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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 26, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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minneapolis and fans are lining the streets. >> don't put away those snow boots just yet. we're talking about your next chance for snow. your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ right now a doctor awaiting trial in his wife's don't ruin 9
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news at 10:00. shocking twist in new jersey murder investigation. dr. james kauffman who is facing trial in the murder of his wife is found dead in new jersey jail cell. the intense five year investigation takes a deadly turn. good evening everyoning i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmy. dr. kauffman arrested for hiring a hit man to kill his wife back in 2012. today officials found him dead in his prison cell. our shawnette wilson is live in our operations center with the very latest information. shawnette. >> dawn and chris i'm told suicide involved a note and bed sheet those are the only details made available so far. i also spoke with an attorney for april kauffman's daughter. he says this is another emotional day.
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>> for the past five and a half years i felt like i've been holding my breath. >> reporter: that was kimberly pack's reaction when we spoke to her earlier this month after doctor james kauffman was form formally with killing his wife april who is kimberly's mother. >> i think for the first time today i can actually breathe. >> reporter: but today two weeks after the charges, an attorney for the victim's daughter says she has nothing to say about the latest developme developments. she's not ready. it's very raw. that's in response to prosecutors saying kauffman wrote suicide note then killed himself in his cell in the hudson county jail this morning. publish reports say he waited until his cell mate was taken out for a court appearance. used a bed sheet to take his life. >> dr. james kauffman he has weapon. >> drop the begun! >> reporter: dr. kauffman threatened to take his life before. this body cam video shows him waving a gun and threatening to kill himself last year when they were had a search warrant. >> that ended peacefully and kauffman was taken into custody.
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first in lap county jail until prosecutors say he had to be moved to hudson county due to credible threats on his life. the dramatic murder for higher happened in 2,012. when prosecutors say kauffman and four other people including members of the pagan's motorcycle gang were involved in illegal pill mill running out of dr. kauffman's office. they say he hired a hit man to murder his wife after she threatened to expose him. they were going through a divorce. april kauffman a radio host was ultimately found shot inside their home. >> the prosecutor' office released a statement saying the investigation is continuing and them have no further comment at this time. chris? >> all right. thank you shawnette. bill cosby lawyers have accused of prosecutors of with holding evidence they say could have helped his defense in sexual assault trial. the lawyers arguing prosecutors told them last week about an interview last year where the former temple university colleague who said his accuser andrea constand told her she
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wasn't sexually assaulted but could make up allegations to sue and get money. now cosby's lawyers are exact judge to throw out the case before prosecutors get a chance to retry him in april. ♪ we continue to countdown to super bowl lii and philadelphia police are now preparing for the aftermath of the big game because you know it win or lose fans will definitely take to the streets. fox 29's brad sattin spoke with philly's top cop about those preparations live in center city tonight with more. brad. >> reporter: chris, as you know those preparations are now underway. if you look purely from the numbers from the eagles/vikings game police only made two arrests for disorderly conduct. one assault for disorder conduct on police. >> the city of philadelphia is ready to celebrate. thousands took a practice run at
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it last sunday after the eagles beat the vikings. but a super bowl within likely even beyond the 2008 phillies world series championship could move those celebrations into unchartered territory. police commissioner richard ross says they'll be prepared. >> just about every agency you probably did think of has some role. >> reporter: from trash trucks blocking speaks, emergency management, license and inspections, the state police and federal authorities expected to be involved. last week we saw police on rooftops and greased poles which clearly didn't stop everyone. but unlike last week a visiting team won't be in town for the super bowl as vikings fans were. describing what they say was a terrifying ordeal. >> good fans and bad fans everywhere. but wow. >> reporter: dan ryan flew that from minnesota with his daughter and had fun seeing history, but he says his fan experience right before going to the game was historically ugly much fans were record their walk to the linc one vikings fan scene bleeding. >> we saw five-year-old girl get
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almost hit way full thrown bottle that was thrown. a bottle not can. >> he believes the troublemakers were generally not the ones going into the game inside he said it was better. this video capturing hugs between fans. someone burned a vikings jersey inside the stadium. what do you tell for instance these minnesota fans who say i'll never come back to philadelphia? >> first of all i think you have to be careful not to be dismissive of their concerns. i believe those things happened. i am sorry that, you know, those people went through that, and we will do everything possible to ensure that never happens again. >> reporter: now commissioner ross understandably did not want to talk about specific tactics for the night of the super bowl only to say that his police officers will continue to build on what happened last week. chris and dawn? >> all right, thanks, brad. eagles players are taking some time before they head to minnesota to meet their fans. wide receiver nelson agholor talking to fans and signing
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autographs at the forman mills in port richmond. in delaware county, they were lined every lining up to meet one of their beloved birds. lane johnson and offensive tackle fort birds an fan favorite signing autographs at modell's ahead of the big game and our dave kinchen was at the event with some pretty psyched fans. he's live in clifton heights. dave? >> yeah, they are pretty pumped up. it's up a like a pep rally really for the players, too. they get out there. they meet the fans and of course the fans are energized just the same. >> go birds! >> eagles! >> reporter: in a line wrapped around the corner they waited for hours. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! eagles! >> reporter: to get inside the modell's in clifton heights and meet the man behind the dog ma mask. eagles offensive tackle lane johnson. >> just unbelievable. unreal. >> i'm so excited. i wish the game was sunday. i can't wait another week. >> reporter: bill brought his daughter mia along to meet
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johnson and get eagles gear while passing it down to the next generation. >> that's what the eagles are all about. eagles are all about family my dad, you know, got me involved when i was young. i mean i remember going and ge getting 81 championship shirt and '04 to do it with her make it specials. >> she knew all the right words, too. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! eagles! >> reporter: it's the kids especially getting a kick out of meeting a potential super bowl champion. >> player that i like and i think he can make them win the super bowl. >> say eagles. >> eagles! >> reporter: it's the kids who will benefit from the charitable proceeds brought in by the underdog shirts an effort johnson spearheaded as another way to connect with the fans. >> i'm just excited to see the excitement on everybody's face all the fans. it's just good time to be in philadelphia. >> reporter: how are you getting ready for this game? >> um, really we've been saying
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the same as far as practice. treat it like a game week. as far as that, um, keeping the main thing the main thing. >> the super bowl feels like eternity away for some who bleed green. >> it's going to be a long week ahead. i'm sure a lot of people wish it was next sunday already. >> reporter: meantime we're told the proceeds from the underdog shirts will benefit the school district of philadelphia. back to you. >> all right, dave. nice hat. >> reporter: thank you. it's marty's the photographer. >> reporter: figured. [ laughter ] and just a few minutes away. we will hear from carson wentz the man responsible in part for giving the birds a shot at the super bowl. hear what he's saying for the first time since he had surgery. we got to get dave his own hat. scary moments today for students and teachers at a philadelphia school. several students and teachers wound up being taken to the hospital after strong fumes filled their classroom at the william loesche elementary school in the somerton section. fox 29's joanne pileggi has the
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details. >> reporter: as a parent, you know what it's like when you get that text or call that your kids school is being evacuated. that's what happened today here in northeast philly when some students got sick from fumes in the school. >> we were in the lunch room, and i don't know, we her the bells and everyone started screaming and jumping out of their seats and our janitor said, like, get them outside. >> reporter: some scary moments for students at loesche elementary on bustleton pike. the alarms were sounding and fire trucks and emergency personnel were everywhere. >> philadelphia fire department was dispatched to this location for call of fumes. apparently there were some children who were getting sick. >> so scary experience. i was so scared. i almost cried. >> they basically just called us and told us there was an emergency evacuation. there was some funky smell. very scary situation. we don't know what it is. >> officials say some students in second grade class started to get sick, and that's when they called the fire department and evacuated the school.
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>> we investigated and determined there were some children, few children who were sick that we actually had to take and transport to local hospital. >> reporter: soon after the rest of that class, 26 students and four staff members, were also taken to the hospital for observation. >> i just ran and i said, i don't care. i'm going to get my kid. >> reporter: parents rushed to the school to pick up their kids and eventually investigators determined the source of the fumes believed to be carbon monoxide were coming from a generator that was being used during repairs to the roof of the building. >> it appears some fumes came from that generator and somehow got into the school and that was determined as the cause. >> reporter: school officials say those students and staff are expected to be okay. the school is scheduled to reopen on monday. in northeast philly, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. a sex abuse sentencing rocks michigan state university. now students are demanding change in the administration. congressman pat meehan
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saying he will not seek re-election and this isn't the only problem that district is dealing with tonight. and we're getting ready for a weekend warmup but it's going to be short lived. snow in the forecast, scott. >> that's right, dawn. roller coaster ride ahead. milder air as we move toward the upcoming weekend but coming up we'll time out the latest snow chance in the seven day foreca forecast.
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this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel,
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your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here. crazy dash cam video catc catching a police officer in the middle of a traffic stop almost getting taken out by a passing car. the township of hamilton township re-releasing this video that is officer baker jumping out of the way when a car comes
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charging down the highway. police are warning drivers tonight to obey the move over law and slow down when they see an emergency car with its lights on. check out this video of a truck that caught on fire in montgomery county at a parking garage. it happened near the intersection of east first avenue and fayette street in conshohocken about 12:30 this afternoon. police tell us they think the fire may actually be connected to repair work on the truck. fortunately no other vehicles were involved. no one was hurt and no significant damage to the parking garage. voters are rattled tonight in pennsylvania's seventh district as changes keep coming. long-time congressman pat meehan will not seek re-election a mid scandal. the district self ruled unconstitutional. fox 29's jeff cole has more. >> reporter: media, delaware county, is a community of small restaurants, affordable housing and retailing. it's the county's seat and the heart of seventh congressional district now facing upheaval
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with meehan's departure. >> he sees what's going on on tv. he doesn't want his name run through the mud like everybody else's. he's backing out quietly. >> reporter: he's backing out but it wasn't quiet. meehan's mitt cal death spiral began saturday with a revelation he'd spent tax dollars to settle a sexual harassment claim by a decade's younger female staff. he compounded his troubles and interviews tuesday by claiming the woman had become his soulmate and was forced to defend claims he'd turn hostile when she rejected his romantic interest. >> you did not turn hostile to her when you found out that she had an outside boyfriend? that's the claim. >> that's the claim. i do not agree that that is substantiated. that's why i'm here making sure that people know. >> you didn't do that. >> i wasn't hostile to her. >> reporter: protests followed and by thursday night, the four-term republican once the region's top prosecutor had dropped his bid for re-election.
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>> excusex inexcusable. >> inexcusable. >> absolutely. >> reporter: both the behavior and the payment. >> i agree. i think so. >> reporter: but now a ruling by the state's highest court found pension's congressional district are unconstitution another gerrymandered to benefit republicans and must change. meehan's seventh district taking in parts of five counties has been call the most gerrymandered in the country all of this lea leading to a c change in a in a community where voters are already spinning. >> he called her his soulmate. what did you think of that. >> probably like most other people thought about it much it's ridiculous. >> reporter: in his resignation letter meehan expressed regret over the use of those words soulmate. he decided to stand down after speaking with his wife and three sons. he's the focus still of a house ethics committee investigation. i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> happening now, a show of solidarity tonight on the michigan state university. the march supporting the survivors of larry nassar sexual
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abuse and pushing for change in the school's administration. msu accused of covering up what is believed to be the biggest sex abuse scandal in u.s. sports. just hours after nassar sentencing for the abuse of 150 young women the president of the university stepped down. the athletic director and announced his retirement today and now a house panel has launched their own investigati investigation. >> a 14-year-old in trouble with the law after police say he made threats towards his former high school. the threats posted on social media included a picture of someone holding a gun in statement threatening his high school in wilmington the post came from 14-year-old boy recently removed from the school. the teenager is in the stevenson house detention center charge thed with possession of a firearm by a person prohibited and terroristic threats. live look at center city tonight. look at the sirius center all
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lit up in green. you see the logo going through there. little fly eagles fly. we're talking about a warming trend this weekend but some showers could dampen your plans. meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in just 15 secon seconds. it looks like a dry start to the upcoming weekend, but ultimate doppler showing you our next rain maker off to the west around sections of the great lakes. this is a cold front that will pick up some moisture and then move in our direction tomorrow night into the first part of the day on sunday but dry and cold for the time being. 25 already in millville. 30 in wilmington. 32 right now in philadelphia. north and west pottstown 28 degrees. 30 currently in the lehigh valley.
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so temperatures for the overnight continue to drop. 30 degrees the low for center city. those outlying suburbs will dip into the 20s. winds will be light to calm but then tomorrow it's a cold start. but the winds will shift out of the south and also southwest. so that will warm those temperatures up by noon we're talking 50 degrees. mid 50s by 2:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. the pick of the two weekend days. but watch the clock. by ten, 11:00 o'clock we're looking at some of that rain moving in. so keep this in mine. if you have some late saturday plans, that rain will likely try and sneak in here and then for sunday morning, we're looking at wet weather across the entire area with that frontal boundary continuing to sag south and ea east. so by ten, 11:00 o'clock most of the rainfall is clearing north and west but lingering showers down the shore. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you temperatures 57 degrees for saturday.
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54 on sunday. and then take a look at monday. 46 degrees but we're watching a disturbance monday night into tuesday and that will bring the threat of, yes, some light snow. 34 degrees the high temperature tuesday. wednesday 36 degrees. milder again by thursday. then friday rain changing over to snow again as we watch a potent system kind of move through on friday and then dropping the temperatures for super bowl weekend monday night into tuesday once again the early call it looks like half an inch to about an inch of snowfall out of that system that could impact the tuesday morning rush. move beyond that, cold for super bowl weekend an arctic blast from canada will move toward minneapolis. temperatures next week will be into the teens. there might even be some flurries by game time. so we're watching for that but of course they play in dome, and then here at home for the fans celebrating it looks like temperatures will be in the 30s and there might be the threat of
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a wintry mix here too. back over to you. >> all right. thanks. sean it's wheels up for the birds tomorrow. >> guys getting ready to head on out to minneapolis for the super bowl. we talked to one of the guys who says, man, i can't believe it's actually here. plus, the sixers back in action. only way they can actually watch the eagles make the super bowl is if they win every game until the big game. see if they can get it done next in sports.
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your nissan sports wrap on fox
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29. carson wentz feeling pretty good post surgery. wentz said he'll be back and better than ever unfortunately it won't be the fort super bowl. today carson spoke for the first time since tearing his acl against the rams a month ago. he's no longer using a cane. doesn't have to use crutches but he still wearing a brace on his left knee. so obviously he wouldn't be able to play next sunday so his job from now until the super bowl is to be a second pair of eyes for nicky foles and so far he's loving what he's seeing. >> just the way he stepped in. he's been ready all season long, and, um, obviously, it's stepping in in a situation like that, that's tough. it's tough. obviously you don't get the reps throughout the year. he didn't really have a pre pre-season even dealing with the injury and everything. i've been more than impressed how he stepped up and handled it and just and playing. last game was unbelievable. >> the wheels are about to be, bags are packed, eagles heading
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out to minnesota they leave sunday afternoon and monday will be the craziness that's when everything just goes bon kerrs with the media. for the players it's finally starting to kick in that it's the super bowl. they're going to the super bowl. >> when you start getting super bowl bowl on that it's real it's starting to happen. we leave in two days. so i'm just excited trying to calm my nerves a little bit because, upping, the game is not this week much it's next week, and, um, just enjoy the moment. i try to enjoy every day. >> to the sixers earlier this week brett brown said the sixers can actually go watch the eagles in the super bowl if they win all their games and they lost the game right after that. but still if they go on a streak from here on out i'm sure brett brown will let the fellows go and watch and it start totter night against the spurs. second quarter sixers up by 16 in this one. check this out. ben simmons gets the steal. take it all the way for himself. gets the dunk and it was more simmons after that.
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he really dominated this game. right here. kicks it out. dribbles to the lane another pass to justin anderson that's a dunk. sixers currently up 84-66 in the fourth. tigers woods in the second round of the farmers insurance open he shot an even par in the first round. if he wanted to make the cut he needed to be at one under. right here last hole of the day, perfect shot a foot away from the cup. then he just taps it in. that's a birdie. he finishes one under making the cut. >> we'll see what he does. >> hopefully he does well. >> i was just excited to see the birds luggage. >> yes. >> that does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. >> be sure to stick around for our special coverage of the chase for the championship. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> this is fox 29 news the chase for championship sponsored by nissan. >> for the first time in 13 years the eagles are headed for the super bowl and a rematch with the new england patriots in super bowl lii! >> meryl reece pack your bags we're going to minneapolis. >> the eagles are going to minneapolis and so are we. welcome into fox 29 news the chase for championship i'm kristen rodgers we've got one last look at the eagles here in philadelphia before the birds head to the bold north and look to bring back the vince lombardi trophy to fan base that is starving for this win.


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