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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 30, 2018 3:00am-3:26am EST

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bill: terror attacks in new york city. one that city for $600 million. and a local congressman trying to get a passed that may sprint from hap >> use them to prevent future tragedies to protect us all. bill: and wait until you har the story of one mother's struggle bone half of the special needs son. she says brooklyn heights elementary school is trying to push her son away. >> i am in disbelief that anyone let alone can treat a child this way. bill: hillary clinton still a year after her loss making
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headlines. she mid a cameo at the grammys leading from the anti-trump book "fire and fury" i am bill spadea. this is "chasing news." bill: among the people killed in new york city was young man named draining. his family is now suing the city of new york and 00 million because of his death. now, one of the members of congress from new jersey is also taking the opportunity to antitr legislation he had event today and in our own mark wasrk, a do? >> congressman, democrat, of the 5th district h county, new jersey. proproposed legislation tocoat m base the end tools today that others used to preve to prevents to protect us all from these threats. >> 32 years of new milford unwen
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the terst attack with the truck driving and m on halloween. he idea is thatents spoke mostly today about the t no furthere legislation in terrorist take will take mrs. again. nothing took place. absolutley nothing. then unfortunately and. bill: m, and the right leaning district and t election ap up for re-election. what is the legislation going to do that our government that has eye sounds the r not already doing? >> the ledge slags is reminded where whether you a demraican iy long the travctedded as havely tragic
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attack and this needs to be in people's mines no matter what you are doing to make suretays s much as pos. bill:s do he want homeland see co t he asking for moreen in nyr seussing this dead man's name to make a political poihe started s the legislation to make sure l make sure? rent a van or truck and put into the dalt ta base and the dat database through the natural terrorism watch list to muck sure eveningsly this does not happen against. ok. thanks, mark. appreciate. all right. let's bring the a plus panel to break it down. pop culture expert is here. as the columnist for cripple and trial attorney and democratic attorney. josh, yore guys on your side, know, i realize some people are tough on him. honestly it sounds like to me a guy grandstanding for it. ur t let me give you good news on this stuff. first of all, most of the bills
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never become law, plus of them. they never become stand-aloney . this could be a trader a largest piece of legislaon rooted in con sense if we don't have a database that is checking the folks that are doing ts over thh list. is brilliant. it is probably not going to do as the own lawut to the level it makes good political sense, too. dict in the man who is a big deal up in bergen county who is involved in and i think it honors the memory, too. i don't have a problem with it.y not save any future lives be a what about the lawsuit?gainst t. >> yeah, agri this the legislation sounds like a idea. the lawsuit itself does not soup like a viable lawsuit and that ouy guess out to the my heart family. wished there were a way to come pren say it him truly suing the city. >> s the value of >> well, issue is not the have
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thief human life. ault andnot be equal food to braim blame anyone that the trial himself is legally unsound. bill: i where you stand on this. political posturing and it ist g crisis and death. that is a lawsuit. >> well, let me going to go through the lemlation. he thinkette is very muc prefiling. i don't want tent a you haul truck and someone profiling me. first of all, it is problematict because new york knew they were having not just straight, but accidents have been happening a build barriers. i have done the bike lane thank goodness dy not kill anyone. they didn't d nothing and now they have a $600 million lawsuit
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they don't want to nayfiling. you will take everybody. u can't profile me. you can't. uoent a car now. >> you should not. bill: guy, think you are missi we agree on two issues and that is a b bill: all right. >> president trump on tuesday night and there are some notable members of congress including a in our area not showing up and not going to take the seat and a mother of a dog who was killed about the ms-13 gang she win unattendeddance and allison gormly has the full story. alley on, what do you got? >> president donald trump will be delivering the first state of the union address tuesday day ie has said won't be going. representative whis democn grans offended by president trump's rhetoric and
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>> i represent a number of different groups in my disstrib and i one of them and i just done feel i should be part of that. several other b boycotting true of the union address. more than 60 boycotted trump's inauguration last yearlong island woman who e lens will be attending the state of the yun address as a evelyn ruderies ge daughter was killed by ms-13 in 2016 and president trump is drawing attention to gang cracks down on illegal immigration. i am allison gormlhasing news." bill: ok. a charities for you tonight. big news. long serving congressman rodney from new jersey's 11th district who was chairman of the house appropriations committee announced earlier he would retire from congress at in the of this term. now, rodney has been in that
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seat a long time but this has been his most serious challenge. a former helicopter by thrown and a half vi and former prosecutor has been running strong and many observes say, he would coup have a legitimate shot to within the seat against the in calm bapt congressman but note it is open seat. now let's bring in the pan panel to break it down. let me start with you, bill? what do you think? i think rod was in trouble. >> partly because, you poe, there has been emotion of republican seats at every levele past ten years and you may blame governor christie. he walk tad there is some validity there. what do you think? can a republican challenger now step u win? >> i think this is huge? the democrat first of all. ing to chur the house appropriations committee, no small feat.e liked given the dynamic of what is left of the county and that district. plus the fact, the republican as
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committee and going to come with it and. >> this is a game-changer. he is a phenomenal candidate he. this is incredible opportunity. >> i know you were a inhe green. this seems to be the person you worry the mishe seventh disstriw they don't have to spend as many resource going after incumbent and open seat and they can shift to someone they think is vulnerable. >> well, this is what my grandmother calls strike while the irons hot. that whis they are doing. it reminds me of that time when he was running against cory booker for the second time. dropped out ef this is a. he would have run though grave. i think he is doing the thing to retire now. he would be running from the grave. you don't want that. i mean, you know how they say. on top. >> right. >> right. there is something here, though. it is new jersey continues to
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drift in a new direction. this whole idea you could be looking at a one party state look you have in massachusetts. >> oh, god. >> what we have in new jersey is what we're seeing in some ways. then in nationalatnal perspective. because this is really what you have as theht? you have a reb dran the republican district that is a anything doning now because things are so contentious in washington a w very likely there is a democrat that now beats them or beats whin what has been tradition agoly republican districts. bill: all rightn't go anywhere. we got a lot more "chasing news" coming off the break. you w identifying for the special needs son and a nine year oils being pn heights elementary school because of hisarrow will have te forecast. there could be snow.t one. not two, but three chances of snow in the next week. ouoming mer active ap becoming colder as well.
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d what we dop so far in your local weather forecast coming up. bill: you got to be tough. main they are white. >> my mare is not my wardrobe. what what is i was born with. >> when it comes to covering today's controversial tongues you got hit it from all sides. this is back and forth. mo matter how you see it. >> what is youren? we got your point of view covered. a big deal for some. "chasing news" with bill spadea we
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news." i am bill spadea. clinton readie viewers a the grammys reading >> nobody really was coming and they were safe.tory, but first, want it to bring in john who has story of a mom who has down syndrome kid he is nine years old and says otherwise including in brooklyn heights is discriminating against her kid. what do you got? >> well, i spoke to the mother of wesley and she said it has been a long struggle child in a supportive classroom. williams weeks kite when she moved to brooklyn heights in brooklyn and then wanted to her child into inclusive school and claimsdemic
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support child with down therome and as in cluesive. children with special needs and the same classroom as the children w so the mom says the boy is often left untained with eye pa on his own and one point told me the boystairs and not happy. take a listen. >> i able ofive. the children adore my son. how you would feel. how would you feel.
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and we believe has such a right to equality and fair education as anyone else. we done believe that we should have to leave our community in oll theo get it. school than was impartial hearing held department of education, but the mom tells me that was dismissed williams can feels strongly aboutheated a foundation that ls into maining sure children with special needs are supportive while inclusion and foundation. i asked her why stay there if h? she said the kids love wesley so just wants him to be taught bier thats you. do you think, you are take though mom, is race factor? >> reporter: i don'th she neverd that to me.t sin gale at all.
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if you see in the video, the children are playing happily. white and black. she wans the child to get an education.ou, john. all right. here is a look at headlines noill mr ny signing theonight. escalatest executive order on monday r house initiative meant to fight climate change and admitses to . as a state with a proud obligation to lead. former governor christie in 2012 calling the whole in'sgreement ineffective. a small plane flipped over after lang on beach on long island monday morning. the plane reportedly landed right sideup on robert moses state park beach but flipped shortly after midding the ground the pit lot made it out without in jury. the faa will investigate. new jersey governor croc cracks has been fired as occasional
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this aid coring to new jersey advanced media them hiring erica" according to unanimous sources. christie will return in the even to comment on the sn speech. those are headlines we're chasing for tonight. bill: take a look amillion clinr presidential candidate reading to the viewers atreading from tk fire be a fury which which is trump. tick a listen. he had a long time fear of bein. one reason why he liked to eat at mcdonald's. ho the food was safe. >> let's bring our a plus panel. got to tell you, guys. i don't watch the grammys. i think it has been overpoliticized for a long time. i am not watching the super bowl this year. i am si >> abclogically not. i thought it was fantastic. let's notlonger a politician. she was a regular season. snoop dogg didi b did one. it was hilarious.
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when you loo be in the public eye and get poked fun then get out of the any of the books or the specials throughout talking about bill clinton's dis, monicy and from that and would have >> well, probably not. will say, look. sean spicer m the emmy award. get it from the intertanment poinn't think if pri hillary clinton's consultant or pun blast, i don't think it was i don't think it made her look great. get it. >> why not? >> democrats continuing to divide the country. you have got the emmys. got the grammies in it is now us the suss them into it is nos a party. there is a lot of division going on. listen, think people last night turned in and to be entertained there are time when we want to turn in and tune out. turn in to be entertained. my problem waste last when when i watch. want to watch the music and the
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awards. i don't want all of this drama gas? i don't think anything wrong or wright. i would go to the folk what you wanted last night theft grammy awards and so many things to celebrate andsic and life tow achievements. this is out of place. >> people s out. >> and, well, i love it. it shows that hollywood and the entertainment industry and you know, they have taken their political and i. like it. it proves a point that i have been saying all listening. don't watch it.eft. they hate trump. if you are a republican or a taxpayer, you ouge about watchir the crun at the grammys. anyway, tha >> thank you. appreciate coming in. always good see you. let's checkrow with the weather forecast. dan: janu our weather pattern becoming much more active. what that means between now and
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the mild of feb reenforcing shots of cold air combined with rapid firestorm systems to b shots of snow. we have three minor snow evens to talk about in alone. the first of which arrived during the day on tuesday. the s centered ons day afternoon we see light to merodprad the areaf totals only talking a half inch to ant of us. two inches long the delaware river. insig it can't t but remember the timing of that snowfall coincides with the evening comte in a hurry the next storm system done the line rifes thursday to friday timeframe so lots of question marks about this one al transition from train to snow but snow totals do not look tha. your forecast tonight. a rain or snow shower possible with lots of clouds o lows tempp to around 30 degrees give or take. during the day tuesday, w
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again, mainly half inch to an inch. maybe upwards two of inches but mid 30's with some breaks of sunshine and expected on wedn be thursday and friday. then, the one after this could bring us some wit us super bowln dane. am dan zarrow. dan. all right. stay rig there. we got a lot more coming up for you in sports. i learn fans and the indians alongs l spending some politically correct k to "chasing
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news." i am bill spadea. we got alo more in sports. how about this? tom prad ry with a walks out anl you hear why and the cleveland indians are thehe plotcally correct pressure? george has all the dethado you ? george: thanks, bill. before you get football and
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at news for new york line fans they are going to get a brand you years l then they will spend 12 gapes at the and up to 60 games over the term until the now they are v been play sewing don't area in starn we'll be happy tomer glory. football. super bowl week is the pat yots ride of in minneapolis on monday. thoughs sunday and then tom brauy today, though. he cut off interview with spores radio because another host on the radio station preferred to the five-year-old br super bowl week and brady would pay or not retur probull on sunday. you need a football fix. but here it is. from 23 town do. fourth quarter at aweaker 16-yard force the score. 24-23 the afc wins. baseball thd in are ins will step away from
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the controversial logo. commissioner man fred said the teamou name of diverse continue i ty and inclusion now. he resist the change logo but te end ins why are hosting the 2018 all-star game so i think we can make the connection here. a big tip of the baseball cap. to a high schooler from staten island and tweeted the me mets asking to have the prom pictures taken at citi field. if you can get 500 thousand retweets, we'll do it. she did it. it is all set for may 17th. conglat lasses to those that could be some kind of prom date. i am george for "chasing news." bill, let's get it back to you. bill: on tonight's show we brought you the story of a the struggle of one mother who was fighting foreher nine-year-old son and the be into-year-old student has down syndrome according to the mom the brooklyn heights elementary school wants to push the kid
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out. now from are two sides. but some of the things we are hearing from this school absolutley horrific. bring drag the kid up the stair, ignore him for classes and hours on end and tell you this. think this there a lot of people throughout that done understand what it like to have a disabled kid and the expectations of parents to have their kids with special needs sper grit into our local public school. that little boy anyone out there and this kind of thing could happen to anyone family. i say this. can you keep on fighting in we ar follow me on twitter at bill spadea. i have a lot mer to say abou dae weeks progress. sehefor now, just say a prayer is identifying the good fight. thanks for watching the show tonight. i will see you tomorrow night on "chasing news."
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. live look at wilmington. our eyes on the skies. we have got snow in our forecast. we'll get to in just a minute. you know what else flys besides snowflakes? eagles. of course eagles fly, right? they have flown to minnesota. in week they'll fly home with vince lombardi trophy. we are sure hoping. we are amped tour super bowl l lii. thank you for joining us at 11:00. i'm lucy noland. can you tell we're excited about we're excited and we're just here in phil. imagine being in minnesota. that's where we find our chris o'connell. chris, is it electric there? >> reporter: it's starting to get there. opening night for super bowl week now in the books. this is used to be called media night where players get a chance to come out and talto


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