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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 16, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. we begin at 11:00 with life look at ocean city. the good news is the shore shouldn't see too much snow tomorrow. the bad news is the rest of us, well, we can see a few inches. here we go again. this year's within has been so much fun already. thanks for joining us tonight at 11:00. i'm iain page. frigid, warm, back to frigid now snow. what is going on? maybe we need an explanation. well, we've got a meteorologist on staff to help us break it all down. scott what's happening. >> hi there, iain. definitely has been roller coder ride. friday we had highs in the 60s. the arctic blast and, yes, more snow it is making a come back. as we look at alt l ultimate doppler it's lit up a cold front off to the west. it's stretches from the great lakes all the way into texas and look at the purple those are winter weather advisories all
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the way into south texas dealing with the system that will impact millions including folks right here in the lehigh and delaware valleys. winter weather advisories kick in early on tuesday. through wednesday. far north and west. that's how long we'll be dealing with this slow-moving system. so look at the start times as far as the snow. tomorrow morning far north and west toward the pocono mountains into the afternoon. sections of berks county, the lehigh valley, and then eventually moving toward philadelphia and the shore. so here's the planner. cloud cover temperatures upper 30s tomorrow. watching that snow far north and west. much more coming up in the broadcast. iain. >> scotttt, thanks. eagles fans how are your nerves? we're still six days away from championship sunday when the vikings will come to town to play the birds. little more than 1100 miles separate the cities of philadelphia and minneapolis but after learning a little bit more about the respective cities you might think they were worlds a
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part. fox 29 we go there and oris o'connell went behind enemy lines for four years for this moment in time no doubt. what, what did you learn? >> well, when it comes to football, let's put that aside. we wanted to do a little city by city comparison. trust me like you said i lived in minnesota for four years and you got to trust me i'm a good judge when i say there really is no comparison. philly versus minneapolis. let's start with the local food favorites. our cheesesteak to minnesota lutefisk. >> what it's a gelatinous norwegian white fish. >> no thanks. cliff me a cheesesteak with. >> advantage philadelphia. >> let's not even go there with the weather. here you get all four seasons. in minnesota you get two. this is winter, this is summer. >> what do you know about minnesota? >> that it's cold. i just know it's cold. >> i know it's very cold there. >> yes, we even have the better
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fictional characters. >> ♪ >> our rocky balboa or the twin city's mary tyler moore. sorry, mary. ♪ >> reporter: and fight songs, this is the skull viking song. it's cute i guess. but there's no better fight song than -- >> fly, eagles fly, older road to victory! >> reporter: finally minnesota may have us beat on one thing. they're shiny new billion dollar stadium. but that's okay. the eagles will be playing there any way come super bowl sunday. telling people in minnesota what's it going to be like at the linc. give them a little taste. >> it's going to be madness. we're going to wipe the floor with you guys. >> reporter: and just in case you are ready and you want to book that trip to the super bowl, iain, there are tickets to be had on the after market if you could spare an extra 4300
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bucks for ticket. hey, if the birds are in the super bowl, i just might think about it. maybe with your salary. [ laughter ] >> chris, come on, man. >> you know everybody will be looking for those tickets. thanks, buddy. >> after the big win, some eagles players given back to the community today. wide receiver torry smith punter donny jones and others sorting through donations for needy children at a warehouse in west conshohocken. the players and fans shared some of their post season excitement with us. >> it was amazing. um, to pull that win out and see the reaction from everyone and the response from the city has been crazy. looking forward to having another great week. >> we're so excited. i'm just so happy they're winning because in my lifetime like they haven't really been the best team yet. >> we even ran into one fan who painted a sneakers green and white as way to show his support to the eagles. eagles fans set your reminder rs tickets for the beg game go on
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sale at 10:00 tomorrow morning. you can get tickets on ticket masters if the scalpers don't beat through. right now prices range from 135 bucks for standing room only. but if you want an actual seat, the cost is going to range from 172 to $255. the team has imposed a four ticket limit per house holder underdog masks they're sold separately, the eagles say you can wear the dog mask at the linc to the road top super bowl goes through philly. the game sunday. where, fox 29. coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. in philadelphia, a man facing charges after taking the phrase horsing around a little too literally. he punch add police horse then an officer after getting tossed oh out of the eagles/falcons game. dave schratwieser is live in south philadelphia with more on this story tonight. dave. >> reporter: iain the charges here are serious aggravated assault, simple assault and taunting a police horse. police say taylor hendricks was
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intoxicated got tossed out of the stadium during the game and ended up in handcuffs. >> 22-year-old taylor hendricks may have a story to tell after saturday's big eagles win at the linc but probably not the one where police say he got ejected from the game. then repeatedly punched a police horse in the face before striking a police officer. >> come out here and punch a horse especially when cop is on it crazy. >> not too smart. does not reflect eagles fans and what we're about. >> you have 65,000 people, 64,999 are fine and one punches a horse. you know, these things happen anywhere. report roar police say the whitehall hall township resident gotti ejected from the goals game for being inn tock indicated and not having a ticket. after he got tossed police say hendricks approached a mounted police officer punching his horse repeatedly in the face and neck. then striking the officer.
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>> you shouldn't be punching horse. that's bot the tom line. no matter who you're a fan of don't be punches police horses. >> he broke the law and assault add police officer a mounted horse he should be put in prison. >> reporter: we caught up with eagles fans exiting the sixers game monday afternoon. the fan versus police horse tale left several shaking their hea heads. >> that's not cool. that is not cool. >> who in their mind right would do that. >> it's an embarrass. we still hear about santa claus and snowballs. we don't need this. >> not just snowballs. pnch ago horse with a cop on i it. that's just dumb. >> reporter: now the horse and the officer were okay. taylor hendricks was released on $5,000 bail and attempt to reach him tonight was not successful. iain. >> all right, dave. thank you. well today martin luther king, jr. day and today in philadelphia thousands of volunteers came out to mark the 50th anniversary of his poor people's campaign. to put the spotlight on the principals of civil, human and
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equal rights. the recurring message all day was try not to make this just one day of service a year. instead people were encouraged to make service a part of their lives if not every day then whenever you can. >> every day. every day. he stood up for something. i want him to know his family know goals and dreams are not lost. that's important as community. that's important for my daughter so she can live that. >> the event was just one of dozens that took place across our area today and today has been about martin luther king, jr. but it's the statue of another man who gets a holiday in this country that's in the spotlight tonight. a police spotlight. camden authorities are trying to fine out who vandal life the statue. some say what happened under scores why the statue should come down. fox 29's dave kinchen live at the camden county police headquarters tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, that's right. statues of christopher columbus have come under attack in the last year or so.
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as part of on-going controversy over historical figures but this one in this case is prompting some officials to request that it's taken down. disfigured by paint and political sent many. this christopher columbus statue in camden is also litter the with obscenitie obscenities thet edition of modern day protest over racial issues and controversial figures in histo history. >> i understand the vandals because of what the statue represents because of who christopher columbus was and because of the hit historical misconception that this country has accepted. >> reporter: reverend levi combs the third has a church nearby where the statue season the vandalism under scores the need to take the statue down. >> for us as african-americans, native americans what christopher columbus to the people and murdering them, raping women, and all of that,
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it's just this is even worse. this statue being here is worse than confederate statutes being erected in the south wort. >> reporter: camden city councilman brian coleman said concerned residents have already called him. >> it's a senseless act of a few that doesn't represent not on this community but the city as whole much that's not something that we want to see happen. >> reporter: reverend says despite the criminal miss chef he hopes any efforts to row move the statue will be civil. >> i don't condone vandalism. i do think there are other alternative ways of measures for us to have statuing like this removed from cities such as camden that -- that represents the majority of minorities. >> reporter: meantime there are reports of other christopher columbus statues in new jersey being defaced including in north jersey. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. we are following breaking news right now out of kensington neighborhood tonight. police have a man in custody
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after they say he robbed a dollar store on the 3100 blog of frankford avenue authorities say he robbed the store at knife point just before 10:00 p.m. ran outside with a cash register drawer. officers caught up with him outside told him to drop knife and the drawer. when he refused they tased him f w get more information we'll bring it to you tonight. septa taking a step toward the future it's 2018 it's about time, right. some riders will new new fangled septa key cards starting tow. don't have one, can't ride. ice jam leads to traffic. ja
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happy ending to a story we've been following for you. burlington township food pantry being forced out of the its home. dominic zula the man who volunteers and runs the pantry tells us fox 29 viewers answered his call for help. after our story aired he says the owners of the old burlington coat factory on route 130 in willingboro offered to donate the space for the food pantry and simon transportation offered to move their equipment to its new location for no charge. the pantry old location at the burlington town center mall closed its doors for good. good news there. supplies are still needed in puerto rico nearly four months after hurricane maria. a local company with ties to the island have just returned from a could month long trip they
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helped any way they could. fox 29's shawnette wilson talk wig them about the challenges and joins us live now at the philadelphia airport. shawnettee. >> reporter: iain, the couple has a non-profit called mother's mission where they feed the homeless around philadelphia. now they're taking that same compassion to the island of puerto rico. anybody will tell you the same thing. it was a monster. the noise it was hours and hou hours. >> jesse cruz and her husband david just returned from a month long trip to puerto rico. on a mission trip after hurricane maria devastated the island. >> when we went there the first time we went there with food. the second time we went there with money. >> reporter: they both live in philadelphia but jesse was born there and david has family in pr. they went to assess the need and help. >> the children were sleeping on wet mattresses so they didn't have in tarps. >> they took money format tresses a ranged for tarps to be donated and other necessities. >> they needed either food or
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some were sick they needed ensure, um, a lot of them needed diapers. >> reporter: they say almost four months later, many towns still don't have electricity. >> some of the places as well they don't have any water. i mean it's just -- you know, we saw people actually in the highway where the water was coming through washington do you call that the -- >> spring water. spring water came from the mountains. >> come through and they were actually getting water from there. >> cell phone video they recorded shows an elderly man trapped inside his home. they took him clothes and helped get him into a shelter. jesse gets emotional about another couple they found. >> she said, i was just asking and praying that someone would come and help me bathe my husband because he was bedridd bedridden. >> they reached out to people on facebook for donations companies from different states helped get them supplies to distribute. with all the accomplish they left vowing to come back and with a motto for their mission. >> instead of preaching the word, upping, just go there and
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get the done. >> reporter: they have a gofundme page to help get donation so they can continue their work f you'd like to help go to fox for link to that also if you go there iain you'll get to see more videos and photos of the work that they're doing there. >> back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. now a reminder from septa. starting tomorrow you cannot show your medicare card or railroad retirement cards to get a ride on any septa service. you can use a valid pennsylvania driver's license or non driver id with a magnetic strip on the back. septa key reduced fare photism d card or septa key senior photo id card. you got all of that. also continue to accept paper pennsylvania senior citizen transit id card at least for now. this winter weather already behind some traffic issues along the delaware river. icy conditions have authorities closing a part of route 29. the new jersey department of transportation was out early today to open drains along the delaware river after part of it
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froze and ice over node on to the busy road. the ice affecting both sides of the river in trenton, new jersey and bucks county pennsylvania in response the national weather service had issued a flood warning running through tonight. so let's head out live to reading live look at our friends in berks county we got snow of course on the way. meteorologist scott williams is here with your forecast at 11:00. >> high there, iain f ice jams to more snow on the way. just got update in. right now, you can take a look at the current level there. just 19.07 feet. minor flooding still occurring at the delaware river at trenton so just be mindful of that because of the blockage with the frozen waters and all of that ice. as we look at ultimate doppler, a slow-moving system off to the west. look at the purple. wint weather advisories from sections of new england all the way in to south texas for our area it's the pocono mountains the lehigh valley, tuesday through wednesday. it's a slow-moving system. so here's the bottom line with
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that timing. for tomorrow, most of the snow confine to the poconos sections of the lehigh valley during the day. it's not really until tomorrow evening through the mill of the day on wednesday that philadelphia will be looking at that accumulating snowfall. so it look like a couple of inches for the city. several inches once you move north and west. so we'll go hour by hour. look at the clock. through tomorrow afternoon even into tomorrow evening, most of that snow is still well to the north and west a few flurries might try and make it into the i-95 corridor. but once again the heaviest of the snow holds off until tomorrow night overnight into your wednesday morning. so i think the highest impact will be for that wednesday morning commute. temperatures will be cold enough for that snow. so about 2-inches a little more along the i-95 corridor. maybe an inch, inch and a half into sections of south jersey. the bulls eye the pocono mountains likely receiving up to s inches of snow. about three to 5-inches for the
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lehigh valley. temperatures right now, mid up to per 20s out there. so most locations below freezing right now the exception wildwood checking in at 33 degrees. so temperatures for tonight, mid to upper 20s. not as cold due to the cloud cover moving in. out ahead of that system but still pretty chilly as we look at that planner for tomorrow. 11am it's cloudy chilly 30 degrees. maybe a few flurries sneaking in to the afternoon far north and we have and light show north and west suburbs by 7:00 o'clock. but once again, i think the heaviest of that snow holds off until tomorrow night into your wednesday morning. temperatures tomorrow, 38 degrees, 32 on wednesday. 37 for thursday and then not as cold as we move toward friday. 41 degrees. upper 40s for saturday. and what about sunday? it look like tow hers will be in the low 50s. in fact, for tailgators comfortable temperatures in the 50s. partly cloudy kick off temperatures upper 40s and then
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temperatures drop toward the end of the game into the low 40s. we'll keep you posted. back over to you. good all right, scott, thanks. kristen what's coming up in sports. >> i know everyone here in philadelphia is focused on the eagles right now but i need a minute to talk about the sixers. because markelle fultz officially needs to be ruled out
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every two to three weeks i feel like i stand up and give update on markelle fultz. since objection that update has been see sawed between he's still sore, he's healthy, he's still not good to go. it's too much. after watching him shoot yesterday and hearing brett brown say he's lost his shot, it's time to pull the plug and just call him out for the season. back at washington, fultz shot above 50% from field goal rage. i watch him play this guy can go off now see for yourself. the fundamentals are just completely lost there. unless you want to tell me the mon stars from space jam stole
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his shooting motion admit he needs to take this year off. i get why the sixers are so hess tan. they feel cursed. in the fast few years joel embiid, ben simmons now fultz. it's a tough pill to swallow look at simmons and embiid now without the pressure of a return date this season and some more physical therapy and maybe working with a shooting coach, he'll be back to draining threes next season. iain. >> let's hope so. kristen thanks. >> more accusation of sexual assault against team usa gymnastics dr. larry nassar. simone bile making her claim saying she was assaulted. 140 women accused of him of sexual assault he will plead guilty to of sexual counts of criminal sexual contact in november. he was already being sentenced to 60 years in prison. >> serena williams has penned an open letter on facebook after revealing her postpartum health problems. she writes although her experience wasn't great she's
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happy it happened to her. this of course comes after williams revealed interview she had blood clots shorely after giving birth to her now daughter alexis. william says on facebook it made her stronger and it made her appreciate women. >> i love cerrone in a. does i do too. >> i always have. growing up australian open is going on right now too. good you feel like you should be watching her playing. >> i know. >> she was pregnant last year when she won. >> she's amazing. >> she got game, man. >> now shows new mom. probably just be stronger and better. >> yeah. >> up next tmz followed by page sick at midnight. stay tuned for "the q" at 12:30 and then the simpsons we are back here of course at 4:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly got your
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happening right now on "good day philadelphia" those ice jams, rising water and frozen chunks of ice makes for quite a sight, doesn't it but certainly dangerous conditions and yep, we're tracking snow once again. i know, another round when it arrives, sue track is it all with the whole forecast. also ahead... he has no shirt on. >> you don't want to see all this in the cold just one win from the super bowl, two away from the lombardi trophy the chance you'll have to cheer on the eagles this sunday other at the linc. >> i love that rally towel,
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and the dog head, jammed packed. good day it is tuesday, thanks so much for waking up and joining us on january 16th. good morning everybody. >> good morning. well come back. >> thank you. >> how was your holiday weekend. >> it was nice. it was fun to be out there, fun to come back as well. >> a lot to talk about.& wetter business to change. >> so is what the deal here. >> this is a tricky one too because even though it is snow north and west it won't get here until after dark. so we'll see. just, for tomorrow morning. so for today, it is dry, it is , a six out of 10 because of the individual forecast that we have, it is not as harsh out there it is still cold, temperatures in the 20's, but, bus stop buddy, still has a winter coat on, gloves and sixers cap because they won, last night. all right. 30 degrees, feels like 22, a 9-,
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you may not have been with us yesterday, it was single digits at this time so a little better, sunrise time at 7:20. 30 degrees in philadelphia, it is 29 in wilmington. seventeen in mount pocono. twenty-six in atlantic city and not too much of the wind chill out there. there it is, snow is on the hour doorstep, we're not expecting a whole lot, you can see it, maybe a little bit of it edge nothing to lancaster, berks county but when you will see the future cast you will see the delayed start to the snow here. winter weather advisory, start in half of chester, half of montgomery and bucks and north and west from there so we will examine that as well. not as frigid this morning. cloudy skies by noon. we are already above freezing. we have a high of 42 today. that is a seasonal temperatures but by the time snow starts here in philadelphia it will be a little bit colder. we will break that down for you coming up in just a few minutes, bob kelly, tranquil, we hope, on


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