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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 20, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EST

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something is terribly wrong and and and eagles fans are fuming. i'm dawn timmeney and that picture on the nfl facebook page less than 48 hours to go on the match group has the city on fire. joining us live from lincoln financial field with more on
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the social media post, joanne. >> that's right, dawn, that post on the nfl facebook page had a lot of eagles fans and other people furious. what's the deal. people with wondering what happened. well it turns out somebody made a mistake. you could have achance to score tickets to patriots versus vikings in the super bowl it shows match-up between pate reap and vikings, wait, what. >> it has to be fake. >> that's false advertisement i think. >> eagles should go tots super bowl don't you agree with me. >> e, >> yeah, eagles go. >> we're not putting all this effort into this screaming an shouting so somebody can put us out. you're going to win this
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weekend. >> eagles fans are counting done the hours and minutes until sunday nfc championship game in philly. under dogs so they've been called facebook post from nfl well why you already have vikings as winners give us a break our team worked har to get to this point and why not let them have it. >> according to published reports nfl created three other social media promos with possible super bowl match-ups and post was not examed to run until monday but now, eagles' fans with under dog feelings are more stoked to see the the birds play sunday. >> what do you think of the nfl putting it out. >> trying to mess everything up, up roar, that's all. >> get people in an up roar. >> yeah. >> well the most is gone, nfl calling it regrettable mistak
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mistake. hopefully monday the new facebook post will read the eagles versus blank. we're live at the linc tonight and back to you in the studio sunday. >> can't wait for sunday. >> it's exciting. thank you joanne. city is finalizing plans ahead of the big game. it's ready for thousands and thousands of people coming to philly this weekend. authorities will be greasing polls and manning known hot spots for trouble and restricting parking on broad from south street to stadiums and from 2 p.m. on sunday through 3 a.m. monday. >> plenty of officers on happened to could have the hot spots. also officers noble move if any matches up. if they loss it will be depressing. hopeful hi they do whip. >> septa police will be ready and mobile as well and expecting 18,000 people to pack the broad street line going it and from the game.
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chris o'connell picks up team coverage in enemy tear 20ry you in min anyone is his last day out in twin city making sure you know we're ready for them. >> let's see if we can cause sglubl in a rented mini van we let our preeps known me viking country. >> on the road to victory♪ we wanted to signed one min. >> guys, we're lokt do you know the way to lincoln financial field [ laughter ] i have to ask you can i sing you a song. >> fly, eagles fly, on the roads -- >> vikings' fans i got something for you. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles!. >> all the way. >> no luck here so we went to us bank field the belly of the beast where we did find brave
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vikings fans coming to philly this weekend for sunday's gam game. what have you heard about the philly crowd. >> they may put us in those old jail cells. >> they don't have that an anymore. >> that's no better than going to green bay. >> i think it's a little different than green bay. >> outside the vikings pro shop who owe do you have on here. >> stefan dig. >> he was. >> minneapolis miracle man. >> give me your best track tawsh against the eagles. i don't know. paul is is better at that than i am. >> what's your best track tubing wednesday the eagles let's the say the locals were not impresseden including minneapolis police department. do you have an idea. >> police asked us for i.d.s and wanted to know what the heck we were doing here. we did not get arrested for trespassing but maybe we just did win over a new eagles' fa
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fan. >> best of luck eagles. >> sdobt think it's all going to be eagles fans at the link the vikings chartered two pull planes and tickets to arrive so you can give him a big philadelphia weapon. >> fox new gli think you worn out your welcome, chris, working hard or hardly working. dave is having a little fwun between take and minnesota and dave sliding down the frozen water at mini haha falls. it looks look a lot of fun. >> fox 29 is why you want to be all lay done our coverage kins 7 in the morning. game day live starts 10 and fox 29 is on at 4 before the
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pregame show at six and kic kickoff at 6:30. >> tmz reporting philly great roy halladay had morphine in his tim it. >> and for sleeping ate morphine and amphetamines. former phillies paper died blunts force trauma and up trouping after he pushed pack in november. >> a heart pleading mom lost her daughter in a plane crash. he has been rn chaed in connection with her death. fox 29 shawnette wilson reporting from burlington sip sipty. >> i'm trying to be strong. >> ina is in chock over 3-year-old daughter stephanie the would sirn strat ate.
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>> she says her daughter loved fashion and was a hard worker. >> she he had a beautiful har hart. good hurt. >> last sunday stephanie lost her life in icy delaware river and the war she was riding in went into the riff to 8. >> jacob garrett her boyfriend was traveling at a high separate of speed. me hinged to take for witnesses to help his girlfriend. >> hurt. confused. i don't understand. >> garrett got on train at the burlington north light rail and was captured another stoep stop near let me check. and, and, i think i'm numb from it. >> her daughter and garrett had been dating a year and she thought of him as her son. >> in the freezing cold water you just left her there.
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>> roselle white is sever an any's aunt. we put 100% faith in that department and not able to catch them right away. >> closures. >> i can't call for her and sit with her or watch a movie with her and have those laughs. >> the family is needing for help coming up with the money to bury stephanie which has to be done by next week. go to to find out how you you can doe shawnette wilson fox news. >> they're investigating what kased i a fire to could go up in planes a little of the 1000 block. and smoke, pouring out of the home was firefighters working hard hard to get the the flames under control. just as they began attacking fire inside part of home collapse forcing them to move outside.
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>> rights now once we gets the fire extinguished and ascertain that the dwelling is safe for us to reenter we'll go back in and do a further sure. and then investigation will start to what the cause of the fire was. >> luckily the homeowner was not there and no one was hurt. >> watch your step. a massive sinkhole taking on the philadelphia neighborhood and homes and neighbors are on edge literally. >> he may be a little guy this 6-year-old has taken on college players on the court. temple uest recruit is pretty darn special and scott we're talking about real nice waerp for tailit gag. absolutely maybe a back guard temperature. get ready for warmer air on the weekend. >> and lots of buildings in philadelphia lit up in green tonight showing eagles' spirit. you can see the peco building taking it a step further and displayed eagle plying across the screen and then dog and said go under dogs.
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>> delaware country i know you >> delaware country i know you twooptd join in the fun.
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a scary scene after a massive sink is knoll fishtown. some people are out of homes after the ground went out of their homes. dave you spoke with a few nervous neighbors even that hour 11 hours into it you can tell my the visual and noise that crews are still the working hard and neighbors are still in disbelief. i on eped door door and said oh, my god, please. >> and taking a bite out of tagard street in fishtown. and the hole wiping out the front stoop of neighboring house. philadelphia fire officials say six homes were evacuated
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and water shut off to entire block as crews try to get to 8" main that ruptured. >> all i heard is bang i thought it was a car accident. >> when that broke my truck was parked there. where the handicapped poles are and took everything they could think of so it would not fall in the big hole there. >> first priority will be assessing what is take place looking into the washout there and neighbors worry the cavity could grow as crews clear to do their investigation. >> if it starts to fall in again it will be time to get out. >> in the meantime mature own and those that can return home will try to get some smreep try being key word. >> when they start drill physical they drill again it probably will be a problem to sleep you know. of course them big lights. >> mean too many a woman at the house where the stoop
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disappeared said she actually opened the door and saw her steps sinking into the hole an rushed out of the house and says, not before she could grab her zach ertz jersey. guys, back to you. >> all right. thank you, dave. >> and happening right now less than an hour left after a possible government shout down and enough senate democrats voted against the bill that would have kept the government funded past midnight. a role call is underway and 00,000 federal workers will be without a job if the shut down happens at midnight and right now it looks like it will happen. president trump saying not looking good for great military and safety and security on the dangerous southern border dems want to shut down to help diminish great success of tax cuts and what they're doing for our booming economy he. >> it's guilty plea for former jersey shore reality store mike sorentino and situation admitting to taxi vacation and that he concealed
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income back in 2011. both he and brother mark were charged in 2014 and last year while filing. keeping track of money. are you amazon prime user, prices good to go up. amazon raised monthly free to 12.99 from 10.99 and hiked monthly subscription from for student members from 5:49. it gindz february 18. don't worry annual prime membership fee of '99 and $49 for students remains the same. >> looking live. this weekend jammed pack and march tomorrow and big game sunday. kickoff will be nice for fans and players and tailgaters. >> look going for upcoming weekend. high temperature today made it to 46. that's golf arm and what about
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50s as we move towards upcoming weekend. 53 high temperature saturday. look at sunday. partly sunny skies to start and then the bloud roll in and 52 average high temperatures by kickoff will number the 40 40s. 32 in mount pocono. we have 37 degrees in atlantic city. and so for tonight in city temperatures stipulate to 31 not as harsh mostly clear wind south and west helps to warm the temperatures come tomorrow. 53 degrees. get outdoors and enjoy. we're looking good. it will feel more like spring to what we were getting. we're dry through the weekend and next best chance is overnight nop into tuesday. i saw the the cold front move through the area and we will number the rain sector i may well be all written and it
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looks a half an inch for philadelphia and some might over achieve but pretty decent asoak ago waepd next week. vikings taking on the birds sunday afternoon. tailgating weather look going. temperatures in the the 50s by kickoff around 6:44, 46 degrows and towards the end of the game cloudyen cool, will be in the the 40 loz. it's a pair of 10s saturday and sunday and overnight noon tuesday look at tuesday high 56. mid 40s m more sunshine by wednesday. little chill in the atmospher atmosphere, next friday. we're looking at temperatures in the mid 40s. back over to you. >> the helps basketball team got a letter of up tent for
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place wccoff. he has a damaged immune system when he get sick he requires weekly injejted. a signing ceremony for mason he got his own tem p.m. juries yes handed to him by his favorite flare. >> with mason 4' 2" do you envision him in small ball lineup. >> i think the game is changing bruce and he'll be able to play inside even at his size. i think he can dunk over some of our taller guys. >> so cute. mason letter of up tent xhipts him to attending owls practice anesthesia gaemz which schedule permit and temple plays penn at the palestra. >> i love seeing stories like that, dawn. >> eagles got a little more fuel to fire. for the game on surprised today. my take, i'm saying it's mranledmented. my consp
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ai'm slightly terrified that the linc will look rick something out of the purgeed on sun with all the dog masks. it's representative of how the the eagles battled every single day of this entire season and it will be the reason why they win nfc championship. earlier today the nfl released this post of graphic of patriots and vikings super bowl l ii and the is assumption they're win sunday that's a good thing the birds play better. i will weigh in on the conspiracy theory and it gives them more bite to the undergoing campaign. trust me the eeingings are not all bark they're ready to execute on surprised and you know what else agreed with me kevin hart take a listen. >> still beating minnesota this weekend. >> stay say again? >> still going to meet minnesota. >> it's a common sense wans
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yes double yes, double, doubl double, double, double, doubl double, double, yes. >> kevin hart confy dment his eagles and he's positive the eagles will come out on top on sunday. i have to agree. >> kanye west and kim dar dashian chose a name for their newborn daughter, chicago. it's where kanye was raisedment their other children's names are north and saint. lots of fans on social media are reacting to interesting name choice check out this tweet which has fresh prince of bell air. chicago west is cool ma'am inif they named her philadelphia every time they called out west philadelphia and she could respond, born and raised. just a thought. >> opportunity missed guys
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car dash yaps have k names i don't get continuity here and i don't get it. >> it's west right. >> that's the direction they're going in. >> kids first names. >> that does it for 11. tmz is next. stay tuned for the q 12:30 and simpsons
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