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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 12, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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coat away just yet. plus, the party is over. cops bust an underaged drinking party after they found a trail of beer cans leading to something bigger. ♪ buckle up, you're on a bumpy ride. roller coaster weather. we're talking about at least a 30-degree drop. ♪
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and this is it. eagles fans are gearing up for the battle of the birds. game day less than 24 hours away, and the hype is unreal. ♪ >> now, fox 29 news at 10:00. ♪ talk about a weather whiplash. this time last week, we had sn snow. tonight rain, warm in the 60s. hard to believe. >> and check out this video down at penn's landing. intense fog just hanging over the delaware river. ice floating on top of the water just as we start to thaw out. but don't get too excited because we are talking about a dramatic drop in temperatures. like 30 degrees. thanks for joining us i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. folks starting to peel back some of those layers today. but if you're headed to the eagles game tomorrow, you're going to need to bundle up. scott, i hope the atlanta falcons are watching from the hotel rooms tonight because we're talking about freezing cold temperatures at kickoff.
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>> absolutely. it will be a shock to the system, chris. temperatures right now look at this. 62 degrees in philadelphia. but off to the west, behind that front, 25 degrees right now in pittsburgh. look at the arctic air far north and west. 15 below in international falls so that's the cold air that's headed in our direction. more on and off again showers overnight. watch out for slick roads. 60s to freezing tomorrow and y, black ice will develop in spots. early during the day into the afternoon and then for the eagles game we're talking about wind chills in the teens. so definitely you'll have to bundle up for the game. ultimate doppler right now, still showing pockets of rainfall some heavy i in as you move into sections of south jersey and far north and west you can see still a lot of moisture to move through. snow around pittsburgh. freezing rain and then rain right now. but we are looking at winter weather advisories far north and west for that change over.
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coming up we'll talk much more about that icy threat and also that entire forecast hour by hour at the linc. back over to you. >> all right, scott, thanks. eagles fans gearing up for the first playoff game in south philly since 2013. whether you're tailgating at the linc, holding a house party, fans counting down the hours till kickoff. fox 29's shawnette wilson live from the linc with this story. shawnette, can you tell i'm little excited here? >> reporter: you're excited? we're all excited. i hope i'm going to be at a party tomorrow. but we know for sure that fans are going to crash stores frontally pretty early tomorrow to get those game day must haves we're talking about food here. but we did find some businesses tonight who say that fans have actually gotten a jump start started placing orders already. >> friday nights are typically busy at this wing stop on cottman avenue in the northeast. but on the day before an eagles playoff game it can't compare to the volume of fooled they'll put out tomorrow. >> we have extreme orders coming in online.
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call n walk ins we'll be extre extremely busy tomorrow. >> reporter: sidney mitchell an assistant manager. her crew's work for tomorrow starts tonight. no pressure but it's the first time the eagles have been in the playoffs since this wing stop has been opening. >> pre prepping for tonight. it will be super bowl all over again. so busy. report roar chicken is the easy part for them it's getting a head on the sides fans have to have for their watch parties. >> our dips, celery and carrots for the family packs. fridays we got to do branch in so we can fries -- enough fries for um, um, you know the orders and stuff. >> reporter: over at lee's hoagie house on caster avenue. >> i have pre orders for tomorrow already. hoagie trays, cheesesteaks salads and wings. >> john connell says his family and owned run business has it been around for 65 years they're pros at the fan demand.
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>> we'll be in here tomorrow morning cutting, preparing for the day. taking orders all day long. hopefully, before the game, half time and when the eagles win after that. >> reporter: food sales are only half the battle, though, when it comes to this game. even businesses are thinking about more than that. >> it's very big for us for the eagles. hoe the eagles get a win. >> reporter: wee definitely hoping for that. i actually stopped in to a grocery store tonight. they didn't have really a rush of fans trying to buy snacks and things but, chris, they did have like football themed cakes, cupcakes, um, just everything up. right now i don't know if i'm hungry for food or a win. [ laughter ] >> but it's a win. >> all right. shawnette, thanks. we are tracking a developing story out of southern california where police have made arrest in connection to the murder of university of pennsylvania student. the orange county sheriff's deputies arrested 20-year-old sam woodward for the murder of blaze bernstein who was found dead this week while home on
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winter break. authorities say the 19-year-old went missing on january 2nd and his body found a week later. deputies say they believe woodward who went to school with bernstein killed him and buried him near the park. a solemn day in philadelphia as we say goodbye to a hero. first responders from all around marching in solely carry from his firehouse to the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul this morning. as we say one last final good guy to lieutenant matthew letourneau. 42-year-old veteran philadelphia firefighter lost his life trying to save others from a burning house. our dave schratwieser has the story of a city remembering a man of courage taken way too soon. ♪ >> reporter: as raindrops fell on mourners outside, tears flowed from mourners inside the cathedral basilica as the city of philadelphia family members and fellow firefighters said goodbye to lieutenant matthew letourneau a hero who lost his
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life in the line of duty. >> he lived, ate, slept and breathed this job. matt every day of his life was truly a hero and we are all better off because of his bravery and service. >> reporter: hundreds stood outside in the rain during the morning viewing and mass. hundreds more packed the cathedral. lieutenant letourneau was remembered for his smile, his enthusiasm, his compassion but mostly for his bravery. >> he was truly a fireman's fireman. he fought that fire to the best of his ability along with everyone else on that fire ground. >> i mean here's a hero. you know, it's what we do every day, and you know every day when you go to work there's no guarantee that you'll come back home. >> reporter: 11-year veteran of the department died trying to rescue others from a fast-moving fire on colorado street. a resident of the home was also killed, two other firefighters were injured.
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>> when the going gets tough, there was nobody tougher and there is nobody tougher. >> just the willingness to put your life on the line in that way is something that most people can't begin to cree hen. >> we will never forget the incredible sacrifice that lawsuit matthew letourneau made to keep the residents of philadelphia safe. >> reporter: firefighters from across the country turned out. it was a brotherhood they said. luke letourneau spoke glowingly about him off camera as brother, the best man in his wed, an uncle an man who loved his family a man proud to be a philadelphia firefighter every single day. ♪ >> fire fighting from the beginning as he came into this world until today was his passion. but his love for family, faith and friendships will never die. >> he has gone ahead and joined a company of other heroes and
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there is no doubt that they are working their way down that smoky hallway making it safe for the rest of us. ♪ >> reporter: firefighters and first responders from his as far away as toronto and trinidad came to pay their final respec respects. the fire commissioner saying this fallen hero was a shining example to all of us. he says, matt letourneau didn't have the word can't in his vocabulary. in center city, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. check this out beautiful and heart-breaking scene at the same time. firefighters from delaware and chest counties gathering on the overpass of the blue route paying their respects as the procession for lieutenant matt letourneau passed by today. exciting day in camden as new mayor of the city is sworn in. frank moran a long-time resident of the city taking the oath tonight to become the 48th mayor of camden.
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moran has been city council members since 1997 and was elected to mayor back in november. congratulations, mayor moran. a 14-year-old south philly girl lost something irry placeable. a locket with her father's ashes vanished last week. her and her mom are searching the city to find that necklace. susan wise said her 14 year old jenny lost the locket near the mcdonald's on third and oh oregon last week. jenny's father an army veteran passed away two years ago and she wears that necklace every day to keep her dad close. susan is asking anyone who finds it to return the ashes to her family. >> i would give a million dollars if i had it just to get that back to my daughter. it real woman mean a lot to her and to myself. it's all that's left of her dad and the truth is it's like losing her father twice. >> now susan posted about the locket on facebook. i shared that it has now been
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shared over 10,000 times so far in hopes of helping out that family. dawn? eagles fans well they come out in force. if you think age has anything to do with it, think again. one retirement community is showing its eagles spirit
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tonight everybody is getting ready for the big game tomorrow and if you think people get too old to love their eagles, well, think again. our hank flynn is here to tell us that is definitely not the case. ♪ >> reporter: it's hank. i'm out in lansdale brittany
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point estates mummers eagles pep rally. don't say anything, just try to keep up. it kick off about 2:00 o'clock and it was katie bar seniors and their finest eagles flare swinging and strutting all the favorites eagles victory song, oh, them golden slypes in case you live under a rock there's a big game tomorrow. only one possible out come. >> the score tomorrow will be 21-16 favor of the eagles. >> 21-16 for the eagles. you heard it here from miss theresa. how they going to do it? >> defense. >> defense. bang. >> foles is going to have a good game. he's going on target and throw four touchdown pass. >> don bader from up town spring band was leading the show on banjos. >> this is a outrageous. it's incredible. >> shuffling and getting down square dancing. >> we get to do this all the time. they're out there doing their mummers strut and all get together for the game together. watch football game. watch eagles win their first
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playoff. >> during quick break don told everybody a sassy joke. >> wow. >> that's incredible. >> you in heaven. >> no i'm a rabbit in arizona. >> folks are having fun all over the place. >> outside there's a water volleyball game going on down in the pool. what's in the water up here? >> terry put the whole thing together. i asked her. >> there's no such thing as old i found that out. this is my 13th year working here and if this is old, i can't wait to get there. >> i'll second that. there's no such thing as the fountain of youth at least that i know of. but people feel a little more spry when team is in the playoffs come kickoff tomorrow i figured this retirement community will be rocking about as hard as the linc. at least pretty close. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ ♪ we're tracking breaking news out of south philadelphia tonight.
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relief, a mom and daughter with special needs are reunited within the last hour after a scary incident this afternoon, fox 29's brad sattin just getting on scene in south philadelphia. brad, what do you got? >> reporter: chris, i tell was this all playing out over the course of many hours. but just wrapped up a short time ago as you mentioned. some very scary moments for family, a mom and daughter, mom and dad they have a 20-year-old daughter with a mental disability. the development we're told of an eight year old here. she was unaccounted for for several hours. we were here on south street as they were reunited. we have some pictures to show you as the family left here together. let's kind of run through what happened. she was part of a live skills program was supposed to be dropped off at home by a philadelphia school district bus in the 4:00 o'clock hour. but never showed. her mom of course panic. cold call the school district was at first she says told that the bus would be there shortly but it never arrived. it turns out a substitute bus driver dropped her off at the
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pick up location rather than the drop off location so she was dropped off several blocks away and ended up wandering around for hours. now the protocol was to ensure that the bus did not leave until someone was there to accept her. police were alerted eventually found her nearby at wholefoods here on south street. >> i'm tired of it this is not the first time. something needs to be done about this. somebody needs to be accountable for it. >> it's crazy out here. you know what i mean you don't know what could happen. you know what i mean. thank god she has the decency and smarts to come where she want to go. she got a good sense of direct. >> reporter: police put putting out that all points bulletin in the search for this young woman. they did find her just within the course of an hour or so. they found her pretty quickly once the apb was put out. of course, the parents tonight they want some answers. they want to get to the bottom of it we do have some calls and e-mails out to the philadelphia school district. again, this is all just playing out. we have not heard back from them
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yet. back to you. >> all right, brad, thanks. so glad she's back with her parents tonight. thanks. all right. let's take live look over the ben franklin parkway. wild weather we're having. first of all arc mess out there. we had some snow last week. now to rain. now we're going back to the freezing cold. meteorologist scott williams navigating you through the forecast in 15 seconds. get ready to buckle up. roller coaster ride of weather will couldn't over the up coming weekend. look at the heavy rain. philadelphia almost an inch and a half of rain today. williams -- wilmington over and inch. doylestown over and inch. likewise toward the allentown area and look at ultimate doppler. we're pot done with that rainfall just yet. off to the north and west still looking at the rain and as we expand the view, cold enough now
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to change over to freezing rain and sleet. the western part of the state. so that will be moving into the poconos and also the lehigh valley overnight tonight. but temperatures for most of us will stay pretty mild. more rain overnight. early tomorrow morning. north and west those temperatureitemingfreezing sleen will be a concern for the poconos the lehigh valley but look at the temperatures as we move toward 4:00 o'clock tomorrow into the 20s. wind chills they will be in the teens. we're looking at a glaze of ice for sections of lancaster cun tee, berks county into the lehigh valley and also the poconos. high temperatures today, new records. reading 65. 65 degrees for allentown as well. but look at the cold air behind that front. right now out ahead of it, 50s and 60s but get ready, because if you're headed to the linc here's the bottom line. it's going to feel like 21 degrees at noon. 17 what it will feel like at
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5:00 o'clock tomorrow. so all of those tailgators bundle up. it's going to be cold. kickoff temperatures right around 30 degrees. the seven day forecast showing cold 30 degrees for the high mlk day and then look at tuesday into wednesday. more chances for some snow. a busy forecast for the weather authority. back over to you. >> all right. crazy. thank you scott. police in upper darby bust underaged drinking party in the woods but when they posted pictures on social media of them taking that keg last night, not all the responses were positive. but now, police are clapping back. dave kinchen has more from upper darby. dave? >> reporter: well, upper darby police protect and serve but this time around there were some online trolls serving up some shade. when the upper darby police busted up an underaged drinking party some turned to social media to bust their chops. >> have the people that love us and the people that hate us. it's funny to read those two
10:20 pm
people go at it. we kind of sit back and see, you know, how it goes. >> reporter: officer michael scott was photographed seizing a beer keg he pulled from a wooded area behind the aronimink swim club in drexel hill after he got a call of teens planning a drinking party there. we found empty beer cans showing what neighbors already know and complain about. it's a long-time favorite hang out for youth. >> a lot of stuff back there that could go wrong and people get hurt. so you know we like to see it cleaned up. >> reporter: officers were told on social media with many saying they have bigger cases to worry about than teens boozing up. officer scott sees it differly. >> little crime like this a kids party in the woods can turn into, you know, a drunk driver who takes someone's life. so, you know, you take care of the little stuff sometimes it takes care of the bigger stuff. >> reporter: upper darby police responded on twitter with a picture of cabinets stacked with investigation files from the last two years saying every crime matters. >> it's not like the only two cops in the town were looking for a keg of beer while there
10:21 pm
was crimes going on uni wasn't. everything gets answered the same. >> i think it's great that the upper darby cops have a sense of humor about finding out what's going on and putting it up on twitter or facebook and making sure people know that they -- they're on top of it. >> reporter: so with no keg in the rain tonight it's safe to say there was probably no party in that area this evening. back to you. >> all right, thanks, dave. kristen rodgers here with what's coming up in sports. can you say eagles football? >> we are just one sleep away from some playoff football over at the linc. can you feel it? coming up how doug pederson has addressed the biggest question mark for the eagles going into the post season. that's next. ♪
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nor nissan sports wrap on fox 29. the wait is over. eagles falcons tomorrow afternoon as the birds look to get one step closer to their goal of super bowl. it looks like nick foles is hi hitting his stride right in ti time. doug pederson simplified his message for foles this week just be nick it seems to be working. his teammates said he's look much more comfortable and confident out at practice and peter pederson notice add big change in his demeanor since he first took over for carson wen wentz. >> when you got sudden change like that and how it happened it's obviously can be, um, you know, it's never an easy thing to go through. but each week that's gone by there's more and more confidence. the guys just learning his voice
10:25 pm
influctions in the huddle, you know, for guys is, um, can be big difference. >> start your morning tomorrow at 8am with fox 29 "game day live" special day and time one last look at eagles falcons plenty of time to hit tail gates after the game remember kickoff at 4:35. the flyers are coming off their by week hot one their last three straight games coming into the second half the season looking refreshed and wanting to bring that same energy forward with a tough schedule coming up. flyers are going to new jersey tomorrow to take on the devils. puck drops at 7:00 and this rivalry is packed in tight flyers and devils face off four times in the next 15 games. so as they get into the play off hunt the flyers know there's no room for any mental errors. >> right where we want to be. we want to give yourself a chance to be in the play off race and that's where we're at. tomorrow is a big game. division game. big two points if we want to catch them up and make some ground.
10:26 pm
we'll be ready. >> having a good year this year, but they're team we're trying to catch for playoff spot. so we know -- we know what's at stake. we know which games are really big for us this is one of them. >> penn quakers hosting cornell at the palestra and penn just dominant they never trailed throughout the game. for forced 16 turnovers and came away with the win tonight. penn won eight of their last ten games. big congrats to penn joe's prep coach bill speedo morris earned his 1,000 career tonight. speedy has been coaching college and high school hopes for 50, five-zero years now. >> he is an absolute legend. >> boss. >> yeah. >> i tell you i'm nervous for the game tomorrw. i'm sure a lot of you are out there too. >> deep breath with me. >> yes. >> it's going to be okay. >> fingers crossed. >> all right. that does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. up next kristen rodgers is talking about the eagles chase for the championship.
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♪ this is fox 29 news the chase for a championship sponsored by nissan. the wait is finally over. eagles/falcons set for tomorrow afternoon as playoff football make its way back here to philadelphia. welcome to fox 29 news the chase for championship. i'm kristen rodgers. eagles are ready to move one step closer to their goal of a super bowl. the fact that they're underdogs to the falcons is just more fuel to the fire. ♪ >> we feel a little bit of it. you know we using that as fuel we going to go out there and execute, because you know everybody that's talking got a job to do. they never really ever been out there on the field but overall we going to go out there and do us and we worried about what's
10:31 pm
going on in this room. >> ♪ >> we don't care about the people, upping, that doubt us or the people that, upping, claim we're underdogs or whatever it is. underdogs, over dogs whatever it is, we know we'll go out there and be prepared to play our base game. eagles insider dave spadaro joins me now. thanks for sitting down with me. >> finally. >> finally we've been talking about it for 12 days. >> will you sleep well tonight. >> i need to sleep in general a lot of people are going to be restless pacing around. >> how do you feel about the fact that they're underdogs to atlanta. >> i think eagles have used that at least the players are trying to use that as another bit of motivation you heard how many times in the hocker room this week. >> bulletin board material. >> chip on my shoulder. >> disrespect. >> disrespect. anything that you can use is fine. once the game begins we know that's not going to be an issue. it's going to be about how you he can cute the game plan. and the eagles do feel that they're slighted. i find that very interesting
10:32 pm
actually. >> we talk about executing the game plan. guy that everyone is going to want to see execute nick foles. yeah. >> the biggest question mark the biggest concern. what does he have to do tomorrow? he said a good performance for him is getting a win. what does he have to do tomorrow to get that win. >> he has to show lot of confidence. he has to make sure he sees things when atlanta in defensive scheme that he can get them out of a play call if needed. he's got to deliver the ball on a timely fashion accurately he's got to be a great leader and show that he's relaxed and is going to play his game, kristen. i think when it all comes down to the nerves, the feeling of the overwhelming pressure, that really has to just fade away. >> all melt away. >> yeah. >> doug pederson's message for nick this week, just to be nick and it seems like it's working because any tension has been melting away. teammates azar he's been more relaxed more confident. here's what pederson had to say about it does did he mean are in has been great much he's handled it great. um, you know, owe the type of
10:33 pm
guy, i think like most quarterback i mean we learn to compartmental lies everything. put them things in boxes and just sort of check off each box every day and make sure we're, um, staying focused on the game plan and the guys and he's done a nice job and handled it well this week. >> how important has it been for foles especially during this by week to reset? >> this is a really good point, kristen. i'm glad you brought that up. so think about it this way. nick foles steps in for carson wentz in la. >> um-hmm. >> hadn't taken a rep in practice the entire season. >> yeah. >> and so then he goes in and he wins the game. they win to new york. then you have a christmas game and then you kind of got to get the arm back. because you haven't thrown. i think what doug pederson created here the last couple of weeks in a way a week every training camp, two weeks ago which gave nick a chance to really get some familiarity with his teammates. understand the playbook and just assess the situation.
10:34 pm
everything i've heard, now how it translates to tomorrow we don know he's had his best practices and the team has had their best practices of the year. >> talking with alshon jeffrey he kept telling me he's hitting his stride right in time for the playoffs. another guy hitting his tried actually he hit the stride back when he played atlanta. a jay has been here not in the division round of the playoffs he played atlanta back with my many me. best game of the season. 130 yards. what kind of insight can he provide for the eagles this we week. >> for sure at least he knows he's a comfort level with the scheme of the atlanta falcons the run scheme, the speed. they're a lighter but very fast and aggressive defense. ajayi has been used to that tempo. the way the eagles have used ajayi is really interested. he played seven games. he's had only 80 touches. i think tomorrow he's going to be really busy. >> do you think that will go through the roof with tips tomorrow. >> i think they made sure to keep jay ajayi fresh, healthy,
10:35 pm
get the legs strong. really feel comfortable in the offensive scheme and turn him lows in the playoffs. >> you can feel walking through the city that there is a lot of nervous energy right now. little bit of anxiety because the playoffs are a different beast. here's what defensive coordinator jim schwartz had to say about the eagles being in this moment for the first time this year. >> you can be the best free throw shooting team in college basketball and you get into ncaa game and you can hit the iron or you hit too much iron and you have a bad day you lose the ga game. you can say well we were good during the reason season it puts urgency on us. i like that. >> i saw you he always makes my favorite analogy. >> one analogy after after. it's funny. the ferver of the city i'm driving here at a traffic light there's a family full of all green the night before the game getting ready. from all corners of the area and they will bring the energy. >> it's been while. >> yeah. something changes here in the playoffs. let's be honest here. you win or you go home. >> um-hmm. >> and we saw last week the la
10:36 pm
rams did not handle the moment well at all. >> no. >> the eagles i believe early in the game really have to handle things. >> i know it's sixers thing welcome to the moment but that's exactly what the eagles are feeling right now. >> it's a big moment. >> coming up we'll take a look at at land at a time biggest challenges they present for the eagles tomorrow and looking ahead to their offense n defense much
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> they got gate players, you know, all levels, you know, foles he's proven he's done it before, so, you know, we just got to play our game really and we'll be all right. >> welcome back to fox 29 news the chase for championship. the falcons are coming in hot to philly they've won seven of their last nine games now. including that impressive win over the rams just last week in the wild card round. so how are they looking at practice this week? ken rodriguez covers them every day for our fox affiliate in atlanta and has the inside scoop. >> kristen, remain calm and act like you know what the heck you're doing. that's what the falcons are doing. works for me into a great extent it's washingtoning for them after all they're the only nfc
10:40 pm
team from last year to return to the playoffs and they do have deep and, yes, painful playoff experience and it showed last week pogging wild card within over the rams. offensive this team has not come close to resembling that record-breakinbreaking unit tham it's way into the super bowl last year. amazing 'cause because the talent is the same. but there's been a big drop off under new offense coordinator steve, while they've had random flashes of explosiveness, they're scoring average is over 11 points less than last season. while finishing with a quiet and under well ming ten-six record. for example, they needed four field goals from 42-year-old matt bryant last week and five against carolina the week before just to help them get back into the post season. but somehow they're getting it done. the falcons have experience and momentum come in having won seven and their last nine and they're not scared of the road like i said, stay calm and forget about it. >> stay calm i feel like that
10:41 pm
applies to a lot of eagles fans. >> trying to do a maffia thing. >> forget at a about it. >> south philly thing. >> i don't know. >> not maffia. south philly thing. >> wee sybo that. dave spadaro joining me again. dave, when you talk about the atlanta offense everyone goes to matt ryan they have two rebelly good backs. what's so hard about frying to contain free man and -- >> they can get inside and outside and beat you with speed. they run very very hard. and the falcons will use them in the passing game quite a bit. so the eagles the number one ranked run defense in the league will have its hands full in this game. they know it and those two running backs as much as we talk about julio jones, kristen, those two running backs really set up what the atlanta falcons like to do. play action off the run game. >> i think we now have to talk about julio jones. >> why not. 88 catches much big-time player. he's fast. he's powerful. he's dynamic. and eagles felt good last year
10:42 pm
limiting him to ten catches and 135 yards. he had a couple drops in that game now he has balanced ankle injury all year. did he and practice tuesday or went. limited on thursday. >> yeah. >> he's not 100%. but he's just such a great player. matt ryan feels like he can throw the ball up. >> yeah. >> and julio will get it. >> we saw that connection in the rams game. that looks like that was his -- that's his guy. >> that's what we were thinking. only three touchdowns for jones prior to that rams game. if you can keep him out of the end zone that's really been the struggle for at land to's offense they move the ball a lot and convert on third downs but they haven't scored as many touchdowns and eagles obviously the goal is to keep them out of the end zone. so the read zone really is huge factor. >> eagles just faced atlanta last year. it looks a little different though the birds won that game but the falcons brought new offensive coordinator. what have you seen different or the same from that atlanta offense? >> the atlanta offense they just haven't felt that explosiveness that connection.
10:43 pm
this is how i think the eagles will help the defense. the way they ran the football last year, 208 yards keeping matt ryan on the side lines was critical. i think that will be part of the game plan in big way tomorrow. but the atlanta offense they don't have left guard starting left guard. levitra is down they've gone to backup. interior of the line up is an area where the eagles have to win the battle. >> we'll get back to that match up. let's take a look at the rest of the games. the game that determine the other team in the nfc champion shim saints vikings 4:40 on sunday right her on fox 29. this is the number two offense in new orleans going to the number one defense in minnesota. and both sides say it's all going to come down to execution. >> then coming up we have titans and patriots in the afc the titans going to foxboro to take on the patriots that game at the ate 15:00 tomorrow night. tennessee is going to need marcus marriott at a to show up like he did against the chiefs.
10:44 pm
he really can do it quarterback receiver, running back, o line they'll need that again the patriots. sunday afternoon at 1:00 it is the rematch jacksonville and pittsburgh face off to determine the other half of the afc championship game. the jags trounced the steelers back in october at heinz field. dave, who do you like in these games. >> let's go to the nfc game i like the vikings in that defense at home. in the afc it seems really obvious but i got to go with the pittsburgh and i'm going to go with new england. big,ing. >> it feels like that's the only solution. >> this is so crazy these playoffs. last weeknd was crazy. philadelphia we hope starts with little crazy right here in the city of brotherly love. >> i actually saw an interesting stat one home team has lost in every division al round since 2005 except in 2015. >> yes. >> i'm feeling maybe that could be minnesota. saints look really good. >> saints do look really good. i think that the defense will rise up and i think that the loss the saints had on their offensive line last week will
10:45 pm
hurt them a little bit. who will count out drew brees. drew brees a future hall of famer is having an amazing season. whether it's minnesota or new orleans we'd love to have them here next weekend. >> everything runs through philly. in bring it. >> crowd will be great. >> all right. our tom srendenschek walks 100 yards i eagles offensive lineman brandon brooks. ♪ >> this guy heading to his first pro bowl this year. how much to it help you to have jason on one side and lane on the other side. >> my biggest goal was to play all 16 lanes and gain control of my anxiety i was going through last year. that was the biggest game for me. not even trying to make the pro bowl. as far as playing next to kell kelce and lane that was one of the .
10:46 pm
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♪ welcome back to fox 29 news. the chase your championship we're track something cold temperatures and some wind tomorrow for kickoff. so it may come down to the kickers. for atlanta it's matt bryant. he's been in the league for 16 years and at 42 years old, is the third oldest guy in the league. you look at jake elliot with the eagles. a to-year-old rookie.
10:49 pm
polar opposites but more importantly they've both deliver this season. they have that in common. bryant has been money for pat's this year perfect 35 of 35. only missed five field goals jake elliot 39 of 42 on extra points he's also missed five field goals and of course no one can forget that 61-yard game winner against the giants. brandon brooks has been a rock on the eagles offensive line this year. earning his first pro bowl nod. before he takes the field with the eagles for his first playoff experience for philadelphia our tom sled depth check walked 100 yards with him to get his off field story. ♪ >> 100-yard walk this week with brandon brooks who's one of the guys in that locker room that's been to the playoffs. what is different playoff saturday. >> guys crank the intensity up obviously at that time team plan, offensively taking care of the ball. protecting and defensively stopping the run and getting turnovers. that's the same piece poe were
10:50 pm
during the season the same recipe we'll have going into the playoffs. >> doug trying to keep thing the same this week as you get ready. >> obviously you can feel in the city the excitement. the fans and thing like that. we feel it as well but at the same time we're going to do what we've bon doing all season that got us here. we unit's the playoffs. we're not going to get away from who we are isn't your neighbor growing up jared johnson in wisconsin. he played in the league for we'll. what did he mean. >> changed my mindset was need to get from high school to college. he told me to jump rope. obviously your feet are going up and down the faster your feet are the quicker your feet are the better you're able to perform out here. >> at the time you're saying why am i doing this. >> will help your feet get better on the field. rope, how does this -- you start to realize boxers have really good feet they do lot of times is jump rope. other things go into it. >> brandon, i understand did you
10:51 pm
a landscaping job. here you are college player miami and ohio you're pouring concrete and doing landscaping work. >> one those summer deals you just wanted mares to stay in the summer and take a summer class at we didn't have sty penn. little extra money, say, put gas in your car and things like that. high to do something. >> probably pretty good at it, weren't you in the middle of the summer it was back breaking labor the biggest lesson -- my foreman this stinks? it's not fun much yeah that's probably why you shall get an education you don't have to do this. >> wrapping up 100-yard walk. i got to give props to the best shoes we've done this season. bringing them out for the place use. what are these? >> gucci slides. a little fur in there to keep the feet warm but i worn them all season started the panthers game. >> okay. >> kind of been like a little, you know, i'm not super superstitious but it's good luck charm for me throughout the season. >> you mentioned the word super. if you win super bowl you're not going to change these shoes.
10:52 pm
>> not going to take them off. probably get them bronzed. >> my only question if he can hook me up with a pair of those gucci slides. they're awesome. one last look at eagles falcons. dave spadaro and gab cory will give their biggest challenge for the birds and
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
welcome back to fox 29 news the chase for championship. be sure to tune into fox 29 ross sunday afternoon at 4:00. we have fox nfl sunday at 4:40 saints and vikings. battle it out winner going to the nfl championship game. i'm joined once again by dave spadaro in just second many his julio jones has been mean for the falcons this season. just shy of a hundred yard against the rams hadn't a touchdown. gary cobb says containing jones will be the biggest challenge for the birds. >> julio jones is the one guy that i'm most concerned about because he's got the big-time speed. and the eagles have had problems with these double moves. they had problems last year atlanta ran double move on them and got deep. the last couple of games they've had double moves that allowed the team to get big play. the big thing the eagles have got to do they've got to play their assignments. don't try to be a hero. if you have got help over the
10:56 pm
top, then you can go after that short route. if you don't have help over the top, stay deep because you don't want to get into foot race with julio jones. >> dave, i'm going to accident same question to you most dangerous thing about atlanta biggest concern for eagles tomorrow? >> gary makes really good points it's hard -- i'm not overlooking julio jones i'm going to go on the other side of the ball. it's the speed of the falcons defense against what you think is going to be brute force of very complicated philadelphia eagles run game. very 63 mat klee complicated so i want to see how that matchup is the way the falcons have gotten back into this thing is by playing great defense. so to knee me, how eagles offense matches up against the defense is my big best concern. >> make sure to wake up with us tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. here otophone fox 29 for "game day live" one last look at ooh fels/falcons with plenty of time to go tailgating before kickoff. that is going to do it for us here on fox 29 news the chase for championship. time to rest your voices because
10:57 pm
you need to get loud at the linc tomorrow. i think that's going to help the eagles win it. >> oh yeah. be loud as loud as you can be. >> there it is. have great night. ♪
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♪ >> live from center see in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at


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