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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 14, 2018 3:00am-3:30am EST

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>> does hot water every morning now. >> issues in new york city's public housing units or widespread. there is a threat of a lawsuit to refund the neighborhood of $15 million to tenants who have gone through this all winter. that and teens gone wild. how about this from affluent new jersey suburb headed up to vermont and all kinds of legal trouble with the top for a drunken party where were the parents? and crows be gone. can you imagine 30,000 crows? one of the local cities is facing this problem.
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you know it stinks, you know it is dirty. they are going somewhere. how do they get rid of it? how about fireworks and lasers? i am bill spadea. this is "chasing news." bill: new york housing authority in all kinds of hot water mainly because they are being accused of not providing hot water and heat now a threat of a lawsuit. our own nate rogers has the story. nate? nate: issues instead of new york city's public housing units are widespread including buildings and deplorable and conditions. but also, authorities are now calling a humanitarian crisis. take a look at this. these are the houses in the bronx. they lived here for nearly 50 years. the hot water in the unit has been off for the last three days. >> they are not giving no hot water or nothing. they are not doing nothing.
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>> the city's public advocate office says 80 percent of the residents have lost heat or water in the season alone. they believe outdated boilers are the cause. >> the cold water goes every morning now in the bathroom. to take a bath, you have to time it. report another major issue. nycha to require lead paint inspections. the state's health department will now investigate. >> you know, there is no place else because of the rent. there is no place else to go, so we have to deal with it. u may recall last month mayor de blasio announced a $200 million investment to updating boilers and heating systems throughout new york city's public housing units. the timeline expected for those renovations is about four years, a timeline residents say, he is a way to long. in the bronx, nate rogers for "chasing news". bill: murphy only two
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months in office, already, he is starting to roll back the things that governor christie did this time. gun control in particular. not only running back the christie rear executive orders but talking about new gun control measures. ashley johnson has the full story. ashley? >> new jersey governor murphy plans the gun laws to the next level at a roundtable. just weeks ago, murphy and the attorney general announced how they are going to rescind the change under the christied a hip thracian, making it easier to get a mer permit. the governor is king a package of bills of the gun laws. i look forward progress ofly working with the majority leader and his colleagues on things such as critical magazine, capacity law, protect our handgun carry regulations as i mentioned prohibiting possession of armored psa ammunition, making a leader in the adoption
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of smart gun technology and sales. >> meanwhile, murphy is k work on puerto rico commission and how new jersey can do more to help the island still devastated from hurricane maria. five months ago, we showed you the outpouring of support where many people had family members they were trying to get a hold of. volunteers worked around the clock collecting basic necessities. pastor joshua rodriguez from jersey cities the chair of he commission. >> le, it is honor to be able to serve, more than 500,000 living in new jersey more than 30,000 displaced ap need help. >> it is made up of 16 and man nin puerto rico still grapeling to get back on the feet. in hurry hill, aim ashley johnson reporting for "chasing news." bill: thank thank you, ashley. let's bring in the a plus panel. welcome back, bill.
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thighs see you. >> always a pleasure. bill: all right. guys. first of all. on the 30,000. my guess is most living with family. all right. so now we're going to spend money on it. what do you think? >> i think, come on, yeah. you have to bring trump into this. this is about new jersey. it is about unbelievely vibrant puerto rican come machine tun the state of new jersey and they are americans. they need our help. they are devastated by the hurricane. the more we can do to help them come back to new jersey with families and friends the better. bill: what do you think? how much ties. we are one storm away from other people being displaced. how much can we handle? we cannot pay the bills as it is. >> we head to take care of each other. we look at that way. he is right that the federal government
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replied to this and swelled and there is a lot more that needs to be done. in new jersey, i believe, we're the third largest of people with the puerto rican come machine so you know, if he fellow systems we need the help. you go people. the in are a structure being built back in puerto rico. i imagine most want to go home. >> listen no such thing as too much in the situation. if the goal is to go back to puerto rico the federal government should help. puerto rico is america. bill: the first as governor seems to talk in soundbites. you know, now talking about rolling back the christie gun sweep and these are not things that make new jersey affordable. no one wants to read the background. no one wants to answer
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the tweet and everybody wants to jump. in his position, now, he is just starting out. needs to get of where we need go. i don't think this is anything wrong with this soundbites. bill: great. two months in. >> a my news. bill: all right. we'll see. more time to go. all right. thank you. >> thankthank you, bill. >> a my news. am saying d plus. it is flexible. >> all right. >> plus in for the nj transit audit. >> all right. he let's bring in dan zarrow with the weather forecast. dan? dan: well, let the warm-up begin. that is right. another surge warmer air on the which over the next couple of dant days. of course, some clouds and some rain to talk about as well. here is what the picture looks like as it often does. the warmer air public up there the south ap southwest and notice it on wednesday and notice it on thursday as we approach a record high temperature. however, bottom left, there is shower activity
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that will bubble up. we stay dry on wednesday. by wednesday night and thursday, we could have some rain showers in the neighborhood. overnight tonight, throm toes dip to about 30 degrees. lighter winds than last night. we don't have to worry about the biting windchill and skies becoming mostly cloudy. during the day wednesday. mostly cloudy once again. mother nature warming the harts. highs in ther 46 to lower 50's. again light winds. we stay dry during the day. rain moves in wednesday night. showery so on ond off. mostly light. thursday is a little bit wet as well. we may catch breaks of dry weather. this is not like the deluge that we saw over the weekend just scattered shower. high temperatures on thursday near record lower to mid 60's. the extented forecast shows the one start to friday, and then 60 degrees and showers in the morning then windy and colder by friday afternoon that will set us up far cold start to the upcoming president's day weekend. am meteorologist dan zarrow. bill: all right.
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let's check out the headlines we're chasing for you tonight. r one day after president trump's daughter-in-law, police in washington, d.c. are investigating following reports that a white powdery substance was found in a letter delivered to the building where former president has office. the building is owned by the wildlife fund the letter addressed to that fund and not obama. officials reporting a six-year-old north bergen kindergartens the second fatal case. superintendent said lincoln he'll me tary school underwent after hernandez died. on monday, new york officials corn firmed the death of a brooklyn girl was linked to the flu. a fourth pediatric case in new york city this season. new orleans two-week carnival season culminated tuesday. people of all ages lining up to watch float and acrobats wine wind through the streets. mardi gras is traditionle of eating rich fatty foot foods in preparation of lept which begins wednesday f. those are headlines we are chasing tonight.
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bill: 50-plus teens from affluent area in new jersey in a loft trouble for a drunken house party in vermont. they had to be called. citations issued. a lot of questions. be if the first one is where are the parent why don't we bring in expert to weigh in on this. i am joined by dr. jaffrey. welcome back to "chasing news." >> i am doing well. thank you, bill. bill: all right. do, let me ask you. the first question, where are the parents in all of this? >> well, think, this happened a little bit too often. and parents are not learning the age-old lesson that when you put teenagers together in a room, idol minds, the devil play ground and you really do have to super vice. this no matter how much. bill: doctor, this kind of thing happens al the time. i mean, this one out of state? >> well, think it something that has been
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happening probably for quite some time and we do know cdc does see this alcohol still continues to be over marijuana, by the way, the number within abused drug by underage individuals. >> all right. doctor what about discipline what would you say the school district should do any ifage this what should the parents do with the kids? >> well, this is actually the perfect time to be abe to speak with them about responsible drinking. instead of using this as a punishment, type of a situation, thens' use this as learning situation, especially while they are very up comfortable with what may happen with the school district. bill: thank you, dr. jeff, always good talk to you. appreciate the perspective. don't go anywhere. we got a lot more coming up after the break. the terrorist known as the chelsea bomber ahmed raheem my sentenced to life in prison today.
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news" crank. i am bill spadea. a local congressman in the identifying for his career the out of town hall and let him have it. but first -- ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we convicted terrorist also known as the chelsea bomber
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sentenced to life in prison. don has the story. >> bill, the world's most income taint terrorist will spend the rest of his life behind bars. he was sentenced today for life in prison. the mandatory sentence after a jury found him guilty of setting off pressure cooker bomb in chelsea. that neighborhood in manhattan in 2016. it injured 30 people on september of last year. it limited destruction and no one was seriously injured. a second device failed toette nate. he got that wrong, too. earlier the same day. a bomb went off the start of a charity race unsea side park. he planted smaller bombs at a train station in elizabeth. he was captured after a shoot out with police.
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while abig that sentencing and sitting in jail. he attempted to radicalize other be mates by getting prop gan and jihadist material on the lap top. he followed lug on everything he said he was going to. this is a case where there is a maximum sentence put in place for this crime. >> now bill, he was born in afghanistan came to the united states when he was 12 and eventually became a citizen and his father said he personally contacted the fbi in 2014 after his son was saying some strange things getting violent. the f.b.i. looked into the matter then didn't didn't discover a threat. he said while he had been in jail awaiting the sentencing, now, the 30-year-old has completed classes. in business,, entrepreneurship and drama.
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maybe he has future on the stage inside. bill? >> am saying, it is unbelievable to me. you got a convicted terrorist who will sit in prison taking courses on the taxpayer's dime maybe that federal statute that prevented him from being sentenced to death ought to be adjusted just slightly. >> a mandatory sentence of life in prison. >> they ought to change it. this ga could be hanging in the public square. all right. thank you. appreciate. 2018 is around the corner. the midterm elections where every member of the house of representatives had to stand for re-election. one of the big issues of course is the approval ratings of president trump. it always is. oftentimes, the incumbent president's party doesn't fair so well in the midterm elections much one of those members of congress republican in new jersey is fining out firsthand's goes the district for now. the 46th time he has held a town hall sense has been elected and he got some feedback from the voters but many in
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come been as with not want to hear. want to welcome the congressman to "chasing news." how are you? good see you. >> always a pleasure. >> you got a great reputation of getting to the district having town halls put the feedback from some of the republicans and democrat on the last up with could show that you have got a fight on your hands. >> what did you hear? >> we heard that the people of the district are concerned about many issues of public policy funding the government and taking sure we move forward in a bipartisan capacity and somecussion about the russia situation and also about the daca matter and i was certainly pleased to be able to participate. >> let me ask you, though. directly about the wall. it seems you had democrats show up. on her to side, many republicans say, we need border security, some have said you tried to split the difference and be all things to all of
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them. what do you my i say this is likely issue that will require a compromise, and i do not consider two matters to be mutually exclusive. i favor helping the dreamers but i also favor greater border security and i madge gyp that is where the congress will come down on the issue. >> is it hard to be a republican in a blew state? more importantly, when you have a divisive person in the white house and you know where you stand on trump, love him or hate him. does that make it harder or easier for you. well, my personality is different from donald trump's personality. i think everybody with agree that. i try always to be respectful even to thoses with whom i disagree, bill. but let me say, will be judged based upon my own view points and the district i serve is moderate conservative district. hillary clinton did car it by 3800 votes but i had the honor of caring it by 3800. >> what about the contrast. i mean you have got the counter part. the colleague in the house.
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the representative tom mcarthur has embraced ap one of the architect and champions of the tax cuts that, you, even liberal groups benefit 80% of americans. are you running a campaign after this? and he seems to be headed toward almost easy re-election. you got a fight on your hands. are you going to spn the next six month sore not mentioning the president's name or are you going to change sno i sort the president where i think he is right for example. on making our embassy capital in israel in jerusalem. think that was the correct decision. certainly think he is moving forward in making sure that red tape is reduced to the greatest extent possible. i was pleased he signed the budget agreement and mcarthur and i together supported that and all the republican in the new jersey delegation. if your race is close and the president is available for a fund-raiser would you have him? i always campaigned on my own and i never relied on the presidential candidate
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and not, not, not, donald trump, not, not john mccain, but certainly, want to make sure we work together in a bipartisan. >> that could be the best political answer that i have heard. all right. congressman, good willing luck to you. appreciate your time indiana. >> thank you, bill. >> all right. take care. >> all right. coming up after the break. a lot more "chasing news" for you tonight. 30,000 plus in a local city in our area. how do you get rid of him? how about lasers and fireworks.
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a welcome back to "chasing news." i am bill spadea. a local city in our area having problem. not just a few. 30,000 crow crowes but going to get rid them. how about this. lasers and fireworks.
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allison gormly has the store friday trenton. what do you got, allison? >> pan ny are hoping that pyrotechnics and lasers are the solution. the u.s. department offing a ry culture in conjunction with the trenton police department are using pyrotechnic, laser, spotlights and recordings of pros distress calls to machinage the estimated 30,000 crows. the goal is to break up the larm population into small less concentrated flocks. u.s. department offing a gry can ture's district supervise climb clap are said it formed and has been in this area for years. >> in the winter months they do group in in these and, a. they will pk up a well lit elevated area, maybe an area near some water or even a wooded area. the problem here, though, is that, you know, they have chosen an area that is highly
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populated this. >> the usda workers load what looks like a small water pistol and aim it. the bird then react to the noise and fly away. for some residents, relief cannot come soon enough. scott millioner has been being for hem? begging. >> they are k walking through sidewalks covered with crows. of course, a noise problem, too. the crows are quite noisy. >> according the usda, bird droppings are not only damaging, but pose a health risk. the efforts to reduce the size will continue over the next four days after sundown. the usda said the method being used are human and nonlethal. the same has been used in other urban area and proven successful.
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i am allison gorm my reporting for "chasing news." >> on monday, we brought you the story about the deputy mayor in mendem. his name is rick. well, now the former deb are deputy mayor because he quit. he quit. he quit over issue of a facebook post that was intended to talk about donald trump and how voters toll rat the guy, even though, he is rough around the edges, because they want him to get things done. a fellow member on the township committee in mendem, amail ya joined me on monday, and she was effectively crying racism. going after this guy as if to say the post was all about comparing immigrants to raccoons and that was somehow racist. well, first of all, if you read the entire post, with its a about how corrupt washington has b become. it was about deficits
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and debt and political corruption and illegal immigration. nothing to do with race. this was about illustrating a point of how completely messed up our government is and how people are tolerating that rough em of donald trump because they believe he can fex it. all right. am bill spadea. thank you for watching. see you tomorrow night. people will start to see higher paycheck. that is bill for work-class families into. drugs, alcohol, a lot folks are homeless because of bad choices. >> when it comes to covering today's conacre controversial topics you got to hit it from all sides. no matter how you see it. it is your opinion. we got your point of view covered. a big deal for some. >> "chasing news" with bill spadea weeknights.
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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. princeton class canceled and not for a snow day rather because of something said during lecture. whole idea was to get students talking. it did that. good evening and thanks for joining us at 11:00. i'm iain page. the class was about free speech but when some racial slurs came up some walked out. fox 29's dave kinchen talked with some students about what went down. >> reporter: the phrase hate speech is in the name of this course but still while some say students knew what they were getting into, students say it was just too much. >> honestly i think we all felt like that chilling effect. we were taken back and i think that was the professor's intention. >> reporter: it hardly sat well when alexa adams


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