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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 12, 2018 3:00am-3:29am EST

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>> help, i just want to go home, that was a cry of many trying to get home on new jersey transit today, another bad day for the transit system as they cancel 12 more trains. where is the end, is it anywhere in sight? >> i have been late for work, late picking up my kids. >> my train was canceled. bill: can the newer governor fix what is wrong with new jersey transit. >> and another accusation against politician this time new york state senator accused of sexual assault, this one going two years, a lot of questions, could there be a political motivation. >> has anything like this happened to you, what do you do? >> and president trump cracking down on illegal immigration.
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>> no one should be surprised. >> hammer has fallen it fell in our area, i am bill spadea, this is "chasing news." bill: what a nightmare commute, if you rely on new jersey transit to get you back and forth to work, another dozen trains canceled this the fourth day in a row. they averaged 14 trains canceled of day this week, is there an end in sight, they blame the weather, then electrical problem, this is an on problem that no one has been able to fix, ashley johnson with the story. reporter: if the day was already not bad enough for nj transit, federal regulator recommend they play -- pay a fine are $12,000. to install collision shawl shall system, it has been a nightmare
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for riders, canceled drains and delays have many blasting them on social media. check out this tweet, maybe you should stop raising prices and delaying trains and fix doors to open while the train is full speed, people have been packed in trains like sardines, i caught up with commuters. >> the train was delayed this morning on the way in all of the cities hoboken, it was about an hour and 45 minutes commute, just now my train was canceled on the way home. >> i have been late for work, i have been late picking up my kids. >> very slow, it isly laid and behind schedule, it makes it difficult to plan, i am coming in to have meetings with people. try to keep appointments. reporter: i'm headed out of new york-penn station to trenton. and i can tell you, train is
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full of people, not everyone has a seat. and also we have been at a stall in the tunnel for 20 minutes. here is a tweet from nj transit stating there were delays because of amtrak bridge stuck in open position, and earlier tweet warned because of a wire problem at new york-penn station, that has riders more upset. nj transit said, they are working for a backlog of weather related equipment issues, and returning rail cars to service as quickly as possible. and nj transit did not give time frame to when the issues would be solved or what commuters can expect to next week. in trenton, i am ashley johnson reporting for "chasing news." bill: thank you. >> all right, now let me introduce you to someone not an expert in transportation issues but someone who had to endure the nightmare commute, every day
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going back since this ridiculousness with nj transit started. we found her on twitter this morning, she has been tweeting away. at all of pictures you see. jessica thank you for joining me, how are you? >> great. bill: your pictures are great, it speaks volumes, did this just start with the snow storm friday, we had average 14 trains canceled this week or way before? >> it goes way back before. the last couple weeks have been incredibly difficult. there has been single level trains, and everyone is kind of packed in. bill: you went too better are they getting back to you, you have tagged them, anyone respond. >> nobody. bill: how bad has it become,
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describe your getting in today, today, here we are, we're 5 days, 6 days after the snow storm, there should have been no excuse for today. >> my train was canceled today. two trains an hour. and i actually had to drive because i would not have been taiable to make it to work, this morning took about 2 hours, i got to train stations and i waited, there was like my 8:15 train was canceled. bill: what is the mood of the commuters? mad, upset, lashing out? what is the mood? >> they are pretty upset. it just gets worse and worse every day, my boss of day, i am late, i don't know what to tell him. bill: what do you say to phil murphy with nj transit. >> fix it, fix it.
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bill: i hope your commute friday is better, but still new jersey transit. >> all right, bringing in someone who wrote an article in north, editorial page editor, said if governor-elect phimurphy can fix it, he can be governor for life, why did you write the column. >> why am i commuter? the column came out of fact that i am a commuter. i use all of the systems. the other night was a particularly horrible night even for nj transit level. you know train first did not leave the station. it is good to leave the station, and we hobbled along then stopped in middle of nowhere before the hackensack river. and there was no information. i just started tweeting away, tweeting out to ?rk nj transit l
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me what is happening, nothing. bill: do you think that governor-elect murphy can fix this problem where so many have failed before him. >> i don't know if anyone can, i am heartened by fact that he wants to fix it he said this is a national disgrace, he is making himself very aligned to the commuter. and that is important. the fact that he sent outletters asking for resignation, i believe were delivered today. we don't know who everyone is. is a good sign. bill: good luck tomorrow. as i said, don't held your breath, still new jersey transit. >> thank you very much, i still have to get home tonight. bill: all right, if you had to fly in our out of jfk over last week, what a nightmare, look at this this was sunday afternoon. these were all flights at the
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gate, i cannot imagine trying to find your plane, let alone your bag, that is right, 5,000 bags are estimated to be still sitting at the airport waiting for someone to get them, airport cannot get out of their own way, some of these bags are outside. right with the weather. if almost en of the week, this happened on sunday. all right, bring in our panel to break it down, khadir are she is with muslim society. >> thank you. >> thank you. bill: janet hoffman, and laura, lauren, we start with you, how did you get home today or the bags left outside. >> this seems insane to me. and you know, i understand that there are unforeseen things that happen, but when it comes to transportation generally, failing to plan is planning to
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fail. bill: is this a port authority problem? have you political hacks that get these appointments, christie appointed one that turned into a criminal. >> you know this is a disgrace, i agree with murphy on one thing new jersey transit is a national disgrace with problem at port authority, and new jersey transits. i think we don't have the right leadership there phil murphy as governor he has called for resignation that is typical but he has to put qualified transportation professional at port authority to make sure that trains are running on time. bill: are we not having an honest conversation any longer about expertise, there are people who ar experts. >> they need to be on the board that is the bigger issue. if we are going too have better leadership we need people at board that know about transportation, and that are cape aim of helping -- capable of helping with spending and
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safety that is a real factor. bill: you heard tweets and complains, commuters are upset. >> let's check out headlines. >> i'm massachusetts mother of two died in hospital two days after being diagnosed with the flu. she went to the hospital with a cold. she developed a bacterial infection. causing severe pneumonia, it is unclear whether she had the flu shot. >> university of maryland medical center in baltimore said that taking full responsibility for its actions after a viral video surfaced showing a woman in a thin hospital gown being left outside in 30 to 40 degree weather at a bus stop wednesday night. >> a pedestrian captured that on video. in the video you can hear man asking woman -- >> are you okay, do you need me too call police. >> that is a look at some headlines we're chasing for today. bill: don't go anywhere, we have
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more chasing news, the hammer on illegal immigration, coming from trump white house, this time it hits our
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news," i am bill spadea, we have more show for you. donald trump getting tough on illegal immigration, dropping a hammer. most recent one landed in our area. but first, we want to check in
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with our reporter with story of a new york state senator accused of sexual assault. john? reporter: me too allegations have resulted in firing resignation and apologies, but constituent senator jeff klein denies sexual assault allegations that are placed before him by a former staf sta. allegedly took place in 2015, a woman, erika, claims that klein forcibly kissed her, quote is, shoved his tongue down her throat. and she pushed him off, and told her friends about it, she resigned, and did not file a claim at the time. because she said she fell ashamed. what is going to happen next? klein said during a conference call with reporters, he is not
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going to resign. and some are calling for an ethics investigation, governor cuomo said he supports that. bill: his girlfriend, was senator diane who was there at the time? >> she said she supports him on a conference call yesterday, she said she was there and saw no wrong doing, and would have put an end to it, if she did. we'll see where this ethics investigation goes. bill: john thank you, appreciate it. all right bringing in our panel to break it down. start with you. this seems to be makings of potentially a political set up. been two years, a woman who was his girlfriend who was there said i saw it, done see anything wrong. now we're two years later, so easy to set them up, and how do we know if he did it. >> we don't know, it is that he said, she said, but, the fact
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that where there is smoke there is fire, i think it is worthy of an investigation. bill: huffington post, sounds like low hanging fruit for an easy political hit. >> it could be, not like anyone cornered market on being only person to lie, she could be lying, but there is nothing about the story that would makee me believe he was lying, i want to know, what did her friends say, i want to assess the credibility of the alleged victim, and other people she supposedly told when it the whole story, she could be be lying or t take these on a case by case basis. this me too great, women feel ao come forward who have harassed,d that, however, there have wheree them, like senator chuck schumey
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"me too" movement has been a guy out there is now on guard, saying anyone can s there is -- >> people who be on guard. don't >> you can't -- >> no, not at all. >> men have right to due process, especiallynes these ca, i worry that pendulum is swinging opposite way, going to? >> this happened to me, you know, i-- do? in the past, do you say hey, get hey, get away, she said she said get away, and quit her job. bill: the "me too" movement is ruining cordial and otherwise excellent relationships that most men and workplace for a few instances,
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that is a shame, they put everyone inuct. >> it is scary. bill: donald trump getting on illegal immigration, dropping a hammer. and you know what, most recent one landed in our area. alison with the full story. what do you have? reporter: a day after u.s. immigration officials raided anotherl nearly 100 7-eleven stores, they asked why u.s. still asks u.s. in blank countries, using a vulgar word, the raise results in 21 arrests and biggest exra crackdown since president trump took office. >> according on a spokesperson there was 16 notices in new york city area, and would not confirm how many arrests were made. in new jersey, two notices were
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issued in south jersey, and there were zero arrests, we spoke with immigration attorney about what could be next for those arrested. >> they are allowed to give us a call or coordinate their release, get them a bail hearing. see if we can get them out of detention then a form of release. reporter: wednesday's operation resulted from a 2013 investigation, that resulted inn franchisees and managers in new york and t mayor of newark, a sanctuary city, called theuncona statement said, city of newark will not assist i.c.e. in any immigration enforcement operation not today, not tomorrow, or in thent of homelay is also cracking down on those who obtain their fraudulently, a man from india is first to be stripped of citif
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operation janus. that obama and investigates and prosecuting immigration. he was strippede u.s. citizen last week. his can be subject to deportation. deportation. i alison for "chasing news." bill: all right, bring back the panel, i think the singh case is cut and dry, 25 years, he did not show up for his hearing. >> we're a nation of laws, and borders, those laws need to be enforced. i think you know to bigger point, i think, that 7-eleven issue, that franchises. if you are doing something illegal, of course, they will crackdown on that. >> employers should know that,
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they should be aware if they employee people who are undocumented and breaking laws it could get them into trouble. bill: what did you think? he has been around for 25 years, we know companies that hire people who are illegal, why isn't the company responsible to figure it out. >> empleremployers should be responsible for finds. bill: are we being too harsh, a lot of good people that want to work hard. >> that should be a case by case, we should not look at just maybe low level possible people that could, we should look at mid level position. are you saying a computer designer is not here illegally, why just 7-eleven. >> we have to understand the idea that we must to be responsible prioritize our resources, there are a lot of people that are here illegally, and realliestically we can't send them all back, we must prioritize the limited resources
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we have, that means start with those committing crimes and those that are law abiding citizens. bill: you have a people coming in to new jersey saying we're not worried about those committing crimes. >> let everyone come in. >> i don't know if that is a fair. >> that is what he said, making new jersey a sanctuary stay. >> that does not what it means. >> people who have committed crimes, he is not going to deport them. bill: a little bit of political retribution here that, murphy comes in a sanctuary state and flies in face of federal government and maybe they say why not new jersey. >> i think that phil murphy has a national agenda to be progressive and a candidate for president in 2020, he will defy everything that happens to national level with president trump. bill: we're in for a wild next few years, than thank you for bg here, checking in with dan zarrow your weather.
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reporter: a lot to talk about, big changes on the way, over next 48 hours. and step one a storm system that rolls in tonight, rain showers then periods of steadier heavier rain on friday. it will be messy at times with downpours, and maybe rumbles of thunder, locally deng local den. and there could be snow mel, step two, saturday morning a critical point, rain is coming to an end about 8 or 9:00 in the morning, temperature drop. could see wintry mix with sleet, freezing rain, slicking things up, sat wse threat it north and west. final stage is t temperatures tumble saturday afternoon, back to arctic again bputs, tonight, not far, fall 5.
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as those showers roll, insteadier heavier rain friday, 60, locally dengdense thunderstorm. saturday starts warm near 60, by saturday evening, that will raise flash freeze concern that any puddles could become solid ice overnight. bill: a lot more coming up for you after the break, all of your headlines we're chasing for you. why are all clubs closing?
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news," i am bill spadea. we are looking at headlines, clo they seem to be closing all over the area? >> at least 8 people are still missing after tuesday mudslide in southern california.
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earlier report from county officials said that 48 were missing was a cle clerical erro7 people have died in the mudslides after torrential rains. >> on same walmart announced it raising starting salary for u.s. workers and out $1,000 bonuses, it confirmed they a sam's club warehouse store, including newed connecticut, those in tri-state area are bud lake, lyndon and princeton. a spokesman said it is too early to say how many employees will lose their job. >> all right. thank you thank you for watching show, i am bill spadea, follow he on twitter, and i will see you tomorrow night.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. the city skyline lit up in redrite to honor of a fallen hero. letourneau lost his life trying to save other, family, friends athe sidr respects if there's one thing his flo his influence will forever live on. thanks for joining us. i'm iain page the outpouring of support is inspiring and shawnette wilson talk with those closest to him at the viewing and she joins us live in center city with those stories tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, i'm told that he was a mentor, he once taught fire safety classes. lieutenant letourneau was known to many for his lover of the


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