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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  December 1, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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staked out positions where president barack obama will deliver the speech of his presidency. the president will send 30,000 more troops to afghanistan in an effort to defeat al-qaeda. the first wave will go by christmas. >> this can't be nation building. it can't be an open ended commitment. >> the president chose to outline his strategy here at the west point military academy. many of the cadets could serve on the front lines. the surge could cost an additional $30 billion a year. the president tried to win over members of congress this afternoon, but not everyone is on board. >> my concern that we are about to wear out and break the military. >> i think we need to debate. fully debate as my colleagues have said. what this means in terms of
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blood and treasure. >> president obama knows he can't go it alone. he is working the phones asking u.s. allies around the world to pledge more troops. he wants 10,000 more. great britain agreed to help. the economy is making it a tough sell both abroad and at home. >> we are told that before the president left for new york, he spoke to several leaders of various nations, including those of poland, germany, and pakistan to include them on the details that he will outline tonight. back to you guys. >> all right, thank you so much for that. thousands of military families are based in our part of the world. we went to the area around the marine base in quantico. >> i want to see he is listening to the military people. they are the experts in this. >> i hope he is going to commit to it. >> if you don't have an exit
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strategy, only thing worth doing is what we did in korea and vietnam. we spent this nation's youth unwisely. >> we were promised that our men and women would be home and they are still overseas getting killed. >> you can watch the president's speech live right here on wusa9 and we'll also be streaming it live at also tonight in your only local news at 7:00, suing the state, virginia yoga instructors say they are being bullied and now they are fighting back. display dispute, today's decision may not be the end of the debate over holiday decorations, and making it legal. the district takes the first step to let same sex couples get married in the nation's capital. >> this is bruce johnson, the district took a giant step of becoming one of a half dozen jurisdictions to legalize same  sex marriage. the vote wasn't even close
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today, 11-2. >> what a splendid moment this is for all of us. >> the former mayor was once the champion of the gay community. he cast one of the two votes against same sex marriage today, saying he wants a referendum for the people to decide. >> african american community has much different views about this issue. >> council member barry does not get a pass and he is wrong in this decloration that this is an issue that people of color do not support. >> the meeting yesterday between council members and church members ended with no resolution. catholic charities, which receive millions of dollars in city funds to run its programs is threatening to go at it alone or close some shops and force to recognize marriages between two men and two women. >> i'm bruce lee san in leesburg, where the christmas spirit is back. there will be a christmas tree here at the courthouse after all, as well as a nativity
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scene. the louden county board of supervisors voted 7-1 to overturn a committee's decision to disallow any religious symbols here at the courthouse. but there was a little bit of concern about the legal implications. >> i am concerned that this motion would turn the courthouse grounds into a public circus. the kuklux clan put up a cross. >> if you allow one private group to put up a display, you have to honor all other requests. so the board is really hoping that it doesn't get any requests that are too crazy. >> virginia yoga instructors sued the state over a regulation that is simply bullying. i'm peggy fox. >> alexandria instructors have been teaching yoga for some ten years. but now, because they also have a teaching course, the state wants them to be certified as
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vocational educators. it would mean thousands of dollars in certification fees and annual renewals. >> they are not saying to us what we want to do is train you, so that you know how to teach yoga. what they are saying basically is we want to charge you a lot of money and small schools like the one that we have are just not going to be able to afford to stay in business. >> folks who hold themselves out as teachers and charge for that, generally in all fields have to comply with some standards to protect the public. >> the instructors say the marketplace takes care of bad teachers. okay, so what do you think? are those instructors being unfairly targeted or do they have to pay for their licenses just like everybody else? share your thoughts in an e- mail to mcbeginty's mail bag. let's get outside. the evening rush is winding down, at least we hope it is. >> here on the 270 corridor,
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derrick, we are still tracking the brake lights. easing up in some spots. the good news, no incidents to report. on 66 westbound as we check our maps tonight, right now still pretty slow, 12 miles per hour on average west and again from centerville to business route 234. it's going to be about a 20 minute ride through that area. and then, we are going to end up on this prettiest shot i have seen so far. 395 southbound, people getting up to speed past duke to the mixing bowl. 95 southbound, all clear, no issues to report. all the way down to triangle. >> thanks, topper is here with that 9 forecast first and first day of meteorologist winter. but didn't feel like it. >> temperatures into the 50s and light winds. good deal. derrick, what is it? it is three months, it is the -- the month of december and january and february.
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real winter comes in the 21st. clear skies early. low temperatures 32 to about 42. we'll come back and talk about an impending storm that rolls in tomorrow. we'll tell you when the rain rolls in. derrick. still ahead, ticketing tiger. florida police speak out about their plans for the golf star. but first, a local lawmaker is speaking out about what she calls the most famous nobodies in the united states. what's up next for those salahi's? that's coming up next on 9news now.
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the secret service says it plans to change some of its screening policies after that virginia couple was able to crash the president's first big state dinner. the decision comes two days ahead of a capitol hill hearing that salahi have been invited to attend. here is audrey barnes. >> tareq and magel salahi were invited to the today show. >> we were invited, not crashers, and there isn't anyone that would have the audacity or the poor behavior to do that. >> the couple claims the ordeal has devastated them. >> our lives have been destroyed. >> and could get worse on thursday, if they show up for a homeland security hearing on the security breech. congresswoman, eleanor holmes norton is on the committee. >> these people are low lives, as far as i can tell.
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they are into unearned celebrity. >> norton says the committee has to crackdown. >> unless we do something to send not them a message, but a message to all the other publicity seeking scam artists in the country. >> virginia governor, tim kaine, who knows the couple, today weighed in on the controversy. >> if somebody said to me, hey, some virginias tried to crash a party, there are 7 1/2 million virginiaens. i might have been able to guess it within five seconds. because he is such a promoter and i'll leave it there. >> nbc anchor asked them about another allegation. that they were escorted out of a congressional black caucus dinner in september. >> no, were we escorted out? of course not. that's another gossip rumor. i must tell you, i just checked with the congressional black caucus after hearing them say
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of course it's another rumor to confirm they also were escorted from the congressional black caucus dinner. >> audrey barnes, 9news now, wusa9 cmg. >> director of the secret service have both agreed to appear at that homeland security hearing. the other story that lots of folks are talking about this week, tiger woods and that car accident and today the florida highway patrol had what could be the final word on it. >> the fhp is not pursuing criminal charges in this matter, nor is there any testimony or other evidence to support any additional charges of any kind other than the charge of careless driving. >> woods was treated for cuts and bruises early last friday morning after his car hit a fire hydrant and a tree at the end of his driveway. his ticket comes with a fine of $164. a lot of you sent comments in on this story and we'll get to
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nose in 15 minutes. coming up -- a virginia restaurant owner refuses to get with that new smoking ban. we'll talk about it. plus, topper is talking about the full forecast. stay right here.
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i would like to say happy holidays to all my friends in frederick, maryland. i miss you guys, hope to see you soon, and cheers. >> in tonight's shopper alert, deals that are real steals. you can find brand name electronics, watches, jewelry, and anything else that may be on your loved ones holiday gift list at a place property
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on a bipartisan basis, which is exactly what we need to move the health debate forward. >> maryland senator cosponsored the amendment with republican senator, olympia snow. suggested that revising the guidelines for mammograms and other breast cancer prevention might be a good idea. the senator says her bill ensures women have coverage for preventive care. odds are, you will have to light up outside unless you are in chesterfield, virginia. >> i want to be a restaurant where people can still smoke and not have to worry about it. >> judy says 95% of her customers smoke and she plans to let them keep right on doing so, that is until the commonwealth tells her otherwise. that conned land her a $25 fine from the virginia department of health. some of her customers offered
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to pay it if it means they can light up inside. and mark january 12 on your calendar. that's if you want to vote in the special election in virginia. voters will cast ballots to fill the senate seat being vacated by kim. last month, she was elected to be the next attorney general. district 37 includes parts of fairfax county. and nancy is the new president of the montgomery county council. she was first elected seven years ago and she won the approval of her colleagues to become president last night. valerie irvin was also elected as the council's vice president. they both serve a one year term. you keep using that term, winter, but it felt like m meteorological spring. >> birds were chirping like it was april. >> to bad it isn't going to
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continue. >> the next three days, even though rain comes in tomorrow, we are in the low 50s. feel like the national christmas tree on thursday and the coldest air of the season controls in. we'll talk about december almanac. the first of the month, 52 and 36 the average high and low. the average high and low goes down to 43 and 28. we average 3 inches of rain. 3 inches of snow, and about 4 inches of snow in our suburbs. tonight, clear skies early. high clouds come in late. chilly. 32 to 42. winds out of the south, southwest. i don't think they will fall until midnight. the temperatures will level off after that. we are looking at 48 at national. high was 54. 45 up in frederick. already 44 out toward winchester and 46 up in cumberland. now, increasing clouds in the morning, it will be chilly, but
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dry. 30s and 40s. mostly cloudy and seasonal. light rain is possible. just before sunset. high temperatures, low 50s. winds will increase out of the southeast at 10 to 15 and it will rain earlier the further west of town that you are. satellite picture, radar combined. a lot of rain and showers, snow in the panhandle. and some thunderstorms are possible tonight and tomorrow in the southeast. some could be heavy. we are going to be on the warm sector on this storm. not going to see any thunderstorms here. we are going to see rain and temperatures will hardly go down at all. 50s tomorrow, despite the fact clouds are on our doorstep. 61, maybe a leftover shower on thursday, but very nice day. low 60s and then, well meteorological winter bows its head. upper 30s on saturday. some snow or snow flurries is still in the ball park. i mean, the storm is going to be there and cold, but clear on
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sunday in the 40s on monday and tuesday. from our weird news file, they tell us pigs are smart and pigs can do a lot of things, but playing the piano, not one of them. this is a lady seems to think her pig can tinkle the ivory, but jumping up and down on the keyboard because someone is giving you food does not constitute playing the piano. this is like the movie, tom hanks is dancing, but hanks is making a tune. she is trying to get the pig on ellen. really? unless a side of bacon in the green room, not likely at all. >> not much of a side of bacon there. that would be a tiny side. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address, 9news now will be right back. q úñyç
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well in the mail bag tonight, who else, tiger woods. today we learned he is getting a traffic ticket for knocking over that fire hydrant and beyond that, case closed, which is the way it aught to be, saying lori. i wish people would let tiger alone, if his accident was due to an error, let him pay the fine or do the time. i think we forget what is so important, that these little things take control of our lives. and carolyn thinks all of us need to get a big dose of mind your own business. no, i don't think he owes anyone an explanation, all he has to do is pay for the damages he made to the city of florida. if tiger woods is having an affair, it is his business. you know what, folks, a large part of me says you are absolutely right. this is gossipy and not be a
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part of the real news. the news that the smaller part of me says that tiger, an affair, tmz, here i come. and here's the response to an e- mail regarding the salahi people, one viewer suggested the lack security was due to racial bias against our president. john says please, that is nothing but factless and inflammatory racial rhetoric. that does nothing but compasser -- let's call this what it is. it's a lapse in security with two people seeking a thrill. the lapse needs to be identified and repaired. the idiots should find it in a courtroom and orange jump suits. who says stupidity isn't a crime? and in fact, let's also refrain from the integrity of the
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secret service, which as far as any of us know, served this president and every president to the best of its ability. we appreciate your ability to drop us a line. the address is >> that's our report. i'll be back at 9:00. tonight, reaction to the president's speech about afghanistan. don't forget, log on any time to we'll see you later. bye. ú;
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"entertainment tonight" in high definition. did tiger woods have two mistresses, the "e.t." investigation reveals new bombshells? who is the woman speaking out today? her explicit allegations, a 31-month romance. 20 sexual encounters, 300 candid texts, like this one. >> send me something naughty. did tiger's wife intercept their messages? plus -- >> it is all about him. >> the self-proclaimed other woman's steamy reality show past. >> the latest news at the white house crashers break their silence. >> our lives have been destroyed. >> were they invited for not? will they face criminal charges. then george clooney's date night with two women. >> it's part of my job. >> his girlfriend and mom. >> farrah is right behind me. >> farrah fawcett's best friend


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