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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 29, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and it is cool. the breeze in some spots hasn't kicked in but give it a few minutes because the storm system that is spinning across ontario and quebec drove through the front through in the afternoon. now it is bringing in cooler, drier weather and the winds will gust at times 20 to 30 miles an hour. right now we have temperatures in the 40s and 50s. most 50s, low to mid-50s out there. oakland is down 0 to 45. 49 baltimore and 52 easton. today we are looking at a cooler day with gusts to 30 miles an hour. highs around 70. 68 for the 5:00 deprive home. talk about the drive in here at 6:00 a.m. here's angie. >> knock on wood or knock on my green wall. we want to keep the trend going. no major incidents or accidents all morning. keep it that way. 270 southbound no problems past germantown road. just volume building to the split. to the outer loop, we moving at
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speed from route 1 to new hampshire avenue. and inbound new york avenue we are live from florida. things are fine here but the main delay is stretching from the times building to bladensburg. in virginia, 395 slowing can do you know duke to seminary. that will continue to get bigger. 95 northbound in virginia from 123 to route 1 woodbridge. that's your delay and it is growing. that's a look look at traffic. now, over to you. nothing says fall like the flu. the two seem to go hand-in-hand with the cooler weather. 9 news now digital correspondent is live in northwest with more. >> good morning. only a few people at this cvs on the 4500 block of wisconsin but customers are expected to form long lines to get their flu shots. cooler temperatures are one factor, the other the h1n1 flu
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virus. a spokesman for cvs tells 9 news now there is a huge increase in customers getting flu shots over last. >> let your arm hang loose at your side. >> reporter: thiscvs gave shots until 8 last night. this man brought his twins to the medics usa clinic. his wife gave the orders. >> she was harassing myself to get us up here for the flu shot. it is important because they were both three months premature and it is very important for them to keep um their immunes and fight the flu virus and they have had it ever since they were born. >> people are coming in and asking for the vaccination. overall concern among the young population. >> reporter: patients can get the regular flu vaccine now and the h1n1 vaccine when it is available early next month.
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live in northwest washington, alex trevino, for 9 news now and fairfax county is taking extra steps to get the word out about what to expect this flu season. the health department is hosting a series of town hall meetings and three more are schedule the flu town halls begin at 7 p.m. the next is tonight in alexandria. the franconia governmental center. there's another thursday night at the fairfax county health department and next week another meeting will be held on october 15th at the south county center in alexandria. more eyes will be watching as you take your metro trip each morning. the transit system is preparing to install video cameras on the buses and trains. metro officials hope it will better manage crowds and investigate criminal activity. they say this is the first step toward a system wide surveillance network. no office, no restaurant, and soon not even outside.
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dc council member phil mendleson introduced a bill that will allow property owners to ban smoking up to 25 feet from their outer walls and that means some public sidewalk. we will keep you updated whether the bill gets any traction at city hall. time foreanother living smart report. jessica doyle is back and the recession hit two groups very hard. >> that's right. good morning to you. you can blame layoffs for this one. the recession has hit middle income and poor families the hardest. census figures show the economic gap between the richest and poorest americans has gotten wider. poverty jumped to an 1 year high. analysts say the richest americans may be seeing reductions in analyst pay but those at the bottom of the income ladder are often unemployed and struggling to get by. two virginia companies are getting together. dynecorps is a government contractor and it find phoenix consulting group that provides
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intelligence for special operations units and they say the purchase price is between 30 million and $50 million. dc has fired the contractor it hired to build the $12 million computer system for school information. the firm is called williamsed ally and company. the "washington post" reports that the city missed deadlines, there were software defects enpersonnel problems. it is designed to compile information about student academic growth, teacher quality and graduation rates. the city says they will have another contractor set up for the program in the next few months. another teenager is charged in the beating death of a high school student and parts of the asian continent are preparing for the on slaught of a powerful tie scoon. those stories are coming up but first focus on weather with howard bernstein. >> a good start to the day in maryland. no rain around today opposed to yesterday afternoon when we had
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the shower and certainly cooled off quite a bit. temperatures are running in the 50s in most spots. even 40s from sals bury and garrett county and gaithersburg. 50 andrews. 55 on the bay in annapolis and 59 in hagerstown. we will have a mix of sun and clouds today. breezy day with more sunshine. time to look at maryland traffic. good morning, angie. >> good morning, howie. hello washington, d.c. and maryland. maryland, it is all about you right now. connecticut avenue and university, a nice quiet commute so far. no disruptions out this way. great seneca and darnsetown road, check it out, where are the drivers? past powder mill to 32 looks like the lanes are wide open. now, over to andrea. make it a point to have no other options. best-selling author and
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or swim no option mind set. do or die and make a decision that you are in it to win it in life. don't give up because life is tough temperature keep going. this is willie jolly. visit my website at willie for free motivation. and make every minute count and make this a great day. pñúo@@ there's nothing more important than our health. so when it comes to health reform, we need a solution that works for all of us.
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now the president and congress have a plan that combines the best ideas, from democrats and republicans, business owners and workers, doctors, nurses and patients. a plan that keeps bureaucrats out of your health care you choose your own doctor, make your own decisions, and you can't be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. that's reform we can all feel good about. on fridays, i have hockey before school, so i take two eggo homestyle waffles and put peanut butter inside. i add a couple chocolate chips when dad's starting the car. there's only one way to eat an eggo -- your way. l'eggo my eggo. film maker michael moore is in now for the premier of his new film. tonight at 7 p.m. at the amc uptown theater in northwest. and the montgomery county council will hold a hearing on
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speeding drivers. council members are expected to address tools used to try to curb speeders. they will then open the floor for public comment. and kristin fisher is here with a hero central segment. >> that's right. it is time for the next hero central segment and this morning we are honoring a washington man that devoted his life to helping people with disabilities. this is such a great story. check this out. his name is ed and he is a president, ceo and founder of the national rehabilitation hospital here in washington. now, ed, himself is disabled. he suffered a severe spinal cord injury after a major car crash in college. and there he is playing golf right there. so in 1986 he founded the national rehab hospital and built it in to one of the top rehab hospitals in the nation. now, ed loves golf. so the research engineers at the hospital were able to build him special clubs so he could play the game he loves despite
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his spinal cord injury. over the years his hospital has helped thousands of disabled men, women and children learn to cope with their disability and play sports with their disabilities. remember the hero central report we did about the super h race? that is his hospital and parent of his mission is to make sure disabled men and women in the area are able to do what they love despite their disabilities. the reason we are honoring ed today is because he is stepping down as, dr. eo in two days on october 1st. he will be moving in to a president aimer 'tis role but this is his second to last day as president and ceo. before he stepped down we wanted to thank him and honor him for his service. thank you very much, ed. and if you all know of another hero for an upcoming hero central segment an you might like to nominate them, i'd love to hear about it. shoot me an e-mail at
6:12 am in the news now, a fourth teenager is being charged with murder in the beating death of a chicago student. prosecutors say cell phone footage shows a group of teens kicking and striking a 16-year- old student with railroad ties as he walked home from school. authorities recovered the body of representative carolyn maloney's husband. he died on a mountain climbing expetition. the invest banker died unexpectedly after reaching the summit of the world's sixths highest mountain. in vietnam, thousands of people are being evacuated as the typhoon bears down on the country's central coast. the storm killed 240 people in the philippines and is expected to make land fall in vietnam later today. >> we have had a very benign tropical season here. >> yeah. remember all of those named storms that have come out.
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we have until the end of november. >> we do. november 30th. but the real peak was in september and mid september. now we are starting to wane off. unless something develops this the caribbean or the gulf of mexico. >> couping down. >> big time. what is threatening us is rain and cooler weather and a chance of a shower in to tomorrow. we start with our forecast first. the next three days look like this, 70ish today. yesterday 80. but today a breeze and a couple of clouds will mix in. if you are heading to the mountains or pennsylvania lot more on the way in the form of clouds. on thursday, more sunshine and still cool with a high of 68. moms like bus stop forecast today, partly to mostly sunny out there when the kids get out there. cooler than it has been. upper 40s to upper a 0s for the temperatures and the breeze is not picking up until mid-
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morning. i think the next few hours the winds will work in from western maryland, western virginia where the winds were gusting 25 miles an hour. some of that moves toward us. it will be windy and breezy p.m. west winds 10 to 20 gusting with highs near 70. tonight partly cloudy and chilly. lows 46 to 54 with a west wind at ten. this morning 55 in annapolis. same in newland and the northern neck. manassas 48. 54 martinsburg and fredericksburg and quantico. andrews air force base and prince georges county at 50. and here in washington we have 55 at reagan national. winds are light. southwesterly at three and the air has really dried out. the dew points are in the lower 40s, all thanks to this storm system spinning north of montreal. a big broad circulation. you will see the moisture that is moving through toronto heading to buffalo and the system is dragging down the
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cooler drier air with brisk northwesterly winds. tomorrow, a piece of energy will rotate around that and that's why we will watch for sprinkles. here we go. microcast 9. in the mountains they cannot rule out an isolated sprinkle or shower. mostly cloudy skies later today and tonight. and for wednesday more clouds than sunshine and see the couple of specks of green popping up. that is isolated sprinkle chance i'm talking about. and thursday we are better. could have the first frost of the year by thursday morning. tomorrow mid-60s after being 70 today. could be a sprinkle tomorrow. less wind and upper 60s on thursday. could be a late shower on friday. redskins are home an should be dry and 71. 55 degrees. good morning, angie. aren't we having a great
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day here. it's been wonderful in the studio and i know you are ready for a wonderful day, as well. 66 eastbound no incidents or accidents. that's the great thing. from 50 to 123 we are seeing the volume starting to build. take it to the inner loop. 95 to 66. drivers are moving at a great pace and we are tracking route 4, 305 crane highway, no accidents out there. typical volume. on the out i loop, taking it outside, things are filling out as we watch the head lights build from new hampshire to georgia. finally we will call it a wrap through georgetown if you are making your way on to m street, nothing is in the way and a nice and quiet commute. that's the traffic. now, over to you. time to see what's inside the "usa today." one headline anger at overdraft fees gets hotter, bigger and louder. with a closer look we are
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joined by lauren ashburn. good morning. i thought they had made changes. >> last week four of the big banks said they would scale back overdraft policies and chris dodd, the powerful senate banking chair said he will prepare legislation to make sure this happens. the last years, according to "usa today" research, banks have made it very easy for people to overdraw their accounts to the tune of $37 billion of revenue. >> bottom line for the banks is really good. what do they do that helps them to fatten their bottom line and make us deeper in debt? >> there are three things. debit card transactions cost a dollar to $35. >> seems like a lot of money. i know. they can deduct a purchase chen -- when it is made, not when it clears the bank. >> i might have the money later on. >> but you don't have it right when it is made. >> reporter: and the third thing i find interesting is they process, they process from
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highest to lowest. so if you have a $500 amount and a $2 amount that happened they are going to take the $500 first. >> not fair. >> not fair. >> so what can congress do? what is the new legislation? >> the legislation is being prepared. there are other things the fdic says it is possible for banks to be responsible and to do things in a way that doesn't seem to get the consumer as angry and as hot as our headline said. they say why not a small dollar loan program, something that would provide a lower cost loan to people. instead of having them rely on this overdraft policy. i will give you one about dote from tom tran who is a 36-year- old man in columbia, maryland. his father went to the hospital. he had $5,000 in overdraft fees alone. and until "usa today" went to bank of america, you know, they
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weren't going to return his money and they finally returned $1,300 of it. >> we can't all have "usa today" going to bat for us. >> i will fight the good fight. >> thank you. you can read more in the edition of "usa today." the gilbert arenas era begins. he beginnings the season with a healthy body and spirit and the nationals look to end their season on a positive note. before we head to break it is time for our signs of now question. today disney's "a christmas carol "train tour arrives at union station offering families a chance to preview the upcoming 3-d movie release. what we want to know what year was the first adaptation of the charles dickens classic story, a christmas carol we leased? was it 1950, 1938 or 1945. we'll be right back.
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the answer is b, 1938. the first movie starred reginald owen the role of scrooge. it was released december 16th in that year just in time for christmas. well, we begin this morning's headlines with a look at the redskins oldest and biggest rival. after a scoreless first quarter, carolina drew first
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blood against dallas. on a 25-yard touchdown pass in the half. but dallas steals it back in the second half. choice runs it in five yards if the score. late in the game, carolina down six and driving but he throws an interception which newman returns for a touchdown. the cowboys win 21-7. and gilbert arenas only played 15 games in the last two season because of injuries, but with a new camp beginning, arena says he is in great shape and has a new attitude. arenas wants to focus more on his play and being a teammate rather than talking. >> i'm 27 now and i'm not an entertainer. i don't have a blog or tweeter anymore. so we will see what happens when i am serious.
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the nationals are in their final week of the baseball season. last night against the mets nats starter went six innings and only allowed one run striking out three batters. debt wile ear's pitcher combined with much-need offense and late inning work at the bull pen led the nats to a 2-1 win. the united states will begin the first day of on the united nations human rights council. and green jobs are becoming the hot new thing and there's a way you can train for a job which is more environmentally friendly. here's angie. we are live from 7th and the whitehurst freeway in northwest dc. check it out. hardly any drivers on the road right now. more traffic across the region coming up. outside on the weather terrace a chill in the air this morning. some areas in the 40s but it
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will get cooler and breezier. i will have the forecast when 9 news now returns. parentheses have a place but not on your face. smooth those lines away for up to a year with juvéderm®. juvéderm® is a smooth injectable gel
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why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at welcome back. new research says parents and doctors need to be individual
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len when it comes to giving medication to children. a report in the journal pediatrics says 8,600,000 patients are treated each year for bad drug reactions including accidental overdoses. side effects, medicine mixup and allergic reactions. we say good morning to howard bernstein. he's out on the weather terrace where he says you might want a jacket later on today. >> i was just thinking that i might want a jacket right now. i'm in my suit coat but it is a little chilly. the winds are not so bad but a little breeze at times and that's the case when the winds will kick up and temperatures cooler than yesterday. we start with temperatures this morning. you will see we have temperatures down in the low 50s to mid-50s. charlie in catlick, not too far from culpeper, 45 this morning and upper 50s on the bay in reedville. 52 easton and here in washington 55. we are looking at a cooler day. could be gusts to 30 miles an
6:31 am
hour. mid-60s for lunchtime. upper 60s for the drive home with a high of 70. 55 at 6:30. angie has a look at the traffic. people that follow me on twitter you know i just put up a couple of accidents on the beltway. things you need to know about. at telegraph road an accident is taking away two right lanes. right now they are backed up across the bridge starting around the 210 area. we will keep things moving. take you over to 66. we have a lot of volume. we are jammed from 29 gainesville to route 29 centreville. and then again from the fairfax county parkway to 123. now, back over to the beltway. and this time hoop to the maryland side of things. where at georgia avenue is where we have another accident adding to the slow go from stretches from new hampshire to the scene. that is going to grow. flying 50 westbound is how we wrap things up. we are crossing the bridge from annapolis to bowie and the
6:32 am
beltway. we are delay free. now, over to andrea. this year more people are expected to line up to take the flu vaccine. it is a combination of repeated warnings about the normal seasonal flu, and the new fear of the h1n1 virus. 9 news now digital correspondent alex trevino is live from northwest with more. >> reporter: good morning. this cvs stores that offer minute clinics will see a rush of people trying to get their flu shots. >> go ahead and pull up your sleeve on the left side. >> reporter: this cvs in leesburg saw a rush. the doctor gave shots until 8:00 last night. >> keep it loose at your side. >> reporter: in purseville, kyle brought 5-year-old twins alex and ryan to a medics usa clinic, but it is mom who knows best. >> she was harassing me about getting the boys up here to get their flu shots, as well as
6:33 am
myself. because for them it is very important because they were both three months premature. and it is important for them to keep up their immunes and fight the flu virus and they have had it since they were born. >> reporter: the h1n1 flu vaccine is available next month. that means the twins may have another trip to the clinic. a doctor from the leesburg cvs wants us to know they are separate shots. the regular flu shot is different from the h1n1 flu shot that provide different results and different protections. live in northwest washington, 9 news now and the flu certainly hit hard at the campus of the u.s. naval academy in unanimous. no fewer than 3 a -- 33 midshipmen are isolated in a dormitory after showing symptoms of the flu. in days past the number has been as high as 75 midshipmen
6:34 am
showing symptoms. alternate's secretary general has a dire message for president obama. change things in afghanistan or the country will once again become a haven for the taliban and other extremists. he believes the u.s. has to put a stronger focus on preparing afghan forces to take the lead in securing their nation. but he believes it is too early to decide whether the country needs more u.s. combat troops. the two are scheduled to meet later today. a marine from frederick, maryland will be laid to rest this weekend. lance corporal was killed in afghanistan. the marine was following in the footsteps of his grandfather. last year jordan chrobot served in iraq. he leaves behind two sisters and a 5-year-old brother. >> i wanted him to come for christmas and come over to halloween if he could. and i just wanted him to stay
6:35 am
forever be my brother. >> it has left a hole, a big hole and i'm in incredible pain. all of us are. >> reporter: corporal jordan chrobot was a newlywed. he married right before he reported to boot camp. terror suspect najibullah zazi will be in a brooklyn court today. he will face charges he conspired to use weapons of mass destruction. prosecutors say he was poised to unleash a terror attack on new york city commuter trains on the anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. najibullah zazi is expected to have a plea of not guilty. cbs news is reporting about a new tactic used by al-qaeda. they say suicide bombers are now smuggling bombs inside of their rectums in order to be able to get past security check points. the tactic was used by a bomber who killed a saudi prince who was the head of saudi arabia's
6:36 am
counterterrorism operation. in that case the bomber got past two sets of airport screeners, metal detectors, palace security and the saudi secret service before detonating the bomb. right now there's no security system in place to stop these attacks. today u.s. diplomates could find themselves accusing israel of war crimes against the palestinian people. for the first time ever the u.s. is a member of the united nations human rights council. the group will meet to discussion allegations that israel committed crimes against humanity when it bombed parts of gaza killing 1,000 palestinian civilians. hamas is alleged to have committed war crimes by firing rockets at israeli civilians. today's meeting comes as diplomates are due in washington for talks aimed at laying the ground work for peace negotiations. israeli representatives are scheduled to meet with washington's special middle east envoy george mitchell. palestinian officials will hold separate talks with mitchell
6:37 am
later this week. it is time for a special living smart report. jessica doyle is back with a program that is finding jobs for people in the district. >> good morning. this is no easy task. the district has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, surging to over 11% last month, but some local organizations are trying turn the trend around and do something good for the economy at the same time [ no audio ] >> we seem to be having trouble with that report but this is a program out of dc's goodwill for greater washington. it also takes stimulus money from the federal government. it is a green construction training program and we will bring that story to you at a later date. >> thank you. we apologize for that technical problem. police search for the man who broke in to a home,
6:38 am
murdered a father of four and federal agents confiscate $41 million in international drug money. we'll have these stories and more. right now it is time to focus on virginia's weather and traffic. we begin with howard. >> good morning, everybody. virginia, you are waking up to a cool morning with a breeze in spots and everybody will be seeing breezy if not windy weather later. start with a look at temperatures. there's nothing on radar. a couple of clouds urn mainly clear skies. readings in the upper 30s right now. cat lick 47. 467 ft. belvoir. dull real estate 51. winchester warmer with the winds kicking up there and 56. and quantico 54. we will see a mixture of clouds and sunshine. down in spotsylvania a little warmer. 71 fairfax, 68 degrees. angie has a look at the traffic. >> it is slow on 66.
6:39 am
that's where we begin. glad you could join us. a lot of volume from 29 gainesville to route 29 centerville and slow from the fairfax county parkway to 123. switching over to route 50 and 389. we are in the clear out here as we take a live shot there. you can see the drivers are zipping by no problem. and wrap up with that inner loop accident at telegraph road. drivers are losing two left lanes and still in the yellow. a little backed up past the bridge around the 210 area. the time is 6:39. we will have more traffic, weather and news just for you when 9 news now returns. stay with us. just as we promise 100% fresh produce...
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we want to remind you to join us next weekend for this year's dc green festival to learn more about living green. that's next saturday and sunday at the dc convention center. you can learn more about it at just click on living green. now here's kristin fisher in the web center with a look at what's going on in cyberspace. what's going on is the secret service is teaming up with facebook of all sites after someone posted an an on- line poll asking should president obama be killed? here's what happened. on saturday someone posted this poll here on facebook. it asks the question right here, should obama be killed? and then any facebook member, this is a public poll, any facebook member could answer yes, maybe, if he cuts my health care or no. one day later, on sunday, right here the blog, the political carnival came across that facebook poll and wrote a scathing blog post about it. and as you may imagine n this
6:44 am
day and age, it didn't take long for word to spread about the poll. facebook immediately removed the poll and the third party that supported it but 700 people had responded to the poll by the time it was taken down. here's the story as it is being reported on gawker's blog. facebook is working with the secret service to find the person who posted it and to i value wait the seriousness of the threat. but make no mistake about it, anytime the secret service launches a full-fledged investigation they are taking this very seriously. now, i want to point out that somebody has come out as the person who sponsored that third party application. and i want to be very clear here, this is not the person who came up with that poll. this is the person who created the third party application which sponsored that poll and they have come out on the blog, the daily coast. he goes by the name of dan and he says i'm the developer of the facebook poll application that hosted the should obama be
6:45 am
killed poll and he said i know you have a lot of assumptions about me but i have no affiliation with facebook. i'm an obama supporter and he apologized for what happened but said i had nothing to do with it. so clearly he's been getting hate e-mails about it and he is trying to clear himself from any wrongdoing here. but the bottom line, is don't make comments about killing the president. it is that simple. here's howard bernstein. i thought we were different than other places. you had a vote if you didn't like a politician. >> i'm just going to get the weather. those people have to be prosecuted. that's just stupid. weather wise some big changes in the sense that we are going in to fall. it will feel like, it is the end of september, about october and right on cue and we have a chill in the air. the next three days, 70ish today. yesterday we were 8 o. today around 70. sunshine, a few clouds are popping up in the afternoon. tonight and tomorrow, more
6:46 am
clouds and could be a sprinkle with an upper air disturbance. in the mid-60s on wednesday and upper 60s on thursday. the moms like bus stop forecast, it is cooler, not too breezy yet. upper 40s to the upper 50s at the bus stop. some sort of january, sweatshirt or something for the little ones. partly sunny and breezy and cooler. west winds could gust close to 30. right now gusts in oakland and garrett county to 28 miles an hour. that's the windiest we have. partly cloudy and chilly tonight. lows mid-40s to mid-50s and tomorrow cooler with a chance of a shower. 48 at the air park. same with manassas. quantico 54. 52 newland. we have a chill going on and manassas to catlick in the upper 40s. winchester martinsburg a little breeze and temperatures in the mid-50s. same story at reagan national. 55. the water is helping them. southwest wind at three.
6:47 am
dew point in the low 40s. the air has dried out. this is thanks to the storm system spinning in southern canada. a line of shower and maybe a rumbling of thunder from toronto and buffalo back to northwest pennsylvania to cleveland. for us this is bringing in a stiff northwest wind. so we will have that breeze today at times. these winds will gust close to 30 miles an hour. clouds up here today but a disturbance rotates an this big storm tomorrow and that's why i think we have a chance of a few sprinkles. we see this on microcast nine how the clouds are increasing this afternoon and tonight, ahead of this. in the mountains some showers are possible today and tonight. some sprinkles any way and on wednesday, you see them popping up here and there. nothing too organized but a passing sprinkle is not out of the question. look at the seven-day forecast. temperatures on the cool side to start. 66 tomorrow. tomorrow night that 49 for reagan national. a lot of low 40s and maybe
6:48 am
upper 30s far north and west by thursday morning. late shower on friday. showers more likely on saturday and sunday for the skins home game. let's beat tampa. 71 with sunshine. >> we're going to beat tampa. that's the attitude, howie b. >> you have a better attitude than me. how about some winning traffic? i can't deliver right now because on the outer loop at georgia avenue we have an accident taking away the left lane for drivers. they are backed up to 95. i'm estimating the drive time at 20 minutes. plus 15 in the car if you are making your way from father hurley to 370. just volume. no incidents or accidents here. on the virginia side of things. 66 eastbound, really stacking up. jammed from 29 gainesville to 29 centreville and that is taking you 20 minutes and using the brakes from the fairfax county parkway over to 123. what's up on 395 northbound, those taillights are stacking
6:49 am
up a bit. mainly between edsall and seminary an accident alert on an inner loop in virginia. drivers are losing the two left lanes and they are backed up at the 210 area. i have a 9 news now click to share with you. no, i don't. i will share that with you later. i will send it over to andrea. >> thank you. a man police say was attacked yesterday. they say the 31-year-old tried to flee from police when his car became stuck. officials say the suspect got out of the car and attack the officer who then fired his weapon several times. that officer is on routine paid administrative leave. police have increased patrols after a home invasion in bowie, maryland. investigators say three masked men entered the home of tyrone richardson, separated him from his wife and four children and killed him on sunday morning.
6:50 am
police suspect he was targeted. there are reports he was having financial trouble and filed for bankruptcy two weeks ago. >> we know he is a businessman. over than that, i don't know anything about any financial problems or anything like that but we know we lost a very good guy through a tragic situation. >> reporter: police are looking for richardson's black mercedes. it has a dealer plate. witnesses say a black chrysler 300 or possibly a black cadillac followed the mercedes out of the neighborhood. immigration and customs enforcement or ice says $41 million in u.s. currency was seized overseas. the money was find inside of shipping containers in ports in columbia and mexico earlier this month. this is one of the largest seizures of currency in history. some agents say it is all drug
6:51 am
money. we are seeing a foe 'tisty indicated effort as you can see from the photographs to move large amounts of money through the lawful sipping trade profits coming from the illegal drug trade through -- down through mexico ultimately to colombia. >> reporter: so far there have been no aests in this case. a growing number of women are taking what some doctors say is a drastic step to protect themselves from cancer. and some doctor say most men are not properly informed about preventive screening. and taking years off of your look without going under the knife. a look at how some patients believe an eastern tradition will save the signs of time on your face. cosmetic acupuncture only at 11:00 tonight.
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there's nothing more important than our health. so when it comes to health reform, we need a solution that works for all of us. now the president and congress have a plan that combines the best ideas, from democrats and republicans, business owners and workers, doctors, nurses and patients. a plan that keeps bureaucrats out of your health care you choose your own doctor, make your own decisions, and you can't be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. that's reform we can all feel good about.
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in in the news now, more women diagnosed with breast
6:55 am
cancer are also choosing to have their healthy breasts removed in an effort to prevent the disease from striking again. researchers found between 1995 and 2005, the number of preventive mastectomies among women with a history of cancer in one breast more than doubled. experts say there's little evidence to suggest the practice improves survival. read more about the mastectomies and why some women choose them on most men are not told about the risks associated with prostate cancer screening. a survey found only 70% of men say their doctors discuss the psa test with them beforehand. of those 71% were told about the benefits but only 32% were told about the risks such as being treated for a slow- growing cancer that may never cause harm. the winds will pick up
6:56 am
gusting to 30 miles an hour. right now 55. angie has the traffic and i will have the seven day when we return. looking to save more? use your giant card and get double the number of deals,
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virginians are asking lots of questions about bob mcdonnell's "thesis." how old was he when he wrote it? mcdonnell was 34, married and attending pat robertson's law school. and what did the thesis say about women? a lot... abortion should be outlawed and birth control should be restricted-- even for married adults. then as a legislator he introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. learn more. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad.
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accident is blocking a lane out here and looking at a 20 minute drive from new hampshire to 495. on the virginia side of things at telegraph an ask accident taking away two left lanes the yellow and red are backed up to 210 trying to approach the scene. 66 eastbound heavy ride from centreville to gains vie. a chill in the air, temperatures near 70. tomorrow mid-60s with a stray shower. breezy both days. we improve on thursday and a late shower on friday leading to showers on saturday


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