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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 19, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> one, two, three. >> ♪ you cannot do that enough, especially on a day like today >> mike, you are the father. >> what? >> oh, morey. >> i'm happy i'm the father. is that a man purse we have here. >> they just gave this to me. >> that is dune i and berk. >> can i get in the linc with this. >> probably not. >> let's go eagles. >> i don't know if that will work. >> can we say what an amazing time we have been having at chicky and pete's, it has been like this since 6:00 a.m. >> a few people on twitter, a
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thank you for all of the messages this morning. could you roll the rocky thing again, okay. >> they have been asking for it. >> if you have not seen it, this is what we're talking about. back in the 70's, rocky was made in philadelphia and this was one of the pivotal scenes. >> right before the eagles run out to the field to get everybody all pumped up. >> here it is. >> there is one thing i want you to do for me. >> what? >> what? >> win. win. >> what are we waiting for, take us. >> so, now, it is our turn to get people siked up for vikings/eagles on sunday with our version of this. >> we could not afford to bring sylvester stallone in. >> did you hear the rumor that , well, he might be here. >> i heard eagles tried to get
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him to come to the game. >> i think we already did. >> you heard it here on fox. >> here's our rendition of the same scene. >> are you rookie. >> i should be rocky. >> there is one thing i want to you do for me. >> win. >> what are we waiting for, take us. >> we are all we got, we are all we need. >> that is the chant for the eagles, sue, yeah, baby. >> we all we got here at chickie and pete's in south philadelphia, that is probably one of the most crazy things we have done. >> the academy award goes to
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alex holley. >> you make a great adrian. >> bob, i know you could not make it. you had a shoot. you could not be there. >> you guys are fantastic. >> bob, it took over an hour to shoot. >> i had to get my rocky face on. >> it will only take 20 minutes. >> it took an hour. >> this is why. >> yes. >> ♪ >> what are we waiting for.
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>> what i love is that we're so worried, like you were going, gee, thank god i look like sylvester stallone. >> i was trying to get my wig on right i could not figure out which was front or the back. >> we get up early, the toughest parties just staying away. >> that is why i was yawning. >> but, you know about the only time sue, alex and i are in the same bed. >> the only time. >> can we get to chris o'connell. he has been in minnesota with the vikings fans and i hear he has been wearing eagles gear, he is fearless walking around
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letting people know what is up >> minneapolis ain't like philadelphia. >> so true. >> chris, what is up. alex, no need to worry about me. i'm holding it down here, in the twin cities philly style. outside where eagles will be playing in the next couple of weeks. lets take a look. u.s. bank stadium. it is a gorgeous new facility and newest stadium in the nfl. i'm officially going to be the first philadelphia eagles fan to be in line, here at u.s. bank stadium. check out what we did last night. we went into the belly of the beast one of the most popular minnesota vikings bars in minneapolis but reason why is because of an eagles fan, james, originally from tacony is karaoke dj there. they would never let vikings fan dj in philadelphia. well, that ain't happening here in minute so the a the owners of the joint not only let them wear eagles gear but
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they let us, come in last night, and i can tell you guys , you know, it was probably one of the most uncomfortable situations i have ever been in. walking in there with my carson wentz gear they were looking at us like we got three head like what are you doing. we got it. we got some trash talking last night. let me show you something before i lefty should say before i ran outside the door, i actually stake my claim in that minnesota vikings bar and sang eagles fight song on the microphone to the entire bar, we didn't get it on video because we were afraid we would get our butts kicked. we ran out of the vikings bar, so guys, we are doing our job here. we were representing. one more thing before i let you go, don't tell anyone here in minneapolis, do you see this? right. i'm going to hide this right outside u.s. bank stadium,
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eagles, towel, right here, i will come back when eagles are here in the super bowl, get my towel and bring it right back here in to u.s. bank stadium. we are causing trouble but we will get kicked out of this city, here too soon because we will be causing too much trouble. we will be back tomorrow. can't wait. have fun back there in philly. >> you know what chris, we will be there hopefully, we will there been in two weeks and we will pick up that towel and we will have it there at the super bowl. >> when we win. >> reporter: i can't wait. >> when we win we will take the whole show to minneapolis. it will be a week from machine we will do the show there monday flaw friday, i don't want to get ahead of myself but we will there been for you all week long of super bowl week. when we win. >> first we have to handle the vikings here in philly at the linc before the dog pound, whatever you want to call it. >> i need, someone to bump me
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up. >> how about the beater with the heater, yes. here he is. >> the beater with the heater. >> come on in, jerry. look at this, the ge eter with the heater. >> here we go. >> wow. >> wow, wow. how are you doing. >> this little thing that you guys did belter than the three stooges. >> is that good or bad. >> it was great, i loved it, like three stooges i was watching, ladies and gentlemen this is most incredible event in my life to be here in south
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philadelphia where these three guys and chicky and pete with his crab fries, the guy made a fortune with crab fries. you got to be a pete. i got to make a prediction. >> okay. >> what do you think they will win by. >> i will say by 12 points. >> i will go 12 points. >> i will go one touchdown. >> okay. >> can you give us a score though, low or high score. >> we will be low. i will let you know when i see the second half. >> that is cheating. >> i really do believe they will win by a touchdown. >> touchdown. >> and then we will go out and celebrate. >> how about a week from tomorrow we will celebrate. >> we're coming. >> you got to come, next week we're doing a show called disco, doop and soul at the kimmel center. you have to come by ladies and gentlemen because we will bring these guys on stage with me. you guys will do that stint
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you did back in the studio, i will announce three stooges. >> do it live. >> of course. >> who is larry, curly and mo. >> wow, wow, wow, wow. >> you are great. >> yes, yes, thank you for all of this. >> we go back 30 years. do you this every year, bringing great groups back who do you have on stage this week >> the intruders, the clovers, norman and the rock boys, and blue magic with tim mills and you have to be a special lady. >> oh, yeah. >> i found love, on the two-way street. >> that is a good traffic song >> yes. >> i hit a pothole on that street, slammed into a barricade. >> hey, it has been a while since the city has been this alive. >> it is greatest thing for this city. i go back to 205 and i did the party when they won the division, they had the party
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on stage. it was so exciting that they started to yep, stop the music she said, don't you know i'm on stage, they say no, go eagles go, go eagles go. 2005. that is what they won with the division. >> i will see you a week from saturday. >> yes, you are the best. >> we have lost steve keeley. >> somebody find him. steve. >> i'm back outside in the parking lot on, and while you are having the pep rally chickie and pete's i have a private pep rally for myself, at pasta fetcheo look at that little storefront, big business, and that is how of pata and we're fresh pasta is made. chris, let's go inside, no
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pets, no soliciting, i don't know, if that involves us or not but here's the fresh counter here but, this is just the front of the store. the heart of the stories in the back. and downstairs. so we will talk to the co-owners, proud to be brothers in law and frank's upstairs. we will have him downstairs. >> good morning. >> here's andy messina, i'm going to say ant any the proper way to say it. we have gravy fresh made. look at the size of these hoagies. these are order coming in. i see prices order, $226 what is this being made right here. >> brad fries and chicken cut lets, a little preview is what happening here sunday morning with the tailgaters and football parties and everything going on in the city. >> next-door neighbors will not be only won busy next sunday you will have party trays and solid food. >> they have the alcohol we have the food so we will be feed ago lot of people on sunday too.
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>> okay. house of pass to not house of hoagie even though you do a good hoagie f frank has a moment we will go down in the depths of pasta palace here, at pasta fetcheo. >> i like it. >> i always, we wondered if the camera will fall down the steps because they cannot look here we are, now we are in the depth below chickie and pete's and hear rumble. you are making fresh ravioli. >> everything fresh ravioli, fresh super sized hoagies and people coming in, and we will be greeting you with pasta. >> secret to i a successful football team is having their stomachs full so pasta dinner. >> yes, we have your shrimp. >> let's go eagles. >> let's go. >> what is that yelling.
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>> that yelling. >> yes. >> look who is here. >> right here. >> ♪ fly eagles fly >> wait, wait, wait. we have to establish who you are. >> you remember he has been a big fan of the show, you know he has been on, before. and, look what he is trying to do. >> give it to me, come on. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> i'm not a vikings fan. i was born and raised here, by my mother in philadelphia. this is our years. i have experienced nothing in my whole life. i want the eagles to win and go to the super bowl. i want alex, mike, i want alex to beat the crap out of those
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vikings. how hard. >> come on. >> come on. >> yeah. come on, mike. >> eagles. >> yeah.
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>> oh, my gosh, he is the best seriously. i need to catch my breath. it is just too crazy here. >> all right, okay, now, now that we don't want to out do anyone but here at saint andrew's school, first of all, good morning. >> good morning. >> all right. we have adrian here and you want to get this crowd hyped up. yes. >> show us what you have. watch what he will do. go. >> okay. >> you are student class president how do you feel do you think they will win. >> i don't think i know we will win. >> i don't think but know we will win. >> what do you think is the big key to the game. >> the big key is fletcher cox
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>> i folesphiladelphia in wentzsylvania did you come up with that. >> yes. >> let's go to your side. >> now, we love carson we miss carson but do you think they will still get it done. >> yes. >> what do you think will be the key. >> fletcher cox and defense, defense wins champion ships. >> and i feel like we have a little bit of a e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> this time you have in your hand did you make that sign. >> come here. >> this is an amazing thing. do you believe, in the team. >> yes. >> i love your sign do you believe this team. do you believe there is belief in nick foles. >> what do you think the key to the game is. >> defense. >> defense, defense.
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>> all right. i said to one of your teachers the grammar's not perfect, but we all we got, we all we need, right? that is what the players have been saying. >> yes, it is. >> do you like you get to have bad grammar and still cheer on eagles. >> yes. >> how do you neil about this game. >> we will blow the vikings out, and they will get home crying. >> they will go home crying. >> yes. >> delco, he is saying the vikings are being sent home crying like little babies, right. >> yes. >> the band's here. lets hear what you have going. we had to move outside. let me see what you got, buddy here we are, here we go. >> ♪ >> ♪ on the road to victory. fly eagles fly, get a touchdown one, two, three. 123. hit them low, hit them high,
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and watch my eagles fly. fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. ♪ >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. welcome back to chickie and pete's in south philadelphia. is what your name. >> sia. >> what school are we talking about. >> south philadelphia high school. >> is there a better high school no way. >> high school certainly where eagles are playing next to on sunday. >> yes. >> is what your squad. >> we are the southern rams. >> are you going to step. >> we will do two cheers so stay tuned, okay. >> let's do it.
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>> cheering. okay, that wasn't bad. do you have anything else. >> yes, we have another cheer coming so get fired up, because that is next cheer. >> can you do it in a little bit. >> yes. >> that was good. >> alex, were you a stepper? were you a cheerleader? anything like that. >> yes, in college at my sorority, i did do a little something, something. can you step is the question. >> no. >> give me pointers in the
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commercial break. >> i want to see him do a little something. >> two minutes away from pro tip: giant has great prices on produce.
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♪ >> okay. we have been practicing, mike. are you sure? do you think you are ready? >> i think i'm ready. what are we calling this cheer >> this is called get fired up get fired up. >> here we go. >> slow motion. >> okay. >> get fired up. >> okay, here we go. >> one, two, three. >> get fired up. get fired up. >> get fired up. get fired up. get fired up.
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>> get fired up. get fired up. >> get fired up. >> wow. >> all right. so how did we do? >> you did good but -- >> how did he do. >> he did a negative zero. >> negative zero. >> look at that. >> we're going to do something a little bit more adult now. we will settle things down a little bye. >> catch my breath. >> did you do that at college. >> i said that is a little while ago. >> so it is under dog, that is the theme. >> that is the theme. >> we're doing a fashion show under dog, underwear. >> did you plan this. >> yes.
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>> typical. >> boxers, briefs, ladies, underwear under dog, under dog , underwear fashion show up next.
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>> we're back, had a little wardrobe change. >> for sure. >> this is one that mike, really, had the idea for. it seems like this is something that, you know, you've been dreaming up for awhile. >> maybe. now, all right, it was my idea. >> we know. >> leave me alone, we kept saying, underdog, underwear. >> yes, goes together, right? >> so, after all of the hype, after you lose your voice, after all of the screaming are you ready to go to sleep at night but still want to be in the moment of the eagles. you have to wear eagles wear,
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eagles green to bed. >> that's a perfect rationalization for this segment. so let's bring out our mod. >> bring out the mod. >> what's she have on? >> first model white t-shirt with leopard pair of shorts, definately something you want to wear at night to go to sleep but still want to be in the eagles moment. doesn't necessarily have to be green, it can be pink, as well. >> okay. i'm loving it. >> love a little leopard print. nothing wrong with leopard print. >> going over there to get closer look. who do we have next? >> next model wearing the eagles boxers. >> eagles boxers? >> eagles boxers, that's how you want to go to sleep. >> got to have the logo on at all times. >> able, did you want to -- >> just took a look here. >> i'm speechless. just start talking. i'm little bit speechless. >> alex? wake up. >> if you got if, flaunt it, that's all i have to say. >> oh, he's flaunting it, yes, okay. >> can we move on? can we move on? >> are you sure you don't need
9:31 am
me over there to help out with the models? >> who do we have next? >> next model. >> now we're talking. >> eagles green stripe. she wearing polka dot robe over top of course and the biker short to go to sleep comfortable but still be in the moment of the eagles of course. >> oh, i love. that will i love that, it is like silk, what is that? >> silk polka dot robe. >> i love it, love it, very nice. go girl. >> got to go to sleep and be comfortable but also be sexy at the same time. >> for sure. anyone else or is she the grand finale? >> one more or two more models. >> two more models. so our next model can never go wrong with the green onesie. >> oh, you got to have a onesie. >> got to have a ones-ie. of course it is thermal to keep you warm of course, can never go wrong with a ones-ie. >> i think that's the tightest onesie i've seen, it is snug. >> smug but got to go to bed
9:32 am
comfortable of course. >> all right. >> we have another up? >> and last but not least, our last model is wearing our white tank top eagles banded of course with black boy shorts. very comfortable. and she looks good wearing it, go to sleep comfortable, you know, effortless, but still look great. still in the moment. >> she does. she really does. and i like boy shorts. >> this is how go to sleep when celebrating the eagles. >> okay, so, mike, what do you think? >> i think mike likes it? hey, mike? wait a minute. hold on. oh, look. he came over here. all right, we might need to go to break on this one. i'm loving t oh, we have one more. oh, no! oh, no, quincy? crazy q? showing us what he's working with. come down that runway, quincy. >> q, q, q! q, q, q!
9:33 am
q, q, q! >> oh, my goodness. it is "the q." chickie's and pete's', really getting a show right now. somebody stop him! somebody. oh, my gosh. no, okay, all right. maybe in another life. >> mike, you have been working out. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> here we go. what? >> all right. all right, so, what did you guys think? did you like the sw? >> here at chickie's and pete's', certainly. mike went off to one of the models. trying to figure out what he's doing now. hold on. what are they doing? okay, she will give him posing lessons so you can get it together. maybe i'll learn a little something. all right, we go to break. because i can't take any more of this, it is too much. it is too much.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ p>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to
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victory ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> all right, this turned out better than i ever imagined. >> who would have thought? we should have known. eagles fans, they'll show to up support their team. >> all right! >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ throw a touchdown one, two, three ♪ hit them low ♪ hit them high ♪ and watch your eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ >> everybody now! e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> yeah! (cheers). >> gang, you got it, our impromptu pep band here, who
9:39 am
let the dogs out. check out this dog mask here, looking good. you ready for the game? woof, woof, woof. >> yes, remember couple of weeks ago, i went to the saint lauren it is school the crossing guard here who required. you have all of the time in the world to hang out. >> yes. >> your name? >> ashley. >> go to rowan college south jersey? yes. >> what's the game plan for classes monday. >> we'll see if i make it? >> if you make it. >> yes. >> exactly. my man here on his crutches. what's your name? >> joe from springfield. >> joe, the one-two punch. and here is a fashion show for you. what's your name, hon? >> justine. >> check out the fashion she has here, she got the pocketbook, she has got the eagles, the eagles case, and hold on, all the way down, she got the eagles legs action, and all the way down here, oh, look at the eagles boot. all right, aren't they nice and warm. looking good. we got the face painters back here, been painting faces all
9:40 am
day long. all right? we got the eagles logosment and you guys ready for game day? (cheers) we're not going anywhere, chickie's and pete's' right here in south philly. back to you guys. >> hold on here, i'm trying to move this table out of the way. moving it. >> you going to do some heavy lifting. i got you. >> tell us what it is. >> okay, so we will talk to lids, some special personalized hats, wait until you see what they can do with the eagles gear. it is great. mike, don't pull anything now. don't hurt yourself. don't hurt yourself.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> a play harder than every single play. no kid chucking the ball around dreams of playing in the game before the game. you're rookie. not any more. been here before? then show them how it is done. we've wait add long, long time for this. and that's why this is bigger than 53. it is 67,000 loud. 6 million proud. all led by one advise or wearing side line glaring scream pass calling fourth down balling division leading running back feeding salt and
9:45 am
pepper son of a gun. so bring it in. bring it all in. every inch. every ounce. for every tom, dick and harry. all we got is all we need. and all we want is everything. >> we all we got. we all we need. >> i'm ready to go. i'm pumped. that was amazing. we all we got. we all we need. and now all we need is the weather and 15 seconds, sue. >> i think the grocery stores will be crowded today and tomorrow with folks getting ready because i think they're going to be a lot of at-home barbeques with a 50 degrees
9:46 am
high temperature, maybe 52 on sunday. ya, that's your eagles party cast for sunday. so, after you get those temperatures in the 50's, during the day, if you're tailgating at the stadium, partly cloudy skies, at kick off, it will be about 46 degrees, lower 40's by the end of the game. now, back to right now. we reach 30 degrees in philadelphia. almost to where we were yesterday for a high. twenty-one in lancaster, 20 mount pocono, 35 wildwood. already southwest wind in here, which is making for much more comfortable day, 44 degrees is our high temperature, as i adjust my necklace for today, 52 tomorrow, 50 on sunday, ten, end, for both days of the weekend then next chance every rain and only rain so far monday into tuesday. cooling off after that, that's your seven day forecast, let's get back to the party. >> back to you. >> you know when you go to the party you have to make sure you have all of the right
9:47 am
apparel, sue. so getting myself together. we have bill here from lids, and macy's, right off 13th, right? >> that's correct, right across from city hall. we're on the chestnut street side of the macy's buildingment and you know what? that billing is a john wanamaker building. right in the middle of the john wanamaker builds sag statue of -- >> an eagle. >> eagle, exactly, so do you have come to our place to buy all of your eagles stuff. >> makes sense. you brought a guest with us? >> i did. i have my granddaughter emma. actually showing not only a fly eagles fly, and by the way, you know the best thing about this shirt? >> what? >> we forget the words to the song, you just got to look down and fly eagles fly. >> emma, can you fly for us? can you show us some eagles flapping? there we go. she adorable. i also love her hat. >> not only about the hat, not only is it a cool hat, pink, she loves pink, but see on the side little panda, on the back, it says -- >> she is a big sister. >> she is a big sister. >> and heart because she lovers the eagles.
9:48 am
>> that's right. >> i love it. >> this is cute. thank you, emma. she is adorable. so for the adult, you have to have, start with the shirts and the gear, because you want to have like a sweatshirt. still going to be chim i. still wintertime. >> last couple every months kind of hit with some coal. we have great selection of men's women's and kids stuff. you know a lot of times people come in and go, look, i just want a sweatshirt, regular hoodie, i don't want the zip up watch we have here is little old-fashioned trademark there. old school. nice little hoodie there. we got the salute to service stuff that the guys were wearing back few games ago. on the identify lines, little winter jacket going on for the guys. >> the sleeves, have the eagles green on, there the sleeves. >> exactly, inned night green. then couple of jerseys, the black carson wentz jersey. and then if you want to go throw-back. >> kelly green. >> got the kelly green. or the reggie white. >> okay. >> that's the guys stuff. >> i know people like sweatshirts and jerseys, but i like the cute fitted shirt watch do you have for the women.
9:49 am
>> for the women, women have really great advantage. they can buy not only women's stuff a lot of the women buy the kids stuff, youth stuff. and they also buy the men's stuff. >> i love this. >> this is something that mike would actually look good in, too, i think. what do you think? >> mike loves a good v neck. >> exactly. >> and of course the long sleeve stuff. this time of year all of the girls want the long sleeve t-shirt instead of the short sleeve stuff. good for that. >> still nice and fitted. >> that's right. here is one of the newest fly eagles fly long sleeve shirts that we have in the store right now. >> very nice. now, let's get to the hats. because you can do some pretty cool things with your hats. because you can personalize them, but make it seem like you're cool with the players, right? >> that's right. now the lids stores in the area and the different malls, they're the ones that have the embroidery machines. we don't have it down at macy store. but this gives a good example of the different things that we can do on the hats. okay? if you see right here, i don't know if you can get close up there, but there is the dog, underdog there. >> oh, putting underdogs on the hat, love it. >> with the love sign.
9:50 am
can do all kind of different stuff on it, carson wentz autograph. >> i still like the gangrene on the back. >> gang-green. gives good example. so here is one, reggie white, carson wentz ... >> see ten to $15 more ... you can have an extra thing added to the side or the bang of the hat. >> that's so cool. that's almost better than an autograph. >> then by the way you can also have your own type of image put on your hat, just like that, and -- >> to me these should be the best sellers. >> the top sellers, they are. >> thank you, very cool. you're representing for good day. >> we're trying. >> trying. >> mike, what do you have though? >> i have city, what's it say, city of the underdog? >> city of underdog. and it has got the underdog hat or underdog logo. >> logo. >> loving it. thank you so much. we appreciate it, bill. thank you, emma.
9:51 am
>> (cheers). >> we're ready to go. eagles in good day gear, i love it, we will take a break and be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> i don't know if you more, bs so much fun. we're ready forda >> the past four hours have just been amazing. amazingment and i'm i've been as and pete's. >> by the way if you don't have one o sunday morning on our show, we have a special edition of good day philadelphia, with all of the crew here. >> just come by to fourth and market. >> we'll pass them out there right there on the corner, show goes on sunday morning seven. >> 7:00 to 9:00ment back on
9:55 am
10:00 to 12:00. >> all right, one more. >> okay, you ready? light it up. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ throw a touchdown 123. >> ♪ watch our eagle♪ ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the e-a-g-l-e-s, >> (cheers). >> ya, baby, ya. >> i just want to know, did you guys (cheers). >> eagles fans. >> ya, baby. okay, so i think we should do a recap of what it was like throughout here at chickie's and pete's for the past four hours. let's see it all happen, baby.
9:56 am
ya! >> what? when? win, what are we waiting for? take us. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> how many times do you think we'll hear that this morning? >> 5,000. >> yes, and i'm not mad about it at all. >> born and rated? >> born and raised. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> swoop, there it is. swoop, there it is. >> louder. >> swoop, there it is. >> what's up, baby? you know how we do, baby. you know what we want to do this sunday, right? we want to take it home, baby. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> announcer: leiva from new york city, it's "the wendy william's show" ." now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause] >> wendy: hello. [cheers and applause] thank you. i appreciate it. [cheers and applause] >> wendy: okay, let's get


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