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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 16, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00.
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snow blasting the pocono mountains and right now a winter storm warning is in effect ton night folks up there could see up to 6-inches. the storm is rolling in now. but the bulk of the snow falling at the worst possible time. we're talking about the morning drive and it could cause serious headaches. thanks for joining us tonight at 11:00. i iain page. tonight the school delays are already coming in. right now we know aria health school of nursing kutztown area school district, pottstown school district, springfield area district and upper darby school district all have two hour delays. we've got team coverage of the snowstorm. dave kinchen is in lehigh county where drivers will be impacted the most. meteorologist kathy orr tracki g the timin timing of it all. some folks will want to leave a little earlier tomorrow morning. >> absolutely north and west of philadelphia the bulk of the snow will be falling. the poconos this has been going on since early this evening accumulating very fast and that is where we have the winter
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storm warning in effect until 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. look what's happening on the radar. you can see the precipitation making it toward philadelphia with some warmer temperatures. so it's rain and that rain will change over to snow but it's not going to be snowing for a long period of time in philadelphia or to the south and east for that matter. the bulk of the snow to the north and west of philadelphia. that's where most of our problems will be for the morning rush. that's where we have the advisory where you see the pink that's the winter form warning for the poconos temperature dependent 38 in philadelphia. 36 in millville. thine in wildwood where i think you're just going to see mainly rain we'll go hour by hour you can see as we go through time future cast is picking up on a little bit of rain and snow mix to the south of doylestown. then we see the colder air coming in philadelphia seeing snow at about three, 4:00 a.m. but look at the temperature 33. a wet sloppy snow. still seeing rain down the sho shore. and then slowly moves offshore. 7:00 a.m. you see a light snow. a little in south jersey and then it's completely out of here so i do think obviously the
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heaviest snow accumulations to the north and west open two to d allentown to the north of west of philadelphia one to 2-inches. i brought this all the way up no pitts grove, voorhees and moorestown. less than 1 inch. wilmington where you see bear ground on the map that's nothing. wet snowflakes mick wig rain much we'll talk about the timing and what comes next plus your eagles game day coming up. >> kathy, thank. here's life look at allentown the snow just starring to fall there. our dave kinchen is live in the lehigh valley with a one app that could help make your drove a little easier. dave? >> reporter: this app is really something that's changed the way you get around on these kinds of storms. more on that in a little bit. we can tell you root now the snow is coming down. a lot thicker. the snowflakes are big they are than they were just an hour ago and people up here they're getting ready. >> it's just amazing to me that i went to get my four wheel
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drive because i would not have got here in my front drive car. that's that. different. >> reporter: it's how bad bob perry has winter conditions were with more snow on the way. >> it's a mess much it's really bad. >> reporter: by all accounts the morning commute will be just as messy. but penndot will have 200 trucks working this region. >> we cover berks, carbon, lehigh, monroe, northampton and schuylkill counties. >> and mug them if snow accumulation tops a few inches or more. >> the trucks will be out all the time. the operators will shift on and off every 12 hours. >> you can track toes trucks on 511pa mobile app. >> also see weather condition. you can see traffic conditions. you can access all of our cameras statewide that we have on all the express ways. >> reporter: meantime we're taking the pulse of those wednesday morning drivers. >> what do you think it will be like driving in this weather tomorrow dealing with it? >> i think it will be good because we do plowing. we'll be out all night any way plowing. >> reporter: this will be busy for you.
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>> i hope so. >> it is what it is. i can be as mad or upset or worried about it as i choose but the truth we'll deal with whatever it is. that's the way the world works. >> reporter: no doubt about it tis the season. meantime penndot says beware. look out for black ice. they also recommend leave early if you have to get anywhere early tomorrow. give yourself a few extra minutes. back to you. >> all right, good advice, dave. thanks as that snow begins moving in the philadelphia streets department will be getting ready to move out to help keep those streets clear. the depth has got about 70 trucks and more than 40,000 tons of salt ready to go with temperatures not going too far below freezing though the street department says the warm weather should help the salt with the roads. before you head out the door in the morning don't forget to wake up with good day physical. bob and sue will tell you what's happening on the roads so you can get to work safely it you will starts at 4am. the city of philadelphia with heightened popularity comes heightened security. that will be the case this
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sunday when more than 69,000 fans are going to pack the linc for the last time this season to cheer on the eagles. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at the linc with a task in front of police. dave? >> reporter: iain, just five days to go before the big game here at the linc and philadelphia police wasting little time coming up with plans to ramp up security for the game and the expected post game celebrations but first, take a look at this. this was the scene outside the linc saturday as police say an intoxicated fan stumbled to his feet and tried to take on two mounted patrol officers. >> he's so drunk he's tripping. he's challenging them. look at him go. >> he struck the horse and may have tried to strike the officer on the horse as well. >> tailor hendricks ended up being charged with aggravated assault, simple assault and cruelty to animals. police hope to avoid a replay of this kind of behavior when the eagles play the vikings this sunday on fox.
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>> stay in control. have fun. have a good time. but watch the drinking. >> reporter: officers will be out in force all weekend first for saturday's big women's rally on the parkway then so-called hot spots on sunday night for the big game. places like frankford and cottman, broad street center city and broad and pattison near the stadium good we want everyone safe and of course we don't neglect the neighborhoods while we're managin managing tht spots good i am expecting it to absolutely insane here. >> reporter: folks at rielle sports bar and grill are ready for big eagles within an good time. they do have precautions in place. >> we do have a lot of bouncers that will be coming all hands on deck. >> reporter: this was the scene during the most recent phillies celebrations while there was some damage police say they'll be lots of officers on hand sun day to prevent that. >> sometimes thing get a little out of control with the revelry and we have to be concerned not only for people's physical say tee but personal and commercial proper as well. >> we want to party. but we also want to show the world had we are.
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>> reporter: that's right. we do want to show them that. police tell us they will ask bar owners to ask their patrons to stop serving bottled beer to patrons in the fourth quarter so they don't get used as projectiles during any kind of celebration. we haven't one of these celebrations in a few years. but police tell us they're up to the task. iain. >> all right, dave, sounds good. thank you. you'll want to keep your channel on fox 29 all week. we got your eagles coverage all day every day and sunday we're getting fans geared up starting at 7am on "good day philadelphia". the chase for the championship continues on fox 29 news at 10:00 after the game. breaking news right now. the us navy announcing homicide charges against commanders of two ships in deadly collisions last year. the officers face court marshall and military criminal charges. it concluding neglect homicide after u. s john s mccain collided with merchantship near singapore in august. 22-year-old kenneth smith from cherry hill was one of ten
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sailors who died in that collision. in june the uss fitzgerald collided with a philippine container ship, 17 sailors died from the collision. we're following breaking news right now in west philadelphia. two boys 12 and 15 years of age shot one of those boys shot in the face. our shawnette wilson joins us live outside the children's hospital of philadelphia tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: well, iain, they're in critical but stable condition i'm told each of them shot at least once. but may have even more gunshot wounds. i just heard a lot of screaming. >> reporter: at a kia harrison is disgusted over a shooting that happened on her street. two brother, 112, the other 15 years old was shot on the ludlow street in west philly. harrison saw one of them screaming out after the shooti shooting. >> help me!, you know, he didn't want die. so it's just sad. >> reporter: it happened around 7:45 tonight. police say the brothers were visiting a girlfriend who lives on ludlow and were shot as they left the house and headed toward
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a courtyard across the street. they live nearby. the 12-year-old was shot in the face. the senior old in the hasn't. >> reports of three young men coming off millick street northbound. they get on to ludlow. one is arm with a gun they run up these two brothers fire at least five shots. >> reporter: witnesses tell them the shooting was the all the of an ago that. may have happened earlier in school. the shooters were reportedly wearing mask. >> people know what happened out here. they know the fight that occurred earlier in the day. they know the individuals involved. now we got two young kids in the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. >> reporter: police say they plan to contact the school district to make them aware of what happened so there won't be any problem at school tomorrow as a result of whatnd tonight. >> shawnette thank you mill fur fee sworn in today as the new governor much new jersey. the bible was the same one used to inaugurate murphy's boyhood hero john f. kennedy. 60-year-old former wall street exec and former diplomat road to office an wave of anti chris
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christie sentiment. murphy aim his strongest language at president trump. >> it is leadership that has made our country a place where immigrants still come in hope of a better future and that includes from haiti and from the continent of africa. [ applause ] >> in his inaugural address murphy said he'll press state lawmakers to legalize recreational marijuana. increase the minimum wage, raise the income tax on new jersey millionaires as well as tighten gun laws. these pups get a bad rap but one local woman showing the community that are some of of our bet protectors. a local wawa targeted by thieves. but they're not after money. what they want is snacks. philadelphia eagle lane johnson mocking the birds underdog stat with a new t-shi t-shirt. johnson posting on twitter the proceeds from this limited edition shirt sales will go to the school district of philadelphia
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wind chill may be ten below in minneapolis but that don't mean a thing. philly has arrived in the twin cities for one purpose and one purpose only, trash talk. >> chris o'connell will be in minneapolis all week all your eagles coverage all week long right here on fox 29 and
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throughout the day on sun day leading up to that big nfc championship game against the vikings. all right taking live look at the ben franklin parkway. kathy is talking about how much snow you'll see in your area and the impact on your morning commute in just a few minutes. a woman in stable condition after falling between the northbound broad street line tracks. just as a train was pulling in. power and service had to be shut down while emergency workers saved her. she was conscious under the train. police are still investigating how it all happen. a wawa abington township hit by thieves. police say the store on old york road hit several times since last monday. you're looking at pictures of two of the suspects police say each time the group is after red bull and beef jerky. if you recognize those guys, give police a call. right now pitbulls are being left in shelters or euthanized more than any other breed in our area. but a local woman has an idea that will not only help their reputation but also benefits our
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communities. our bill anderson has the story. we do have pitbull in our possession now. we rescued her, her name is wildflower from down south. >> reporter: walk into any animal shelter in the country, it's a safe bet the shelter will be filled with pitbulls. >> she was in a shelter for over a year. >> reporter: people likely always be divided on their temper many coming up with way to rei inter great rescue pitbulls into society will be saving their lives. carol has a pretty interesting idea. >> we're here to show you today and prove to you that she has an mazing personality but she also could be a police dog. >> reporter: the throw away dogs project trains rescue dogs and then donates them to police departments. >> so we want her to go -- when trainers discover pitbulls had many of the tendencies necessary for narcotics detect, training them was a no brainer. >> if i have unlimited choice of pitbulls that i can train, this
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is a win/win not only for the dog but also for the department and also for the community. >> reporter: they know how certain segments of society feel about pitbulls. they can say anything but showing is better and that's why i was there. so first they showed me wildflower's skills. after just two months of training. good girl. >> then they wanted me to see that even in the middle of aggressively searching for dru drugs, wildflower had no issues with strangers. hike me. >> hello. >> i'm sorry. >> that's it. >> i hit you in the face. >> good girl. >> i hit her in the face and she's still like i'm not worried about you. >> nothing. all she cares about is that ball. >> finally they involved me in the training to see how strong she is. but also that she had no aggression towards me even as i became her training anniversary. >> when she indicates her desire to want to get what she's looking for and play with it. >> there you go.
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>> she's got a little muscle behind her. >> the training with me was a strep to the throw away dogs project trying to convince the public and the police who would work with them that these dogs many who would be otherwise euthanized can instead serve. >> as soon as everyone see what is these dogs are capable of, they should be lining you up. >> throw away dog project trains the dogs and then donates them to police saving thousands of dollars but now they'rely hopeful that those with issues with pitbulls will simply allow them a chance to prove their value for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ here's life look at reading in berks county just few days ago we were talking about temperatures in the 60s. now, it's snowing and kathy with how much you'll see in your area. >> i like the way you said that it's snowing like i don't like it. >> well one place we want it because we had rain and we had some ice was the poconos. so we are very happy to see four, five, 6-inches of snow in
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the poconos. it will be beautiful day to go skiing tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will be warming up. we do have an advisory north and west of philadelphia where you see the purple for couple of inches of snow. but that pink, that is the warning area in the poconos. four to 6-inches. six being significant but we're used to that in the pocono mountains take it slow tomorrow. we're watching ultimate doppler and we're watching all of this move toward the southeast. some light snow moving toward philadelphia but it's encountering some warmer air. that's why we're seeing a little green on the screen. so rain micking in with snow it's a wet snow because temperatures are at or above freezing. originally we thought this coastal low would feed into this moisture but it look like it's going to stay little bit farther offshore as i watch the radar so i have lowered the ams in south jersey because of the warmth and because of the lack of that interaction. right now 27 in the poconos. 32 in allentown. 39 in philadelphia. that will be a wet sloppy snow and it does finally accumulate
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on the grassy surfaces. millville 37 degrees much it's pretty warm there. as we go hour by hour you can see where the snow will be accumulating the lehigh valley and poconos that's where the most will be falling. to the north and west of philadelphia, an inch or two possible. and then the cold air will be coming in. still at 4am33 in philadelphia. so that's a wet snow. mainly on the grass. rain in atlantic city, rain in toms river. rain in wildwood. even a wintry mix in millville. so not much of an accumulation there it also sweeps off the coast. 7:00 a.m. still seeing some snow a little bit of a snow shower in millville and in dover. then it it's out of here by the end of the day before sunset there will be some sunshine a pretty sunset end then we'll just be seeing some colder temperatures in the 20's tomorrow night. snow amounts. the poconos four to six. lehigh val toll to four. norristown, lower makefield, into trenton one to two even philadelphia i'm thinking an inch or less of a slushy accumulation. less than an inch in south jersey and central delaware.
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nothing from dover south. millville galloway estelle hasn't nor, ocean city, brigantine, wildwood i don't think you'll see anything more than rain mixing with wet snowflakes that's just about it. last time you got it all. this time not much of anything. overnight 31 in philadelphia. 21 in the poconos. 27 in wilmington. 28 in dover. tomorrow the morning rain and wet snow gives way to some mostly cloudy skies. and then clearing it out. the temperature 32. but the wind will be gusting to 20 so it's not going to be all that comfortable on your seven day forecast better for thursday with less win. friday looks great mostly sunny and seasonal. saturday if you're really going to be tailgating and doing it like a day early a nice day. 50. sunday looks great for the birds by kick off in the 40s. and monday a chance of a shower 55? yes. 55. get the clubs ready by tuesday. sunny again the temperature 50 degrees. take it slow tomorrow especially north and west of the city. >> all right. good advice, kathy. thanks kristen what's coming up in sports?
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>> iain, eagles/vikings this week will be a one sided game. i don't mean one team but rather one union. why i think this is going to be decided by ,000 in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices.
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choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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♪ it's impossible to ignore how excited eagles fans are for this sunday. philadelphia is one win away from a super bowl. but if you want watch high scoring games eagles/vikings won't be that. in fact i'm pretty sure it will be defensive slug fest. here's why. numbers don't lie. the vikings number one in total defense points per game and third down conversion. the eagles are no slouch themseles though case in point the falcons game. also number one rush defense and tied for first on fourth down conversion. a lot of stats coming your way. basic words eagles offensive coordinator frank reich said today the vikings quote i think they have the best defense we faced all year. pretty simple. to echo that i really think each defensive unit is the biggest strength for each team.
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nothing against case keenum and nick foles and offenses but defense wins championships. i have a feeling which ever defense plays best on sunday will be playing again in super bowl 52. iain. >> all right, kristen thanks. how about this. bright flash of light in the sky in detroit right now going on social media saying they saw a meteor. the national weather service says they did get a lot of reports from people seeing a flash then allowed boom and they can confirm that it was not thunder or lightning but most likely a meteor. >> cool. >> that's really flashes looks like a rocket they call eight fire ball. >> wow. we call that snow. look at blue mountain poconos mountain camera. they're getting most of it. >> four to sexisms where we have the wint storm warning. most of the snow north and west of the city. >> tune into good day at 4am for the latest. th
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: ok. kim kardashian, kanye west, they have their third kid! [applause] >> a surrogate gave birth to her earlier this morning. >> i'm excited to find out what the kid's name will be. >> what are the other ones? >> saint and north. >> it would be good to have a regular name. harvey: that would be hilarious, north, saint and gary. [laughter] >> this is my daughter gary. >> aziz is taking some backlash. -- aziz's accuser is taking some backlash. >> ashleigh banfield completely destroyed this woman. >> you had an unpleasant date and you did not leave. that is on you. >> and there's no reason to go public with this. >> conveniently after he won a golden globe. >> where they all come out after awards. when james franco won too. harvey: at the next award ceremony, they're going to say give it to him! give it to him! >> we got chrissy teigen and john legend. she's tweeting with sophia the robot. >> any plans to meet with sophia the robot? >> i want to take he


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