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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  January 15, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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what sit, alexa, alexa talking in the middle of the night. >> who did i wake up to, honey , is what your name, siri , alex, alexa but you hear alexa talking dunn stairs trying to reset from the power outages. so obviously the wind this morning, whipping around knocking some power out, and that could be a problem. >> kind of breezy this morning it is cold again. we had that nice respite at lee temperature wise on friday , when we got in the 60 's but today, well, we will give you a seven out of 10 because we're not expecting any precipitation, not really, i will tell what you that means in a minute, but bus stop budd which his eagles hat on and his nice warm coat because we have single digit wind chills out there, yep, we're back in the freezer. 18 degrees, feels like five, and thanks to those northeasterly winds at 12 miles an hour. sunrise time 7:21 this morning and there you go, five, three,
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two, sounds like a count down or binge get but it is wind chill map there, everybody in the single digits, so dress for that and anticipate, a clipper system heading our way tomorrow into wednesday, we will talk about that, a little bit more in department coming up as well but to get you ready for today 32 degrees our high temperature, a child monday but significant, the days are getting longer, sunset time is 5:01, thomas, something to look forward to. >> oh, i'm noticing, enjoying every minute. 4:00 seer he one. road to the super bell requires just one more win, the eagles still flying high this morning after defeating the atlanta falcons on saturday. of course when the season is on the line eagles defense showed up to play clinch a 15- 10 win but the work does in the stop there, the bird are now focused on sunday. >> one more win, we just got to have another great week of preparation, we have to go out there and play with max effort and play together, and we got
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a shot, that is all i can say. >> our back is a begins the wall, people discount us, don't give us much credit and for our team to battle, against a fine football team, a team that was this time of the year was playing extremely well, a hot football team. that is one thing that i love so much, they battled to the end. that was the biggest kind of rush of emotion just thinking of the players. >> and battle they d we now know who bird will play sunday , minnesota vikings team clinched a win with the walk off touchdown in last night's game, they are calling it a minnesota miracle, vikings, oh saints 29-24. lets get out to steve keeley kicking things off in been sale them morning, steve. >> reporter: it is 4:00 a.m. monday, welcome to the fox 29 eagles/vikings pregame show, 158 hours of continuing coverage up until kick off. >> wow. >> yeah, yeah, how about that.
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>> reporter: if if you didn't see it last night because you went to bed after vikings game mike simmer the head coach when he had his post game news conference the fans can get close to him and they interrupted him. >> yeah. you deserve it. you deserve it. >> next sunday we will go to philly, to play in the nfc champion ship game. >> all right. so he was telling his locker room to philly, telling his fans to come with him we will see if eagles fans don't buy up all of the tickets and don't sell any, probably not much purple on sunday. by the way, thomas very cold,
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for the falcons game, sue, i'm stealing your thunder, next sunday, mid 50's in philadelphia, so, minnesota will have a weather advantage because they are used to being in the dome, so won't be as harsh as it would have been had it been like this, right. >> that is true. lets keep things going. you are first in line for whatever party you are having right there my friend we will check back in 30 minutes. don't try to get a dogmas being you saw lane johnson and chris long wearing on saturday , they are sold out, players bought the mask after lunchtime discussion about how they were under dogs. so fast forward to the win, and the mask, they came out, their antics were so popular fans went right to amazon and it sold out. by the way, once again, road to the super bowl goes right through philadelphia, eagles play in the nfc champion ship game next sunday if you are not going to the linc we have you covered, the only place you will see that game is right here on fox 29, and coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. ♪
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>> i have been to the mountain top. like anybody i would like to live a long life, longevity has its place. >> powerful word to day the nation remembers martin luther king, junior. millions of people will commemorate the civil rights leader by giving back to others, of course, biggest events on this day of service happening right here in philadelphia our lauren johnson is at girard college with more, good morning to you , lauren. >> reporter: good morning to you, thomas. things don't kick off here until 9:00 a.m. but doors just opened and they are putting final touches on the different events that they have planned to make sure everything is set for the day. today should set a record 150,000 volunteers, expected to participate in the 23rd annual greater philadelphia king day of service. greater philadelphia area including new jersey and
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delaware in all, there are 1800 projects throughout the region. we are looking at video from an event last year, we are at signature project here at girard college in north philadelphia, at some point today we expect 5,000 volunteers serving in 100 different projects, the goal, for leaders in our great city is for work done on mlk day to continue long after. >> i think that clearly all along ever since we have been doing this, our feeling is that to be active and engaged citizens you have to start young. you have to teach young people the responsibilities of citizenship and responsibility of it is particularly appropriate on a day we honor doctor king he can help guide us, in helping young people find the ways of being good active citizens.
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>> reporter: is there always a signature project every year and this marks 50th anniversary of doctor king's poor people campaign. many dignitaries that will be on hand will lead volunteers in sorting and packing food which will be distributed to people in need, through philadelphia non-profit groups there is also, a job fair, a civic expo, a health wear, a kid carnival and so much more behind those doors so we will head inside, thomas and get a sneak peak what is going on but events don't kick off for the public until 9:00 a.m. >> so many ways to make a difference, all right, we will check back with you. here we go gunfire erupt ness kensington, still a developing story this morning, sending one man to the hospital. shooting happened on the 2700 block of emerald street at 1:45 this morning. the man was shot twice in the left arm and police have not made any arrest. over in burlington a woman is dead this morning after the car she was riding in ended up in the delaware river. police say man driving just fled the scene but was later pick up by officers, based on
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preliminary investigations and they believe the man was speeding on river bank road yesterday afternoon when he struck a parked minivan, flew over the river wall and right in the water. that is just one of the two deadly accidents involving submerged cars in burlington this weekend. another happened saturday afternoon when a minivan ended up in olympia lakes after being struck by a speeding car , this was near route 130 and bridgeboro road, both passengers a husband and wife in their 250's why killed, in charges were filed yet. an accident involving a philadelphia police cruisers leaves a woman hurt in mayfair it happened around 9:30 last night, police say a u-haul blew a stop sign on the 6700 block of brows avenue and hit their vehicle. no police officers were injured but woman though is in stable condition this morning and is expect to be okay. in north philadelphia, an abandoned home went up in flames last night, you can see the intense scene right here, fire fight's arriving at 1400 block of north seventh street around 6:30, took a couple of
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hours to get that fire under control. by the way a viewer sent us this video of the fire, no reports of any injuries, investigators are still looking into what started it. an infant death investigation is underway right now ine falls, police say mother found her four month-old boy unresponsive in the living room of their home yesterday afternoon. now the child was found and pronounced dead on the way to the hospital. officials are not identify filing the mother or child as of yet. president trump defends himself days after leading democrat claims he made a racist remarks and used profanity during a private meeting. the president briefly addressed reporters last night in west palm beach, florida. >> did you see what various senators in my room about my comments? they were amazed. >> no, no i'm not a racist. i'm the least racist person you have ever seen that i can tell you. >> kind of tough to hear the president says he is not a
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racist. president trump has drawn sharp criticism since he was reported to have using s hole in reference to haiti, africa and central american countries during an immigration meeting. g.o.p. lawmakers say president trump never used that language and that it was a gross miss representation by senate minority whip dick durbin. the so-called dreamers program is in jeopardy as congress race toes prevent a government shut down by friday 's deadline. president trump tweeted saying daca is probably dead because democrats don't want it. democrats insist they want to keep it going and pushing for dream act which would give illegal miners a way to get u.s. citizenship. program is scheduled to end in march, unless congress agrees on new legislation. new jersians are gearing up for a shift in power, as governor chris christie prepares to say good bye. after eight years of serving as governor christie's last day is set for tomorrow. the republican had his final state of the state address last week, declaring that the
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state is better off then when he started eight years ago. democrat phil murphy will start his term tuesday after beating kim guadagno in the election in november. time right now 4:11 on this monday, breaking for silence, katie couric speaking out about her embattled former co-star, what she's saying this morning about working with matt lauer. have you seen this video right here? on on earth did that car end up sticking out of the second floor
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cape may, good morning to you we are back in the deep chill here, it is below 17 degrees where you are, 17 in the city at 4:14. a very good monday to you. we will check your weather coming up in 30 seconds but you have to check this out, i think it is safe to say this is something do you not see every day that car crashed right in the second floor, of the building in santa ana, california. investigators say it hit a center divider and launched it right in the air. two people were carried away and both have minor injuries this morning. i wonder how that phone call, sue serio, will go with the insurance company. my car happened to be stuck in the second floor of the home. >> yeah, there has got to be some video, somewhere to prove it. >> we will have it, we will
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have to look for the claims adjuster for that one. >> there will be a lot of talking on the phone. >> all right. so, things will be a lot more comfortable once we get to the weekend then they are right now, so by the time we will get to game time in the evening, on sunday, the eagles verse the vikings, it will be in the 50's during the day, so we will cool down to the 40's, during the game, upper 40's at kick off which is at 6:40 and then 42 degrees by the fourth quarter, when hopefully, we are celebrating, cross your fingers. all right. right now we have 18 degrees in philadelphia five in mount pocono. 19 degrees in dover. 13 degrees in lancaster, but we factor in the wind which we have some breezes at 12 miles an hour in philadelphia, then we have got your single digit wind chills, and that is what you arees thering for this morning, hopefully you are doing a service project to day , hopefully indoors, but regardless, it is wintertime and you know how to dress
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right now for single digit wind chills. here's the clipper system heading our way. probably tomorrow night, into wednesday morning at least that is how it is looking buy right now but you see by tomorrow evening it is trying to move in the dry air that is in place right now, just ahead on the future cast of tomorrow , there is 2:00 in the morning and you see light snow spreading throughout the area, it moves through, during the morning rush, it could be a factor wednesday morning, and then, slide off shore by about nine or 10:00 o'clock in the morning, may linger a little bit there, that is what we have for a clipper system, maybe, a couple of inches of snow out of this, most of the models every coming in at little over an inch, so we will see what happens, with that. so, another bought of winter weather. well, we had a couple mild days there, thursday's high 59 , friday 64, that saturday high of 61 came at midnight, and then yesterday, wow, down to 27 degrees for a high
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temperature. so for today martin luther king day 32 for the high. forty-two for tomorrow. mid 30's for wednesday, and then, we will see what happens with that tuesday, wednesday precipitation because it could end up mixing with rain depending on what time it starts at that 42-degree high temperature and we will talk about milder temperatures, a high on sunday before the game , of 53 degrees. now that is a little bit more comfortable bob kelly. >> my short sleeve eagles jersey. 4:17. early morning accident, caused havoc on the schuylkill expressway. here's video, we pulled off to the scene, multi vehicle crash , eastbound between montgomery and girard. there is one vehicle being flipped back over, we have had reports of some people running from the scene f the accident look at all of the trucks all lined up. i got stuck in this here on my way in. i jumped off at montgomery drive and came in on the mlk drive-in honor of martin luther king day but good thing
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everything is opened and we are back in business after that little bit of excitement, activity there this morning. so good to go, on the schuylkill expressway, lets get to northeast philadelphia a live look at i-95, in problems or delays at all, we will have a quiet morning rush hour, with the holiday, lot of folks are off from work, a lot of the schools are off. maybe later after lunchtime when you get out and about or after 10:00 you start to do those service projects we will see some volume but good morning, to wilmington, delaware martin luther king boulevard down here in wilmington, in problem at all, and mass transit running honor close to schedule. thomas, back to you. lawmakers say they want answers this morning after an emergency management staffer, in hawaii, turned on a test of the statewide emergency system it was quite the scar. so they basically say they hit the wrong button during a shift change for about 40 minutes on saturday. hawaii thought they were under attack, people running for
4:19 am
cover looking for shelter, after receiving a phone alert warning of an inbound missle, they say, that they only had 12 minutes to prepare here. it was all a mistake half which emergency management agency spokesperson says that the employee responsible had been reassigned, pending an internal investigation. >> to be threatened like that and not knowing where my husband was and we weren't together that was what scared me the most is that we weren't together. >> quite a scare. president trump says his administration will be looking in the state's alarm system so it never happens again. the state has a new protocol when it comes to those emergency alerts. fifty passengers and crew jumped over board when that casino cruise should will goes up in flames off the florida golf coast. captain saw smoke spewing from the engine and turnaround to head back to port richie. the boat wasn't far from shore when fast moving fire just spread, so once again,
4:20 am
passengers they leaped into chilly waters trying to get away and they were able to make it to the beach. fifteen people were taken to the area hospitals with minor injuries. a transgendered former army solder convicted of leaking class fight documents to wikileaks is now running for u.s. senate, chelsea manning has filed to run begins maryland senator ben cardn he was quick of leaking classified documents and sentenced to 35 years in prison. she served nearly seven years before former president obama commuted that sentence last year. katie couric is breaking her silence this morning on sexual misconduct allegations against her former today co host matt lauer. in an interview with people magazine she said that she had quote no idea that this was going on. she goes on to call lauer a kind collogue who always treated her with respect. couric spent 15 years co hosting the today show with lauer, he was fired by nbc news in late november.
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golden globe winner a czar i has been accused of sexual assault. new york city photographer claims she was on a date when he sexually assaulted her at her apartment in september. woman admits that she allowed ansari to remove her clothing and took part in the sexual act but said she felt coerced and uncomfortable throughout the evening. he is a supporter of the times um movement and said the sexual encounter was consensual. mark wahlberg said he will donate 1.5 million-dollar he was paid to reshoot scenes from the movie all of the money in the world to the new times up movement. wahlberg was criticized avenues broke that his female co-star michelle williams was paid less than a thousand dollars for that extra work. the scenes needed to be reshot after actor kevin spacey was cut from the film following allegations of sexual misconduct. time right now 4:21 eagles win over falcons is a win for the phillies. we will tell you how it actually gives new meaning to we will tell you how it actually gives new meaning to the phrase, winner winner/
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good morning i'm kristin rodgers. if you told me it would have been nick foles and case keen um in the nfc championship game to start the season i would say you are crazy but that is what we have this sunday. lets get to that saints/ vikings game vikings down wye case keenum to stephan digs, completely gets free, and takes it, 61-yard, are you kidding me, a minnesota miracle, it was 29-
4:25 am
24 they will face eagles on sunday in the nfc champion ship game. steelers/jaguars leonard turnnet on the hand off and look at that foot work 18-yard touchdown, yanks up 14 to nothing. they beat steelers 45-42 and going to the afc champion ship to take on the patriots. markelle fultz is not close to making a return to the court. brett brown says his shot is not where it used to be and still has soreness on his shoulder. still no word when or if he will be available this year. st. joes u-mass, hawks down three, shot by newkirk with the shot, no good, and hawks win 72-69. that is sports in a minute. i'm kristin rodgers. coming up here in 90 seconds offeringsness mud slide ravaged california now transition to recovery mode as several people are still missing, 20 confirmed dead. the stunning images coming out this morning, bob kelly. good morning, everybody, 4:00 to on this monday mlk
4:26 am
holiday. live look at 42 freeway, light volume, working your way in toward philadelphia, lets check our other jam cams around town as we go down to rehoboth beach, good morning, delaware, waking up this morning, i think we will all hit the snooze button maybe hit the lottery and hit the snooze button, lottery numbers
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eagles one win from the super bowl we were called under dogs and proved otherwise, can we do it again? also. >> so even though, we think the difficulties -- face the difficults of today and tommy still have a dream. >> whole truth today cities across the country holding celebrations in honor of doctor martin luther king, junior his life and legacy will be honored with marches, parade and volunteer projects. also ahead on good day a rough day at the office, if you will for this high school referee. how a bad pass gave the crowd more of the view then he ever wanted. we will have more on that coming up in a moment. great to have you with us on this monday morning i'm thomas drayton, bob kelly, sue serio
4:30 am
all joining us. karen's off this morning. by the way we are celebrating a huge win with our bird so we want to see your eagles pride picture. use the hash to go fox 29 good day, and sent mine in over weekend saturday. took a couple hours before the game. we are number one. of course, everyone was like how many beers did you have? i didn't have one. imagine what i looked like after the game? but we are certainly celebrating eagles pride this morning. >> you always have to make sure before you post your picture, she says that to me, that living room was a mess in the background. >> yes, you are pointing at your fireplace, what is that like. you cannot win. #fox 29, we want to share them all morning long. bob kelly we will get to developing news, breaking news that cleared up overnight here from the schuylkill. >> yes, we will have that, good news there. >> we will talk about that forecast heading in the workweek. >> we are back in the freezer. we had a couple mild day friday we got in the 60's but not anymore, it is a seven out of 10. we expect included cover today and pretty chilly temperatures
4:31 am
, in fact, bus stop buddy is here to tell you yes, even the holiday we have bus stop buddy, single digit wind chills out there, so wear your warm eagles gear to show off your eagles pride. we have 18 degrees but factor that 12-mile an hour wind and it feels like five, outside, sunrise time not until 7:21. so there they are all those single digit wind chills in our viewing area is goinging to be cold, today cloudy and child throughout the day with a high right around freezing, 32 degrees, and, you know what , more fm101.1 is our radio partner and we have your weather authority forecast on the radio all morning long, along with the music to ease your drive-in because not everybody has off today, bob kelly. >> bus stop buddy isn't too
4:32 am
excited because kid are off except for him. >> yes, he has to get up and work we will give him snacks from the second floor candy machine. 4:31. live look at the schuylkill expressway all lanes opened now wasn't the case about a half an hour ago, and lets roll video from the news van when we pulled up to the scene of the multi vehicle accident, occurring in the eastbound lanes between montgomery and girard avenue. one vehicle, flipped over, we have a tow truck out there and , boom, flipping it backup in the upright position there but all eastbound lanes, were closed, they are opened at the moment so that is good news stepping outside the front door. we will go outside, kind of a quiet start this morning, a live look at the schuylkill expressway back to my map cameras in we could. we have no problems inbound at all, there is where the accident occurred, in that montgomery drive area, looking good, coming in from new jersey on the 42 freeway and because of the holiday i expect light volume, and right now, mass transit is running with no reported delays.
4:33 am
>> ryan goes back, ryan rolls, ryan pumps, is throwing it up in the air, incomplete. incomplete. >> dramatic stop on fourth and goal late in the game on saturday propels eagles to the nfc champion ship game, the eagles defense coming up huge in the win over the falcons but in order to get to the super bowl the eagles will testify beat another team coming off a dramatic win. minnesota vikings beating the saints yet with a 61-yard touchdown pass as time expires setting up sunday's match up at the linc. lets get out to steve keeley, party of one in bensalem this morning, hi there, steve. >> reporter: i don't know about being in front of the planet fitness where the color is being purple like the vikings but okay, but look, it has got a pretty good crowd for a holiday monday morning, at 4:30. i think people are either a,
4:34 am
keeping the new years resolutions or b, can't sleep from all of the excitement of two terrific football games over the weekend as the vikings, did a miracle, in minneapolis, following the eagles, impressive win in the final play. so the fans, the scene, the city love our under dog status both in movies and life, rocky balboa and eagles both as we know of a similar theme, going to fly now. >> either team was amazing. i don't know we have our work cut out. they started amazing. they got flat at the end but look at that end, that was incredible, the ending of the game, wow. i'm worried but we can do it. we are the eagles, we can do anything. go eagles. >> saturday night look at this thomas we captured a shot of the sad falcons fan in philly after the game hiding her frozen tears, in utter shame,
4:35 am
later, we followed her out, learned the identity of this, and shocked to learn after seeing, the two wardrobe choice that is she haddon good day, on sunday, she went with hometown, over home team, and i'll give her credit for not doing a quick change in the lincoln financial field ladies room which i would have suggested, but sorry lauren dawn johnson you'll now to have wear green from this point on. >> you do realize we have de act sprayeded her card key to get in the building. >> reporter: i had to let her in she was out there shivering in the red falcons t-shirt. >> very kind man, i will tell thaw. steve, we will check back in a moment. philadelphia and nation paid tribute to martin luther king, millions of volunteers will roll up her sleeves to commemorate life and legacy of the civil rights leader. lets get out to lauren johnson at girard college in north philadelphia, this morning. i cannot even look at you, lauren, falcons, come on.
4:36 am
>> reporter: i know, look you have to stay loyal to the hometown team a lot of people still talking bit on twitter, i'm fielding the messages but that is in the past. lets talk about today, it is doctor king day national federal holiday and here at girard college you can see the ústage is set there is a big event here that kicks off at 9:00 o'clock and today should set a record, 150,000 volunteers are expect to participate. it is 23rd annual greater philadelphia king day of service, the first and oldest in the nation, greater philadelphia including new jersey and delaware and all three areas, there are 1800 projects, in the region, so this is video we are seeing from the event last year, and we're the signature project here at girard college in north philadelphia and at some point we expect 5,000 volunteers serving 100 different projects. you might ask why girard? it was here back in 1965 when doctor king joined demonstrators right outside gates of the school calling for an end to the
4:37 am
discriminatory admission policies but the goal here for leaders and planners is in the just here what happened today but legacy that should continue long after the day is over. >> i think that clearly all along ever since we have been doing this, our feeling is that to be active, engaged citizens you really to have start young, you have to teach , young people, the responsibility of citizenship and responsibility and particularly appropriate that on a day that we honor doctor king, he can help guide us in helping young people, find the ways of being good active citizens. >> well this year marks 50th anniversary of doctor king's poor people campaign so many of the dignitaries on hand including the governor and the mayor, they are going to help lead volunteers and sorting and packing food distributed to people in need throughout philadelphia through non-
4:38 am
profit groups. there is also a job fair, civic expo, health fair, kid carnival there is a lot going on in this room. it is quiet now. sue serio and i talk about it earlier, it gets loud pretty quickly thomas so action gets underway at 9:00 a.m. but people will start pouring in around 7:00. this is an exciting place to be on this monday. >> couple hours, i would say that scene will be quite different here. what a wonderful event to honor king's legacy. lauren, thank you. 4:38. talk about a rough day in the office for this high school referee how a bad pass let's just say gave the crowd more referee how a bad pass let's just say gave the crowd more of the view then he
4:39 am
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with the fresh roasted peanut taste he loves. well come back at 4:41 great to have you with us, in your health it is start of the new year which means a lot of us are trying to work off those holiday calories but also a time when we are battling winter colds. so is it okay to work out? health experts say there is one true way to find out if you can get to the gym or skip a day called the neck rule. if your symptoms are all above the neck such as running nose, sneezing, sore throat, it is fine to hit the gym but if your symptoms are below neck like a tight chest, persistent cough, upset stomach, muscle aches you better stay home. there is a new on line tool to help identify problem drinking called the alcohol treatment navigator. web site lists series of questions and analyzes a
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person's drinking pattern. it offers support and help with finding treatment. navigate or was launched by national institute of alcohol abuse in an effort to help the 15 million adults who struggled with a drinking problem here in the u.s. and an alert this morning for anyone who has been at the airport lately there is a concern that a passenger may have exposed others, at the airport and there are two airports, that are in concern, of course, concern of the measles out break. we will tell what you they are after the break. also ahead we have been asking to you show us your eagles pride this picture from pjbruger we appreciate it of a little cheerleader there, go eagles, fly high, it looks like we have a new eagles cheerleader helping the bird advance so keep them coming n don't forget to use #fox 29 we will be right
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90 calories. yaaasssss! (loudspeaker) clean-up in the dairy aisle. we're the new light & fit greek nonfat yogurt with zero artificial sweeteners. come and get us. welcome back. take a moment to look at this video here bottom left of the screen. who says officiating isn't a tough job here a referee at a high school basketball game in kentucky gets knocked in the head by a pass there and i don't know if you saw it but ball took his hair piece off, bam, flew right into court and in true spirit turns around, picks it up, and puts it right back on the edge and, back to the game, got to keep it moving, bob.
4:46 am
>> and, double face tape, it fixes everything. 4:46. >> super glue. >> i like that one play, tapped him on the back say don't worry bit, buddy. good morning, looking good , dunn to the airport no problems at all getting there. in problems on the tote board if you are flying in and out of philly international this morning. it will be a light morning all of the major roadways, a, non- rush hour, kind of day but later on, after we get through until about 10:00 o'clock into the noon time hour folks getting out moving around doing your service project, of course, everybody getting ansy with the kid home. live lot a the vine expressway no problems at all across town we had an early morning accident that closed the schuylkill everything opened so no problems or delays at all because of the holiday. i don't think we will see active work crews this morning , a live look at 42 freeway coming toward the city and live look at county line road up in montgomery county. holiday forecast sueby has it
4:47 am
in 15 seconds cold air settled in on saturday. it was really with us yesterday as well and it is still here today. now we have a clipper system coming our way and there is concern, of course, about precipitation that goes with it. it looks like it will mostly be a snow event, light snow event for most of us and the arrival time may be later, probably well after dark on tuesday, into wednesday morning, so we will show what you we're talking about. here's where it is right now leading edge in ohio, we will move kind of slowly and we will look ahead to the future, and we will see, by noonan tuesday nothing much is happening. now we will see 10:00 p.m. on tuesday here's where the snow starts to enter, the lehigh valley, lancaster county,
4:48 am
berks county and starts to spread in our area in the overnight hours, tuesday here we are early wednesday morning where we are getting started on good day it should be snowing, lightly, light accumulation but as we all know during the morning rush it doesn't take much to make things slippery outside so we will have to use caution on wednesday morning and it looks like snow flakes could linger throughout the late morning and even into the early afternoon but for the most part this will be a morning drive event for most of us, so , accumulation predictions are only for an inch, inch and a half, maybe two for most, higher in the higher elevations, 18 degrees in philadelphia right now but factor in the wind and it feels like single digits outside those are your wind chills on this monday morning. so we will have to bundle up going out and maybe doing your service project to day like so many other people in our city are, so proud this is a city where kind of the spirit of the holiday, is really felt. average high 40 degrees, 27
4:49 am
was our high yesterday after a mild temperature over the weekend, 32 degrees today so little better. thirty-eight tomorrow. we could see a little rain mixed with that snow, but depends what time it starts and then snow in the morning, on wednesday, 35 degrees on thursday and here's the good part, 40 on friday, 49 on saturday, and high in the 50's on sunday, so, thomas, when it comes to sunday evening for the game we will be in the upper 40's which is more comfortable then outside on saturday. >> yes, maybe one less player we will to have deal with. >> right, right, right. >> 4:49. i want to tell but a health scare. passengers, two with measles, may have exposed others at those airports. here's the first one, passenger arrived in chicago wednesday on a international flight, at terminal five, and then caught a connecting domestic flight from terminal one. health officials say the passenger was infectious at
4:50 am
the time. so passengers in those terminals between 6:30 in the morning and 1:00 in the afternoon may have been expos ed. that is at chicago o'hare. other airport newark liberty airport we know a passenger arrived at terminal c at newark airport january 2nd and departed from indianapolis from a domestic terminal. anyone at the airport between hours of 6:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. may have been expos ed as well. so if you believe you may have been expose had you should talk with your doctor right away. search is over this morning for several people, still missing after last week 's mud slide in california they were not found but authorities are now labeling it a recovery mission. this is after other crews begin cleaning up the mud and debris. our steep rapaport has very latest. >> reporter: search and rescue operations come to an end in mud slide ravaged southern california officials calling off the hunt for missing persons nearly one week after heavy rain triggered powerful
4:51 am
mud and rock slide. at least 20 people are confirmed dead and shift to recovery mode is next sobering step in what is expect to be a lengthy recovery. area was already struggling to bounce back from december's wild fires, hundreds of homes were destroyed or severely damaged. satellite images show affect areas before and after the storm, the difference is staggering. local businesses were also impacted lie the inn adding to the overall historic cost. >> every single day longer the recovery takes it is harder to bounce back. >> reporter: crews are working to clear debris from highway 101 a major artery used by some 80,000 vehicles each day, several miles are closed leaving commuters stranded and prompting amtrak to add more trains along a nearby line, thick, heavy mud has clogged drainage basins and homeowners admit recovery will be challenging. >> it is frustrating, it is marshall law, basically. looters are being called, and gawkers, people just have no
4:52 am
business being in here. >> reporter: days after the storm new evacuations are ordered in communities where gas and power are being turned off to help crews clear debris in new york, steve rapaport "fox news". we have extensive coverage on the mud slide and stunning images on fox 4:52. today we celebrate what would have been doctor martin luther king junior's eighty-eighth birthday. >> ♪ happy birthday to you. ♪ >> that is stevey wonder's happy birthday written in 1981 , stevey wonder was one of the many people who held the campaign to make mlk a national holiday, on this day of service. we on doctor king. "good day philadelphia" continues in 90 seconds good
4:53 am
4:54 am
before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny.
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gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement. the phillies are getting some free food thanks to the eagles. so phils made a bet over twit ter with the atlanta braves whoever lost would send some treats to the other city. as we all know by now eagles showed falcons who is boss so atlanta will be sending some chick-fil-a up to citizens bank park, no word how much food they are sending up and if we will get some but they have the address there, so won't miss the mark. philadelphia police winning at social media, yet again, look at this tweet here , congratulating eagles on their win and they tweeted the
4:56 am
win made us feel big after joel embiid, made us feel small. of course, one of the officers on his tip toes, in the photo taken at the game. he makes us all feel small. he is tall. lets continue our eagles pride this morning with steve keeley, hi there, steve. >> reporter: thomas, eagles and vikings didn't play this year but they played last year and eagles beat them when vikings came in undefeated five-zero and income their season back. they ended up eight-eight. there is some history. we will talk about the h
4:57 am
if your idea of seizing the day starts before the day even begins... then you need lean protein. and it comes in a jimmy dean delights breakfast sandwich. stacked with 17 grams of protein. lean into a great day. shine on.
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the vikings are coming to town. >> ending of the game, wow, perfect for next week. i'm worried but we can do it. we're eagles. we can do anything. >> eagles verse the vikings after watching last night's game we necessity it won't be easy but, we're up to a good battle just one more win and bird are in the super bowl. >> so even though we face the difficulties of the today and tomorrow, i still have a dream >> remembering the life and legacy of doctor martin luther king junior, people across america gathering for a day of service in tribute to the civil rights icon.
5:00 am
have you seen this video from tmz sports? joel embiid seen pushing a fan in the parking lot of the game , what is going on here, "good day philadelphia" 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> he has some explaining to do we will break that down coming up in just a moment straight up 5:00 o'clock on monday january 15th, so good to have you with us, thomas drayton bob kelly and sue serio we're celebrating eagles pride this morning after saturday's big win. >> everybody is in the good mood. in reason you cannot be. >> all week long we should show our eagles pride. >> the buildup to the game, doing something fun every game >> where is the game? right here on fox. >> fox 29. >> sunday kick off pregame starts at 6:00. look at these two little won showing off their eagles pride they had right spirit we want to see how you are celebrating , of course, eagles pride all week long just use # fox 29 and we would love to share your photos getting ready for the big game right here on f


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