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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 19, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EST

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live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at # one. are you getting pumped you got your jersey ready , made your beer run yet. eagles game day quickly approaching. get excited we know you you you already are. thanks for joining us tonight at 11, i'm iain page. we just can't get enough. eagles sunday , it's the tough we dream up. chris o'connell live in minneapolis. do people up there know what they're in for when they get to philly? >> i don't think they do. i know they're scared. i'll tell you i spent the last couple of hours here at a minnesota viking s bar with a carson wentz jersey on and i'm still alive. this ain't philly. maybe because of one thing here. i some heat. james is the karaoke
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dj, big eagles fan and he wasn't the only one i found here in the twin cities. everyone that lives in philly or jersey has been here. with pictures of rocky and the liberty bell on the walls and tacks of omarosa rolls on the walls you'd think you were in south philly. what makes you think a guy from minneapolis can make a good cheese steek? a. when you learn from philadelphia you should know how to make it. this week this eagles fannies dishing out advice to his viking buddies headed to philly. >> it's a loose loose for. if the eagles within you're going to be sad. if the eagles lose you're not walking out the stadium. home field advantage, that's the big difference i think. meet james a philly sports die hard hard and tacony neative. he'll be at the super bowl as a volunteer in minneapolis in two weeks. he's just hoping the birds will be
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there. it's amazing to think i have the chance to show all my people, all the philadelphia fan s where i live in, all the places to go to and where to have a lot of fun. i promised you you guys last hour that i would sing the eagles fight song here in the vikings bar. unfortunately the manager said please don't. i'm going to let him go. james here, my man, can we get everyone out with a little eagles chant. eagles eagles. i'm getting out of here . chris, drop the mic. well done, buddy. with sunday's nfc championship game approaching like a septa train, transit police are read did he for whatever the rival i might bring. septa is expecting about 18,000 fans to jamb the broad street line headed to the eagles /vikings game. police will be every where from broad and patterson up to city hall and beyond. chief no tell has
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reminders for fans to take septa . first, no drinking on the trains. if you have $300 spare dollars in your monthly budget go ahead but you'll be getting a citation annulussing your alcohol. if you do something wrong on septa you're going to be on camera. philadelphia police are also gearing up warning up shop owner s who are not going to be opened lower their security gates and remove all the stuff from in front of their stores. fox 29 is where you're going to want to be. let's start about sunday, we start at 7 a.m. and then game day live at ten. fox 29 news is on at four before the fox pregame show at six and then kickoff at 6:30 so basically don't even change the channel. got that. we're following some breaking news out of greenwich township in new jersey where police need your help finding this man. eighty-five year old stanley sa man ski is missing.
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they say he was last seen early yesterday morning around could he hawk in road. if he's in the early stages of dementia. if you see him, please call police two people are in custody after a wild police chase. police in chester township say it all tar red after a tollen car zipped by officers on i95. the pursuit continued into philadelphia and that's where we find fox 29 shan nette wilson with more. shanette. >>reporter: police say a man and women were arrested and that one of them tried to run inside this peer one behind me before they were caught. sky fox flew over a cheh thetic scene on patt ison evening this evening. police were scattered across the road. we're told it started at 4:00 in chester township. police were trailing someone they say was driving a stolen car. the pursuit took them north oi 95 where investigates or say he hit a car. the driver
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continued into philly where investigators say two suspects bailed from the she way onto broad street and then to patterson where they allegedly hit a police car before crashing along the train tracks. investigators say at that time a man and woman took off running from the car but were arrested by pennsylvania state police. one of the suspects was caught after alleging running into a peer one in the shopping center across the treat. our cameras captured tow truck hauling a damaged police car and another vehicle present the scene. we're told the officer in that car wasn't hurt and neither were the suspects. the trooper that was in the car that was hit on 95 did suffer some minor injuries but was taken to the hospital just as a precaution. ian. a us marshall killed in the line of duty today. forty-five year old deputy us marshal christopher dwaifd hill was searching a warrant this morning for shai large audience towel piece. while the officers
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were arresting her, 31 year old kevin sturnlg jes started shooting at them. the gunfire hitting deputy hill and another officer. sturnlg jes who was from philadelphia died in the cross fire. the other officer hit, kyle pits is p in surgery but is expected to sewer vief. pennsylvania's governor has order flags to fly at half staff in h his honor. >> philadelphia say the students ate some cookies laced with marijuana. so where did they get them? the girl who brought them seas she got them from home . police are now questioning her grandmother. fox 29's brad satin is live at children's hospital of philadelphia where the teens are still recovering tonight. >>reporter: maybe a little surprising as you mentioned those two 13 year old girls still in the hospital here at chop with elevated blood pressure according to police after eating some pot-laced cookies at school early this
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morning. police crediting the school nurse for some quick thinking? a. it's horrible. i think it's sad. the reaction the same among parents following news that two 13 year old girls at lamberton school on woodbine avenue were rushed to the hospital thursday morning. they went to the school nurse feeling sick and vomiting after they each ate what police sea was a cookie laced with marijuana. one of the girls brought them home. we believe the cookies came from the 13 year old grandmother who she lives with. the girl also passed a cookie to a 13 year old boy who threw his away. police did find it and confirmed fl was pot inside. police went to the home neet of the student who brought the cookies in. parents learning what happened were quick to have that conversation with their children. >> i let meson know what drugs are, what the side effects are and i tried to explain to him
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you you don't do it. those kids got sick. they all ended up in the hospital. she said make sure you don't eat nothing from anybody. just make sure it's from the school, the vending machine or my teacher or my mom good advice, but easy to understand how it mea not be followed. if a friend as here, try that cookie. >> he wouldn't eat that cookie. i don't even know how marijuana can get in cookies. i guessette come in all shapes. >> if there's a bright spot in any of this, it is that police say cases like this are extremely rare. police looking at that grandmother to try to determine if she should face the charge of endangering the welfare of a child much at this point no charges yet. q. sky fox over the scene of a fire in willow grove tonight. police got the calls three alarm s because of the weather conditions and the number of people who live in the building so far one person was taken to a
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hoch. it's not clear how serious their injuries are and the american red cross has a team on site helping anyone in need. the one year old man rushed to the hospital after a hooting where police got the call around five:30 to frankford avenue in the city's kes incorporate ton neighborhood. the man shot multiple times was taken to temple hospital. police have one person in custody. a small business other than stunned after hundreds of bad reviews popped up in just a matter of minutes on his facebook page. the craze he part is the reviews all appear to be from outside the country and he only works locally. our dave ken chen joins us. >>reporter: this business other than is facing a challenge many Ășin the digital world nowadaysg especially since trolling is a business, too. all of a sudden within a six to eight-minute
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timeframe 217 one star ratings were on my facebook page. the last thing jared peterson was expecting one night. he was stunned to get thousands of reviews trashing his power washing business. i was devastated, shocked. he says he's been running the pressure washing business for five happy successful years and never had anything like this happen before . you would see more and more all one-star ratings and there was nothing that i could do. i'm scared because as a father of five, you know, three of my own and two stepsons this is how i support my family. this is how i feed my kids and i'm scared that it's going to impact my business. we looked at the facebook page and saw dozen of accounts with one-star backings. they all appeared to come from other countries, too and jared says he's already taken a hit. this time of year i like to make calls. i get
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customers that want to re schedule. even though a couple of days. and thely mongeluzzo runs pro computer service and i sas he's been there, too. we had some reviews calling us a restaurant and other service that we're clearly not in. they can flag negative reviews and respond but warns there are no guaranties since trolling is a business, too. guess what, i'm sitting in a third-world kunt country, i have access to the internet, give me a hundred bucks, i'll give them bad reviews. it's a way to get paid unfortunately. the only way i can say to the person who is behind me, you're going to see me a lot more, a lot more of my signs, a lot more advertising . a lot of customer satisfaction. >> jared says he's thankful for his lifetime customers who have stepped up to back him. most of us when given the option take the elevator over the stairs but
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one local woman doesn't mind. in fact, going up 930 stairs, she does it every
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>> one woman has taken stair climbing to a whole new level. fox 29's bill rohrer has the inspiring story. >>reporter: sally kockson is
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going way up to the top, only to turn around and go back up. using every muscle in her body she does it every day in the parking garage where she works. she started all of this after she lost her husband peter to cancer. as more adverse sary i hit my life, i take it out on the stairs. i would just climb harder and harder, faster and faster. so fast at 55 sally is one of the fastest competitive stair climb ers in the world. it's a little fear inside of me that i'm very exet testify with mees and i always want to better myself. it's a sport thats gain ing more popular every year. raisers start at the bottom floor and leave everything they have on the tears all the way to the top. your lungs just freeze up with all your other muscles
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and you see that finish line and and you're just kicking for it and then the endorphins are amazing. these races take place in some of the world's tallest architectural landmarks, the well is tower in chicago, the comcast center in philadelphia anthem pier state building in new york with 102 stories. i find that one the most difficult of all the buildings i've done because it's very oasmed the architecture and the tears are very steep. this year sally is the only elite american invited to race up the iefl towers nearly 1700 steps. a race she was supposed to compete in last year. i noticed i was getting sick often and it took me a long time to recover ji and the same with injuries. sally was diagnosed with multi myeloma and needed a stem cell transplant. it's a type of blood cancer and it attacks your white cells.
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she fought hard and now is cancer free. this is where the magic happens actually. train ing several times a day in her home jim, able to race the iefl to your steps this year. cancer may take the years from my life but i'm not going to let it take out the life in my years . a life spent on her boat and feeling proud of her three children. in toms river, bill rohrer, fox 29 news. >> a great story. we have made it to the next round. this time we're not talking about football . we're talking about amazon, the business giant announcing philadelphia has made it to the top 20 for their second headquarterers location. this could mean tens of thousands of jobs. so where in philly will the new business go two choices u city square or the old navy shipyard. philadelphia sits in the center of where the talent is in thed and we feel
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very confident that we can compete against necessity other city. other cities still in the running, chicago, new york, la and austin to name a you few. amazon expects to make a decision on the new location sometime in year. >> in your health tonight if you haven't come down with the flu yet chances are someone in your family, at school or at work already has. tonight 49 states reporting widespread, the exception hawaii. the spread of the season's strain has been worsened with the cold weather and a vaccine that is considerably less than perfect. the flu shutting down dozen of school district across the country. emergency rooms usually sees between 242 patients a day. we peeked out over 300 last week. so far 759 people have died from the flu, and the season runs through march. let's head down the shore. take a live look at cape may. things are going to start
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warming up just in time for the eagles came on tuesday. it's going to be a big change from the last few games. >> i picked ocean ask it ticketed event and the music peer not quite warm enough to enjoy the shore just yet but it will be. this weekend is going to be nice down there this weekend as well. it feels like 28. there is no wind. philadelphia 28, pittsburgh 25, but guess what where our chris o'connell is in minneapolis it is actually warmer than it is in philadelphia. it is 33. they made it to 40. we will torp. nineteen in pottstown, 19 in reading, 23 in philadelphia and trenton at 21. so a keeled start to the day and there will be a little bit of wind. in in poconos it will like about eight . fourteen in pottstown and only 17 in wilmington. another cold start to the day. ultimate doppler you can see all the cloud cover to north. north
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of toronto and upstate new york and you new england. high pressure dominating so that means plenty of sunshine much as the high moves off the coast we get into a southwesterly flow. that's how temperatures are going to make it into the 50s. watch the warming trend. the jet extreme gives us a break. it lifts a little bit to the north. it does include philadelphia, its suburbs and southeast and that means not only 40s for tomorrow but then 50s for saturday, sunday, monday maybe even tuesday. tomorrow make it to 42 finally above average. sunny skies and a west wind. for the birds, well, tailgate weather will be fine, in the 50s, comfortable and sunshine. just a really nice day on sunday. kickoff temperature 48 much that's at six:40 of course. the sun will set by then. by the fourth quarter, 45-degrees with a partly cloudy skies. a little bit of a win out of the southwest and that will put a chill in the air but nothing like we've seen the past couple
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games. from the weather authority, saturday, 50, sunday 53, a chance of a shower monday, but still mild, tuesday, 50., wednesday, 44. by next thursday mostly sunny. the high near 40- degrees. ian, this is probably the longest and warmest stretch we have seen since november, october. i'll take you it. >> what's coming up in sports? a. it's my last night before the game so my commentary is all about how i think sunday's game is going down. i give you a prediction to take to the bank. my
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>> with only three sleeps until the nfc championship game i wanted to give my take on why i feel all eagles fans should be clearing their schedule for february 4. a question i was asked a ton after egg also handled their business. who i would rather face. my answer
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was simple he wanted nothing to do with the saints because of a gay named drew breeze. he's a pretty good quarterback. withdrew breeze you're never out of it. detractors are what we call them in 2018. haters all want to circle. guess what, the eagles won both of those games. and a huge reason why is the main reason why i have the eagles advancing the defense led by defensive coordinator jim sha regreen war. the eagles defense finished fourth in yards and points this season. that's a top defense. the defense will be aided by the 68,000 plus that will be giving everything they have from the tans and that's 100 percent true. everybody must do their part. truss me it's a frakor much there it is my recipe pi for succeed on sunday and overall a trip to minnesota that no one will want to miss. we're going to the
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bowel. how about the locals in la they're over all the traffic near the world famous hollywood sign. why not put up a second sign. the new one would be on the other side of the hill fac ing the suburban san fer nand oh valley. they also suggested a gondola to carry people ul to the in fuss us sign. the observatory is up there. a lot going on. what really is going on is sandra at the linc. let the dogs out. let the dogs eat chickie and petes tomorrow morning for our pep rally. good day will be there. show up you we'll see you you at the linc on
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a wild chase lands two people in custody what police say, started the whole thing. and, it is that kind of school and taken to a higher, level, two teens, eat cook business an extra ingredient, marijuana, and now police are questioning a grandmother. not anymore. been here before? it is all done. we have waited a long, long time. >> touchdown. >> a long, long time, until 1960 eagles mania reaching a fever pitch we have the game two days away. we are your one stop shop for everything eagles, especially the fun. good morning, gang it is a friday we made it tgif thanks so much. we have bob and sue here good
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morning to both of you. >> good morning, friday, big weekend, lots of stuff going on and, of course, big day to day ready for crab fries and coffee. >> we will be heading out later. you snuck in green. >> i have old i have because that will,fully in front of the chromeakey. it is the color of the year. we have a nice warm up underway for weekend just in time for the game, tailgating and parties that folks are having. go outside on the deck, maybe. >> yeah. >> sunday afternoon. >> wow, grill. >> we have an eight out of 10 for today. it is still cold with wind chills in the teens, but that is better than yesterday when we had wind chills in the single digits. so bus stop buddy once again with the eagles gear, on, this morning. and, nothing on radar to show you, let's check the temperature. it is better then yesterday, anyway 25 degrees but feels like 16, that is still pretty coal.
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sunrise time 7:19, here's other wind chills 11 in allentown. eighteen lancaster. also feels like 18 in wildwood and atlantic city. another day with sunshine but it will be more seasonal then it was yesterday. high temperature of 44 degrees so, bob kelly, he is here with a look at what is going on, on the road. >> yes. >> and really with everything that we have got going on this morning i hope everybody behaves themselves out there. >> everybody is behaving, that is good for right now 4:00 o'clock on a friday morning live look at the schuylkill expressway coming into philadelphia overnight crews are still working here, all traffic forced offs we roll through center city on the vine street expressway. lights are on at 30th street station coming from new jersey in problems are delays, just keep in mind though anything that looks wet, if you see, a change, discoloration in the road surface that could be a sign of black ice, again that melt down, during the day, when the sun hits it and then refreeze on the


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