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tv   FOX 29 News Special Chase for a Championship  FOX  January 21, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> we were inch closer to wanting the stadium, kept getting louder and louder. >> we were called the underdogs all week, so i figure get a good dog mask. >> the team, that has been so tis disrespecting. >> we're on the same team. not too many years ago. >> he kind of reminds me of little mini brett favre or something. >> this is our year. >> this opportunity that doesn't come often. >> getting the run going, nick getting into rhythm. it is fun but we got to get the win. >> i know the fans are going to bring the energy. >> i want the eagles to win. >> have a championship game here.
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>> this is "fox 29 news," chase for a championship. >> oh, my. can you feel the excitement? it is game day. the birds getting ready to soar against the vikings on the left inside the linc, on the right, just outside 70,000 people are headed therefore the nfc championship game. we're little more than two and a half hours from kick off. the city, electric, right? thank you for joining us, for "fox 29 news," the chase for championship. i'm lucy noland. >> can you feel the excitement? you s the heart pounding, oxygen on stand by, here we go, i'm thomas drayton, so good to have you with us, how eagles nation is gets ready for the big game, best of the best, team coverage, reporters are everywhere, joyce evans, tailgating with fans right outside the linc. dave schratwieser at south
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philly fans get ready to watch game. our brad satin at eagles fan party in mayfair. but let's start with kristin rogers, live at the linc. here we go, kristin? >> here we go. we're a little less than three hours until kick off. and then 60 minute of football to decide who is going to superbowl 52. you're talking about the tailgaters outside, players have arrived here at the stadium. doug pederson just did his first walk, you can feel the energy, music going, lights are on, we're so close to finding a how the is taking a trip to minneapolis. >> always good to have that kind of energy and to have, you know, the fans. >> for the support throughout the whole game, tough opponent, won't and cake walk. >> this is the game. you win you go to the superbowl. everyone in the stands, you know, they're going to want to be partying afterward.
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so just like we do. so there is a lot on the line. >> it is a good feeling. we trying to take advantage of this opportunity because whenever i hear people talk about being in this position, it is an opportunity that doesn't come often. it is not guaranteed every year. so let's embrace this moment. >> the stands are empty right now, but we know pretty soon they're going to be filled with a lot of fans, wearing a lot of underdog masks, we've seen them outside of the parking lots, joyce outside right now talking to some of those fans, how are the tailgaters going? >> oh, my god. they're lit out here, if i can say that. and dog masks, they're everywhere, these folks have been out here, look, look at the tailgaters around here. some of these folks got out of here before dawn. everybody's got a prediction, i've heard so many, but all of them have the eagles winning of course, let's take a look down this way.
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>> how long have you guys been out here? >> since 10:00 a.m. >> 10:00 a.m., are you guys going to still have some energy? so, you see how wild the people are. i got to push folks out of the way. but being out here since 10:00 . i don't know if you can hear me, i can't hear myself. you have folks along here, as well, they're -- here is a quiet crowd over here. let's go talk to them. >> hello, guys. >> hello. >> so this is a championship ring on your hat? >> yes, it is. >> where do you get such a thing? >> i had it made. >> stud made? >> a friend from greenbay. >> this is the year? >> this is the year, to be determine, that's where it is right there, this is it. >> this is it? >> this is the year. >> absolutely sure of it? >> this is the year, i'm positive. >> what's the score going to be? >> twenty-four-17 eagles. >> eagles, you sure. >> i'm pretty sure.
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>> nobody's upset. >> of course we're sure. >> same thing. eagles season ticket holder for over 30 years. >> thirty years? >> and if they win, i figure, because my daughters a steelers fan, she says to me, dad, i'll take you over to get that eagles tatoo if we win the superbowl. >> okay, you going to put it on your skin? >> absolutely. >> all right. >> thirty years, season ticket holds err, i'm going to get one. >> all right, well, good luck, hopefully you will next time we see you, you'll have a that too. don't tell me where you're going to put it. so folks are out here today. they have their televisions tuned to us inside the tents. you'll need some of them in a little bit. you can see they've been out here since early in the morning. some of these guys, they actually had their cars and their rv's and all of that parked waiting for the gates to open about 11:30, some say they got in here little earlier, i don't know how they did that, but we will be hanging with them for the rest of the evening. i'll joyce evans live from outside the vet, back to you
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guys at the studio, if you can hear me. >> my goodness, so tattoos on the line, thomas drayton. >> you know it is a choice when there is ink involved. get ready just the beginning, my friends. >> nelson agholor, right there, getting ready, speaking of getting ready. >> warming up on the field, thankfully it wasn't like the game last week, right, with temperatures well into below freezing, he's getting ready for the big game. see him tossing the ball there. >> tell you what. >> checking in again with the link, all of the players getting ready for the big game. >> trying to freeze out the vikings. >> it is going to get done. >> city ready for the game. live look in old city check out what's going on, as i was coming in today by the way, all kind of eagles gear in full display. >> you can just feel the excitement in the air. let's take another live look, old city you'll see sea green here in just couple of hours as we get ready to cheer on the birds, dave schratwieser in south philly how is it going, my friend?
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>> thomas, august thomas all about the commute down to the game right now. the septa at&t station at broad and pattison. fans have been coming off the train here like every 15 minutes by the hundreds. eagles fans and viking fans. and i have the chief with me. how have the crowds been? >> real excited and everybody acting cords inningly, it is a great day. >> trouble spot at all yet? everybody in a good mood? >> everybody in a good mood. energy high. the ride has been fantastic. >> how about the crowd were you expecting about 18,000 people to take septa down to the game and back out of the game. how is it look so far? >> been heavy. but the trains are running fast. we have a lot of express trains going, and folks are great. i mean, this is philadelphia. >> all right, thank you very much. quick look at the parking lot here with the fans, joyce was talking about them, this is outside the wells fargo center, by the thousands. everybody with jerseys on from the eagles, got to tell you some viking fans walked through, it wasn't pretty. a lot of razzing, a lot of
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hard time given to them a lot of head nods, back and forth from all of the fans, there they go, a lot of fans ready for the game right here, also ready here at the septa station trains. running fluidly. no problems to report so far. that's it live here in south philadelphia. i'm dave schratwieser, back to you guys. >> all right, dave, thank up, all hoping for a great and safe night of celebrating. >> speak being of celebrating, let's go to northeast philly now shall we? big watch party going on, brad sattin in the middle of it all. hey, brad. >> hey. i tell you what, this party was supposed to be inside. it is so nice. the weather is so perfect, that they moved it outside. i will say one thing, though. it almost didn't happen, and it took a cowboys fan to save the day. the tv over here? we couldn't get it working. but a cowboys fan did what he needed to do and now the tv is up and running there is party is being thrown by lisa webber, lisa, come on over here. you could be at this game, right now, instead throwing a party. explain? >> i decided not to work.
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i work in the concession stand, when they said they would go to this game, we wanted to be right up the corner tonight. >> and your son is at the game? >> my son in the game with his girlfriends tonight. but we're here, we're going to do like we always do when the big game is at the corner. >> we talk about great -- you said you ordered the sun? >> always do! (cheers). >> all right, tail god, listen, we have a big party today. we need the weather to be with us. >> yeah. >> and the eagles are going to win, you're also going to order a win. >> oh, eagles going to win, win. >> linda, real quickly, this is not the first time you've a party here, right? >> oh, no, she is always having parties. >> and they got the underdog signs going. here is a quick trivia question. the vikings that you guys know, one last week on the last play of the game. that happened five times in history, where a team won on the last play of the game. how many of those teams then won the following week? >> zero. >> zero. (cheers). >> so we're going for number six with a big eagles win
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tonight, guys. more coming up. back to you. >> all right, you enjoy. by the way we have our underdog masks here as well. but back inside of the link. you saw the players out there already warming up, thomas. >> 70,000 people expected to cheer on the birds this evening. 68,500 to be exact. seating, little only 600 standing room, add to that it is going to be an exciting night. >> it is, thankfully those sub freezing tell frost last week gone, right. >> it is whole lot milder out there. i would reckon some would say perfect football wetter. >> kathy, you heard linda's friends, she said we need the weather to cooperate. i have a feeling it is going to. >> we did some research and the last time the eagles played at home, of course, we a blizzard, and the temperature was 17. it is a far cry from that, few clouds moving in, but few high clouds and the temperatures are right on track, the forecast hi, 53. right now, we're at 52. and look at the southerly winds, winds, not going to be a factor in this game. just 3-mile per hour winds in
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philadelphia. and may go up to about five or 8 miles an hour. so let's go, through the afternoon, of course, comfortable right now for tailgaters, 52 degrees, partly cloudy skies, sunsets shortly after 5:00. kick off, 6:40, it will be dark, it will be 46 degrees, and cloudy and cool after that victory, fourth quarter weather, 43 degrees. very comfortable for the fans in the stands. we send it back to you. >> very nice treat. kathy, thank you. so here we are about two and a half hours to the kick off. fans are getting to where they need to go at this hour. >> that's right. and bruce gordon, you're surrounded by fans, somewhere in center city. >> yes, lucy, we're on the train right now, broad street line, back and forth from city hall, down to the stadium. the trains have been packed for the last couple of hours. obviously the -- here we go, we got -- >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! (cheers). >> shockingly, we got a pep rally going on here, it has been going on all afternoon on
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these trains, couple of viking fans here and there, in their uniform, jersey thomas. they've been actually treated pretty well from what i could tell. i see no beatings or anything like that. here we go. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ >> bruce, my friends. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> oh, we'll hear this dozens of more times throughout the gleaning we'll have a lot more of that as thee fans stream into the stadium over the next hour and a half or so, guys, back to you. >> i love it. it is so exciting out there right now. it is also exciting in the link right now. >> feeling the energy of course, about two and a half hours as we mentioned to the start of the kick off here. fans slowly starting g to trickle in, saw them outside of the link getting ready tailgating as we begin here, as we continue the evening. what an evening it is going to be, lewes. >> i tell you what, what you're looking at there is a set of basically nfl on fox,
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right? >> 6:00. >> that's where they'll kick off coverage here, the nfl on fox, then of course 6:40 is the kick off for the eagles game. coming right back. the road to the championship. stay with us. back after
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>> 68,000 strong, coming together to root on our birds generations who have been waiting for this very moment.
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>> absolutely. you know, chris o'connell, actually, went deep into viking territory, behind enemy lines, right? and so now we've got the vikings coming here, kristen rodgers, you have a little of the viking perspective. >> hey, guys, yes. so minnesota, by many, is being considered a team of destiny. because no team has ever played in their home stadium for a superbowl. but now just 60 minutes away from one of these two teams going to superbowl 52. and minnesota could be the first to play in front of their home crowd. our dawn mitchell covers the vikings for our fox station in minneapolis, and has more. >> well, kristen, this has been one of the most enjoyable teams to cover in my entire career. yes, they bows the number one defense, and case keenum superman out of the phone boot. but the key to this team together is chemistry. see when the d line celebrates a sack, they don't care who gets it, see, on offense, with kid-like celebration frost leap frog, to duck duck goose, or gray duck, as they say
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here, all the way to last week's freeze tag. each player supporting the other. it is next man up all the way. they learned that early. sam bradford went down. delvin cook went down. who ever it is, it is the next man up there. has been no complaining about playing time or who is in there when. it has been the most unifying team i've ever been around. that stems of course from head coach mike simmer. and while they have a chip on their shoulder, nobody ever gave them a snowball's chance. the chip is not big enough to bewaring them down this year. that's been the case in other years. this team is having fun, playing women, keenum said it is like somebody handed him the keys to his buddy's lamborgini and he's going to drive it until they say he can't any more. for simmer, like a replacement car, few replacement parts in, but working great. while they may not be the best talented team they've ever had, they play with the biggest heart. he said big hearts can win championships. we'll see this sunday.
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back to you, kristen. >> a week from yesterday, the eagles defense stood up, holding atlanta on fourth down, gary cobb joins me now. what can we say about how strong the eagles defense came out then and how that can carry over to today? >> well, they got to play well. big thing it starts up front with the big guys, they got it get pressure on the quarterback, you know, that's the key, it start out there, case keenum, needs to be running for his life, the whole day. they keep that pressure on, then the guys in the secondary will be table do their job, but the big thing they've been able to do is on that fourth down, they played smart, which is the refs do not want to make the call. so you play aggressive. you're over aggressive, in fact, your aholds g. do whatever you do. don't let your guy catch the ball. they were able to get that done. today it will be a simple stop the run first, then get out the keenum, if they do that, they'll be on their way to the superbowl. >> see another aggressive defense, seeing a lot of aggressive fans with those dog masks, personally, they're
4:19 pm
terrifying me, gary, your take on those dog mass action this week? >> guys, most every us when we started out, the guys that got into the league start out saying nobody says oh, you won't make the nfl. so the guys came in as underdogs it, fits a lot of players, then of course this team has had the best record in the league, but they've been underdogs. other teams favored. the guys tuesday as chip on their shoulder, good way to play football. you play angry. they play angry today, they will be going to minneapolis in a couple of weeks, i think they'll get it done. >> time to prove they're not all bark, they have a bite as well. we will sends it back to you, lucy and thomas. >> you got to bus out the dog masks. i know you have them. last week, hey, we are called the underdogs. >> paper cut. i've got paper cuts. did you cut out any of these? i spent -- kathy orr and i got - >> hundreds. >> cutting them out. it was little arts and crafter project at fox 29. >> and thank you all of how came outment fox 29 goodday, we've been hanging these out
4:20 pm
for the last couple of days, you came out in full force, and there you'll have them at the game tonight showing we're not the underdogs, we'll private once again, our continuing coverage as we take another look at the linc, chase for a championship, continues right after this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> go eagles! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> isn't this great. >> yes. >> even the little ones have a little bark here, of course, in a cute way. these are sixth graders from norwood charter school in north philadelphia. of course performing their version of the eagles fight song. >> i'm so inspired from that. that's -- oh, listen. eagles! >> it is like the carol ringing of the bells, carol of the bells, but eagles style. love it. let's take another live look at the linc right now. just couple of hours from kick off. fans are not the only ones getting ready for the big game.
4:24 pm
you see the players out there. stretching, doing their thing, warming up. they don't have to work quite as hard for the warm up this week, though, from last game. >> getting ready one by one here, of course we are know the players are getting rid. fans are ready and the businesses are ready, as well, of course like collegeville, italian bakery in montgomery county. in fact, our jenn fred will take us on little trip there. check it out. >> hey everybody, still at the collegeville bakery. remember, earlier this morning we were talking about the pizzas, working -- talking about wood fired wing. it is crunch time. if you haven't ordered you can still order. how are you doing, girlfriends? >> hanging in there, jen. >> okay, number one thing people are olderrer? >> italian hog us. >> what's that right there? >> italian pork. >> that's amazing! >> yes, ma'am. >> how late will you be taking orders tonight? >> 9:00 p.m. >> really? >> yes! >> they can order throughout the game. >> absolute. >> i have little celebration situation? >> absolutely. >> okay. what is this? look at that. what is the secret to make the perfect italian hoggy? >> it is the bread.
4:25 pm
>> really? >> absolutely. >> a lot of absolutely's happening here. steve is here. all right, thank you. turkey? >> she is the expert, jen. come on, patricia. >> what is your favorite thing that you guys make here for a game day? >> chicken cut let sandwiches. >> really? >> barr-none. >> she says we can order until 9:00? >> absolutely. >> do you have any other tips when they should get their order, i mean, get it in sooner than later? have. >> absolutely. >> maybe once the game starts, you know, some later, you know, if they finds a runner to run out here and get some stuff for like half time. >> i love it. perfect. i'm jenn frederick, i'm in collegeville and i'm not leaving. go eagles! >> love it. well, there is this next little group might be some of the biggest eagles fans you've ever seen. >> they're small but sure know how to sing, the eagles fight song, loud and proud. take a look at this. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪
4:26 pm
e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> on the road to victory. noreen cook center for early childhood education rallied for the eagles ahead of this weekends' big song singing the fight song it, has been a tradition with the kiddos cheering each week since october, they're hoping their spirit and entheusiasm will bring the team some luck tonight. >> no doubt. no doubt at all. let's take another live look inside of the link as the players actually this is outside of the link now, love the tailgating spirit. our joyce evans was out there, she is out there roaming around right now overwelmed by all of the fans spirit a little bit ago. >> some fans they've been getting up 3:00 a.m. this morning, we've been hearing every half hour that crowd has been growing, of course, the gates owned at 11:30, then shortly after it has been non-stop. you got to get the grills out. >> got to. >> yep. keep it going. we'll continue our coverage, a chase for a championship, lucy, right after this. >> ♪
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>> ♪
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saint nick we trust, justsaying. we got two hours to kick off. of course this is a look inside of the link, and thomas, it is on. >> he's going to be connecting tonight. that is for sure. inside and out, the city is electric. no denying that. getting ready to root on our
4:30 pm
birds tonight. all weekend long. every morning, we see this week i've been waking up singing the fight song. >> you got to. >> it is in my head. we're gearing up. we're ready. this is the moment we've been waiting for. so that's a look inside. we're looking at foles getting ready for the game. outside, well, let's just say, full of energy, my friends, joyce evans. >> you can hear us this time. >> i'm trying to keep my feet on solid ground. but it is all good. because everybody's all fired up, they're playing, tossing balls here, they want to give foles a run for his money. we're going that way, folks. so, anyway, you can see how the parking lot here is just absolutely full of people here. look at the folks tailgating, been out here all day, now we're not sure if most of these folks are going inside. i assume they have. because the tickets are the hottest ticket in town. but let's go here, talk to these folks. hello, hello, hello. going to talk to you.
4:31 pm
how are you? >> i'm doing great. can't wait for the game. >> you guys fired up? >> fired up. fired up. let's go today. yeah. >> is that fired up enough for you? so this gang is out here. you guys going inside at all? everybody hanging out here? >> there is a party out here. there is a win in there. >> that's all you need. >> that's all we need. >> that's right. that's right. what about two weeks again. >> again, minnesota. absolutely. >> okay, by how much are we going to win today? >> today it will be a close game. i see 24-21. >> pretty close. where are you guys from? >> jersey. >> we're from south jersey, yes. so 30 minute. >> okay? >> been eagles fans our whole lives. >> yes? >> and my boyfriends, number 54, good luck, love you. >> yeah! >> all right. we got the girlfriends rooting for the boyfriends. are you really his girlfriends? you would be inside. >> yes, she. >> that's it from the link, and the tailgating outside we'll join now little bit, guys. >> so apparently jeremiah trotter former eagles we just
4:32 pm
met his fiancee? >> that's a good point, joyce. you would be inside. so, our fact checkers, trying verify it. >> we'll check out and see. >> let's take you back inside. joyce evans outside with the fans, that's a look on the field. we're just about two hours away here from kick off. and the temperature could not, we could not have called for better forecast. >> it is true. and kathy you've got your lucky evening else green dress on, which is very rare, usually meteorologists don't wear green. can't wear the green. you know why? >> that green screen, you ends up disappearing. >> disappearing, yes, at our weather monitor today. don't want to disappear, we want the vikings to disappear. take a look, ultimate doppler, few clouds moving in with clearer air, southerly ones there is forecast has been on track all week, grateful for. that will the temperatures 52 in philadelphia. southerly winds, pretty light right now 3 miles an hour, 5 miles an hour, milville and wilmington, so the winds may go up just a tiny bit. but will not have impact on this game at all. so, temperatures tonight, are going to be in the 40's,
4:33 pm
little bit later, at kick off after the sunset. by about 41 degrees by 6:00 with the southerly winds, by the time the game ends, temperatures upper 30's, to around 40, more clouds, with the southerly wind at 4 miles an hour. but very comfortable for the fans in the stands, sunset at 5:06. once that sun goes down, temperatures will be falling quickly, into the 40's, but i think it will be hot at the linc. what do you think? >> it will be hot inside definitely. because we have to melt some vikings ice. >> it can be 20 degrees, kathy? no one would care. >> no one would care. >> another live look inside the linc. let's get to dave schratwieser, he's out and about in south philly this evening. we're looking at security here. hey, dave? >> hey, thomas. listen, we have the guy with his finger on the pulls here on big game day. deputy commissioner dennis wilson in charge of special operations. counter terrorism. deputy thank you for joining us first off. how are things so far today? >> everything is great. we kind of had an early flow getting in.
4:34 pm
a gate is a little backed up. other than that everything moving great. >> okay. we saw the polls and the mailboxes greased on certain corners on broad street. walk us through why we're doing that? >> like i said earlier in the week, each district captain, we have 21 district, each captain looked at their place, put a plan in place, to prevent any mishaps. >> we don't want people climbing the polls later on things like that. >> we definitely don't want that. >> overall, how does the city look at the other locations other than down hereby the stadium? >> there is nothing going on there. we didn't expect that this early. after the eagles win, that's whether we expect celebrations. >> any idea handle how many people might be out on the street celebrating tonight if they do win? >> no idea. >> coach, wide open. you guys are mobile, ready to go? >> mobile and we're fixed in hot spots. >> all right, i have to ask you one quick last question, your prediction for the game? >> i think the philadelphia police department will fair very well, i know the eagles are going to win. >> all right, deputy shall appreciate it. guys down here, i want to let you know the fans are coming in in droves off of septa.
4:35 pm
no problems down here to report at this point. a lot of viking fans coming in, with the eagles fans. they're ge getting razz dollars, getting teased, little hard time, but then everybody leaves them alone. they walk in pretty brave wearing the jerseys down here, again, so far from a septa point of view, and philadelphia police, things are going rather smoothly at this point. we will see how things go through the rest of the night. back to you guys. >> thank you much, dave. you know what thomas? a lot of folks, and vikings land were saying be real careful if you go to philadelphia. we're in that purple. but you know what, it is all good. it is all good. >> they don't have to worry too much. of course we have to give them little hard time. >> of course. >> there we go. who let the dogs out. we are the underdogs, but we will prevail again, as we mentioned. >> i can't believe we're the underdogs, seriously. >> we mentioned 70,000 people strong down there in south philly. you go got to heed the warnings. number of parking restrictions until effect 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. broad street below south street. we're going to break it all down for you coming up. >> you know what if people get towed, we win, i don't think they'll worry about it, too
4:36 pm
much. just saying. fox 29 chase for the championship. we got you covered. >> we won't miss the car for couple every days. >> no. >> ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ ♪ excuse me everyone! paul? paul? this is three million dollar mega multiplier the new game
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>> the chase for championship, the sleeveless wonder chris long is walking offer into the distance there, has the tats on his arm. >> this guy a powerhouse, six-three, 270 pounds, no force to be rec orthopedics with. >> even in the cold our tom sredenschek, sport producer says he goes sleeveless all the time because that's the tough guy he is. >> when you're that big, you won't feel t the son of howie long, starting 6:00 here, how i of course played in the nfl. what was it, 13 seasons entirely for the raider. >> and he won a superbowl. >> won a superbowl. hoping for repeat here. let's check in with our brad sattin joining us from south philly tonight. >> so many watch party. >> brad is until the middle of one amazing watch partiment.
4:40 pm
they do this all the time. >> yes, they've been doing this for decades actually. half hour ago we were outside. we decided to bring the party inside of course watching this afc game. this is the house of lisa webber. that's not lisa webber. (cheers). >> already you need to cut me off. you've been doing this you said since 1993? >> ninety-three when i moved in, phillies went to the world series, and every time there is a big party at frankford and cottman afterward we're here starting up. >> pretty good start. you guys still awake for the party? >> oh, yes. absolutely. >> for the start of the game. we have couple of people we want to introduce here, this is gavin, seven months olds. we have bridgette and margo, margo, give me a score of the game? >> thirty-six to nothing. >> who is going to win? >> the eagles. >> how about that? and give me score? >> ten to nothing. >> ten to nothing. >> you know what? it sounds like it is going to be a shut out. that's good news, we move over here. we came inside, with rene here, to kind of go through some of the food real quick. we only have about 30 seconds
4:41 pm
watch are we serving up? >> we have taco dip, pretzels from the pretzel factory. we have stromboli from boston market. we have wings, least's homemade taco dip, homemade cupcakes. >> i know there is -- >> of course we are always have room for socks cake. >> there you go. this party will go through the night right? >> yes, it is. >> is the food going to last. >> hopefully. >> hopefully it will. from here i know you guys head to cottman later hopefully for big victory party guys back to you. >> all right, looks yummy. wish i could drop by. >> i love the little ones, 36 to nothing, vikings won't even show up. brad, thank you. >> love it. >> let's take you back outside. let's take a look, oh, look at this right here. >> this was captured moments ago. howie long speaking with his son chris long. you know, i wonder what they were talking about? >> little pep talk there. >> little fatherly advice? >> i think so. >> how to approach the game tonight. coming right back after this. stay with us, our coverage continues. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce.
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4:45 pm
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> our chase for championship. live look outside the linc where we ran into, we figured it out, so it is camoogruge hill's girlfriends,. >> fifty-four, the current 54. >> from new england. >> so, there you go. >> she was spot on. she will be inside, rooting on our birds. >> awe. >> live look at the parking lot, of course, we saw the
4:46 pm
fans coming out shortly after 1:30, a lot of them earlier than that trying to get down thereto celebrate and get ready for the big game. >> one of the ways of doing, that you don't have to worry about traffic, still looking pretty good on 95. >> up and down 95 right around 1:00. saw little back up, you can see, crews there doing such an amazing job, the patrols getting traffic flowing on 95 north, and south. dealing with over 70,000 people coming down to the link. >> exactly. because you've got the tailgaters aren't actually going into the game, 70,000 in the linc, then you got -- >> once you get around the area, do you have to heed some of the warnings you're going to see several signs posted obviously do not park on broad d until 3:00 a.m. south. on both sides, including the median. the stadium.the way down to- they want to keep the area clear. >> understandable. >> you can understand why. all right, let's get back kristen rodgers with a special guest,. >> hi, guys, what's up, with our eagles and dave spadaro, a lot of the players going through warm ups including
4:47 pm
nick foles. >> it is really crowded out hereby the way. nick foles, i just spoke with one of the eagles executive about the week nick had, very confident week, through the ball great in practice, eagles feel real good about what's in the game plan today. do you have mix it up little bit. see what the eagles do in terms of keeping the vehicle eggs off balance. >> they need big plays, that was the cheer there, big plays for eagles offense. how can nick and the eagles offense get the big chunk? >> i think get nelson agholor involved in the game against the vehicle eggs nickel and dime quarterbacks, not as strong as their starters, one of the ways to do it, then torrey smith throwing the ball down the field, and the weather conditions, kristen, are so good today. >> beautiful. >> so look, the eagles believe that they will be able to holdup against what minnesota bridges in terms of pressure. and then it is a matter of winning one-on-one battles. >> i have to ask. i know talking about nick foles, lane johnson coming off the fields, the two guys
4:48 pm
started the dog mask, not seeing a lot of dog masks in the stadium. >> i'm seeing a lot in the parking lot. did i a little crews around the tailgate, there are a lot of them out there. so the woof woof will be in the house,all right? >> a lot of barkann a lot of bite. >> the eagles bring the bite, these guys bring the bark. >> that's a good point. tossing it back to you, lucy, thomas. >> a lot of fans have superstitions don't want to bring the masks out quite yet until after the win so i have a feeling we'll see a lot more of those masks, guys, check back with you. >> time and place for everything such as you got to hop septa sometimes if you want to avoid all of the traffic jams like bruce gordon. >> hey, bruce? >> hey, guys. somebody thought this was a good idea. i'm on the broad street line right now headed into the stadium complex, in just couple of minute. we're jam packed in here, i got a question. anybody here going to the game? (cheers). >> apparently they are. folks have been pretty well behaved here, and it is a jam job, once you pan over to the right if we can, mark, these folks they get on are just getting sandwiched in here as best they k we've not seen any
4:49 pm
viking fans. any viking fans in here at all? >> may have been hurled out the window, trains are jammed, but everybody seems to be moving. all right, how about little chant guys? >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> little bit of a delay but nice job. getting off the train in a couple of minutes and headed into the stadium. >> getting up close and personal. few of your fellow residents. >> some of my favorite line of the night so far. someone thought this was a good idea. claustrophobic nightmare. look inside of the link, tray burton. >> chase for championship continues. right after this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ score a touchdown one-two-three. ♪ hit them low ♪ hit them high ♪ and watch our eagles fly ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles!
4:54 pm
>> that was me at 3:20 this morning jumping up and down. >> really it was. see, i haven't had that much energy in decades. these adorable little ones are from we kids learning center in hainesport township burlington county. good eagles spirit there. and you know what you can't take a step outside without seeing everyone in their eagles gear, thomas. >> as we take you back inside the linc, can you believe it comes down to tonight? this one game goes right through philadelphia, as we get ready for the big game, of course, trying to get there, we're called the underdogs. as we showed last week, we prevailed. we'll do it again tonight. so we talked about hitting the streets. there is a special kind of energy throughout the area. you can feel it tonight. in fact, our quincy harris, he hit the streets. he made sure that anyone not in green got a penalty. check it out. >> the philadelphia eagles will become nfc champs right here. i have michael b hayden my referee. throwing flags on people who aren't wearing eagles gear. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles!
4:55 pm
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> penalty. no team callers. new formation, not enough team spirit. so where is your eagles gear? >> i'm going to work, i'm sorry but my spirit is there. my spirit is there. >> come-on. >> how about team spirit? >> where is sure eagler. >> i am i'm a steelers fan but dow root for the home team. >> you're steelers fan? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> no team colors. no team colors. >> where are your team colors? >> i'm soree? >> personal foul. wearing enemy colors. >> ma'am, why are you wearing a viking jacket, in eagle lands? >> ugh this is just my winter jacket. >> do you not have eagles gear on, but then, again, you're working right by where the
4:56 pm
eagles will be playing. >> intentional grounding of team spirit. no eagles gear. >> sir, where is your eagles gear? >> um, i have my eagle -- >> oh! >> no penalty on the play. >> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ >> on the way to victory ♪ >> we're flowing flags on people. they don't have eagles gear on. but you're okay? >> i'm perfectly fine. >> what's your name? >> mike. >> ya, you're smart man. are you ready for the game? are you an eagles fan. >> yes, i am. >> can you proof it? >> can i proof it? go eagles. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> we came we saw we concord, right here. we flew flags on people who deserve them. >> un sports man like conduct, no team colors, terrible jacket. really bad hat. >> the eagles, no, the eagles, they have to win, though, i'm doing this for the people.
4:57 pm
>> isn't that great. >> i'm doing it for the eagles. >> that's right. tell you what, brent celek, now this guy has been around a long time, thomas drayton. >> fifth rounds drafted in the fifth rounds 2007. he remembers, i heard the words earlier this week, he felt the agony of defeat the last time that the eagles reached the nfc championship game, of course fell short. and he said it's been boiling inside of him ever since. this is a must-win. >> boiling over. he is the longest tenured eagle and active athlete in philadelphia. >> isn't that amazing? >> well celebrated. our boys are getting ready as you see there on the field, fly eagles fly. let's talk about eagles superstitions here. earlier you asked me, where is your jersey i walked into the news room. >> did i. >> my superstition, can i not wear the jersey until game time. >> well, see, then also, erin, one of our producers here, has soft pretzel socks, they're lucky. he has cents to wear them all the time. some people they'll not wash their eagles jerseys no matter what. and people now they're even more superstitious.
4:58 pm
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> very superstitious. the bud light commercials tag line, it is only weird, if it doesn't work. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> nothing made up about that. eagles nation, it is real life. >> margaret wears her jersey. and has to sit in that spot on the couch. i sit in that spot on the couch in my jersey. >> de antonio's firmly planted on that couch in their reading home with tiny, looming large. >> and we must inflate tiny. in the living room. outside, somewhere near the television. >> tyne must be inflated. these glasses, they belong to the seaman's, same eagles glasses, same lucky spot on the kitchen table, every game day. critical. >> go eagles. >> long standing superstitions, and new ones born every day. take drew's crew who is hungry last game, and wants to make sure the birds win again.
4:59 pm
oh, alex, sending you money for cheese fries again. that's why we won. red the tweet. cheese fries, eagles win. who knew the power of cheese soak fries or unwashed jerseys? >> the jerseys can never be washed. we do not wash them all season long. and the only time we didn't do this this year because we were out of town are the only games the eagles lost. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> don't mess with the mojo. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right, now, take a look at this, carson wentz just tweeted this out. a wonderful picture and simple word, brotherhood. >> it says it all, doesn't it? >> with the caption, the photo. all right, let's take you back to the field, as we look live at the linc. jay ajayi last week, this guy was a force. we've heard a lot of analysts call him aggressive. >> right. >> in his play. >> right. >> that aggression played off. >> paid off. >> he has been amazing since
5:00 pm
he joined the eagles. off to learn how to pronounce his last name. still outside the linc right now, the tailgating is on. as we watch chase for a championship. >> ♪ i want to fly like an eagle ♪ fly ♪ >> really goes back to believing and having fate in one another. whether we were kind of inch. , inch. closer, the stadium kept getting louder and louder. >> we were called the underdogs all week, so i figure get a good dog mask. >> the team that has been so disrespecting. >> we're on the same team, not too many years ago. >> kind of reminds me after little mini brett favre or something. >> this is our year. >> this is an opportunity that doesn't come often. >> getting the run going, nick getting into rhythm. it is fun but we got to get the win. >> i know the fans wl


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