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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 29, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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welcome to 9 news now. in the last hour an afghan imgrant before before the judge. he is facing charges he want to bomb the new york city subway system. drew levinson reports from brooklyn. >> reporter: najibullah zazi pleaded not guilty to allocations he was planning a terrorist attack on new york city. agents brought the 24-year-old from denver to a brooklyn courtroom too face charges he conspired to use weapons of mass destruction. prosecutors want the afghan immigrant kept behind bars until his trial. they are convinced he poses a significant danger to the community and could flee the country. the judge ordered him held without bail. najibullah zazi admitted to traveling to an al-qaeda training cavern in pakistan and the fbi gathered evidence including botch-making instructions on his -- bomb making instructions on his computer. and video showing him buying
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ingredients. the authorities have identified three people suspected of traveling from new york to denver to help him with the plot. >> this case has a combination of allegations that we really haven't seen since 9/11. >> reporter: karen greenberg heads the center for law and security at new york university. she studied more than 800 terrorism cases and says the one against najibullah zazi is the most serious. >> because of the weapons of mass destruction charge and his affiliation with al-qaeda. >> reporter: in comments to the media before his arrest, he denied any wrongdoing. drew levinson, cbs news, brooklyn, new york. this afternoon the president will meet with alternate secretary general. the two will talk about the war in afghanistan. alternate's boss said yesterday said "things will have to change for the u.s. and its allies to win the war." the president will discuss the war today with secretary of defense robert gates.
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a marine from frederick, maryland will be laid to rest this weekend. lance corporal jordan chrobot was killed in afghanistan. he was on his second combat tour. his family said he was following in he footsteps of his grandfather, a vietnam veteran. he served in iraq. he leaves behind two sisters and a 5-year-old brother. >> i wanted him to come for christmas and come over for halloween if he could. and i just wanted him to stay forever. be my brother. >> it has left a hole, a big hole and i'm in incredible pain. all of us are. >> reporter: corporal jordan chrobot leaves behind his wife auburn, they were married two years ago. we are learning today iran built a nuclear site in a mountain and near a military base. iran's vice president said it was put there to prevent an assault on it.
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it is a uranium enrichment facility that could be used to develop weapons. talks are underway to ali international inspections. now to the gubernatorial campaign in virginia. a few hours ago in arlington, democrat creigh deeds picked up what he calls a big endorsement. alex trevino was there. >> supporters of key deeds are gathering here. his endorsement today a former republican governor. he has the strong support of lynn wood holten. he is the ninth elected official to support deeds. they believe traffic and transportation solutions are the most critical issue to address. that's why the greeted people here at the metro transit station. >> it is most acute in northern virginia where people spend an hour and a half more in traffic
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than anywhere in the state where everything is under water and congestion is unbearable. >> he said he does not want to put virginiaens in a recession. he is trying to reach out to virginia voters by talking to people. alex trevino, 9 news now and >> reporter: on the republican side, candidate bob mcdonnell is talking about the state budget. he wants to tie spending to performance. the plan comes from mcdonnell and bill bolling. he's running for re-election. their plan would expand virginia's rainy day fund and perform a series of audits. there are a lot more questions than answers after a police-involved shooting in montgomery county. the man who was shot remains hospitalized. it happened yesterday evening awrong indian run drive in darnstown. the homeowner spotted the man in a car on his driveway. the two exchanged words.
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the homeowner called 911. when officers responded, the man got out of the car and charged at officers. >> this is an area where you either live here or you know someone who lives here to be here. >> reporter: officer involved in the shooting has been identified as kurt coleson. he is on paid administrative leave end pending the investigation. right now the dc city council is debating the future of the cigars. the issue whether to restrict the sales of a single cigar. people say they use the cigar tubes to smoke marijuana. red circulator buses will keep running along wisconsin avenue. mayor fenty made the announcement this morning. they were going to stop at the georgetown waterfront instead of continuing along wisconsin avenue. more eyes will be watching you as you take a metro trip.
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the transit system is preparing to install cameras on the buses and trains. they hope it will better manage crowds and investigate criminal activity. they say this is the first step toward a system-wide surveillance network. a 14 cleveland boy escaped from his own home saying he was locked in a closet. his mother is accused of keeping him there. hear from neighbors on the shocking story. american athletes head to europe trying to win the summer olympics for chicago. why president obama should not join them before friday's vote. g
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a shocking story to tell you about. a mother accused of locking her son in a closet for four years. police say the boy escaped from the home in oklahoma city late last week. he made his way to a national guard post. people there found him dirty, malnourished and wearing only a pair of shorts. a police report said the boy had scars from being tied up and beaten and said he had been set on fire. neighbors didn't even know a 14- year-old lived next door. >> see all of her over kids come outside but never seen the boy come outside and what i seen from her she was a good mother and she taught her kids respect and please, thank you. come on, guys, let's go. >> reporter: police say the boy escaped with the help of a sibling. the mother and her friend steve hamilton are behind bars. they face 40 criminal charges.
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here's proof of what a lot of you already know. the recession has hit middle and low-income merges the hardest. while the rich aren't getting richer the poor are getting poorer. in the last year the amount the average american house hold makes fell from $52,000 to a little more than $50,000. that means income is at the lowest level in 12 years. and people living below the poverty line jumped to an 11 year high. later this week, president obama will join the u.s. olympic delegation in denmark. he will lobby for chicago to be picked as the host of the 2016 summer games. but as samantha hayes reports some believe there is more important work to be done here at home. >> if chicago is chosen to host the 2016 summer olympic games, president obama will certainly receive some of the credit. the president has been a powerful voice for his adopted hometown. >> we want these games. we want them. >> reporter: mr. obama said he
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was too busy to go to denmark to lobby for the bid to host the games but now it seems the president has made room in his schedule. the white house say he will join first lady michelle obama in copenhagen to pitch the committee members who will make their decision on friday. >> it is a perfect place to hold the olympics. >> reporter: but with wars in iraq and afghanistan and an intense debate over health care at home, some republicans are questioning the president's priorities. >> he has a lot of responsibility but his number one responsibility as commander in chief is to keep our country safe. >> reporter: valerie jarrod says the trip is important for the country. >> he will be there in the morning for the presentation and be right back and everyone knows air force one is equiped with what ever you need in the form of communications and i think it is important, not just for chicago but our country and it is another step that the president is making to reach out around the world and show how welcoming our country is. >> reporter: chicago is up
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against madrid, tokyo, and rio de janeiro and leaders from their respective countries are expected to make in-person pitches. samantha hayes for 9 news now and still ahead, should kids be in school until it is time for dinner? what about doing away with summer vacations. look who's pushing for kids spenting time in one class and see how it is working at one school. the winds have been picking up. we go to break with a look at the wind gusts as of noon and some gusts you see them picking up 24, 25 miles an hour. a little lighter down south but the breeze is here for a couple of days. the full forecast when 9 news now at noon returns. just as we promise 100% fresh produce...
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here's a check on living well headlines this afternoon. you want to sleep better, lose a few pounds. a study out today found obese people improved sleep apnea after dropping 10% of their weight. it had a big affect on them and the more you lose the better the impact. this afternoon dietary supplements are in the spotlight on captiol hill. they want to know if illegal
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steroids and other banned substances are put in to body building products. congress regulated the dietary supplements 15 years ago. check this out, bras on a rope in seattle. 200 feet of them strung together to raise they awareness in for the fight against breast cancer. they will pair sail across the lake with a rope in toe. for more information, head over to and visit the buddy check nine page. while you are there learn more about october and breast cancer awareness month. should american kids spend more time in school? president obama thinks so. he says the longer days and shorter summer vacations could be the way to catch up with the rest of the world. peggy fox went to falls church where kids are already going to school year round. >> one is all shaded. >> reporter: this school used to be one of the worst performing schools in fairfax
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county. that's all changed. >> we have raised students scores to the point where graham road sol scores are in the top 10% of the entire state. >> reporter: she attributes the success in part to its year- round or modified calendarment students only have a five-week summer break and have the option to attend five weeks of enrichment programs called intersessions. most do. >> we have over 80% of our children qualify for free and reduced lunch. we have over half of our children that qualify for esol services. >> reporter: they say the only way to help students compete is to give them more time in the classroom with qualified teachers. >> we believe every child can achieve great level -- grade level benchmarks and far beyond for them but the variable is time. >> reporter: more school time is more costly to taxpayers but they say it is worth it if you consider the cost of dropouts. >> children who don't learn well drop out at a much higher
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rate and are incarcerated at higher rates and the cost of incarcerating one person is much higher, no doubt, than giving them an extended school year. >> reporter: children in asian countries continuously outscore american students in science and math. they may go to school more days, but they don't go to school more hours. >> reporter: the different maybe because an american education as a wider focus and more objectives. peggy fox for 9 news now and >> as you can imagine, the story has people talking on our website especially for million moms. join in the conversation by going to moms like and howard bernstein, sending little phillip to school year round. how does that sound? >> boarding school? >> no. >> no. >> he is so well behaved. >> something more traditional, that's what we know but he needs time off. he needs it. >> he's pretty active and likes to get out and enjoy his
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summers. >> ride the bike and do the stuff and play time. >> embrace the weather while we can. it is nice and crisp out there but i feel it will get cold on us quick. >> the next couple of nights will be some chilly stuff here. not so much tonight but tomorrow night is the coldest of the season where we could see 30s out there. just got the allergy update and mold spores are in the this high category. the next three days looking like this, 70ish this afternoon. give or take a couple of degrees. certainly breezy. at times windy with gusts 20 to 30. tomorrow more clouds and even a sprinkle can't be ruled out even here in the metro. highs in the mid 0s and in the 60s on thursday a little more sunshine returning. we will call it partly sunny, breezy and definitely cooler than yesterday's 80. today 70 with more clouds north and west. west winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. partly cloudy and chilly tonight.
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46 to 54 with a west wind at ten. we could have some wind chills pushing 40ish tomorrow morning and it will be a pip nippy morning and mixture of clouds and sun for wednesday. stray shower is possible. highs in in the mid-60s. temperature is fairly low. the wind gusting 25 in frederick and baltimore. 26 dulles. 16 and 18 for manassas and quantico. we have the wind, certainly stronger than that across pennsylvania and western maryland. and we have temperatures which are holding low 60s in a couple of spots. cumberland 61. but right now it is 70 in cambridge. 69 southern maryland and in leesburg 68. look at the sky cover outside. partly sunny out there. not a bad day. 68 with a west southwest wind at 16 gusting to 83. you can see the dew points down to 41. the air has dried out thanks to
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this storm system spinning in southern canada more showers across new york state, coming up maine in to parts of canada there pulling away. for us it is bringing in the cool northwesterly winds. this will be around the next couple of days and there's a trough of low pressure. this is going to rotate around us tomorrow. that's why we have a chance of a shower in the forecast or a sprinkle, if you will. and a better chance of showers in the mountains. as we look at the seven-day forecast, see temperatures today 70ish. tomorrow in the mid 0s. slight chance of a shower and then as we head to thursday, gets better. friday late, could be a shower and 72. and so much going on between football games and fall for fairfax, showers, 72. but better weather on sunday. >> all right. let's go burgundy and gold and terps beat clemson. all right. well, moving right along, it was a little dark out but this
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morning sky 9 caught the stage for tonight's u-2 concert. 80,000 people are expected for the show at fedex field beginning at 7:00 and that will mean a traffic nightmare on the beltway. metro will be open late to make sure concert goers can get home ♪ [ music ] barbara streisand admits she gets bored singing her same songs other and over. she said that after last weekend's performance at the legendary village vanguard club in new york city. like former president clinton were there. streisand's new cd of jazz classics is out today. it is called "love is the answer." up next it is travel tuesday. forget the staycation. we are talking about walkcation. stay with us. ♪
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but education was always a priority. my mom sent me off to college with just four 20-dollar bills. so i know that education is the best investment virginia can make for our children and in our future. narrator: endorsed for governor by classroom teachers for his record protecting our schools... creigh deeds' plan to rebuild our economy starts with education. more accountability... and expanded college opportunities. creigh deeds. no one more committed to our children's future. no leader more prepared to move virginia forward. no one more committed to our children's future. parentheses have a place but not on your face. smooth those lines away for up to a year with juvéderm®. juvéderm® is a smooth injectable gel your doctor uses to smooth out wrinkles like those lines on the sides of your nose and mouth instantly. side effects... usually mild to moderate included temporary injection site reactions like redness, pain, firmness, swelling or bumps. smooth, natural. everyone will notice but no one will know. ask your doctor about juvéderm®.
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it's travel tuesday. joining us is our guest juanita britain, also known as the busy bee and she is here to talk about walkcations. what is it? >> it is a walking vacation. you go to a specific place, town or area and your only goal is to walk, see and enjoy by foot. >> okay. i have to keep it real here. if i am vacating or having a vacation, i don't want to walk all over the place.
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>> you are walking at a great pace. you are with people you can be friendly with and you can stop at a restaurant or a bar and you are actually getting a chance to take in the local flavor with locals. you are going to understand more about buildings and the area and how it used to be historically and sometimes even walking vacations show you what will happen to that particular area in the future. there's a way now. everybody is doing it. i was recently in chicago and new york and saw people walking and they looked organized and i was in my rental and riding around and followed one. i stopped at a restaurant and inquired and they had a tour guide and that's how i got in to it. i'm very interested in walking vacations locally but i had done it overseas several years ago. >> if you had to choose one place in the area to take a
12:28 pm
walkcation. what would it be and how long it -- how long does it take. >> i like georgetown and u street and anacostia walks. they have so much to air. the folks are knowledgeable and all areas have great locations to eat and eat, relax and take a rest. >> you can eat because you will walk it off. >> that's right. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for joining us for 9 news now at noon. have a great day. we will be back at 5:00 and remember, we are always at cock-a-doodle-do. i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. and no candy, gladys. (announcer) perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken.
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