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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  January 17, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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homeland security after she claims she did not remember what the president said. >> can't stop the feeling♪ >> we have a feeling he is going to turn it out. justin timberlake coming to philly after all. get ready, j. t. is bringing man of the woods tour to city of brotherly love. "good day philadelphia", 5 a.m. starts now. i love our justin. good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us this wednesday morning. it's very early. we have snow and school closings to tell you about. >> it's coming down and messy out there this morning rain transitioningition be to snow. you mentioned closures it talk about you sigh them on the bottom of the screen. school delays and business delays as well. fox 9.comfy happen to miss it. >> good morning, i think a "good day" for late opening that would be. >> shh. >> if you like to drop your kids at thomas house we have the address up on our web sit
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site. >> we'll get frozen going and papadopoulos corn. >> it's tricky you heard lauren talk earlier about snow, rain, snow, rain, temperatures are close to freezing and we he seeing cold air move in and that was tranising rain to snow in some places. norman west of city it stayed snow all day yesterday. especially up in the pocono mountains where some places got 5" of snow yesterday and are getting more today. here's four ut of ten in weather by the numbers. here's bus stop buddy ail ready for a messy morning. temperatures as we said 20s and 30s out there. 34 in city and wind chills 27. sunrise 7:20 you can see snowflakes are falling but the ground is wet. winter weather advisory for the same counties yet there's a winter storm warning up for
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those places getting. >> rain and snow throughout the morning and temperatures drop as we dry out by lunchtime and windy and cole the rest ever the day temperature around feesing and things get a little more comfortable as we head into the weekend and we'll have the 7 day forecast coming up. bob kelly. >> good morning, 5:0 a lot of flakes in cameras and we're not talking about the drivers but the snowflakes. live look at upper stage road again all the roads are get, pen it's eye salting operation not so much a plow operation. the salt hopefully preventing roads from freezing up. the less traveled roads or maybe those that have not been treated could be slippery. you have that spray and brine chris christieing up on field kheeld wear seeing snow but
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road surface is social security cupping wet this morning. changeover from rain to snow moving west to east this is a live look cot map and torresdale avenue. you can see the puddles at the street corner and down -- up to allentown we're definitely getting snow up here. but again turnpike, route 309 portions of 02 and slower speeds than normal this morning. everybody will be a little late for work and school. slippery parking lots and platforms from septa and airport and thorndale line running with it's going to be one of those day get the snow off your car before you pull out of the drive way. >> slow your roll, bob, thank you. let's show you what you're dealing with this morning. objection, we're tracking snow and freezing rain. >> until we put all our crews rawnd around bringinging
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coverage let's start with lauren johnson who is in reading, pennsylvania. >> hey, karen. >> yeah we made it look it's snow everywhere. we're here in penns square. 5 and penn here. we pulled up and mike g. says are those ice sculptures i see on the ground i was like there's no way. how is that poshl possible. they have remnants of that around here. look at that chair over he there standing because it's cold enough in reading and yeah as you mentioned, karen, there is snow, lots of it. we're walking through it. i'll tell you this. it's powdery. not thick. you can see i'm kicking it around. roads are okay. it stuck to sidewalks here. if you can see people driving the roads are still fine. coating of snow on the roads over there. we've seen truck out plowing and throwing salt down.
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mike g. got us here safely from philly saidet yeah, it's snowing, no turnover it was reigning and snowing and raining and snowing as sue mentioned and satisfied yeah snow falling and snowflakes coming down. >> is that a chair. >> that's a chair. it says people carved these out here on the spot. this is solid. but some of the other ones have fallen down. >> i know you must be tired here at 5:05 go ahead and take a seat. >> it's too cold. >> little too cold. >> i don't have enough layers. >> hour later you're stuck. look how much snow is on there sdmriingt yes. >> good coating. >> joining us from berks
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country this morning. >> thank you. >> here's in delaware koyment why you and steve keeley, hi, teev. you can hear it bouncing off if you have waterproof gear on and it's heavier, wet snow and sticks to everything. look at septa bus sign. we're at a bus stop. it's sticking to sides of poles and signs. if you get out to go to work, be prepared to whip off your car. in less than an hour look at the kara cross the street. it's covered. it's the stuff you can move with wipers and don't be one of those lazy folks if you will sit in there and have a couple of inches. you want to clear it off and not use gravity and where we are 35 miles an hour is the speed limit. and we're seeing people exceed
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that 5 mile an hour speed limit. you don't want to do that. they've been putting salt left and right over west chester pike. they don't get the side streets. take it ease why you or the first term will be a doosy. i'm quaeting maybe the viewers can play along. chris, spin around. come ago cording to this bus stop tattoo convention next month pennsylvania convention center. i'm wondering the total number of tattoos on on air staff of "good day" ful. how many tattoos did the whole staff have tattooed to their body. i don't know if you know the answer i don't know if you two have a tattoo. i know sue serio is covered with them under that suit. that's as far as my news goes on the "good day" too tattoo. it gives people something to see. >> for on air "good day" staff
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i know one but i mean not leak the sleeve sue as has. >> 5:09 developing now gun violence hurting young teenager's brothers 12 and 15 shot in west philadelphia txingt happenedp:00 on the 6,000 block of ludlow street last each and brothers were visiting a friend and basically ambushed. the 12-year-old was strung in face and 15-year-old ham is back and in stable condition. shooting was result of argument that happened earlier at school. >> parents of blaze bernstein say his death may be a hate crime. he was stabbed more than 20 times. he was found five minutes from california home last week. former classmate, 20-year-old samuel woodward has been
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arrested in connection with bernstein death. a source says woodward claims bernstein tried to kiss him. >> 5:09 lehigh country professor right now director of african studies resigned amid sexual misconduct allegations dr. james braxto braxtonpatterson paid on paid lead and multiple people came forward with accusations. the provost says they'll make a formal decision whether to revoke tenure and terminate employment. >> a jury seated in the upcoming corruption appraisal of ed war powloski. and the trial would get underway in allentown on monday. powloski is charged with accept are monday than 150,000 in campaign coventry buings in skaiching for business. he's not guilty.
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>> fans, fans will be rowdy for the nfc championship and of course security will be beefed up. >> he's challenge him challenging him and look at him go. look at him go. >> you know you have to crane. craneth. it makes our city look so bad. too many cocktails or whatever. plice railroad got at all happy by that and video taken saturday after drunk 2-year-old was kicked out of game and goes to attack an officer and the horse this weekend. they said they'll be prepared to not have these kinds of problems not just down there at the stadium but also all around the community. >> we want everyone safe and of course we do not neglect the neighborhoods while managing these hot spots. >> lots of businesses will do their parts for many bars. people watching the game will stop serving bottles in fourth quarter and they want people safe and will vl extra bouncers.
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>> getting revved up all week long live eagles pep rally friday morning packer avenue in south philadelphia frl 6 to 10. join mike andal ep exand of course wol have a good old time. talk about double the fun. this is great. we'll have one of those 90s shows. oh, yeah getting a reboot after two decades off the air. sister, sister. >> what on earth could this be here outer space. >> a huge fireball lights up. >> this is not ocean city this is out west. >> so what was this that lit up the night sky. we'll tell you where it happens and actually some folks in our area saw it as well. bob kelly. >> ocean city coffee, cream sugar and -- good morning, everybody, that we me talking trying to get camera straightened out snow he in montgomery county you go from wet, faulted roadway into untreated parking lot of gas gas stations and let's two to
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ocean city. the boardwalk is wet and has not changed sense the score. sue has the forecast and we have the school
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♪ when we touch this place is so quiet♪ >> welcome back. it's coming up right now on 5:15 on this wednesday morning. so a little rain coming down in wilmington. it really depends where you
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are. that's what sue was walking about. some areas getting rain and some getting snow. >> it was not quiet in michigan. loud boom and bright light captured on dashcam video yesterday. now the question is what on earth was it. a lot of people meteor and others fire cracker. more so on meteor side. mike austin was driving and was able to capture it and shared it on youtube. still the question this morning what on earth was that. a lot of people in pennsylvania vorting he saw the flash of light as well. >> pretty cool. 5:15 is the time. it's about this time they make the call and say whether it's two hours date. a lot of empeople are doing that too. >> many school district will do that this is a morning drive event. it's playing out the way we said it would. light to moderate snow continues for the a.m. commute. now the snow will end from northwest to southeast as the morning rush ends and
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everything gone by noon at the latest and i think it will be well before them and temperatures plunge tonight and refreezing in a lot of slippery spots in overnight and into tomorrow morning. we'll see temperatures down into the teens tonight. 34 degrees in philadelphia. we're below freezing or at freezing north and west of city in the0s up in mountains and then above freezing as you head closer to the shore. that's where transition is happening. let's go to radar and show what we're talking about. snow extends to central part of state. we have several more hours to you go of this. you look north and west, you see steady snow even darker blue. that's where the snow is falling steadily. up in upper mt. bethel around easton pa and we head down the turnpike to philadelphia and we've transition todd all snow. the roads are still wet. remember we got to 45 yesterday. and transition still happening across the river in new jersey where we see some white and
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few dry slots as well as the clipper system -- now the rain is moving more to cape may country than it was last we checked. so our future cast shows us throughout the next couple hours and steady snow falling and continues through, 8:0 and winds down, 9, 9:0 at the latest. out of here before then maybe and left cloudy skies for a while. we'll see sun before sunset. here's one computer model now. this is estimate for today. it doesn't factor in what happened yesterday in poconos mountains. some places got 5". .9" almost an inch in philadelphia and little over a inch north us of by the time the transition is made the storm is out of here practice techly. this is where winter weather advisory in effect yesterday
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and changed to winter storm warning north and west of cit city. yesterday temperatures in 40s like trenton, willping ton. here in philadelphia, atlantic city got to 40. is that the why the air is still on the mild side and change is still happening in some places and we'll probably settle at a temperature around freezing this afternoon. then 37 degrees. still on the cold side tomorrow. high 4 on friday. that's seasonable and then we go above average for saturday and sunday. pretty great for game. high of 52 degrees we'll all be together for "good day philadelphia weekend" starting at 7:00 on sunday. continuing to forecast that great weather, bob kelly. >> sounds good, sue, 5:18 you were right we're all waiting on edge for the phone call the row bow call from the school or email to see what the kids are doing today. here's an example route 6. here's what you want to look out for. coming down road treated and
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you try to make the turn to untreated or not yet plowed parking lot whether the gas station, coffee shop and all that will be slippery this morning. turning lanes again they threw salt down on travel lanes and right here that slush can send you slipping and sliding. speed restrictions across the area bridges as we look live at the sky line downtown as well. all the turnpikes, pennsylvania and new jersey and acx and garden state parkway expect slower than normal speeds. notice it's on the off ramp. ramps to and from could be slippery. it's ramp to 130 west deptfor deptford. live look at 422 as you work your way from collegeville. as we saw lauren head out past the camera to reading where they have snow. depending where you begin and end trip road conditions change as well. for the gang down the shore a live look at 47.
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347 wet at the moment. don't worry, began, snow coming your way and live look north east philadelphia my old skomping grounds harvestton avenue and no flakes at all on the ground and wet road surfaces and mass transit so far so good and expect delays throughout the rush hour. >> take is easy this morning. congress has a couple days to avoid a government shut down and republicans and democrats remane at odds on how to fix immigration. and daca and fund for border wall. meanwhile yesterday senate hearing homeland security secretary kirsten nealson questioned whether president trump used lang during a meeting. she testified he did not use vulgar language but could not recall what he said. new jersey senator corey booker unleashed on neal son saying silence and am nearbyia is come placety. >> i hurt when dick durbin
5:21 am
called me hi fears of rage. for you not to feel that hurt and pain and to dismiss some of the questions of my colleagues saying i've already answered that line of questions, with tens of millions of americans are urt hurting right now because of what they're worried about what happened in the white house that's up acceptable to me. >> president trump denied making those comments. several gop senators who attended meeting contend the president did not make a vulgar racist estimate and illinois democrat dick durbin who was in the room said he indeed made that remark. >> developing rights now we have very, very sad news from the west coast. washington state quarterback tyler halinsky was found dead. detect tivd say the 21-year-old died from a self inflicted gun shot wound and they found a suicide note. he appeared in twelve games over the last two seasons starting holiday bowl for cougars and expected to
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replace the team starter this year. so just another tragedy dealing with depression right there. so sad news there. >> still a lot of questions this morning. it's 5:2 on wednesday morning we're of course tracking forecast this morning and we have a check on weather and track in a moment. getting tatic from your wifi and while your google home speaker may be to blame. >> breaking baby news baby makes five you got it kim and kanye welcomes the latest makes five you got it kim and kanye welcomes the latest member to their family
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>> fcc vote todd appeal net neutrally next month. comcast. verizon and interfering with the internet traffic and favoring their own sites. >> if wifi acting up google home speaker or chrome cast could be call pretty. they have an issue with those products that could make home wifi crash. it's blamed on traffic crash.
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it is working to figure out a solution. >> it appears rats have a bad rapp for any reason human flees and body lis the the plague killed an estimated 5 million people and more than a third population between 1 47 and 151. >> human flees i never heard of human mes. 5:36 is the time. tips on how to shovel snow. for real. >> they want to you go outside and warm-up. do stretches and try to get warmed up a little by jogging in place.
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snv get ready because it's here. we have a messy commute already in process due to weather. you know when you have a smith of rain it's a problem. we have a whole wintery mix coming through. sue let's us know how much we'll get and timing based on where you are. and this. >> see this guy standing back at you that's your toughest opponent. >> who is next. >> i believe that's true in the ripping and in life. >> who is next. we'll tell you, casting. >> "good day" i just got the news my kids two hour delay. >> two hour delay. >> we're all waiting if you
5:31 am
have not gotten robo. you get multiple things, phone call, text, email, alert and you can go back to bed two hours. >> chances are you're on a two hour delay this morning and you can check bottom of screen for the latest info. >> it's snowing now and will continue rest of morning rush hour. it will not continue all day thus delayed openings and back edge of storm is west of harrisburg right now. we have a ways to go before it's all out of here. and eventually you folks down there in southern delaware you will get a chase it's there now and places it's snowing and raining and in between, because of the morning mess we'll give you 4 out of ten and bus stop buddied. and for folks who have to go on time or two hours from normal time anyway, temperatures are mostly in 0s this morning. few in 20s. wind chills in 20s.
5:32 am
so make sure you have enough on and that you have the right foot wear today because it will be sloppy. sunrise tims 7:20. wpter warm add voosry north and west of city. and then the winter storm warning more the poun tanz. >> 33 will be the temperature to settle on and it won't be the deally high down from this morning. 29 tonight in city even colder in the burbs. that means we'll see slippery. >> there's a lot of slippery spots over the next couple days. live look at ramps and 202 to expressway good idea what's ahead of you when you step out the the door. brine put down and salt put down. it's a salting operation. not enough to plow.
5:33 am
we allow brine, salt and traffic to keep roads wet. right there that's the slush. that could send you slipping and sliding all the bridges have speed revisions live with the ben franklin brim good morning, delaware, wilmington into the heart of i-95 roads wet and secondary roads and on and off and snow covered. a limb look at 42. again with dlaidz delayed school openings we will see a delayed rush hour. that's probably best call. delayed opening works well for everybody and doesn't have kids going to school during easter break. midwest travel mess yesterday and check air lines they will de ice the planes and that will slow down air traffic. slippery parking lots and platforms across the board thrn dale ran with a regular
5:34 am
sketch and pat go this wednesday morning, tom and karen back to you. >> what a mess we'll be dealing with this morning. >> we're all across the area this morning and across the the delaware sally gloucester to berks and bucks koumentsy and delaware county and steve keely is in berks country this morning and we begin with lauren johnson in reading, hi, lauren. >> hello thomas. i tried to put my handout to see what we got. mixture chainings. they're very, very tiny snow dmraikz. but it is still snowfalling in reading and berks out-up. i walked to the street and see what mike had to. >> it's easy here but you can see the accumulation here on the sidewalk. so this is a pretty good pileup. but then look at consistency of the snow. fluffy. when we first got here we pulled up to penn's square. mike says are those ees sculptures i said no way i told you guys last hour i looked it up the fire and ice
5:35 am
festival was here. where is the fire. all we have is ice and cold freezing cold but that's a good amount of snow that is accumulated what since yesterday and so yeah they did this on saturday and sunday. kavrned sculptures out and because it's cold enough here they're still standing and know falling and heavy. we're getting good ak belation here and roads are clear and we've seep a couple of different -- a mrou truck. couple trucks, buses are running. we know karen, bob, sue just mentioned the schools are on two hour delays. kids will hook at the window and see a winter woulder land. >> it always depends where you are. you got exactly right. another two hour delay for kids out. there thank you, lauren. >> let's bounce around. delaware younty, steve keeley checking conditions there.
5:36 am
steve. well, here's exactly what sue and bob were talking abou about. so here's main drag and it's been salted over and overall most as much salt as my sister used to put on corn on ot could be as a kid. because of that, let's go over to the curb. let's walk straight up to the curb for a second. the salt is come piping with the snow an you can see the water reason ago long the curb down into the sewer. so that's a good sign. here comes a jogger. so people will job. they have to get their one in no matter what and hopefully he will not ball because there's a side road in upper darby. hendren hock avenue and snow is sticking on the ride road yet. >> of bob kelly advice to you and someone walking in middle of treat as well a hot of people walk in the street see that dark figure there. even with snow on the sidewalk
5:37 am
people want to slip and fall and they walk in the street. can you see that person. maybe not if lights are on all the way and if you're not clearing headlight and you have a dim headlight look today which a lot of people don't do. you can see on this car to the right the back windshield already completely covered and we in the a lot of people getting in the car and going and because sue aptly described this as sloppy wet snow at least here lauren has the fluffy wet sticky snow here. and kris will show you hey sfriky it is is the second sign on bottom you cannot see what it says. all you can see is red outline because snow is sticking. and where we are in upper darby writing at peek us strant and i'm probably oneing over. tut about any xhans to salute one of my heroes, his 66 year
5:38 am
playing sinatra on the radio. they does the peak commercial like he's talking to you. talks about son brian getting chicken parm here and surprised morning every week i crave chicken parm and want to get in one of the penn and shelly limousines and take it to peeka anesthesia and get chicken parm for breakfast. i salute you mr. said jp mark still playing sinatra and pee peekers has beentizing. one day i'll thereby when it's open and get that chicken parm. sadly not on eping until 1. it's taco bell breakfast today i guess for us. >> there's a lot of good diners not far away. not far from the landmark that's a great one. thank you, steve. >> after that endorsement the limo will be buy to pick you up. take it if it goes. >> the birds eagles offense will face the toughest task yet in nfc championship sglaim
5:39 am
they have the number one defense in the league allowing 275 yards and 16 points a gam game. so we have a plan game plan for this and offensive is coordinator trying to find a way to counter what makes them so good. p. >> i think they're the best defense we face thdz choir and one of the reasons why is they can get pressure with four and cover with seven the any time you get pressure with four and cover with 7 that's been key to our defense of success. >> powerful force let's get pumped up here and get you wrapped up. all week long for game day join us live. friday morning chickie's and pete's on packer avenue south philly 6 to 10. we love for you could come down. mike and alex will be broadcasting starting 6 a.m. >> we're so excited. it's championship game sunday. we'll have special coverage "good day" at 7:00 and then of course we have game day 10:00
5:40 am
and then go on a little early for us our news will start at 4:00 to get pumped up before the fox pregame show at 6 and thomas and lucy doing 6:00 coverage and a man is woods is making a stop in the city. you know what i'm talking about. j. t. >> when he first put it out philadelphia was not listed and he's comeen and h 'sup, world? it's the box with 30% savings for safe drivers.
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say what up, rocco. ♪
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say what up, rocco. ♪ >> welcome back a live look outside at the ben franklin parkway. >> counting down. >> how many inches of snow will we get. certainly not 6. >> raindrops coming down since a little after 1:00 here. that changes over to snow. we're tracking latest forecast with bob and
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> 5:45 sdaept on 95 a live look at 95 southbound at girard avenue in that construction zone here. it's taking out the left lane and that ties us up for the gang leaving northeast philadelphia. let's go up to county line road and bring in from penndot bob from the penndot headquarters, bob, good morning. >> good morning, bob how are you? >> i'm doing great. correct me if i'm wrong we look live at a camera shot snow coming down and roads were treated and it's salting this morning. >> yes, we're finding mostly wet roads. we he began brining after midnight tuesday and continued tuesday morning and we were out well ahead of storm and our crews were out. as you eluded to it's more salting operation right now. nothing really to plow. our cues are out getting spread down and trying to keep
5:47 am
the roads wet and clear. i mean like you said brine and salt mix trur should make it easier for commuters this morning. i know we talked about the messy commute. we're hoping with with materials down and road temperatures what they he are now it, you know, we think we should be in good shape. but, as i said. >> you got it. >> crews are out and we'll keep and continue to monitor and address things as necessary. >> you've been on the money in allentown, speed restriction as cross all of the area bridges. how much snow why you going to get? when will it last or end, sue get? when will it last or end, sue is up next in 15 seconds.
5:48 am
>> cold air is moving and and we're seeing different precipitation types along the shore. we're transitioning here in philadelphia. you can see the back edge of storm west of harrisburg this morning and the snow is changing over from rain to snow. northwest to southeast. we look up norm where some places got 5" of snow yesterday. and it's continued to snow pretty steadily up in the mountains and here in philadelphia we changed-over but the ground is still kind of wet. but snow is falling from the sky. there's still up certainty around eaveshamham and new jersey and ang who the jers jury shore don't worry you'll get your turn as well with a little snow this morning. for most of us looks like 8:0
5:49 am
8:00. things wind down and it's out of hereby 9, 9:30, maybe a few leftover flurries or that. for the most part it last the next couple hours. for many schools we will be left with cloudy, cool, chill chilly, cold conditions for the rest of day. we mayen upped .2" of snow and that's one computer model showing less additional accumulation norm and west of city. it seems to be speeding up a little bit. we have early snow, high of -- well daytime temperature of 33 today. 37 tomorrow. so it's still on the cold sid side. we may hit 50 sga and looks like sunshine during the day on sunday and for all that tailgating going on it will be round 5 degrees during the daylight hours after dark when the game begins it will probably be upper 40s. i think we can handle that.
5:50 am
>> yeah we can. >> oh, yeah the sure fwat was having a baby for them at the hospital surprised morning the couple shared the news online yesterday. baby healthy weight 7 pounds 6 ounce and not yet revealed her name. >> congrats. rumors were swriling for a while about sister sister coming back to tv. >> it will happen. jackie harry putting the rumo rumors to rest. >> of sister sister reboot any update on that. >> yeah, it's happening. >> yesterday she played the married sister adoptive -- she announced it yesterday she
5:51 am
played the adopted mom on 90s hit school. i went to tamara and tanaya pepperdine university. brandy as well. they go in their land rover land cruiser and wave. >> fancy pants throughout. >> i don't know mike jerk are you sign i'm trying the fact you wept to. >> you have rain all over you. >> what. >> snow, rain, all kinds of stuff. >> i went out to get the daily news. pepperdine that is protestest campus in america. >> you look out over pacific ocean from green hills of pepperdine, it amara maevrd out of my house and he knew he had a way. on the weekend i would them him bottle the wipe as asfm.
5:52 am
>> good to see you, karen. >> i know you. hi. >> when it snows i wear sweaters. so i'll put a jacket on because this --fy were a snow day i would be embarrassed by myself. this is not a snow day. >> here's the thing though the kids have a two-hour delay that's makes it a snow day in our books and a lot of kids. >> and a lot of parents. >> we're screaming. >> now you have -- what do you do if it's two hours late you you have to go to work mom and dad go to work. >> you don't go to work you go in two hours late. my husband goes in two hours late. it's -- >> you have to call the the neighbors -- >> this reduced pro tukttive i i don't know what to do about >> this reduced pro tukttive i i don't know what to do about that.
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welcome back. great to have you with us. so, all right, here we go. we talked about j. t. before the break. justin timberlake he's coming back to the philadelphia area and will be performing after all. >> hey, if you know what's good♪ the tour will be able to bring the outside in. if you know what's good sglolt how can we bring that the lif life. >> he'll nerve jaep 2 pering
5:56 am
that owe. tickets for both shows go on sale january 29. another key role cast in the next movie ferman this is fell m he he we're tacking conditions all across the are area. live reports in a moment. also ahead on "good day philadelphia" we're talking about the toughest task yet. how eagles are preparing to take on the league's top ravrned defense in nfc championship game and stat that say history is on their sixtd not so fast. we're
5:57 am
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>> this is "good day philadelphia". >> everybody knows it's snowing just a little bit. look at radar there. raining as well. we're not getting slammed. but look at the bottom of the screen. because the schools some of them, are on a lay it. no school is closed. >> the toughest task yet. how the eagles are preparing to take on the league's top raking defense in championship game and stat that says history. >> is this this side. >> i think our side.
6:00 am
>> there's a difference between their and our. >> it's a simple five letter word versus three letter road. had you to count that hesitation. >> it makes all the difference in the world. >> hi, everybody. good everybody, wednesday, january 17, 2018. other stations why don't you printout a mask. come on. what a bunch of woos we have the mavx. if you want to come by for it fourth and market i'll take a picture with t you can put the dog head on if you want. we have some lysol we can put on theed in ep. >> this is intense. >> yeah, yeah, we got the tee shirts. we'll tell you where to get these. look at the bottom of your screen. >> they will be coming up down soon. reboot. >> here it comes. >> there we go. >> great timing you know that. >> thank you very much. >> and if you have any snow stopped a picture in. >> hey, sue, you kno


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