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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  May 21, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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incline. >> reporter: it's a story the sheriffs department says it's looking in to but has not confirmed. >> we are looking at all aspects of where everyone was seated in the vehicle. the investigation obviously is continuing to determine what occurred. >> i heard a loud crash down there. >> reporter: neighbors of the family that live here are shocked, mostly because the accident left both mother and son badly injured. >> we sat up there and watched the helicopter come in and then we saw a grownup and a kid being taken away and really concerned us. >> reporter: they were flown by helicopter to a hospital. what is hard to describe is how steep the driveway is but walking up you get winded and certainly steep enough to get a car going really fast downhill. the jeep went over a rock, clipped trees, eight feet in the air and crashed on to the roof of the family's home below. >> reminded me what you would hear if a bunch of wood was dropped off of a truck or something and i didn't know what it was. >> reporter: frederick county
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investigators haven't seen an accident like this before. charges are a possibility but they are not sure what kind of charges and they have to interview the mother and her son. in meyersville, scott broom, 9 news now. johns hopkins hospital reports the mother is in good condition. there is no information available on her son's condition. the state's deputy medical examiner was on the stand in the robert wone obstruction of justice trial. prosecutors used the testimony to establish a time line for his death and defense hopes it proves they didn't have time to tamper with he was evidence and cover up the crime. audrey, you have been following this from the start. >> that's right. prosecutors have said they believe the suspects had up to 49 minutes to tamper with evidence and clean up the crime scene on swan street. they have relied on a 911 tape and medical evidence, which they say will help them establish a time line of robert
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wone's last minutes alive. a tearful 911 call from 1509 swan street northwest from suspect victor saborsky. >> he was making a call from his cell phone at the townhouse. he tells the dispatcher about a friend who had been stabbed. >> who was the person that was stabbed. >> i don't know. we think it was an intruder in the house. we heard a chime to the door. >> reporter: he is so emotional, the operator mistakes him as a woman. >> ma'am, calm down. >> reporter: four minutes to the call he asks an unusual question. >> what time is it? >> at the moment 23:54, it's 11:54, ma'am. >> that time is important. they believe they may have left his body alone 49 minutes while they cleaned up the crime scene. kathy wone was this core as the
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medical examiner testified. she believes her husband of three years was alive several minutes and then unconscious several more after being stabbed three times in the chest. defense attorneys say they will present three cardiologists to dispute that. they are expected to testify that wone died instantly, which may also explain the lack of blood at the crime scene. >> reporter: now, i did speak with prosecutor glen care,ener after court today. they expect to present evidence all of next year. so it will be least another week after that before defense attorneys take the stand and represent their case. back to you. >> thank you. district police are looking for the gunman connected to a shooting today in northeast. witnesses say a man was working outside of an apartment building on diction street when he got in to an argument with another person. gun fire ensued and the man was rushed to the hospital with several wounds. his condition is not known at
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this time the gunman fled the scene. police have made an arrest in connection with the death of a woman. a discovery was made yesterday after a special needs boy was pushed or jumped from the third floor of the building. his injuries are described as serious. his mother was the one found dead in the apartment at this time police are not revealing who they have in custody. an update on a flight that made an emergency landing at dulles airport earlier this week. the ntsb says a piece of window heating was the source of the fire in the cockpit and we learned the captain had to use two fire extinguishers to put out the blaze. it forced the l.a. -bound plane to land in dulles sunday night. no one was hurt. passengers say they could see the flames when the captain opened the cockpit door. a homeless man who stole and crashed a small plane in frederick will have to pay just $40 in restitution. that's despite the fact that 51- year-old calvin cox caused
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$12,000 worth of damage. prosecutors say insurance paid for all of the damage to the plane except that $40 deductible. cox served half of his nine month sentence for the december theft. the charles county sheriffs office says one of its officers was attacked by a pit bull. this happened yesterday in indian head as the officer was chasing an assault suspect. when 35-year-old joseph romanowsky realized officers were at his house, the unchained the pit bull. the injured officer was treated at a hospital. the dog died in an animal clinic. we are talking about the weekend weather and topper, what can we expect. >> we are getting off to a nice start. today was almost a touch of summer. temperatures in the upper 80s in some spots. that's ten above average and a far cry from our 50s and 60s on
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monday. that's a distant memory, isn't it. we will call it partly cloudy tonight. some clouds but comfortable. upper 50sin the suburbs and mid- 60s downtown. winds turn southeasterly at ten. temperatures right now are very, very warm. we are talking 80s pretty much across the board. 83 national. 84 gaithersburg. 86 leesburg. 82 manassas and in the 80s toward fredericksburg, as well. satellite picture, radar combined. some showers out there. some showers will clip the mountains tonight. they will stay away from the metro area tonight but we will come back and talk about the weekend and tell you when the showers will roll in and out. it was another roller coaster day on wall street but this time stocks bounced higher. the dow ended the week up 125 points to close at 10193. the nasdaq rose 25 and the s&p climbed 16. we are joined live from the new york stock exchange where investors appear to have put
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aside concerns about europe's money trouble. >> at least for today. good evening. as you said after searching for direction, stocks managed to reach higher but investors continue to keep a close eye on the financial turmoil in europe. it is in the back of their sineds as well as the proposed banking regulations here in the u.s. the stock market took a bungee jump with the dow plunging below 10,000 and bouncing up to close with a triple-digit gain. traders are happy to be on the upside but say the recent selloffs might actually make it a healthier market. >> it is like pruning a beautiful rose bush bush. it's necessary to have it trimmed back. >> reporter: investors followed the news when germany approved its share of a trillion dollar bailout for shaky european economies. greece was the first to accept help but the public has fought the government's efforts to control spending they say that resistance has to end. >> i think the greek society
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has now realized this is a dead- end road and unless we turn 180 degrees we are facing doomsday. >> reporter: if greece irons out its troubles that would certainly bring some comfort to wall street. jitters about the european economy has fueled a losing streak that took stocks down 10% since last month. president obama's push to reform the financial industry has added to investor concern. the question is whether a crackdown on certain risky and complex investments will cut in to bank profits. the house and senate had each approved their own versions of the overhaul and are working on a compromise. >> we believe the public in correct in insisting we not leave them vulnerable. >> reporter: congressional leaders predict it will be law by july 4th and traders will read the fine print for what it means for wall street. traders here tell me the focus next week turns to the housing market. three reports on home sales and
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home prices are set to come out and those reports could very well steer the market's direction. live at the new york stock exchange, 9 news now. back to you. >> thank you for that. respect the road rules and beware of bikes. that's the message cyclists are sharing on bike to work day. washington climb claims to be making progress this this area. we sent brittany morehouse to see if the district is bicycle friendly. >> my bike. >> reporter: not often you will find this bike in a stationary position. >> i ride it every day to work and on the weekends to get anywhere. >> reporter: so alexandra would know. >> safety wise it is a challenge in the city. >> reporter: meredith is the chairman of the bike advisory council and says the streets are swiftly changing for the better. >> i and h street will be dedicated lanes each way. 9th street and 15th from constitution. all the way up really. >> reporter: i strapped my flip cam on my helmet and hopped on
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the bike to see for myself myself. the lanes on pennsylvania avenue seem wider and the fresh paint helped me to feel safe. the infrastructure is there but bicyclists say getting drivers to be courteous, that's another work in progress. >> i often see cars parked in bike lanes and loading trucks in bike lanes and sometimes it is the cluelessness that is causing problems, talking on the phone, putting on makeup. >> i have had run ins with car doors. >> drivers are confused with what the safetiest thing for cyclers to do. >> they don't want to recognize us as vehicles. biking is a shared road. not just theirs. >> they need not to veer in toe bike lane when bike lanes exist. >> we need to respect laws as well. >> i get frustrated with drivers pedestrians and cyclists. none of those groups are perfect. >> i think there is a lot of
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education to happen and education of bikers and drivers. >> reporter: brittany morehouse, 9 news now. >> way to go, britney. it reached a record, 9,000 people cycled to the office. a commuter alert for weekend drivers on the beltway. major backups are expected around woodrow wilson bridge. traffic will be narrowed to one lane on the beltway near telegraph road from 9:00 tonight until 5:00 a.m. on monday. that closure will allow workers to make repairs to an overpass. weather permitting this is the final weekend. all lanes of the chain bridge will be closed between virginia and the district to cars, bikes and pedestrians. that bridge will close at 8:00 tonight for deck repairs. all three should be open by 6:30 monday morning. check on the evening rush hour on a sunny and warm friday. patranya bhoolsuwan? >> it is sunny and warm out there, and there are quite a few accidents. we have been tracking the latest one in dc.
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this is eastbound southeast- southwest freeway. an accident is blocking the right lane. this will potentially affect your commute if you are driving to the nationals game tonight. right now no problems reported on metro. switch to the capital beltway. slow on the inner loop from route 77 past connecticut. as you can see it is essentially a parking lot all the way to new hampshire. 55 minute ride. outer loop is stop and go most of the way from university to the toll road. that's a quick check on the commute. back to you. the national zoo's first lion cub in 20 years has died. we will have reaction coming up. and a moment one heart throb would rather soon forget. anger is mounting along the gulf coast as crude oil washes ashore. i will have the latest coming up. and we take you out with a live picture of our breaking news in fairfax county. sky 19 over the scene of an accident at route 29 and forum
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drive. two are dead. one is a bicyclist. another is a person in a car. we will have will have more information when we get it in.
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anger mounting in the gulf coast as officials try bush -- as bp tries to fix the leaking oil well. the underwater gusher is yet to be obtained. live pictures of the massive underwater gusher are feeding anger for gulf coast residents.
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bp now concedes more oil is flowing from the well than previously disclosed. >> certainly a lack of information. >> a plan wasn't in place to handle such a massive leak. bp is addressing the media every day to counter the criticism and allegations of a kieferup. >> this team has been working cooperatively and openly from the start. >> reporter: scientists say the spill is probably already larger than the nation's worst, the exxon valdez alaska -- disaster in alaska. the coast guard finished deploying booms in alabama, mississippi and parts of florida. the oil is not expected to reach those states for at least the next 82 hours. >> so please enjoy your weekends, mississippi and alabama and florida are open for business. >> reporter: the next effort to stop the flow is a top kill.
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crews will inject fluid and cement in to the well. bp says that could get underway on tuesday. so, will that cocktail succeed in plugging up the leak? it is anyone's guess. the difficult procedure has worked above ground before but never been tried at deafths. >> what is the latest, joel, on the spill's effect on wildlife. any good fishing out there anywhere. >> we talked so some fishing boat captains and they say there is a lot of good fishing. areas of the gulf the feds are yet to shut down but the problem is with the bad publicity they are getting right now a lot of folks who booked trips down here this month have cancelled. we talked to one gentleman who had 23 fishing trips this week and only one showed up. >> thank you for that. look at the latest gas prices. according to aaa, regular gad gas averages 2.86 a gallon,
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down 4 cents since last friday. nationwide it is 2.83. summer gas prices had been expected to hover around $3 mark you with the recent drop in oil prices drivers may get a break this season. >> we had been forecasting that gas prices would average below $3 a gallon, am some point above $3 on average across the country but oil prices have changed considerably since then and every $10 drop in a price of a barrel of oil tends to be reflected pretty quickly in a 24 cents drop in the price of gasoline. >> for more, watch platts energy week. president obama signs a memorandum today calling for a cleaner, more fuel efficient vehicle. the goal is to have them on the road by 2014. he says the initiative will reduce u.s. dependence on foreign oil and cut
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transportation costs and spur growth of jobs. museum officials are pleading with thieves not to damage paintings stolen in paris. the $123 million works were lifted from the museum of modern art yesterday. the alarm system was malfunctioning and with no alarm to worry about the intruder got in to the museum overnight, took five canvass out of their frames and fled. experts say the paintings are so well known they would be difficult to sell. a new initiative is underway to step up food safety measures abroad. the university of maryland and the water corporation today announced the creation of a fin first of its kind international food safety laboratory. the facility is in college park and it is designed to teach about 200 foreign food and government workers each year. it is expected to open in july of next year. "atlantis" astronauts made one final space walk today before leaving the international space station. two of the shuttle crew ventured out on friday morning
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to finish installing fresh station batteries. the third space walk for the astronauts this week. "atlantis" will undock from the space station for what is expected to be the very last time on sunday. back here on earth we had a warm friday, my friend. >> nice. >> and then monday and tuesday is a memory. >> uh-huh. >> and the orioles are in town with the nats. great night to see a ball game. temperatures in the 80s during the first half of the game. probably upper 70s the second half. the forecast first, three days out of the gate. the weekend is not chamber of commerce but doable. you can do some stuff. little league games will be played. 77 tomorrow. primarily afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. not everyone will see a shower or storm. it will be scattered about. on sunday, we talked about this last night at 11:00, we have lowered temperatures back to 73. primarily morning showers and some clearing, not a great deal of clearing but some in the
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afternoon. then monday, more showers are possible. bit milder. temperatures in the upper 70s. again, not a washout. tonight, partly cloudy, comfortable. a very nice friday night. lows 58 to 64. winds southeasterly at ten. nice night to sit outside and have dinner at a cafe, just perfect. 83 downtown. 86 beltsville. 90 in bowie. that maybe skewed. some are skewed. up if frederick they have a high temperature because the barometer is on top of gravel and you shouldn't be put on top of gravel but should be on grass. >> 82 sterling and 86 leesburg, that's a little suspect, too. part partly sunny and mild. moderate air quality. if you have a respiratory problem you should limit your time outdoors. temperatures in the 60s and 70s and winds out of the south at even the. clouds come in, mostly cloudy and warm. a shower or thunderstorm is possible. highs because of the clouds 75
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to 79. the winds turn southeasterly at five to ten. all right. satellite picture, radar combined. we'll zoom in here. a lot of shower and storms from the midwest and chicago all the way to the southeast. this is the same frontal boundary. it will be influencing our weather over the weekend. a couple of showers actually already showing up in western maryland and parts of west virginia. those are light showers. we have clouds coming in tonight. so that's what we are saying, partly cloudy but a nice night. zone forecast, well, showers and thunderstorms are a good bet in this zone and more clouds in this zone. particularly west of hagerstown. honor 70 in oakland. 72 cumberland and mid-70s in hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester. 80 in culpeper. and 77 in manassas and upper 70s in leesburg, as well. downtown, upper 70s. a slight chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm in the day. clouds will come in the afternoon. next seven days, 77 tomorrow. there's a couple of showers and storms. 73 on sunday.
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primarily morning activity and then 77 on monday. showers are possible. and then we effort warm up. 80 on tuesday, maybe a shower and then in the 80s on thursday and near 90 on friday. showers and thunderstorms kind of scattered in the afternoon. a reminder, celebrate fairfax is almost upon us. june 11th 183th. for tickets log on to our website at still ahead, national zoo officials are left to explain how the very thing used to keep their lion cubs safe and warm ended up killing it. and more information on the breaking news we are following out of fairfax county. right now sky 9 is over the scene of a deadly accident at route 29 and forum drive. two people have been killed. fairfax county police tell us a car swerved off the road and on to the bike path, striking and killing a bicyclist. the car then crashed in to the woods. the cyclists and this driver both died in the accident.
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we will bring you more information as it comes in.
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aviette fight during gym class is caught on camera in southeast texas. two brothers say they were the targets and there's a problem with bullying at the school. a lawyer for the brothers intends to file a suit against the school district. a 100-mile high-speed chase ended with a woman being tackled in phoenix after police got her to stop by using a strip. she unsuccessfully tried to car jack another driver. the woman faces driving while impaired and third degree burglary. a 26-mile stretch of the new jersey turnpike is open again following a deadly accident. three trucks crashed. one carrying eight gallons of care seen south of trenton. one person was killed and another injured. the accident shut down the northbound lanes for several hours. a tragic school bus accident has claimed the life of an 11-year-old girl in detroit. the child was struck by a tree branch yesterday avenue she leaned out a window. she later died at an area hospital. students say the fifth grader was riding on the bus with her
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9-year-old sister. coming up next, the national zoo mourning the death of the first lion cub to be born there in two decades.
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we want to update you on the breaking news out of fairfax county. a double tragedy there. sky 9 over the scene of a deadly accident at route 29 and forum drive. two people were killed. fairfax county police say the car swerved off the road on to the bike path, strike and killing a bicyclist. the car crashed in to the woods. the cyclist and driver were both killed. we are bringing you more information as we get it. this is out of fairfax, virginia at this hour. right now at 5:30, a sad day at the national zoo where the first lion cub to be born there in 20 years died of pneumonia. stop snoring now. how a new device could be a lifesaver. getting the lead out. in consumer alert we will tell you the best water filters to use in your home. we begin with the no news from the zoo. the first lion cub born there
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in years has died. the very thing that supposed to keep it safe and warm killed it. >> she batted her away when she sniffed at the place where hours earlier, her cub nestled. an autopsy suggests the autopsy died from no na pneumonia brought on from inhaling the straw in his nest. >> oh. >> pneumonia killed a lion cub. >> reporter: curators raised scores of other cubs on straw from cheetahs to the indian bear cubs they just named earlier this month. they say straw is the most common nesting material used in zoos around the world. and naba had tried to keep her cub safe and hidden from prying eyes underneath it. the straw somehow made its way in the lion cub's lungs and irritated the internal membranes enough to bring on a fast-moving infection.
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naba sheerer and luke came to the zoo from captivity in south africa four years ago in hopes of adding genetic diversity 0 the gene pool of lions in zoos. he is looking lazy right now but keepers say he's spent the last six days mating with sheerer and they are optimistic another litter of cubs will result. they say as soon as naba's milk dries up, she could be able to bring a den full of cubs. >> they say she was an excellent mom. the cub's tummy was full of milk and they are hopeful about the future. annual date on a 18-month- old girl in baltimore who tested positive for gonorrhea. a 21-year-old man is in police custody and questioned about the toddler. her mother says he was a trusted family friend and she's sure he abused her daughter.
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>> when i came back, i expected that my children would not be spiritually, physically, emotionally abused in any way. i don't want anyone to be construed that i'm a young mother and left my child with anyone, no. >> reporter: authorities say the investigation will take a while longer them custody is on a -- the suspect is in custody on a probation violation. a pilot had a gun in his possession when he was taken in to custody on thursday. reports say he was distraught over his relationship with his girlfriend, a flight attendant and that had her worried enough to call police. >> given all the training they have had that they would have been given all sorts of warnings about the implications of anything they say to anyone. >> reporter: jetblue confirmed the pilot was removed from duty
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for health-related reasons. the company says reports he threatened to crash his plane were pure speculation. if you are concerned about the safety of your water after the cdc's flawed water tests were leaked, environmental and health experts recommend filters to reduce exposure to lead and water. in the consumer alert we look at which brands work best to clear up what is in your cup. >> reporter: there's nothing like a cool, refreshing glass of water, unless, of course, you are drinking water has a bad taste or worse, toxins and pollutants. a water filter can help to remove some of them. consumer reports tested some of them. >> well, today's filters promise to do more than just remove bad tastes and odares. these days many filters claim to remove contaminants like lead and chloroform, which is a surrogate for pesticides and
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other harmful organics. >> reporter: testers set up an elaborate rig and ran water through it to evaluate the filters. >> ideally you want a filter that will catch the most contaminate and main and a good flow rate without clogging. >> not all delivered. a crystal quest did a poor job at removing lead and chloroform. >> we had several clog quickly including a model that cost over $400. >> the ever pure h-1200. if you don't need to filter large amounts, the best bet is a faucet mounted or carafe. clear 20 is a consumer reports best buy and so is this collegian faucet mounted filter. both did an excellent job at removing lead and chloroform. if you need to filter larger amounts of water, a counter top may do the trick. you don't have to modify your plumbing. if you have a whole house
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filter they do not remove remove contaminants only rust, sediment and chlorine. for more go to our website at and click on living smart. police pull over a speeding granny. you will never guess why she says she was in such a hurry. we are always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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caught on tape. dash cam video of a grandmother being arrested. they clocked her at speeds over 100 miles an hour. and wait until you hear her explanation. >> do you know how fast i was going? >> yes, i do. >> how fast.
5:39 pm
>> 100 miles an hour. >> what happened? >> i'm on my way to get my hair cut and i went in the wrong direction and now i'm running late. >> i was panicked. i was shaking. how many people can say to their grandchildren i was in jail but that's where i belong. >> reporter: it was a crucial cut apparently. we have all been in a pinch from time to time. get back to the story. pow well's sons says her actions were out of character for his mother. after several hours in custody he took her to the hospital to get checked out. >> we are talking about 100 miles an hour. a -- a russia bridge is wobbling. it is the longest one in europe and it costs $80 million to build and just opened last october. >> hope we don't have wobbly bridges an here but some traffic issues.
5:40 pm
>> we have traffic and an accident. this fatal accident on 29 in fairfax county. avoid the area if you are heading home or heading out fairfax county. this is an area to avoid. detours are posted to get around that. switch to the capital beltway. north of town. heavy as you can see. stop and go between route 7, past university to new hampshire. game day track south of baltimore, on 95, bw parkway, both stretches are incident free but significant volume approaching dc. that's a check on the commute. back to you. a reminder we know a lot of people are getting up extra early. so are we. enjoy your weekend and then tune in to 9 news now monday morning. it begins at 4:25 a.m. some clouds coming in. showers to the west of us. we will take you out with a pollen reading. you can access it at trees are in the moderate range. grasses, weeds and mold spores
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are low. we will talk about the weekend when we come back. ñwçwçyyob
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hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. in tonight's health alert reassuring news for people who have had heart attacks. it is okay to have sex again without worrying about too much stress on your ticker. a study released today showed many patients are afraid to resume sex after the heart attacks but doctors say they need to ask about it. less than half of men and a third of women bring up the topic. heart specialist say it is safe to resume sex as soon as a patient feels better and can handle moderate exercise. now to snoring. nome not only is it a night time nuisance but can signal a
5:45 pm
dangerous medical condition. we talk to a musician who used to keep his wife and band mates awake until he discovered a device to help him stop snoring. >> i play music and we travel a lot. when we travel, no one wants to sleep in the same room with me. >> reporter: as a musician, gus plays soothing sounds during the day. but it is a different tune at night. >> yeah, it's a little something we are recording because he didn't believe us. that's sick, man. sounds like something out of a horror movie or a farm. >> wake up at night with things being thrown at you. >> reporter: did you have any idea that you could have sleep apnea. >> not until lately. according to a recent study, sleep apnea doubles the risk of stroke in men. it is a common disorder in which the upper airway is blocked for a period of time during sleep, disrupting breathing again and again and
5:46 pm
again. >> i don't know about you but trying to hold my breath for 30 seconds every five minute during the course of the night would be a challenge. in the extreme case people can die from it. >> reporter: after participating in a sleep study, gus is fitted for a device called somnodent. it opens the airways in the throat by moving the jaw slightly forward. the doctor says this is a big step up from older sleep appliances. >> the older devices sort of keep your mouth open and you are stuck in this open position and couldn't put your lips together. with this device what happens is it is a separate upper and lower. so you can close your lips, drink, talk, move your jaw around. so it is more comfortable. >> reporter: we check in with our musician after a few weeks with his device to see if he is still making those unpleasant notes throughout the night. >> i'm surprise and amaze what this thing has done. everyone sleeps now. my wife hasn't left the room
5:47 pm
yet. >> reporter: do you hear the quiet? it is pricy, $3,500 but it is covered in part by insurance. however, the device is not a solution for severe sleep apnea. doctor say the cpap and mask is the gold standard in treating the worst cases. a meeting of the minds with the dc monuments in the backdrop. that is what was happening at children's medical center this week as pediatricians, researchers and policy experts gather to figure out what work and what doesn't in fighting childhood obesity. >> dc is the epicenter of the disease where we see even higher rates of childhood obesity than are seen across the country. >> reporter: dr. evan adler says in extreme cases obese teenagers are being considered as teenagers for bariatric surgery but they try to tackle it first with a team approach including doctors, nutritionists and child
5:48 pm
psychologists. a lighten up tool kit is a free resource for families dealing with weight issues. if you want one go to and click on lighten up. it is free. singer and reality star bret michaels is being treated for a hole in his heart. the 47-year-old was briefly hospitalized with what doctors are calling a warning stroke. they say the condition is treatable and it is unrelated to the brain hemorrhage he suffered last month. u-2 lead singer bono is hospitalized after undergoing emergency surgery on his back in munich. the spokesperson says he was injured while preparing for the next leg of the band's tour. it was scheduled to kick off next month in salt lake city. the band said it will issue a status of the tour in a few days. lindsay lohan is expect ned u.s. tomorrow. she was threaten with arrest upon returning to l.a. after missing a mandatory hearing because judge recalled the warrant after she posted
5:49 pm
bail. she's been in khan the last few days. she missed the hearing yesterday because someone stole her passport. fans of justin bieber went in to a frenzy. after he walked smack in to a glass door. it happened as he was exiting a hotel in germany. they were mushing the revolving door and smacking his head in to the glass. >> that's embarrassing, too. >> is that a little acting. >> i don't think so. >> you think that is authentic reaction. >> if you go to a revolving door with me, my favorite thing to do is stop it so be careful. >> it's not nice. >> it's what i do in the family. they are used to it. >> note to self. we are looking at a 5 -- 50/50 weekend. the next three days primarily late shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. first half will be okay. clouds come in. temperatures in the upper 70s.
5:50 pm
and the primarily showers on sunday. cooler in the low 70s. and then showers could occur anytime on monday. temperatures in the upper 70s tonight, partly cloudy, comfortable. 58 to 64. winds from the south southeast at ten. there will be some clouds tonight. tomorrow morning, partly sunny and mild. 60s and 70s. winds from the south at ten. by afternoon, call it mostly cloudy. a shower or thunderstorm possible. again, not everyone will see one. high temperature 75 to 79 and winds are southeasterly at five to ten. all right. zone forecast. real good chance of shower and thunderstorms west of hagerstown. 70 in oakland. 72 cumberland. the clouds will keep temperatures down a bit. 70s hagerstown. mid-70s martinsburg and winchester. culpeper may make 80 despite the clouds. 77 warrenton and mid 70s in manassas and leesburg. looking at showers and a thunderstorm is possible on the east side of the river.
5:51 pm
77 downtown. 77 gathersburg, 77 also in annapolis. no winds, no small craft advisories. the next seven days mid to upper 70s on star a few storms late. sunday a few showers early. low 70s. monday a couple of showers here and there but all three days are not a washout and i really think most little league games will be played tomorrow. we have the dc chili cookoff tomorrow. >> she will be rolling on to the set next week. >> all that chili. >> i'm judging the red chili. >> just the red chili. >> they have the green, red, it will be great. >> good event. kidney foundation, right? >> all benefits the kidney foundation. brett haber is at nationals park where the oils have made the trip down i-95 for their annual interleague series. bret? >> hi, how are you? i thought there was more to that. it seemed like a pregnant -- i'm so focused on the chili i couldn't get --
5:52 pm
>> what did you tell me about that, i'm closet cool. >> that's what you are. don't let anyone tell you otherwise. we always said the battle of the beltway thing would be meaningful when the teams got good. it is hard to get fired up about rivalry when they are at the bottom of the standings but the nationals are holding up their end of the bargain. the orioles continue to be a 25- man buzz kill. here we are 42 games in the season and nats are rite on 500. a week ago they were a game out of first place. whereas the birds, the dirty birds, they have the worst record in the american league. they are already 17 1/2 games out of first place and their season is pretty much da put before the first of june. imagine how big this battle of the beltways thing could be if both teams got good at the same time. >> i think it's really going to become meaningful rivalry when both clubs are really playing well in their respective
5:53 pm
leagues and divisions. it's got potential for a real good rivalry. >> you have to prove it on the field we are worthy of those comparisons and hopefully we will have good games weekend. >> both teams finish with 20 games over 500 and then we will start talking. >> reporter: this is the 25th meeting all time between the nationals and orioles. they are dead even at 12-12. we will see who can break the tie tonight. if you are coming to the game tonight and you are a nationals fan, during the national anthem, don't scream o when it is oh say can you see. it the o stands for orioles. that's what they say at camden yards. i know we do it at caps games but when orioles are here you can't yell o's when the o's are here. it's been a pet peeve of mine for a while. it is a service announcement
5:54 pm
for baseball. are you with me on -- we have to go. >> see you later, bret. >> thank you. >> bye-bye. up next, a man whose life changing moment inspired him to help thousands of others. new at 6:00. >> friends and family remember a -- how a community stands together and sends a message to stop the violence. qq
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ever so often you will hear someone say one moment changed the entire course of their life. derek mcginty introduces us to someone's transformation moment that changed the lives of many. >> he was a regular volunteer trying to help out folks when he was shocked in to realizing that just helping a few was not nearly enough. >> i found myself in an apartment, where they had nothing. >> reporter: mark was out delivering food to the needy when it hit him. these people needed a lot more. >> they had no food, but they also had no beds, no couches,
5:58 pm
no tables and chairs. >> reporter: after seeing the same situation four or five times that day. >> i pulled over on the side of georgia avenue that day and said that's it. i'm stopping everything else i have done and creating a solution. >> reporter: out of that revelation came the wider circle and now it is a few staff and a lot 'ole volunteers checking old stuff that many of us may throw away and giving it away one household at a time. a couch, bed, dresser, maybe even a television and if you can't pick it up yourself, they deliver. >> nobody should be living without basic essentials. no kid should be sleeping on a floor in a region with so much. >> reporter: this is the wider circle warehouse and while this may look like a lot of stuff, they are furnishing homes for ten families a day so they can only always more. >> a lot more. in 2008 the wider circle helped nine people. in 2009 it was 15,000. >> my story is simple.
5:59 pm
i'm a recovering addict. i'm a mother of six. a grandmother of three. >> bernadette hall is among perhaps 20,000 people who just might be taking delivery on a better life. >> i am seeking today a playpen for my grandchild who's due june 15th. >> reporter: and the good news there is a bit more good news. >> gannett foundation and "usa today" and wusa 9 are going to give you a grant of $10,000. >> thank you very much. that will go a long way to helping a lot of families. >> reporter: it goes a long way because he says they can furnish five households for $125. again $10,000 really does go a long way. wider circle offers educational programs designed to put clients on the road to independence. for more information on the charities we are profiling, go to and click on the hero central link. >> what a great way to end 9 news now at 5:00. 9 news now at 6:00 starts


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