refreeze overnight. look at these temperatures. 34 in philadelphia. 20s to the north and west. 24 in the poconos. 29 in allentown and pottstown 2s
10:49 pm
the country you can see the whole northern half of the country pretty cold. international falls 27. chicago 31. detroit 31 and 40s as far south as atlanta. more cold coming temporarily. high pressure dominating our weather and that means clear skies and light winds. we will see a surge of warmth though over the next couple of days but it will come at a price. increasingly moist and some heavy rain by friday. we'll go hour by hour on the fox future cast. dry for your wednesday. late thursday some spotty showers move in. so thursday looks like a dry day now. by friday it looks fairly wet with mainly rain showers throughout the day. some breaks especially in the afternoon but even rain in the poconos and we have all that great snow. it's really a bummer and some rain going into friday night. how much? well the gf. s model is saying a half an inch of rain. european model about an inch.
10:50 pm
between a half inch and inch and half of rain pretty good for the physical area as the forecast. overnight low temperatures in the teens through the poconos, allentown, pottstown, even reading, lancaster, 19 degrees. philadelphia in the 20s. 21 in millville. and in trenton waking up to 20 degrees anything that looks wet on the sidewalks, parking lots it's going to be ice in the morning. by the afternoon we warm it up to 41 which is normal for this time of year. partly sunny, not much of a wind. winds out of the east becoming southerly about 5 miles an hour. then the next weather system moves in and we see the rain. it's going to be warm the high 60. saturday front moves through. we'll see some rain by the time the birds play it will be turning windy and the temperatures will be falling but it should be drying out. sunday 20 degrees cooler. the high 32. mlk day 31 but sunshine and tuesday sunny and cold the temperature 36 degrees. so maybe those showers and that wind will be good luck for the eagles. what do you think? >> a little rain never hurt
10:51 pm
anybody in football game. personally i'm liking it a lot better than dallas forecast we saw couple weeks ago. eagles chomping at the bit to get back on the field against atlanta. coming up the energy around this team as they get set for the playoffs plus how doug pederson is preparing himself for his first post season run as a head coach. keep it here. ♪
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in just minutes here's what's coming up on fox 29 news at 11:00. you better check your account. someone is hacking into your amazon prime and the scheme is so elaborate it's fooling a local delivery service. fox 29 news at 11:00 is next. ♪ your nissan sports wrap on fox 29. doug pederson did his best bill belichick impersonation today. his rather curt message for the eagles this week, do your job. your backs are against the wall so come out swinging on saturday. can you feel that heat? just another reminder that we are dealing with playoff football. for pederson this will be his first post season as head coach. so how is he calming any nerves although it doesn't feel like he has any nerves right now? he says he's relying on past experience as a player, as an assistant coach and of course he's relying on the support of his players now.
10:55 pm
>> to be where we're at and to have, v home playoff game and, you know, feed off the fans, the crowd, which is going to be electric on saturday afternoon, um, and just, again, stay in the home. you know do the things that got us to where we are today. um, and that's kind of been my mindset the last couple of weeks. >> be sure to start your saturday morning off right with fox 29 "game day live" 8aam special time and date one last break down the eagles and falcons with plenty of time for you tailgating at the linc after be sure to tune in. villanova back on top of the rankings this week look to defend that tomorrow with top ten matchup against xavier at the wells fargo center. feels pretty good fort wildcats to be at number one but they know sitting alone at the top means they have the biggest target on their backs. >> that means you bring it to another level. teams are coming out their effort will out play us and we got to come out and try to play hard on them it's challenge we
10:56 pm
have as team. good challenge to have. every team best shot. give them our best shot as well. >> early in the season it benefits you getting their best game because you're going to improve because you're forced to but it's tough. it's tough on our guys sometimes much it's a great challenge. i think they understand you'll see guys on film and when they step on the court they'll play at another level. >> the sixers are in jolly old london this week. they're taking some time abroad before they take on the celtics on thursday. a lot of these guys never been to england before. so brett brown is making sure they're getting their most out of this experience. >> to have our american players, you know v a chance to travel because by and large a loft them haven't had that experience, and whether it's just, you know, hearing different accent, you know, plugging something in a wall. driving on the other side of the road. different ways to say something. different food. all of that is something that you like to have, um, our
10:57 pm
players experience. >> brett bound sounds pysched to be in london right now. >> yeah. >> super fun. >> we had these cars coming toward us one of them was a lo lori. it's a truck. okay. thank you for that one. >> definitely new words. >> iain page has got you covered on the other side of the break with fox 29 news at 11:00. mega milli your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 1,300 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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