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tv   The Early Show  CBS  August 27, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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always at >> have a good day, everyone. as global tributes pour in for senator ted kennedy, plans for public and private memorials are now in place. >> what we're going to do in the next few days is celebrate his life. it's a remarkable life. >> a life that was able to bring friends and enemies together. >> so many of his -- so many of his foes embrace him. because they know he made them bigger. >> we'll hear from one of those foes who became a friend as we broadcast from the john f. kennedy presidential library where the body of uncle teddy will arrive today and lie in
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repose. also ahead, a presidential panel wants faster production of the swine flu vaccine, but will it be safe? we'll separate fact from fiction. and new developments in that murder of model jasmine fiore. >> we're going to process it for evidence of a possible homicide. >> we'll have an exclusive interview that will shed new light on the case "early" this thursday morning, august 27th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs good morning from boston. this is the john f. kennedy presidential library, where the public today will come to honor the late senator edward kennedy. this place dedicated to a slain american president will today serve as a shrine to his younger brother, a beloved american senator. welcome to "the early show," everyone. i'm maggie rodriguez here in boston. harry and julie are off today. chris wragge is here in new york. chris, we were joking today because we think all this wind
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today is fitting for the kennedys. the tousled hair, a perfect day for sailing, a wonderful day for the public and the kennedy family to gather here, of all places, to remember teddy kennedy. sort of symbolic of the older brother looking down, looking after the younger brother. >> maggie coming up, we'll have coverage of senator kennedy's memorial plans as well. and we'll have reaction from some of the senator's closest colleagues, including senator orrin hatch. all of that coming up. right now let's go back to you in boston. >> we'll also discuss the state of the healthcare debate now that senator kennedy is gone. we begin in hyannis port this morning from where senator kennedy will make his final journey to boston, where the public will be able to come here for a public viewing today. "early show" national correspondent jeff glor begins our coverage in hyannis port. good morning, jeff. >> reporter: maggie, good morning to you. the family remains here at the compound this morning after a day spent in private all day yesterday. but this afternoon, they will be
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leaving along with their late father, hean setorennedy will be a transported today by motorcade from the familynto ie in hyannis port to boston, where he'ln lie i repose at the kennedy presidentia library hen memorial will be held. on tusarday, a private funeral mass at our lady of perpetual alth basilica in boston.he ln'lhe t be flown to resting place nexthe inglace next to hisin brothers, president john f. kennedy and senator robert kennedy, at arlington national cemetery in virginia. >> what we're going to do the next few days is celebrate his life. it's a remarkable life. an extraordinary journey of an entire family but obviously of teddy personally. >> reporter: from massachusetts to capitol hill, remembrances continue. admirers brought flowers to kennedy's office in washington. even the sports world is pausing. ♪ at last night's red sox game,
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kennedy's favorite baseball team paid tribute. >> thank you, senator kennedy, for your lifelong contributions. >> reporter: and between the service on friday night and the mass on saturday, we'll be hearing from some of the nation's biggest political names and some of senator kennedy's friends, including president obama, vice president biden, and senators john kerry and john mccain. maggie, back to you. >> jeff glor in hyannis port. thanks, jeff. already the tributes have been pouring in from friends and colleagues on both sides of the aisle. here's some of what they had to say about ted kennedy. >> the country lost a great advocate. millions of people who counted on this guy every day to stand up for them. for me, i lost my best friend in the senate, just a great friend. >> for 36 years i had the privilege of going to work every day and literally, not figuratively, sitting next to him and being a witness to
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history. every day i was with him, he restored my sense of idealism and my faith in the possibilities of what this country could do. >> so many of his -- so many of his foes embrace him. because they know he made them bigger. >> joining me now from washington is senator orrin hatch, a republican from utah, a political rival but very close friend of senator ted kennedy. good morning to you, senator hatch. >> good morning. >> your words and your tributes over the last 24 hours, i have to say, have been among the most emotional that i've heard from anyone. how is it that you came to love and respect someone that, as you put it, has often been not only a stone in the road for you in your proposals but a boulder? >> well, you know, when i came to the senate, i came to fight
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ted kennedy, and we've had fights all these years, but we've always been able to resolve them in the end. and he was open to resolving and for good resolutions. that's what made him a great senator. and when he made up his mind to support something, he would support it all the way even though it meant sometimes voting down democrat amendments. >> but he also had this amazing power to compromise when it was for the good of all. what do you think was that, that magic that he possessed that so many other senators seem to lack? >> well, he loved the senate. he loved the way it was run. he loved the combat, day in and day out combat. he loved being the leading liberal in the senate. he had a tremendous liberal staff all the time. i really admire his staff even to this day. and he attracted the top people. he would get professors from harvard and boston university and other -- m.i.t. and other places who loved to work with him. and frankly, he was always -- he
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had a lively mind. he was willing to work hard. there were a lot of things that were just great about him. and when you got into a combat with him, it was a knockdown, drag out battle. and when it was over, he would be coming to you and throwing his arms around you and say, did i do all right? or how did you like that? i'd always get a big kick out of it. we fought each other pretty hard, but we also came together in many, many ways over a lot of landmark legislation that today is helping people all over the country. >> i'd be willing to bet he would be smiling down on the capitol if republicans and democrats could finally compromise to fulfill his dream of healthcare reform. do you think senator kennedy's passing could be the impetus that could finally make that happen, or do you think the only bridge builder that could have finally done that is gone now? >> well, i would hope his passing would help us get together, but i have to say the administration and the democrats in the senate and in the house especially are demanding some
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terms that i don't think republicans can support. i think they'd be very detrimental to the country. but if they're open and they really want to get a healthcare bill done, i'd like nothing better than to have a bipartisan bill that will work in the best interests for the american people and get it done. but unfortunately, we've come a long way. they're pushing things that just really would push us towards socialized medicine. republicans just can't take that. we could do it, though. we could do it if there were open arms to do it and if the president would weigh in and work with some of us, i think we could do it. but it's going to have to change dramatically from what they're trying to put through now. >> senator hatch, thank you so much. and my condolences for the loss of your friend. >> well, thank you so much. god bless the kennedy family, especially vicki. >> thank you, senator. >> joining me now is the mayor
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of boston, tom menino, a dear friend of ted kennedy. i know you spoke with the kennedy family yesterday. how are they holding up? >> they're holding up well. vikki is doing well. it's a tragedy. teddy was very sick. and the question is how we all get through it. we support the kennedy family. they've been supporting us for so long. difficult days the next couple of days as we see the outpouring of sympathy for the family, and we lose a great american and an individual. when you talk about teddy, it's not about him. it's all about the people. what can i do for the people? that's why he was so successful in his career. >> his grandfather had your job back in the early 1900s. what has this family, but specifically ted kennedy's impact and contribution to the state of massachusetts? >> well, ted kennedy was one elected official who cared about people. the impact is that what he delivered for massachusetts. don't forget, he created
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community health centers, which are famous in massachusetts. the first place individuals go to get their healthcare. the minimum wage. education for our children. he's a giant because senator kennedy had a great staff. when senator kennedy said he's going to do it, he got the job done. that was so defining for us in massachusetts because he kind of crossed all kinds of different lines -- didn't care if it was republican, democrat, whoever it was, he just did his job what he thought he was supposed to do as the senator from massachusetts. for the years i've been around and before i was elected mayor, he really knew how to live. when clinton was president, the cops bill. he did a tremendous job to reduce crime in boston to the point that there were only two or three homicides a year in boston. and no child left behind. he was a big champion of that also because he knew education was so important to our future. he's just a very special guy,
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and it was great to be with him. we had some good times with him. >> thank you so much. tom menino, mayor of boston. appreciate your taking the time. let's go back to new york and russ mitchell at the news desk. >> good morning to you at home. this morning we'll get a better picture of the economy. revised second quarter gross domestic product will be released. economists expect a 1.7% decline. and the labor department releases its weekly report on unemployment claims. and for the fourth month in a row, there's been an increase in home sales. they rose 9.6% in july. the fdic, which guarantees your bank deposits, is running out of cash. this morning reveals how much it has left. its funds have been dramatically reduced due to the increase in failing banks. it appears somali pirates are getting more brazen. for the first time they fired at a u.s. navy helicopter. the navy chopper was making a routine surveillance flight over a hijacked ship off the somali coast yesterday. the pirates took aim and missed. and author dominick dunne
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has died after a long fight with bladder cancer. he wrote several best-selling novels and a popular column for "vanity fair" magazine. but he's best known for his coverage of the o.j. simpson trial back in 1995. dominick dunne was 83 years old. dave price is here with a first check of the weather. >> good morning, russ. we have a busy weather map. we're talking about danny. let's go to the weather maps and talk about it. it is keeping sustained winds at 60 miles per hour now. moving to the northwest at about 10. 550 miles at this point to the south/southeast of cape hatteras, tropical storm winds extending about 205 miles from the center. but the strongest winds around the north and the east. it's not a typical hurricane-like storm. it's going to resemble more likely a nor'easter. what we're really concerned about is the rough winds, the 60-mile-per-hour gusts you may see right along the shoreline.
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rough surf, again, heavy rain. we don't know its exact path yet, but, again, it looks like from the carolinas all the way up through new england, itted can be very rough starting tomorrow and working its way through the weekend. wind-swept rain, rough surf, beach erosion, and those easterly gales, which could be very, very strong. as far as the rest of the maps go, we'll actually talk more about it at 7:30. keep in mind the humidity is going to be on the uptick here. as we head to the great lakes and ohio valley, it's going to be on the soggy and gray side. west coast
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>> humidity returns to the southeast. widely scattered storms hit again. enjoy your last couple of great days, or day and a half, in the northeast. things are going to change. that's a quick look at your weather picture. chris, to you. >> dave, thanks so much. coming up next, the government wants the production of the h1n1 vaccine to speed up. we're going to talk to our dr. jennifer ashton coming up. key evidence turns up in the murder of a swimsuit model jasmine fiore. we're going to talk to friends and family of the suspect, her ex-husband ryan jenkins. and more on the life of senator ted kennedy, including his unlikely rise to elder statesman. this is "the early show" on cbs. my name is herb. i live in northport, alabama. i'm semi retired and i'm here to tell a story. my parents all smoked. my grandparents smoked.
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the h1n1 vaccine is due to arrive in had october, but a presidential council report recommends the government speeds up production so is that some vaccines will be available next month. but will it be safe? is it even possible? our dr. jennifer ashton is here with some answers this morning. doctor, good to see you. >> good morning, chris. >> you just got back from atlanta at the cdc convention there. they want to vaccinate an unprecedented 159 million americans. is this possible? >> logistically, it's an overwhelming operation just because you're talking about half the population over a short period of time. to run through what the first process will look like. basically, october 15th is when the first shots come in. they are estimating two doses of h1n1 vaccine will be required, the second dose coming three weeks later. you don't develop the immune protection until two weeks after that. so if there are no delays with getting into your doctor or clinic, this is a process that could take five weeks, putting us into the end of thanksgiving. if there are logistical delays, you're talking even longer than
7:19 am
that. >> people at home have to be wondering. they're trying to speed up the process. is that safe? >> they're not cutting any corners in terms of testing. the cdc made that very clear. again, in terms of a time line, we're looking at getting 45 million to 52 million of the first round of doses by mid-october. 20 million a week thereafter to vaccinate about 195 million people by the end of the year. and they are looking at the individual manufacturers to find out if that process of delivery and distribution can be accelerated. >> you've got two options right now. you've got the shot, also the nasal spray. what do you recommend? is one more potent than the other? >> they're both basically effective. the nasal spray does contain a live but weakened form of the virus. the injection, it's not live. the nasal spray is not approved for use in pregnant women or anyone with a chronic medical condition and just ages 2 through 49. the injectable form, people with high risk medical conditions can get that. if you have questions, you should ask your doctor. >> real quickly, if you've blown
7:20 am
off the flu shot in years past, this is not the year to do it. >> seasonal flu, as well as the h1n1, the seasonal flu vaccine continues to be very important. >> dr. jennifer ashton, thank you so much. we do appreciate it. up next, they check in. the others, they check them out. the peep show at a new york city hotel that's causing quite a stir. when we return. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by garnier nutrisse. better color root to tip. now at chili's --
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a manhattan hotel is feeling the heat after some pretty hot appearances by the uninhibited guests. bianca solorzano explains. >> reporter: the goings on at the standard hotel in manhattan have been anything but standard. >> there's more the shock factor is why i wanted to come down here. >> it's definitely not something that you see, especially in
7:24 am
texas. >> reporter: they heard about guests appearing nude, even having sex in front of open windows. prompting headlines like "inn decency." calling the standard "the eyeful tower." new york post even quotes a bell hop saying the hotel encourages exhibitionism. >> some kids could get hold of the information and come down here. >> reporter: attorney mickey sherman says it's not a clear-cut case of indecent exposure. this is not public nudity. it's happening in private rooms. >> you've got to be really be looking up there to see whatever's going on. it's not like it's so in your face. if it bothers you to look up there, don't look. >> reporter: a spokesman for the new york city mayor's office says city hall doesn't know of any complaints from the public and is not taking a position on the issue. the standard hotel says it's sensitive to the concerns of friends and neighbors and will now make a concerted effort to remind guests of the transparency of the guest room
7:25 am
windows. whether guests keep it discrete remains to be seen. bianca solorzano, cbs news, new york. >> the clothing optional check-in is a big hit as well. coming up, howweetit? ?
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i think the thing that really sets him apart from everybody is his huge heart. he's just there for all of us all the time. he has been really for my whole life. >> niece caroline remembers her uncle teddy kennedy. welcome back to "the early show." once again, we are broadcasting live from the john f. kennedy presidential library in boston on a windy day, a day that ted kennedy would have loved. we are very fittingly by the water. the kennedys, of course, love sailing, and everyone that we have spoken to yesterday in hyannis port and some friends who are already gathered here today say that teddy would have loved the tribute that is planned for him. he is going to be here.
7:31 am
his body brought here by motorcade later today. building that is also by the res war. and there will be a civilian honor guard watching his body day and night for the next two seys as the s o passes respects. pay their friends, family members, former staff wi beir watching over linator kennedy as will a military honor guard. i'm maggie rodriguez. i will be broadcasting from here all morning. chris wragge is in new york. good morning, chris. >> good morning to you, maggie. it's funny to see those pictures of senator kennedy. he just loved to sail and just loved the water and the nantucket sound. it's just great to see those pictures. in other stories we're going to be,q covering here. there are new guidelines for how much sugar we should and shouldn't eat. we're going to get the latest detail frs our own dr. jennifer ashton. maggie, let's go back to you. >> all right, chris. let me tell you what is planned for today. coming up in just a few hours at noon, the kennedy family will gather at their compound back in
7:32 am
hyannis port for a private mass. at about 1:00, the motorcade ll depart and head our way towards boston and the w jfk library. the public viewing, everybody is invited to come here at 6:00 mom. aodayhend tnga t ain owto. rsenatose nakennedy's funerals to begin at :3100 a.m. saturd af o10 of o perpetual helas baiceil her in we'rwe eecting president obama eivto deliver t eulogy, and persidents jimmy p carter, bill clinn,e grgeorg h.w. bush as well as george w. bush are all expected to attend. the church they've chosen for the funeral is a church that made a lot to ted kennedy. when his daughter was diagnosed with cancer, that is where he would go and pray. it remained over the years a place that he would frequently visit to seek refuge and comfort, a very fitting place for his funeral on saturday here in boston. >> exactly. very tough times when kara was diagnosed with cancer. maggie, we'll check back with
7:33 am
you in just a couple of minutes. police found key evidence in the case of murdered model jasmine fiore, believed killed by her reality tv star ex-husband. hattie kauffman reports. >> reporter: one piece of the puzzle has been found. jasmine fiore's missing mercedes was found in this los angeles parking lot, more than a week after her mutilated body was pulled from a dumpster. meanwhile in canada, canadian authorities have identified the mystery woman who held ryan jenkins escape. according to the canadian broadcasting company, his 20-year-old half sister checked him into this hotel m hope, british columbia. ryan jenkins was found dead days later from suicide. police have never found a crime scene in the murder of fiore. her fingers were cut off and her teeth pulled out. >> we're going to process it for evidence as a possible homicide location. >> reporter: hattie kauffman, cbs news, los angeles. >> joining us exclusively are two of ryan jenkins' closest friends, dan and eric, who asked
7:34 am
that their last names not be used. ryan's aunt linda jenkins is joining us exclusively from calgary, alberta, canada this morning. good morning to the three of you. linda, i'm going to start with you. if you could, just briefly describe ryan for me. >> first, let me just say that this past while has been a surreal existence for our entire family and that none of the events fit the ryan that we knew and dearly loved. we are so devastated, you know, and it's impossible for me to give you full details on 32 years of ryan's life. he was a cherished member of our family, brought such joy and such happiness, and his witty humor and intelligence was just so outstanding. we're just traumatized that this has happened to our family. >> how surprised were you, and i guess how shocked were you when you heard these charges?
7:35 am
these were brutal, brutal charges. >> we were immensely shocked. as a matter of fact, we live in waves of disbelief. it's a nightmare for all of us. it's just something we simply cannot accept knowing the ryan that we all grew up with. and everything that was a part of his life. >> and you saye swa not on the run to canada? >> no. i just found this news out, or had it confirmed, i should say. he was not actually on the run. and it's important that people know that the whole time he was in contact with police. he gave them his license number. he told them where he was going. he okayed it. they said it was fine for him to do this. so he was not on the run. he was in touch with lawyers, and, you know, there was nothing unspoken about it. >> dan, eric, let me bring the two of you in right now. you guys are close friends with
7:36 am
both of them. you met jasmine a number of times. what was it about this relationship? why was it so volatile? >> i think the relationship was off and on like good and bad. things were good, it was really good. like i mean, they were caring. they showed affection for each other. and i think the thing that kind of brought it down was the money situation, where one didn't have enough to pay for a meal one day or one didn't have enough to go out for a meal the next day. >> i thought he was a millionaire, though. >> jasmine had high expectations. i didn't know jasmine that well. so my relationship with her and my view on her was kind of through what ryan had told me prior on the phone and when i met with him. but it just kind of seemed like her expectations were really high and he wouldn't be able to satisfy them all the time. >> did you ever see any arguing, any fighting between the two? >> i've seen it, yeah, in person. i mean, it was -- honestly, the only time i had ever seen them
7:37 am
fight, it was a money situation or the credit card got declined at dinner. you know, it kind of makds you feel like something. >> did you ever think it would escalate to this, though? we're talking about someone who murdered his ex-wife? >> no. this was completely shocking. i mean, just like what was said prior. i mean, utter disbelief, like i could never, ever imagine him doing anything like that. i mean, this isn't the guy that i knew at all, what he's being accused of. >> so when you heard that he was on the run, accused of murder, and then committed suicide, what are your thoughts? >> at first i thought -- when i heard it from a friend, and he told me to go to the cnn website and check it out, i thought it was a mistake of identity. i thought, it couldn't be him, you know. he was the kind of guy who was loving, caring, you could trust him. why would he want to hurt someone he loved, you know? >> did it ever surprise you that
7:38 am
he got involved in shows like this, "megan wants a millionaire"? >> no. that was ryan's dream. ryan's dream was los angeles. even when he came back after having been down there for a while after the first reality show, i mean, he -- this was just what he wanted to do. c s explain. i've mefr anybody who wanted to do this so much, be in l.a. and do what he was doing. >> do you think it clouded up his judgment? like with the relationship, you said it was volatile. they did argue a lot? >> to me, it seemed like ryan fell in love. he was just so in love with this girl, but it just seemed like it was a roller coaster relationship. it had its high ups and low downs. >> linda, let me bring you in before we say good-bye here. i know you're speaking on behalf of the family. there were reports that ryan's sister elena did check him into the hotel. was that the case, in fact? >> i'm not going to say anything about that. as a matter of fact, i want everybody to leave my niece
7:39 am
alone. she's just a young, innocent, lovely woman, and she's devastated. she's suffering in agony at the loss of her brother. so i'm not going to speak about that at all. >> and just one last question for you. i know the family said he was not on the run. with this apparent suicide, it just doesn't seem to mesh. if he was in contact with the law enforcement agencies and his attorneys, why would he then ultimately take his life? do you have any idea? >> i really think, in my opinion, that, when ryan was in the hotel room, he was actually told to wait until monday. he would go in with his lawyer to the authorities, and they would go through the setting bail. but when he was by himself in that hotel room, i think it was the first contact he actually had with the media, with the television to see the horror, the pictures, the things that were being said about him, and i
7:40 am
think he was terrified beyond belief, and it just seemed to push him over the edge. that he was never going to be able to walk away or prove his innocence with the smear of what was going on about him. it was just so terribly unfair. >> linda, thank you very much for taking the time from calgary for us this morning. we do appreciate it. dan, eric, thank you to the both of you for taking the time as well. now let's go outside and check in with dave once again, who's monitoring the weather for us. let's go right to the maps and checks out what's happening all across the country. first, let's talk about the weather in the midwest. it is going to be tough stuff. one to three inches fell across the region yesterday. rackford, illinois, setting a record. also for that date, close to three inches, 2.75. another cup lling of inches expected today. watch it as it rolls through chicago and indianapolis. down through the champaign,
7:41 am
urbana area. in the southeast, we're going to see widely scattered showers. west coast all the way to the rockies look good. humidity returns to portions of the south and the gulf states. keep in mind, danny right now moving up and heading towards the eastern seaboard. we'll talk more about its track when we have more time at 8: wa >> all right. danny 550 miles south/southeast
7:42 am
of cape hatteras now with with 60-mile-per-hour winds. we'll continue to track it for you. >> everybody is going to be watching that one on the east coast. that's for sure. up next, the not so sweet news abou se heart disease. we'll help you cut back when we return. medical condition that can take so much out of you. i feel like i have to wind myself up just to get out of bed. then...well... i have to keep winding myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the trouble concentrating, the lack of energy. if depression is taking so much out of you, (announcer) pristiq is a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is thought to work by affecting the levels of two chemicals in the brain, serotonin and norepinephrine. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior, or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase suicidal thoughts and behaviors in children, teens and young adults. pristiq is not approved for children under 18. do not take pristiq with maois. taking pristiq with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin,
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or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. tell your doctor about all your medications, including those for migraine, to avoid a potentially life-threatening condition. pristiq may cause or worsen high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or glaucoma. tell your doctor if you have heart disease... or before you reduce or stop taking pristiq. side effects may include nausea, dizziness and sweating. (woman) for me, pristiq is a key in helping to treat my depression. (announcer) ask your doctor about pristiq.
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this monk in "healthwatch," sugar and heart health. two-thirds of american adults are overweight or obese, and experts say it's probably due to all the sugar we eat. now the american heart association has issued new guidelines to try to control our sweet tooth. dr. jennifer ashton is back with us. look at all this sugar. i know every american has too much. >> the aha is getting specific. no more than six tea spoons a day for women. nine teaspoons for men. this huge bowl, 22 teaspoons is what the average american gets every day. it's not only about sugar. they don't try to vilify sugar. it's about the overall caloric intake. >> people think if they have beans or granola bars, it doesn't them good. >> ketchup, salad dressing, even
7:46 am
granola bars, you think they're healthy, but they contain a lot of loaded sugar. over the course of your day, it adds up to caloric day. at the end of the day, that's what it's about, in versus out. even a sugary soft drink can add up to 12 pounds of weight gain a year. don't drink your calories. >> we'll be right back.on. cbsy" on cbs. every day about 30 women in the u.s. learn that they have cervical cancer. that's why i chose to get my daughter vaccinated. i chose to get my daughter vaccinated when her doctor and i agreed that the right time to protect her is now. because it's about prevention. (nice) gardasil is the only cervical cancer vaccine that helps protect against four types of hpv. two types that cause seventy percent of cervical cancer and two more types that cause other hpv diseases. i chose to get my daughter vaccinated because the cdc recommends that girls her age get vaccinated. gardasil does not treat cervical cancer or other hpv diseases. side effects include: pain, swelling, itching, bruising, and redness at the injection site,
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he was a highly respected elder statesman, but the late senator ted kennedy's earlier sploits are also remembered this week. >> he was like the playboy of the western world. >> we'll look at both sides of a legendary flawed figure. could it be exercise can really make you fatter? we'll tell you why being a gym rat doesn't guarantee a slimmer waist. and grand slam champ john mcenroe stops by to talk about his first u.s. open victory 30 years ago and a new passion "early" this thursday morning, august 27th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs
8:01 am
good morning. welcome back to "the early show" on cbs. i'm chris wragge here in new york. harry is on assignment along with julie chen. maggie is in boston with us this morning. let's check in with her. maggie? >> chris, good morning. i'm at the john fk presidential library, where senator kennedy will lie in repose. we'll have much more on the life of the u.s. senator, including his transition from the sometimes reckless cowboy to the elder statesman. here in new york, how to make your summer wardrobe make a seamless transition. that's one of the things we'll talk about in a couple of minutes. a burchl of models out on the plaza from all over the country. and tennis great john mcenroe with here with us. it's been 30 years since he won his first u.s. open. he's going to tell us about his new passion in just a couple of minutes. first, let's check in with russ at the news desk. senator ted kennedy will be
8:02 am
buried saturday afternoon alongside his brothers at arlington national cemetery. as maggie pointed out, today's body was moved to boston, where it will lie in repose at the john k. kennedy presidential library. a funeral mass will be held at a boston church on saturday. president obama will deliver the eulo eulogy. one of senator kennedy's passions was healthcare. could his death spur congress to pass a healthcare reform bill? cbs news congressional correspondent nancy cordes has more from washington. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, russ. kennedy's death in a way gives new life to healthcare legislation which has really taken a beating the past few weeks at town halls across the country. supporters of healthcare reform say they're going to fight even harder to achieve kennedy's dying wish, universal healthcare, with senator robert byrd of west virginia suggesting the legislation be named after the late great law maker. >> we've got a real health crisis. >> reporter: for four decades, senator ted kennedy fought to provide what he saw as a right
8:03 am
for all americans, healthcare. in 1970, kennedy introduced the first universal healthcare bill. and years later he would refer to universal healthcare as "the cause of my life." >> we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every american -- north, south, east, west, young, old -- will have decent, quality healthcare as a fundamental right and not a privilege. >> reporter: kennedy is credited with a long list of healthcare accomplishments, champions the children's health insurance program, drafting legislation creating hmos, and helping to pass medicaid and medicare. >> there is nobody in the united states senate who has had a louder voice and a more effective voice on healthcare issues. >> reporter: his crusade in many ways was personal. the father of three watched two of his children battle cancer. but the battle he fought against
8:04 am
a malignant brain tumor that ultimately took his life kept him from personally spearheading the current healthcare reform effort. >> i have little doubt that we'd be even farther along. there is something about ted kennedy's ability to bring sides together, to keep them at the table, to keep pushing and urging and cajoling and persuading and ultimately getting across the line. >> reporter: now that he's gone, senator kennedy's health reform allies say they plan to work even harder to get a bill passed. >> i'm dedicated to it, and in his memory, i will do everything i can as long as i can stand in the united states senate. >> reporter: one problem, democrats and republicans are as divided as ever over healthcare reform, and the law maker with the greatest flair for finding compromise is no longer with us, russ. >> nancy cordes in washington. thank you very much. arizona senator john mccain got a taste of how contentious the debate over healthcare reform is. at a town hall meeting in
8:05 am
phoenix yesterday, one woman would not stop yelling, and he had her escorted out. >> stop or you're going to have to leave. this woman right there, please. good-bye. see you. >> mccain spoke against the so-called government option that would compete with private insurers. and a tv reporter in florida got a rude reception when she knocked on one woman's door. >> don't put that camera in my face, man. get outside the door right now. >> the woman emerged shouting as you can hear and see there. she was armed also, as you can see, with a garden hoe, driving the startled news crew off her porch. that would do it for me. she took a whack at one cameraman, clipping his camera. she then returned to the house shouting insults all the way. in the end, no one was hurt, unless, of course, you count the reporter's feelings. it is now 8:05 on this thursday morning. dave price is outside with another check of the weather. dave, when you give a bad forecast, do people ever chase
8:06 am
you down the street with a garden hoe? >> actually, the same thing happened when i showed up to visit my parents in poughkeepsie the other day. we'll talk about it after the show, russ. thanks for joining us, everyone. nice crowd out here today. friends from watertown where my buddy nick defranco does the weather and news every morning. nice to see you guys. my mom grew up with dave price. jody goodman, who i grew up in the price family headquarters in poughkeepsie. nice to see you in from san diego with your lovely daughter. we've got a secret here. what's the secret? >> i'm having a boy. >> you're having a baby boy. congratulations. does anyone at home know? >> no. >> no one at home knows? >> they know now. >> nice to see you. let's take a look at the weather across the country. danny on the minds of a lot of people on the eastern seaboard. 60-mile-per-hour winds moving northwest at 10. center is 550 miles south/southeast of cape hatteras.
8:07 am
strong tropical force winds extend 50 miles out of the center. that high pressure to the north, and the low is going to create windswept rain, rough surf, beach erosion -- beef erosion, of course, if you leave your steak outside. and easterly gales at 40 to 50 miles per hour. going to be a rough weekend. begins probably in earnest tomorrow on the carolina coast and works its way up. sloppy weekend. west of the rockies looks beautiful, everyone. today the ohio valley, portions of the midwest are going to be on the sloppy side and widely scattered showers in th
8:08 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by walmart. save money. live better. walmart. >> michigan, hello to you this morning. victoria, b.c., and let's not forget lake villa, illinois. maggie, we'll send it back to you. >> dave, you didn't tell me it would be this windy here. i understand why president kennedy always had his sailboat docked here by the library. thanks so much, dave. still ahead, we'll have a look at senator ted kennedy's struggle to leave behind the troubles of his youth. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. paying $8 a day for lunch can add up fast. so i'm packing my own lunch now-- for less than $3. thanks to walmart. just two times a week
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8:12 am
the kennedy family, but for many years he seemed ill suited for the part. cbs news cderesponnt michelle miller reports. >> reporter: ted kennedy seemed a man cut in two, a prolific elder statesman on one side, brazen bad boy on the other. >> he was like the playboy of the western world. >> reporter: biographer edward twein says early on the youngest of the kennedy nine seemed to get a free pass. >> the others had to achieve according to their father and mother's standards. he could get their attention by being the clown, the cut-up. >> reporter: klein says kennedy's demerits were many. he'd been kicked out of college forchting. in 1969 there was the chappaquiddick accident. the passenger in his car, mary jo kopechne had died in the crash. kennedy had left the scene and didn't notify authorities until his young companion's body was found the following day.
8:13 am
>> he drove a car off the bridge and drowned a woman by the name of mary jo kopechne. left her in the car when she still had an air bubble in the car and probably could have been saved. >> this morning i entered a plea of guilty to the charge. >> reporter: chappaquiddick haunted kennedy, and by 1980 his first marriage crumbled. the rest of the decade, klein says, his reputation with women and booze spun out of control. by 1989, kennedy hit rock bottom. after a night of bar-hopping with relatives. >> this is a mature man taking these young boys out for a romp with some women. >> reporter: he was forced to testify in the rape trial of his nephew william kennedy smith. the press was relentless. "time" magazine called him a palm beach boozer. "gq" an aging irish boy clutching a bottle. but then something happened. >> what was the great change agent? >> reporter: vicki, reggie, his
8:14 am
wife. >> and for the next 17 years, klein says kennedy tossed the bad boy image and grew up. still, reflected on those troubled years was never easy. did you ever say, i've got to look out for my legacy here? i have to take care of what i'm remembered for. >> i never looked at it really in terms of the questions of a legacy. i think i've always wanted to try and be a better person. >> 50 years from now, 100 years from now, when books are written about this period of time and ted kennedy makes his appearance in the history books, that his bad behavior will be footnotes and his achievements will be paragraphs. >> reporter: michelle miller, cbs news, new york. joining me here at the jfk library to talk more about senator kennedy's struges and transformation is peter canellos. he is the cbs news consultant and also editor of "last lion:
8:15 am
the fall and rise of ted kennedy." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> do you think he'll be remembered more for the rise or the fall? >> i think he'll be remembered for the rise. but i do think that he was, you know, a flawed figure like many people. he was very, very human, and his frailties were very obvious to the public. >> the low point, without question, was chappaquiddick. it seemed to me that he really if he didn't want to pursue this political life, he could have walked away at that point, but he didn't. >> i think that was a moment when he recommitted himself to his public mission. it didn't clean up his personal life exactly, but it made him much more serious about the senate. >> and then after that, it doesn't mean that it was easy for him. i know he lost the bid for the presidency, and it was a downward spiral in the '80s. >> and his marriage broke up too. so he had a kind of raw cuss dating life in the '80s. he was fodder for tabloids. you know, his defenders will say that none of the women ever felt they were treated badly by him,
8:16 am
but the whole process of heavy drinking and serial dating was kind of undignified for a person in his position. >> there were some crazy stories back then, weren't there? >> absolutely. well, the most damaging one was he and chris dodd were kind of coming on to a waitress in a particular restaurant. there was him with a woman on a boat. there were tabloid photos. it was an undignified scene, and he even apologized for it in the early '90s, 1991, giving a memorable speech at harvard where he said he's going to have to take more responsibility for his personal life. >> and then along comes vicki. >> and along comes vicki. >> and he changes his stripes once and for all. >> he really did. the last two decades of his life, he was in many ways a model family man. among other things, vicki brought two young children into the marriage. he had a natural kind of
8:17 am
paternal presence, and it gave him a chance to be a father again. i think that made a big difference. >> i think that's what people will remember him for, peter canellos. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. they will also remember him for his dedication to public service. who will carry the torch now that he's gone? in that regard, we'll have more on that ahead on "the early show" on cbs. ♪ stains surrender to the power of all. our powerful stainlifters fight stains and leave clothes whiter and brighter. win the battle for clean clothes while saving over 25% versus the leading brand. and my dog bailey and i love to hang out in the kitchen... so she can watch me cook. you just love the aromas of beef tenderloin... and, ooh, rotisserie chicken. yes, you do. [ barks ] yeah. you're so special, you deserve a very special dog food. [ woman ] introducing chef michael's canine creations.
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8:19 am
it has been accepted wisdom for years. if you exercise, you're going to lose some weight. but some experts say working out can actually have the opposite effect. registered dietician keri glassman is here to explain. i read the "time" magazine article two weeks ago, i haven't worked out since. what is this all about? >> that's not what she wants to do. >> they say the more you work out, the more weight you can gain. come on. >> exercise is important.
8:20 am
some recent research says it may deter or weight loss efforts for a few reasons. when we work out, we're a little bit hungrier. we may eat more. and also the sense of entitlement. have you heard somebody say, oh, i can eat that bacon cheeseburger because i worked out this morning. also, you may not be burning as many calories as you think. that's an important point. >> we've got some articles, some items here that will offset what you're doing. i am very guilty of walking out of a gym. great, now i can have pizza for lunch. >> you're probably eating more calories than you burned. >> i spend some time on the elliptical machine. what can really offset. >> you've been on the elliptical working hard. 45 minutes is 500 calories. that is going to be done away with that fiber muffin right there. >> i love to kick box. >> kick boxing, you're mastering the high kicks, feeling like a champ. 272 calories. you walk into starbucks with a grande latte. cancelled out the calories. >> how about a little jogging?
8:21 am
who doesn't love cheeds cake? >> let's say you're jogging for an hour, and you eat perfectly the whole day. you reward yourself with a cheese cake here, you're going to squash all those calories, 470 calories. look how small that is. >> finally, pilates. >> everyone is doing pilates these days. 30 minutes of pilates, you're feeling good. people don't count those calories. 119 calories in just a few hard candies. when i look at people's food journals, they never write those calories down. any candy? any added sugar? right there, 119 calories. >> that's amazing pilates can be offset by having five hard candies. is it worth it? is it not? >> it is worth it. exercise is important when you're consistent with it. and nutrition is primary. together, good exercise habits, including being consistent burning these calories, adding in some weight to increase your metabolic weight to burn more calories, and also being active during your daily life. don't go to the gym and then sit on your tush the rest of the
8:22 am
afternoon. you have to move around in your daily life. that, coupled with the nutrition, is very powerful. >> so for breakfast you want to have something good and balanced, a little fruit. oatmeal is always great. >> what you want to do for all of your meals, since you may be hungrier from working out. we don't want to eat more. what we do need to do is eat foods that will fill you up, provide fiber, protein, and healthy fat. breakfast, we're getting fiber from oatmeal. filling up on vegetables and protein at lunch. dinner, the same thing. protein, vegetables. water will also help keep you full. >> lots of water. more than eight glasses a day. coming up, john mcenroe is with us on the tennis court. he is more passionate than anybody. find out what he's passionate about now. produce with a 100% guarantee...
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hi, everyone. welcome back to "the early show." here on a thursday morning, i'm chris wragge here in new york, along with dave price now. maggie's at the kennedy library in boston. harry and julie are both on assignment this morning. maggie, back to you. >> good morning to you guys. coming up in this half hour, an intriguing question. who will fill ted kennedy's seat in the library -- excuse me. in the senate. will it be a member of his own family? what about his widow? we'll talk about that as well as look at the next generation of kennedys. who will carry the torch? chris? >> maggie, we'll get back to you in just a couple of seconds. dave, ominous skies over
8:31 am
manhattan. and john mcenroe is here to brighten things up. how about that? 30th anniversary of his first u.s. open victory. let's see you blow a forehand right past davy there. you got a tennis ball on hand. >> i want to see him blow a fist. there we go. >> that's the john mcenroe we know and love. you can't be serious! >> that's the first time i heard that today. >> we'll also talk about the serious work he's doing withstand up to cancer. it's a great project and a great endeavor. first -- >> we're going to cause a racket weatherwise. never say i'm high strung. thank you very much. did you like that joke ' let's take a look across the country and see what's happening. widely scattered showers as we head through the southeast. messy weather in portions of the midwest into the ohio valley it's going to be gray. we'll see some heavy rain stretching all the way down to sections of oklahoma even into texas. rockies to the west coast look good. let's take a look at danny right now. it continues to move towards the
8:32 am
east coast. that's going to be our rain maker tomorrow along the carolina coastline. look for raw easterly winds in the northeast and mid-atlantic states. late day showers popping up in the pacific northwest. still on the warm side as you head to the desert southwest. as far as portions of texas into the gulf states, hit or >> that's a quick look at your weather picture. that rocket almost hurt me. >> see if you can catch this. thank you, david.
8:33 am
when it comes to tennis, seven-time grand slam champ john mcenroe has always been more passionate than just about anybody on the core. now he's using that enthusiasm to raise awareness about prostate cancer as an ambassador for stand up to cancer. what precipitated this? your dad five years ago. >> my dad got prostate cancer five years ago. thank god he's doing well. he's a tough guy. i thought he was indestructible, but things happen. when all of a sudden they say i'm an ambassador to something besides tennis, it's pretty amazi amazing. even tennis after what i've been through in the old days. when they started this campaign, they were looking for 50-year-olds. i don't look 50, do i? >> doesn't look a day over 32, 33. >> since then they've talked about being tested early. the american neurological association says 40 is the new time to go out there. go get a blood test, a psa test. that's not that difficult for us, guys. it's like getting a cholesterol
8:34 am
test. good health. i love the healthy lifestyle, chris. be proactive instead of reactive. go to for more information. >> when they're looking for an ambassador, you would think they'd want someone outspoken who could be heard. that's why it surprises me they chose you. >> exactly. this guy could be a comedian also. >> can you believe it's been 30 years since your first u.s. open title? >> you cannot be serious. >> i am. look at the pictures here. >> oh, my gosh. this is my late great buddy karalitis. two guys that grew up in queens, where the u.s. open is played in again in the u.s. open -- although i'd like to change that with an academy here -- are you going to see two boys that grew up so close in the finals? they were booing us here because they wanted borg and conners in
8:35 am
the finals. >> who do you like this year? >> how can you not say federer? i'm actually going to go with roddick or murray. the scott players playing great. roddick had a great wimbledon. i don't know if you saw that. >> even andy murray has been playing well. >> andy murray is number two in the world. i'm happy to see nadal back on the court. >> how about the ladies? >> i have to go with serena. she's very intimidating and hits back the big ones. >> for more on stand up to cancer, prostate cancer, go to our website, remember, the u.s. open starts monday right here on cbs. john mcenroe, as always, nice to see you. let's go back to boston and once again rejoin maggie. maggie? >> thanks a lot, chris. we are, of course, at the john f. kennedy presidential library. it is not unusual to see the late president's sailboat, the
8:36 am
victora just outside the library here on the water. and it's not unusual senator kennedy kept his sailboat mya outside his home in hyannis port. that's where i spent the day talking to people who remember him as a neighbor, as a friend, but most of all, as a fellow sailor. >> as iconic as the family who lived there, the kennedy compound in hyannis port, massachusetts, was camelot's back drop. the hideaway on nantucket sound provided a base for the globetrotting family, patriarch joseph kennedy, his wife rose, and their nine children. for ted kennedy, the youngest, this was home. >> someplace we grew up on, learned to swim on, and to sail on. >> this is his whole life here. he could always go out on his boat and forget his trublds for a while. >> here he and his brothers played touch football, and here's where he first fell in love with sailing. >> he talks about being able to sail as a 10 or 12-year-old
8:37 am
around the cape by himself and how much independence that gave him. >> over the years, kennedy returned to hyannis to recharge and spend time with his family and to reflect when times were tough. when ted was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2008, he again returned to hyannis port to his home and to the sea. >> his final days were spent in massachusetts on a little piece of sand that he really loved, and i will miss him. >> is it hard for you to imagine hyannis without ted kennedy? >> massachusetts without ted kennedy, the country without ted kennedy really. >> it's going to be hard. >> joining me isinga i peter canellos. he is a cbs news consultant and also editor of "last lion: the fall and rise of ted kennedy." good morning again. >> good morning. >> before ted kennedy died, he was pushing the governor of massachusetts to change the law so that he would be able to appoint a temporary replacement
8:38 am
in the event of senator kennedy's death in the senate rather than having to wait for a special election in january. that hasn't happened yet, but do you think, when the legislature comes back, they'll change the law so they can at least have somebody temporarily in there? >> i think it's quite possible, if not likely, that they will. but not a sure thing. i think that ultimately the people of massachusetts will need representation in the next five months, so there will be an appointed senator. >> any ideas who that might be? >> people are talking about sort of an elder statesman who's not going to run for the seat. the name of michael dukakis, the former governor here, has certainly been mentioned. we'll have to wait and see. >> when the election does roll around to fill the seat, do you think we will see another kennedy in there? is that possible? >> well, there's a lot of speculation. senator kennedy's widow vicki reggie kennedy comes from a large political family. she's obviously somebody who's up to speed on the issues. during this period she understandably has said nothing about the race. there's no indication that she
8:39 am
will run. that hasn't stopped people from speculating. and also the senator's nephew joe kennedy, a former congressman, has sometimes been mentioned. it remains to be seen, but there might be a kennedy running. >> what about the next generation of kennedys? i know that bobby kennedy has two grandsons who are not old enough to run for the seat, but who we could see in the future? >> they're both in public spirited professions. matthew and joe kennedy iv. they're 28 years old. matthew works in the obama administration. and joe has graduated from law school and is going to be an assistant d.a. in bartsville county. ted himself started as an assistant district attorney in boston. there probably will be another generation of kennedys in politics. it's just going to take a little while.1éñ >> safe to say, even if we don't see the next generation of kennedys in politics, we'll continue to see them in public service. that's what ted kennedy encouraged them to do. >> ted's father joe sr., when he was the family patriarch, he
8:40 am
really wanted power and emphasized politics in electoral office. ted, whilee twasshe patriarch, emphasized good works and charitable endeavors just as much as political power. that's reflected in the choices the younger generation has made. >> we shall see. thank you so much. peter canellos. let's go back to new york and chris. >> maggie, thank you so much. if you're looking forward to new clothing for the fall but your budget's a bit tight, how about some fall transition fashions? here to explain, sarah haight. she is a fashion writer at "women's wear daily." good to see you. what are these fall transition fashions? what does that mean for those of us that don't know? >> it's taking your classic summer pieces and adding a few older for c olderake them weather. >> we'red aing a couple of elements here and there. et's start with theun dress. we've got a full screen graphic to show you what that dress looks like at home. we're going to reveal a very lovely young lady who's showing us how we can make this work for fall. >> exactly. this is a simple sun dress, and we've added opaque tights and
8:41 am
layered it. opaque tights are a big thing at women's wear daily because you can take a black or gray piece and make it right for the colder weather. we've add the gray sweatshirt and cinched it with a belt so it hashe t the warm silhouette. >> are you warm? labor day, no white jeans. >> you can absolutely wear white jeans after labor day. this is where accessories make a big difference. we tuck the white jeans into these great boots and thrown on a trench so she's automatically ready for the colder weather. and a wool sweater like this is great for any kind of jeans, even white ones. >> got to go with the boots, solyluab.te absolutely. these are great riding boots by coach. >> a boyfriend jacket. don't even know what a boyfriend jacket is. >> the boyfriend jacket has been a huge trend this summer. for fall, we've rolled up the sleeves, and we've paired it with high waisted pleated pants. this is a very sleek look. we saw it a lot on the runways for fall. a lot of women may not have high waisted suit pants in their
8:42 am
wardrobe. what's great about the boyfriend jacket is you can pair it with lots of different pants. jeans, wool pants, silk trousers. you can put it over a dress. take one of your sun dresses, put on a pair of opaque tights, and you're ready. >> it's always been popular to wear men's clothing. y>>er v popular. i think we'll see it continue through spring. >> bermuda shorts. my personal favorite. i spend the summer in these things. >> bermuda shorts are typically a casual piece. what's great to remember with these is you can keep a bare leg. we paired these with boots, and it keeps it a bit warm. and we've added a peasant top that dresses it up a bit. >> the whole boot look really brings in that fall element. >> exactly. it's a classic fall piece. >> what other things could you do with the bermuda shorts? i think a lot of people are saying to themselves, well, shorts in general probably not the best idea, especially come fall. >> you can take one of the jackets we just showed.
8:43 am
we can pair it with that and even pair it with high heels, great for the office. >> is that basically what it's all about? in this time of recession with people tightening their budget, it's maximizing every article you have in your closet. you have to have five or six things to do with each piece. >> women don't want to go out and buy a bunch of new pieces now. you want to take what you have pretty affordable? add it to .r >> a pair of bermuda shorts like this is in the $50 range. >> let's talk about options. if you pair it with a sweater or a jacket, the options are unlimited. >> this is a classic over the summer. a lot of them have it in their closet. become more than evening wear staple. paired it with these gorgeous flat feeted shoes. then she has black pumps, really simple and elegant. you can add it like this on a date or a cocktail party. >> it almost looks like it can work.
8:44 am
>> it's a really versatile outfit. >> when is it too early to start talking about fall designs? we still have summer left. >> we have a little bit of summer left. it's good to start preparing now. you can take these pieces over the next few weeks and start thinking about it. >> let's get one last look at these outfits. if you have any of these pieces, now you can mix and match, pick and choose anywhere you like. here you go. fall fashions. >> thank you very much at "women's wear daily," sarah haight. for more on these looks, visit us at our website will have all the information and pictures for you to see. coming up next, beating the heat with some very cool no bake desserts. how about that? desserts. you don't have to bake them. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. recently we featured no cook dinner recipes perfect for summer. now j.j. wilson at bon appetit magazine is here to show us how to finish off the meal with simple, delicious, no bake desserts. russ mitchell is here as well. two guys who could not stay away. so no bake. we're going to start with a little raspberry number here. >> we're going to do a pie. the thing is about these desserts is they're all super easy, no bake. use very few ingredients. it's important to get everything right. when you're cooking, um improvise. with baking, we need to be a little more precise. >> this is a low cal version, right? >> i don't know about that. crushed chocolate cookie crumbs. we're making a raspberry pie with a chocolate cookie crust. all i do here in the microwave
8:48 am
was melt chocolate, sugar, and a little butter. and we got the cookie crumbs. >> and you're going to be able to do the crust without any baking at all. >> exactly. this is this. so the reason why we don't have to bake this pie is because -- well, check this out. you don't have to bake it because the chocolate, the melted chocolate is going to help hold it together. >> that's great. >> so we'll just press that in there. you could actually put these three ingredients in here. this is our filling. we've got sweetened condensed milk. >> be careful, russ. this is dessert. we don't want to mess it up. >> want to scrape here? i'll help you. add the lemon juice. >> i clearly need some help. >> creme fraiche and fresh lemon juice. three ingredients that can go in. very important to use fresh squeezed lemon juice because the acidity in the fresh squeezed is what's going to help the filling set. there we go. >> sounds good. >> whip that around. i'm going to add half of these
8:49 am
berries. end of summer, perfect. these are fresh. look at him go. keep going. keep going until it looks pretty in pink. >> i can do that. >> you can even mush them a little. >> after he's done whisking and you've got this beautiful color. that's when you know you're done. >> yes. it gets poured into the crust. it sits. it chills. that's fine. we decorate it with berries, and that's it. we have a taste right here if you want? >> do we have a fork anywhere? we do. russ, i'm going to give you a fork, and we're going to sample exactly what we've done here. >> take a bite. these did not get melted. we needed these to be melted. they're not melted. do you know what this is? >> live television. >> this is a retrodessert. these are chinese noodle cookies. chow mein noodles, butter scotch chips, pecans. you want to do peanuts or walnuts, you can.
8:50 am
they get dolloped out. look like that. sit in the fridge. >> how lng in the fridge? >> just until they set. it's so quick. >> and remember, you have to melt the butterscotch. >> if you want to use chocolate chips to make these chocolate as well, you can do that. >> go with the butterscotch. these are good. >> heads will roll. >> check this out. chocolate mousse. sounds complicated, right? >> not really. just kidding. yes, it does. >> three ingredients. cream, honey, chocolate. we melted it in here. that's all that's in here. cream, we whipped it. watch this. we're going to have instant chocolate mousse. swirl it together. >> you made chocolate mousse seem like one of the easiest recipes ever. >> that's it. look at this. here we go. zoom. take a little bite. what do you think of that? >> i can't decide which of the three that i like best. >> i happened to be in the neighborhood.
8:51 am
hi, russ. >> hi there. try that. >> wow, that looks good. >> this should get folded together, of course, until it's all homogeneous. this is panecotta. you see it on all the restaurant menus. could be molded. we did in a nice goblet. it's a little buttermilk and fresh berries. >> thank you very much. maggie, we know you've been taking care of the serious business up in boston, you did smis some great desserts down here. you did a great job up there. back to you in boston. >> can you believe people are already start to go arrive here at the john k. kennedy presidential library even though the motorcade isn't expected until 4:00 p.m. right now the kennedy family is huddled together at the compound in hyannis port. the kennedys are having a private mass in honor of senator kennedy. then they will depart for boston.
8:52 am
the motorcade will arrive here in late afternoon. the senator will lie in repose for the next few days. there will be a funeral on saturday with president obama delivering the eulogy and five n or hrm presiernts honor the late senator ted kennedy. have a good day.
8:53 am
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great to have you with us. it is thursday morning. i'm kim martucci keeping an eye on the weather. here's how things are shake hong kong out.nt 75 ide ketaan y rtounoh and west. in the 60s in cumberland and that's the case for culpeper as you head out the door. we have partly sunny skies. no rain. and i think today will be a rain-free day. believe it or not, there is a front across us. the winds shifted to the northeast. that's one way we can tell but the rain associated with this front is north of the border across pennsylvania. this thing and the batch of rain with it will be moving in our direction. so tomorrow and heading in to
8:56 am
the weekend. that's what we are thinking. as for the highs today, shaping up like this. in the middle to upper 80s across the board from woodbridge and points north. to the west, leighsburg is working on 90. leonardstown the forecast is high is 87. 85 for annapolis and 88 la plata. angie, good morning. we are four minutes from our 9:00 a.m. show. we have got a lot of traffic to tell you about beginning in er spring. georgia avenue, southboundsi lanes are beoug inblocked. crews are there. be careful if you are heading that way. in chevy chase, near chevy chase village on wisconsin avenue and orchard avenue more activity to be aware of. and 495 in maryland we are slow from 95 to georgia. and this just in. in virginia on the inner loop past the toll road, we have an accident taking away the left lane and drivers are backed up
8:57 am
around the braddock road area and looking at a 15-minute drive time that is growing. over to kim. >> thank you for the news. here's a check on the next seven. looking at the weekend weather forecast with one eye on the atlantic ocean an the other on a stalled front that will be producing rain around here. danny will probably pass by as a hurricane but at this point it is too far out of reach for us. folks at the beach probably getting rain from it. certainly rough surf and breezy conditions. again, it will be another iffy weekend for you beach goers. some dangerous tides in that direction. our 9:00 a.m. show is up next and you have a date to hang out with us. see you there. g cncn fa
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