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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 9, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news
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at 11:00. tonight we're following two major stories. 16-year-old boy shot in west philadelphia on the way to the hospital a nasty car crash. then there's a six-year-old cold case crack. a local radio host killed and the person accused of doing it is her husband. the story only gets more intense from there. thanks for joining us at 11:00. i'm iain page. back in 2012 police found april kauffman her linwood home. today prosecutors announced murder charges against her husband. dr. james kauffman he's accused of in a twisted scheme. our dave schratwieser is live at atlantic county with details tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, this case sounds like something out of a made for tv movie. we had drugs, greed, guns and outlaw motorcycle gang an murder for higher plot by a doctor who was frayed of lose everything in pending divorce. >> it's just really overwhelmi overwhelming. >> reporter: after more than five agonizing years kimberly pack searched for justice in the
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murder of her mother radio host april kauffman finally ended tuesday. >> i think for the first today i can actually breathe. for the past five and a half years i have felt like i've been holding my breath. >> reporter: now april's 69-year-old husband dr. james kauffman stands with her brutal murder along with pagan's motorcycle club member ferdinand miserable or jell-o former pagan paul pagano and glenn slash shear seller charged with racketeering as part of a drug ring tied to kauffman and the weigh pagan'. >> for every person to be involved in the drug elder he end prize was a pagan, former pagan or an associate of the pagan gang. >> dr. kauffman hired a hit man with ties to the pagan's to kill his wife after she threatened to expose his illegal pill mill drug operation that he ran out of his office with the pagan's. >> he was intent to rather have her killed as opposed to losing
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his financial empire. >> reporter: investigators say kauffman used pagan's associate joseph mulholland to recruit frank mulholland to commit the murder inside the kauffman's linwood home. >> the doors were left open and frank mulholland was given a gun to carry out his task. >> really takes -- takes, you know, all of your words away. it's such a gut wrenching thing. >> reporter: dr. kauffman remains behind bars his lawyer was unavailable for comment tonight. the shooter in this case he died of a drug overdose three years ago. he was paid around $20,000 according to investigators. finally tonight prosecutors unveiled another murder plot to kill dr. kauffman himself. they wouldn't say how they uncovered that certainly more to come. iain? >> absolutely. all right. dave, thank you. breaking news now out of cherry hill, new jersey. police are looking for 76-year-old man. this is edward brown. police say he was last seen around 4:00 this afternoon on
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harold place much authorities say he's driving 2000 fave beige ford f15 with georgia license plate tmj nip 61. if you see him please call police. penn state has now settle add lawsuit by a man who claimed jerry sandusky molested him in a car in 2007. the man says he was 14 when it happened. the case was scheduled for the end of february but late last month both sides told the judge they no longer needed sandusky to be brought to philadelphia for this case. the former penn state football coach is of course serving 30 to 60 year prison sentence for child sex abuse. happening not in west philadelphia, a 16-year-old boy shot in the leg. police scoop him up and head to the hospital. but ran into another emergency on the way. fox 29's dave kinchen is live outside penn presbyterian hospital tonight with more. dave? >> reporter: well, iain, police are known for quick scoop and runs it's a way to save a life and to get someone immediate medical attention, but
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this turned scary on the way to the hospital. a chilling scene for a 16-year-old boy on south 58th in southwest philadelphia after investigators say he accidentally shot himself in the thigh. but it got scarier police say while they were racing the boy to penn presbyterian medical center, a man driving a mitsubishi hit the police car on the back side at 57th and walnut. >> he was really trying to make that light. he was going fast. so he really hit the cop car and made the cop car spin if that wasn't a truck it would have probably flipped. >> reporter: additional officers arrived to take boy with the gunshot wound to the hospital where he was listed in stable condition. now we can tell you at this point that he is still in stable condition. police found the gun at the scene. this case still being investigated. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. a broken pipe shutting down camden high school. not just for tomorrow the building is closed through next tuesday. officials say students and staff
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won't return until wednesday. the 17th while the school is closed, breakfast and lunch will be available for students at brynn medical arts. breakfast served from 9:15 to 10:30. lunch from 12:30 to 1:30. another water main break but this one got nothing to do witness weather. skyfox over the scene of a break just after 5:00 this afternoon at washington lane and rodney street in philadelphia's west oak lane neighborhood. the water department says a contractor pulled a service connector off the main and that's why it broke. warning tonight if you are one of the millions of amazon customers. police say that thieves are targeting accounts without people even knowing it so far police said they have seen cases in chester county. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in west whiteland township with what investigators are calling a sophisticated identity theft ring. chris? >> reporter: that's right, iain. police here in west white land township say they've never seen anything like it before. an organized ring of crooks hacking into amazon accounts and
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ordering high dollar merchandise all on your dime. west white land township police say a well organized theft ring is targeting chester county amazon customers. it all started this weekend when police say thieves hacked victims online accounts and in every case ordered a $2,100 mack book pro computer. >> sophisticates. that's more than a few people. that's several people doing this. >> reporter: here's the scary part. before the victims even knew their password had been changed, the crooks had already called amazon to change the delivery to this ups pick up center in west chester. and to take it even further, they even had these fake pennsylvania licenses with the victim's names on them to add credibility to their story. >> in this case, they presented id with the victim's name and address which matched the package so they were able to get away witness report roar regular amazon customers are now checking their accounts.
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>> it's a trusted service a lot of people especially people in my situation, you know, moms with lots of kids that don't want to go to the store all the time trust and use pretty frequently. >> reporter: police say they're work wig ups and ma'am son to help track down the crooks. in the meantime they're trying to figure out, g where are they getting this information it's not that random. two people on the same block or win the same vicinity. in the same counties. >> reporter: so far no word from amazon. but police here say they are almost certain there are other victims out there. if you are one of them, call the west whiteland township police department. iain? >> chris, thank you. well tonight investigators are trying to get to the bottom of what caused a deadly house fire in north philadelphia that killed a firefighter and a resident. the atf national response team to now helping local investigators fire lieutenant matt letourneau saturday after becoming trapped under debris in the fire fight. authorities have not yet released the name of the other
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person killed. family, friends, and fellow brothers and sisters first responders will pay their respects to letourneau this week two public viewings at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. the first thursday from 4:30 to 9:00 p.m. the second is friday at 9:00 a.m. followed by his funeral mass at 11:00. chris christie giving his final state of the state address as governor of new jersey earlier today. christie says he decided to run for governor nine years ago to be different. and to shine a light on new jersey's real problems and offer achievable solutions. he got a warm reception from both sides of the aisle for his speech. in it he listed what he considers accomplishments like super storm sandy, camden's recovery dealing witness opioid crisis and more. christie says he's leaving the state in much better shape than when he took office eight years ago. >> i leave today grateful, happy and a better man that i was when i walked in here for the first time eight years ago.
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for that and so much more i thank you. but most o all, i thank the wonderful people of the great state of new jersey. >> democrat governor elect phil murphy will take office next tuesday. bomb cyclone hit our area and 13-year-old's iphone just when she thought it was goner unlikely hero came to the resc rescue. a tipping trend tonight. some want to get rid of the service. instead raise menu prices but folks in philly don't mind being gratuitous. >> kathy after warm day some might not be thinking about dangerous freeze tonight. >> they may not be iain, but we have to. those skies are clear and temperatures are plunging into the teens. get ready for a refreeze and slippery conditions tomorrow. we'll take look at that plus that major warmup coming you. >> thanks, kathy. did you know the first man flight in america happened 225 years ago today? in 1793 juan pierre blanchard took off in a
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hot air balloon from philadelphia landed in deptford township ton night people celebrated that moment in history and also got the check out modern day hot air balloons. ♪ ,000in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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crews got the call just after 9:00 to north 52nd street when they got that they found heavy flames coming from the first floor. four people had to be taken to the hospital. two of them to children's hospital of philadelphia. the other two went to penn presbyterian. they're still trying to figure out why that fire started. take look at your screen. police say this guy robbed a church in northeast philadelphia. this is not first time authorities say yesterday afternoon he used a key to get inside calvary roman catholic church. once he got inside he took bags of donations filled with money and checks. police say he took donations at least two other times in december right now it's not clear how he got key in the first place. well a good deed after 13 year old girl lost her phone in the snow. just when she thought she'd never see it again a city sanitation workers comes to her aid. our bruce gordon has the heart warming story and he's live in city hall tonight. bruce? >> reporter: iain, trash truck workers don't get a lot of respect in our community maybe
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they ought to. up before dawn in the summer heat and the cold and the ice and the snow of the winter to keep our neighborhoods clean and every once in awhile they display their honesty through a simple game of lost and found. >> usually put trash right her. >> glenn drake says his 13 year old depth stotted's iphone disappeared last friday in snow bang near their roxborough home. he thought it might be gone for good. >> these phones are not cheap. >> no, they're not cheap at all. >> reporter: the idea of having to buy new one. >> that was kind of dishearte disheartening rt. >> reporter: early saturday morning a philadelphia sanitation crew from the domino lane station came down the block with 53-year-old derek phillips on the back of the truck. >> as i was dumping the cans, i looked, upping, watching my step. i seen this phone down there. i said oh, man, somebody dropped their phone. >> reporter: phillips took it home, dried it off and thawed it out then with the help of co-worker fouled found the phone's number and called the drakes sunday morning.
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the phone was returned. >> i'm a pretty honest guy. had a good up bringing from my mom and got a good crew. we always say, you know, we going to be polite to the residents and that we find anything, it don't belong to us. so to do the right thing and return it. >> reporter: both drake and phillips saw our december report on the city recycling truck worker who snatched a package off the front steps a philly row home. phillips in particular crimpled. >> that's not how you want to be identified? >> no, not me or the whole sanitation department because -- >> reporter: that doesn't reflect you. >> doesn't lee neck me. >> reporter: drake posted news of the incident on his facebook page. offering phillips a big thank you for what he called a simple gesture which saved us a bundle of money and hassle. >> what's your message? >> good people. good people everywhere. just have to find them. >> reporter: drake offered phillips a reward for his honesty phillips turned him down just doing his job. like the fast vast majority of city employees. doing it very well,. >> absolutely bruce, good story.
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>> congressman brendon boyle who serves parts of philadelphia and montgomery county introducing a bill the stable genius act. it would require presidential candidates to go through a medical screening before being election to do office. boyle tweeted a picture of the bill saying quote the president believes he is a stable genius. i did not. president trump mental health in question recently on sunday he tweeted he's quote a very stable genius. the president set to have a physical friday, a mental evaluation will not be part of it. boyle says the public has a right to know whether a candidate has the mental fitness to serve as president. a slip and slide kind of in south philadelphia. temperatures dipped once again and now tonight, we're talking about another chance for a dangerous freeze. so kathy is this going to be problem for folk in the morning. >> anything that's melled iain is untreated is going to be problem. your drove driveway, sidewalk, front step even the parking lots absolutely. you can see behind me center city philadelphia. along the parkway circle and traffic moving along just
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anything that's shiny out there tomorrow morning please be aware that it could be ice. everything is refreezing and take look at these temperatures it's still 32 in philadelphia but it's 30 in wilmington. 30 in pottstown. 28 in allentown. 23 in the poconos and 26 degrees in trenton. so those temperatures are falling fast. when you look at the nation as whole it's pretty cold right through the central part of the country. slice it half from north to south and and see the big difference. temperatures only for the most par in the 20s and 30s to night. we go hour by hour and you can see pretty quite tonight. clear skies. light winds. the perfect ingredients for radiational cooling any warmth that build up during the day escapes in the atmosphere with these conditions the jet stream will give us a little bit of a break sliding to the north and west to bring in some warmth over the next couple of days. so tomorrow more seasonal day but then the warmth moves in but it comes as a cost with obviou obviously rain showers. so we'll time the out no issues for wednesday. even thursday now looks mainly dry. it's not until about nine, 10:0y
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showers thursday night and then the main event will be rain on friday. some of it heavy at times especially to the north and west. in icing in new england. we had all this great snow in the poconos. now it looks hike we're going to have some rain to contend with you havely that goes through the evening. there may be some breaks during the day. the most part it will be a wet day. we look between friday and saturday. the american model still holding on to about half an inch of rain. european model going for about an inch. i think anywhere between half an inch and inch and a half of rain is good forecast for philadelphia. overnight, 15 in the poconos. 17 in pottstown. 22 in philadelphia. 21 in millville. 17 in wrightstown. so undoubtedly everything will be frozen in the morning and then temperatures will climb above freezing during the late morning just like they did. afternoon it 41 which is average for this time of year. partly sunny not much of a win on your seven day forecast from the weather authority thursday near 50. friday 60. which is not a great day to be outside. for the birds, some morning
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showers, then turning colder. and windy. but drying out. temperatures falling through the 50s. 20 degrees cooler iain on sund sunday. 32. our day of service mlk day day 31. tuesday arthritic. we warm it but it's wet and then it gets cold again. it's still january. >> yeah it is. >> it's not june. >> not yet. thank you kathy. >> you bet. >> in your health tonight one man showing us that you're never too old to exercise. he's 70 years old a power lifter and now he's sharing lesson with us all. lucy noland in our operation center with his story. lucy? >> you know iain it's not too late to make meows resolution. i'm not sure your resolutions guy but zig may be the exact type of motivation we all need right about now. he says he started working out because he wanted to get in shape and have better stan minute ma he's been working for a decade now started when he was about 60 years old he decided to train to become a power lifter. why not? after thee months, he entered his first competition
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and, of course, was a crowd favorite. >> i was 242 pounds and had a lot of people standing up applauding me for lifting all this weight i think they were applauding me because i was old. [ laughter ] >> not necessarily. he has one piece of advice don't let age determine how much you can, you know, lift. just go out there and grab some waits. like do you, iain. [ laughter ] >> my gym is really crowded because everyone has new year's resolution. >> i know. wait about two weeks. >> exactly. >> it will calm down. lucy, thank you very much. kristen what's coming up in sports? >> well, i don't want to admit it, but i think nick say ban is the greatest college football coach we've seen yet. i hate saying it too. my case why we can't deny
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keep on scratchin'! alabama won another national title under nick saban last night. i know. unless you went to alabama i
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think everyone was rooting for georgia in that game. because you want something different. you genuinely want someone else to win for a change. but they didn't. it was nick saban again. now the sixth title in his career. i think it's about time we call him the go. but the man is tied with the great bear bryant for most national titles in college football. he had the best recruiting class in the country every single year since 2011. he's won five titles in just nine seasons at alabama. the college football playoffs be relatively new every kneeled a bracket would it the crimson tide. you can hate saying it, i hate saying it but you have to give it nor nick saban the guy is the best. who else would have thought it was a good idea to sit your starting quarterback for a red shirt freshman you've barely seen play? in the national title game. raise crazy he has to be looking into crystal ball. each year he's seeing more
11:26 pm
trophies. here's to you nick saban you are the best. iain. >> kristen, thanks. it's tipping a turn off? well how about this survey shows americans don't want to tip any more. zagat poll found that 43% of americans are in favor of getting rid of tipping. even if it means raising the prices on food. american typically tip about 1 18%. people in philly they're the best tippers. they leave about 20% typically people in portland are the worse leaving about average of 16 and a half%. that's how we roll. >> i like to tip. i mean if the service is good. >> service is good. >> i'm really big if i'm taking an uber the stars rating i feel like i'm bet at tipping people. good driver, bad driver. >> exactly they rate us too. >> i know. >> it's amazing. >> i don't want to look at that ra
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok, the plot thickens with oprah winfrey. gayle king tells us stedman didn't say what he's quoted as saying. >> what he's saying is she absolutely would be a good president. that's what he was responding. >> even though he said she would do it if the people wanted her to. harvey: ultimately, it sounds like oprah would run for president. >> would she give away all of her businesses? harvey: who runs the trust, gayle or stedman? >> the answer is never known. >> donald trump made an appearance at the national championship game. >> donald j. trump. >> the reception is much like the perception of donald trump in america. if you hate trump, you heard a bunk of -- bunch of boos. if you love trump, you heard a bunch of cheers. >> blac chyna, she said the


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