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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  August 7, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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good evening school bells will ring louder soon and the government wants you to know what it is doing to keep the v, v virus from spreading. there are concerns about more cases once children return to class. officials expect the vaccine to be available by mid october and they want schools to be the principal site for getting flu shots. the decision to close schools will be left to local authorities. we're also developing and sharing mitigation measures. huge range of strategies to help to limit the spread of the flu from encouraging people and children to wash their hands frequently, stay home when they are sick, to advising communities on how to respond
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to outbreaks. >> reporter: nearly 1,000 schools across the country shut their doors because of the h1n1 virus. the centers for disease control says six people will now -- sick people will now be allowed to return to work or school, 24 hours after their fever breaks. schools across our region listened closely and they are adjusting their flu plans. bruce leshan has reaction from parents and school leaders in fairfax county. >> mohammad, jocelyn, mike, jack, melanie. >> reporter: fairfax county school officials say from the start they will teach children to stay home if they are sick. if kids come to school sick any way they will have places to isolate them until parents can come and pick them up but they say it is unlikely to be large numbers of sick children that determine if the schools closed. >> i think my level is if you have to have a functioning school where kids can come to learn. >> reporter: some parents need to be sold on the idea that school should stay open even if some of the children have swine
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flu. >> i think it is a crazy idea to keep the school open with we don't know how many children are sick there. >> reporter: one issue is the timing. most schools will reopen in september and the vaccine is not likely to be ready until mid october. and even then you may have to get two shots for it to really work. hundreds of schools closed in confusion of swine flu last year. experts hope to avoid that this fall but one of the challenges is how quickly influenza mutates. >> we can't plan for when the wave of influenza will come. we can't plan for severity or when the vaccine will be ready or how much there will be. >> reporter: in addition to the usual spots, the feds are hoping to immune size thousands of children at schools but the logistics of that have to be worked out. in fairfax county, bruce leshan, 9 news now and >> school officials are making
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all kinds of plans for children to learn at home in case they have to close schools but officials in fairfax county say they are well aware that sending youngsters home is a huge hassle for the kids and the parents. tomorrow judge sonia sotomayor will be sworn in as the country's first hispanic supreme court justice. yesterday the senate voted 68- 31 to elevate sonia sotomayor to the nation's highest court. her swearing in takes place tomorrow at 11 a.m. people living in one northern virginia community are on edge tonight. police are tracking down thieves who robbed a dozen homes in loudoun and fairfax county. survey chin is live in herndon where several homes were hit. tell us more about these hits. >> well, the crooks are targeting indian americans. they are taking jewelry and they know exactly which house to go to because of these type of ornaments hanging in the window. >> her home was ransacked but
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what she is most heart broken about is the jewelry the crooks stole. they were heirlooms given to her by her mother who passed away ten years ago. >> now i think of that every day that at least i could recover something that belonged to my mom. >> reporter: she nearly came face to face with the thieves as they tried to break in. >> i was coming in the door and saw the door the framing broke in it and i am wondering what is happening and then started to scream. what is going on. >> reporter: many families are forced to change their habits to keep their homes safe. some are not keeping their gold at homes and others are not keeping up with tradition like taking their garlands down. the victims believe they have become easy targets because of the ornaments above the door in the window. >> indians have a lot of gold in their place. we carry 24 karat gold and with the soaring price of gold it is an easier target.
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>> many people have taken their jewelry out of their homes and put it in a place such as a bank. the break ins are widespread across fairfax county and also in loudoun county. it started back in the fall but it started to pick up in the last couple of months. reporting live in herndon, surae chinn, 9 news now and >> all right. thank you for that. the fenty administration released its preliminary investigation today of the fire that destroyed a mansion on chain bridge road last week and it confirmed that firefighters were hampered by low water pressure from aging water mains. the report also made clear that the city does not know all of the areas in the city that could face similar troubles in the event of a big fire. >> something like this, really to give the public what it needs will have to go on a little while longer, because i don't believe, having lived in the city, served on the council for six years and mayor for 2 1/2, i don't think that any investigation of this nature
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has ever taken place. >> reporter: fenty says the investigation will continue with emphasis on basic infrastructure and the ability to deliver water to firefighters. the city council has also scheduled hearings for next month. a stafford father is behind bars tonight charged with killing his newborn son. investigators say that jason andre shook the 7 week old baby and tried to cover it up. medics were called to his home in june after he called 911 to say the baby was not breathing. doctors say his injuries were consistent with shaken baby syndrome. the baby -- the man that killed three women at a ess club outside of a gym in pittsburgh bought accessories for the gun at the same store as the virginia tech shooter. the dealer is cooperating with investigators. george sodini killed himself after the shooting on tuesday. joe who bought a .22 caliber
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gun killed 32 people at virginia tech. a boat house goes up in flames. now investigators are searching for survivors. and it is a holiday in virginia this weekend. did you know? but first, tony is out on the terrace with a quick look at the forecast. >> a beautiful friday evening but we will turn up the heat this weekend. we wiltaoulkabatis int th s.te t lolo okat r up70pes nu s.mb uppe 70s w louplow s.80 d owntown. the weather is coming up in a few minutes. first we have to see what brett haber has to say. >> we are live at redskins training camp. tomorrow is the first game and the coach is playing it safe. we will tell you who is in and out. that is coming up in 16 minutes. 9 news now returns in 75 seconds. 38
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if you have a lead foot and drive in maryland you want to know about this. right now montgomery county is the only county that has speed cameras but that is about to change. a statewide law goes in to affect. cash for clunkers program just got a much-needed jump start. president obama signed a $2 billion extension in to law this morning. after the senate voted to extend the popular program until labor day. car owners can get up to $4,500 to trade in their old gas guzzlers for newer, more fuel efficient vehicles. shoppers and retailers are
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having a party in virginia on the state's dime. virginia is holding the fourth sales tax holiday for school supplies now through sunday. if you buy anything related to school like supplies or clothes you don't have to pay the state's 5% sales tax. it will cost the state $4 million but that is $4 million that shoppers can save. >> i came to go school shopping from my son. save with the tax free. >> i will save with the sale going on and probably about $20. >> that's not bad. dc and maryland got rid of their sales tax holiday because of their crippled budget. virginia lawmakers decided to keep it as a way to help taxpayers and retailers. here's a way to save money. it is more than a condiment you use to make salad dressings but vinegar does not only reign supreme in the heotr
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ucprhen tsnymaand heot r av sa ts hean red 'se anw a lot on mofey. pots and ean pots pans, remove pet urine stains from carpet, ftensoth e drlaunso ad and get rid of bathroom scum. for more tips and ideas, go to our website at and click on living smart. coming up. >> i'm audrey barnes. a tip line at montgomery county police headquarters met a very big suspect, a registered sex offender. i will have the story straight ahead. coming up, despite signs the recession maybe easing, laid off workers are in search of new jobs. we'll tell you why getting rehired is only the first step to recovery. that storythe the cbs evening news after 9 news now. r
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is. event. investigators believe one set a fire at the repo auto sales lot. no one was hurt. right now no reported injuries in this boat house blaze near boston but they are not sure if anyone was inside at the time the fire broke out. so the search for victims goes on just in case but the boat house, as you can see, is pretty much all gone. tonight, two window washers are glad to be on the ground after a harrowing rescue hundreds of feet in the air. the men got stuck this morning after their work platform tilted. both of them happened to be wearing safety harnesses, so they were not seriously hurt. it took crews an hour to slide down the building to get to the men. a career firefighter in montgomery county is charged with trying to solicit sex from a teenager girl, but police say 44-year-old wayne mothershed answered an internet ad posted by a female police officer posing as a 16-year-old girl. mothershed has been suspended from the fire department with pay. he faces up to ten years in jail, if he is convicted.
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four philadelphia police officers fired for this beating caught on tape have been cleared of abuse charges by a grand jury. the district attorney says the suspects were resisting arrest, although they are seen on the ground at the time of the may 5th incident. the fraternal order of police is now working to get those officers reinstated. montgomery county police say the latest crime-fighting technology is right at your fingertips. a new texting tip line. say that fast. it is up and running and it's already resulted in a major arrest. digital correspondent, audrey barnes has the story. >> reporter: convicted sex offender david kaine had been living under the radar in this poolesville, maryland neighborhood. he never let the state registry know about his new address when he moved from frederick. thanks to an anonymous text, montgomery county police were able to track him down. >> we were able to do an investigation and try to get a warrant and arrested him the same day. >> she says cane is the first
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person police arrested after getting a tip by text. detectives are following up on hundreds of leads they have received since the text a tip program went in to affect. >> a lot of times we catch criminals that way through community members and citizens. >> reporter: besides the texting program, the department is also launched a web tip program where you can make anonymous tips on-line and a on the tip line is now manned by live operators. since so many people have camera phones these days a good thing is you can upload photos of suspects and crimes. >> reporter: the tips are keeping police busy but it is work they don't mind a bit. >> even if it is a small, minute issue or problem that somebody is seeing, letting us know about it can only help. >> reporter: 9 news now and >> if you would like to text in a tip or upload a photo for montgomery county police, we will put the information on how you can do it on our website.
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that is construction is going to soon begin on a park to honor one of dc's native sons. today mayor fenty and other officials broke ground on what will become marvin gaye park. now that's what is going on. >> it is located at division avenue and fifth streets northeast. >> what a great day to break ground. >> what a great artist. >> great artist, great man and like you said great forecast for today. if they had done this tomorrow. >> forget about this. they would be fanning. >> over the weekend it will be tough but so far this summer we can't complain. a couple of hot days in a row and when you look back on the upper of 2009 you will put in your head this wasn't such a bad summer. >> usually by now we have had at least one. >> usually a lot of those with heat index over 100 and code red days and all of that. we haven't done that once this summer. we may do it on sunday and monday with the heat index over
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100 degrees and poor air quality and that stuff but certainly a rare event this summer. start with the three-day trend first. you will see what we were talking about, there it is 95 on sunday and monday. the heat will not stick around long, though. i will show you that in the seven-day forecast and discuss it in great detail momentarily. clear to partly cloudy skies the rest of the night. nice right now. on the weather deck, hardly any humidity, low temperatures will be in the upper 50s in the cooler suburb by saturday morning. mid to upper 60s in the city. tomorrow the wind will shift to the south and the humidity will go up and a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. that would be anytime during the day, not just in the afternoon. a couple of storms to the west could make it in here in the morning on saturday, but with the peek of sunshine i think we will be close to 90. sunrise tomorrow morning at 6:16. here's the weather setup right now. high pressure is drifting in from the northwest. that is giving us mild and pleasant conditions with a few high thin clouds and the
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relative humidity is only 29% with a dew point of 43. that's very unusual for this time of the year. comfortable temperature of 83 at national airport. most spots in the low 80s right now except at the patuxent naval air station, 79. same thing in winchester. the northern suburbs will likely drop at least briefly in the upper 50s by tomorrow morning. if we expand the view a little bit an look around the country, a big dome of heat in the midwest. there's some thunderstorms that have developed across the top othe heat dome and they are drifting across chicago in to us. they will probably hold together and may drift through here in the morning tomorrow but then after that the jet stream will retreat to the north and the heat will get a chance to come and visit the mid-atlantic region. but it is not going to stick around very long. that's the trend most of the summer. if we get a couple of hot days
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it goes away quickly after that. 95 on sunday and monday. and then after that a cold front will come through. monday night and during the day on tuesday with scattered showers and thunderstorms. and that will drop the temperatures back in the 80s by the middle of next week. so, yes, it will be hot and uncomfortable but just a couple of days there and i do believe both days on sunday and monday the heat index will be around 100 degrees, perhaps even higher than that. and compared to the rest of the summer that will feel very oppressive, especially because we are not used to having that. it can be shocking to the system. >> all right. if you drive all the way to ashburn, and you go to training camp. >> yes. >> you really want to see the marquee players. you want see the big names. >> i'd rather see brett haber. >> tony, you are too kind. >> if you come out for the
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scrimmage tomorrow would you rather see all of your favorite players or keep them safe until it really counts? jim zorn is saying today he will take the conservative route. coming up we will let you know who is in and who's out for tomorrow's scrimmage. the news is a long list. plus, london, rocky and rack. the redskins threesome of horror. you'll meet them live from camp after this. tony, thanks for saying that. ( crack of bat, cheering )
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other rare but serious side effects may occur.
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welcome back to redskins training camp, everybody. there is a scrimmage tomorrow complete with tackling, hiking then and the good football stuff. the bad news is all the guys you want to watch this that scrimmage will be on the sideline chilling. jim zorn announced due to injury or general cautiousness he will hold most of the big stars out of tomorrow's scrimmage including portis, moss, haynesworth, hall, thomas, williams, daniels, rogers, griffin, thomas on the upside, campbell will play tomorrow and zorn says it is still going to be a good show. >> you may not see the stars but you will see a lot of great
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veterans and a lot of good rookies trying to make this football team. it will be spirited. >> looking forward to it. get the competitive juices going, man and get out there and do it. >> on the maybe list for tomorrow's scrimmage is redskins linebacker london fletcher. although with 133 tackles last year i think we feel pretty comfortable with what he is capable of. the entire redskins corps is developed in to one of the most po tent in all of football with the addition of orakpo and the maturation of macintosh entering his fourth year. opponents shall enter the middle of the redskins defense at their own peril. >> definitely want to go out there and dominate and have fun while we are at it. fletcher will enforce it a lot and me and brian are going to wreak havoc. >> linebackers you are going to have a chance to make a lot of plays. you have a tremendous amount of responsibility and i think we
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will show up. >> i think they will. for more on this ninth day of training camp, including coach zorn's uncut press conference today in my latest video blog check out our website at down a level, the "usa today" preseason coaches poll was released today for college football. to the shock of no one the gators are number one followed by texas, oklahoma and usc. virginia tech is number seven. maryland and navy each got two votes in the poll. all right. if you are one of those people who believes america will never embrace soccer as a big-time sport. i want you to tell me that on sunday night when 70,000 people show up at fedex field to watch dc united host madrid in what will be the biggest soccer crowd in the history of washington. the black and red welcome the the most successful club in the world in the 20th century.
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madrid has won nine european cups, u other cups and titles and they have two of the best players perhaps in the world. imagine the pandemonium if united beat them. >> it is a once in a lifetime. you know, it is like playing -- it is a childhood dream to play the best players in the world. >> dc united with its own history in the u.s. and just makes it for a perfect matchup. >> reporter: it will be awesome. little tennis this afternoon. tommy taking on gonzalez. gonzalez the australian open finalist had one break point in the first set but he converted it. that is him bottom of the screen in the white. that ball is long. he won the first set 7-5 and second 6-4. he will feet the -- meet the defending champion in the semis. he what a walk over when one
6:29 pm
withdrew. tonight roddick will play. a debate over whether our slip and slide video from last night is real. this is from a ski resort in germany. he launches himself down a take off ramp and launches himself in the kid did pool. now, i think they doctored this thing up like we did with that 110-yard field goal from last year. are you a believer in this thing? >> no, it is fishy to me. i think we need to do more investigative work on that. >> i think they made an edit in midair when they were zoomed out and threw a dummy down the ramp because if you miss that, the kid did pool you are dead. >> oh, yeah. that's a one take video. >> that's true. >> all right. we will see you later. >> we were calculating the trajectories. >> we're going that did not happen that way. >> she says no after quick calculations that that is not possible. >> quick seven day, up around 90


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