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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  January 15, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> miracle in minnesota, alex. >> they will see us in philly, unbelievable end to go vikings /saints game means the leagues number one defense will be coming to the linc to battle for the nfc title. selling out for the under dogs, eagles fans are crazy about these under dogmas accounts, and amazon has sold out, and where did we get them good day everybody it is january the 15th, hi everybody >> hi. >> good morning. >> we cannot find the mask so ryan in the control room this has to be donna cording to the fcc we must play who let the dogs out at some point today. >> who let the dogs out, perfect. >> let's go, yeah, baby. >> yeah we will let the dogs out. >> under dogs are out. >> yeah. >> one dog.
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>> i guess i should go back to doing the weather. that is a fine idea, okay. you know what we are fired up and every day this week will be a party here as we anticipate the game later on, of course, on sunday. so we have a number for you today that is a seven out of 10, that is your weather number today because it is really cold but we don't have precipitation in the forecast, bus stop buddy works holidays nice warm coat today and we are back in the freezer with single digit wind chills out there this morning, 18 degrees , 10-mile an hour winds that makes it feel like six outside this morning. six. here's next system, a clipper system for tuesday night into wednesday, stay tuned for more on that but your holiday forecast is for a high temperature around freezing, very limited sunshine today, a lot of cloud cover but a dry day to day just prepare for the cold, that is your forecast today, we will talk about the snow and weekend
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warm upcoming up, bob kelly. >> you got it, 6:02 on a monday holiday mlk daylight volume eastbound schuylkill expressway we had an accident right here near university, traffic moving once again good morning to gloucester county south jersey headlights working your way in toward philadelphia, up and over the bridge, bridges looking fine in traffic jams we have an ice jam on the river today, we will be causing flooding, on both side, yardley and trenton , already route 29 ramps are flooded out in trenton, septa says regional rail lines running with a new schedule they have put into place over the weekend and out bound trains are not stopping at church man's station this morning, otherwise rest of the mass transit systems because of the mlk holiday anywhere from a modified special or normal weekday work day holiday type schedule n delays though.
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ryan rolls, ryan pumps, ryan is throwing it up in the air, incomplete, incomplete, intended for jones, incomplete and eagles. >> julio jones did not catch it. a dramatic stop on fourth and goal saturday night when we were freezing our lips off propelled eagles to the championship game. eagles defense coming up huge in that win. >> but in order to get to the super bowl eagles will to have beat another team off a dramatic win, minnesota vikings beating the saints yesterday with that 61-yard touchdown pass. >> wow. >> i was screaming when i saw this. you just couldn't not believe it and then went to zero. amazing. that will set it up at the linc. everybody celebrating and they had to come back on the field. >> i don't know that i have ever seen that, such a dramatic situation where other team had to come out of the
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locker room and take that last step. >> can you dig this? >> you can dig it. >> we can dig this. we can dig this. so steve, i like what you said earlier today we start our week long coverage right now with you. >> reporter: report that is right this is the pregame show , so are you ready, we have had some marathons, this will be about 158 hours i'm ready. you have it made. >> yes, until game time. >> by the way i'm buying you an eagles knit hat a gift because you needed a hat at that game. >> yes, he did. he didn't even have a coat on. >> i know, he is used to being in the luxury box that is the problem. he was out there with the common folks. >> that coat had a hat, i want to show off my best.
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>> sweat shirt material. it wasn't -- look at you. >> he was afraid to put a hat on he wouldn't be recognized by enough people and take enough pictures and sign enough autographs. >> yes. >> anyway if i had anytime left in my hit here i will give you some stats that will make you feel very confident. that game on saturday was the fourth time that the eagles won at home under dogs. they were home under dogs in 95 against lions, 2,000 against buccaneers, saturday against falcons and then, 1980 against cowboys who is that for a memory i'm in the reading those notes. they are a team that is home and i want to tell you why that is a good thing because the last eight nfc/afc champion ship games have been won by the home team. so eight-zero. they can continue that. patriots can continue that as well f that is not enough stats for you vikings only who three games but two of the three on the road on grass.
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how about that. all right. so that should build up the confidence and here is the head coach of the vikings powe game yesterday, he was pretty excited about coming here to philadelphia. >> you deserve it. next sunday we are going to philly to play in the nfc championship game. >> if you are wondering why the eagles won, yes, great defense but here's real reason it was eagles playoff rally, trees and mike jerrick's luxury apartment. they asked where i wanted to be live, i wanted to be in your apartment with fans but i better give you notice because i dent want fans using your bo day and your spa and your personal chef for breakfast without warning. so maybe we will work that in later in the week, breakfast
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with bob we will bring in a celebrity chef, we will bring in fans, bring in bob kelly, we tear your plays a part with those rally trees. thank god you didn't take them down. >> here's the thing i was all ready to take them down and then you come up with the concept that if i take them down, they lose. now i have dying trees with needles all over the place for two more weeks. >> you have to keep it up. >> we will blame this on you. >> and then, all of the viewers got on board with steve, you can't take those trees downy think everyone has been superstitious, yes. >> whatever you have to do to make this work. >> listen to this. this is why we're here today. >> i have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character, i have a dream today.
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>> today the nation remembers doctor martin luther king junior. millions of people will commemorate civil rights leaders by giving back to others, declared a day of service, people will give and do community service, one of the biggest events, well, some are happening here in this area and lauren's at one of the biggest won. >> i still believe this is the biggest one in america as a matter of fact in that very room, hi lauren. >> reporter: it is, i think it is first and oldest in the passionate people will walk through doors here at armory on the campus of girard college to do some good work here turning community concerns into citizens action, everything is in place as you can see ready for kick off later this morning, but volunteers already starting to trickle n check out video, thousands of these events happen all over metropolitan philadelphia area, new jersey and delaware, this year expected to be bigger and even
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better, 150,000 people so more volunteers, more passion, more projects more chances to serve , educate and form and green in size and scope since its hum blink beginnings a few years ago. >> we started it in 96 with a thousand volunteers, 23 years and 1.6 million volunteers later here we are to day. >> reporter: talk about growth there is something for everyone planned here today in addition to the main event is here and service project is there a kid carnival, jobs fair, civic expo health fair and so much more. one of goals planners and organizers have in mine is work done on mlk day to continue licensing after today mike and alex every area in here is a station for something, the area that we are standing in right here is full of boxes, and in these unopened boxes, lots of clothes, business clothes for men, that they will did he nate so people can go on job
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interviews, and business meetings. >> yeah, yeah. >> this is way to do it. >> day of service instead of like any other holiday you sell a mattress, they have sales on tv. >> you can tell there is a lot of organization coming out, lauren, i see pink and green out there on founders day. >> that is why you have pink on today. >> yes, that is why i have pink on, yes. >> look at that. >> that is great. >> wonderful. lets get back over woke end 38 minutes of panic government alerts tells people in hawaii that a ballistics missle will strike at any moment from north cover rea how they are insuring this will never happen again so one
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lady casino cruz went up in flames. >> and 50 passengers and crew jumped over board when that happened. this caught fire off the florida gulf coast this was in port richie, and the tampa, bay area, and they saw smoke spewing from the engine turnaround and to head back to shore, the boat was not far enough from the beach when passengers leaped into the chilly water and i'm getting off. it was so shallow many passengers were able to stand up and wave back to shore thank goodness. fifteen people were taken to the hospital with minor
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injuries. coming up on 6:13. a false alarm spread panic for 38 minutes in hawaii, how officials are vowing to make sure false missle alarmist never sent out ever again, but how did this happen, what are never sent out ever again, but how did this happen, what are they in america last year.0 deas we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness,
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hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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we are asking to you show your pride as we get ready for the big game. a look at this from denise stern. oh he has the decked out fan cave, man cave whatever you want to call it. >> mouse ears with the eagles on it. >> i love it. >> then al i love when he tweets us, fly eagles fly, he is ready to go. another one from denise, we need to know where bob kelly was because he was having fun watching that game, sue. >> hi, bob kelly, look at you. >> good morning. >> mr. popularity. >> yes. >> all right. >> a lot of fun over the weekend, we are having a lot of fun on this show leading up to the weekend. new we have to talk about ice jams that bob kelly was mentioning earlier. there is a flood watch i should say in lancaster county but susquehanna river is backing up a little bit with ice and then mercer county and bucks county we have this
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flood warning here for yardley , morrisville, trenton being affected by ice jam on the delaware river causing minor flooding in that area this morning as well. this is our next system, a clipper, so not a major snow maker but the timing isn't going to be good on this one. we are watching this disturb around norfolk, georgia north ward and effects our area but we are focusing on tuesday night, there is tuesday afternoon, and hasn't gotten here just yet tuesday night at 10:00 o'clock starting to spread in the northern and western areas and then, it starts to snow here, by two or 3:00 in the morning. you can see it with milder temperatures mixing with some rain and sleet, along the shore, which would be another mess but look at this 6:00 a.m. right in the middle of the wednesday morning rush hour, so bad timing for this clipper system, it is out of here by end of the morning for most of us may linger longer at the shore but, it looks like it won't be much snow, it
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will be just enough to make a mess, an inch and a quarter is most we had out of any computer models for bread morning. so 32 degrees today. tomorrow 38 before that light rain snow possibility coming in, morning snow on wednesday, and then the warm up as we get through weekend. so once we get through with this mess wednesday morning, bob kelly every day gets warmer, until we are in the 50 's on sunday. >> and all of the parents out there just drinking when you hear wednesday morning because kid are off from school, of course to day. 6:18. good morning. live look at 95 near allegheny avenue no problems or delays, road are dry, at the moment, we will have a light morning rush hour folks are off from work, school coming in from new jersey, headlights, pockets working their way toward walt whitman bridge, we have ice jam not traffic jams but ice jams causing ramp for route 29 to market street to shut down, all that ice that is blocking now almost looks like a dam here between
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trenton and yardley causing what the tore spill out on both side of the river. that is something we will have to keep an eye on throughout the day. septa has a new schedule for all of the regional rail lines , wilmington line because of the holiday in the stopping outbound at church man's station and rest of the mass transit system buses, trains, trolleys a mixed bag from a holiday, modified special scheduled but everybody running so far so good with no delays, back over to you. a mezzanine floor crashe inside a jakarta stock exchange tower in independent near injuring 50 people and forcing a kay why the i can evacuation. footage from inside shows lobby covered in debris, witnesses say they felt a tremor, just before the floor collapsed the cause of the collapse is is in the yet known. what was that tremor all about officials are ruling outer wrist many but they cannot figure out what the tremor was lawmakers say they want answers after a false alarm in the state of hawaii.
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>> for 40 minutes hawaii thought they were under attack , people were running for cover, they were looking for shelter, after receiving phone alerts, warning of an inbound missle, and at the even of the message like when you get amber alerts it says this noise the a drill. people were taking it seriously half which emergency management agency spokesmen says employee responsible has been reassigned, pending an internal investigation. >> everyone was on their even if like what do we do where do we go. >> what do i do, there has got to be a better way or better system for this. >> president trump says his administration will be looking into the safe alarm system so it never happens again, and the state new has a new protocol when it comes to emergency alerts. governor came out and apologized to everyone and said he is suspending it until they can figure out how to better use that program. >> is that what you want to do
6:21 am
with all of the rhetoric back and forth between our country and north korea do you want to suspend the alert system. >> i don't want to keep pressing the button. >> what if he does launch something don't you want to alert people in hawaii. >> reports say they will stay instead of one person man it there will be 22 -- two people in there at all time. >> come on, mike it is early, i was up late, i have a cold, thank you, cheyenne mountain in colorado springs. didn't you ever watch movies where is there two keys, two dudes and they are looking you turn your key and i will turn my key. there has got to be two people >> this person who flipped the switch has been reassigned to his home. >> yeah, really. >> for the rest of his life. let's talk sixers too. another update on markelle fultz and this one not good. why we may not see the first
6:22 am
overall pick on the court, anytime soon. >> at lee we have our
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good morning i'm kristin rodgers, if you told me it was nick foles and case keenum in the nfc championship game to
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start this season i would have said you are crazy but that is what we have this sunday. lets go that saints/vikings game, 102nd left vikings down one case keenum to stephan digs, completely gets free, and takes it, 61-yard, are you kidding me? a minnesota miracle. they win 29-24 they will face eagles on sunday in the nfc championship game. steelers/jaguars leonard turnnet on the hand off and look at that foot work, jags up 14 to nothing. they beat steelers 45-42 and going to the afc champion ship to take on the patriots. markelle fultz is not close to making a return to court, brett brown says his shot is not where it used to be and still has soreness in his shoulder, still no word if or when he will be available this year. saint guess u-mass, hawks down three, byron newkirk with the shot in, good, hawks lose 72-69. that is sports in a minute. i'm kristin rodgers.
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>> hey sue have we check on bill hartongue who has been here almost 20 years. he is a pittsburgh steelers fan. >> yeah i'm not sure he is okay. >> we should check on him who said warm weather team in jacksonville cannot win in the freezing temperatures of pittsburgh. >> they handled that didn't they. >> they did. >> saw facebook picture he looked like a pop sickle, so cold. cold, now time for snow, it is in ohio right now, when will it get here? we will let you know coming up in the weather authority forecast, steve, he is still alive. >> sue, i necessity do you a lot of housecleaning. we will show you three big brooms to represent first have the three games eagles need to sweep to become ttp://>[a5df]
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we are one win away, from a trip to the super bowl, the eagles get it done verse falcons and advancing to the nfc championship game but who are we playing, mike. >> it is a miracle in minute so the a game's over right, basically this play, getting ready to go up and pea, game's over and then wow, what is name of the player that fell down his name. >> i don't know, it is number 43. >> mud. >> can you dig this? wow. marcus williams. >> marcus williams has to be having a horrible monday.
6:30 am
my gosh, so eagles vikings of course, instantly vegas puts up the odd and they say that we're about three and a half close to four-point under dogs even though we are at home to the minnesota vikings. so, didn't affect jeffery luri e at all, the owner, he has a bad back or excited. i'm thinking he is excited. that is great. >> all turf say is who are you calling an under dog. >> that is right. >> we love i had. >> we got this. >> this will not only be everyone at the game but next halloween costume as well. >> probably so. >> we had her tongue is wagging this morning and it matches her dress. good day it is monday, january . it is a holiday, of course, you know kitkat kline, right? everybody necessary kit can
6:31 am
clue kline, jessica rumberg. she's married to a man by the name of dan. dan, very close friend and likes to go early to the tailgate early, saturday. that is her brother, that is right. one of the biggest eagles fans ever is kit can kline's brother. this is one of his friend's corry, he said crush, the vikings. >> wow. >> he is okay. >> yeah. >> well, maybe just a few. >> do you think he got the inspiration. >> probably so. >> so that was his saturday. >> i can only imagine what the tailgate will be like come sunday. temperatures in the 50's. >> right, right, yes not nearly as cold as it was on saturday, look out, all right, your number today is a seven. we will see a little bit of
6:32 am
sunshine today in precipitation in the forecast for your holiday. single digit wind chills to get started this morning. bus stop buddy, of course in his eagles green, his warm eagles gear, so here's what we're talking about 18 degrees , feels like five, thanks to the 13-mile an her wind so dress for five. sunrise time 7:21, there is our next weather system the clipper heading our way tuesday night into wednesday but for today we're looking at high temperature of around freezing, and mostly cloudy skies, maybe a little bit of sunshine but c-o-l-d cold and it should not stop you from doing your service projects today and remember before we get to bob kelly about 101.1 more fm our radio partner we have your forecast on there all morning long heading out, once you get in the car that is where you tune, 101.1. >> got you on the radio. >> yes. >> 6:32. we have ice jams for you, no traffic jams this morning just ice jams all of the ice
6:33 am
melting coming down the delaware river causing, for some flooding on both side of the delaware river. is this is market street bridge gist off of trenton and downtown philadelphia, in downtown delays at all we are seeing volume pop, pockets, not everybody has the day off but all of the schools are closed so that will make for a light rush hour this morning but look out on both side of the river, yardley and trenton , already again another shot of that market street bridge close another, from route 29 and septa kicked in a new schedule over weekend for all regional rail lines mass transit running with no reported delays. we are taking this all the way, man. we will enjoy this, next week, nfc championship is coming to us. >> it is coming through us, road to the super bowl requires just one more win. while fans are still excited about saturday's win at home the celebration is over,
6:34 am
really we have got to get back to work lets get focused and prepare for vikings on sunday. >> all right, coach holy. >> aim just saying i'm ready to go man. >> steve's in bensalem for some reaction, hi there, steve >> mike, did i hear sue correctly, she gave today a seven but says it feels like five. spoken like a true indoor meteorologist weather person. >> sorry. >> it is a seven but really a five. >> sorry about that. >> by the way you should have put up mike's face instead of bus stop buddy at the game, mike, it felt like five, didn't it it looks like your nose was going to fall off in one of the pictures i saw. >> i cannot feel my face. >> i have one good picture that we have not shown yet that i will send steve. >> listen to this, it was so cold my nose was running. at one point they were taking videos and stuff and i reached for anything i had, to wipe
6:35 am
the is not down my face and it happened to be the eagles flag or the little towels that they gave us. >> rally towels. >> i pulled out anything and i wiped the is not running down my face with the towels. a pol guyed. it was just anything. i was tired of using my glove. >> i have a better thing, ryan , i sent you a photo wait until you see this, steve. >> all right, steve. >> reporter: i thought that story was going to go worse then that, i know you feel bad for eagles fans. i thought you grabbed alex's hat, the back part of her beanie that was a little loose , anyway, it was saturday night, i tweeted earlier saturday night fever, little did i know that he would be would be introduced to a billion air,/john travolta dancing machine with our music underneath. >> ♪
6:36 am
>> he got the beat. >> there we go. >> that is jared vol. >> our man, jared, our photographer is new doing the new dance called the lurie. >> yes. >> taking fill by storm the lu rie. >> i necessity did you the gangam style dance and you can demonstrate the lurie as well. >> okay. >> i think jeff lurie should be on the next season of so you think you can dance on fox >> i think people will be doing that dance, remember when drake had that dance and everyone was doing that. >> all right, before lets say 7:10 we will dance like that. >> i want to see i dance like that. >> that gives me 30 minutes to get it together. >> we have that picture of ryan and mike at the game in
6:37 am
his most glorious moment. >> my god, everything was dripping, running, and it was a mess. >> you were red. >> yes. >> thank god jewel joost jones didn't catch that ball or can you imagine how miserable we would have been going home, and then lose. can under dogs do it again yes. >> lets talk to anthony gargano over at 97.5 fanatic after the
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ryan, looks, ryan's throwing it up in the air, incomplete. >> ride him like a popey eagles defense comes up big at fourth and goal with the falcons done. we will face off with the vikings. by the way if you haven't learned just yet the game will be on fox. >> we have to say it like our fox says it, fox 29. >> fox 29. >> yes. >> anthony gargano, we have been covering this all week long at 97.5 the fanatic, can you contain yourself. what were you like at home yesterday. >> happy nfc champion ship, guys. what an incredible night, at
6:41 am
the linc. the thing that stand out to me the true amazing coaching job, we have mike, alex, look at doug pederson and how he got nick foles in the second half, to be so crisp, run/pass option, which what it does is, it makes you fluid, all it does is you stop, you fake, you bring it back and one read , so you are not thinking you are not holding the ball, it is it is a rhythm, that was pederson mixing in the run. i thought nick foles, remember how about right before half time when that crazy play that went off the falcon's knee and turn tonight to a field goal. i thought that was big and jim schwartz called a great game, including that big blitz by mc cloud that resulted in sack ing matt ryan that might have gotten him a job. >> it probably did, new york
6:42 am
giants probably. >> so, you know you know, kudos to nick foles. he came out in the second half and took them down the field, ant? >> you are right, alex, i mean , who would expected that, right. that nick foles, in the second half would come out and be lights. >> what were you going to say remember at one point in the game where it was the ball they kick the ball and hit one of the eagles players his foot we thought it was over then because at this point they were reviewing the call, no, no, oh, man. >> eagles player did what he was supposed to do runaway but ball chased him and touched his foot. >> i know, look it was, alex had a night, it was cold, the track was muddy, so the weather played a -- sue did a perfect job because weather played perfectly into how we
6:43 am
have to win, right? when he beat falcons you have to win ugly, you have to win, you have to be a dog and that is what they did. >> i have a question, you are watching the vikings last night. vikings saints. it is going back and forth. it was four different lead changes in three minutes. who were you rooting for and did you change allegiance every time the other team took the lead. >> yes, you are so, right, i was doing this. i want vikings. no, i want the saints. i want the saints. i kept going back and forth. i didn't know. i'm glad that ultimately we got the vikings. i do think eagles are a better match up with minute so the a think bit, right they have case keenum and he put the ball up for grabs a couple times. remember that interception he threw yesterday?
6:44 am
i think that will work in our hands. >> i hope so, now the question is because now i feel like their chant, skull they put their arm in the hand. which will be louder or the linc. >> it is like ymca. >> it is lame. >> they are village people, you are weak, are you kidding me. >> fly eagles fly. >> fly eagles fly. >> that is right. >> i think we need you have day this week like we did last week if you don't mind step it up every day. >> we are in, i may come in the studio after i get off the shore. without a doubt we will get craze think week. is there nothing like nfc champion ship in philadelphia. it is a party that is right. >> thanks, we will see you again tomorrow. >> i was working up in new york in 2004 so i didn't go through this but didn't we get through the same teams, fall
6:45 am
cons and the vikings. >> deja vu. >> jacksonville, that is where the game was. >> history repeats itself. >> here's the problem. >> is it going to be patriots again? of course. well, we will get that bad taste out of the mouth from 2004. >> that is right. >> where am i here? >> all i need to tell you is, just leave your channel right there, until next saturday, or next sunday at 6:40. >> how many hours, did steve say, 158 hours. >> something like that. >> leave it right here. >> you won't miss it. >> bob kelly will be here all week. >> all week 6:45. good morning everybody. we have a jammo on 95 southbound accident up between bridge and betsy ross. never fails the lightes volume days, somebody will go a little faster then they should be on i-95 and bam we have a crash this morning. so light volume, otherwise because of the holiday, all of the kid are off from school. live look at the freeway
6:46 am
coming in toward philadelphia, in problems, working your way up and over walt whitman or bennie. all of the regional rail lines kick in a new schedule over weekend so get the new timetable, down load it before you head outside the door, septa is also not stopping at church man's station for in bound trains on the wilmington line, and rest of the mass transit line up anywhere from the add guess ted special to holiday schedules in the a normal machine morning rush hour hain we have ice jam up here along delaware river all of the big ice, all jamming up between trenton and yardley, so that will cause some flooding throughout the day, route 29 ramp to market street blocked this morning, snow in the forecast, sue has tonight 15 seconds
6:47 am
all right. we're looking at weather forecast for today. sorry, i thought bob kelly was first this time. >> i was. >> actually, he was. >> i tossed to you. >> whatever you're drinking i'll have a double. >> it is peppermint tea, baby. >> after that bitter, cold, sue what could we look forward to. >> i'm on it. if you want it. >> all right. this is what i talked. >> taken by surprise. here's the next weather system , it is a clipper, now clipper are not generally the snow makers, you know, big snow makers look at this little system by norfolk, virginia we are thinking this could creep up further are north and we are keeping an eye on it.
6:48 am
flood watch in lancaster county, another flood warning, been kelly is talking, and, and, flooding there. >> so we will look at, 32 degrees today, 38 tomorrow and 33 on wednesday. and then by the time we will get to thursday little bit warmer, warmer on friday and saturday and sunday, much more comfortable on sunday's game then it was on saturday, sorry about that. >> hey sue we have another picture from west philadelphia i don't think this tops the one you showed a few weeks ago from about three or four years ago the frozen house do you remember frozen house. >> yes. >> i remember. >> it isn't as bad but these are cars on the 5800 block of hazel street splattered with water, freezing doors shot, tires locked in place, cone stuck, people living on that street says icy streets really is tough to deal with. >> how am i going to get out of here. >> we have to help dig him out
6:49 am
and push him across the ice. >> philadelphia water department ace wear of this issue and they hope to have it fixed by today. >> the main fix will be the fact that the temperature will get above 32 tomorrow. >> that will certainly help. >> lets hope so. >> there is a georgia fire fighter who is going viral for here heroic actions. >> thomas drayton has more on this. >> this is something they don't train for fire fighter caught a baby thrown from the window three stories down during a house fire so crews were called, they called this one a miracle captured from her helmet camera. it captured moment new born flew off balance conn friday that burning building in georgia on the receiving end 14 year veteran captain jackie , who has also been a mother of trip lets. >> did they give you warning they were going throw out baby >> they thought i was expecting it. i see blue coming.
6:50 am
>> blue jiang it all wrapped up. my hand came up and i got him. >> sprung right into action. officials say everyone made it through this one doing just fine only thing that was running through her mind when asked, mike and alex she said lord let me catch this baby. >> that was out of georgia, good thing fire fighter wasn't julio jones out of georgia. >> yeah, really. >> too soon. >> not for us, maybe for them. a rough day for the office for this high school referee. how a bad pass gave the crowd more of a view then he certainly wanted, you should always wear underwear. share your pictures, are you ready for sunday. look a that it is bird gang, love that picture. adorable. >> monte g says haters can call us than dogs but when we beat vikings we will be super bowl
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
you know, i admire people who referee like high school games and little league and stuff like that. >> i have a friend who does that. >> check out the referee here in this high school basketball game in kentucky gets smacked
6:54 am
in the head by the ball. >> wow. >> and his hair piece comes off. >> did he pick it backup. >> i would have left it. >> he put it back on. >> my god. >> what he what are the odd of that happening. >> seriously what are the odd. >> he put it back on. >> well, yeah it didn't match hairy can't talk because of this money got going on. >> is this a tupay it snaps on like a snap on tool. >> can we have a little show here. >> that doesn't work. >> cut, color, it is the holiday i don't know what i'm doing. did you see this? this scary crash in california
6:55 am
yesterday how a car gets in the second floor is hard to explain but we will try right alex. >> yes, weary think it hit a median so this is in santa ana and investigators say a car hit that center divider and launched in the air two people were inside the car at the time with only minor injuries even though it looks serious, but driver told police he was on drugs at the time of the crash but i believe there is surveillance video where you can see the car. >> are you serious, i was looking all over the place is there surveillance video? did you just make that up. >> if there is surveillance video ryan in the control room will find that. i want to see just how fast would you have to do to hit a median to launch yourself in the second story window. >> it looks like back to the future. >> when the cops pulled up he said i'm on drugs. >> if he was on drugs he was high. >> very high, second story
6:56 am
high. >> whatever it takes to win, some fans go craze which their superstition, this guy says, i don't wear a shirt. and we win. what are your superstitions we will play a great video when we come back have the family here in philadelphia whether this do every time. >> my tradition is going to steve to start off our 158 hours of coverage, steve? >> some fans are so superstitious, they say they will keep their christmas trees up until after the super bowl despite needles fall over their luxury apartment. wonder what eagles fan that is excuse me everyone! paul? paul? this is three million dollar mega multiplier the new game from the pennsylvania lottery with top prizes of three million dollars! three million dollars! did you win? i don't know. i'm so excited about it. this could be a big winner! just had to share. carry on.
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so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement.
6:59 am
fourth and goal stop in philadelphia. >> ryan rolls, ryan pumps, ryan is throwing it up in the air, incomplete. incomplete. intended for jones, incomplete and the eagles take over on downs. >> a miracle in minneapolis. >> the pass is caught, touchdown, vikings, unbelievable. >> two dramatic finishes setting up a showdown, nfc championship game. if the eagles want to get back to the super bowl all they
7:00 am
have to do is win. >> is there one thing i want to you do for me. >> what? >> what? >> win. win. >> what are we waiting for. >> the eagles will be under dogs, again but these dogs don't seem to care and neither does jeffery lurie, we are dancing in the championship week with coverage all week long. >> yeah, yeah. >> and that is a new dance everybody the jeff lurie. >> you have to dot lurie. >> yes. >> first of all what is this locker room we have here. >> is that brideberg elementary. >> yes. >> eagles have a bette


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