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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  May 24, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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keep tracks of your -- track of your credit cards and your bills. >> reporter: definitely check your statements. >> some think that it is time to go further. >> never let it out of your sight. i'm audrey barnes at dc superior court. the robber conspiracy trial continues today. for the first time, we heard their own words at the night their friends would show. >> reporter: and now for the first time, we're hearing the defendant joe price with the umbrella, talking about the night that his friend, robert juan was killed in his home. his tape interview was played in open court today. you said you heard a chime, was that person going in or out? >> i don't know, price said. there are hardwood floors in your house. you think that someone would be running out and you would hear them. i don't know, said price. i know them better than i know my own brother, price said. there's no way they could have done this. then the detective said
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something that made him visibly nervous. you keep saying you know how well you know them and that they couldn't do it. how about you? >> he was our guardian angel are. >> reporter: one week after the killing of jose rosales, the two suspects are still on the loose. >> you haven't heard anything about the murders? >> n i haven't and i live right up the street. >> some people missed the report that links an older model right below the pickup truck to this incident. and so we're hoping that today, we'll talk to people and find people who have information about that toyota. >> reporter: the family rosales
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works for plans to offer their rewards soon through crimstoppers. police are investigating the shooting on the parkway. a man driving a red sedan was rear ended by an suv last night on route 198. the driver shot and wounded the sedan driver after he tried to flee onto the parkway southbound exit. police think that this is a really tough case of road rage. it does not often result in gunfire. >> the person injured was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the arm. that means that the bridge is still just one lane in each direction tonight. but the dc department of transportation says if the weather stays dry, we'll find it out a bit later if they will. they should be able to paint
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the new markings on the bridge in the middle of the week and reopen it entirely. and speaking of traffic, let's check the evening rush with patranya bhoolsuwan in the traffic center. hey. >> reporter: you know at the inner loop of the beltway in virginia, still the toughest part. we have a disabled vehicle that is blocking the right center lane there. this is approaching georgetown. now on the other side of 495, we have report of a vehicle fire. this is approaching central avenue on the outer loop, but no major delays associated with this one. elsewhere in 495 through virginia and maryland, we're still looking good for this monday evening commute out there. switching onto other routes that mite be slowing you down a little bit. seeing green, they are switching over to at speed right now. 395 to 267. 18 minutes, but this just switches over. they are so slow. 495 to 7100. they will take drivers about 16 minutes to get home. back to you. >> thank you. a case of lost and found landed a prince george's county driver behind bars. somebody found a memory card on
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the counter in a 7-eleven in clinton last week. with when they looked at it, it contained child pornography. belonging to scott smallwood. investigators say that all of the pictures are of the same 7- year-old boy. who is described as the night bus driver. we don't know the exact relationship between them. well, the press is on for bp to cap that local oil spill down in the gulf of mexico. samantha haze with more of the government's allegations to pay a visit to louisiana today. >> reporter: as black oil settles into some gulf coast marsh lands, the pressure on bp is mounting to stop the ongoing leak. and in a visit to lemonade a group of senators and the obama administration officials say that their patients are running out. >> this is a bp mess. it is a horrible mess. it is a massive and environmental mess. there are options and
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alternatives that we hear a lot about. but what we have heard from this administration and what we need to tell bp is excuses don't count anymore. >> reporter: several attempts to cap or plug the well have either failed or have little affect. prompting some critics to call for a government takeover of the process. and bp ceo says that will not work. they are committedded to stopping the leak. >> we are all here for the long haul. we're going to clean every drop of oil. and off the shore. we will remediate any environmental damage. and we'll search the gulf coast right here back to normality as fast as we can. >> reporter: bp's next attempt to stopping the leak will come on wednesday as officials will try to cap the leak by pumping the well with thick fuel and a procedure called top kill. what, i'm samantha haze, 9news now. and late to, we learn all that hairing be collected at salons across the country will not be used to try to stop up the spill. bp and the coast guard say they
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are not using hair booms and they are not planning to do so. the nonprofit group that organized the hair for oil efforts released a statement via e-mail saying there is a bit of a misunderstanding with bp. and this is day 35 of the oil spill. can you believe it? do you have any confidence that it will be stopped any time soon? do you think that there is a chance for our city that just can't be capped? well, share your thoughts in the mail bag. on women who responded during the world trade center attacks have now lost their sense of smell. the office of the new study says this is a sign of a chronic condition representing a breakdown in the body's defenses against the toxic areas. they are calling for more testings. wusa is a historic step right here in washington. we're a part of the open mobile video coalition. and over the next four months, the coalition will be
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collecting info on who launches what and how long they are watching it and all this will create a mobile digital television system that will let you watch your tv just about anywhere. >> this is really taking tv on the go for the first time. you can have access for emergency reasons or favorite programs, when they want to catch up on the news. >> reporter: and the omvc will start with about 23 channels. it ought to be available through the end of this year. and an opportunity to be there for today's big unvailing area down at the museum. he's live right now, topper? >> reporter: it's pretty cool stuff. you're a gadget guy. you kind of like this stuff. and the picture is fantastic. this is a mobile device. not yet available. it should be pretty soon. and again, just gets our signal off the air and it is really a pretty device. it goes to your cell phones. if you have e-mail visibility, it'll be the thing of the future.
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really what we like from the weather standpoint if there is any kind of a weather emergency. and you can get this, you can be at a park watching your son or daughter play a little league game. and then, you know, uh-oh, dark clouds coming. we'll tell you when you can go and when you'll be safe. so they are going to be huge. and as yous mentioned, research begins now and we're very proud as channel 9 to be a part of it. all right, let's talk a little bit about weather now. we have clouds across the metro area. nothing on radar. for tonight, mostly cloudy, comfortable. a little fog after mid night. not a huge problem. lows in the 60s. and temperatures, they are still in the mid-70s. down a little bit from the high in the upper 70s. but 75, pretty much across the board for good faithers bush administration. and satellite picture radar combined. we mentioned this earlier. the clouds are not moving from west to east as you usually would expect them to do so. and that flow has kept temperatures down a little bit over the past several days to
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provide us a lot of rain over parts of the metro area and saturday night. we'll come back and talk about more sun coming here and a taste of summer before the week is out, derek? thank you, topper. still ahead, this may look like a touching family moment. but just wait and hear how this family got there. for the first time in 38 years, something missing at that side. the big changes at the nasal academy coming up -- naval academy coming up.
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vice president joe biden and his wife, jill biden, will take part in this year's susan g. komen local race for the cure this morning. they will also host a group of supporters and breast cancer survivors the night before the race. wusa nine is a proud sponsor of it this year's race for the cure. you can join all of them and other members of team nine down on the national mall, saturday june 5. and you can register for the race at a big change at this year's climb. that's the annual tradition at the u.s. naval academy that has mid shipment trying to help each other of the poll. well, this year, guess what, no briefs. that's the first-year students that are pleased as they are called on campus. about two minutes and five seconds. usually it takes hours. >> i think that they should
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have kept a lot up there. but it is what it is. >> and they are concerned about safety. marking the end of the first year. and today, the poll was not brief to make it safer and the head of the naval academy says he wants to get rid of this altogether. okay, you're pregnant, you start feeling the labor pains. you get someone to take you to the hospital, right? well not so much for the 29- year-old woman in minnesota. she screamed for the child's father to take the wheel as she brought the car to a stop. now, he doesn't drive because he has problems with seizures. mom and the ate-pound baby boy are expected to be just fine. well, mark your milestone. still to come, we'll take you to a party from a local
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the more you spend, the more you save. when gas goes from two-something a gallon to a dollar-something a gallon, it makes me feel good. more savings every time you shop, only with your giant card. america online, aol is celebrating their birthday. all showing up at the campus' campus for a bit of a party. at the hype of the company's success after the merge of the time, warner, 5,000 people worked at the dulles location. now, more than 2,000 of them are left, and we talked to one former employee who recalls the ups and downs. >> the lows of, you know, is there going to be another paycheck to the stock markets zooming and flying. the support base, you have to get them that huge advantage. they have done a lot over the last ten years. >> reporter: aol's cofounder and they also reflected on the last 25 years of the company today.
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and the currency ceo said that the company is looking ahead to the leverages of the strengths and the scales in the quality contest. playing those games may be the future of treating pain. new research today out of the university today, they find that using virtual realities of other computers or the video game technology could be an effective way to treat acute and chronic pains. scientists use the video game as a distraction and they found that it reduced that anxiety and the pain in some medical procedures. and delaware sisters testing the waters for a table gamed today. the test games that fan at this raceway and the casino just off of the side. and games like poker and roulette are scheduled to start on friday and they will expand to two other casinos next month. the slot machines at the mall hit the courtroom today. the baltimore company is suing the county election board. and they said that the board overlooks fraud in a petition
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board to put that to the referendum vote. and temperatures are still down -- and topper is still down at the museum. top? >> reporter: yeah, not bad. we have a little more sunshine. each day goes by, we'll have more sunshine as we two throughout the week. we're here at the museum live and it is just kind of cool watching yourself on the mobile device. and dtv is going to take off in the next few months. we're very proud for channel 9 and it will be a great part of the which is the open mobile coalition which started about three years ago. bringing autothe business z together for this venture to have local television stations represented in this adventure that will be incredible. you'll be able to watch them anywhere you go, live tv. if there is a storm somewhere, you'll be able to get it on your cell phone or other devices that you saw just a minute ago. this is big stuff. they had research that for the next four months. something that they need to figure out, and you know, if
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they want change for these devices. all right, we'll talk about the next three days. a little more sunshine for them. and on wednesday, upper 80s. and then a lot of sunshine on thursday with highs near 90. only a slight chance. you just talk about the slight chance of the isolated storms in each of those days. generally we're drying out. and temperatures, mid-70s. 74 in articlington, 74 in bethesda, and 76 out towards great falls. temperatures are very comfortable for this cloud cover. not a big deal. winds are easterly at about 10. and the lows tonight across the area. you get out there, probably right around 60. up towards 270. and downtown, we're talking about the mid-50s which is still pretty comfortable for late may. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and warm. and by ten, in the afternoon, we'll call it partly sunny and f much warmer. a slight chance of the thunderstorms. high temperatures in the mid- 70s to near 80s.
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probably more spots with light wind. we'll take you through the unofficial beginning of the summer. tomorrow and wednesday and thursday and just an isolated shower possible. 90 by thursday. mid-950s. over the weekend, it looks okay. there will be a front that goes through. we'll keep an eye on that throughout the week. and a little cooler on sunday and memorial day with temperatures back in the mid- 70s. a reminder to celebrate fairfax coming up, june 11, 12, through the 13th. and who doesn't love fried snicker bars? and fairfax government county, for tickets go to our website on also, you can volunteer. they do need some volunteers. that's it from the museum. mobile dtv. derek. you are going to love this, my friend. back to you. >> all right, thank you, topper. i will love it. and some of our weird news files, a creature in the likes of which you have never seen from the town you cannot pronounce, though i will give it a try. that is not so bad.
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for this saying, they will drag it from the local lakes. now, they said that it was first discovered from the fans who live up there. they are sniffing out something and this is what turned out to be. they drag the creature out. and so it is only about a footing long that has what is described as a rat tail. and what is it? how about you let me know what you find out.
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don't forget. 9news now is there with you, bright and early every morning. join andre yeah, angie and others starting at 4:25 a.m. in the mail bag tonight, the commuter tax. they have apparently revised the long idea of taxing commuters who make their living in the city. and now this has been around for many years, but they require a congressional approval for them and the suburban lawmakers have made darn sure that it never happens. but thieves from falls church in virginia says that they are all for it. they have an offset credit for that jurisdiction tax. so a commute attack would not increase my taxes if they were to reduce their sales tax as a sweetener, they would decrease. i would rather have that go to dc than to virginia, for a large portion of the northern virginia taxes, that are sent to other parts of the state. and it is an interesting point,
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steve. have you heard about the fact that they would decrease through the revenue going to your home state by the amount of that mentioning the detox? your neighbor, mark, from the church says that the city does not deserve that windfall. and let's see. i can ride the metro. i drive to work, pay for parking, grab a bite to eat. tax dollars. washington, d.c., they received the highest per capita federal dollar in the country. what are they down with this revenue? not awarend for them as well. so let me get this strait. if they spend their money better, you'll be all for the commuter. well, it does not matter because over the years, we have seen this art be many times. it always ends the same way. lawmakers put that on here. they don't want to take a state to the local revenue. i don't see what has changed except for the fact that they are far more desperate from the
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money. so are maryland and virginia. we're always desperate. keep it coming. and don't forget, we need your name and where you are writing us from. by the the way, we've got reports for youment an explosion at the air space that is planning a mineral county virginia. residence said they felt the last miles away and they report that smoke could be seen as far as 30 miles away. we'll have the rest of the story for you at 11. see you then. ├║pp
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"dancing's" final three, their rehearsal secrets. this is "entertainment tonight."
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>> nicole -- >> are you ready, america? >> evan -- >> we're going to shock you. >> erin -- >> jumping and flipping and turning. >> before you watch the final showdown, the last-minute moves our cameras captured as a dancing judge weighs in. >> who do you think is going to take the mirror ball. >> she loved you. why would you hurt her? >> jesse james, his new cheating admission. >> lindsay mobbed in court. "e.t.'s" there for the latest news on her new jewelry, an alcohol bracelet. >> and the kardashians' plastic surgery confession. >> breast implants. >> no butt implants. >> just a little neck. >> sarah? >> sarah ferguson's royal scandal caught on tape. the mound of money, the handshake, the stunning undercover sting operation. do you think that you will regret leaving grey's at all? >> yeah, i der


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