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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 11, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. local college student goes missing over winter break. days later, his body is found in a park in california. now, the search is on for his killer. thanks for joining us tonight at 11:00. i'm iain page police say 19-year-old blaze bernstein was home in orange conte for the break. his family reported him missing money a week ago. now his death is being investigated as homicide. tonight students on the campus of u penn are honoring him and that's where we find fox 29's chris o'connell with their tributes. chris? >> reporter: iain, it certainly was a sad night here on campus of university of pennsylvania as fellow students gathered to say goodbye to one of their own in the meantime on the west coast, the search begins for killer.
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>> we just have learned that the oc sheriff's department coroner's office confirmed our family's worst fierce could come true. they have positively identified our son blaze's body today. >> it's the announcement no parent should ever have to make. after days of searching authorities in california have found the body of blaze bernstein the 19-year-old sophomore at the university of pennsylvania. officials have ruled his death a homicide. >> so many friends and family that have reach out to us. it's unbelievable what you people have done for us andnd or son in his memory isn't tonight classmates at the university of pennsylvania gather on campus to remember a bright young scholar. blaze left his home late last tuesday night with a friend who drove to this park in lake forest, california. blaze got out of the car, went into the park and vanish. his body was found yesterday a week later. bernstein was plan to go study
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psychology and was a writer for several of penn student run magazines. >> just a lot. i mean this past semester has been really tough a lot of -- just a lot of stuff going on. a lot of tragedies after tragedy. >> reporter: blaze is the eighth penn student to die so far think school year. in a statement to the student body, the university provost says "i came to know blaze and i grieve his passing as i do all student deaths. i realize these losses have the potential to affect many, many members of our penn family ". >> blaze was a brilliant colorful and charismatic man who shined light on all the lives of the people and communities that he touch. >> reporter: now police have not yet released how bernstein was killed. tomorrow at noon there will be healing session for students here on campus. iain? >> all right, chris, thank you. the strong smell of gas sent people scrambling from their homes tonight. five homes had to be evacuated. why? pgw says the warm weather
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makes the pipes contract and expand. our dave schratwieser joins us live in north philadelphia tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, pgw crews still here on the scene some six hours after this gas leak was detected. as we go from the frigid temperatures to warmer temperatures, over the next several days, we could see more of this. >> i'm glad that they responded asap. >> reporter: james white nose a gas leak when he smells one. wednesday night, he found himself smack in the middle of one when he got to his home on north opal street. >> smelled gas something you don't may with. >> when i first pulled up in front of my dad i smelled is smell of gas. >> reporter: alberto reyes new something was wrong when he walked in his front door and smelled gas. he he quickly grabbed his wife and eight week old daughter and got out. >> i was worried because there's so many of us in the house. my infant i was worried about her. >> a pgw arrived quickly that's
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pretty good because crews have been scrambling to deal with breaks and leaks since last week's stretch of single digit freezing temperatures. >> they said an hour and they came out like ten minutes. >> reporter: ann shank was lying in head will she heard the fire department knocking on her front door telling her to get out. >> telling me to come out. they have to come and get me. because i couldn't get down the stairs. >> reporter: pwg crews went to work and shut off gas to the block and located the leak and started repairs. alberto reyes was just thankful nothing serious happened. >> gas is dangerous. >> reporter: now five homes were evacuated. folks were allowed back in their homes about two hours later. but some tonight have elected to stay out until this gas leak is fixed. a pgw spokesperson could not provide any numbers on how many leaks we've had citywide in the past two weeks. iain? >> dave, thanks. a startling discovery for a man who went to visit his mother's grave at a delaware
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county cemetery. her body was moved. dave kinchen is live in delaware county with more on this. dave? >> reporter: iain, this man says he comes to the cemetery to pray with his mother, and he's just in disbelief tonight. >> i travel home twice a we're year to, you know, pray with her at her grave. like we're that close and we're spiritual people. >> reporter: you can imagine how stunned and grief stricken sean porter was when he realized his mom mother's body was moved to another grave. >> whose grave am i praying at? what body or what spirit i'm attaching myself to that's particular in my mother's grave that it's not its not my mother. >> reporter: the first sign of trouble the new headstone he bought for her was missing. >> i was hurt. selected, distraught emotionally upset. >> reporter: he it go worse when the cemetery admitted to moving his mother to another plot entirely, and without
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notice. >> made me feel like, well, you completely ick like, you desecrated a memory and you desecrated a woman's grave for what reason. >> porter demanded cemetery staff show him his mother's casket. >> i physically was sick to my stomach got a little dizzy i had to watch them dig a grave up that had my mother in it. >> fox 29 visited management for comment but her back from them wednesday. manager apologized for what porter is going through, and says his mother's body was moved after they realized her original plot was actually owned by someone else. >> what sort of behavior do you indulge in to desecrate a grave and move it without consent of the family? >> cemetery management apologized for not contacting porter about the plot change. they also say the contractor who delivered the headstone accidentally placed it on the wrong grave. despite the apology, sean porter says the pain won't go away.
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>> i'm just hurt. i hope that it doesn't happen to anyone else. >> cemetery offering a forlore fun but sean says that hardly repairs the pain he's going through. iain? >> dave, thank you. staying at a job for 30 years quite accomplishment but one local woman can say she did that twice. carmella farrell got a touching surprise farewell as she left wissahickon middle school for the final time. our shawnette wilson caught up with her in ambler. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, i can tell you she definitely won't miss getting up at 5:30 every morning and her husband won't miss having to take her to work and pick her up every day but what she will miss are the teachers and students she net along the way. none-year-old carmella farrell walk into wissahickon middle school tuesday of last week for her last day of work she was met with a surprise party. she was retiring after 30 years working in the school cafeteria. >> everybody surprise, surprise! >> students and staff showered
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her with gifts. i talk to carmel land her husband at their home week after the send off. >> that made me really emotionally. >> her daughter some of her grand and great-grandchildren and her husband were also there. >> i looked at him. i said you knew this, didn't you? he said no. he lied. he lied. >> this was her second career job. she work as a welder at a company in fort washington and retired from there at 62 years old. but says she still needed something to do. her oldest daughter suggested working in the school. >> started with making the pretzels, making pretzels. the fruit, hundreds of fruits a day. i go to the cookies. the cookies, make all the cookies. count my dishes, my plates. count -- you have to count everything. >> reporter: and then serve lunch but after three decades, carmella decided it was time to go. >> my feet i have hard time walking. >> reporter: already she misses her co-workers and the children.
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>> i already start crying i mice them a lot of good chirp. >> reporter: her husband is probably happier that is a he is. he retire at 65 and says that he's happy to have her home because now he has his companion back. iain. >> that is good news. great story. shawnette. thank you. >> yup. >> slap in the face to harvey weinstein. no real the disgraced movie mogul tacked on night out. and for some teens it's packly glued to their hands. you know they're phones. it doesn't stop when they get behind the wheel. one local school is trying something different to stop teching and driving. kathy you're talking about nasty rainstorm headed our way. yeah we are iain. looking at this watches and warnings all the way to the west. our storm is taking shape. we stay on the warm side. this time but not in the seven day. we'll talk about rain, warmth and then snow in just a few minutes. >> all right kathy thanks. royersford police department kell come agnew officer today. yesterday officer felicia dell
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gotti the newest addition to the department she'll work on the force part time. she's the first woman in 22 years to serve the department. ♪
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gloucester county new jersey i'm waiting for you go to fox 29
3:42 am tickets to be a part of the most amazing live studio audience. congratulations to you. this is crazy. check this out. man caught on camera breaking into a gas station in new jersey. using a fire extinguisher to smash the window this happen at the conoco gas station on route 70 in marlton. once he got inside two guys ransack the place and took more than $200. if you recognize them, call police. well it's an epidemic that's sweeping the nation. opioids and heroin. pennsylvania governor tom wolf nouns a plan to try and save lives with pennsylvania now the fourth highest overdose rate in the country he's declared a statewide disaster emergency launched latest attack on the crisis. pennsylvania will now utilize a command center at the pennsylvania emergency management agency to track progress and enhance coordination of health and public safety agency. 5200 people in pennsylvania died from this ep epidemic in 2017.
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>> ice agents raid 7eleven stores as part of immigration sweep. these are pictures of a raid in southern california it's the largest operation against an employer under the trump presidency. agents delivered audit notifications and temporarily shut down franchises in 17 states including new jersey and pennsylvania. 7eleven released a statement saying it is up to each independent franchise owner to make sure employees are eligible to work in this country. night out turned into attack for harvey weinstein. check out this video from tmz they report a guy had a lot of drink first asked to take picture with weinstein. when he said no the guy back hands weinstein twice and then verbally attac attacks him aftee was leaving. this happened at a restaurant in scottsdale, arizona. of course the former movie mogul accused of sexual harassment by more than 80 women. not only is it illegal it's dangerous. teching and driving. but majority of teens do it any way.
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now, one local high school is trying to stop that. they're putting a new spin on it to show young drivers how serious the problem is. our bill anderson has the story. >> reporter: we've all seen the horrific commercials. been bombarded with stats about the dangers of teching and driving but it doesn't seem to be working. good do you ever text and drive? >> yes. >> occasionally. >> a little bit, yeah. >> let's be honest unfortunately too many people have to be scared straight being personally affected tends to influence behavior but it also means that you have to deal with tragedy. so quakertown high school decided to try something different. >> so today we have a demonstration from lehigh valley health network. they have a driving simulator. >> it's to demonstrate the dangers of not only texting and driving but distracted driving. >> reporter: in fairness to the students as the lines formed to try the simulator, yes, several admitted that they do text and drive. but the ones who did knew they needed to stop and several
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others they've already gotten the message. >> you're not texting and driving. >> no, no, no. >> because it's distracting and i don't want to crash. >> reporter: teens sat down and took the wheel and then were faced with many of the distractions they can face daily on the road but started off joke to many a video game to others -- good oops. >> began to change as they saw the consequences. >> wiggle your toes. >> it was scary. >> yeah. >> yeah. i crashed into someone. there was red light and i didn't stop fast enough. >> i seen what's happening on the roads. people crash. people die because of it. >> oops. >> reporter: we have to remember these are teens and as much as people may judge their decisions or the decision to simulate fatal accidents it seemed to have an impact as pretty much everyone left the simulation getting the message. >> it's not really worth it. why put your live on the risk and on the line for something so stupid. >> definitely think twice before
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picking up the phone. >> accidents involving deaths serious bodily injury this is a felony. >> hopefully showing the effects of texting and driving without actually having to experience an accident will help. not only these students but everyone who doesn't seem to grasp that nothing is so important that it can't wait 15 minutes to potentially save a life for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ >> thanks to local organization students in philadelphia are going to get the channel their inner picasso. the major district arts program just gave grants to 14 schools for art innovation projects. this is going to help students reach opportunities in music, dance, theater and digital med media. the picasso project began 15 years ago and since then 40,000 kids have been inspired through the arts. here's live look in allentown lehigh county finally warping up out there. but don't expect to see the sunny skies just yet. meteorologist kathy orr is
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tracking some rain in our forecast. >> oh yeah, iain. oh yeah i want to take you down to cape may where you can see the little bit of a shimmer on the area road right near washington mall. everything will refreeze tonight. so please be aware of that and of course still a lot of snow on the ground down the shore and through south jersey and delaware. temperature is 40 degrees. the wind chill the same the wind is calm we can be thankful for that. tomorrow morning those temperatures are going to be cold again but right now it's still 40 in philadelphia. 35 in allentown. 30 in the poconos and 38 degrees in millville. when you look at the country you can see colder air in the northern planes rapid city five. billings too. international falls at 20. see all this green, this is some mild air that's going to be pulling toward the delaware valley with a southerly wind. so we get into the 50s. then we get into the 60s. and then the party is over. as we look at ultimate doppler you can see the clouds rolling in. they'll thicken during the day tomorrow. tomorrow we'll be running about 15 degrees above normal. the normal high 40. friday we'll run about
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25 degrees above normal and that's when we'll see most of the rain. and then by saturday, the rain ends look at that temperature we go 2 degrees below average and then by sunday we go 8 degrees below average. so the warmth will come with the rain but then it's going to be washed away very quickly with that cold. we'll go hour by hour you'll see the rain moving in by tomorrow night especially north and west that's 11:00 o'clock. at this time tote tomorrow night talking about some showers not heavy. and then some rain during the morning on friday especially to the north and west some of that heavier rain to the north of the poconos towards scranton and then it will fill in but by friday afternoon we start to to see break it could be for several hours in the evening. might be able to go and grab dinner and stay dry. but still warm and then the rain will be coming back late in the night possibly about midnight and goes go that was saturday morning. this is the last batch with colder air coming in behind it this is some freezing rain. and then by saturday afternoon it's gone. that means for the eagles game colder air will be working its way in. it will be windy as well. how much rain? about an inch in
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philadelphia. some higher accumulations to the north and west. then the cold air moves in. overnight lows maining in the 30s but many of our locations going below freezing. so please be aware of black ice come tomorrow morning and during the day tomorrow, going um to 55. but mostly cloudy with that southerly wind. as we look at the forecast for the eagles game, let's say you'll start tailgating at about noon. that's reasonable, right, iain? northwesterly win at 15. it gets colder by kick off year at 33. wind chills in the 20s. by the end of the game, temperature only about 27 with wind chills in the teens. so layer up for that one. as we look ahead you can see cold air for sunday. the holiday on monday. next chance of snow is tuesday. and then wednesday look for sunny and cold weather we go below average by 10 degrees the high only 30. the morning low 19. come on. [ laughter ] >> still january. >> it is january, i know, right, thanks kathy. >> you bet. >> thanks fort warning much kristen what's coming up in sports iain, the eagles say they
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feel comfortable being the underdogs against the falcons this week. i say there's still pressure on one guy who
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♪ you need to survive much more than the cold to be a polar bear plunger. it takes courage, bravery and heart. each year these winter warriors jump to frozen glory to raise money for special olympics pennsylvania athletes and with nine locations statewide you're never far from a polar plunge in your area. join us... the many, the brave... the ones who are "freezin' for a reason."
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♪ everything gets heightened in the playoffs. the stakes, the competition, the crowd, but also the pressure. when it eagles finally take the field on saturday, against the falcons over at the linc i think the man who will be feeling the loader of that pressure will be doug pederson. here's why. this is pederson's first playoff run as a head coach. it's unchartered waters for him. sure he's been here as player and as an assistant coach. but now it's all on him especially since the eagles are now underdogs to the falcons as the one seed. that's in large part carson wentz not on the field. for those that say nick foles should feel the pressure, think about why you're saying that. after the last few weeks, no one expects a wentz like performance from foles. seeing him just execute and do his job would be reward enough. head coaches in the nfl now are really glorified motivational speakers. if the eagles fall flat it's because pederson didn't get them
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ready. all eyes will be on doug pederson on saturday. so get ready. iain. >> all right kristen thank you almost that time of year girl scout cookie season officially kick off next thursday. so yeah get excited. today one girl scout troop shut down 27th street in fairmount to load up on boxes. how many? 12,000. the troop compromised 160 unloaded the cases of cookies into their troop leaders home this is her 19th year of doing that. so if you need to place an order you know where to go. >> oh yeah. >> right. >> just in time to break everyone's new year's resolutions. girl scout cookie season. >> back in the day you had to wait until march. >> i know right. >> you know where to go. >> i love the thin mints. >> samoas. >> have a good night. thanks for watching. >> peanut butter bloss
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>> good morning, happening rye right now, we are following breaking news out of camden county. residents at this hour are being told to shelter in place. police on scene after barricade in gloucester township. we will have the latest details coming into our news room right now. also ahead. >> blaze was a brilliant colorful charismatic man who shined light on all of the lives and the people and communities he touched. >> so, so sad. it was the worse news. what we feared. shock on the campus of the university of pennsylvania over that murder mystery, thousands of miles away, who killed one of the student that goes there. it is just sad news. >> also ahead here this morning, 3:58, showdown across the pond, the sixers juster cents the celtics, two of the hottest teams in the nba
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face-off today across international waters. >> spot of tea to celebrate with our little. >> cheerio? >> our brutal british accents, good morning to all of you. thank you for joining us this morning. morning. >> great to have you with us, morning, karen, bob. >> would the queen b over there, do you think, front row? >> with her little foam finker? >> can you imagine. >> maybe, never know. it is the royal family. hey, scott, good morning. >> good morning, guys, get ready for more of the january thawing. temperatures will climb into the 50's today. >> what the what the. >> 60s tomorrow, yes, rain is on the way. now, not today. looking at 39 degrees, today above freezing for many location, weather by the number, one to ten, what about a nine today? well above average. ultimate doppler the rain, next system still out to the west, look at the temperatures right now, 44 degrees in atlantic city, pretty balmy,
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looking at 38 degrees in trenton, 36 degrees in allentown, mount pocono, 39 degrees. so, today's high temperature, 54 degrees. it is going to feel like spring, and then temperatures tonight in the upper 40's. so, pretty mild, bob kelly. coming up we will time out that rainfall, on the horizon for your friday. and we could see some heavy rainfall ponding on the roads, bob? >> hopefully give that rain to kind of clear the air, maybe hose down the sidewalk little bit. morning, everybody, 4:00 starting with some construction here, this is 95 southbound, as you work your way in toward downtown between at gain i and girard avenue. a landmark, in south jersey, fire location, this morning, what many of you remember as the white horse diner, now the country town diner, on fire this morning, more on that in a moment. but the white horse pike closed between crosskeys and jackson right there in the heart of south jersey. again, we will have local


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