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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 21, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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just not going to raise them. but it doesn't mean they won't hit you up in another way. it is all about the timing this weekend. topper has when the rain could hit. the oil spill in the gulf and the real chances it could come here. a local expert lays out a frightening time line. this is 9news now. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." right now oil is washing into the coastal wetlands of louisiana and tonight experts say it could eventually reach the chesapeake bay. >> this is a live view of the leak 5000 feet underwater in the gulf of mexico. you can see the oil is spewing from the well like a geyser would on land and as lindsey mastis tells us we could see oil washing up here before the end of the summer. >> reporter: imagine this here. michael carnie, a geography expert, says it could happen by august. here is how. >> what's going to happen is that at some point winds will come out of the north and blow it into loop currents.
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>> reporter: he says it will carry the oil around the keys and up the coast. >> produces a number of eddies. warm and warm eddies. >> reporter: he said that is not the only event that could move oil into the bay. >> a major tropical storm. >> reporter: he says the oil would further disturb the bay. >> it is happening in louisiana right now. it would probably kill a lot of birds. kill crabs. oysters. it would kill the food chain. >> reporter: when the oil hits the loop current it will travel approximately 4 miles per hour. he says by the time it reaches our area it is possible that even a nor'easter could play a factor. could blow it right into the bay itself. >> reporter: even if those factors don't come into play carnie says oil could still reach the eastern shore. >> more likely i think it will probably hit the open coast in
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places like virginia beach and other places are more than likely as opposed to chesapeake to see the oil as a problem and have some effect from it. >> reporter: and now carnie says there are several organizations that are keeping their eyes out and taking a close look at the oil, and of course they are going to be monitoring it if it does starting to around the coast, derek and anita, they will start trying to figure out what to do next. >> thank you. meanwhile, b.p. will have to wait until next week trying to shoot so-called drilling mud into the well but this technique has never been tried at this depth. the disaster began back on april 20th after an oil rig explosion on the platform. 11 people died in the blast off the coast of louisiana. late breaking news out of india. officials fear that 160 people are dead after an air india
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plane crashed in mangallor. the plane was arriving from dubai and overshot the runway. only on 9 tonight, a former army major from our area has been sentenced to 27 years in prison for an horrific crime. raping a baby. federal authorities found 30,000 images and 100 videos of children porn on the computer of 35-year-old daniel wolverton. he is now facing more charges. >> reporter: he was a 1997 west point graduate. with a career as an army trial lawyer that appeared to be on the fast track. now behind bars after raping a boy as young as three months old, an act he videotaped. >> raping an infant. oh, boy. that is terrible. >> reporter: neighbors say wolverton livedded with his wife and children on this quiet arlington street. quiet until law enforcement
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descended on the home lastfall and seized tens of thousands of pornographic images including a memory card with images of a man raping an infant. >> the entire street was alive from 5:00 a.m. in the morning on. >> it can happen anywhere in today's world. somebody with a computer. >> more police than i have ever seen ever. >> reporter: according to court records the wristwatch and items on in the home linked wolverton to the crime. agents also found a bib born by the baby in the pornographic images inside wolverton's car. >> horrifying. >> to even fathom that is incomprehensible. >> reporter: he now faces charges of rape and sodomy in arlington. >> shortly before his arrest he had been recommended for a promotion to lieutenant colonel. he has since been disbarred and discharged from the military. during his career he served in
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kuwait and iraq. now he will serve time at buttner federal prison in north carolina. update on that deadly accident in fairfax county. we now know more about the victims killed this afternoon. police say a 31 31-year-old man crossed all lanes on the highway and ran into the bike path and the suv ran into a 17- year-old fairfax teenager on a bike. it hit him from behind. both victims were pronounced dead at the scene. officers have not released the names of those victims. they are now asking anyone who may have witnessed the crash to contact the fairfax county police. commuters listen up. dc city council is looking at charging you a tax for driving into the city to go to work but it would take an amendment to the charter to do that. half a million people work in the district but don't live here. the council says charging a commuter tax would raise upwards of $500,000 a year. suburban lawmakers have blocked the move in the past.
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but those same lawmakers in the suburbs seem willing to impose their own fees on taxpayers. montgomery county boosted cell phone fees by 75%. gary neurenberg now on the tension between governments and business in a troubled economy. >> reporter: harvey curtis already lost his job at j. d . towing once. >> trying to survive, pay my bills and finish raising my family. >> reporter: and laying off workers was tough on his boss too. >> it is very hard. the people that i have had, i have had them for a while and they are good for a while. >> reporter: but growing government fees in a difficult economy is making it increasingly hard just to keep his 18-year-old business afloat. >> we have had our unemployment go from .9% to 13% which was a 1450% increase. >> reporter: governments say they are trying to cut spending to relieve taxpayer burden while maintaining essential services. >> we have been working for
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over three years making cuts to our budget. that includes just hiring freezes. we have had our second year of furloughs. >> reporter: and to avoid taxes many raised fees. montgomery county increasing this week power consumption and cell phone fees. >> typical montgomery county taxpayer will face a higher rate on their phone bill than they will on their federal 1040 income tax return. something is out of whack here. >> reporter: the national taxpayer's union giving montgomery credit for increasing school fees. >> they are continually vying each other for the highest tax region. they beat out fairfax, arlington, alexandria, the district in virtually every category of tax. >> reporter: and businesses like j. d . towing trugle. >> i have decent guys that would like to be able to keep on but it is getting more increasingly difficult to do
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so. >> reporter: real savings come by auditing big ticket items like infrastructure projects and looking hard at generous employee benefits in things like school systems but elected officials know there is a cost in doing that too. often their own jobs. anita? >> gary, district -- thank you. a special needs boy jumped or was pushed from the third floor window of the building in the 4200 block of 4th street. his injuries are described as serious. his mother was found dead in the apartment. at this time police are not revealing who they have in custody. who they have arrested. tonight investigators in frederick county are trying to figure out if a 10-year-old boy was behind the wheel when a jeep slammed into a home. this happened last night in the 10,000 block of harmony road outside myersville. witnesses say the boy was sitting in his mother's lap
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behind the wheel when the jeep went airborne and landed on the family's roof. the 42-year-old mother and her son were injured and were flown to john hopkins hospital in ballot hor. >> we in -- baltimore. >> investigators are waiting to interview the victims before making a judgment about what happened. the mother is listed in good condition. no information on her son has been available. a young man taken much too soon. today family and friends packed a dc church to say good-bye to the dc council intern murdered two weeks ago. police say he was killed after he refused to give a girl a ride in his car. today's emotional service called for an end to needless violence. >> the message was very clear that we must stop the violence in our community and we must do everything we can to save our children. >> a 28-year-old man is facing
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first-degree murder charges in the death of sutton. the zoo's first lion cub in 20 years has died. workers found the male dead in the lion's den last night. they found straw in the cub's lungs which apparently led to pneumonia. straw bedding for lions and other animals is common throughout zoos and there was only organic material in the lion's den. the loss is devastating but it is part of the cycle of life. why this x-ray has now sparked a police investigation. plus, it seems mother nature offers a silver lining for some folks after a blanket of hail. top? >> we will talk about wake-up weather. a nice evening. i think tomorrow morning will be fine. just some clouds. partly cloudy. temps in the 60s. winds light. southeasterly at 10 p.m. we will break down the weekend for you. some parts will be much better than others. we will explain.
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bound plane from new york to land at dulles. they could see flames when the captain opened the cockpit door. logan international. officials say a jetblue pilot who threatened to harm himself in spectacular fashion and surrender the gun to authorities. they confronted him last night just before a flight. the flight attendant received an e-mail from him indicating he was distraught. that pilot, however, was not charged with illegal possession of a firearm. he has now been hospitalized. taking a quick look at news from across the nation. in detroit, a family is grieving tonight after an 11- year-old girl died on a school bus from a freak accident. students say the child leaned out of a window while the bus was moving and a tree branch struck her in the face. emergency crews took her to the hospital where she later died. in new hampshire four people have been charged with tattooing a 14-year-old special needs student on his backside against his will. police say the men put an image
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with obscene words on the boy. prosecutors say the group targeted him because he is intellectually challenged. in iowa a cat is lucky to be alive after somebody put a nail through the animal's skull. looked like somebody used a nail gun. a vet was able to remove the nail safely. officials are looking to make an arrest for animal cruelty. now an update on that late breaking story out of india. a police official now says there appears to be at least six or seven survivors from that plane crash in southern india. six or seven from a plane carrying at least 169 passengers and crew. investigators say the plane was arriving from dubai in poor weather conditions when it overshot the runway by 10 miles. on to much lighter stuff now. it has been years since going to the movies was a cheap date but now it is getting crazy. in new york city some 3d imax showings of the new shrek movie are running $20 a ticket.
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around here price is closer $15 but that's still pretty pricesy and while movie revenues are up 6% this year actual attendance has dropped off a tad. you do the math. our friends on my facebook page already have. shawn writes, yeah, i'll be less likely to go and the kids better not even ask. mark says "i topped going when it hit $10" if i wait a few weeks i can buy it for 9.99 and watch when i want. d adds when you start getting into that range i want to see some live entertainment. >> unhappy movie fans. meantime today, gorgeous weather wise across our area but last friday whole different story. severe weather tore through several counties dropping large pieces of hail causing damage to hundreds of vehicles. but as our james hash tells us there is a silver lying, at least for some folks, to the damage left behind by mother nature. last week's hail storm has created a storm of business for southern maryland autobody shops like chesapeake collision.
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>> i'm sure we will be working six days a week, ten-hour days i'm sure for the next two or three weeks. >> reporter: in cases like extensive damage like this minivan repairs can take up to 50 hours. >> sometimes we have to remove the roof. the hood panel is being replaced. everything has to be repainted. >> reporter: if you think having one car fixed is a hassle. >> we had 407 cars that were damaged. >> reporter: with literally acres of cars needing attention dan of ken dixon automotive brought it to the body shop. >> get the vehicles repaired. >> we have the hood off working on it. we go backside of the metal, use a lot of special tools, pretty much just push it out so it looks like there was never a dent there. >> a new car buyer wants a new car. so we are doing everything we can to make sure that all the damage is taken care of. >> reporter: but with 407 damaged cars comes 407
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insurance deductibles for the dealership to pay and that could be an opportunity for bargain shoppers. >> reporter: also those folks looking for a deal. so certainly if we don't have to fix the car, some of that insurance money we can pass on with savings to the customer. just got to make the best of it. >> one ding at a time. james hash, 9news now, in waldorf. are they telling you your car was hail damaged before you buy it. >> i hope so. >> kind of public knowledge now. >> kind of out there. again, so unusual to have golf- ball and almost baseball-sized hail. >> the weekend. making revisions tweaking a little bit. here is your forecast. >> bad? >> not all bad and not all good. >> oh, my goodness. >> next three days. 77 tomorrow. slight chance of a shower late. most of the activity saturday night. the morning showers on sunday probably heading to church. cooler 73. even lingering showers on
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monday. 77. now tonight overnight just some high clouds. comfortable though. a 58 to about 64 downtown and winds south-southeasterly at 10. 60s and 70s tomorrow. air quality code green. good air quality. now by afternoon mostly cloudy and warm. a shower or thunderstorm possible but i really think 90% of you won't see anything tomorrow afternoon. highs mid to upper 70s. more clouds than anything and winds southeasterly at 5 to 10. best chance will be looking like saturday night. we will break it down for you. unsettled weekend. saturday better than sunday. the wettest is going to be saturday night into sunday morning. clouds will linger into sunday. we are not looking for a tremendous amount of rain or shower activity but enough to cause some minor inconveniences if you will. satellite picture, radar combined. showers and thunderstorms through the valley. north of us. huge thunderstorms that went through atlanta earlier are peeling south of us so we are kind of in between little pieces of energy so we are just
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looking at some clouds overnight. high mid-level clouds. zone forecast. pretty good chance of showers. mid-70s martinsburg an winchester. culpeper will probably make 80. 77 in warrington. 77 in manassas. farther east you go the less likely of a shower. downtown upper 70s. upper 70s andrew. get down towards southern maryland you too will be near 80 degrees. st. mary's city. 77 for annapolis. no winds to speak of. so no advisories. next seven days. maybe a shower late tomorrow. 77. most of the activity at night. then most of the activity on sunday. will just be light rain or showers. 73. leftover showers on monday. 77. then we start to heat up a little bit.
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80 on tuesday. not crazy warm but mid to upper 80s on wednesday and thursday and friday flirting with 90 degrees with just those run of the mill isolated storms. >> getting a little steamy. >> wait a minute. saturday. >> i will be there. bring your sign. i'm judging. battle of the beltway. >> orioles worst team in baseball in the american league. didn't work out that way tonight. tonight, 6 .95 was better than 4.95. chapter 1 of the battle of the belt way goes to the birds. why the wizards may not be the wizards for much longer. that's coming in up 9sports. so, verizon fios includes cool widgets
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it is time for 9sports with brett haber. the best sports in town. the nats had the right guy pitching to open the battle of the beltways. scott olsen hadn't given up a home run in his last five starts and his e.r.a. for that period was just over one. a streak that ended abruptly tonight. 12-12 in their 24 meetings up
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to now. adam jones with the two-run crank in the 2nd. olson would leave after 3 with shoulder tightness going to the hospital right now. nats down 4-1 in the 7th. willie harris closing that gap. morgan aboard. makes it 4-3. tying run on in the 9th for ryan zimmerman and he flies out harmlessly to center field. riggs, are you worried? >> we played a great ballgame tonight. we just got beat. we played good baseball. i'm in a much better mood tonight with that loss than i am tonight. i'll tell you that. a minority owner of the wizards in 1999 which means he had eleven years to think about what he would do with the team when he acquired the rest of it and today some of those ideas came pouring out. he outlined a variety of his aspirations for the franchise once he takes over in full.
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including a possible name change away from wizards. and the likelihood that he will switch the team colors to red to match the capitals. and then ted was asked which of his league is in better shape, the nhl or the nba? >> the nhl is stronger than the nba. clearly because it has a cba in place that protects owners from taking stupid pills. >> i believe i have taken some of those stupid pills over the years. ted's other hoop team the mystics hosting the liberty tonight. that is monique curry. how about the 6, everybody. 3-0 for just a second time ever. they beat new york tonight by 16. redskins get the weekend before resuming otas monday. mike shanahan will likely focus on next week figuring out which one of his 73 running backs is going to make this roster. shanahan has to be intrigued by the upside of this guy. larry johnson. former pro bowler had a bit of
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a rough season last year but in his heyday he was good for like 1700 yards a season and larry thinks it will be an interesting battle for the redskins starting job. >> everybody is a different type of back. i'm different from clinton. clinton is different from westbrook. whoever gets the best chance to win. why is kansas city team member arguing? look at him. he knocked him with his hand. >> you have to really try hard to not -- hang with us a second and watch again what he did. he is going to kick it in and he does and hits it with his arm and they disallowed it. >> i'm not a soccer expert but i believe -- we will check on it -- but i don't believe you can do that. >> right on. we will be right back.
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and that is 9news now for tonight. don't forget we are always on. >> letterman with ashton kusher. reba mcintyre and brooks & dunn. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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