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tv   The Early Show  CBS  August 15, 2009 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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fanning the flames. california governor schwarzenegger declares a state of emergency as thousands of acres burn in the raging fires outside of santa cruz. an rx for health care? the president goes west looking for the health care momentum he lost somewhere back east. jon and kate plus the police? a blowout at the pennsylvania home of the now separated tv stars brings the cops in and we have got all the details. incapacitiably yours. red hot americans? i don't think so. 20% of us are in a sexless marriage. our doctor has the antidote and it doesn't require health care reform. interesting. early this saturday morning, august 15th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs
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hi, everyone, welcome to "the early show" on a saturday morning. i'm chris wragge. >> a beautiful saturday. it is august 15th. i'm erica hill. glad to have you with us today. >> we're talking about sexless marriages and what does define a sexless marriage? they're talking about it, the experts are. >> they got numbers. >> less than ten times a year, we're calling it shock. and ah. >> that's very cute. very cute. that's why we keep you around. >> we have some solutions. >> yes. we're not going to leave you in a lurch here. not having sex, so sorry. julie powell is here, who is the woman behind, of course if you read this book, i was a big fan, she wrote the blog, the blog became the book, the book became the inspiration for the movie, "julie & julia," big hit in theaters. she's joining us today on what would be julia child's birthday to cook up a few of julia's recipes this morning. she's our "chef on a
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shoestring.." >> an honor to have her with us. also our trainer, trainer to the stars, trainer to the thoroughbreds as we like to say -- we know that's always fun when sarah is here. she'll put tlous through the motions, total body workout, top to bottom. >> i don't know where all those things are. clearly they need work. we'll get to that over the next two hours. first to our top story, a string of out of control wildfires burning in california. the fires extend from shasta county in the north to santa barbara. more than 2400 people have been forced to evacuate and a state of emergency has already been declared. dry rugged terrains, are hampering fire fighting efforts. john blackstone has more. good morning to you. >> reporter: the good news on this fire is that so far no homes have been lost and there are no reports of injuries. the bad news is that it is only 15% contained and firefighters are not being helped by the
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weather. pushed by strong winds, the wildfire in northern california santa cruz mountains has been growing steadily. it has now burned across eight straight miles and left thousands of homeowners on edge. >> looks like a war scene, people evacuating and this big blowing mass in the north sky. >> reporter: the fire is now burning toward the town of bonny doon. its residents among 2400 who have evacuated their homes. >> there could be a major problem for bonny doon, including our house. >> there is a lot of homes in its path. we're talking between 600 and 1,000 homes. that's a big deal for us. >> reporter: this fire is being fueled by thick undergrowth and a tinder dry forest. for firefighters it particularly challenging to fight because of the steep hillsides and rugged canyons. much of the battle has been from the air, helping fire crews who made their stand around the many homes scattered in the canyons. >> i'm tired. i'm shot right now.
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but we saved a eenth p >> reporter: costs are a concern in a state with huge budget problems. california recently cut $27 million from its fire fighting budget. officials say they'll buy less new equipment, but spend as much as they need to on the fire lines. now, fire crews have come from all over the state to fight this fire. later this morning, governor arnold schwarzenegger is coming to fire headquarters here to be briefed on this blaze and others burning across the state. chris? >> john, you talked earlier in your report about containment being a problem. what about the weather now as far as later on today and going forward this week? what are we looking at? >> reporter: well, overnight, again, we're lucky here. the winds have calmed down. but the winds have been a big problem here. and looking forward to this weekend, the fire bosses are quite worried about the weather. strong winds through the weekend and winds in the wrong direction pushing this fire toward some communities and population centers here. >> cbs' john blackstone this
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morning. thank you very much. here's erica. want to get to our top story this morning and that is health care. president obama taking his push for health care reform out west. stops include montana and colorado. cbs news us who correspondent chip reid is traveling with the president and joins us from big sky this morning with more. good morning, chip. >> reporter: good morning, erica. the president came here to big sky country for a town hall meetin his critics were predicting that this would be the time he would finally see that anger over health care reform face to face. >> hello, montana! >> reporter: it was clear right from the start this crowd was on his side. >> welcome and thank you. i believe in reform as well. >> reporter: the president lightened the mood even more with a little humor. >> here in montana, you got bears and moose and elk and in washington you just have mostly bulls. >> reporter: but finally some anger from a man who turned the president's humor against him.
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>> that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. >> reporter: the president said he would not raise taxes on the middle class but the plan would be paid for. still looking to take on some rage head on, the president even asked for a tougher question. >> i want somebody who has got a concern or is skeptical about health care. >> reporter: he got an insurance salesman who wanted to know why he changed his strategy -- >> and decided to vilify the insurance company. >> reporter: there was vocal opposition outside of the event. a half a mile away at the designated protest site. the president will spend part of today touring yellowstone national park with his family, wife michelle and daughters sasha and malia. then he heads for western colorado for another town hall meeting and will see if it is as friendly as the reception he got here in montana. erica? >> chip reid, i know you'll be there to catch it all. let's turn to priya david to get
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a look at the other news this morning. >> good morning, erica and chris. good morning, everyone. seven have been killed and some wounded in a car bombing in kabul. cbs news correspondent mandy clark is in the afghan capital this morning with details on the violence. mandy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, priya. the car bomb exploded outside the headquarters of u.s. and nato troops in kabul. it happened five days ahead of the national elections. it happened in a heavily fortified area that also houses the u.s. embassy and the afghan presidential palace. the taliban immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. a nato spokesman said afghan security forces had stopped the car and that's when the bomber decided to detonate. all the people killed or wounded in the attack were afghan nationals. >> anybody who is willing to kill innocent afghans is not here thinking about the good of
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the afghan people. >> reporter: the timing of the attack is particularly significant. just five days before the presidential elections. the city had been readied for an attack wh increased security ahead of thursday's vote. the taliban has called on afghans not to vote and they have threatened more violence to disrupt election day. priya? >> mandy, thank you so much. the air traffic controller chatting on the phone at the time of last week's deadly crash over the hudson river was apparently talking about a dead cat at the airport. officials say the controller at first warned -- failed to warn the plane's pilot of the other aircraft in its path. he then tried to contact the pilot just before the accident but was unsuccessful. nine people were killed when the plane collided with a tour helicopter. and when you think about family planning, this isn't usually what you have in mind. two sisters in cincinnati, ohio, have taken it to a new level by
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delivering baby daughters on the same day. 32-year-old christa myer and her 26-year-old sister ann nary phelps gave birth to baby girls within an hour of each other, at the same hospital. both babies were 21 inches long, delivered by the same doctor and have the same middle name, rose. nine after the hour. over to lonnie quinn with our first check of the weather. >> wow. that's cute. >> you wonder if they'll get dressed up like twins, same outfit every day. >> cousins are close oftentimes anywhere but can you imagine the same birthday? that's fabulous. we have to talk about weather out there. there really is a situation i have to address. first and foremost in california, we heard from john blackstone, only about 15% of the fires contained as of right now. unfortunately we don't see any relief from mother nature. it looks to stay bone dry for the foreseeable future. the other big story we have, strong low pressure system around the dakotas. a trailing cold front. what happens when you have warm air on one side with temperatures in the 80s and cold air on the back side, temperatures only in the 60s today, with that air clashes
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like that, youet really strong showers and storms and unfortunately you can't even rule out tornadic activity as a whole thing pushes to the east. that's going to be a player in the pga championship later today, you can watch it here on cbs. that's a quick look at the national picture. >> everybody, that's going to do it for weather. chris over to you. >> lonnie, thanks so much. on friday it became official michael vick is getting a second chance. the disgraced nfl star was once the highest paid player in the league. now he's the newest member of the philadelphia eagles. vick served 18 months in prison after his felony conviction for running a brutal dogfighting ring. james brown spoke at length with
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vick in an exclusive interview airing tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern time on cbs' "60 minutes." i sat down with j.b. and asked him what's in store for the eagles organization now that they signed a player like vick. >> in terms of sizing up the impact, they can expect some reaction from the populous. especially the animal rights lovers out there for sure. it is not going to be an easy road to hoe. >> a distraction to say the least, not only for the other players on the team, the city of philadelphia. do you think they're all ready for what this all encompasses, bringing this guy, this is a lightning rod issue with michael vick. >> i think it continues to be seen. the parameters the team was look for was a strong organization, jeff lurie, the team owner, a strong solid citizen to say the least, andy reid, a very strong coach, for sure, a quarterback entrenched not threatened by michael vick and donovan mcnabb, the starting quarterback, lobbied to bring michael vick there as well too. so at least they have done their homework and feel comfortable with the likes of former nfl
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coach tony dungy being involved. they made a good decision. >> you spoke obviously exclusively with michael vick for 60 minutes. let's listen to his sound bite, an excerpt from the interview. >> it was wrong, j.b. and, you know, i feel, you know, i feel, you know tremendous hurt behind what happened. and, you know, i should have took the initiative to stop it all, you know, and i didn't. i didn't step up. i wasn't a leader. >> okay. we know he's sitting down for an interview with you. did you get a feeling, you know this man, you've been in the league long enough and experienced enough of the players and interviewed them, did he seen genuinely remorseful? >> one thing i tried to do throughout this is maintain a reporter's cap of impartiality. i wa i wanted people to look at interview and judge for themselves. he stated consistently and believably, he was the one responsible, not blaming anyone else. number two, he talked about
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being introduced to the sport, if you will, not a sport, it shouldn't be characterized as such, but to dogfighting at an early age. he didn't see anything wrong with it because older people had introduced him to it. thirdly, he recognizes the error of his ways, he's apologized for it. and, fourth, he's passionately committed to making certain he impacts youngsters in urban markets around the country by going talk with them. >> he's got no leeway here. is he mentally ready to handle all this, not only getting back into the league, all the backlash. it is tough to play in the nfl when you go to visiting stadiums. and something like this, philadelphia is a tough place to play, been in prison the last 18 months as well, is he ready for this? >> a fair question to ask. it remains to be seen the answer. tony dungy said i don't think mike vick you understand how serious a challenge it will be. it will be an uphill road to climb. number two, if you look at how he handled things in atlanta, he displayed a ferretair amount of
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hubris and arrogance. so he's aware of the fact of the matter is how he deals with under fire remains to be seen. >> j.b., thanks, we appreciate it. >> good to be here with this quarterback, you. >> you can see his interview with michael vick on "60 minutes" this sunday at 7:00 p.m. eastern on cbs. >> all eyes on philadelphia this season. up next, jon and kate plus some cops? the latest on that 911 call that brought police to their home. plus, hollywood's new fall guy, harry hurt is off to stunt school. is he in for a world of hurt? ♪
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it is so good. jon and kate, plus a few police. more than a few. cops called to the pennsylvania home of the separated reality star jon and kate gosselin on thursday night after the mom of eight called 911. according to radar online, a shouting match erupted when kate arrived at the house unexpectedly and jon refused to
8:17 am
let her in. >> jon said the dispute was over visitation rights with the children and his choice of baby-sitters. inside the house thursday night was 23-year-old nanny steffi santoro, an alleged paramour of jon's. kate spent the night at a nearby hotel. if you've been following this family over the past few months, they seem to be on the cover of every tabloid magazine. >> a lot of print and air time. >> it never ends. >> not the last we have heard either, even about that incident. we'll keep you posted. harry hurt traveling far and wide as you know, trying his hand at various jobs around the country. today he's taking a swing at the art of the punch, learning the trick to the stuntman trade at the hollywood stunt school here in brooklyn, new york. ♪ >> what's the difference beten a stunt fight and a real fight in. >> in a real fight, you're
8:18 am
working against an opponent. in a stunt fight, you're working with a partner. >> what am i going to have to keep in mind here? >> safety. keep in mind partnering. keep in mind about technique. >> then i'm just going to be able to -- >> show them your fist here so you can see it and then come right through, but not actually into his face. we don't see that you're missing from back there. >> there. feel like batman. >> now, just hit the ground. >> well, i've got stunt fighting mastered. now it is on to the high fall. >> do you really want to jump? do you want to? >> what do i have to do to learn the high fall? >> i'll show you the step down here before we go up there, into the air bag. >> we're going to go up there? >> yes, sir.
8:19 am
i wait until the last second to turn. >> good. >> all you're doing is falling backwards. like you're going into your bed. ♪ >> all right, anthony. i guess this is the moment of truth. what am i going to do now? >> jump, do the technique into the bag. >> how do i get out in. >> roll off. >> oh, man. well, they say the hardest part is getting here. >> actually getting out. ♪ >> that was fun, but i think i'm
8:20 am
going to leave the top level to the pros for now. i'm harry hurt iii. and it is a world of hurt. >> never a dull moment with harry hurt. if you have an idea for his next assignment, we want to know about it. logon to and click on where should harry work? up in the right-hand corner of the page. >> he's our lethal weapon. >> indeed he is. i'm not messing with him. >> that jump, looked like it was 20 feet, it was really six. >> that camera angle is really fantastic. coming up, the hottest gadgets, listen to your favorite music underwater. double your iphone's battery power. that's all next on tv's coolest show, "the early show" right here on cbs. ho
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prepare to be the envy of your peers today. we present the summer's hottest gadget. ali conte joins us this morning. we say summer gadgets but it is end of summer, early fall gadgets. >> right. you still need to be getting outdoors. so i brought stuff that will not keep you on your couch with your electronics. you want them to go with you. >> we want you to be up and about. >> we do. >> what do we have first? >> this is a line of battery
8:23 am
chargers that are also iphone cases because everyone who uses the iphone knows the battery is dismal. so all you do is slide this in, and it is charging my battery already in the top here. and it acts as a full iphone case and works for any generation of iphone, and the ipod touch. >> obviously very sleek. >> very sleek. and doesn't even look like it is a charger. >> no. it doesn't. >> it looks like it is a little case. >> it has a little bulk but it is worth it. this will keep me out and about for maybe a full day, maybe two days. i'm known for dropping my iphone all the time this one has no dingz on dings on it. i've been careful. this is the new sony walkman, the w series. there are no cords on it because the earbuds are actually the walkman itself. this holds two gigs of music. i think the pink looks nice. you want to try it on? >> which way do i put it on? this way? >> no, behind your head, yeah.
8:24 am
>> i can do it if you want. maybe pink is better for me. it is great for hiking, going to the gym. >> great part about it, can you hear me? can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you. >> this is -- this is for the swimmer in you, right? >> yes. this is for the swimmer, swim cap optional. these don't have earbuds that go in your ear. it rests against your cheek and the vibration just sends straight into your head. >> you're kidding me? >> i'm not kidding you. >> right through the jaw. >> basically, yeah. that's a lot of what the blue tooth headsets do or the military uses this jaw vibration with the jaw bone. this is just waterproof. kind of nice. >> i love this. i did drop it. we got the fish tank here. i don't want people to get scared. we have electronic equipment we're dropping in the water. >> it is because i bought this underwater camera on amazon. it is a high definition camera and it is on right now. we're going to record a movie and it goes up to 10 feet. so you can see it is still on -- >> $370, on your screen.
8:25 am
it is somewhat affordable. >> i'm making movies right now underwater. >> zoom in. >> it also does hd stills which is nice. >> up to ten feet. one thing you to remember, just fresh water, saltwater, no good. >> you're not going to take this scuba diving. this is for your pool jaunts. >> let's bring that out, dry it off. >> all right. >> not bad. >> how about chlorinated waters? is it good for the pools? >> yes. it is made for the pools. i brought some blue tooth speakers. the first one i paired with my iphone. >> how do you pronounce that? >> it is the upes. let's play one of my voice mails. you can stream music or, let's see, there you go, or your voice mail or -- that's my mom. >> where are you? >> she's going to kill me for that. but there is also a microphone up top, right here. i can have a phone conversation or i can -- if the iphone did
8:26 am
streaming music, i also -- >> a little speakerphone application. how about this? this is something we put in the garden. >> these are outdoor speakers. this is the subwoofer. this is weather proof speaker. we put it in this nice little plant but you can mount it anywhere you want, your pool, your garden, wherever. >> you have a favorite of all the items we looked at here this morning? >> i like the camera and i'm a big fan of the sony walkman. the sound wall street quality o walkmans are so great. >> can you try it again, round two. >> the sound quality on the sony walkmans is fantastic. >> this is submerged in the water and still works great. nice to see you as always. >> what? >> great to see you as always. >> okay. >> your check's in the mail. >> thanks. >> for more, go to our website at all the information is right there. you talk about cool gadgets, right here for you to buy. now over to erica. >> you look so at home around all that technology. >> yeah. >> uh-huh.
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they're up early and they're joining us here on the plaza. if you're ever in the area here in manhattan on a saturday morning, come on out or any morning for that matter. monday through friday show would love to see you as well. we love having you here on a saturday morning. >> makes a big difference for us. >> ahead in the next half hour, five problems that can torpedo your libido. >> see what you get when you come down to the plaza? amazing. >> and simple solutions that will put the sizzle back in your sex life. all about sex this morning on "the early show." >> i. >> i'm erica hill, also of "ac 360" with my partner in crime chris wragge. everyone has one issue. i'm leaving the sex behind. let's talk about your problem areas.
8:31 am
our trainer does a good job of making us look like idiots, and we say that with love, what we can do to fix four problem areas of the body. don't need a gym, no fancy equipment and can't give us any excuses, people, because sarah is not accepting them. >> no gyms, no excuses, just sarah. that's all i'm going to say. back to that shot, will you? we'll get to that in a minute. now let's get caught up on the headlines this morning and head back inside to priya david at the news desk for us. priya in. >> good morning and good morning, everyone. real estate lender colonial bank group has been shut down by the federal government in the biggest bank failure of the year. the fdic approved the sale of its assets and deposits to north carolina-based bbt. its branches will reopen this morning. a total of 77 federally insured banks have collapsed this year, compared to 25 last year. president barack obama is criticizing the media for its coverage of angry protests over his health care reform program.
8:32 am
the president who got a polite reception at a town hall meeting in montana friday said tv loves a ruckus. later today, mr. obama will travel to grand junction, colorado, for yet another town hall meeting. and some of the nation's auto dealers want to know where is the cash for the cash for clunkers program? they claim the federal government has not repaid them for the deals they made and it is putting them in financial peril. the law requires dealers to deliver a new vehicle to qualifying customers even if government payment has yet to arrive. government says it tried to reimburse dealers within ten days of applications approvals, but admits there have been substantial delays. those are the headlines. let's head over to lonnie with another check of the weather, hey, lon, i think that's their version of the check's in the mail. >> can you imagine the government being tardy with a payment? we have to talk about some weather out there. real, the big story first of all, the dry conditions that persist in california with the fires, still blowing out of control out there.
8:33 am
i'll tell you, i mean, we're only looking at about 15% of the flames in containment now. there is a big low pressure system with a trailing cold front pushing to the midsection of the country. those are not just going to be some thunderstorms today. they are really going to pick up in their intensity and could be on the severe side. all right, everybody. did you go to woodstock? >> i was thinking about it. but i was too young. >> didn't make it. it is the 40th anniversary of woodstock and in honor of that anniversary this week's shoutout takes us to wrgv in albany, new york, a couple of exitsnew yo. h
8:34 am
we want to thank all of our viewers in the capital region who watch "the early show." i have a few leftovers from woodstock behind me. the five reasons you're not having sex, they didn't have that problem at woodstock. and the prescription for passion that is just what the doctor dered.tayush stay with us. this is "the early show" on cbs. depression is a serious medical condition that can take so much out of you. i feel like i have to wind myself up just to get out of bed. then...well...
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when it comes to sex, american talk a big game. but the numbers tell a different story. an estimated 20% of married couples have what experts call a sexless marriage, sex less than ten times a year f you would like to generate more heat between your sheets, you're in luck. pay close attention to dr. jen burrman with five issue s that
8:38 am
could be sabotaging your sex life th life. this is a big problem but hard to talk about. >> it is important to realize that our sex lives ebb and flow. the couple having sex five times a year this year can have sex five times a week next year under the right circumstances. >> there are some common issues that can really detract from your intimacy, from your sex life. number one, i heard this a lot, tv in the bedroom. >> technology in general. for every hour you're watching tv, it is an hour you're not connecting with your partner and probably not having sex. laptop is on your lap, your partner is probably not. get the work out of the bedroom, turn off the tv, get it out. if you can't get it out of the bedroom, limit it. >> it is funny. it seems look a simple solution but it is tough to detach from those things. >> it is challenging. it is really challenging. >> one of the reasons people's days are so jam packed and you say you really need to look at
8:39 am
your schedule too. >> we don't have great sex when we are overscheduled and exhausted and stressed out. so really do your best to reduce your stress and sometimes saying no to other people in your life means saying yes to your partner in bed. >> the next thing which i think is a problem for a lot of women is not feeling comfortable, not liking our own bodies, which doesn't make you feel sexy and doesn't make you want to be intimate. >> it is important to really question the society's unrealistic standards of beauty and not buy into it. and be less self-critical. it is also important to connect with your partner, accept compliments. sometimes just simply acting as if you feel great about your body can make you feel a whole lot better about your body and make sure you have healthy eating and exercise habits. for people overweight, every five pounds makes a difference in how you feel in the bedroom. >> getting yourself in better shape too can help mentally. were partner is just not that into you. that's tough to overcome. >> sometimes after years of resentment, years and years,
8:40 am
resentments pile f they don't get talked about, it comes out in the sex life. sometimes having a conversation where you approach your partner in a way that is not accusatory, loving and say what's going on, i feel like we're not connecting, is there something else happening, let's talk about it. that can change. >> we have 30 seconds, when there is a problem, don't automatically turn to the drugs like viagra which can cause more problems. >> a lot of men are shutting off emotionally in terms of the intimacy and not taking into account. it takes women longer to warm up. sometimes men are taking a pill, ready to go and women are not. it is important for men to be more sensitive to that issue. >> great tips. nice to have you here in person. >> my pleasure. >> dr. jen burrman. if you want more tips on how to rekindle the spark, logon to web and search sex drive. coming up, your problem areas or the reasons you're not having sex, guess what, help is on the way. sarah next with the solution.
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so sorry. i apologize. hot out here. >> what is he doing? >> hot out here. a recent study found 80% of women over the age of 18 are unhappy with at least one part of their bodies other than feet. >> and sweat glands apparently may be an issue. sarah robichaux is here to help you target your common problem spots. she hit the trails at central park to find out what people really want to work on the most. >> is there a part of the body that you really would like to know the secret on how to tone it up and strengthen it. >> yes, but i don't think it is ever going to happen. >> no, don't say that. everything is possible. what part of your body?
8:45 am
>> my inner thigh. >> my abs. it is an ongoing struggle there. >> is there a part of your body that you really want to focus on, to tone up and strengthen? >> i think i want my arms to look good because i'm older, and i don't want to have all that jiggly stuff. >> right. >> the jiggly stuff. >> yes. >> i love that. >> you're walking around central park, jacked up, tanked up. >> and saying would you like to look like me? >> i want to talk about your fitness. we asked people what their most trouble spots were, where they wanted to tone up and strengthen. the number one thing was the abdominal region. >> which we'll get to but arms also, we did this with you a few times, especially since michelle obama came out with gorgeous arms, there is more focus on them. this is a big deal for people. >> you okay? >> don't be afraid of the guns. >> we want to go back old school. calisthenics, functional working out. we'll take a push-up but modified. come down on to your knees. >> okay. >> erica, i'm going to have you
8:46 am
on your knees here. chris, come on up into a regular position. for this one, bring your arms underneath your shoulders there. elbows come in to the body as you go down. yes. and push the mat away. you want to squeeze your chest, squeeze your elbows into the body on the way up. and that way you're going to target your biceps your triceps, your shoulders and chest at the same time. and working the core. >> got to watch that too with the back too. don't want the butt too high or too low. >> the way we tone and strengthen our abs is keep them engaged with every exercise we do. >> and how many of these? >> 1200. no, about 12 reps, you know, two sets. but really, anything that you can fit in is going to make a huge difference. that will do your arms. >> let's stand up and do our legs. everyone is like i want to lift my gluts, work that lady -- that lady on the tape said her inner
8:47 am
thighs. we'll get the front, the back, the gluts, inner and outer. take our arms out in front, squeeze the shoulder blades, abs are super tight. we'll take a lunge forward. press through the heel of the foot, come back to a balance. take a squat side. five, six, seven, eight. yeah. >> i squat, lunge, come back -- wait, i lift. >> go to the side. work on that core stability. >> up and then -- >> come on, guys. up and take it back. think of a clock. 12:00 to the front. 12:00 and 3:00. >> did we mention sarah is also a dancer. >> and 6:00. that's it. so we're working our quad, through the heel, into the gluts. now we're going to do outer and inner thighs when we go to the sides, and, again, quad.
8:48 am
that's for our legs. this is a really safe and effective back exercise that is going to combat that area where you get that flabby back stuff. >> and help your posture, right? >> exactly. face down. you're going to lengthen and lift your opposite arm and leg and then lengthen it through the spine as you go down. lengthen and lift opposite arm and leg, so you should feel that right in here in your low back. up with the chest, and down. and up in the chest, feel that? >> i do. >> what is the best way to cheat in an exercise like this? >> come on to your side. and now we're going to do another core exercise. with abs, it is not just about crunches. it is not just that flexion and extension. we want to use the whole body weight to come up to a side plank. from here, come right into a plank position so you're square. come back, and down.
8:49 am
big lift up. >> you can throw a little push-up in there. >> little push-up. lunge. >> and down. so, again, belly button pressing into the spine, chest is open. take the top leg up i'll keep working on this. meantime, for more on these k r exercises, you can find them on our website, >> singer songwriter mindy smith is next in our "second cup cafe" with a song that launched her career. i'm out of breath, but we'll be right back. ♪ oh announcer: say hello to the can-doers. - the budget masters. - ♪ yeah yeah the knock-out artists who are finding more ways to spread their dollar further. - to bolder color in less time. - ♪ are you feeling it? say hello to newer ideas and lowered prices, enabling more people to turn more saving into more doing.
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8:53 am
cup cafe," a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter mindy smith shot to fame with a cover of dolly parton's classic "jolene" that she calls her favorite. next came her debut cd and a best new artist award from the american music association. her latest disc "stupid love" dropped on tuesday. we're going to hear from -- a bit from it later on. first, the song that started it all "jolene". please welcome maindy smith. ♪ jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene i'm begging of you please don't take my man ♪ ♪ jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene please don't take him just because you can ♪ ♪ your beauty is beyond compare ♪
8:54 am
♪ with flaming locks of auburn hair ♪ ♪ with ivory skin and eyes of emerald green ♪ ♪ he talks about you in his sleep ♪ ♪ there's nothing i can do to keep from crying when he calls your name jolene ♪ ♪ and i can easily understand how you could easily take my man ♪ ♪ but you don't know what he means to me, jolene ♪ ♪ jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene i'm begging you please don't take my man ♪
8:55 am
♪ jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene please don't take him just because you can ♪ ♪ you could have your choice of men ♪ ♪ but i could never love again ♪ ♪ he's the only one for me, jolene ♪ ♪ i had to have this talk with you ♪ ♪ my happiness depends on you ♪ ♪ and whatever you decide to do, jolene ♪ ♪ jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene
8:56 am
i'm begging of you please don't take my man ♪ ♪ jolene, jolene, jolene, jolene please don't take him even though you can ♪ >> thank you. great. really great. had to have been a wonderful endorsement to hear dolly parton say this is one of the favorite covers she ever heard of that song. >> yes. i think hers is definitely always going to be the best, but, you know, she would debate that one back and forth. >> we look forward to hearing more, especially from the new album coming up "stupid love" later on in the show.ker l at b on. julie powell will cook with us here. you're watching "the early show"
8:57 am
yeah, no it's great.
8:58 am
8:59 am
i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ... yeah, every night is something different. oh, yeah yeah... ... she always keeps them in the house. no, no, no. i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky. babe... umm, i gotta go. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good.
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feeding the flames. thousands evacuated and a state of emergency declared just outside santa cruz, california. when will it be safe to return home? he's a legend in college basketball. but his contract requires he walk the straight and narrow. will a 6-year-old tryst in a restaurant prove the end of coach rick pitino's career? jon and kate and a sea of blue. cops called in to break up a dispute between the reality tv stars. is this perhaps not what you call a peaceful separation? we got the latest. julie and julia. julie powell, who made 524 julia child recipes in 365 days, blogging all the way, her story inspired the new hit film, now she's inspiring us to get cooking as this morning's "chef on a shoestring."
9:01 am
bon appetit, early this saturday morning, august 15th, 2009. and welcome, everyone, to "the early show" on a beautiful saturday morning here in new york city. i'm erica hill, also of cnn's "ac 360." >> they're hooting and hollering out here. it is hot and humid out here. >> it is august. >> what is today's date? >> august 15th. >> how is it august 15th already? >> i wish i knew. >> we have so much coming up this morning. a personal favorite of yours. >> i'm a huge fan of the book, "julie & julia." julie powell is here this morning. may have heard a lot about her lately because she wrote the book, was the inspiration for the hit movie out right now. she's going to cook for us some of julia child's special recipes from that french cookbook on what would have been her 95th birthday. >> this is julia child. >> we're going to talk animals. everybody is vacationing now. maybe you're camping or be in
9:02 am
new jersey. >> people in new jersey love you now. he's a native son. he can get away with it. >> there are more black bears in new jersey and prairie dogs like that. i said that's a prairie dog. and you said -- >> it is not a scorpion, chris. >> that's the kind of relationship we have. all that coming up. first, let's head back inside to priya david with the latest headlines for us. >> good morning, guys. good morning, everyone at home. a state of emergency han declared in california where several wildfires are burning across the state, driving thousands from their homes. cbs news correspondent john blackstone is in davenport, near santa cruz, with the latest. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, priya. well, overnight here in santa cruz mountains, the winds calmed down and that has given firefighters a break. but the forecast for the weekend is for winds picking up, much stronger winds for hot, dry weather. it is certainly not going to help in the fire that is burning here, that now burned across some eight square miles in these
9:03 am
hills. it certainly worries the 2400 people or so who have been evacuated from their homes here. and they're being told that this fire is only 15% contained. and it could burn for as long as another couple of weeks. this is such rugged territory that much of fire fighting here is being done from the air. the main job of firefighters on the grounds to put a perimeter around homes to protect homes so far they have done that successfully no homes have been destroyed in this fire. but the fire is still moving toward the major population center, that's bonny doon, and there are hundreds of homes there. now later this morning, governor arnold schwarzenegger is going to be visiting fire headquarters here. to be briefed on this fire and others burning across the state as part of the state's budget crisis, the gover cut many parts of the budget including the budget for new fire fighting equipment. however fire managers say that there have been no cuts to spending for fire fighting on the front lines on the ground and that they have everything
9:04 am
they knead here now. priya. >> john, we have seen so many homes burned in blazes like this in the past. we know you'll be keeping an eye on it for us. thanks. president barack obama brought his health care plan campaign to montana on friday where he also took shots at the media for its coverage of town hall protests. cbs news white house correspondent chip reid is traveling with the president and has the latest now from big sky, montana. >> reporter: well, good morning, priya. the president came here to big sky country for a town hall meeting, his critics had been predicting that he would finally see the rage over health care reform face to face. in fact, though, he was met by a very friendly audience. people in favor of health care reform for the most part, a couple of tough questions, but mostly big support. one reason for that is that the democrats snapped up all the tickets, got in line early. the president spends part of today touring yellowstone national park with his family, wife michelle and daughters sasha and malia and heads to
9:05 am
western colorado for another town hall meeting and we'll see if he gets as friendly a reception there as he did here. back to you. seven afghanis have been killed and 19 wounded in a suicide car bombing in kabul. the explosion comes just five days before presidential elections. the bomber was able to penetrate a heavily guarded neighborhood, and detonate his device outside the headquarters of u.s. and nato troops. the taliban have claimed responsibility. and separated reality tv stars jon and kate gosselin are still having trouble getting along. police were called to their pennsylvania home thursday night to quell a raging argument. the couple was reportedly got into a shouting match over who would spend the night with their eight children. kate called the police when the argument escalated, eventually things calmed down. there were no arrested and no tickets were issued. and with that morning dose of reality drama, over to erica with today's early line. >> priya, thanks. speaking of drama, who knew
9:06 am
health care reform could get so heated. we seen the town hall meetings that turned into shouting matches with citizens venting outrage. remember this? >> i don't believe this is just about health care. it is not about t.a.r.p. it is not about left and right. this is about the systemic dismantling of this country. i'm only 35 years old, i've never been interested in politics. you have awakened a sleeping giant. we are tired of this. this is why everybody in this room is so ticked off. i don't want this country turning into russia, turning into a socialized country. >> so you heard it right there. what you've been hearing is health care reform, is it really all about health care or something else at play? the debate is even dividing families like the wood house brothers. joining us this mornin our man down the middle, mike allen from good to have all of you with us
9:07 am
this morning. dallas, i want to start with you. is the concern out there, and we should point out too, not all the town halls got heated, but is the concern out there about health care or is there a larger issue in. >> i think the issue is whether we are going to have a free market health care system or a complete government takeover of health care. i believe it actually very much is about health care. it is a very personal issue to people all across the country and they do not trust the government to take over health care. the difference between like my brother and i, my brother thinks that the administration can do a better job than some other administration running the health care system, where we are distrustful of any government, same government that can't get water to thirsty people in a hurricane, running the health care system. >> you don't want a government intervention at all. you think this is about the healthcare. we heard that woman mention the fact she's concerned about things like t.a.r.p. she went on to mention the constitution later on. brad, is there an understanding
9:08 am
among democrats that this may in fact, for some people, be about more than health care, may be abouthe president himself? >> well, look, i think there is some confusion out there. i think there are a lot of people who have legitimate concerns. who are coming to these town hall meetings. but let me just say this for groups like my brother's and groups a s allied with him and people like senator jim demint, they have one goal, it seems to me, and that is to break the president there was a conference call with groups like my brother's this week that said they didn't want any reform the president would sign. it wasn't about trying to get this in a place they like, they want to make sure the president failed much like rush limbaugh said earlier this year. i do think there is -- >> you have different views here, i'll point out. mike, i want to bring you in, though. you are at the white house. you see how they're dealing with this every day. have you noticed a change in the president's message, a change in the way the president is going
9:09 am
about this because of the reaction that we have seen at the town hall meetings the last couple of weeks? >> erica, there certainly has been. i'm imagining what the woodhouse thanksgiving is going to be like. >> loud, very loud. you're welcome to come. >> the white house recognizes that their initial message, these were extremists at these town meetings who haved been pu up to this would not fly. they're letting out their frustrations about the sweep of the mandate. you can turn people out, put people on the bus, but you can't get people to speak with this kind of passion. so what the white house hopes is that people will use this few weeks, this month to vent. there are 500, if you can believe it, 500 more of these town meetings the rest of the month. they hope when members get back to washington, they'll be able to talk about an endgame. i can tell you, this has been a break, whatever the president signs will be much smaller than
9:10 am
what he initially hoped for. >> that is something we'll all be watching. we have about 15 seconds left. if you can split that, go ahead. >> i want to say this -- >> i i wawant the president tsi succeed with health care reform. we'll sit down with the president, have a beer and i'll talk to the president about free market reform, tax savings accounts, buying insurance across state lines. set it up. picnic table -- >> dallas, give brad his time too. are you up for the beer summit? >> we heard all of this stuff before. this is stuff proposed over the past eight years, more people lost insurance, more people were denied for pre-existing conditions. deep down my brother doesn't want the president to be successful at anything, if he would be honest about it. >> i want him to be successful at free market reform for health care, giving more people power and not raising taxes in a recession and we can do it through the picnic table summit.
9:11 am
>> good luck at getting a word in edgewise. >> thank you. >> a heated and animated holiday. good that you two still love each other very much, though. mike, great to have you here. thanks for weighing in too. >> happy weekend. good luck refereeing. >> there is much more to come on this health care debate and not just for the woodhouse family. we'll cover it for you here at "the early show" and on cbs news. now to lonnie quinn on the plaza with a very special group of kids and they're not talking health care. >> you did a great job driving that bus. it was 40 years ago this very weekend, over 100 miles north of here that nearly half a million people converged on bethlehem, new york, for three days of mud loving music, known as woodstock. here to celebrate that anniversary, we have a group of young rockers from something called the school of rock. matt ross, you're the ceo of school of rock. listen, i understand the school of rock is more than just an after school program where you teach kids to play music. it is more, right? >> we get them on stage, get
9:12 am
them to play live too. not just private lessons, get them on stage, get them to feel what it is like to be a musician. >> you do rock concerts during the year, right? >> yeah. >> that's cool. it is not just new york city. it is all over, right? >> every point of the country covered. portland, vista, california, boston, miami, new york. we're playing tomorrow on 48th street here live. >> that's the free concert we'll give you a preview of now. they're going to be doing a class fricke wo classic from woodstock. this is "me and bobby mcgee." ♪ baton rouge waited for a train ♪ ♪ and i bobby came to town just before it rained ♪ ♪ and rode all the way to new orleans ♪ ♪ i pulled my harpoon out of my dirty red bandanna ♪
9:13 am
♪ we were singing songs until bobby sang the blues ♪ ♪ we sang every song that driver knew ♪ ♪ freedom is another word for nothing left to lose ♪ ♪ nothing >> the weather while we have a little bit of beautiful background music. here is how we see it out there. we have a front that pushes to the midsection of the country. and that's going to bring some real volatile weather from the dakotas. going to stretch down to texas. the stronger storms around that low pressure system. that's just centered up around the northern portion of our country.
9:14 am
>> our very own janice joplin look-alike out there. thanks so much. up next, a super successful college basketball coach and the indiscretion he had six years ago. is an apology enough? should rick pitino keep his job. we'll be right back. how many washes did it take cheer brightclean to get this from dingy to bright? ten. seven. it's six. why? why is... one... yeah! hundred. no. cheer brightclean. surprisingly bright in just one wash. . unlock an outdoor dreamland for your indoor cat. exciting flavor combinations, plus a touch of garden greens
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(whisper) no hand can do that! (announcer) new pulse perfection... the ultimate beauty tool. see the difference. (announcer) only from maybelline new york. success is a choice. that's the title of a book written by coach rick pitino. now he's being questioned about his choices. pitino is married with five children. he apologized for what he called
9:18 am
an indiscretion when reports surfaced of a pregnancy and a payment for an abortion. the university is sticking by pitino for now but he still could be dismissed for violating the morality clause in his contract. eric kauffman and lisa bloom are here. both of them join us. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> eric, i start with you. what are people most upset about with this case? you've been covering this. >> i think you mentioned it. i think the whole abortion issue, if there is any issue in the state of kentucky that may run deeper than basketball, college basketball, that may be it. and it is really caused some strong reaction and i think, you know, we hear about public figures and these type of indiscretions all the time. but that issue further complicates it here in these parts. >> you're president of a local university, james ramsey said pitino is our guy, sticking by him for now. but with every embarrassing revelation that seems to surface, is there potential here co-lose his job? >> i don't think so. unless there is always a
9:19 am
possibility that something else could come out and i think that's what people are watching for. but from what we know now, i don't see the university taking any action. i think the real question is what pitino himself may decide to do in the coming days or weeks. >> there has to be a sense of embarrassment here. we know how influential boosters and other supporters of universities are. this is a huge embarrassment on the university now. is that your sense? >> absolutely. from a lot of fans, and from a lot of, as you said, boosters. but it is -- i talked to a fan yesterday who said he started to put his louisville shirt on and thought twice of it. when guys at home are thinking that, it is not a good thing. it has been a strong and not an insignificant percentage of the fans who had a negative response. >> lisa, let me bring you in now and talk about the legality. language in the contract extension says the 56-year-old basketball coach can be dismissed for acts of moral depravity or behavior that would bring disrepute or scandal. could he lose -- does the school have something here if they want to go after him and said, you
9:20 am
know, we had enough in. >> there are two types of moral depravity clauses and they're common in high profile contracts like this one. one is you can only be fired for acts of moral depravity that are also illegal. that's the narrower type of clause. here we have the broader clause that says anything that would tend to bring the university into disrepute. so i think they would be on strong grounds if they chose to terminate him. they can say this has been an embarrassment to the university. everyone looks ascant of the university now. his response would be, look, what i did was a private consensual adult act on my own time, abortion is a legal activity that took place in the state of kentucky and it would be wrong to fire him. i think the university would be on strong grounds if they chose to terminate him. >> the woman involved here, could she face jail time? there is an extortion here as well that aspect which we haven't talked about much. trying to extort $10 million from rick pitino. >> absolutely. she's going to be charged with extortion, as well as lying to an fbi agent. she is facing seven years behind bars and her story has continued
9:21 am
to evolve. she now says her current husband married her to keep her quiet, had a daughter with him. her claims have become more and more preposterous. she needs more and more evidence to support them. i don't see that at this point. that could get a lot of sympathy to pitino, even if he did something wrong, if he comes out to be a victim of a crime. they may not want to terminate him. he may get sympathy on his side. >> a salacious case and we have not heard the last of it yet. eric kauffman, thank you very much, and lisa bloom, we appreciate t thanks again. coming up, under the radar. the pooch is loose. canine chaos on the set. live television, kids, animals, never a good thing. we'll show you when we come back. vo: you don't have to look for sales to save money. walmart checks other stores' prices and they'll match any advertised price. so instead of searching for "deals" out there...
9:22 am
you get everyday low prices, right here. vo: yeah, my buddy's got all that. ouch. we've done corn dogs, pizza, and nachos. put it down.
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[ moans ] dude! pepto guy: sorry to hear that. everything ok? no, we are a little strapped for cash. do we need to buy a bunch of different medicines? pepto guy: oh, no, pepto alone relieves all five symptoms. it's a real value. plus gas too. dude. we're covered. you guys enjoy the game. easy. pepto guy: pepto-bismol. yup, you're covered.
9:24 am
we love this part of the morning. a little under the radar. only on "the early show."
9:25 am
during the week -- >> going to jump the gun and say something you don't have at "ac 360." >> we don't have under the radar. >> let's go under the radar. tv news gone to the dogs. check this out, anchor rendell nell of canada's global tv was hosting andopt a dog segment with a member of the -- canine chaos broke out. this give news meaning to the term lap dog. >> okay, ginger. is she spayed? >> she is -- >> wow. >> wouldn't be terribly surprised if ginger is still available to adopt. she is affectionate. >> she has a lot of love to give. all right, let's move on to some art you can eat. sarah kauffman, over 75 hours too create this masterpiece, created entirely out of cheese. three 640-pound blocks of
9:26 am
indiana cheddar, and string cheese, also part of the display, at the indiana state fair in indianapolis. the sculpture was sponsored by the american dairy association. shocking, i know. >> could you imagine if that was here now with this humidity. >> it would be sweating and the nastiest cheese you've ever seen. >> stink out here. for a chaser, the 35th annual world cocktail competition in berlin. thrills and spills as 800 competitors from 52 different companies mixed it up. the home favorite was germany. and guess what, they were shaking and stirred when they lost to a british contender, his rocking concoction. the competition was immediately followed by a hangover competition. >> how about that? >> it included a lot of bloody marys. >> still ahead, going camping -- sorry. just kidding. we'll meet some locals that could be sharing your campground. we have got tips to keep every happy camper happy. julie powell is here, the
9:27 am
real life julie from
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
julia child's entire french cookbook, 524 recipes, in one year. the big question for julie powell today, did she master the art of french cooking and how much butter did she use? we'll ask her. she's with us this morning as our "chef on a shoestring." welcome back, everyone, to "the early show." i'm erica hill, also of cnn's "ac 360." >> i heard a couple of giggles. >> i did too. >> she's excited. she's cooking. >> we'll get to the bottom of that. >> thrilled to have her with us. i'm chris wragge. the wild things you might bump into on your next camping trip. i think that's a pterodactyl. >> he'll work on his animal
9:31 am
recognition this week. >> we have a few of them here in our world, on the plaza. it is a wild, wild morning here on the plaza. everybody stand back. wild animals we got a bear here too. >> we have another wild animal on the plaza. >> who's that in. >> he does the weather. >> lonnie quinn. >> uncontrollable. where is he? >> right here. little check of the weather. >> little check of the weather. we got a guy back here taking pictures while we're doing the show. can i see this for a sec. erica. let's see what we think. can you get a picture of that. that's candid, huh? stalker in the house. you know what, we're going to talk a little weather here now because we have a big event coming up on cbs today which is the pga championships. tiger in the hunt. we'll talk animals on the show as well. as far as the golf tournament goes, we're going to have some weather problems out there. a strong front moving through that area. on one side of it, you have temperatures on the 80s. back side, temperatures in the 60s. the whole warm air, cold air clashing thing which will bring
9:32 am
about tough showers and storms and they'll push through the area of minnesota >> that's going to do it for weather this guy is taking your next head shot for you. there you go. all right. we'll check in with him. up next, heading out for a camping adventure? meet your new neighbors, creatures that might stop by. youhe woun yht mig he wrun you might run in a prairie dog. now at chili's -- welcome to chili's. start your three-course meals with a shared appetizer.
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9:36 am
miller. good to have you with us. how are you been? >> great. how are you feeling? comfortable? >> very comfortable. >> we're in the midst of the largest predator in north america. we're talking about animals you see when you're vacationing in the summertime. you head out to yellowstone, to alaska, you're going to see the grizzly bear. >> speaking of not only grizzlies, but black bears, i'm from new jersey, we have bears -- we have more black bears in new jersey than probably any other sta on the east coast. it is incredible. >> it is unbelievable. >> what do you do if you do encounter? >> if you encounter grizzly bears and black bears, two different i was of encountering them. on the east coast, pretty much all throughout the united states, black bears are a lot more prevalent. never want to feed them or leave your camping gear out, never want to leave food out. that will attract bears. a grizzly is a little bit more difficult when you encounter them. the largest animal -- largest predator in north america, a thousand pounds. this one is only 6 months old.
9:37 am
>> look at paws. >> this could easily one swipe break your neck, very, very powerful. definitely a beautiful animal. can run very fast. but, again, 70% of the bear attacks really come from mothers, you know, protecting their babies. >> while the bear eats this young lady's arm, let's move on to the birds. way to take over the team, nicole. appreciate it. >> now if you had a little more east, grizzly bear in the rockies, that area. now this little guy, i'll give you a hint, chris. that is a -- lives on the prairies in the midwest. >> shocking. >> shocking, yes. and he gets the name -- his name is prairie dog. what do you think? dog family or no? >> looks look a squirrel. >> it does. right. this is a prairie dog, a baby one, a few months old. prairie dogs are one of most populous rodents. texas has 24 square miles of prairie dog towns. >> pretty gross. >> being a rodent, they're very rat-like, but, you're right,
9:38 am
they are a species of squirrels. they live on the ground, no long tail. this wags like a dog. very social animal, a lot of fun. a great animal. >> back in the box. let's bring in the fox. >> look at this little guy. >> a fox pup. >> this fox pup, right, i'm happy we're able to put the prairie dog away safely. that's the number one food source for this fox. this is a swift fox. >> let's keep them away from one another. >> yeah. we want to separate. they're friends, believe it or not. but this swift fox eric few months old, one of the most beautiful wild canines or wild dogs, smallest wild dog and fastest canine in the world. they'll travel at speeds unbelievable. >> what area do we find these most? >> used to be found throughout the united states, really now you can only find them in certain parts of the midwest, northern parts, montana. they have been almost -- in 1930, they almost went extinct. one of the most endangered speci species. one more animal to go. now, this is especially a big
9:39 am
treat. >> big box. >> a huge box. this is coming out -- >> folks, stand back, please. this is a free flying bird. >> 30 seconds here. >> okay. >> folks, really need you to be on high alert here. this could get very dangerous. >> here we go. the largest bird of prey found in north america -- >> look at the swing span on this. >> this is a male. 23-year-old golden eagle, wing span of about four foot. female has a wing span of six foot. if you see one of these in the wild, unbelievable treat. you doing all right? >> i'm doing all right. >> that's a kevlar glove. that talon could pierce through that, could eat -- that has enough power in that talon as that grizzly bear does in that claw. >> unbelievable. thank you very much. great to see you again. thank you very much for holding on to the big bird. erica, over to you, i heard we have a little hollandaise sauce. >> that's not kidding. it is a lovely bird, chris, and now it is going to get you. julia powell embarked on a
9:40 am
strange culinary quest. maybe strange to some. she decided to cook all 524 rees freeze julia child's landmark cookbook. she decided to do it all in one calendar year, no small feat. the results were bigger than she ever imagined. it started with her daily blog. she chronicled the cooking. that turned into a best-selling book and out in hit movie, "julie & julia." >> i'm going it try to flip this thing over now. which is a rather daring thing to do. >> she changed everything. before her was it was frozen food and can openers and marsh melos. >> don't knock marshmallows. >> when you flip anything, you just got to have the courage of your convictions, especially if it is a loose sort of mass like -- well, that didn't go very well. >> julie powell joins us on the plaza. great to have you with us. >> so glad to be here. >> you had a couple of moments
9:41 am
like that, didn't you? >> i did. every now and again. >> it has to have been a whirlwind for you. you're winding down the press for the movie and the book now. but you start again when you go overseas. >> absolutely. there is always a new thing it looks like. >> did you ever think it would get this big when you were writing the blog? >> of course not. i started it in 2002. i didn't know what a blog was. i had no idea. and it was just part of the project i wanted to do to save my life by cooking. and the blogging was part of it. and i had no idea it was going to resonate with people the way it did. >> it resonated with me. i read your book early on. i'm a big fan of the book. who doesn't love julia child? i can't imagine what that year was like. there was some really funny moments in the book. one that stood out to me is when you tried to make the bone marrow recipe. >> right. bone marrow, a recipe to me, i didn't understand how one gets it, how one uses it. it was quite a -- we were running all over the city
9:42 am
looking for -- trying to cut it with a jigsaw. we were young and stupid. >> you learned a lot. you brought your original book here you used to cook all of this with. was there -- what is your favorite recipe? >> it is so hard. there are so many wonderful ones. i think the heart of that book is the one you see made several times in the movie, a beautiful classic recipe, and i always think of julia when i make it. >> we'll have more beautiful classic recipes from the book. julie powell, stay with us. she's sinking her teeth into another challenge, she's cooking up one of julia's recipes for under 35 bucks. is it really 35? could we give her more. it is yule julia child, after for "chef on a shoestring." we're shopping for car insurance, and our friends said we should start here. good friends -- we compare our progressive direct rates, apples to apples, against other top companies, to help you get the best price. how do you do that?
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we have a very special guest
9:46 am
with us for this week's "chef on a shoestring." julie powell joining us. she's the inspiration behind the hit movie "julie & julia." today she's dishing out a three course meal from the book that started it all for her. normally we give our "chef on a shoestring" 35 bucks to work with. this is a french meal, right? in honor of what would be julia child's 97th birthday today, we thought we would give her an extra ten bucks. which is redeemable today only, august 15th. you $45, a huge budget for this fantastic menu. some things you like, that i know were in the cookbook. we're starting with roquefort turnovers, a fricassee of chick within paprika. i don't think i tried that before. and how can you go wrong with chocolate mousse? >> absolutely. >> we're back now make these roquefort turnovers this is like heaven in a little pillow. >> so good. one of my favorite, favorite things ever. it is simple. >> easy to make, right? >> pretty easy.
9:47 am
>> french cooking can be a little daunting. >> i know. people have this idea that it is extraordinarily expensive and difficult, but -- >> very detailed. >> a lot of it is. julia was a detailed person. but a lot of the rees freeze pretty simple. i used simple ingredients. we're going to use this roquefort cheese, nothing expensive. i didn't have to go to -- >> easy to find too. >> i'll mash it up a little bit. >> and butter, which really seems to figure very prominently in all of these recipes. >> butter is key. >> did you overdose? >> a little bit. i had to do without for a little while afterwards, it was a little much. i'll put butter and a couple of eggs. a little bit of cream, just a tablespoon or so. >> okay. >> and some chives. >> chives. >> mix that up. >> there we go. >> and then alcohol. a little cognac. >> always a good thing. >> never hurts. then we mix this up. >> mix it up. fresh ground pepper.
9:48 am
as we mix this up and get ready to prepare the rest of this, i have to ask you, in the book it really struck me when you wrote to julia child and said, hey, i'm doing this project and one would think, what a great project, and even in the movie she doesn't seem too excited. what was it like in real life? >> it is devastating to hear this and you come off a year of doing what i had done, i saw primarily a tribute to this amazing, extraordinary woman who changed the world. she really did. but so to find that she didn't see it in that light was distressing, but one of the great things that julia taught me was that the person you to be true to is yourself. i know why i did what i did and how much she meant to me. and if she didn't see that, i'm sorry, but it is okay. it is okay. >> it is great because for a generation of people who did not know her, you introduced so many people to julia child. she is this icon, great to have her back in the mix now. we talked a little bit about --
9:49 am
i'll let you show us how to stuff these. before we went to break, we talked about your favorite recipe, a tiny bit like this. >> a little, little bit. right in the middle. >> little bit of dough here. >> tiny touch. >> did you a least favorite, the aspicks, i'm guessing. >> some were bad, but the poached egg -- i could easily do without. >> do without? okay. >> fold them over. >> fold them over, like the other ones here. and then a little egg wash. as you finish those up, next to you is the chicken fricassee, which looks daunting to some people. there are so many ingredients, which is one of the reasons we're not democring it here tod. >> it takes time is all. you can't do it in four minutes. >> how did you have time to cook 524 rees these 365 days and you're working. >> it was a challenge. we ate at midnight a lot. that's the sort of --
9:50 am
>> you get up and start planning next menu at 6:00 a.m., going around new york, trying to find odd pieces of meat. >> exactly t was physically exhausting and took a lot of time. but i was feeling so much better about myself, you know. >> you would do it all again? >> no. i'm on to the next now. we'll fill those in. this is -- this is paprika. when we were growing up, my mom made a version of this we called pink chicken. so simple. regular old chicken, got some paprika, some flour, onions, carrots, little mushrooms and onions, nothing expensive, nothing crazy. >> which is key. we'll try this now. it is a little labor intensive to do here on the show. but we have the recipe on our website for you. >> absolutely and it is so good. >> as everybody comes in, we'll start to dig a little bit. we'll check your total. you're not in competition because you got a little extra money. you can only win today. the budget was 45 bucks.
9:51 am
how did julie do? $43.80. fantastic. >> with time to spare. >> come around the front. thanks for coming in today. appreciate it. great to have you. >> the chocolate mousse too, eem i'm a big fan. >> so beautiful, right? and again, so simple. so lovely to eat. >> these are great. >> have some gravy. >> great to have you here with us. >> sure. >> thanks for bringing some of your favorites and bringing the book to life as well. >> thank you, thank you. >> more information is on our website, including the recipes, just logon to and the movie, of course, "julie & julia," in theaters now. just ahead eric little , a littm our "second cup cafe" with mindy smith.
9:52 am
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9:55 am
it and tiger woods with a four-shot lead. it's over. >> tough weather, though. tough weather. >> is it really? i have a feeling that will be on at my house later today. early next saturday, put this on the calendar, edie falco joining us to talk about her new show. and august, as we know, can be a busy time for houseguests. how do you handle it when they won't leave? we'll help you get rid of them. >> awkward. >> three days, out. gone. >> three days. two days in my house. thank you for joining us on this saturday. have a wonderful weekend. we'll see you next weekend. we leave you now with more mindy inside. mindy. ♪ i have a lot of hope worn out shoes i could stand to lose ♪ ♪ shirts and jeans
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