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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 27, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EST

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bill: goof nor murphy outraged over this trullp administration and in particular, the immigration enforcement coming into our area and arresting people who have been here illegally. nour what is interesting about murphy's reaction, he is getting in the middle but leads to a lot of questions. it is it all about politics and potential run in 2020. the nypd and the department of health in new york city getting together and talking about one solution that they think could help can be the opioid epidemic at least overdose deaths they want to have a set area for illegal drug use. wait until you hear this. if you are one of those folks that cannot drive, there could be good news. there is a petition and a growing number of people saying, is time to get speed limits over
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55 may be as high as 75 miles per hour on our highways. many say it is safe. i think it is a great idea. we'll cover it today. i am bill spadea, this is "chasing news." >> governormill if you are my got himself in the middle of an immigration debate with the trump administration as he jumps on the opportunity to get into a photo opt at church in highland park harboring illegal alien who has immigration and custom enforcement officials were in highland park making arrest, the governor is up and mad. ashley johnson has the full story. >> donald trump $1.8 million dreamers a path to citizenship in exchange for the $25 million board wall. meanwhile, the reform highland park is still reeling after i.c.e. age gas obtained two men and now living here at the sanctuary. governormill for my plans to take action at a new conference
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friday. >> i met with the wives two of gentlemen, the gentlemen who somehow escaped and also, we have to remind all of ourselves they were saving religious persecution near christians who came from in doe negotiate sha. >> attorney general said he sent a letter to u.s. homeland security expressing concern with how i.c.e. acted. >> they have guidelines and the area where they will not undertake enforcement action putting aside lality of the facts where they can take place and good locations and hospitals. now in the case, the action take plies. >> friday they were getting together paperwork to file al motion for the two men detained. we caught back up who escaped. >> what heaped yesterday ap i try not to go there and what i
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have right now. >> gives murphy prop force coming to the church once he heard the news. >> huge kudos for showing up. it meant the world to those. governor murphy. and the governor's office, i believe, yes, that is not good. he says his suggestion the governor is to have counties alert system to warn resident when i.c.e. agents are out and allow to send instant mess apps to local residents i have ya phone, e-mail in red. in highland park. ashley johnson, reporting for "chasing news." >> thank you, ashley. all right. let's bring in our a plus panel talking immigration. matt rooney, attorney and founder of the jersey blog which is us. good tow sue,thth. good to he sue, bill. bill: columnist for will you and
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crime and trial attorney and good see you. all right. we'll start with you. you are an elected member of a municipal government. it seems to me, this whole concept of sanctuary this and that has gone off the rails and i don't know who is helping? >> i tell you who he is hurting. average joe citizen. it is time the trump administration and democratic governors sit down in a room to eye reason out this issue. there is no legal obligation for the p. to acknowledge, hey, you are unchurch i can't come and res u. this guy in particular has had dep or tation ordered signed a buy a lunge judge. yeah i think it makes it a little bit suspect. and i think that, using a church as sanctuary, what that actually does, it muddies the water for the general public to understand things like what a sanctuary city is. now, what happens? >> now this is the governor. just playing for 2020 pulling the heartstrings and the guys are fathers.
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therefore, their legal status doesn't mat near well, discuss about the situation, bill. it would have been easy for phil murphy to listen toking have the troubling incident and see whether there is something i can do. in stad he opted another photo-op. i it also explains why it is so hard to come to a consince. this is the problem. this is the problem. >> listen. in that point, let's talk about 202 on iowa, new sham sir. the governor had a conference call with other governors including goff know cuomo in new york. so not only immigration but making headlines saying we are going to sue the trump administration under the equal protection clause on the tax cut. >> announced the formation for million ty state coalition. that is information and going to file a legal action challenging the constitutionality. >> well, what do you think it doesn't even apply. it doesn't even apply to the situation? well, we talk about equal retex and we talk about a particular
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class of crid individuals. the handicap, women, a certain race, and it is not discriminating the race. >> well, it is made in new jersey s. >> nothing. nothing. nothing cold water any more. you gat liberal think tank out there saying 81% is going to see a tax cut. what are you doing well, listen. putting it throughout this morning saying those three state, the three states we talk about account for 12% of the united states. and what i can, and gri with the governors and what they are doing is going after the federal government saying you know who? the people in new jersey want to be able to make it president? >> i had no idea were you in the one percent that is going to see a tax increase. i had no idea. did you? >> i didn't know earth. bill: all right, thanks, guys. >> the conversation on domestic terrorism and soft targets continues across the country. many people fearing whether they go to a school, oar place of worship or a mall. they could be victims to some mass shooting with that in mind, a local new jersey member of the assembly has come up the idea to
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give house of worship the opportunity to have someone volunteer 2:00 to have a concealed firearm to protect the flock. assemblyman joins me now. assemblyman, thanks for coming on "chasing news." appreciate it. can you can please explain what is the law going to do because ry right now. you got an awful lot of people that have the right to kyra and happen to be a member of that certain condegree is going. from is nothing to stop them. well, this law will certainly clarify pause there is a lot of cob tro jersey if you will about gun control in the state. we expanded the law just about a year ago to a number of categories of retired law enforcement officers. they will be able to provide security concealed carry at house of worship and, we want to make sure. that right to carry and the option of the church sin going or a mosque will not be in
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anyway compromised to allow these individuals protection to defenseless preying. bill: we have seen time and again. soft targets like churches fall victims to gun violence only to be stopped buy an armed citizen or officer of the law even despite that, president sweeney said that is a crazy idea. what do you say? >> well, i certainly have the utmost respect for the president, but current law needs to be classified. the three prior officers, you see at all times. also may be contracted with or volunteer their time to provide protection for these worshiper. i think it is ves very important, today, and they are, they are very soft terrorist targets and my goodness are we don't want the new jersey to have happened what happened in
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sutherland spring, texas, with 26 dead, 20 wounded, while individuals are bowing their head with closed eyes in prayer. bill: assemblyman, thank you. appreciate it. i think clarifying the law always positive thing in the state. than for dodger show. all right. let's bring back the a plus panel. we'll start with you. governor murphy is going to do everything to retract the firearms and regardless of skill set or soft target, et cetera. what are your thoughts into well, regardless of it, why can't a religious community defensive? that's the real question here. the fact they have to being for permission to have a pa, ner have a weapon to be able to protect against the best? it is crazy. >> you are roll your eyes? >> that is hardly what is going on. it is already legal for professional law enforcement officers and retirees to carry guns in churches, outside churches so let's not characterize it as something it is not. it is legal. >> how about it. aren't firearms the great
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equalizer am the people that would be otherwise hurt, you oh, the idea that one could defend themselves is worse for women against a soft in florida. why not sneer with you are right. aa flea. i think he trissing to address issue. well we talk about churches and they are soft targets. you know, linden, we deal with terrorist on a dailies sis. i can understand that. we want to be able to protect ourselves. will be honest with you. i did awrote. as a democrat, this is a bill i would support. >> i would be comfortable if anyone was carrying now the you are invited back. all right. we're chasing for you tonight. let's get headlines a south jersey doctor awaiting trial in his we've murder was found dead in his jail cell friday. he feared posed his illegal drug distribution ring. people are not the only once suffering the flu. vets are noticing uptick in
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reported cases in dogs and they say your pet should get a shot. dog flu is passed between dogs barking, sneezing and cov coughing and it is not seasonal. symptoms are like humans. usa gymnastic board of director agreed to resign friday in the larry nassar sexual abuse scandal and demanded after the organization's doctor was sentenced to 175 years in prison for molesting hundred of girls over three decades also friday, the athletic direct are at michigan state of where nassor also worked retiered. msa president resigned thursday. that is a look at the headlines we're chasing today. >> don't go anywhere. we got a lot more "chasing news" for you tonight. how about this inthe nd and the department of health talking about a set where people can get high on illegal drugs under government supervision. and then dan zarrow will have the weather. it is getting warme
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♪ >> you heard or read about messages in a bottle, there is a level of mystery and fascination about them. where is that person now? this story no different, it involves september 11 attack, a grieving girlfriend, and
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university of scranton. jerry received two letters at his office. letters were recovered from a bottle that washed up in seaside park many years ago, a man00 found them, handed them to his wife, she held on to them until the 15 anniversary vi of 9/11. >> my first thought was to find the person and return the letters, then, my second thought was maybe there is a good story here. but only if sue and the kelly family were onboard. i was never going to put the contents of the letters, they were too personal. >> the notes were written by sue mcgee to her boyfriend who passed away in the 9/11 attack, billy was 30 years ago when he
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passed away, he was there for a one day conference at windows on the world, on what his have been his 34 and 35th birthday, sue wrote these letters, and tossed them into the sea. >> i thought may might go across the ocean, i never dreamed they would land 5 miles away that is funny. we joked about that. i think bill is laughing about it. >> billy was a frad yeah graduaf university of the strai cran std loved by everyone. >> he was a people person, a good friend, a loyal friend. >> for sue, writing these letters of a form of grieving, now 15 years later, they are in a better place. >> i love, love letters where can i see them. >> there is no way to see them,
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she didn't want to share them. that is one thing she was concerned about. she thought, oh, i hope they are not all over the internet. kellies starred annual golf outing that benefits scholarship to university of scranton in billy's memory, it ranks in top 10% of all endow a endowment. and sue is married with a toddler, she does go to the golf outing every year with her husband now. >> we're so proud of -- this is the best. and this is the celebration of billy's life. >> actually you are chasing a man some call the australian hugh hefner. >> quite the man.
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>> hello, how are you? >> hour you. how are. >> this is franky. >> in the plaza hotel in manhattan, is where i met the candy man and australian hugh hefner who travels the world with quite the entourage. >> my girlfriend, my wife. my girlfriend, my girlfriend, and franky my girlfriend. >> yes 4 girlfriends and his wife. >> i think she likes it other girls are helping her. >> deal with him. >> australia ran hugh hefner has a similar mansion called the candy shop mansion he is known
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for throwing ha h throw what het parties in all of australia. i thought i would shed some light and read the 10 commandments. >> i paused with thou shall not commit adultery. >> you brought a copy. >> i have my bible on my cell phone. >> i have to read a little bit, keep the sa sabbath day holy, hr your father and mother, you shall not murder, you should not commit adultery. >> i think that times have changed. like same-sex marriage. what hugh di did 50 plus years o
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is different because society has changed. >> i asked what he thought about comes donald trump made. >> disappointing, i was a probably a favor of trump, but i think he said of the out of line. i have a lot of fun with the girls but i never said something like that. >> if you want advice on 10 commancommandments, go to a prit this guy. >> this at the time -- pet has a staff of people committed to reading her e-mails, and she has
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news." i am bill spadea. in sport, the new york football giants have a new head coach. he was making the rounds today. george has details. form, be what do you got? george: thanks, bill. at long last, the gyp as have the nur head coach. they intros deed this press fry friday press conference in east rithford. giants' general manager as the right guy to restore order to a fractured giant as' locker room and a the team coming off historically bad season them? s now tasked with rebuild the giants to the playoff team we all thought they were. i am taking over a team that was 3-13 so we got own that. there is a lot of work to be done. he now gets to work with eli manning while the franchise decideses if they will draft with the second pick in the nfl draft in april. for "chasing news," have a great
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weekend. juno i am a huge backer of the nypd, buy got to tull when they were working with the department of health in new york city to create a supervised zone for people to get high on illegal drugs. my head almost explode. listen, first of all, the drugs are illegal. the idea we have government employees supervising people shooting up heroines the height of in stain i get the point they are trying to can be the overdose epidemic with people dying. you don't do it by encouraging them to get high just because you are standing next to them with a shot of narcan to bring them back to life after they died of overdose is not addressing the problem. people need help what they done need is encouragement to get high. every time first prone uses narcan there should be mandatory sentencing for the person who used the illegal drug in the first place.
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so let's make it mandatory if we're use nar condition and do away with the idea of supervisor injection. all right. am bill
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. murder for hire plot takes another dramatic turn. dr. james kauffman awaiting trial for his wife's murder found dead in his new jersey jail cell. the investigation only getting more intense playing out like a made for tv movie. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. five years after his wife was shot to death, dr. kauffman arrested for hiring a hit man to kill the popular radio personality. charged with her murder just two and a half weeks ago, today officials discovering him dead in his prison cell. our shawnette wilson is live in our operations center with the details. shawnette. >> reporter: dawn, what we know is that the suicide involved a note and bed sheets that it happened when kauffman's cell mate was out for court appearance. >> for the past five and a half years, i have feltik


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