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tv   CBS News Sunday Morning  CBS  August 2, 2009 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs and johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations. >> osgood: good morning, i am charles osgood and this is sunday morning. we are well into summer now, a time for vacations and leisure, and spending time in the great outdoors, just be careful what you touch. because with all of that pleasant mountain greenery looks pretty poison, just waiting to be plucked by the careless or unaware. we will report on our cover
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story, martha tiesh never. >> this is caster beans, the seeds contain ricin which rather astonishing a plant as deadly as ricin is entirely legal, especially since it has been used to commit murder. this is akanitim and monk's hood and can bring on death by asphyxiation. >> so you think the plant world is benign? think again. later this sunday morning, plants with evil intent. >> he has been making waves his entire life, all 90 years of it, anthony mason takes us behind the scenes at a birthday party. >> whose birthday could bring together the lakes of bruce springsteen, dave matthews, john mellencamp, and eddie lou harris. >> the court: quite a guest list coming. >> an extraordinary guest list. >> the folk legend celebrates his 90th birthday and you are
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invite odd the party.n oun late. >> the battle of the brush is an age old conflict involving three of the biggest papers inrt a. and now many centuries later, contenders once again are going head to head to head. >> rita braver will explain. >> these works by the great venetian painter, they are considered masterpieces. >> this i love called the gentleman's passion. >> but they are also the product of a renaissance rivalry. >> the artists would see something, take it up and say okay watch, i can do that same composition and i will twist it and make eight lit better and tighten it up and make it the best it could be. >> later on sunday morning, rivalry in renaissance venice. >> he is one of the biggest and funniest names in hollywood today, not on the screen mind you but off it the as a director
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and screen writer. >> amber alert, rocca searches for the secret of his success. >> action. >> he is the force behind all of those blockbuster comedies that have made the man boy america's leading man. >> hey, nobody cares you are a virgin. >> turns out he didn't have to reach far for material. >> for the movies that have fueled his billion-dollar hollywood empire. >> in my head i had in security of somebody who was a 40 year old virgin, i understand that feeling of shame and feeling like a freak and afraid to take chances. >> early on sunday morning the 41-year-old mogul, john apetow. >> those reports and more, first here are the headlines for this sunday morning, the second of august, 2009. >> after a decades long debate over whether he was dead or nt gonzales sayslive thisesnzala it identifiethe remains of the first u.s.rsoieaild killed in te persian gulfar b kkac in 1991.
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navy captain fighter jet went down? where over the iraqi desert on the first night of the war. turning to the present, three americans died in afghanistan today after their military vehicles struck a roadside bomb and insurgents then attacked the patrol with gunfire. >> three americans died in another roadside bombing yesterday. >> united states has asked switzerland for helping secure the release of three american hikers arrested friday in iran. iranian government says the three had been warned not to enter the country from iraq. >> israeli police continue their search for a gunman who opened fire at a tel aviv club for gay teens last night. >> at least two people were killed, 11 others were wounded. >> in canada, in the town ofk camrose west of edmonton one person was killed as many as 40 others were hurt when a thunderstorm tore through the country music festival there, as the wind and rain kicked up, a stage collapsed at the big centrally jamboree festival.
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many of the injured were trapped in the debris. >> in rome yesterday, michael phelps shattered the world record in the 100-meter butterfly, not using one of those new technically advanced swimsuits like the one worn by serbian archrival cottage who placed second. >> now today's weather, it should be a gorgeous summer sunday but only in the midwest and california. the rest of us can expect heat, humidity and storm. >> it will be a little cooler in the days ahead with some rain likely along the east coast. next, beware, the plant. >> later -- >> vo: since 2006, walmart has sold over 260 million compact fluorescent light bulbs.
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boat. >> osgood:. >> you may have heard about the 23 show horses that were poisoned in california this past week after someone mixed toxic oleander leaves in with the food, the fact is many harmless looking plant can be pretty poison for animals and human too, our cover story is reported now by martha teichner. >> gj >> in eureka, california, there is no mistaking which house is amy stewart's. >> come on. there. >> the reddish flowers are rose champion. >> after a tour of what she
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calls her good garden, she leads the way along a path to many evil. to force. >> this is the poison garden, just on the other side of this gate. >> you heard right. poison. >> just about every plant growing here could kill you. >> any time i find out there is a plant that was used to commit a crime or started a war, i sort of love that, you know, i love a plant with a dark history. >> foxglove, ingesting it is like putting your heart on steroids. oleander. >> very deadly, oleander contains things that will stop the heart. >> angelina rodriguez of month bellow, california, tried to kill her husband by serving him oleander soup, it only put him in the hospital. >> she finished the job with antifreeze spiked gatorade, rodriguez wanted his insurance, she got the death penalty.
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>> now see that pretty monk's hood. >> ultimately it can bring on death by asphyxiation. one that you might be interested in, you see these tall white flowers back here. >> they look just like -- >> this is hemlock, this is poison hemlock. it is the plant that kill sew crates. >> she is the author of wicked plants an entertaining but scary little volume of horticultural horror stories, it includes, yes gj the weed that killed lincoln's mother. >> this is whitesnake root, a poisonous plant, toxic also to cows so what happened is the cows would graze on the plant, the cow would get sick, the poison would end up in the milk, people would drink the milk and get sick and die. and this was called milk sickness and so abraham lincoln's mother died of milk sickness when abe was only about nine years old. >> and then there is frederick law holm stead the famous landscape architect, at the age of 14, he was nearly blinded by
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exposure to poison sumac, he missed a year of school. but it didn't stop him from going on to design new york central park. this is all terrifying. >> it is kind of terrifying, isn't it? but you know what? these kind of poisons are all-round us. ju and that is the point. st think poison ivy. >> across the united states in 2008 there were 63,000 exposures to plants. >> poison center. >> dr. kathleen clancy is associate medical director at the national capital poison center in washington, d.c. >> about 43,000 of those were children under the age of six. >> those were cases reported to the national 1-800-poison help number. >> just checking back on you after the exposure to the has been nero pepper. >> don't laugh, eating one of these peppers could actually put you in the hospital. >> peppers including has been neros are a member of the night family which includes some of
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the best and worst plants in existence. i have got some dextura in the nightshade family, it is a hallucinogen. >> it is called thorn apple. >> a dangerous plant that can interfere with respiration and heart rate and canstatlt uelimy spend someone into a coma. >> look at what else is in the nightshade family. >> tomatoes, eggplants, and potatoes. >> figuring out what is poisonous and what isn't can be tricky. this is christopher mccanned less. the subject of the best seller and later the film into the wi wild. >> he went to many alaska and lived off the land, eating what he found growing around him. >> it is widely believed that, but hasn't been proven conclusively he died because he confused a poisonous plant for an edible one. >> i think you would be making a mistake to assume that the plant kingdom is just benign and good. i mean the plant world makes
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strychnine and sign need and ricin i mean some of the most toxic poisons poisons in the planet come from plants and i found this old doctor's kit and when i started pulling out some of the vials i realized that these are some of my wicked plants. prchlts amy stewart now takes the kit with her to book signings. >> and you will now be surprised to see that i also carry around with me the world's worst plant, tobacco. okay. >> she put the cigarette there but it was to make people recognize tobacco as a poisonous plant. >> oh look at that. >> so that is ricin? >> and these are little speckled >> they are called caster beams and this is what the plant looks like growing in stewart's poison garden. >> it is pretty. >> it is pretty. >> pretty deadly. >> on september 7th, 1978, this man, georgie markov a bulgarian work forget the bbc in london was waiting for a bus.
9:14 am
somebody, the kgb was suspected, jabbed him in the back of the leg with an up presently larks four days later, markov was dead, killed by a ricin. >> how much ricin? >> just in the back of that tube. >> the chief investigator showed dan rather, the 60 minute correspondent. >> right here that tube contains a human lethal dose of sign need and, cyanide, and we have a lethal dose of ricin in there. >> that little speck, but now consider this. caster oil, the old-fashioned laxative, also comes from caster beans, and is harmless. >> the poison is in the dose. most things are toxic if they are eaten in large enough quantities or too much. >> this is the chemistry instrumentation room. >> tip patentor ads the poisonous plant research laboratory in logan, utah. >> for over a century, the u.s.
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department of agriculture has been sending teams to the renotest parts of the west to investigate plant poisonings. >> which cost ranchers more than $340 million a year in livestock losses. >> this is larkspur,. >> today the, usda what patentor brag which is devoted to plant etiology. >> ver very toxic to horses ands and other species, including humans. >> so toxic that heon ded't dont flag dog trees if you have children or pets but again there is a flip side. >> this contains a compound called taxol, and taxol has been used for cancer chemotherapy for a number ofox >> fox glove produces digitalis, a heart medication. >> this is lupin, it has good
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nutrients. >> animals love eating it, the only trouble if they happen to be pregnant their babies will be born with serious deformities, a condition called crooked calf syndrome in cattle. in goats it causes cleft palate. >> the goats turn out to be a real good model because they are small enough we can do ultra sound on the mothers. >> which led to an amazing and promising discovery. >> all because of a plant that can be poisonous. >> researchers from the utah lab and plastic surgeons from the leahy clinic in boston found they could fix cleft palate by operating on the fetus inside the womb. >> what we have learned is that the fetus has the ability to repair without scar tisch formation. >> so the baby goat is born completely normal, in distinguishable from any of these. >> and that is pretty remarkable when you think about the potential if that were -- if that procedure were to be able
9:17 am
to be done in humans. >> we thought wicked plants a garden to die for would be a good hook if you will. >> at the brooklyn botanical garden in new york between now and the end of the summer you can wander at will among the villainous venus flytraps. >> it sticks to it and then the enzymes begin to dissolve it. >> the fly dies a horrible death. >> it does. >> or the treacherous tarot. >> you may have heard of that from hawaii they make poi, one of the staples of polynesia. >> so if you don't boil or leech or otherwise soak out those things it really can affect your vocal chords. >> they may swell up so you won't be able to swallow. >> a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. >> president of the brooklyn bow tannic garden hose these plants will give the public a new appreciation of the power of nature. both good and bad. >> do people come here, take a
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look at all of the poisonous plants and it scares the living day lights out of them? >> i don't think so. i think they are intrigued. >> the take away here, be intrigued, but beware. ♪ keing keeping cool with coolidge. dallas. detroit. different rates. well with us, it's the same flat rate. same flat rate. boston. boise? same flat rate. alabama. alaska? with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. dude's good. dude's real good. dudes. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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>> osgood: and now a page from our sunday morning almanac. august 2nd, 1923, 86 years ago today, a day of transition. >> that was the day president warren g harding dies and vice president calvin coolidge succeeded him. >> elected president by a landslide in 1920 the affable harding was a master of, masterful of emptor toir, the inaugural address, rumble and mumble, balder and dash. >> still he enjoyed great popularity while behind the scenes his political cronies were profiting from kickbacks and bribes and rumors were spreading that the president had a mistress and maybe an illegitimate child.
9:21 am
>> just two and a half years into his term, harding took ill on a trip to alaska and died a week later in san francisco. the official cause of death was apoplexy, a conspiracy theorist speculate to this day that wayward husband. >> enter president calvin coolidge, sworn to office by lamp lig at efaor thlymi farm in vermont by his own father, a notary >> the unfshy coolidge was untouched by the revelations of& harding scandals, and won the 1924 election on a slogan, keep cool with coolidge. >> and his inauguration kicked off a four-year run of prosperity, although famously a man of few words, coolidge delivered the first filmed presidential speech with sounded aided by a teleprompter system of note cards. >> i want the people of america to be able to work less for the government and more for themselves.
9:22 am
>> coolidge declined to run for reelection in 1928, leaving his herbert hoover to take credit for the great crash of 1929. >> in 1930 the former president helped to dedicate the coolidge damn in arizona and joined the local native american chiefs in a huge outdoor picnic. >> after dinner, is always a good time for a pump so mr. coolidge smoked the pipe of peace. >> calvin coolidge died in 1935. when the writer dorothy parker was told of the death o this least amateofd presidents, she is reputed to have said, how could they tell? ♪ >> osgood: next,shru b with greatness.
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>> osgood: titian, tintoretto and veronese, these are some of the best known names in the history of art, they are also the names of very uncompromising rivals, this summer, their battle of the brush is on full public view and rita braver is our guide. >> the paintings by some of the greatest artists of renaissance venice tell tales of mythical combat and biblical struggles. >> but these works also tell another story, call it the
9:26 am
battle of the brush. >> the exciting thing is that i believe they were conceived in the spirit of rivalry that one artist says i can do so much better than that. >> so frederick of boston's museum of fine arts has designed a ground breaking exhibit with works drawn from all over europe and the u.s. how many years was this in the make something. >> about five years of my life. >> it is the first show ever that brings together works illustrating rivalries and relationships among three venetian masters. >> fir tian, believed to be born about 1488. >> this is one of the most famous painters in the history of art from his 30s he has a master of all textures, particularly human skin. >> but then along came a brash
9:27 am
painter with a more muscular, dramatic style. >> born about 1518, known as tintoretto because his father was a dyer. >> he went right after tician's painting doing this ceiling fresco for a writer who publicly commented. >> tintoretto you are really coming along i expect great things of you, was he annoyed in his buddy's house was this picture on the ceiling and that he was praising it in public. >> >> enter the third painter born in 1528, and nicknamed veronese because he came from nearby verona. >> his real name is pedro caliari and he was known for his subtle use of color. >> living in the competitive confines of venice, the three were bound to keep running into
9:28 am
each other's work. >> this church, that government building, they thought, oh, god that is great, tintoretto he really did a number, there i am impressed so -- >> or maybe i could have done better. >> oh, yes, but they were constantly reminded of each other. >> and constantly practicing one ups man ship. >> here is titian's version of a supervised release, and an appearance by jesus after the resurrection described in the gospel of sain st. luke. >> he has got glorious landscape in the back, beautiful fabric. >> now look at the tintoretto, do you think it really was through tintoretto's mind i am going to show titian how this should be painted? >> of course, the hands are in the same position jerks a column, passive blue sky, a cloud, i mean he is really saying, i think, that titian doesn't invest the painting with all of the glory the painting demands. >> and then years later. >> veronese. >> yes combining what is best
9:29 am
about the other two painters in his mind and also using the colors that were his passion. >> they all clearly relished painting beautiful womenñr. >> the this is veronese, venus with a mirror. >> titian's lucrecia. >> and the same subject painted more graphically by tintoretto. >> pearls are falling off as he grabs her. >> certainly, kind of like a stop action photograph. >> these works including titian's vision of the greek princess vanai are undeniably provocative. >> now, would a painting like this have been acceptable in this highly religious society? >> well, even more, it was painted for a cardinal, for the grand son of the pope out there, the cardinal shouldn't have been ordering this kind of painting and the pope shouldn't have had
9:30 am
grandchildren. >> was this renaissance porn? >> i mean, i don't know how to answer that. >> another question, what is under the surface of these paintings? >> the artists were all known to reuse their canvass as conservators here in boston confirm. look with a composite x-ray of titian's nativity revealed. >> we found a couple of details, we found a detail of this figure's head, thephheas sd er you seis different in x-ray, much younger and no beard. >> there were other painted over figures too. >> and conservator macbeth says it helps us understand how artists try to improve their work. >> and in a way you can say that is true all through this exhibition where you are seeing artists respond to each other, and compete with each other.
9:31 am
and you also see in these studies of individual paintings, the artist making decisions, well, what am i going to do here? how am i going to do this? >> this group i love, the i called it the gentlemen of fashion, titian, tintoretto and veronese. >> they are all wearing fur. >> exactly the black clothes but beautifully trimmed with fur. >> fur, in fact was one of titian's specialties which tintoretto must have known. maybe even urging his subject to wear fur in june when he painted this portrait. >> titian i want to rival things he is famous for, famous for gloves and fur, watch, i can do it just as well. >> and veronese, his paintings is a response to both of these, veronese, these are pictures, defined and stiff let's animate it and show the beauty of the natural world. >> by 1588 the magnificent competition was over.
9:32 am
that is the year tintoretto painted this self-portrait. >> and it is 12 years after titian's death and the same year veronese died and i think tintoretto at this moment paints himself realizing he is -- he is the last man standing and the great rivalry that so inspired his art is now >> osgood: coming up -- ♪ >> osgood: a summer song. and later -- >> action. >> are you a virgin? >>nd aig binussnd a big business.
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9:34 am
♪ >> osgood: how about this old senior act of the 1960s, during what he called the folk song scare. it is not really an act of any kind, it is a hammer. if i had a hammer, i would use it in the morning. i would use it in the evening all over this land. >> pete seeger wrote that song in 1949. for rousing rousing politics, pete seeger has been
9:35 am
making waves for most of his years. >> they are airing his recent birthday celebration, now a summer song. >> on a may night backstage at madison square garden, more than 50 musicians warmed up for a birthday party. >> you have got quite a guest list coming to this. >> extraordinary guest list. >> folk hero pete seeger was turning 90. and the occasion brought out dave matthews, and john mellencamp. >> one of the first things playing the guitar was a seeger song. >> what was it? >> i had a hammer. >> the hammer of justice, it is a bell of freedom. >> the celebration which is being broadcast on pbs. >> reunited folk heroes like joe
9:36 am
baez. >> ritchey haven. >> arlo guthrie and emmylou harris. >> he is a living example of how you can change the world, one song at a time, one ban banjo te at a time. >> in his 70 year career, seeger sung with many of them before. >> did you feel like you had to be here today? >> yeah, yeah i had to be here, i wanted to wish him an awful birthday. >> oscar grouch. >> a lot of singers here, i have heard some guy named springste springsteen. >> he is incredible. he is a walking repository of american music and conscience, you know. >> the only reluctant
9:37 am
participant that night was the guest of honor himself. do you like big birthday celebrations? >> no. >> why not? >> i don't like big things. >> pete seeger who has always resisted celebrity, has become far bigger than he ever wanted to be. >> you don't like the word career, do you? >> i hate it. >> i love your music. >> thank you. >> for seeger his lifework has beof msie or a mission, a musical evangelism, to rediscover and spread america's homegrown folk songs. >> and entice even the most reluctant to sting along. to sing along. >> he has given us some of his own songs too. ♪ if i had a hammer. >> if i had a hammer. >> where have all the flowersl s gone?
9:38 am
>> long time ago. >> turn, turn, turn. >> to everything, turn, turn, turn. there is a season, turn, turn, turn. >> the son of musicians, peat pete after dropping out of harvard hooked up with woody guthrie and headed cross-country, hopping freight trains. >> it was guthrie who taught him how to live off his music. >> he says, pete, put your banjo on your back, go and buy a nickel beer and sip it as slow as you can. sooner or later somebody will say, kid, i got a quarter for you if you pick us a tune. now you swing around and play your best song. >> worked every time? >> well, i managed to never go hungry. >> on his banjo, pete seeger wrote this machine state your names hate and forcestto e surrender. >> an idea he got from gieiehru. hae s hutnig on his gr tar sanghi ts o machine kills fascism. >> i wanted to have something a little more peaceful.
9:39 am
>> >> but he carried that banjo into plenty of battles. >> in the 30s, peat peets's petm piece's social iisaldem led himl to appear at a socialist party. in 1949 withk acbl singer paul robinson he faced a violent ottot. >> it was a small crowd at the gate shouting go back to russia. >> as pete seeger drove away from the conce h whitis , falymihis car was battered with stones. >> it must have been terrifying. >> well, the family all went to the floor, and i held my head up as high as i could and the glass flew around me but i kept on driving. i think in cases of danger, i turned rather cold. >> why is that? >> i don'tly know. >> a year later, peat pete would have his greatest commercial success with a quartet called
9:40 am
the weavers. >> and we recorded two songs, one was very, very fast. >> that was the introduction, as fast as i could possibly do it. >> ♪ >> but it was the flip side that became the smash single. ♪ irene, good night. >> in 1950, good night irene spent 13 weeks at the top of the charts. >> i remember being at a restaurant and the jukebox was playing good night irene and somebody shouted, turn that thing off, i have heard that song 50 times today. >> but at the peak of their popularity the weavers became a prime target of the red scare. >> well, and the black list must
9:41 am
have said how did we let these commies slip through our fingers and right away they cut us down. >> the group had agreed to do a weekly tv show on nbc, the sponsor was van camp's pork and beans. >> but that very week, a little black listing magazine called venesigned the contract.and van. >> in 1955, pete seeger was subpoenaed to testify before the house onmehe acan a activities committee. though he had broken with the communist party, he invoked the first amendment, the right to freedom of association, and refused to testify. >> saying i think these are very erproper questions for any ticamo anbe asked. he was convicted of contempt of congress but in 1962, the ruling was over turned. >> how did you feel in the midst
9:42 am
of all of this when you were being black listed. >> well, it was a joke. the john birch society would try and stop me singing in some college, they would get in the newspaper and say this man is a goddamn communist, don't go listen to him, all he did is give me free publicity and sell more tickets. >> his concerts at schools and colleges sewed the seeds for thy sixties. >> and it was pete seeger who introduced the reverend martin luther king to an old folk song called we will overcome. >> which he altered slightly. >> we shall overcome. amen. >> why did you change will to shall. >> it sings better. >> he has always practiced what he preached. >> it was pete piece's pete
9:43 am
piece'sep ra replica heeu tth clearwater to inspire t by his side through it allon has senhi wife toshi as well as beiot t mofher he their three chilen heeas bis hn booker, punt agent and accountant. >> she said if peter would only chase women instead of causes i could leave him. >> everybody. >> at 90, pete piece's voice has weakened but still loves to cokes school kids into a sting along. >> what is it about singing for kids? >> oh you can't look at those young faces without feeling there is some hope in the world. >> and this past january, pete seeger, perhaps the most black listed artist in american
9:44 am
history, was invited to perform for then president elect obama during the inauguration festivities in washington. >> while taking some of his hardest knocks, he never lost his optimism, and so it was an amazing thing to stand alongside of him that afternoon. >> as bruce springsteen played with seeger that day he thought. >> you outlasted them all. you know, you outlasted them all and here you are, you know, and there is something inside of him knew that that day, that he was so happy. he was so happy to be there. you know. note note this land was made for you and me. gj >> osgood: ahead, battle plan.
9:45 am
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tiger woods looking for his fourth win of the year. the buick open laterg todayda n cbs sports. >> osgood: as we told you earlier it has been a grim weekend for american soldiers in afghanistan. three americans were killed today, three other u.s. soldiers were killed by roadside bomb yesterday. 43 of our troops were killed in afghanistan during july. that is the highest monthly toll in the war to date, yet there are designs of a facility everything adversary as& correspondent david martin tells us in this sunday journal. >> al qaeda has been on the roams before. most notably during the bombing of the tora bora mountains in afghanistan in late 2001, so no tie is counting them out this me. t their own leaders have now posted an extraordinary document on the web aitngti the harm is alarming, the matter is very grave. >> i think what you see is al
9:48 am
qaeda under the greatest amount of stress and pressure since the united states invaded afghanistan. >> when he worked in the bush white house cbs news correspondent helped orchestrate what has sense become known as the attack of the drones. >> missile strikes launched by the cia from unmanned predator aircraft against al qaeda sanctuaries along pakistan's border with afghanistan. >> according to u.s. officials, the strikes have killed ten of al qaeda's 20 top leaders. and hundreds of fighters. but this essay by a senior al qaeda operative says it in a way numbers cannot. so many brave commanders have been snatched away by the hands of the enemies. so many hidden homes have been leveled with their people insidg them by planes that are unheard, unseen, and unknown. >> it is not often the enemy tells you what you are doing is working? >> that's what makes this document posted for all to see on the web so extraordinary. >> i think al qaeda is paranoid,
9:49 am
they are worried, and it is a reflection of the stress that they are under, given the frequency of the attacks and the number and scale of the high level individuals who have been taken out. >> al qaeda is right to be paranoid. spies are giving away the locations of its leaders and training camps and when somebody tells the drone where to look, it is hard to escape. >> the strike from pakistan are officially secret but look at this tape from iraq, a drone spots an enemy mortar team watches undetected from 10,000 people as they pack up and drive back to their compound. then the spy in the sky attacks. >> but as deadly as the missiles can be, are they capable of defeating al qaeda? >> in the past, whenever it got too hot, osama bin laden simply found another sanctuary. >> after the u.s. invaded afghanistan, al qaeda's leaders pled to the cities of pakistan. >> after operatives like ramsey
9:50 am
bin al shid were captured in the cities the survivors fled to the border area could she flee again? >> he says no. >> that's where they are going to make their last stand, al qaeda's core leadership has lived and died in that region, and i don't see an al qaeda caravan moving from the afghan packed border region into some other part of the world. >> there are by his estimates between two and 400 core members of al qaeda left. >> but every conversation about defeating al qaeda begins and ends with just two names. >> i think in order to see al qaeda finished and many crumble, you have to kill or capture osama bin laden and zawahiri without a doubt. >> finishing al qaeda requires not just killing bin ladin and his number two saw zawahiri but upsetting any plots they have set out to carry out another 9/11. >> court documents reveal a man
9:51 am
from long island pled guilty to provide al qaeda information on the new york transit system and edvistihnon crtinars a olbeha orn ng support to girrteisms. according to the justice department one was arr veteran f training camps in afghanistan and pakistan. are there other plots already in the works? cia drones can do nothing to stop them. od: next,f time. try the new subway big chipotle cheesesteak.
9:52 am
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e?f >> osgood: summer is when millions of us head to the beach with for the pleasure of feeling sand between our toes. there are serious lessons to be learned from all of that sand. here itc butle butler and john landis of the fast draw. >> reporter: why build a sand castle? only to be swept away
9:54 am
by time? >> like this sand culture of michael jackson. >> elaborate sand paintings because they will be swept away. >> like us, they are not forever. >>nr fact, nothing lasts forever. not anger, not humor, not beauty. >> the bible talks about the foolish man who built his house on the sand. sdan >> a saand culture is held together for a moment by a little moisture, but binds the sand wthh mesoing stronger and you have gotme sandstone and have got the white house. the grata, family. >> and in a book called sand, michael document it is gritty history, he says while we have been shaping sand, sand has been shaping us. let's roll back the clock and take a look.
9:55 am
>> a man that goes by the name of the sandman. >> in ancient egypt they battled the sand. it is hard to grow food in it, and it doesn't feel too good in your eyes either. but they came to embrace the qualities to help cut stone and they melted sand into glass ornaments similar to the onesyo found in king tut's tomb. >> yes, a little glass jewelry is one thing but i guess this is not a guy that can make a glass window. >> true that came later. when the same sand then clouded the eyes made crystal clear lenz's that led us to see closer than ever and further. the warm sandy climate helped preserve egyptian mummies and sand continues to stop time today. >> sand products in toothpaste help hold back tooth decay. >> you can hold back a storm surge with backs of sand, and boat loads of sand created these islands in dubai where people
9:56 am
who could afford it built new homes. >> soy guessno w only a foolish or very wealthy man builds his house in the stand. >> and without this ancient substance we would haven't our most recent technology. >> >> the high-powered processing we depend on torun economies. >> and entertainment and war. ♪ i understand you have been running from the man that goes by the name of the sandman. >> but you know what, as hard as we struggle to make sand what we want it to be, in the end, sand is a reminder that what we want is not forever. >> #02: action. >> coming up. >> i sent her an e-mail and she ride to e-mail me back on a
9:57 am
toaster. >> osgood: the funny thing il lata, fam family affair. r42p
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> osgood: ethically, i ethnically, i mean, was he like us or -- >> a woman? >> it is sunday morning on cbs and here again is charles osgood. >> osgood: his movies such as the film super bad have exposed millions of people to the unique judd apatow sense of humor. now with his latest film, funny people, audiences are getting yet another dose. mo rocca offers this sunday profile. >> the scene was an instant comedy classic. >> wow! >> even if you haven't seen judd apatow's movies, you have heard of them. >> kelly clarkson.
10:00 am
>> you know what guys, this is not a good look for me! >> you look like a mano lantern. >> the 40 year old virgin, knocked up. >> super bad. >> do you need help with your groceries. >> oh that would be lovely young man. >> would you like me to buy you alcohol? >> that would be lovely. >> enjoy your remaining years. >> i will. >> blockbuster comedies about the arrested development of the man boy. are you a virgin? >> yeah. not since i was ten. >> all r rated and the r doesn't stand for refined. >> girls, totally gave me an opening -- >> like are you (bleep) crazy, she looks smart. >> action. >> how would you describe a judd apatow comedy? >> well, there is usually not any incredibly smart characters. because i don't know how smart people talk. because i don't talk that good.
10:01 am
>> you want to have a contest who can hold the breath the longest. >> it is sexual and a lot of idiots involved. >> but it is really just about people trying to figure out how to do better. >> people like andy stitzer. >> the happen less electronic store clerk played by steve carell. >> i am all right. >> who at age 40 is still a virgin. >> i respect women, i love women, i respect them so much that i completely stay away from them. >> okay. people want to connect, they are just scared to do it. >> the 40 year old virgin wants to connect, he is just afraid people will call him a freak so he hides in his room. >> hey, hi. >> apatow followed that with 2007's knocked up. >> starring seth row began and kathryn heigell after a drunken one night stands finds themselves unexpectedly
10:02 am
expecting. >> it lacks like you are pregnant by eight or nine weeks i would say, congratulations. >> after moving from sex -- >> do you have protection. >> i don't like guns. >> to child -- >> apatow hasth b@wiued on with his newest film funny people, continued on to death. >> i am not great at sex so at the end of every time i say i normally do better than that. >> with girlfriends you just finish up and you say, well, you know. >> adam sandler plays a stand-up comic suddenly faced with mortality. >> your immunity is faced with a serious battle. >> i am dying. >> in funny people he doesn't want to connect with people he wants to get approval and getting sick makes him realize he has no one to actually connect with although he is one of the biggest stars in the world he has no one to call and the only person he can connect
10:03 am
with is a young punk he hires to help him write jokes. >> he pays for someone to hang out with him. >> you are hiding some beautyism. >> if only i could hide that. my face is circumcised. >> much of the material in apatow's movies stem from his own experiences and as a former stand-up comic, he says this is his most personal film to date. >> this is something i am thinking about, i mean, in the broadest terms, this is what i am thinking about now, comedy, what does it mean to do this, what is the value of it?& >> so i think we have discussed this and i am very, very sympathetic to you recovery and i hope to succeed with what we are doing. >> i have been trying to build this cabinet i bought from you guys for like six months. >> yes, that is very funny. >> and makes people of the world laugh and gives them moment of respite from the pain of their day or is it just like me, like me! >> people certainly seem to like
10:04 am
his movies. they have grossed more than a billion dollars. >> but apatow the director seems less than content. >> i don't think what will work, i think what will work? what am i doing that is not working and what should i get now to fix it later? so in a way i am shooting the reshoots as i am shooting the scene. >> okay, ultimately we want this to kind of compress, so -- i shot about 2 million feet of film for funny people, and the movies are like 600,000 feet of film because in my feet i thought i better get more stuff because wha what if it isn't fu. >> we shot this with three cameras. >> just weeks before the movie's release, during this sound mixing session, apatow plays the concerned parent. >> so this playback, this is part of the process of letting go? >> yes. because after we get through these 20 minutes i can never touch this 20 minutes ever again. >> oh. if he seems unsure of his success that is because even at the young age of 41, apatow's
10:05 am
traveled a long road. >> at age ten he was already a student of comedy. >> i became obsessed with the marks brother ms. early on and he would tape-record saturday night live. >> i did because there was no video recorders back then and i& was live and you thought if i miss it, they may never rerun it ever again gj so this is important to get it on tape. >> raised on long island, he was 13 when hsisnt respa split up. how awful was that? >> well, for me, you know, the thing about divorce was it was a moment when you realized your parents didn't know everything, and that drew me to comedy because comedy was a way of trying to work out, does the world make sense? and an enterprising teen, apatow interviewed standouts like leno and jerry seinfeld for his high school radio station. >> here is his interview with comic paul reiser. >> now that you are doing movies and doing stand-up, what do you
10:06 am
find you enjoy more doing, movies or the stand-up? >> i enjoy sleeping late. >> as soon as he could, he moved to la to try his own hand at stand-up. >> i am not a bad looking guy, inam just good-looking enough that if i had a good personality it would push me over the top, if i had it. >> his roommate a then unknown adam sandler. >> used is very enthusiastic about comedy. >> we sat down with sandler along with funny people co-stars seth row began and leslie mann he was the only comedian out of all of us would come home excited about another guy being great. >> wow! >> we were all like, oh, man, i better get going. my game, angry somebody is better than us, judd would come up, did you -- oh, my god! he killed it! >> while comedy was calling, stand-up, not so much. >> to be a great comic, you
10:07 am
usually have to be very angry, and i wasn't that angry. you know, i was a jewish boy from long island, things didn't go that bad. so for me to really have the juice to get all worked up. >> so apatow turned full time to writing for others. >> roseanne. >> his buddy adam sandler. >> and gary stand command link. >> and then apatow collaborated on a tv series. >> i hate high school. >> about outcasts at a michigan high school. >> it was a turning point because it was the first time that, you know, as we started kicking around ideas i thought oh maybe that thing happened to me might also be interesting. >> ♪ loneliness starts thinking in. >> like the autobiographical episode about a teen misfit returning to an empty house, flipping on the dinah shore talk show and finding solace in the
10:08 am
comedy of gary shandling. >> then i realized this simple really difficult struggles of life are fascinating. so i stopped trying to think of high concepts for comedy and i tried to think of relatable, high sex issues that high sex issues a it got rich we are his 12 year actress to leslie mann. >> do you feel like your home life is constantly being mined for material? >> i think the two of us the like to do that together we like to mine our own lives and talk about it, i don' i don't fe he is snatching my experiences away from me. i am happy to give them. >> why do you -- >> take this all too real season from knocked up. >> why don't you get out of the car in the middle of nowhere. >> get out of this car. >> i own my car get out of this car. >> no. when your wife kicks you out of the car to the way of the gynecologist you have to think to yourself does this mean i can go home or have to somehow find
10:09 am
a way to get there, because i might get in more trouble if i don't show up. >> and what did you do? >> that's when you are looking for cabs in the middle of the boulevard. >> nothing is going on around here. >> don't mock me. i don't appreciate it. >> his wife has equal billing with sandler and row began in funny people. >> but make no mistake, the apatow stable of stars is pretty much a guy's club. >> when are you going to write the movie with the big female lead? >> i may be missing the part to make them or i have the part you don't need to make them, if you will. >> but that instinct perspective has fueled a movie making juggernaut. >> at this point i have achieve& an enormous amount of goals, you know, to be a comic, to make some movies, have people like some of the movies, so it really does feel like, okay, this is a real act now. >> you do steam really happy. >> i am happy. and if i am not happy, i should
10:10 am
be punched in the face. >> right? there is no reason >>is be. >> osgood: next, cash for clunkers in the fast lane. has progress taken us to a better place? i'd say it's taken us for a ride. honestly, what thanks do we owe progress? we're up to our necks in landfill, and down to the wire in resources and climate change is out to get us. that's why progress plays no role inside post shredded wheat. here, we put the "no" in innovation. post original shredded wheat is still just the one simple, honest ingredient which naturally comes with vitamins, minerals and fiber. all we did was make it spoon size. did we go too far? if your kids can go onward and upward, no matter what. if you get side-lined from work.
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10:12 am
be. >> osgood: after promises of billions more of federal dollars, it is still full speed ahead for the so-called cash for clunkers program this weekend. randal pinkston has the story behind the headlines. >> good luck to you. >> yesterday morning ron holmes drove off with his new van from a new jersey dealer ship after driving 250 miles to buy the car he wanted but couldn't find at home in maryland, holmes was afraid he missed out on trading in his clunker, a a 1995 chevy van but it all worked out. >> s so how much of a discount e you going to get. >> $7,000 altogether once the, you know, from the sticker price. >> and that includes 3,500 dollars from the car lo
10:13 am
allowance recent system known as cash for clunkers. >> so far nearly a quarter of a million cars have been turned in nationwide, its success is a welcome surprise to car dealers like camille ash car and we sold nine cars since the program started that is within a week. >> the billion-dollar program launched just ten days ago is supposed to last until november then on thursday came reports that the money had run out in just one week. leaving car dealers confused and nervous. >> i am not going to sell a car based on a cash for clunkers unless i know i was guaranteed the money. there is no way that the dealership can have 3,500 to 4,500 dollars loss on a sale. >> the white house guarantees the program, at least through the end of today. so oshkar is continuing to provide the clunker discount. >> transportation secretary ray lahoud yesterday sought to reassure dealers and prospective car buyers that the plan would continue. >> no one should worry, go out
10:14 am
and buy a car. >> on friday the house guaranteed an dish $2 billion to continue the program. >> analyst rebecca lyndon believes the senate now has to do the same. >> they are central lid deals that are on the table right now i think the government will fund, because otherwise they are leaving the dealership holding the bag. >> while dealers like the program, they don't like the 136 page rule book, and complain about a constantly crashing web site that they must use to register clunkers and get government reimbursement. >> still, already no complaints about the crush of potential buyers. >> if there was no cash for clunkers program, would you be doing this trade-in? >> no, not today. >> and just as happy, judge yard owners like ed malone. >> who don't mind owning a clunker one bit. >> we are getting a lot more cars in, it is good for busine s nbu
10:15 am
si>>ness. tired of video fa
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avodart. help take care of your growing problem >> osgood: cbs poll out this past week, americans are almost evenly split whether president obama is trying to accomplish too much, with 48 percent saying he is. our contributor ben stein is among them. g> when i was ati ame i, igo chn time ago, if i tried to do two things at once my father would say, one thing at a time and use both hands. dad that might also be good for our chief executive president president obama who seems to think he is an octopus. he is simultaneously trying to get universal healthcare, to stimulate the economy, to revamp the car and truck industry, to totally reorganize energy production and use, to fix california's water problems, to help michigan, helped distressed communities and countless meetings overseas, this guy must
10:18 am
have permanent jet lag, i would like to offer two thoughts, one thing at a time or at least one big thing and stay home for a while. the one big thing we really need to hit is the recession. it is a cruel beast, 9.5 percent unemployment, a devastated housing market, good people losing their homes, a whole nation living in fear of the pink slip, it does not look as if the trillions the government spent so far have gotten us out of it yet or even close. real people are really suffering. can we please concentrate on that? and can we stop running around the world to meetings and just work on building up public confidence so we can get our recovery and please stop beating up the oil industry it is one of he only strong bus ttasititn'ee d itast de anything wrong. why isap and trade a system for selling pollution credits to supposedly clean the air going to bear down one industry oil which is a has done nothing blameworthy, why don't we worry about that when we have full
10:19 am
employment, look, president obama is a smart capable guy but he is a novice, isn't there someone with experience in the white house like joe venuti like mr. president, stay home and fix the economy and then we will go shopping, can anyone tell the president that? anyone? anyone? anyone? >> osgood: commentator from ben stein. bob schieffer in washington will look ahead on what is ahead on face the nation, good morning, bob. >> well, there are signs the recession may be bottoming out and we will talk to the chief economic advisor at the white house, larry summers about it. >> osgood: thank you, bob schieffer, we will be watching. and ahead now on sunday morning. >> nine children out ofof the cotton fields. >> 31 years after charles kuralt's visit we cat up with the chandlers. everyone's nervous going back to school. ♪
10:20 am
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>> osgood: summertime is prime time for family reunions, and it is also a great time to go on the road. this morning, steve hartman follows a trail blazed three decades ago by a dear old friend of ours. >> even though a lot of the people at this year's chandler family reunion weren't even born the first time cbs news covered it, the event began almost identically. >> >> with much cheering and much hugging. >> the nine children of alex and mary chandler are coming home. >> charles kuralt first came here to prairie, mississippi 31 years ago and the story he found
10:23 am
in this family was easily one of the most inspirational of his career. >> the chandler family started with near nothing as any family in america ever did. >> alex chandler remembers the time when he had a horse and a cow and tried to buy a mule, and couldn't make the payments and lost the mule, the horse and the cow. >> and about that time cleveland, the first son, decided he wanted to go to college. >> we went to town and borrowed $2 and a half and bought him a bus ticket to go up there. >> from that beginning, he became doctor chief and chandler, professor of the cleveland university. >> he helped put his brother luther in college and helped james who helped herman and to make a long story short, all nine children are college graduates. >> it was the ultimate american success story. >> that was then. and that is still. >> i knew that i was going to
10:24 am
graduate from college. i just knew it. >> and it was a given. we just grew up that way. it was a given. you just expect to succeed. you expect to win. >> cleveland junior got a master's degree in music and now plays violin with the u.s. air force band. his sister kim wasn't as musically gifted so she just became a neurosurgeon. >> today there are 37 chandler grandchildren with more than 37 college degrees. >> talk to the original chandler children and they will credit fair family's continued success on faith, family, education, and appreciation for the sacrifices that came before them. >> of course the challenge for future generations will be keeping that history alive. but that is where the commanders will have an ace in the hole. >> nine children out of the cotton fields. >> in a way it was a great gift that charles kuralt gave you guys. >> he had no idea. >> there is so much value in that piece that you can go back and be able to teach a lesson.
10:25 am
>> and when your kids start not appreciating things -- >> you take them back to that clip. >> will be to uncle kuralt. >> absolutely. >> i know in the future whenever i hear that the family is a dying institution, i will think of them. >> whenever i hear anything in america is impossible, i will think of them. >> and if the challengeders will ever need reminding how special they are, i am sure they will think of charles by 2010, 30%... of the data stored on the world's computers will be medical images. the trouble is all of that information is trapped. x-rays aren't talking to... medical records aren't talking to... patient histories aren't talking to... insurance forms. we're trying to connect all that data... make it smart. we would see the patterns in your medical history... in the histories of entire populations. predict dangerous drug combinations. we could tailor cures... to your genetic code. put the focus back where it belongs, on the patient.
10:26 am
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10:28 am
i am charles osgood, please join us again next sunday morning, until then, i will see you on the radio. captioning sponsored by cbs and johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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