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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  May 5, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a discussion with their children. back to you anita and lesli. >> thank you for that report. >> a soccer coach is behind bars tonight for allegedly attacking two referees. witnesses say jason atkins man handled a 16-year-old ref yesterday and then grabbed his 20-year-old colleague around the neck. the children in the game were just ten years old. atkins is being held at the regional jail. cbs news has obtained a new photo of the man accused of driving a car bomb into times square. reynold joins us live from new york city with the latest on this on going investigation. randall. >> reporter: anita, yes have been waiting outside federal court all day, expecting to see faisal shahzad. meanwhile, we are seeing new details emerge about what appeared to be a normal life before shahzad became an accused terrorist. >> this photo shows faisal
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shahzad in times square with friends and family, just 100 yards from where he is accused of leaving an suv packed with explosives. his suburban life in connecticut as a financial analyst, husband, and father, didn't raise any red flags. but police now know he purchased a gun after returning from a trip to pakistan in february. >> it appears from some of his other activities, that he decided to put this plan in motion. >> shahzad already confessed he rigged up the bomb and told investigators he got training in pakistan. so far, u.s. officials have not verified that claim. >> while shahzad waits for his first hearing, authorities are trying to determine his motive and whether he had any help. >> what we are starting to see more and more, the unguided missiles. by that, i mean they are given some training in terrorism and told to go do something. >> fbi agents started watching shahzad late sunday after they
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figured out he recently bought the suv. police are now facing questions because agents briefly lost track of him. >> this is not that unusual in surveillance matters. >> authorities put shahzad on a no fly list monday morning, but he was not arrested until he was on a plane to dubai monday night. airlines said it was working from an outdated list. now the government will require airlines to check updated lists every two hours. >> so far, faisal shahzad is the only person under arrest as authorities try to figure out if he had help from anyone here or in pakistan. he's accused of attempting to have a weapon of mass destruction, an suv loaded with explosives, designed to create a fire ball in times square, anita. >> good thing that didn't happen. randall, that trip to pakistan was truly a turning point for him and that is where the investigation is focused on possible accomplices. >> yeah, apparently he was
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there for five months, which happened right after he received his citizenship. exactly what he did, who he met, all of those questions, investigators are trying to get answers. it also appears he may have spent time in an area known as a hot bed of radical islam, that's one of the places where osama bin laden himself received training many, many years ago. >> randall live in new york city, thank you for that. tonight, students at the university of virginia are remembering yeardley love. her boyfriend, 22-year-old george huguely who was also a lacrosse player is charged with first-degree murder. peggy fox is on the campus to tell us more. >> here, student council members are planning a candle light vigil tonight to take place here at the ampitheater. people have been reflecting on the nature between the
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relationship of yeardley love and george huguely. >> the women center says the murder of four year student, yeardley love allegedly by her exboyfriend, four year student, george huguely is giving uva's community a painful education in domestic violence. >> no one saw it coming. >> the two lacrosse players relationship ended. huguely told them he kicked her bedroom door in, grabbed her, and slammed her head against the wall repeatedly. she was found dead. her face bruised so badly her eye was swollen shut. >> before i graduate the university, i'm going to commit murder. no, and why didn't we intervene for him to help him learn how not to be violent? >> even if huguely was drunk, it's not the alcohol that makes somebody violent. she believes the inner circle of friends may have seen abuse beforehand. >> jealousy, putdowns, not letting you talk to your friends and maybe this person
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is threatening suicide. that's a sure red flag. >> if somebody, a friend, a coach, a teacher had intervened, it never would have happened. >> you ask questions, what goes on that you don't see. from what everyone did see, she was a happy person. >> george huguely remains in the regional jail without bond. his next court appearance is set for next month. in charlottesville, peggy fox, 9news now. >> the medical examiner's autopsy report, which determines the cause of death will not be out for several weeks. there could soon be a class action lawsuit filed against an alleged pedophile pediatrician in delaware. earl bradley is accused of raping or sexually abusing more than 100 children. if the suits are approved, notices would be sent to 7,000 former patients. dc mayor, adrian fenty is expected to sign the new medical marijuana bill into
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law. the legislation the county council passed allows doctors to recommend the drug for pain management. congress has 30 days to review the measure. coming up at 7:00, we'll talk to people who say they'll be first in love for pot. montgomery county is giving the green light for a massive developments project of science city. that project will go along shady grove road. the plan creates an office park for science and biotech companies anchored by a johns hopkins satellite campus. this will create traffic gridlock. middle and high schoolers are sighing relief. their school day will not be extended, despite all the snow days. it's a different story for elementary students. their day will end ten minutes later. there will be no change for students in the school aged child care program. the district has unveiled one of its three new streetcars today. no one is able to ride one for
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a couple year, some taxpayers feel like they have already been taken for a ride. lindsey explains in the story. >> let's hear it for the taxpayers. >> reporter: the entire streetcar project will cost more than $1.5 billion, with the first cars hitting the streets by 2012. >> this project is nearly entirely funded by the people of district of columbia who pay taxes. >> this car costs $3 million. once they get those and get the tracks completed, it means they can start running two of their lines. one of those lines is in anacostia. the other is here along bening road in northeast. >> neighbors are really excited about the streetcars. >> to me it's a waste of money. >> in times like these, it's a little expensive project. >> streetcars once dominated the district, but paveed over to make more room for cars, just like streetcars of old,
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these new models will run on wires and track. >> you have to build the wiring, a turn around. it will cost millions of dollars. >> neighbors say construction along bening has been going on for more than two years. >> we lost a lot of business. a lot of people can't drive around here. they leave. >> when the line is completed, three cars will stop every half mile. many business owners say that will help. the streetcar fare will cost riders the same as bus fare. the entire project should be completed within ten years. in northwest washington, i'm lindsey, 9news now. now this current streetcar plan called for eight lines along 37 miles of track. city leaders say they could be able to purchase electric streetcars that won't need those wires. metro's general manager says he has a plan to ease traffic jams on the red line. red line schedules will be
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adjusted in the next couple of months to include more eight car trains. red line trains have been particularly crowded and slow, partly because of the manual operations required since last summer's fatal red line crash. sky 9 flew over the scene of a dump truck accident today. that truck flipped over and lost its load near the parkway. plows were called in to help clean up the mess in the southbound lanes. traffic was directed around the accident scene. the truck driver was not hurt. >> a commuter alert for any drivers out there who try to get away with riding solo in hov lanes. police are conducting the hov awareness day. officers in virginia and maryland are teaming up to catch hov lane violators today during the morning and evening rush hours. >> over my shoulder right now, what you can see is one of our troopers stopped an hov violator. they will issue a citation or warning. >> in virginia, officers are
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monitoring interstate 66, 95, 395, and the dulles toll road. in maryland, they are watching i-270 and route 50. now if you get caught hov cheating in maryland, first offenders are fined $90. a first offense in virginia will cost you $125. >> time to check your evening rush. patranya is in the traffic center. hey there. >> the capital beltway in maryland, not a fun place to be tonight. a number of accidents we are dealing with. the first one, this is at landover road, blocking some lanes here. north of that at college park, another crash that we are dealing with here. we just got report of another accident between georgia and connecticut. between 95 and 270, it will be a long, slow ride. and talking about 270, let's take a live shot here. we are seeing traffic moving, but below speed approaching montgomery village. you may want to tack on an extra 5 to 10 minutes to the weigh station. we are going to wrap it up with a beautiful shot of inbound
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traffic, coming on to m street, we'll be busy out there. a lot of celebrations around town. be extra careful and watch out for pedestrians as well. back to you. >> good advice. still ahead, new details about a disturbing new discovery at a maryland funeral home. topper. >> talk about not one, but two cold fronts that are pushing through the area. and crazy tornado video coming up. i'm manuel. brittic petroleum's progress in the gulf.
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all right, we have breaking news out of montgomery county. police say this happened in the 1800 block of waring station road. that's in germantown. right now, we do not know the condition of the person or the circumstances surrounding the
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incident, but again, we are told an amtrak train hit a pedestrian. we have a crew on the way. we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. meantime, an explosion at a san antonio, texas refinery left one worker critically burned, another missing. an 18 wheeler loaded with fuel exploded late this morning and caused chain reaction blasts at a refinery. firefighters are still trying to account for all 100 people who work there. meanwhile, homes and businesses in the nearby area have been evacuated. satellite images show oil from the massive leak in the gulf is reaching the mississippi delta and the islands off the louisiana coast. bp says it contained a smaller leak and is in the process of shipping a dome structure to sink over the largest leak. manuel joins us live from venice, louisiana, with the latest. manuel. >> reporter: well lesli, engineers from british petroleum admit they aren't sure if their plan is going to
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work. they have tried it successfully in shallow water, but not in a leak so deep. british petroleum hopes will put an end to the massive oil leak now gushing 200,000 gallons a day. >> it will actually seal over the leak and then we'll engineer piping that goes up to a barge and we'll funnel that oil that is escaping now. >> remote control machines are preparing the ocean floor for the placement of the four story structure 5,000 feet below the oily surface. >> bp expects to start containing the oil flow inside the dome thursday. saturday, it will begin pumping the oil to the surface. >> we are hoping that it works. if it can stem 85% of this flow -- >> as bp tries to control the leak. state and federal officials and local fisherman are racing to keep the oil from contaminating these vital marsh lands and breeding grounds. >> local leaders and louisiana
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governor, bobby jindal say barges like this one will serve as staging platforms out in the gulf to lay down 24 miles of boom. >> you hook it, stake it in the ground across an opening in the marsh and it will actually, the wave action will help the oil collect. >> ribbons of rust colored crude oil could reach land friday. the slick is now reaching the mississippi delta. and the damage to wildlife is already evident. this man of war struggled barely alive. >> also 35 endangered sea turtles have turned up dead along the gulf coast shoreline, but wildlife investigators say they have no signs of oil. so lesli, what they are trying to determine is whether those turtles were caught in the nets of fishermen who were eager to increase their shrimp catch ahead of the oil spill. >> manuel, you just told us
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what the crews are trying to do to contain this oil. what's being done to help with all the wildlife? >> reporter: well, that's what they are trying to figure out now. they are looking at turtles, whether they ate fish that were contaminated by oil, whether they were caught in the oil spill, although now they are trying to investigate the fishermen. that's one example. they are trying to keep that oil slick from getting to the marsh areas that are all around us here. these vital wetlands where they feel it can do some real damage. we are talking about wildlife to the food supply, and also to future hurricane protection, if some of the nature is eroded away. >> they have a mammoth task ahead. manuel, thank you for that. a brush fire is burning out of control on the hawaiian island of maui. 100 maui residents were evacuated and the american red cross has two shelters on stand
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by. >> cleanup is underway at nashville. weekend storms brought more than 13 inches of rain to the city. but comperland river spilled over its banks and flooded the country music hall of fame. at least 29 deaths in the three states are blamed on the stormy weather. >> here at home, gorgeous. i was in georgetown today and people were walking around looking up at the sky. >> i don't think we could over sell it today. it was spectacular. temperatures were comfortable, a nice little breeze, low humidity. here's your forecast first. the next three days, we have a couple fronts going through, but really during the day, pretty nice weather. tomorrow, a little warmer, 84. a slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorm and then behind that front, pleasant, a little cooler on friday. upper 70s, then another front comes through. the second front, most of the moisture stays west and north of us. not much going on. it will not spill into saturday. cooler on saturday, but still nice.
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temperatures back in the low 70s. low 7 0áz 70s by the way is where we should be. partly cloudy and comfortable. 58 to about 66 downtown. and winds turn southwesterly at 10. a great night for baseball. nats hosting the braves. 82 at national. 78 over by the water for annapolis, but look at culpeper. 86 down there. fredericksburg 87 and 83 in winchester and out to the west, those of you watching hd, you know it is 72 in oakland. spectacular. lows tonight will be comfortable, not quite as cool, but comfortable. 66 at national. 65 in brandi wine. maybe a 59 in bowie. you go a little further north on 270, 59 in gaithersburg. upper 50s in reston, manassas, and leesburg. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, breezy and mild. 60s and 70s. winds southwest 10 to 15 and by
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afternoon, a beautiful day. yes, a thunderstorm is possible, but most of us are not going to see a storm. highs around 85 and winds will turn northwesterly at 10 to 15. very weak cold front going through the entire eastern sea board. satellite picture, radar combined, we will start out in the rockies. up to a foot possible. there are winter storm warnings out in may. i tell you what, this cold front is the one that is going to cool us off later on in the weekend. we are going to move further east. big thunderstorms now approaching detroit. in fact, just about pushing through detroit right now. let's go back in time when these thunderstorms were in wisconsin last night, here's what we had in winchester, wisconsin. about 30 miles to the southwest of green bay. no reports of injuries. see some siding off, see some roof damage, so the winds were at least 100, 120 miles per hour, but no reports of any damage and that is indeed good news. all right, back to the computer we go. we'll kind of zoom back in to
5:20 pm
us. we are in great shape tonight. clear skies, a few clouds will come in after midnight. zone forecast, isolated thunderstorm possible again tomorrow. better chance right along the maryland, pa border. temperatures in the 70s. 86 for culpeper. 83 for annapolis. small craft advisory will go into effect from noon to 6:00 p.m. on thursday. 84 tomorrow. isolated storm. upper 70s friday. very nice day. just a few showers friday night. no big deal. sunshine on saturday, low 70s. now still bright, but brisk for mom. at least no rain for your cookout. mid 60s, mid to upper 60s on monday and temperatures go back up. low 70s on tuesday and low 80s on wednesday. >> all right top, thank you. an update now on that breaking news we were telling you about out of montgomery county, where a train hit a pedestrian. this happened in the 1800 block of waring station road in germantown. the victim is a 64-year-old man and he is conscious.
5:21 pm
we don't know the circumstances surrounding the cause of this accident and again, an amtrak train hitting a pedestrian in germantown. up next, riots in greece leave three workers dead after the bank they were inside was set on fire by protesters. and then coming up on 9news now at 6:00 -- >> three murder scenes, six victims, eight arrests, and one thing in common, ties to southeast washington. i'm audrey barnes, what can be done to stem the violence? that story at 6:00. [ laughs ]
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what are you gonna miss when you have an allergy attack? benadryl® is more effective than claritin® at relieving your worst symptoms -- runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes -- and works when you need it most. benadryl®. you can't pause life. protests over the financial crisis in greece turn violent today. three people were killed in what's believed to be a fire bombing of a bank in athens. a satellite truck belonging to the turkish news agency was set on fire. officers fired tear gas at rioters. an estimated 100,000 people took to the streets in protest over the drastic spending cuts aimed at saving that country
5:25 pm
from bankruptcy. thousands of farmers staged a protest in paris. some of them under the eifle tower and tossed oysters into the streets. the farmers are demanding more government support for an industry they say is going out of business because of rising costs and falling prices. demonstrators are preparing to march in phoenix this everyoning to target arizona ease new law. phil gordon will be joined by hispanic leaders during a three mile candle light procession to the state capital. arizona's new law requires police to question people about immigration status if there is reason to believe they are in this country illegally. it makes it a state crime to be in the u.s. illegally. >> sinkthe physicians committee for responsible medicine has come up with a list of the five worst foods you can order. >> but i think a lot of times
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what gets sidetracked about healthy food in mexican restaurants are the chips, the alcohol, the cheese, the pork, and everything else gets poured on top of it, but underneath all of that, there is a healthy meal you can select. >> the most startling pattern that we saw when we looked at these foods was the sodium content. >> well, topping this list, baja fresh's nachos. we are talking about over 2,000 calories, plus a very unheart healthy 40-grams of saturated fat. to see the cancer project's entire list of healthy entrees and better choices, go to our website, and click on living well. coming up next, new at 5:30. >> i'm scott broom in river dale park. coming up, shocking new details about the discovery of as many as 46 bodies piled up in a
5:27 pm
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right now, new at 5:30. can you catch a criminal? take our eyewitness test where we stage a robbery to see if you can provide police with the proper details. in tonight's health alert. high doses of certain vitamins may set the stage for cancer. we're going to talk about that. and we may never know the identities of some of the decomposing bodies discovered at a new shut down maryland funeral home. >> but first, eyewitness misidentification are the leading cause of wrongful convictions. that according to the innocence project. new at 5:30, our special series safe and sound shows how hard it is to be a good witness to a crime. here is andrea mckaren. >> i just broke down and started crying. >> marvin anderson spent 15
5:31 pm
years in prison for a rape he did not commit. >> i'm living proof that witness identification is not enough to convict any person. g he landed behind bars because of an inaccurate eyewitness account. he was exonerated by dna evidence. >> okay. now -- >> with the help of maryland criminology professor and his unsuspecting students, we staged a crime in their lecture hall. [ screaming ] >> as often happens, the perpetrator of the crime was only visible to startled witnesses for a matter of seconds. many students focused on the victim. >> she had blondish hair mid way down her back. >> she appeared to be white. >> she looked like an average black female. >> or they remembered what the suspect was wearing. >> he had a darkish colored baseball cap, gray shirt and
5:32 pm
jeans. >> proximity to the crime didn't guarantee a better description of the suspect. >> i think he had sandy brown hair, possibly 5' 10. >> we wondered if a deaf student in the class might have heightened powers of visual observation. >> i wasn't paying attention to the guy, but the girl was dark skinned and dark haired. she had a black shirt and jeans on. >> indeed, she had a vivid description, but only of the victim. >> was the guy white, black, any identifying characteristics like facial hair, glasses, anything you remember? >> huh-uh. [ screaming ] >> as often happens, the shock of witnessing a crime impeded the student's ability to recall critical details. >> everybody say hello to erica. >> after the crime, we introduced our victim and our suspect to the class. >> scott, can you tell us how tall you are and what's your weight? >> 6-foot, 205. >> no one noticed one of the
5:33 pm
only permanent features on him, a distinctive tattoo. andrea, 9news now. >> how can you be a better witness? look for a permanent physical characteristic, like a scar, a limp, even an accent, or a missing tooth, rather than what a suspect is wearing. if there is something unique in the clothing, maybe an unusual logo, authorities say that is worth noting. tonight at 11:00, most crimes are going down. there's one that keeps going up. in tonight's safe and sound report, what it is and the areas getting hit hardest. a crime fighter alert, only on 9news now at 11:00. u.s. airways are being told by regulators to make room for others at reagan national airport. the government is demanding that the carriers auction off landing and opening off spots. that could open up a spot for southwest. a new wave of volcanic ash is paralyzing traffic in the
5:34 pm
uk. flights were grounded in northern ireland today, with the situation changing hour by hour, passengers are being advised to check before traveling. >> northwesterly wind pushed the plume over today and that was very difficult. the problem is that the density level are quite high. >> the latest travel chaos is being blamed on the same icelandic volcano that disrupted flights last month. the disruption caused misery for thousands of stranded passengers and cost the airlines millions in lost revenue. >> no more clipping coupons anymore. now there's an app for that. mobile media is seen as the next big wave in advertising and in tonight's consumer alert, more companies are jumping on, bringing those money savers right to your fingertips. >> at the picturesque coconut joe's, most of the diners come with more than just their appetites. >> we have a night where we have 15 tables, you know, i would say that more than half
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of them have value pack coupons. >> it's been delivered to mailboxes for over 40 years. these days, the company wants to bring those deals to you on demand. >> it's like having a coupon envelope, you know, in your pocket all the time. >> the application here is recognizing where the phone is. >> the new val pack app is free and uses technology to call through deals in your backyard. it offers a map how to get to that restaurant or beauty salon, even auto service. >> fact that you can be spontaneous, like on a beautiful day today to say, we want to go out to annapolis. >> you can check the paper version to compare deals. >> but online, they are doing a free offer, an even better offer, really. >> mobile coupons altered the
5:36 pm
advertising landscape from direct mail directly to your hand. an associates report says text based coupons are the fastest growing applications and they are redeemed ten times more than their paper cousins. >> savings, convenience, ease of use, this is a step to appeal to those type of consumers. >> this restaurant on the south river sees the benefit of the old mainstay and the new kid on the block. they serve up savings and sales however they come. >> if you are not ready to part with your paper, don't worry, the traditional pack will come to your home once a month. to find out how to down load the app, go to our website, and click on living smart. should you take a light jacket if you are heading out tonight? topper, you have the answer. >> i think you are going to be okay. you are going to be okay at the ball game. what a great night for baseball. mets in town hosting the braves. here is your out and about
5:37 pm
forecast. temperatures will be in the low 70s and the low 80s. we start the evening and go back to the low 70s. breezy, but a warm breeze. southwest at 10 to 15. that's not bad. breezy and pleasant. ready for your closeup, we will start to the west out in fairfax county tomorrow. you run the risk of an isolated thunderstorm. few and far between. i want to emphasize, tomorrow is going to be a nice day. yes we have an isolated storm, but 84 in fairfax. mid 80s, 85 in lohrton. less of a chance of a storm here. mid 80s for cleveland park. 85 for capitol hill. montgomery county, the same story. better chance of a shower or sprinkle up in darnstown as opposed to wheaten. 85 in wheaten, 85 in bethesda. when we come back, we'll talk about the weekend. >> you got it, top. coming up, a dramatic creek rescue caught on tape. bus up next, police taser
5:38 pm
an alleged carjacker when he reaches for a gun. we'll be right back.
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5:40 pm
caught on tape, an accused carjacker and his december desperate attempt to avoid capture. unable to fight the tide, he climbed out of the water as the suspect reached for what appeared to be a gun. officers used a taser on him. he is now in custody and the gun was a fake. dramatic video from a water rescue in georgia. what started out as a fun dare turned into a life or death situation. three college students were pulled from the swift moving waters of a creek in georgia. they all escaped serious injury. time to get another check of our evening rush hour with patranya. >> if you are about to hop on 495 in virginia, you may want
5:41 pm
to wait it out a while. it's very slow. almost half an hour, almost as long to get to 270. other routes slowing you downright now, 66 westbound, it's going to be slow out there, you see 27 minutes from 495 to 7100. 95 to 50 also slow. guys, back to you. >> all right patranya and a reminder, we know you are getting up earlier, and so are we. tune in tomorrow morning beginning bright and early at 4:25 a.m. >> i'm scott broome in river dale park. coming up, shocking new details about the discovery of 46 bodies piled up in a garage at the chamber's funeral home. i'm brett haber live at nationals park. everybody here is talking about that taser incident that happened at the stadium in philadelphia a couple days ago. could it happen here? we'll talk to the fans and the players when 9news now at 5:00 returns right after this.
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welcome back. a state official says sorting out who was who in a pile of at least 40 discarded bodies at a maryland funeral home garage may prove to be impossible. that shocking discovery was made at the state inspector in river dale park. scott broome has the latest on the suspension of chambers license by state authorities. >> chambers funeral home and crematorium now accused by state officials of mishandling as many as 46 bodies. discovered by an inspector piled in a garage for perhaps as many as six days. >> it was unrefrigerated room. >> dr. harry close calls it shocking. >> i found individuals in body bags stacked on top of each other. body fluids, and individuals working there stepping in it and then going into the public
5:46 pm
area. >> most bodies were those who donated their remains to the georgetown university medical school as cadavers. some ashes were to be returned to families, but documents in the case indicate sorting out who was who may be impossible. id tags were torn and soaked with fluids, writing was smeared and had become illegible. one owner said he would have to use the process of elimination to figure out who was who. a lawyer for the funeral home read a written statement today. >> we are confident that chambers funeral home and crematorium will be in full compliance with all code requirements. >> for you to handle anyone, even a person that unselfish to give their life as a part of science, still they deserve the utmost respect. >> including presumably, the rest of the bodies from georgetown medical. once that work is done, the business license is suspended, pending the outcome of the
5:47 pm
hearing by the state board of morticians. in river dale park, scott broome, 9news now. georgetown university issued a statement today saying the medical school had no hint of what was going on at chambers and the university will be informing donor families about what has happened. the statement reads in part, quote, the school of medicine has a deep commitment to the trust of our donors and families. something is sprouting in southeast. supporters put on a show while volunteers first stepped the recreation center. they planted gardens and applied fresh coats of paint. the universal circus features caribbean dancers and the clown. it opens tomorrow at capital pleasant mall in landover. hundreds of prince georges county fourth graders got a taste of water education today. they took part in the washington suburban sanitary commission's fifth annual water festival. it was held at the visitor's center. you have been there.
5:48 pm
students got some hands on lessons about water, wetlands, and aquatic life. to learn more, go to our website, and click on living green. a painting finished by picasso in one day sold at an auction for a record $1.6 million. the work is called, get this, nude, green leaves, and bust. it's a painting of his mistress and has been exhibited in the u.s. only one time. the bidding at cristie's auction house in new york started at $58 million. >> wow. a lot of money. actress, lindsay lohan landed a new movie role. one of the producers says lohan will play the porn star who is best known for starring in the 1972 movie, deep throat. later on, she denounced her adult film career and became a spokeswoman for the antipornography movement. lindsay is going to be playing that role. a funny thing happened to julie as she accepted her star
5:49 pm
on the hollywood walk of fame. they spelled her name wrong. the graduate took it in stride, saying it is a perfect metaphor for show business. she says when you think you made it, you get knocked down. >> you know, as a person who gets her name misspelled often, ky feel her pain, but she looks happy. >> exactly. we are happy about this forecast around here. >> spectacular today and the rest of the week looks okay. a couple shower chances out there. i want to take you out to oregon. yes, still open. they are still snow boarding, still skiing. it's a short drive from portland. it's not that far from the coast. they still get tons of snow because they are up high and they got a ton of snow yesterday. the same system will cool us off this weekend. next three days, really are nice. tomorrow, a little warmer. 84. a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. better chance north of town and little cooler on friday.
5:50 pm
still pleasant, upper 70s. next front comes in, cooperates very nicely. most of the showers will be light. all will be friday night, no problems on saturday. sunshine and back into the low 70s. tonight partly cloudy and comfortable. upper 50s in the suburbs. mid 60s downtown. not quite as cool as it was last night, but still nice. temperatures are still low 80s. 82 at national. 87 down in fredericksburg. now we talk about temperatures really, we are about ten degrees above average. tomorrow will be 13, 14 degrees above average. breezy and mild in the morning. 60s and 70s and by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy and warm. a slight chance of a thunderstorm. most of us aren't going see it. sunshine in the mountains, 73 in oakland. 77 in cumberland. a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, further north you are tomorrow, the better chance of a storm you have, especially near the maryland, pa border.
5:51 pm
84 downtown. 83 in annapolis. small craft advisory goes into effect from noon until 6:00 tomorrow. next seven days, 84 thursday. nice on friday and saturday. a couple sprinkles friday night, that's it. we'll be cooler for mom. still looks good, mid 60s. upper 60s on monday and temperatures go back up. showers and storms possible tuesday and wednesday and by next wednesday, we are in the low 80s. >> as you mention, it is a glorious night for baseball tonight. and our brett haber is live at nationals park, where ball park security is a big buses you around. >> it is, it's all based on what happened in philly over the weekend as this debate is raging over how much force is acceptable for police and security to use in subduing an unruly fan who runs on the field. in other words, to tase or not to tase. in case you missed it, it happened in philly when the 17- year-old trespasser ran on the field. a police officer subdued him and charged his body full of
5:52 pm
electricity. some believe the officer was justified. others believe it was excessive force. we asked fans here at nationals park today what they think and whether or not they would be cool with a police officer doing that to a fan here, and most are saying no. >> it was a little too much. i think they always end up tackling these guys. i think that would have been just as easy to do. >> you have to protect the players. i think a taser is too strong. >> i feel like there are other ways. they could chase them down. there's plenty of security around and multiple people that can take care of him. >> what about the players? when a fan runs on to the field, it may seem funny on the surface, but that fan is invading the player's workplace and who knows what their intention is. remember those two guys came out of the stands and attacked first base coach, tom, sent him to the hospital. based on that, the nationals players that we spoke to were universally in support of the police doing whatever they need
5:53 pm
to do. >> there's a precedent there. can't have guys running around doing whatever they want on the field and making a mockery of the game. >> all of the security that protect the players and whatever they feel like they need to do to somewhat get control of the person or whoever may have ran on the field, they do whatever. >> we called metro police today and asked them what their policy is in terms of using tasers, they informed us that their normal patrol officers don't carry tasers. we called prince georges county, some of their patrol officers do and they would probably handle the situation much the way the officer did in philadelphia. we'll get you ready for baseball coming up at 6:00. it's nats and braves. nats looking for win number 15. for now, we're live at the ball park. i don't think i'm in danger of being tased, but then i haven't misbehaved yet. >> stay right where you r. thank you brett haber. coming up new at 6:00.
5:54 pm
>> i'm suray chin. parents lobby on capitol hill in hopes of getting their abducted children back. but up next, the dangers of vitamin overload and the changes this can cause in your body. tonight's health alert is straight ahead. we are always on at stay with us, 9news now at 6:00 is just minutes away. i'm peggy fox. are you going out for mother's day? of course you are. how does a mother's day brunch sound? maybe you prefer dinner. for a list of suggestions, go to and pull ahead and make a reservation, because you deserve it, mom. you want to get a great looking lawn like this,
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a man can only try... and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. [ female announcer ] try new chocolate cheerios with a touch of delicious chocolate taste in every bite. stocks lost ground today on wall street. the dow closed down 58 points at 10,868. the nasdaq dropped 68 points and s & p 500 lost 7 points. many people take nutritional supplements. but in tonight's health alert, new research finds taking too much can increase your risk of
5:58 pm
cancer. >> as sue got older, she started taking supplements as a nutritional insurance policy. >> it has vitamin c and a lot of other things in it. >> david believes in vitamins, too. >> a multivitamin has the letters of the alphabet, a, b, c, d. >> high doses of antioxidant supplements could make us sick. the doctor made the discovery while working with stem cells for heart patients. he added large amounts of vitamin c and e. >> the levels that we find to be optimal for cell growth are the normal levels in the body of people taking normal diets and that the ones that we find are associated with tremendous increases in genetic abnormalities are in the same range as people who are taking massive oral supplements. >> they have a potential link to cancer. >> among the things that go wrong in cells that produce cancers are genetic
5:59 pm
abnormalities. >> a multivitamin is also fine. it's when people take ten or 100 times the recommended daily amount that too much of a good thing can turn bad. >> you don't just grab a handful of vitamins off the health food shelf. >> this research doesn't mean you should cut back on foods rich in antioxidants, oranges, peanuts. this study and many others found no side to filling up on vitamins naturally. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9news now. >> this was a terrorist plot aimed at murdering americans in one of the busiest places in our country. >> but what is not clear is whether the accused times square terrorist, faisal shahzad is a lone wolf or part of a conspiracy. gary has more on the investigation and how local


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