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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 2, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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football frenzy. and wanted a. trespasser with a black ski mask jacket and no pants. neighbors are ♪ less than 48 hours to go. and the clock is ticking down to the biggest game of the year. it doesn't matter where you are, eagles fans are everywhere.
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>> eagles! >> once in lifetime opportunity. >> ready to root the birds to victory. >> fly, eagles, fly. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, e-a-g-l-e- eagl! >> now fox 29 news at 10:00. we are almost there it's friday night and only one day stands in between the eagles and a chance at a super bowl title. thanks for joining us. i'm dawn timmeney it may be bitter cold outside, but the rivalry between the eagles and the patriots is heating up in a big way. tonight our crews are everywhere from minneapolis to the suburbs in the city. we are bringing you all things eagles. let's get out to kristen rodgers whose live at the mall of america with how eagles are still sticking to their routine out there in minnesota. >> reporter: oh, yeah, dawn they're trying to stick to routine but right now they're out partying. eagles team has taken over the amusement park here at mall of america and a quick comparison
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tonight they had it was lit at mall america. last time patriots was prince impersonator. energy is a little bit more lively in the building tonight the it's a great thing to have guys like gucci and amigos out here it's another distract the eagles are trying overcome to find their normalcy. >> there's a pool here. i would run in the pool back home at the treadmill that they have at the facility so i use it as my treadmill. but it's just trying to maintain that consistent see that we've had throughout the year, um, obviously this is extreme circumstances but you got to find way to kind of have that same routine. >> just make sure i get all my, you know, nutrition, hydration, recovery things and right hours of sleep. things like that. >> some things are physical. others not so much. >> meditating, you know, take something time off, you know, get back to my friends, just, you know, feeling more at ease
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at the moment, um, what i've learned that, you know, if you stick to your natural routine as if i was back home, things really shouldn't affect me. >> we just enjoying each other's time much this is the last week we'll all be together much this is the last week of football. so we're taking it all in. we worked hard to get to this point but we understand, um, you know, what's at stake here, and that's bringing this thing home for not only the organization but the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: music still pumping. he was dancing before we went on air. >> these fans are ready, aren't they? >> like us. >> sense the team is ready. fans are ready. let's play the game now. >> let's go! >> can we play the now? kristen, eagles fans are here. the patriots fans are here as well. this is an electric atmosphere right now. in a very frigid minneapolis much caught up with a couple of fans today. you got to listen to this story. joe was from camden. george was from massachusetts. work brought them together for while in easton, pa became best
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friends reunited that friendship after the afc championship game. >> they won. he texted me and said, okay, it's your turn. >> no, i didn't. i didn't. >> i think did you. >> i text him and said you have to come to the super bowl. i didn't say you were going to win. >> typical boston fan. >> sharing room here in minneapolis. >> he's on one side of the other room and i'm on the other side of the room went put a 50-yard line down the middle of the sitting area. >> although we do, we have nightcaps in the -- >> we sit on the 50-yard line haven't nightcap. >> so far it's been george that's picked up the bill. >> he's picked up everything so far. because he's got five super bowls. i have zero. he has to pick up everything. >> how often does he remind you of that? >> how about of five minutes. >> even sit on opposite side lines during the game. and maybe share a beer afterwards. >> you eagle fans throw beer. >> george -- >> that's what i hear. >> george. >> just ask minneapolis much that's the story, you guys throw
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beer. >> minnesota people have been very very nice. much nicer than the patriots fans. >> you guys throw beer. that's all i have to say. >> we throw beer when outsiders come and start defacing our statues by the art museum. >> a lot of people confuse passion with being nasty. eagles fans are the most passionate fans in the world. we're not nasty. there's always a couple bad apples. >> why do you throw beer? >> any way... >> not quite sure who got the last word in there, kristen. >> no. >> i'm wonder hemoglobin one will get the last word sunday night after the game. >> yeah. >> whose going on which side of that sweet, which side of the 5t settles. >> yup. we'll have a great show coming up for you later tonight at 10:30. the chase for championship. our gary cobb standing by to talk all things eagles and a fun conversation with meryl reece. so keep it here, dawn g see in
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you bit, thank you kristen. wee we're preparing for the showdown on sun day. thinking about the big game, those parties, food, fun something you might not be thinking about, monday. yeah, monday our brad sattin is live in radnor township to explain. brad? >> reporter: yeah, dawn i think win or lose we can all be in for a monday morning hangover of sorts. i mean who really wants to go to work after sunday super bowl on monday back to the job but there's even in fact south jersey school district that alerted parents there could be a schoolbus driver shortage if some drivers don't show up and they wouldn't be the om ones. >> fly, eagles fly. >> reporter: what a high this city is on. you never far from this. everyone in such a good mood and now the weekend is here. i don't mean a two day weakened. >> three day. or four day. >> it's been a rough week forgetting work done. it's hard to keep the eagles fan in us contained.
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>> philadelphia eagles! >> this guy works with elementary school students. so if the birds have a productive day sunday it's probably a sure thing that the rest of us won't next week. >> when was the last time you had a productive day at work? tuesday maybe. i mean a real full day tuesday at best. >> and he's the boss. we asked an expert on mew man behavior from cabrini university win or lose how in the world can we possibly be expected to perform our jobs on monday? >> besides the fact that a lot of people probably won't be at work monday any way, i think that you'll see some productivity declines in the short term. >> reporter: let's face it the decline starter with the parties after the eagles last win. studies show about 30% of fans with their team in the super bowl will be no shows at work the next day. janet cunningham owns a business with 70 employees. we asked her if she'd understand if some missed work? >> well, i don't know how much i should say on tv. >> reporter: your employees are listening. >> they're listen and they won't show up.
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>> reporter: employees are one thing, but college students, if 20 are normal until dr. matthews monday class we asked him to take a guess about this monday. >> i'll go 50%. and i think that's on the high end. >> reporter: i'm willing to guess he's right and dawn listen to this. a study of human resource executives. it found that 72% think the day after the super bowl should be a national holiday where everybody gets the day off. my guess is, probably 100% of employees would agree with that. >> i saw that and i think you're right, brad. too funny. all right. did you look up tonight. >> the city is beaming in grown. the skyline in sent city lit up in eagles colors. boat house row shining with green spirit. if you're heading out though scott we're talking about a pretty night and a soggy super bowl. >> absolutely. a lot on going over the next several days. but look at the temperature. 21 degrees philadelphia. 11 right now in minneapolis.
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but here locally, factor in the wind. it feels like the single digits in philadelphia. 9 degrees. it feels like four right now in reading so temperatures tonight 18 degrees will be the low temperature in philadelphia. so what about the weekend? it's dry but cold for your saturday. and then as we move toward sunday, look at all of the moisture wet snow north and west and moderate to heavy rain most of sunday afternoon and evening. dawn, coming up, the timing and those critical temperatures with that super bowl storm. >> all right, scott, thank you. so what would you do if you looked out your kitchen window and saw a man in a ski mask? what sounds like something out of scary movie was actually reality in gloucester township for one woman. shawnette wilson is live at the gloucester township police department to explain how the ski mask outfit is really only half of the story, shawnette? >> reporter: yeah, dawn. that and a coat is all we're told that this man was wearing,
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no underwear, no pants. >> it's disgraceful. >> reporter: people disgusted to hear report from gloucester township police that a woman reported a man standing outside her kitchen window around 11:30 thursday night. even more disturbing, the woman tells police he had nothing on beneath a black jacket he was wearing along with ski mask over his face. police say the woman told them she was sitting at her kitchen table when she saw him and screamed. then says the man took off running. >> we're very concerned. but hopefully everything will be okay. >> reporter: people who live on pine hurst court in the glenn eagles development in the blackwood section of the township say what happened is very unusual for the area. >> absolutely. we don't get stuff like that around here. >> i've lived here for over 23 years. >> reporter: police say they searched around but didn't find anyone fitting the description. >> it definitely concerns me. you know, don't need that around here. that's for sure. >> reporter: mike ackerman says he was shocked to read about it on a neighborhood alert sight that notifies residents of alerts from police.
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>> this is very family oriened here and everybody watches out for each other. that's the nice part about it. >> reporter: and tonight police say they have very few leads in this case. they say this is the only incident reported in this area like that so far. dawn? >> all right, shawnette, thank you. a wish to see the eagles play in the super bowl. now the team is making that possible for one man and joanne this might be his last game. >> reporter: that's right, dawn. coming up, we'll introduce you to an area man long time eagles fan who has a bucket wish list as cancer patient to go to the super bowl. we'll have his story coming right up. ♪ >> hank i'm here with chief steve of the u.s. navy getting the tour of submarine base new london. a lot of philadelphia, a lot of eagles fans here in patriots territory. hank's take coming up.
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♪ a man sick with cancer has one wish to see the eagles play in the super bowl. and thanks to foundation and the birds, yeah, his wish is granted. our joanne pileggi spoke with that man before he lives for minnesota much she's out of the of live outside the philadelphia international airport. quite a story, joanne. >> reporter: it is quite a story. well, you never know if your time is limited by cancer or some other disease. what is on your bucket list? for a philly native, a life long eagles fan, seeing them play in the super bowl is high on that
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list and he is going to get that wish. >> all i'm saying to linda is, i can't pass before they go to the super bowl. i said i know it's going happen. they're going to go to the super bowl i'm not going to be here to watch it. >> wayne may be down, may be worn down from year long battle with a rare cancer but this philly native has made it this far and is ready to cheer on the eagles at the super bowl. >> that was my goal. live long enough to see the eagles in the super bowl. >> reporter: as his eagles trek tore to super bowl birth wayne's daughter wrote to the california based dream foundation which grants wishes to terminally ill adults and then -- >> we got you transportation. we got a place to stay. we just got to get you super bowl tickets. so all of a sudden one day the eagles called me. said we got super bowl tickets for you it was a pretty craze so day. >> i can't believe that my daughters went ahead and did
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this. it's such a dream for wayne. it's been a real hard year going through a lot of ups and downs. >> reporter: wayne has had a positive attitude since he was diagnosed playing the theme to rocky and wearing a silk robe during countless chemo and other treatments. >> who knows? that's how i've been just working everything. just trying to stay positive. i guess what i've been doing is trying to live in goals, you know, mine goal it was make it to the super bowl and then, i have another goal to make it to our anniversary in march. and then maybe another goal to make it to my grandson's birthday in may. >> it's just been really great that we're going to be able to do something fun and for a couple days forget that he has cancer and we still have more of a battle to go. >> reporter: well yes, they do but the bairds fly out from philly international tomorrow and they'll be in minneapolis for a couple of days. wayne seriously a special guy. we hope his positive attitude helps him through his cancer and
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of course he's hoping that he'll bring some good luck to the eagles at the super bowl. we're live tonight at philadelphia international airport, i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. back to you in the studio. >> all right. we wish him well. thanks, joanne. and with some eagles fans flying out to minnesota to watch the showdown sunday, the next hottest destination to watch the game of course is right here in philadelphia. many fans are flying into the city of brotherly love to make sure they're here for all the fun. phl was packed with people some of whom have lived here before a arriving to soak up the eagles spirit. eagles fans seem to be everywhere in philadelphia, minnesota, even overseas our hank flynn caught up way few sailors who say this game is bringing them a piece of home. >> bahrain, israel, cyprus, norway, um, amsterdam. >> it's hank i'm in new london at the navy base. your philly kid you join the navy. you want to see the world.
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>> spain, crete, norway, i've been to port smith england. >> until kaiser hails from reading 16 years he's been in the navy he's been a lot of places. my take is no matter, sunday eagles football he says brings him home like nothing else. >> every time i watch the eagles i think about back home. i think about my grandmother she taught me pretty much everything i know about sports. she passed away back in 2009. >> she must have been some lady. >> she was. she was an excellent woman and took care of my first dog i ever owned who's name was donovan. >> reporter: another submarine they are chief curt o'donnell from langhorne. >> you can take the kid out of philly but phil philadelphia is always in me. >> curt is gladded he'll be home to watch the super bowl this year doesn't always work out that way. he's even got friends from langhorne to get together with. >> we every single sunday we are same outfit every sunday. superstition everybody better get up and wear their jerseys if
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it's an 8:00 o'clock game the kids are going to bed in their jerseys. >> the service can be cool you meet people from all over the place even the guy from arkansas who loves the eagles. go figure. like new england, too, don't get me wrong, but air smells like the last days of the roman empire up here. the hoards are at the gates. the walls are about to fall. eagles, baby. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ neighbors in philadelphia's port richmond section are calling it an absolute disgrace. illegal dumping taken to new l low. mostly construction debris by fly by night remodelers has all but blocked off coral street near frankford avenue. the mess includes mounds of old tires, mattresses even a pile of broken doors. long-time homeowner virginia schultz say the short dumpers come by in pick up trucks when the sun goes down.
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>> they'll make a stop and push the gas, floor it and just let everything fall out the back of the truck. >> dump and go. >> dump and go. >> when contacted by fox 29, the city street department says coral street is it's on regular schedule for clean ups due to illegal dumping and that a crew would be out next week to remove the debris. chaos in court when a father lunches at the former u.s. gymnastics doctor convicted of abusing dozens of young female athletes. >> i would ask you to as part of this sentencing to grant me five minutes in lock room with this demon. >> i have -- >> would you do that? >> that is not -- >> yes or no? >> no, sir, i can't. >> would you give me one minute? >> you know that i can't do that. that's not how our legal -- >> three of the man's daughters were victims of larry nassar the father later returned to the courtroom to apologize for his actions.
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the judge says he will not face punish many as long as he doesn't do it again. all right. scott, punxsutawney phil predicting six more weeks of winter it looks like he could be a little bit right here. we got a snowy super bowl forecast in the mix. >> it looks like a messy super bowl sunday, dawn. wet snow depending on your location but also moderate to heavy rain. the timing and forecast next. ♪
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this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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♪ >> e-a-g-l-e-s! eagles. >> a plane full of eagles fans
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heading to minnesota tonight to be there for super bowl lii. american airlines hosting a plane jam packed with philly faithful even greeting them with a red carpet. there were balloons and plenty of midnight green. even an underdog mask or two made it on board. >> taking a live look at philadelphia art museum. you can't stop this eagles fever. it's contagious but one thing that might be a limb crimp in fans plans on sunday is nasty weather in store. meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in 15 seconds. a frigid friday evening. crank the heat. look at overnight expected low temperatures. 6 degrees mount pocono. 14 in allentown. 18 degrees in philadelphia. cold 16 for the low temperature
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in atlantic city and also millville. so big super bowl weekend ahead. tomorrow you're running errands, making last minute preparations, buying food, a high temperature of only 32 degrees. we'll add about 10 degrees to that on sunday. but rain even wet snow really depending on your location. north and west sunday morning ten, 11:00 o'clock we're starting out as a little bit of snow, and then by noon, we're still looking at that wintry mix. berks county, lehigh county, north and west towards sections of the pocono mountains but look at the green overtaking the area especially into the afternoon. you're traveling to super bowl parties. during the game we're looking at moderate to heavy rainfall across the area. that's the yellow that you see so likely half an inch to an inch of rainfall before all is said done with this system. by 8:00 o'clock, we're still dealing with the rainfall it starts to get out of here right round, say, 10:00 o'clock.right that will be good news for those
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celebrating the birds victory, but once again, it's going to be a dry saturday but a soaker of a sunday. so here's the bottom line. mainly snow in the poconos several inches. for philadelphia the i-95 corridor, starting out as wet snow but changing to all rain temperatures will be in the low 40s. all rain for folks down the shore. so once again, the best chance for measurable snowfall the lehigh valley the poconos could see an inch or several inches in the poconos. minneapolis for tailgators we're looking at 6 degrees sunny a light wind by kick off 2 degrees outside of the stadium. inside a toasty 70 degrees. that weather authority seven day forecast showing a roller coaster ride with the temperatures. 32 degrees tomorrow. it's going to be cold and then that wet snow moves in mid to late morning into the early afternoon then it changes over to all rain. 42 degrees will be the high temperature on sunday. then we dry out but it's cold on
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monday mid 30s. 40 degrees by tuesday. partly sunny skies. then another storm system will approach for the middle of the week. high temperatures in the mid 40s. then we dry out and it turns colder again. we're looking at temperatures by next thursday 35 degrees and upper 30s on friday. so really take it easy. slippery roads, slick travel, dawn, as folks are making that are way to celebrate the bird. >> all right, thanks, scott. that will do it for us tonight at 10:00. be sure to stick around for the fox's -- to twine's channel chase for championship. remember your mega million lottery drawing is right here at 11:00 followed by
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♪ >> this is fox 29 news the chase for a championship sponsored by nissan. welcome into fox 29 news the chase for championship. i'm kristen rodgers here live at the mall of america in bloomington, minnesota ahead of super bowl lii. you can hear the eagles team party going on mind me. there's so much excitement because we are just 48 hours away from the big game. then it's just 60 minutes and hopefully the eagles are come back to philadelphia with a vince lombardi trophy. the eagles are getting excited. the fans are getting excited. we are so close to kickoff. ♪ >> the team that has been so disrespected


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