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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  May 21, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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68 by 9:00. 82 by noon. 86 by 5:00. that's a nice day. it's warm, almost summer like but i have to talk about the rain chances this weekend. in the meantime a look at maryland's weather in five minutes. right now we will get you caught up on traffic. >> thank you. ready to kick off the 6:00 hour. tgif. things are not so bad. we have one tieup to tell you. the inner loop at braddock road an accident is taking away the left lane. stay to the right to get by. moving to 66 eastbound. a it will volume is building between 234 and route 29. and then slow from 50 to 123. the outer loop in maryland is filling out. mainly between university and georgia. back on the maps, pennsylvania avenue, zooming in to brent and crane highway, and it appears all three of the roads are all clear. back to you. at the ott top of the hour we turn to the disaster in the
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gulf. oil is starting to affect pelicans living eight miles off the louisiana coast. brown oil coats marsh grasses. bp, which operated the rig which started the mess, is now releasing video of the live feed from the gulf floor. it shows how fast the oil is coming out. massachusetts congressman forced the energy company to make it public. the democrat said it took him 23 days to do it. >> what i told bp and what i'm saying again today is that this may be bp's footage of the spill, but it's america's ocean. >> the website to see the live feed is have. we wanted to bring you live pictures this morning but the feed was down. 9,000 homes were put at a higher risk of lead poisoning. a hearing was held on the hill
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on thursday. it found the cdc used flawed data to assure city residents six years ago their tap water was safe. many questions resolve around is the water safe to drink now? the dc water and sewer authority says yes. >> all the monitoring we are doing is showing the numbers in our distribution system are well below the areas of concern. i must say we want no lead in the system. so we have an aggressive program to eliminate lead as a threat. >> reporter: they are offering free tests of tap water to ensure its safety. police in the district have a bizarre death investigation on their hands. kristin fisher is live at police headquarters where they are looking for answers. good morning, kristin. >> that's right. good morning, andrea. this is a bizarre case. much of what happened is still a mystery but here's what we know. dc police responded to the 4200 block of 4th street in southeast washington around 4:00 yesterday afternoon after
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reports of a man that had fallen from a window. when they arrived on the scene they found out a mentally challenged man around the age of 20 had jumped, fallen or been push trade third story window and found the body of a man's mother the apartment. >> the body appears to have been here a few days. right now we are investigating this as if it were a homicide but we do not have a cause or manner of death yet we are still investigating. >> reporter: that woman's son did survive the fall but suffered serious injuries and is being treated at a local hospital. meanwhile, investigators come to cascade park apartment complex for clues thursday evening even taking away evidence from nearby dumpsters. so far, police have not confirmed a connection between the mother's death and the son's fall. neighbors describe this mother/son team as inseparable. he suffered from some sort of
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mental challenge or mental illness and she took care of him. we will hear from those neighbors coming up at 6:30. virginia has carried out the 107th execution since 1976. it puts -- it put to death the man convict end of two murders in the ' 70s. walker died last night at the prison. he killed a man in ' 96 and another man in ' 97. a corrections spokesman said the prison had hard time getting one of the ivs started but there were no other problems. montgomery county police make an arrest in a double shooting. 19-year-old richard anthony tease was taken in to custody. he will have a bond hearing later today. police say he shot two people on spur hill drive in montgomery village on wednesday night. investigators think the shooting stemmed from a fight. bike to work day is happening today. so be careful on the roads. a lot of people will take two
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wheels to the office. there will be bike pit stops up set up across the region. the district won't be able to show off the new bike lane in northwest. the planned grand opening was delayed because of safety concerns. part of the bike lane is actually too wide, so cars are using it, thinking it is a regular lane. the city says a few tweaks are still needed. it is 65. a local company is getting in to the cycling spirit. jessica doyle has that part of the story. >> thousands of commuters in the district are expected to participate in the bike to work day today. and one dc law firm launched a new program in the spirit of the day that encourages lawyers and other staff to take off the suit and take to the road. consider it going the extra green mile. >> this is a trek. >> reporter: managing partner is behind the effort to put new bikes in the hands and on the
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feet of attorneys and staff. >> there isn't a bike share location close to the office, so i thought we could launch our own program and start with three bikes and make them available and convenient for employees to pick them up here and take them where they need to go and bring them back to the office. >> reporter: they are to be used during the work day, go to a client meeting, catch fresh air or get some exercise. >> bike riding is a great way to reduce our alliance on fossil fuels. >> reporter: the company not only puts a premium on being green, it also endorses fitness. les is an avid walker who walks the walk and rides the ride and bikes from his home in alexandria, virginia. >> that's all there is to it. >> reporter: will others sign on. >> people seen the bikes and started to ask question and so far a lot of excitement is building up. >> reporter: the law firm isn't alone with the efforts to encourage commuting via bike. more bike stations are being add for smart bikes, dc's first
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bike share program and more lanes are planned and even the irs will give a tax break for helping employees to help pay for their bikes. up to $20 a month from your employee if they support the program. >> food for thought. thank you. from two wheels to four. we want to check on the prices at the pump. here's the numbers just in from aaa -- in four minutes, maryland parents fight back against budget cuts to protect their children. and later moss is accused of meeting a doctor who was later accused of hgh. here's devon. not bad this morning. 58 is our official reading. mid to upper 50 depending where you are.
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mid-50s in maryland. 60 in hagerstown. one of those showing up and keeping us warm in some cases. 58-degree reading. there you go. we will see our specific maryland forecast from 7:00 we go. 9:00 in to the noon hour, in the 890s in many places to the east. if you go to the northern zones cooler and 70s. sunshine showing up. you might stay a little humid today. all chances of rain are holding off for everyone in maryland. maybe western maryland over to oakland you may see a shower late in the day. we will have to discuss a better chance of scattered storms in to the weekend with the full forecast in ten minutes. thank you, devon. focus on maryland roads and take you outside live to 355 in germantown. everything is all clear few drivers out here. georgia and viersmill. that's next. drivers are doing fine here. very friday light so far. we want to wrap up with an anne arundel accident.
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this is 408. it is closed in both directions at route 4. the good thing using 259 to get around it. tgif, everybody. 9 news now will be right back.
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we are back with a followup to a story we brought you at this time yesterday. we told you about first lady michelle obama visiting silver spring, maryland on wednesday. a tune there said her mother was in the country illegally. federal officials say they'll
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not pursue the matter and the girl says she hopes to visit the first lady at the white house. a frederick county, maryland resident is donating a crosswalk to his community. it's the resolution to a dispute involving the budget crisis hitting so many parts of the region. this is playing out in adamstown, maryland. parents are fighting back for their children's safety. >> pretty scary. this is a busy road. >> welcome to adamstown, maryland. >> got to hurry up because cars are coming all the time. >> and the cross walk. >> i want to stop it. >> divided the town. >> as you can see there is no traffic here. i think it is a waste of time and money. >> we will step out because the parade of kids making this crossing to the carroll manner elementary school is about to grow big time. because the budget of school buss is being slashed. officials announced buses here will be cut, which means more kids will be using the cross walk, which remains the same. >> we have bus transportation
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because they have said adamstown road was too dangerous to cross. now all of a sudden the budget cuts and all of a sudden it is not dangerous anymore. >> reporter: so far the answer has been not enough traffic. >> i have the material and the equipment. >> reporter: in the meantime, seth will be paying out of pocket for new paving and paint to make a high visibility contractor. he is a contractor with the equipment to do the job. this week county officials announced they would supply a crossing guard for next year at least. progress say the parents, but not enough. at the end of the day, neighbors say the decision to supply a crossing guard next year is a victory but they fear it will be a temporary one and they say making this intersection a four-way stop will be permanent. in adamstown, scott broom, 9 news now. coming up on 6:13, here's what is in the news now. a jetblue pilot is undergoing a mental health evaluation.
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wbz radio in boston said he sent an e-mail threatening to crash the plane he was about to fly the airline denies that saying the pilot had a health issue. the national intelligence director is resigning. dennis blair's last day will be may 28th. he is the third person to oversea intelligence agencies in the wake of the 9/11 attack. crews are trying to contain a wildfire southeast of los angeles. flames burned 800-acres. the fire started because of a spark from a lawn mower. we want to welcome back devon lucie. he's the seat for howard bernstein this morning. and you have good news for us this friday. >> great news. we started off with a lot of rain and then the cloud cover and the cool temperatures. finally got the sunshine to come out yesterday and we will continue that through today. we have a lot of great weather heading our way. it will be a little humid, if anything to add at all. then i need too talk about the
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chance of rain coming in this weekend. one day will have a better chance than the other. i think that will be sunday. both temperatures, 75. could see a wide range in temperatures coming in for the weekend highs. today 86 and warm. nothing to worry about at all. start with the bus stop forecast. mid to upper 50s right now. getting the kids off right now that's where we are. in the next couple of hours lower 80s a light jacket or sleeves but shorts and t-shirts by the noon hour and beyond. so from 58 to 65 through the morning hours, back up to the mid to upper 80s in some cases. it will be a little humid out there as that moisture works back in. partly cloudy and mild as we go in to saturday morning. saturday afternoon, the first chance that isolated to widely scattered thunderstorm is coming in. 72 to 78. if we get a lot of cloud cover you see one of those storms and near the 80-degree mark. mid to upper 50s right now. outside of washington, still 60
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here up in hagerstown. 59 baltimore. 55 easton. the satellite and radar together shows today appalachians are being our big blocker. keeping the storms well west. we will have a couple of clouds off to the storms. the nine future cast shows it well. a couple of clouds through here today. that's all we will see. no chance of rain at all. already heading to saturday morning as you see in the upper left hand portion of the screen. a chance of an isolated storm and overnight saturday in to sunday i think we get a round of storms to come in and generally the case when you get the storms that leave themselves in that place. a chance of scattered storms as you are warm and humid through 5:15 on sunday. that's the best chance of a widely isolated to scattered thunderstorm coming in. not a big batch of rain and not raining all day but a storm or two will come through and better chances on sunday rather than saturday. after that forecast, it is staying warm. getting maybe even hot in some
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cases. 90 degrees and dry. not going to see a lick of rain in the forecast for five to seven days after that time period. just to sum up the forecast, don't worry about today. it is absolutely great. warmer. storm chances coming in this weekend. >> thank you. >> look at the big picture. right now you can see we have a couple of things out there. we want to keep you posted on the inner loop accident and take it outside and show you between the mixing bowl and braddock road we know the accident is taking away the right lanes and not causing significant delays and keeping an eye out in anne arundel county because route 408 as we take it back to the maps, it is closed at route 4. drivers using 259 to get around it as the alternate. we have a report of a disabled vehicle. we saw that earlier. southbound on the gw parkway, approaching the chain bridge. you are going to lose the left lane. move it to maryland and show you 270 southbound, we are
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dropping in speed from germantown road to interstate 370. back to you. our time is 6:17. a proposal to tax soda in the district has gone flat at least for now. that's because council members opposed a proposal during budget talks. council woman wants to tax sodas at a penny an ounce. it could generate $9 million to spend on healthy school initiatives but council members are considering extending the 6% sales tax to the drinks when it votes next week. scientists used a computer to create life in a lab. it the brain child of a scientist based if rockville, maryland. randall pinkston, has more on j. craig even tores breakthrough. >> reporter: scientists say they have created life with a computer. they have made a cell, powered by man made dna. >> this is the first self replicating species we have had on the planet whose parent is a computer.
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>> reporter: researchers designed the dna and assembled it with a machine. the artificial gee gnome was planted in to a cell and grew. >> perhaps a philosophical change on how we view life. >> reporter: it is the brain child of j. craig venter. he was one oof the first people to decode the human gee gnome and his company is working with big business apply the technology. the potential seems limitless right now they believe man made cells can do everything from poll -- cleaning polluted water to powering your car. he hopes one day to create new treatment and cures. >> wouldn't it be nice to have something that blocked the common colds. >> there are concerns it could be dangerous and used to create new types of biological weapons. >> it would be possible for
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someone to use this new technology to synthesize a pathogen. >> reporter: researchers can't predict the full impact of this man made dna but they hope it will change the way we live. in new york, randall pinkston, 9 news now. it is 6:17. next in sports reaction to the skins santana moss being linked to a doctor dealing with hgh. a battle of third baseman at nationals park. zimmerman versus wright. highlights in four minutes away. we'll be right back.
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you probably figured it would be some 300-pound no neck bohemoth that would experience
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with hg, h because for those guys it can be the difference between playing for the redskins and in a pickup game but it turned out to be one of the smallest guy on the team. moss was said to be on the receiving end of the hgh needle when the doctor was arrested at the u.s. border last fall. his attorney said yesterday the players only received hgh to help injuries heal. not to enhance performance in any way. redskins coach mike shanahan reacted to the news thusly. >> i have been in the league for 25 years and have had so many many of these things happen to it there is no substance to it. we will have to wait and see. sometimes there is substance to it. we will have to wait and see what happens. >> probably used for other things. i know santana. he is a straightforward guy and i don't think he will do something like that. nats hosting the mets last night. new yorkers think that wright is a better third baseman than zimmerman. that is the bases loaded double
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income the first. zimmerman counters the argument by falling on his behind. rare defensive boo-boo from zimm. nats lose 10-7. that's a look at sports. have a great friday, everybody. and one other note from last night's game, team owner mark learner needed a couple of stitches. he got hit in the face by a ball during practice. he said he lost the ball in the sun. in ten minutes, jessica doyle will break down the recent market slide and gives us a look ahead. here's angie with the rush hour update. we are crossing the sousa bridge in to the district. no problems in the city but coming up the tieups outside the beltway. a little crisp here this morning but definitely warmer once we go to mid-morning and the rest of the day. beautiful friday to end up this week and then talk about the rain chances for the weekend forecast.
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. the commencement at the university of maryland last night. a huge crowd of grads and proud
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parents. individual school graduations begin this morning. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. howard is off today but devon lucie is on the weather terrace with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are looking at temperatures that are a little cool in spots. middle to upper 50s. 58 at national airport. look at where you are and a lot of 40s or 50s rather showing up. 48 manassas and got a call from charlie in catlett and he is 551. temperatures in the region, a lot of 50s for most of us. look at the satellite an radar together. we see a few clouds in and around this morning. a lot of sunshine and some rain is showing up as well but the appalachians will block those today. they will play part in our forecast as we go saturday this to sunday. 82 by noon. 86 by 5:00 and 6:00 hour. talk about the rain chances in the full forecast and have a spotlight on virginia's forecast in seven minutes. right now it is traffic with
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angie. rise an shine. hope you are off to a great friday this morning. overall good news here. looks like most of the accidents have cleared with exception to that one wreck that we take you out to in anne arundel county. 408 is closed at route 4. take 259 as the alternate. virginia, 95 heading northbound a slow ride plus 15 minutes to make it from the prince william parkway to lorton. we are tracking 66. no accidents but you are delayed 234 to 29 and again 50 to nutley. that is taking about 15 to 20. back to you. we turn to a strange death investigation in the district. a woman is found dead after her son falls out of an apartment window. kristin fisher is live in northwest washington with the latest. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, andrea. dc police say they are indeed investigating this death as a homicide, but they won't say anything in terms of exactly how this woman died just yet. all we know is that her body
6:31 am
had been sitting in this apartment for several days before it was finally found yesterday. now, here's exactly what happened. dc police spent a lot of yesterday evening combing the cascade park apartment complex for clues. and that was hours after they were first called to the scene. the 4200 block of fourth street in southeast washington. when they arrived, they found that a mentally challenged man, around the age of 20, had either jumped, fallen or been pushed through a third story apartment window. police then found the body of the man's mother inside the same apartment. now her son did survive the fall but he suffered pretty serious injuries and is being treated at a hospital. neighbors describe this mother/son team as inseparable. he had a machine tall challenge and she took care of him. well, now, this special needs individual is going to have new needs when the leaves the hospital and when he leaves the hospital he won't even have a mother to take care of him. >> it is very sad. my heart goes out to the family
6:32 am
or whoever. not just for her but to her son because it's the bond they had. when you see, when you see her you see him, always. >> now apparently this woman had a second son, different from the son who somehow fell through this apartment window. police are right now trying to locate this son. he's been named as a person of interest. andrea? >> thank you. the district's deputy medical examiner is expected on the witness stand in the robert wone murder trial. he was found stabbed to death inside of a dupont circle townhouse in 2006. three men living in the house are on trial, charged with conspiracy in his death. thursday the first paramedic on the scene testified there was very little blood on the man despite three deep stab wounds to the chest. two men are behind bars after police seized more than 130-pounds of a drug called khat. they made the bust at a falls church parking lot over the weekend but they seized the
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bulk of the drug inside of a nearby apartment. neighbors were surprised by the news. >> makes me uneasy because you really don't know what they are and what they are doing an you really don't realize what's going on around you. >> reporter: khat is a plant that is chew. it is a stimulus similar to amphetamine. changes with the dc free condom program to get them to practice safe sex. some said they were too small and broke often. the city will offer a more expensive brand. they hope more sexually active high school students will use the new condoms to prevent the spread of disease and unwanted pregnancies. investors hope to end the week on a good note today but are reeling from a big fall on
6:34 am
wall street on thursday. with a closer look at this we welcome back jessica doyle. it is not just thursday, but wednesday and tuesday. >> the last four weeks alen the market sold off 10%. that puts wall street in correction territory. the dow has lost over 1,000 point and hitting the recent peak on april 26th and not alone in feeling the pain. the dow is down 10%. the nasdaq off 13% and the s&p 500 is down 12%. the debt crisis in europe has been a catalyst for the selloff here but investors are worried about the impact of the financial overhaul bill that just passed in the senate. some predict it will cut banks profits by 20%. the president sees it another way. >> our goal is not to punish the banks, but to protect the larger economy and the american people from the kind of upheavals we have seen in the past few years. >> reporter: supporters of the bill say it will help prevent a
6:35 am
recurrence of the meltdown of wall street investment banks. among the things it would do, establish a new council regulators can monitor risks in the system. allow the government to seize and liquidate a financial company. create a consumer protection commission and mortgage lending and give regulators new powers to oversee the giant derivatives mark. they are complicated financial instruments and account for 50% of the revenue of a lot of trading companies and some are seeing them cutting the revenue by 50% or the markets could go overseas where they wouldn't be regulated at all. >> the average investor is thinking what do i do? do i take things out of my savings? any advice. >> obviously i'm not an investment adviser but you have to think long haul. if you are in equities you have to think can i stand to lose the investment in the next 20 years am i going to make money.
6:36 am
we haven't seen 10% a year loss in a long time but we could be looking at that. >> diversify case is critical that it is not all in one area. check out the red-hot ride that is also green. it is a the karma, electric hybrid car. it went on display yesterday in maryland the car's maker says it gets 100 miles a gal and looks good, too. the price tag isn't small, though, about $88,000. some fridays can be better than others, especially those at the end of a stressful workweek. more of us are getting burned out by work these days. in seven minutes, advice on managing work place stress and avoiding burnout. right now we begin our focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here's devon lucie. >> cool this morning. 58 at national. temperatures in many places in virginia running cooler.
6:37 am
some spots around the 50-degree mark to the upper 40s. the official reading. go to the northern virginia temperatures here as we are in the 70s before too long. give it a couple of hours. we will be in the 80s and top out mid to upper 80s. fredericksburg and toward rich monday you could be getting close to the upper 80s and close to a 90-degree mark. humidity to talk about. the rain chances are staying well west of us here today. it is dry and light winds to deal with. southeast winds five to ten miles an hour. nice temperature of 86 i think for most of us for an official high. we talk about the rain chances and i will have that in five minutes from now. get you caught up on virginia's traffic. >> happy to do it. thank you, devon. route 50 and 29 is where we are live first from. everything is clear out here. next take it to the dulles toll road approaching hunter mill. i want you to know that route 7 and the tysons corner area is looking good right now. let's fly the gw parkway. we have a disabled vehicle
6:38 am
approaching the chain bridge. it is now gone. you are clean and green approaching the key bridge. overall drivers are moving at speed. 6:38. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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we go to the top of the charts and check out the number one clip on youtube this week. goal! goal! >> it received four and a half million hits this week on youtube. wow. he's let it all out. here's a common phrase at work these days doing more with less. in many cases that means all of us taking on added responsibilities and the
6:43 am
stress. sandra endo has tips on avoiding burnout on the job. >> reporter: in these tough economic times a smaller staff has been the key to big success for this web-based marketing company. >> we are a team of ten people that are working really, really hard to keep it at ten people to be able to stay as lean as possible. >> reporter: but for her, fewer employees means at times those workers are overloaded. >> i think we all feel the need to help more and more so we are asking to help more. >> reporter: with a bare bones work fork in many places, people who have a job are grateful but burned out. occupational therapists say in order to avoid a work place meltdown, first prioritize. >> meet with your boss and say i'd like to set priorities for myself and discuss my performance. i'd like to set goals. >> also know when to turn it off. >> reporter: i think for all of us, to stay healthy we need to set limits on what things we do
6:44 am
at work and what things we take home. >> reporter: experts say to maximize results at work, minimize distractions. take breaks to stretch or walk arounder every half hour or so. >> i take time for myself. i go for a walk. >> reporter: a calming work environment is helpful. looking at a picture you like or having a plant nearby. looking forward to activities outside of work can help to beat the burnout and remember to get a good night's sleep. another suggestion to avoid burning out is to have a weekly pet free day. meaning no e-mails, cell phone or blackberries. the question is could you really do it? sandra end do, for 9 news now. this morning on our website we are asking how do you relieve work stress? maybe go to the game or plan a vacation. go to our poll and visit >> think of not working and
6:45 am
doing something outside. >> vacation if we had the time to take it. >> great one. >> next vacation from the not so great weather we had at the beginning of the week. we had beautiful weather yesterday. we will continue that trend today. we will get more sunshine and temperatures warmer than yesterday. we need to talk about a chance of rain moving in for the weekend forecast. warm day, 86 and might see a little humidity, too. that's the only down fall they are today. saturday first chance of storms coming in. i think overnight on saturday in to sunday is when we get better chance of storms coming in. bus stop forecast a lot of mid to upper 50s this morning. a lot of 60s. the sun has come up and it is a cool crisp morning. definitely jackets and long sleeves but going to the shorts and t-shirts this afternoon. from 58 to 65 the next fews hours and in the mid to upper 80s in many cases.
6:46 am
84 to 87. light south breeze all day. so if you have a bike to work day you don't have to worry about a breeze in the face or an extra one to your back it will be light from the south. a little warmer where we are right now. tomorrow we start to see a first chance of a thunderstorm moving in. more cloud cover. humidity is going to keep the temperatures collier. there we see the temperatures around the beltway and a little outside, around the mid to upper 50s. as we go to further outside of dc, 48 culpeper, hagerstown 60. the satellite and radar together shows we will have a couple of clouds. the 9 future cast showing the forecast i believe it is dead on on. saturday we try to get storms near us but most in the appalachians even the shenandoah valley. as we go overnight this to saturday and sunday a chance of
6:47 am
a scattered storm. they are left in place and then the chance of redevelopment of storms during the day on sunday. so sunday is my day. if you have a chance -- you have a chance of a scattered storm here and there but not a mass storm and not raining all day. i don't think it will ruin the outdoor plans if you have them on sunday. saturday is looking okay. there's the storm chances in for the weekend. remember, sunday a little better than saturday. monday we hang on to a slight chance of rain. after the storm chances we are staying dry and really starting to heat up. could get close to that 90- degree mark by the middle of next week. to sum up the forecast, great friday and then bring in a chance of rain this weekend and scattered to isolated storms. shouldn't ruin all the plans. tgif. happy friday, everybody.
6:48 am
taking a look at the big picture. looks like some delays are setting in. i want to let you know we have better news for drivers. despite the icon being here we are getting word that 408 is open to route 4. there are lingering delays. you can use 259 as the alternate but the road and lanes are back open. look from sky 9 at the fairfax county parkway. this is right past robert parkway going northbound on fairfax county parkway. this accident taking away the right lane. looks like they are in the clearing stages with the tow truck there on the scene. hopefully those delays that we are tracking at burke lake road will break apart shortly. move to the district and show you inbound new york avenue. things are moving well surprisingly between williamsburg road and the third street tunnel. wrap it up with travel times. in virginia 66 eastbound, 14 minutes from the fairfax county
6:49 am
parkway parkway to the beltway. on the outer loop taking 12 and 270 southbound to the beltway from the spur. andrea, now, back to you. we have a weekend commuter alert. four different alerts on metro. two were on the red line. add 20 minutes to your trip if you travel between groves nor stat more and medical center. and if you go to new york and rhode island avenue, as well. there is work from 10:00 tonight through sunday. and some trains will not travel the entire line. on the on-line, tack on 20 minutes between east falls church and ballston. there's track work there beginning at 10:00 tonight through sunday. and then on the green line, delays of 20 minutes between greenbelt and college park. you'll deal with that on saturday and sunday from 7 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. weather permitting this would be the final weekend the chain bridge is closed between virginia and the district. the bridge will close at 9:00
6:50 am
for deck repairs. by the time it reopens, all three lanes will be open. the southern most lane has been closed for about a year. crews will need to close lanes on a temporary basis through the summer. in sports the battle of the beltways resumes tonight. the nationals host the orioleses in the district. thionate bats drop to 500 last night with a loss to the mets. new york scored five runs beating washington 7-10. the night wasn't much better for the orioles. their pitchers gave up three home runs to the rangers. baltimore falls to texas 13-7. over in the nhl, the canadiens show life in the eastern conference finals. they beat the flyers 5-1. philadelphia still leads the series 2-1. 58 degrees here in northwest washington. federal investigators move forward on their investigation in to last year's deadly red line crash. the latest is three minutes
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a viewing and funeral for alonte sutton. he was the 18-year-old city council intern killed earlier this month. a 22-year-old man is in custody accused in his murder. the national transportation safety board has scheduled a july 27th hearing on last year's deadly metro crash. it will consider a final report on the situation that killed nine people. a good turnout on thursday night for the annual zoofari. this was a panda bear affair. proceeds go to improving conservation projects. it is 58 right now. we are generally in the 60- degree range in many cases. 82 by noon. and 86 for a high temperature. we will talk about the rain chans with the full forecast outlook in a few minutes.
6:55 am
i'm harry smith. coming up we will continue the health watch series on alzheimer's with a look at how to spot the warning signs of the debilitating disease. and ashton kutcher stops by with a preview of his new film "killers." that's coming up on the "early show." cc
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why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at a story happening right now hundreds of miles above the effort. this is a live look at the international space station, the third and final space walk 0 of the "atlantis" mission is underway. it began a few moments ago. the two astronauts taking part in the mission will replace equipment on the space station. the walk will last until 1:15 this afternoon. "atlantis" is scheduled to come
6:59 am
home on wednesday. >> come on home. in fairfax, virginia, going northbound on the fairfax county parkway, trying to take away vehicles involved in that crash. you are lose the right lane and backed up to burke lake road. 66 eastbound, delayed 234 to 28 and 50 to nutley. taking 20 minutes there and 270 southbound. it is one slow ride from 370 to montross. plus 15. here's the full forecast i thought i'd show you. no worries today 86. chance of storms on saturday and more scattered storms on sunday. hit and miss storms. they are not going to completely wash out. wall street is looking higher after german lawmakers approve their part of a trillion dollar bailout package. >> that's good news. the latest on the oil spill in the gulf and the latest on wall street's wild ride. >> the next news is at noon. until then get the news, weather and traffic at >> see you monday


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